Saturday, 2011-05-21

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sambahi all - i'm new here - i've got a few high-level design questions, if you don't mind...00:12
sambafirst off, it looks like openstack is a set of tools for managing cloud infrastructure on multiple virtualization platforms - is that accurate?00:14
samba(trying to understand openstack, how it fits in...)00:15
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kpepplesamba: openstack provides a cloud infrastructure composed of my virtualization hosts, so yes00:16
sambakpepple, thanks for confirming - i just found the video links on - i'll review those and let you know if i have more questions00:17
kpepplesamba: np00:17
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sambakpepple, so does openstack manage other virtualization platforms? or is it its own? (does it rely on some specific platform, e.g. KVM, or is it generic?)00:23
kpeppleit relies on others and supports a wide array: hyperv, xen, KVM, lxc, VMware, etc00:25
sambaok, and the storage and image services - do they simply provide interfaces to SAN or something on that order?00:26
* samba is trying to understand architecture, context00:26
sambaMaybe some comparison would help... I'm reasonably familiar with Amazon AWS... OpenStack Compute is like EC2, image services is like EBS, and storage service is like S3 - right?00:31
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mattraykinda disappointed in the state of euca2ools01:32
mattrayscripting with them is a pain01:32
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mattrayanyone know how to debug nova-compute?
mattraysingle machine02:00
mattraynova-manage service list is all smiles02:00
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mattrayonly nova-compute.log has errors02:04
dsockwelllove your hostname02:06
mattrayyeah, there's a theme02:07
dsockwellmine is battletech02:07
dsockwellthere's a lockfile it's complaining about02:07
dsockwell(nova.exception): TRACE: LockFailed: failed to create /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/crushinator.Dummy-6-2850002:07
mattraycrushinator is the single-box install, there's also mom, larry, ignar, walt, hypnotoad, lrrr and morbo02:07
mattrayis that a legitimate place to put locks?02:08
dsockwellyou'd think it would be in /var, wouldn't you02:09
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dsockwellcan you find the version of pylockfile you/'re using?02:09
dsockwelli saw someone mention it here yesterday02:09
mattraychmod 777'd it and it quit complaining02:10
mattrayI don't like that02:11
dsockwelldid you shut down the machine less than gracefully?02:11
dsockwellat some point02:11
mattraynot exactly02:11
dsockwellso yes?02:11
mattrayI've been doing automated installs on it all day02:11
dsockwellsame hostname?02:11
mattrayI'm writing the Chef cookbooks02:11
mattrayI wonder if there was an issue caused by having a 'nova' user before the .deb installed it02:12
dsockwellhonestly it's probably on you to clean up better, but maybe you should submit a bug02:12
mattraywell, I'll be nuking the box yet again Monday morning.02:12
mattraybut yeah, if that's it I'll open a bug02:12
mattrayat least now it's complaining about my br100, so that's better02:13
mattrayI knew that was broken02:13
mattraythanks for the sanity bump02:14
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mattrayI think I may have screwed up iptables and that's why my instances are hosed.03:48
mattraycloud-setup: checking http:\/\/\/2009-04-04\/meta-data\/instance-id03:48
mattraywget: can't connect to remote host ( No route to host03:48
mattraycloud-setup: failed 1\/30: up 1.19. request failed03:48
mattrayhmm… no dnsmasq at all03:52
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mr_cygii start use stackops to compute, is possible to manage instance, volume etc via http?09:36
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mr_cygisomebody alive?09:53
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dsockwellmr_cygi: there is a dashboard project, yes.  if you wait a few hours, someone might tell you how to use it.  i'm afraid i haven't installed openstack yet.10:20
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j^hi, are there any plans to support content-ragne for PUT requests in swift, to do things like this
mr_cygidsockwell thx, i'm waiting for help :)10:36
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mr_cygidsockwell imho using stockops is good idea for beginning10:37
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mr_cygihmm during create account on openstack dashboard I have database error11:09
mr_cygiException Value:11:10
mr_cygino such table: auth_user11:10
mr_cygisome idea?11:10
mr_cygi*any idea?11:11
Eyk_do you have a table auth_user?11:13
mr_cygii don't know11:18
mr_cygiuhm this is local database problem11:19
mr_cygihow can i create good database shame?11:21
Eyk_try the default from openstack11:22
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mr_cygiauth_user exists but probably i have problem with access rights11:48
mr_cygistill do not understand the connection between the user in the dashboard and in the nova11:48
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Eyk_mr_cygi_, try to access the database with the database user you want to use with openstack11:59
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gholtj^: No, there are no plans for ranged puts in swift at this time. It's a lengthy discussion as to why. A replacement for such are multipart uploads, where you upload segments of the final object as separate smaller objects, then join them once done.13:26
gholtj^: ^^ also how amazon achieves a similar feature, though of course I like ours better. :)13:27
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j^gholt: how is the performance of segment uploads if you have many segments?13:52
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gholtj^: Segmented uploads are really the same as that many regular uploads. For example, you upload s/1 s/2 and s/3 then create a marker object with the desired object name, say o that points to s/*. Downloading o means you get the objects at s/* concatenated together as one stream.13:57
j^gholt: yes, but was wondering what a good segement size is, would want to add chunks in 1Mb blocks and not sure if that would be an issue with 1Gb files13:58
gholtj^: Gotcha. Yes that can get tricky. In such a case you're probably best off doing a COPY command once you're done from the segmented object to a whole object for the better performance.14:00
notmynamesegments can be uploaded concurrently. that will most likely give you better performance that uploading and entire object as one object14:01
gholtThe COPY command is a server-side copy that always creates a non-segmented object, even if the source is a segmented object.14:01
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gholtnotmyname: I think he was wondering the impact on downloading a 1000 segmented object. Which in the currently implementation would take a minimum of 1000 seconds.14:02
gholtj^: There is a safety valve in Swift where it will (currently) only allow 1 segment per second be downloaded, mostly to keep a user from uploading a bunch of 1-byte segments and increasing the load on the cluster to crazy levels.14:04
gholtj^: That safety could be removed fairly easy on a private cloud if desired.14:04
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j^copy would be limited to 1s/s too?14:17
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gholtj^: Yes, that's true.14:24
gholtj^: If you look on line 164 of
gholtj^: That's where the safety valve is.14:24
gholtI based that arbitrary 1 segment per second rate because it allowed 100M segments to be served at 1Gbit rates, which seemed a reasonable start. :)14:26
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gholt[I'll go make a bug to get that added as a conf option.]14:36
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uvirtbotNew bug: #786197 in swift "Make the hardcoded 1 segment per second download rate a conf option" [Undecided,New]
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manelmedI would to have vms which running in the same host,in the same project and attached to the same bridge with addresses from 2 different subnets17:46
manelmedhow can i do it please17:46
manelmedwho know about use of two networks in the same project with the same bridge?18:03
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uuser123i am new to this openstack ,today i have installed ubuntu 10.04 and open stack after running ./ run i am getting to many error /messages ,18:39
uuser123where do i get best quick start guide18:39 isn't working for you :( that is very sad18:44
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uuser123what is other way to check configuration18:49
uuser123should i try clean openstack install from site rather installing openstack on ubuntu18:50
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uuser123what is best way to start using openstack19:08
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mattrayuuser123: has a pretty good Admin guide19:18
mattrayI don't know what the best way is yet, I'm still struggling with networking again19:19
mattrayvishy: for Flat networking, what goes in the br100?19:19
mattrayall the examples have XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX for IPs19:19
vishyflat networking -> don't use it19:20
vishyit requires manual setup of forwarding rules, etc.19:21
mattrayok, what's the easiest solution for Cactus?19:21
vishyand it should do everything for you19:21
vishythe original recipes i had set it up properly19:21
mattrayok, I'll go look at your cookbooks19:22
vishywith the anso cookbooks and the json in that file it sets up multiple hosts in flatdhcp mode19:24
mattraythanks, I'll dig into that19:25
mattraydoing a POC that will go to 400 nodes19:25
mattrayI'll be writing it up once we have some lessons learned19:27
vishymattray: awesome19:29
vishymattray: we are working on another networking mode that i think will become the default19:29
vishymattray: its kinda like redundant flatdhcp19:29
vishyflatdhcp without using nova-network as the gateway19:29
mattraysounds good, networking is the part I screw up the most19:29
katkeehi, just a quick question. i installed one openstack node with every components, now i am trying to install a second one with compute and network but compute doesn't find the base images and kvm complains... how is this node supposed to get AMIs?19:30
katkeegoing to look at Glance19:50
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ShermanBoydwhich hypervisor should I add to openstack20:14
ShermanBoyderm should I use with openstack20:15
ShermanBoydI like KVM and it's what I know20:15
ShermanBoydbut I hear most of the big guys are using xen20:15
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vishykvm is easier to get started with20:34
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newopenhi,i am new to openstack20:51
newopencan i have instances running with addresses from different subnets in the same node20:53
ShermanBoydvishy:  thanks20:53
ShermanBoydnewopen: I would assume so yes20:54
ShermanBoydwhat should I use for authorization ... I'd like to go ldap.  I'm looking at OpenLDAP and 389 Directory.  Eventually I'd like to see some two-factor auth20:56
newopenwhich configuration should i use?20:57
ShermanBoydnewopen: I probably know less than you, but it sounds like you want vlan20:58
ShermanBoydnewopen: you want to keep two projects from communicating right?20:59
newopeni want that vms with different subnets' addresses be contected to my br10021:00
newopen can i run two projects in the same physical node?21:02
ShermanBoydI haven't got as far as the networking ... so I'm afraid I can't help you there21:03
ShermanBoydbut I'm pretty sure you can run two projects on a node21:03
newopenso when i run euca-run-instances,it will show me instances from different subnets21:03
ShermanBoydare these routable IP addresses?21:04
ShermanBoydor are they private?21:04
ShermanBoydtell me a little more about your end goal21:06
ShermanBoydI'm not sure why you wouldn't just fire them up on the same subnet21:06
ShermanBoydif you want them to be able to talk to each other21:06
newopenyes i want it21:07
newopenthey should communicate21:07
newopenwhy i want them attached to the same bridge br10021:08
newopenbut how will i precise which subnet i would using when i run euca-run-instance21:08
ShermanBoydI think you want vlan mode ... it creates one bridge per project21:09
newopenand with this mode can i have two subnet per bridge?21:10
mattraylrrr       nova-network enabled  XXX 2011-05-21 20:02:4521:11
mattrayI must have hosed my networking spectacularly21:11
ShermanBoydnewopen: I think you would create a project for each network21:12
ShermanBoydnewopen: I think the routing table will pick them up and they should be able to communicate if they are on the same node21:13
newopenShermanBoyd : thanks :)21:14
ShermanBoydnewopen: np , keep in mind this is advice from a noob, but it's my best guess21:15
mattrayanyone know how to debug nova-network?21:26
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ShermanBoydthe doc has us setting up mysql for the cloud controller on all interfaces.  Any ideas why?
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ziyadbwhere can i read up on openstack's network requirements?23:07
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ShermanBoydziyadb: I think you want at minimum two switches, a public facing network and backend net23:12
ziyadbspeaking from a backup and such perspective.23:14
ziyadbvmware vmotion crap for example requires L2 adjacency23:14
ziyadbjust making sure the datacenter design goes well.23:14
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ShermanBoydmy testbed has 3 gigabit networks, public facing, storage/backup, and a managment network23:15
ziyadbelaborate a bit on storage/backup?23:17
ShermanBoydit's just a switch dedicated to storage traffic and backup traffic23:18
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ShermanBoydwhat are your plans and what is your application; general purpose multi-tenant cloud computing?  Private cloud?23:21
ziyadbhosted services, going to run a voip app over it.23:22
ziyadbredundancy and resilience are of the utmost importance, hence it needs to be distributed.23:22
ShermanBoydmy design is to use local storage but I want to use either swift or glusterfs to replicate the vms across the nodes23:24
ShermanBoydso it's a little different than the frontend server pulling from the huge storage cluster that you usually do23:26
ziyadband you can do so over routing, right? No L2 adjacency crap required.23:26
ShermanBoydI don't think that's a problem23:26
ShermanBoydMy routers are managed, but as long as all your equipment understands vlan tagging I bet you could get away with unmanaged23:27
ShermanBoydhow big is your buildout?23:29
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ziyadbwell, it's under planning23:32
ziyadbbut looking to service ~1k customers23:32
ShermanBoydhave you thought about hiring rackspace cloud builders23:33
ziyadbnot sure if management did.23:34
ShermanBoydI'm definitely considering it ... they will help you roll out your openstack cloud, training etc23:35
ziyadbyup, looking at their site.23:35
ShermanBoydit might not be a bad idea especially if it's a large deployment23:35
ShermanBoydavoid some costly mistakes23:36
ShermanBoydalso could speed up your deployment23:36
ziyadbwill definitely consider it, thanks!23:38
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