Sunday, 2011-05-22

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ShermanBoydI'm trying to install openstack compute on natty, when I apt-get install nova-compute it stalls out on "0% [Waiting for headers]"00:47
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julian_cAre you able to run "apt-get update" successfully?00:49
ShermanBoydit just started up but it failed to download curl00:49
julian_cDownloading from a standard repo?00:50
ShermanBoydI know it's bleeding edge00:50
ShermanBoydbut I heard it was working00:51
ShermanBoydFailed to fetch  Connection faile d [IP: 80]00:52
julian_cThat looks like a network connection on one end (likely not on yours).00:52
ShermanBoydhmm I'm able to download that file to my workstation00:53
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julian_cTry to install from aptitude, and see if it gives the same error.00:56
ShermanBoydends with current status: 0 broken00:58
ShermanBoydI uploaded the .deb file and tried to install directly00:58
* julian_c scratches his head...00:59
ShermanBoydthat worked00:59
ShermanBoydit's just bizarre ... I assume I got all the other files from the same server00:59
julian_cAny mention of a hash sum mismatch, by chance?01:00
ShermanBoydmaybe I'll look at the logs01:01
ShermanBoydahh it might have been a dependency thing "libcurl3"01:03
ShermanBoydis there a list of ports that openstack uses anywhere?01:05
ShermanBoydI suppose enabling UFW is a bad idea01:05
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julian_cOn its own, it's probably not outright a bad idea.01:06
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julian_cThe ports are probably mentioned somewhere in the documentation. I haven't looked at it in great detail yet.01:06
ShermanBoydI see a bunch of ports open for rabbitMQ01:08
ShermanBoydI wonder if those jump around01:08
julian_cProbably a bunch of high-number ports, going between components of OpenStack.01:10
julian_cMultiple boxes, or single-box setup?01:10
ShermanBoydright now just one01:14
ShermanBoydbut I have a cluster of four01:14
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ShermanBoydI guess I'll start with one controller01:15
ShermanBoydand 3 compute nodes01:15
julian_cThe networking you mentioned earlier makes perfect sense.01:17
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julian_cEarlier, you mentioned having three networks for your cloud.01:20
ShermanBoydthe management one is mostly for IPMI01:20
ShermanBoydand cobbler deployment for the physical nodes01:21
ShermanBoydI also want to keep the management one non-essential01:21
ShermanBoydso if another switch fails01:21
ShermanBoydI can just sacrifice the management network for a short time01:22
ShermanBoydso my thought process is to open ports on the back end network01:22
ShermanBoydbut not on the public one01:22
julian_cMakes sense.01:24
julian_cI can't say that I've done anything with either IPMI or Cobbler.01:24
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ShermanBoydI got these supermicro servers with IPMI, so far I've just been using the KVM and remote boot features01:27
ShermanBoydI'm pretty stoked, it saves you a ton, you don't have to buy a KVM or a PDU with remote power cycle01:28
ShermanBoydCobbler was a little shaky running on Ubuntu and deploying ubuntu01:29
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ShermanBoydshould I avoid using in the nova.conf?01:38
julian_cIf you're just trying things out on a single box, you should be able to get away with it.01:44
julian_c(wouldn't be surprised if ::1 works properly, too)01:44
ShermanBoydNo manual entry for nova.conf  =(01:45
ShermanBoydwhat's this? --routing_source_ip=01:46
julian_cCheck out: <>.01:47
ShermanBoydthat's what I'm following now01:49
julian_cIn the example provided, it actually has a regular static IP in all the necessary fields.01:49
ShermanBoydit doesn't explain what "routing_source_ip" is01:50
julian_cI'm still making sense of the networking options myself.01:50
julian_cI'm trying to switch from Eucalyptus.01:51
julian_cIt looks like --routing_source_ip is the address for the bridge.01:53
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ShermanBoydthat's kind of what I thought01:54
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sigmonsaysis there any architecture documents wrt storage?02:02
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gholtsigmonsays: If you mean Swift: and
sigmonsaysThat makes sense. I was going to be suprised if they built their own .. =P02:31
ShermanBoydI'm trying to install Openstack using  It's getting pretty obvious that these docs are skip steps and are incomplete.02:37
ShermanBoydis there some other install doc out there?02:38
sigmonsaysShermanBoyd, what part?02:38
ShermanBoydI've followed along up to:
julian_cAlso check out: <>.02:39
ShermanBoydbut I never really did anything with the API02:39
ShermanBoydso I just kind of did this: --ec2_url=
ShermanBoydwith my own ip02:40
julian_cThe same blog did really good guides for Eucalyptus last year for Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10.02:40
ShermanBoydwhen I hit that url I get a 40402:40
ShermanBoydwhoa that blog looks nice02:41
julian_cThe graphic in Chapter 2 makes the whole setup make sense.02:42
sigmonsaysman, this eucalyptus user space makes no sense to me. Where do I stop an instance?02:48
julian_cThe Eucalyptus tools?02:49
sigmonsaysYah, the dev doc shows using euca-run-instances to start but now i'm stuck on stopping02:50
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sigmonsaysI'm using nova-manage network delete to rmove the network but it says its bound to a project. However, I've already delete the project. Must I restart the stack?02:56
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julian_cI haven't gotten that far yet...03:08
sigmonsaysno worries, i'll rtfm or re-install. bbiab03:10
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ShermanBoyd"--network_size=8" is this number of hosts or more like a /8 ??03:24
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krish|wired-inhi , in /usr/bin/nova-manage network create 1 25508:32
krish|wired-in What does the 1 255 signify?08:32
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seb_deltahi, is there anyone who could test openstack "nova" with deltacloud?09:58
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shermanboyd_I'm not sure I understand what S3 is ... is this Glance?13:47
notmynameS3 is a commercial object store provided by Amazon. the equivalent in Openstack is swift (
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shermanboyd_My end goal is store the images locally on the node where they run.  I would also like copies of each image to be stored on other nodes for redundancy.14:15
shermanboyd_So "--s3_host=" in nova.conf is supposed to point to a swift install right?14:17
shermanboyd_I guess my question is when compute fires up an instance, where is that vm stored?  Just ram?14:23
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sigmonsaysIs there any example code of python swift api I can quickly groK?18:04
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sigmonsaysit'd be nice if they included example invocations in the pydoc18:06
sigmonsaysis swift.common.client.Connection the wrong thing to use?18:09
* sigmonsays thinks it's really lame to put "rackspace" in the cloudfiles name.18:11
sigmonsaysUgh, it's even more lame they dont have a host argument on the connection class.18:14
vishykrish: it should be 1 25618:15
vishykrish: 1 is number of networks and 256 is network size18:15
vishyso a single /24 is 1 25618:15
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vishysigmonsays: in the future nova-manage project scrub18:16
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RichiHswift defaults to using xfs (very good!), but does it have extra checksums to catch silent data corruption on top?18:19
RichiHi.e. zfs-esque18:19
sigmonsayswho in their right mind hardcodes hosts into an api that's supposed to be open..18:22
sigmonsays anyone ever use cloudfiles for their own setup?18:23
sigmonsaysam I missing something here?18:25
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* sigmonsays searches for a real API that's not stuck to rackspace18:29
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RichiHsigmonsays: send patch?18:31
RichiH(without having looked at the paste or anything else)18:31
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sigmonsaysoh boy, might have to. They use httplib which reads 1 byte at a time. Lovely18:45
sigmonsayseven if it wasn't limited and badly designed it also performs poorly18:45
gholtsigmonsays: Cloud Files existed before Open Stack, hence why python-cloudfiles is 'stuck' to Rackspace.18:46
gholtsigmonsays: For my own stuff, I use swift.common.client from the swift code base.18:46
gholtsigmonsays: And, for that, there's an authurl that you point to ... whatever.18:47
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sigmonsays  /usr/bin/st copy n pasted the api into its file.. just seems unstable and also uses httplib w/ performs poorly18:57
gholtsigmonsays: Yes, that is so it can be distributed independently of everything, as it states in the comment.18:57
gholtAnd why do you feel httplib reads only 1 byte at time?18:58
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sigmonsaysi've seen it, probably only w/ http keep alives if you know it doesn't18:59
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gholtIt could just be an older version of httplib, not sure. I haven't noticed any problems with Python 2.6 and httplib usage, excepting a bit in their header reading. One of our guys wrote swift.common.bufferedhttp to work around that.19:07
sigmonsaysrgr. I am on cactus and am getting a really strange experience with calling get_account() twice. It works fine once then dies19:13
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sigmonsays Is this odd? It's like the return value is being set in the class instance for subsequent calls....19:22
* sigmonsays gives up for the day19:26
gholtThat is odd, which codebase of Swift are you using?19:26
gholtI'll try with that. It worked okay from trunk, but that's not horribly useful to you I'd suspect.19:27
sigmonsayswell.. actually not entirely sure. using the ppa. deb lucid main --- If that's cactus. Assume it is cause that's what compute was using also19:28
sigmonsaysprobably just butcher the code from /usr/bin/st then19:28
sigmonsaysnot now tho, gotta run19:29
gholtGah. That's /still/ 1.2 (Bexar) after all this time.19:29
* gholt looks for who to bang over the head.19:29
* gholt takes the easy way out and pings the PTL.19:30
gholtnotmyname: The Swift packages still seem to be stuck at 1.2.19:30
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monaDeveloperhi there20:07
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monaDeveloperI just wanted your advice how to start my way into open stack20:08
sigmonsaysmonaDeveloper, dive in using -- i'm up and running in dev w/ both compute and storage in 1 days time20:12
sigmonsaysless than really, this morning to be precise =P but now it's afternoon so been at it a while..20:12
monaDeveloperoh great thank you so much20:12
ShermanBoydif only the docs were that good20:14
sigmonsaysthey are imo =P20:16
ShermanBoydyou can't follow the docs and arrive at a working cloud20:16
sigmonsaysnot blindly no20:17
ShermanBoydor even with your eyes open20:17
sigmonsayseven if there were docs or a script called for one environment, at the end you'd have no idea what you just did and no idea how to fix or debug any of it...20:18
ShermanBoydwell that's where you are right?20:18
ShermanBoydyou just run a script20:18
ShermanBoydthat's why I'm trying to do it with docs20:19
ShermanBoydso I can understand everything20:19
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notmynamegholt: *sigh* on it20:25
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ShermanBoydahh now I find wiki.openstack.org22:13
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sigmonsaysis it possible to use a object server on a box w/o xattr supported file system?22:30
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zeph1rohi all, I'm digging into the code and architecture of nova, but I can' find in the documentation a high level description of the orchestration of events... how's a machine provisioned? is it an atomic chain of function calls? or an event is created in a queue and picked up? and how's the allocation of the VM decided? (means, on which hw machine gets pushed? and based on what?)22:34
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notmynamesigmonsays: no. xattr is required23:10
sigmonsaysIs that a strict requirement? I would be curious of seeing that limitation removed23:13
notmynameit's a fairly hard rule. all of the object metadata is stored in xattrs (content-length, content-size, last-modified time, all the other headers that can be set, etc)23:14
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notmynametheoretically, it could be refactored to store that in another file as a sibling to the object, but that would require more disk hits to read the additional file, and we really haven't seen a use case for systems that don't support xattrs23:16
notmynamebut if you have a good, compelling use case, we'd love to hear it. alternatively, patches are always welcome23:17
sigmonsayslimitations within my infrastructure do not allow me to enable xattrs, not w/o a lot of prior work23:20
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notmynamesigmonsays: using xattrs in the system greatly simplifies the code and allows us to use the underlying file system for some of the elements of scale. honestly, we'd need a very compelling reason to consider not using xattrs23:28
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sigmonsaysYep, i'm cool with that, although a patch which pads a object file seems reasonable too (in absence of xattr)23:31
sigmonsaysstill researching, so it's not a big deal yet =P23:32
cloudnodso um... if I want to contribute and don't yet know much python... other than "learn more python" what advice might you give me? :)23:35
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notmynamecloudnod: read over the code of whatever project you are interested in. the swift code is probably the most complete right now (with failure handling, production ready, etc). try to see if you can understand what is happening in the code23:43
notmynamefollow the mailing list to see what's happening in the projects and openstack in general23:43
notmynameand ask questions23:43
notmynameI think the basic rule is to have no fear. jump in with both feet. find something small that you want to change, and work on a patch. if you hop over to #openstack-dev, I'm sure there will be people who could help you work on a patch23:44
sigmonsaysIm trying to find out node failures are recovered from, how nodes rebalance (if at all) and how objects are balanced. Lots of details specific to the system design are missing. Is there a doc i'm missing?23:50
notmynamelook specifically at the ring23:55
notmynamesigmonsays: I'd also recommend some of the articles at
sigmonsaysthanks, i'll take a look23:57
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