Friday, 2011-05-20

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sam_itxnova-volume uses LVM at the backend, is that correct ?06:33
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dsockwellsam_itx: i believe that's the default yes06:36
sam_itxIf so,  Wouldnt that require Linux-HA (failover) setup for nova-volume for production? Also, all VM traffic will go to nova-volume node, wouldnt that cause performance problem ?06:37
dsockwell1) only if you want high availability, you know even amazon has trouble keeping their elastic volumes up06:41
dsockwelland 2) yup06:41
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dsockwelli believe openstack has support for some distributed filesystems that might mitigate those concerns06:42
dsockwellbut i can't name them06:42
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sam_itx dsockwell: thanks.06:44
dsockwellif you hang around here for a few hours, someone with a clue might show up06:45
sam_itxwith nova-volume, migration is supported, right ? are all iscsi volumes, made available to all compute nodes ?06:45
dsockwelli would be shocked if it weren't06:46
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vishydsockwell: sheepdog is an option06:48
sam_itxfound this using google.  : Support for a lot of new virtual volume backends to provide highly  available block volumes for virtual machines: Sheepdog, CEPH/RADOS, and  iSCSI (XenAPI only). .. but these are still under development and marked as  " not yet for production ".06:48
vishyand ceph06:48
vishythere is another team working on a scalable commodity volume store06:49
vishyproject is called lunr06:49
sam_itxthanks. do you have a pointer to it ?06:50
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alex_openstackttx:hi, i follow your blog, it's work08:36
alex_openstackbut it's can just from host os login into guess os08:36
alex_openstackhow can i setting let can access from outside the host os08:36
ttxalex_openstack: you'll probably need to configure a network route so that your client knows where to find the guest IP08:38
ttxalex_openstack: people with more deployment expertise than me can probably help you more than I do.08:39
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alex_openstackok, thank you very much, i will check the docs and try it before ask08:52
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kenyI am trying to troubleshoot a weird issue I am having. I am running natty and xen 4.1. I have installed openstack through the repos but can't get it to run properly09:10
kenyall the services are running (ps aux shows all of them)09:10
kenyand yet nova-manage service list just returns me to the command prompt09:11
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kenyno log is generated (even if nova.conf is pointing to the log dir, as it is with the default install)09:11
kenyso I can see no errors09:11
kenyalso, even if there is a nova-api process running, nothing is listening on port 877309:12
kpepplekeny: just a shot in the dark ... what version of python-lockfile are you running ?09:12
kenyI have properly defined ec2_host, ec2_port, ec2_schema and ec2_path in nova.conf, and nova-api is launched pointing to the nova.conf flagfile09:12
kenykpepple let me check09:12
kenydpkg says its version 1:0.8-209:13
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kpepplekeny: ok. that's correct. do you have the --verbose flag set in nova.conf ?09:14
kenykpepple yes it is. let me upload my nova.conf09:14
alex_openstackin this doc,09:14
alex_openstackFirst, set up the public address.09:15
alex_openstacknova-manage floating create my-hostname
alex_openstackeuca-associate-address -i i-1
kpepplekeny: put it up at paste.openstacko.org09:15
alex_openstackthe my-hostname is the host or the guess os's hostname?09:15
keny <- I should mention that the IPs are all of the same host (1 host install), and its the IP assigned to the interface br10009:19
kpepplekeny: is it --daemonize=1 or just --daemonize ? hold on, let me check09:20
kenykpepple the docs set it as --daemonize=109:21
kenykpepple but I tried without daemonize too. Does it make much of a difference if I'm starting services through init.d scripts ?09:22
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kpepplekeny: probably not09:22
kpepplekeny: what happens when you run 'sudo nova-manage shell ipython' ?09:23
kenyI get a prompt, python 2.7. do you want me to paste the output?09:24
kpepplekeny: no, but try entering "import nova" and then a return09:24
kpepplekeny: it should come back with a true09:24
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kenyit worked, but it doesn't return anything09:25
kenyI just get the prompt back09:25
kpepplekeny: ok. hit control - d and do a 'sudo bin/nova-manage version list'09:26
keny# nova-manage version list09:26
keny2011.3-dev (2011.3-workspace:tarmac-20110518181623-axjld8yd67c3nkcs)09:26
kenyI find it odd that nova-api won't log any errors09:27
kpepplekeny: none of the daemon will log errors for nova-manage ... it goes straight to the DB for most things09:28
kpeppletry doing a 'nova-manage db version' to make sure that we can access the database09:29
kenyit outputs: 1809:29
kenyI can do db sync, project reate and such without issues09:30
kpepplekeny: but no services ...09:30
kenyisn't there a nova-api.log ?09:30
kpepplekeny: yes, it should be in /var/log/nova/nova-api.log ... but that only logs EC2 and OS api requests09:31
kenyI did a debian install where services list worked and I think there was a nova-api log.. but this was straight from launchpad, maybe its a diff version09:31
kenyI'm going to try and launch nova-api manually then, see if it spits any errors :)09:31
keny(I thought it would log)09:32
kenystrange, nova-api blocks the prompt (I assume its serving), and I can now see how its listening on port 8773 (which it previously wasn't when started through init scripts)09:34
kenymaybe I should start all services this way?09:34
kpepplekeny: that's strange ... maybe they have a bug in the startup scripts ... i saw something like this earlier this week, when nova-api couldn't create it's lockfile, but that was due to a bug in python-lockfile 0.9109:35
kenykpepple I'll try to start them manually and report back if that did the trick; if it does, I will inspect the startup scripts to see if I can fix it09:36
kpepplekeny: cool and good luck09:37
* kpepple heads off to dinner09:37
kenykpepple thanks for everything! :) have good diner time09:37
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Chipaca_hello all11:14
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Chipaca_running in single-node mode, on lucid lts with the nova packages from the ppa, every time i start a instance, i lose connectivity to the server11:15
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Chipaca_have to reboot to get back11:15
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HugoKuotry to set public_interface and flat_interface on same nic11:19
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Chipaca<HugoKuo> reasonable12:21
Chipaca<HugoKuo> try to set public_interface and flat_interface on same nic12:21
Chipacadoes that mean that I shouldn't do that, or does it mean I should?12:21
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Chipacaso, currently my nova.conf has neither network_manager nor flat_interface nor public_interface, so I'm unsure what mode it's (not) working on12:56
Chipacashould I set network_manager to FlatDHCPManager, and set public_interface and flat_interface both to eth0?12:56
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uvirtbotNew bug: #785763 in nova "Can't run more than 150 instances using DHCP due inadequate dnsmasq defaults" [Undecided,New]
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ChipacaIt's unclear to me (from whether that will work, if it'll blow up in a different way to what i'm seeing now12:57
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pikenIs there a python client api for accessing swift. Everyone I have tried made for s3 or cloudfiles doesn't work.14:50
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gholtpiken: There is swift/common/ included with Swift and there is which mostly works with Swift (minus CDN support and other Rackspace specific things).14:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #785812 in nova "OSAPI overLimit exceptions should use HTTP 413 error codes" [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #785816 in nova "lazy load operation of attribute 'metadata' cannot proceed " [Undecided,New]
primeministerpgreetings programs15:06
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primeministerphey guys 1060 seems to break hyperv15:33
primeministerpwe have 1052 running15:33
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uvirtbotNew bug: #785842 in glance "Glance Version negotiation returns a content header of text/html but the actual content type is application/json" [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #785843 in nova "Traceback in xenapi/ masks real exception" [Undecided,New]
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primeministerpgreetings again programs15:52
primeministerpthat was weird15:52
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ttxprimeministerp: coud you file a bug about the hyper-V breakage ?15:57
ttxprimeministerp: with symptoms since there is no obvious reason it should have broken.16:00
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alandmanI'm running into a problem with openstack on HyperV16:16
alandmanWe have one node compute node working correctly16:16
alandmanOn a second node with the same nova.conf as the working server I am getting the following in the nova-compute.log16:16
alandman2011-05-20 12:14:18,980 WARNING nova.compute.manager [-] Error during instance poll: list index out of range16:16
alandmanIs this warning normal?16:17
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alandmanI'm also now unable to run euca-describe-instances16:22
alandmanI see the following error in the nova.api log: 2011-05-19 18:01:45,246 ERROR nova.api [81BNI5WKX8MQOEL4FE06 alex HyperV] Unexpected error raised: (OperationalError) (1054, "Unknown column 'quotas.resource'16:23
alandmanin 'field list'")16:23
BK_manalandman: nova-manage db sync ?16:23
alandmanThat seems to fix the instance problem but I'm not sure what would have caused DB problems16:24
dprincealandman: Yep. If you are using nova trunk the quotas table just had a DB migration.16:25
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uvirtbotNew bug: #785890 in nova "Need to utilize locks during vlan creation in nova-network" [Undecided,New]
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mrmartinhi, where can I turn on console.log logging? (Cactus release)19:48
mrmartinthe instance starts, but the console.log in /var/lib/nova/instances/instance-00000020 directory is empty.19:49
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uvirtbotNew bug: #785955 in nova "nova-network fails to start without logging an error when iptables locks are present" [Undecided,New]
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katkeehello, not sure but this seems to be a bug
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xavicampahello! are the columns "hard_limit" and "resource" new to the "quotas" table? I'm suddenly getting "(nova.api.openstack): TRACE: OperationalError: (OperationalError) (1054, "Unknown column 'quotas.resource' in 'field list'")" when trying to launch an instance21:49
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xavicampanova-manage db sync fixed it :)22:01
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vishykatkee: yes it is a bug and has been reported already22:38
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katkeevishy: thanks for the reply ;)23:15
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