Thursday, 2011-05-19

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primeministerp1greetings programs;01:18
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mRy_Have any of you used SWIFT to backup VM's to servers in remote datacenters from where the VM's are running?05:27
mRy_if so then could you please tell me how the performance was?05:28
mRy_were you able to backup entire VM's, SnapShots? Or what part of the VM? Differencing?05:28
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mRy_any feedback would be very much appriciated!!!05:28
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toluenehi buddies ! Is openstack dashboard support only single user ?05:57
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alex_openstacki use single mode, use Flat, FlatDHCP, vLan?07:29
alex_openstackwhich is better?07:29
alex_openstackin our LAN, already have a DHCP server07:29
ttxalex_openstack: "single mode" ?07:30
ttxyou mean everything on a single machine ?07:30
alex_openstackall install into one server07:30
alex_openstacksingle node model?07:30
ttxthen VlanManager is the best. That's what the Ubuntu packaging does by default07:30
alex_openstackwhich way--script or manunl install is better ?07:31
ttxalex_openstack: i'd say package-based install under Ubuntu 11.04 Server, but I'm biased07:31
ttxalex_openstack: because i co-maintain those packages.07:32
alex_openstackbut if use manual install is very easy for first ?07:33
alex_openstackfor now i just want to let it's can work07:33
ttxmanual install, you mean from the tarball ? It's slightly more difficult, I think. What's your base OS ?07:34
alex_openstack11.04 have LTS now ?07:34
ttxno, 10.04 is the current LTS07:34
alex_openstacki'd say package-based install under Ubuntu 11.04 Server, but I'm biased07:34
ttxalex_openstack: you can follow this:
alex_openstackok, i check this url07:35
ttxif you're on 11.04 you can skip the "enable the PPA" block07:35
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alex_openstackmy ubuntu is 10.10 server07:37
alex_openstackthis step is very simple07:38
alex_openstackmy LAN gateway is and it's also a DHCP server07:39
alex_openstackso, i should how to config the network is better ?07:39
alex_openstackmust first install KVM and then install nova ?07:43
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ttxalex_openstack: for a single-machine setup you don't need to set up networking specifically07:51
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ttxalex_openstack: also don't need to install kvm first, the dependencies will be taken care of automatically07:52
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adjohnHello, is there any way to specify a availability zone when launching a vm using the OpenStack api (1.1)?08:11
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alex_openstackttx: thanks08:36
alex_openstacki will follow the url that you give me, install in this way08:37
alex_openstackThis image is for use in Ubuntu's UEC, it requires a metadata service. For that to work in FlatManager mode, metadata forwarding must be handled by the gateway, and since nova does not do any setup in this mode, it must be done manually. Requests to port 80 will need to be forwarded to the api server09:05
alex_openstackhow to setting this ?t09:05
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ttxalex_openstack: you don't need to set this if you're using VlanManager, which is the default.09:08
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alex_openstackbut how to chance to vlan ?09:09
ttxYou don't need to change, it's using that by default.09:10
alex_openstackit's already in flat mode09:10
alex_openstackbcs, i configure some where,09:10
alex_openstackit's not the default already09:11
ttxYou can use the --network_manager flag in /etc/nova/nova.conf09:11
alex_openstackok09:11 should work09:12
alex_openstacki try this way09:12
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hedenWhen using uec-publish tarball, the image is set to queued when listing the images through NOVA API. Does anyone know why this is happening. Can add that i'm using glance as imaging service.12:34
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HugoKuofailed to upload image , I found that port 3333 does not in listen ........... I'm using Glance now . Is there any different approch to upload rebundle image ?12:55
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HugoKuoIn past , I use euca-upload-bundle ....12:55
salv-orlandoHave you tried nova-manage image all_register12:56
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HugoKuono , but the manifest is in instance .....there's no nova-manage binary12:59
HugoKuohow to use nova-mange ?13:00
HugoKuoor you have other approches to rebundle image ?13:00
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salv-orlandonova-manage doc can be found here:
salv-orlandosorry, I don't have more info on how to rebundle...13:02
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manelmedwhen i ssh my isntance it told me that remote host identification has changed13:04
manelmedcan you help me?13:04
manelmedi create a new key but it still the same thing!!13:04
manelmedHost key verification failed.13:06
manelmedwho know about this, please?13:08
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mcclurmcmanelmed: this has nothing to do with openstack. you need to delete some lines from ~/.ssh/known_hosts. do a google search on ssh known_hosts for more info13:12
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doudeHi, I try to set up a compute node with a vmware hypervisor, but I have some questions. Someone could help me ?13:15
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doudeWhere I should run the nova-compute daemon ? On a linux machine or on the ESX/ESXi ?13:28
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dabodoude: for vmware I believe you can run compute anywhere that has access to the host for the instances13:36
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doudedabo: ok, thanks. I try to use it with the VLANnetwok mode. So I set the flag 'vlan_interface', but when I start nova-network, I've get error 'DuplicateFlagError: The flag 'vlan_interface' is defined twice. First from, Second from' ( I use bzr1086.13:50
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doudedabo: I try to comment the flag definition 'vlan_interface' in 'nova/network/' but I've get another error:
dabodoude:  that looks like a bug. nova/network/ shouldn't be re-defining the flag; it should be setting it to the desired value.13:54
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doudedabo: Yes, it's what i thinked, so I comment it but I've get another error:
manelmedmcclurmc: thanks13:59
daboinstead of commenting that line, what if you changed it to: FLAGS.vlan_interface = 'vmnic0'14:00
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doudedabo: I've got the same new error ( than I comment it.14:06
ttxheden: maybe a duplicate of bug 78447214:06
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 784472 in nova "Images added through objectstore and EC2 RegisterImage are never made available to the OpenStack API" [High,In progress]
annegentleeasy peasy review request:
heden"solved it by running glance-upload for the separate files instead"14:08
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 782152 in nova "Documentation typos" [Low,Fix committed]14:08
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dabodoude: maybe someone with more vmware experience can chime in. I haven't used that hypervisor with OpenStack14:08
annegentleah well the code is at
dweimerIn swift I should be able to 'st stat' on an account to get the total number of containers, objects, and bytes used for the account right? I'm having an issue where 'st stat' does not show the byte or object count for one of the account's containers. Example:
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katkeehello, when using euca-authorize -P icmp -t -1:-1 default we get an exception
katkeeany ideas??14:15
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dweimerhmm, it looks like I'm having rsync replication problems.14:17
doudedabo: Ok, thanks. Do you know some who use it ?14:17
salv-orlandodoude: looks like the vmware network driver is not being used14:19
salv-orlandocould you paste your compute node configuration?14:19
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gholtdweimer: Are your -updaters running?14:23
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HugoKuoit seems like that upload image must on glance host14:24
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doudesalv-orlando: sorry, I've got some problem with my irc client. I paste my nova config here:
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salv-orlandodoue: are you using the same config file for both network & compute node?14:51
salv-orlandodoude: are you using the same config file for both network & compute node?14:51
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doudesalv-orlando: yes, but for the moment I didn't yet start the compute daemon14:53
salv-orlandodoude: when you use VLAN networks with ESX as compute, the network node should be running the linux network driver, while the compute node the ESX driver.14:54
salv-orlandodousw: this is because the network node (nova-network) uses linux utilities to setup vlan & bridges, while ESX uses VMWare API14:54
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salv-orlandodoude: I would try: for nova-network, for nova-compute14:55
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doudesalv-orlando: ha ok, I understand14:56
doudesalv-orlando: thanks a lot for your help14:56
*** dysinger has quit IRC14:56
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salv-orlandodoude: my pleasure. Let me know if it works for you, or if you have more problems. I will look into the duplicated flag issue, and raise a bug if that is the case14:57
doudesalv-orlando: ok14:57
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doudesalv-orlando: just another question. I use ESXi 4.1 and in the nova documentation, a requirement ask to enable “vSphere Web Access”. ButI cannot find a way to do it. Is it only available with VMware ESX ? I'm noob with VMware15:06
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salv-orlandodoude: I think all you need is to enable vSphere web services API. I'm pretty sure you can do that with ESXi as well, as I've done that in the past. That should be something you can set using the vSphere client15:08
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uvirtbotNew bug: #785228 in nova "image metadata is limited by server metadata quota" [Undecided,New]
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doudesalv-orlando: i've got a vCenter VM where the vSphere Web Access service running. Is it enough ?15:13
salv-orlandodoude: I think so,  but would not bet my life on it :-)15:14
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doudesalv-orlando: but nova use the flag '--vmwareapi_host_ip' to make request on the VMware API ? So I must set the IP of the vCenter VM ?15:17
doudesalv-orlando: and not the IP of the ESXi host15:18
salv-orlandodoude: documentation says it should be the IP of the ESXi host... can you access its console and try "service vmware-webAccess status"?15:21
salv-orlandosorry I don't have an ESXi backend at hand at the moment15:21
*** j05h has joined #openstack15:21
doudesalv-orlando: yes, I tried this commande but I don't have the command 'service'15:23
*** nerens has joined #openstack15:25
*** katkee has joined #openstack15:25
*** adiantum has joined #openstack15:27
doudesalv-orlando: I've got only a script where I can put this parameters: Usage: {start|stop|restart}15:27
*** maplebed has joined #openstack15:27
salv-orlandodoude: you might be right about ESXi not supporting web access at the moment. However, I need to check with the guys who developed this ESX support with Openstack.15:28
doudesalv-orlando: Ok thank you. I think i must use the vCenter which implements the web acces15:30
salv-orlandosalv-orlando: it's definitely worth a try.15:30
*** robix has quit IRC15:30
salv-orlandodoude: it's definitely worth a try15:31
*** dolphm has joined #openstack15:31
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NashTrashHello, OpenStack'ers15:32
NashTrashI am running into a permissions problem with my first cloud customer.  He tries to create an instance (using euca-run-instances) and gets this error — EC2ResponseError: 401 Unauthorized.15:33
NashTrashI created him as just a regular user (not admin) and added him into an account.  Did I miss a step?15:34
*** reldan has quit IRC15:35
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j05heuca-run-instances requires sysadmin15:36
j05hit also needs to be global as well as at the project level (if you're using projects)15:37
NashTrashj05h: Seriously?  How am I supposed to keep things like user/project creation separate from the ability to run instances within a project?15:37
j05hi don't think sysadmins can create users or projects.15:38
*** kbringard has joined #openstack15:38
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*** zenmatt has joined #openstack15:39
kbringardNashTrash: I think you have to use nova-manage commands to add projects and such15:39
kbringardgiving his the sysadmin role within OpenStack shouldn't give him access to your dom0 machines15:40
*** reldan has joined #openstack15:40
kbringardunless I'm misunderstanding your question?15:40
kbringardso if you do like15:41
kbringardnova-manage role add <user> sysadmin <project>15:42
kbringardthen he should get the "sysadmin" within that specific project15:42
kbringardand should be able to launch and terminate instances15:42
*** dprince has quit IRC15:42
kbringardyou will also probably need to add him to the global roles (since you have to have both)15:43
kbringardso you run the same command, sans the project15:43
katkeeannegentle: thanks for the links about iptables ;) . we found were the problem was.15:43
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NashTrashkbringard: Thanks.  I will give it a try15:44
kbringardnp, hopefully it helps15:46
kbringardif he needs to allocate floating IP addresses, he'll need netadmin too15:46
*** ivan__ has joined #openstack15:46
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NashTrashkbringard: Is there documentation out there on roles and permissions?15:47
NashTrashannegentle: This question could go to you too.  Is there detailed documentation on roles and permissions?15:48
kbringardprobably... I'd have to look15:48
kbringardI just had to do it enough times, hehe15:48
*** rchavik has quit IRC15:48
NashTrashkbringard: Best way to learn for sure15:49
NashTrashkbringard: So my user needs to have sysadmin at the global level so that it is possible to have sysadmin at the project level, right?15:50
*** patcoll has joined #openstack15:51
NashTrashannegentle: None of the docs mention a role called sysadmin.  They only have admin, itsec, projectmanager, netadmin and developer.  Am I missing documentation somewhere?15:52
kbringardNashTrash: I remember grepping through the code for it15:52
kbringardbut that was many moons ago15:52
NashTrashkbringard: Yeah.  projectmanager allows user add/remove and instance create/destroy.  I am guessing that sysadmin is only instance c/d?15:53
*** dobber has quit IRC15:53
kbringardyea, I think so15:54
kbringardit's not documented super well ;-)15:54
NashTrashalright.  So I think my user is now setup.  I will have him try.15:55
*** johnpur has joined #openstack15:58
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v johnpur15:58
doudesalv-orlando: I found a web SOAP API on my ESXi available. I think it's enable by default on ESXi and it can be activated or not on ESX15:59
*** ivan__ has quit IRC15:59
salv-orlandodoude: if that is the SOAP endpoint we need, according to the doc you should have a wsdl file at: http://SOAP_ENDPOINT/vimService.wsdl16:01
salv-orlandothe doc says also something about a faulty wsdl shipped with ESX 4.1, don't whether that applies to ESXi as well16:02
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk16:02
NashTrashkbringard: Looks like projectmanager role was replaced by sysadmin role.  At least that is what the code says.16:03
*** kashyap has quit IRC16:04
*** hub-cap has joined #openstack16:06
*** hub_cap has quit IRC16:06
*** hub-cap is now known as hub_cap16:06
*** zenmatt has quit IRC16:10
*** zenmatt has joined #openstack16:10
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack16:13
kbringardyea, I think you're right16:14
*** Capashen has quit IRC16:16
*** joearnold has joined #openstack16:21
primeministerpvishy: ping16:29
primeministerpvishy: nova-network question16:29
primeministerpvishy: it seems when nova-network injects our gateway addr it leaves the interface  in a state of down16:29
*** alandman has joined #openstack16:29
primeministerpvishy: also we keep getting wrong values for dnsmasq16:29
primeministerpdhcp range16:29
primeministerpvishy: and we can't figure out where they are coming from16:29
primeministerpvishy: we are also seeing instances where we correct the ranges in sql and then they magically reappear16:30
primeministerpand we can't understand why they keep changing16:30
primeministerpfor example if i manually sent the range in the db to
primeministerpdnsmasq is using as the begining of the range16:32
primeministerpwhen we never supplied that address16:32
primeministerpat all16:32
primeministerpand previously our db had the correct range16:32
*** nacx has quit IRC16:32
*** daveiw has quit IRC16:34
doudesalv-orlando: so I don't need to specified the flag --vmwareapi_wsdl_loc ?16:36
salv-orlandodoude: by default it point to where the wsdl should be on ESX/ESXi server. You need it to address the point concerning the faulty wsdl reported in the documentation16:37
*** zenmatt_ has joined #openstack16:40
*** zenmatt has quit IRC16:40
*** katkee has quit IRC16:40
*** salv-orlando has quit IRC16:42
*** jdurgin has joined #openstack16:46
*** mahadev has joined #openstack16:46
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*** doude has joined #openstack16:54
*** pothos has joined #openstack16:54
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*** Eyk has quit IRC16:56
*** dtroyer has joined #openstack16:57
annegentleNashTrash: shoot, sorry I thought I had done a pass through the docs to update the role info16:57
primeministerpso anyone know why nova-network when started set's my dhcp_start value in the only network i have defined to
*** reldan has quit IRC16:58
primeministerpeven after I manually change it in the db16:58
primeministerpand commit the change16:58
primeministerpINSERT INTO `networks` VALUES ('2011-05-18 21:05:14','2011-05-19 16:56:28',NULL,0,8,0,'','','br100','','','',NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,'','HyperV','jil-h-i-08-a',NULL,NULL,'public',NULL);16:58
primeministerpthat's what i just dumped from the table16:59
primeministerpafter a svs restart16:59
primeministerpso i can't modify the dhcp_start in nova network from nova-manage?17:00
*** reldan has joined #openstack17:03
*** zenmatt_ has quit IRC17:10
NashTrashprimeministerp: Can you paste your nova.conf file.  You need to make sure the —flat_network_dhcp value is set there independent of the network you create through nova-manage17:11
*** zenmatt has joined #openstack17:11
NashTrashannegentle: It appears that all of the online docs refer to a projectmanager role instead of a sysadmin role.17:11
*** jbryce has joined #openstack17:12
*** asomya has joined #openstack17:14
primeministerpwe didn't have that17:17
primeministerpbut that's a new field to us17:17
primeministerper setting17:17
primeministerpNashTrash: we'll tryi t17:18
*** mahadev has joined #openstack17:18
annegentleok, all set subbing sysadmin for projectmanager and cloudadmin for admin in the docs - merge request for please? :)17:19
primeministerpNashTrash: what file is that 10.0.0.x coming from?17:19
primeministerpNashTrash: so it never even uses what's in the database17:23
primeministerpfor the value of dhcp_start17:23
primeministerpand that value replaces it?17:23
primeministerpNashTrash: it appears that it just launches dnsmasq w/ that value, when I tried to set --flat_network_dhcp=
primeministerpNashTrash: dnsmasq puked17:25
primeministerpNashTrash: so what type of value needs to go there17:25
primeministerpbc it's not clear by the setting name17:25
primeministerpi would think it would require a cidr17:25
primeministerpbut it looks like it needs just the first ip addr in the range17:25
primeministerpalso i don't know why i would need that at all as it should be pulling that info from the db17:25
primeministerpas that's where it is set17:26
primeministerpit doesn't make sense to set something that the dnsmasq service doesn/t use17:26
*** hallyn is now known as hallyn_afk17:27
*** dolphm has joined #openstack17:27
primeministerpNashTrash: so basically the whatever i put into the --flat_dhcp_range= replaces the dhcp_start field coming out of the db17:29
*** hub-cap has joined #openstack17:29
*** hub_cap has quit IRC17:30
*** hub-cap is now known as hub_cap17:30
primeministerpalso what's the difference between --flat_network_dhcp and --flat_network_dhcp_start17:30
*** Eyk has joined #openstack17:31
*** obino has quit IRC17:35
*** doude has quit IRC17:40
*** Eyk_ has joined #openstack17:40
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*** zenmatt has joined #openstack17:41
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*** aliguori has joined #openstack19:29
vishyprimeministerp: --flat_network_dhcp_start is where the is coming from19:31
dweimergholt: Thanks for responding earlier. It was an rsync error on my side. The backend IP's changed and rsyncd.conf wasn't updated on all of the servers.19:31
*** reldan has joined #openstack19:32
primeministerpvishy: default in some compiled python?19:32
vishyprimeministerp: when you create a network it uses that flag as the default19:33
vishy(a flat network)19:33
vishywhen dnsmasq is started it uses the data from the db, but the db is set from that flag initially19:34
primeministerpvishy: then why have the field in the database that isn't used?19:36
primeministerpvishy: that that flag then overwrites...19:36
vishythe one in the db is used19:36
primeministerpvishy: where, because that flag overwrites the field in the db every time i touch the service19:37
vishyah you're right19:37
primeministerpvishy: *nod*19:37
vishyit gets reset in _on_set_network_host19:37
*** dprince has quit IRC19:38
primeministerpvishy: if you supply the icepacks i'll stop banging my head against the wall ;)19:38
primeministerpvishy: i thought the gremlins were out to get me19:38
pikenIs it possible to setup swift with no proxy for a single node dev system?19:38
primeministerpvishy: we cant' get dnsmasque to respond to dhcp requests19:39
primeministerpvishy: if we manually set the ips in the vms, we get network connectivity19:39
primeministerpvishy: also, it appears that when we start nova-network19:39
primeministerpit starts 2 dnsmasque processes19:40
vishythat is correct19:40
primeministerpvishy: also when we boot the system, our nic which is internal to the cloud19:40
primeministerpisn't up19:40
primeministerpvishy: how are you bringing up the interface19:41
primeministerpvia and ifconfig19:41
primeministerpor a pass to some function that is basically an ifconfig?19:41
vishyi don't think we bring up eth devices19:41
primeministerpvishy: you have to19:41
primeministerpvishy: we left our eth1 unconfigured19:41
primeministerpvishy: actually we left it unassigned19:42
vishyright, i don't think we bring up eth119:42
primeministerpso i need to bring it live19:42
vishyyes i think so19:42
primeministerpand assign no addr, or an addr19:42
vishyyou can or you can give it a private addr19:42
vishyi usually give my second devices 192.168 addresses19:42
vishyand direct all rabbit/mysql traffic over that interface19:43
primeministerpso eth1 needs to be live w/ addr prior to bridge injection19:43
vishywhen nova bridges in it will move the ip onto the bridge19:43
vishyoptionally with an address19:43
vishybut yeah it should be live19:43
primeministerpvishy: prob is i have 16 subnets already before we started this, all routing private addrs19:43
primeministerpvishy: so the default networks overlap w/ some supernets we have setup already19:44
vishyyes sounds complex19:45
vishyI'm sure you can find some valid ranges though19:45
primeministerpvishy: we can, but the service kept overwiting our confi19:45
primeministerphence the scars on my forhead19:45
vishyprimeministerp: the only thing that is dynamic like that is dhcp start19:45
primeministerpvishy: every time we restarted it after a manual db change19:45
primeministerpgood to know19:46
vishywell and it is a little fancy with moving ips onto bridges19:46
primeministerpvishy: in our existing clusters we never put ips on a bridge19:46
primeministerpvishy: we have management vifs or eths for that19:46
primeministerpvishy: we are very vlan and route intensive19:47
vishyyes i didn't want to have to write the code to dynamically generate tap devices in there19:47
primeministerpahh tap devices19:47
* primeministerp dreams of his metasploit pro vpn client19:47
primeministerpvishy: fair enough, thanks for the clarification19:48
*** robix has joined #openstack19:48
primeministerpvishy: hopefully if we get the networking bits going we will have the largest openstack/hyperv deployment in the world19:49
vishyprimeministerp: btw we have plans to try a modified flatdhcp which will relay dhcp requests from the switch to nova-network19:49
vishy(or perhaps just pass out the real switch as the gateway)19:49
primeministerpvishy: o we would love that19:50
*** littleidea has joined #openstack19:50
primeministerpvishy: we have a very extensive dhcp infrastructure that we currently relay on19:50
vishyour plan is to actually nat at the host level instead of through nova-network19:50
vishyprimeministerp: I'm not sure exactly how to solve your use case where you actually want to pass out addresses through your existing infrastructure19:51
vishyprimeministerp: but it will at least get part way there19:51
vishyand minimize spof on nova-network19:51
*** shwetaap has joined #openstack19:51
primeministerpvishy: ideally we lacp from the network host to the switch and just pass tagged traffic19:53
primeministerpvishy: currently19:53
vishywhat is lacp?19:53
primeministerplink aggrigate control protocl19:53
primeministerpwe bond all nics in our vhosts19:53
primeministerpto the switch19:53
primeministerpthink dynamic mlt19:53
primeministerpmlt = multi  layer trunk19:54
vishywe're actually trying to take network host out of the equation for routing19:54
primeministerpthat would be awesome19:54
primeministerpcan we do that w/ openvswitch?19:54
vishyprimeministerp: possibly.  We're starting with a really simple version19:54
primeministerpvishy: sure baby steps19:55
primeministerpvishy: basically we use linux-ha virt clusters19:55
primeministerpvishy: and we take all host nics and aggrigate them into the switch19:56
primeministerporiginally (4 years ago) we would mlt at the host level19:56
primeministerpvishy: and the switch19:56
primeministerpvishy: with lacp the bond/circuit only gets created if both sides of the connection neg it19:56
primeministerpotherwise they are just nics19:56
primeministerpbecause we provision via pxe19:57
primeministerpvishy: we need to be able to get to our install sources after the primative initial pxe on an untagged network to our fully bonded interface's passing traffic on the correct vlan19:59
primeministerpvishy: we lay down our virtual switching fabric on the host during the first phase of our install, then reboot to make it active19:59
primeministerpvishy: basically it took us a while to come up to speed w/ the openstack paradigm just because it was so different to how we were used to doing things w/ our linux virt clusters20:00
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC20:00
vishyprimeministerp: I will keep you apprised of the changes we are making to support simplified/redundant flatdhcp20:00
primeministerpvishy: i will gladly dogfood what you've got20:01
primeministerpvishy: when it's ready20:01
primeministerpvishy: however our first goal is to get up the hyperv/cloud20:01
primeministerpvishy: and we've basically got tweak the network bits to work20:02
*** crumpet has joined #openstack20:02
*** mgoldmann has quit IRC20:02
primeministerpvishy: but you've given us great insight in the last couple days20:02
primeministerpvishy: we appreciate it20:02
vishyprimeministerp: ok if you have any more issues let me know20:02
primeministerpvishy: will do20:02
primeministerpvishy: alandman  is my collegue  in the lab so if you see bits from him you can use my comments as history of our infrastructure20:03
vishyok cool20:04
primeministerpvishy: do you happen to know which features of the compute node are fully implemented in the hyperv code?20:04
primeministerpvishy: and if so is it documented somewhere?20:04
vishyprimeministerp: not sure, I do know the guy who wrote most of the code though20:04
primeministerpvishy: chanondeep (sp)20:05
primeministerpi believe20:05
primeministerpvishy: sorry i can't spell20:05
primeministerper charadeep20:05
primeministerpi can't spell my own name nevermind someone elses20:06
primeministerpvishy: happens when you "terminal" rot20:06
primeministerpvishy: we have a call w/ him tonight so i will address w/ him20:06
primeministerpvishy: my kids wonder why i speak in acronyms20:07
vishythere is definitely some stuff missing20:07
vishyand things may be broken because i don't think it is being tested by anyone20:07
vishy+ it will need some changes when we add multinic support20:07
primeministerpvishy: we are planning on changing that asap20:08
*** Shentonfreude has quit IRC20:08
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*** jehreg has joined #openstack22:02
jehregre all22:02
*** foxtrotdelta has quit IRC22:02
jehregAnyone got time to help me with a basic Swift install and config ?  I get a 403 when trying to access my account22:02
*** alandman has quit IRC22:03
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jehregWell, got it working by completely destroying the account rings.22:22
jehregNow, I just have to figure out how to get Nova to use/link Swift.22:22
*** reldan has joined #openstack22:23
*** robbiew has quit IRC22:25
jehregooooo, swift <> nova-volumes.  Back to the drawing board. *sigh*22:25
*** joearnold has quit IRC22:26
*** joearnold has joined #openstack22:29
gholtjehreg: Doesn't Glance do that? [Note, I'm not all that familiar with it all...]22:29
*** shwetaap has quit IRC22:30
jehregHmmm, newbie here too.  AFAIK, Glance is for storing VM images, it is not a Virtual HD.22:31
jehregFrom what I understand of Instances, once they are shutdown, all dat is gone.22:31
kbringardjehreg: that's correct22:32
jehregSo, I need to find a way to store data in the VM.22:32
kbringardthat's what EBS is for22:32
jehregI *think* that is nova-volume.22:32
jehregI *thought* that was what swift was for, but I think I am wrong.22:32
kbringardI'm not sure if you can use swift for nova-volume storage22:33
kbringardyou may be able to22:33
jehregThe problem I have is that I need to be able to support live migrations.22:33
kbringardto use live migration you have to have a shared filesystem that all compute nodes have read/write to22:33
kbringardso like, you can export your /var/lib/nova/instances directory on your controller22:33
jehregSo far, the doc shows me that nova-volumes are "local".22:33
kbringardthen mount it as /var/lib/nova/instances on your compute nodes22:33
kbringardso that if you launch an instance on compute node you should be able to see it on all the compute nodes22:34
jehregOK, so I have an instance running on node 1. I have to create an EBS for it, to store data. That EBS gets stored where ?22:34
*** woleium has joined #openstack22:34
kbringardthe EBS gets stored on the nova-volume controller22:34
jehregin /var/lib/nova/instances ?22:34
kbringardlive migration and EBS are 2 entirely different things22:35
jehregAh, so I need a nova-volume controller.22:35
*** vikasg has joined #openstack22:35
kbringardwhen you live migrate an instance you just change which compute node it is running on22:35
jehregYes, but they "interact" or rather, I must design so that EBS doesn't prevent live migration.22:35
kbringardwithout shutting down the node22:35
kbringardyea, that will be triclky22:35
jehregTrue, but how does it "refer" to the EBS ?22:35
kbringardso far in my tests I've not been able to live migrate an instance that has an EBS volume attached to it22:35
kbringardnova-volume exports an iscsi endpoint22:36
jehregThat's what I was afraid of.22:36
jehregHmmm, then that could work.22:36
kbringardand then the compute node attaches to it22:36
jehregbecause live migration is compatable with iscsi.22:36
gholtjehreg: Ah, yeah. Swift is for Object Storage, not Block Storage [doesn't support POSIX, eventually consistent, etc.]22:36
jehregYeah, so far, I don't think my project needs Object Storage.22:37
jehregI am trying to figure out if I am better off with OpenNebula or OpenStack.22:37
jehregI will have a max of 20 nodes.  I have to pool their drives for my EBS.22:38
jehregSO my compute nodes are also my Volume space.22:38
jehregI can pool their drives into one block device using Gluster.22:38
jehregIf I had dedicated compute nodes and dedicated volume nodes, then I would off to the races, but I am getting a whole bunch of old Dell 1U with "small" drives, all the same.22:39
jehregI am wondering if Openstack is not overkill for me.22:40
uvirtbotNew bug: #785448 in swift "Multiple Swauths fails" [Medium,In progress]
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