Thursday, 2011-05-26

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jatsrtvishy: no problems with vpn01:46
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jatsrtI believe it was you I was talking to earlier01:47
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alex_openstackanyone test windows as a guest os on nova?02:32
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boncoshi, when i run recreateaccounts on swift, i got this error  help please02:41
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boncosanyone still wake up ?02:53
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JbainI'm awake!03:25
Jbainbut probably not helpful03:25
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alex_openstackJbain: are you install windows as guest on nova?03:28
JbainI would assume so, since that's more of a limitation of the hypervisor03:29
Jbainbut I can't say I've ever trie03:29
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HugoKuo__does anyone ever use vmbuilder to creat a image in exist server ?03:41
HugoKuo__or any other solution ?03:41
alex_openstackHugoKuo__:Can you let windows running on nova?03:46
HugoKuo__I'm stuck on customize a image from exist physical server :<03:46
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alex_openstackwhat's article you follow ? I can install windows in kvm but need more details for let it can running in nova.03:49
HugoKuo__    I'm working on UEC image first03:51
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alex_openstackHugoKuo__:how to install vmbuilder? apt-get install vmbuilder?04:28
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HugoKuo__does anyone knows about bundle a image from exist physical server ?06:13
HugoKuo__I tried vmbuilder , but get into some problems .....06:13
HugoKuo__any suggestion will be great06:13
justin_skariahis it possible to install/use uec-publish-tarball on fedora?06:16
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uvirtbotNew bug: #788493 in nova "Nova bexar to cactus upgrade does not convert db entries for running instances" [Undecided,New]
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nergal_hi, is openstack free from charge when using it as a service provider?08:05
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nergal_What does openstack lack that others don't such as OnApp, Enomaly etc?08:16
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alex_openstackHugoKuo__: how are about you make the vm(windows)?08:29
HugoKuo__soren : hello soren , may I ask a question ?08:31
HugoKuo__soren : does it possible to convert exist physical server into VM for using in NOVA   .....virtualization with KVM ?08:32
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HugoKuo__alex_openstack : not yet .... onece I finish , I'll drop u a message08:34
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sorenHugoKuo__: In a sense, yes.08:40
sorenHugoKuo__: There's nothing stopping your from dd'ing a physical disk into a disk image and uploading it to Nova, but it sounds like a bad plan.08:40
sorenHugoKuo__: What's your use case?08:40
HugoKuo__There's a EPM service in our internal network , it live on a physical machine08:42
sorenI don't know what EPM is.'08:42
HugoKuo__a web service08:43
HugoKuo__I want to move it into cloud08:43
sorenTo free up the hardware for somethign else?08:44
HugoKuo__shuld I install cloud-init first08:44
HugoKuo__I want to take that machine for other purpose08:44
kpeppleHugoKuo__: can't you just use virt-p2v (assume you are running KVM for virtualization) ?08:45
HugoKuo__another purpose is I'm preparing to test some autoscaling solution08:45
HugoKuo__kpepple , it seems like a way08:46
HugoKuo__I'll check that ,08:46
HugoKuo__soren , kpepple : thanks08:46
alex_openstackHugoKuo__: ok08:48
DigitalFluxHi Guys08:56
DigitalFluxHave some questions about Swift08:56
DigitalFluxmentioned that the object server is a 'blob' storage server08:57
DigitalFluxDoes this mean that i can't 'browse' the files located on swift storage backends when i start using it ?08:57
DigitalFluxonly way to access the files are through the API ? and the files are stored in binary format ?08:57
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kpeppleDigitalFlux: it is an object storage service, not a volume storage service like a file server or NAS box, so no you can't just mount the filesystem and browse your files (without running through some hoops).08:58
kpeppleDigitalFlux: yes, you need to access your files through the API and files are stored in their normal format, but not necessarily in a standard filesystem readable way08:59
DigitalFluxkpepple: Thanks, I get that, i am just wondering if i logged into the object storage server itself, and listed the files, will i see their extensions and their names listed just as normal or they are remapped of some sort ?08:59
kpeppleDigitalFlux: having said all that, tools like CyberDuck will let you browse your files just like a FTP server09:00
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DigitalFluxkpepple: Aha, so from a security kind of prespective, it won't be that easy for a person who has access to the object store service to list the files and get a specific file in mind with no hard work09:01
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kpeppleDigitalFlux: correct. the files are stored in many partitions on the file server, not necessarily in one folder for each bucket or container09:01
DigitalFluxkpepple: Kewl ! :)09:02
DigitalFluxkpepple: Another Q ..09:02
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newopeni have a problem with nova-manage09:02
DigitalFluxkpepple: About that metadata that should be stored in the xattr of the filesystem, can i play with that ? like add fields, delete fields, set key/value pairs and so on ?09:02
DigitalFluxnewopen: Shoot ..09:02
newopenDigitalFlux: ???09:04
DigitalFluxnewopen: what's the problem ? :)09:04
kpeppleDigitalFlux: hmmm .. i don't know if you can do this directly via the filesystem/unix commands but you can do it via the API by adding HTTP headers during the PUT (see
kpeppleDigitalFlux: i've never actually browsed the filesystem on my swift servers :)09:05
DigitalFluxkpepple: awesome stuff for that PUT request !, Thanks09:05
newopenwhen i run nova-manage command,it's does not works09:05
DigitalFluxkpepple: Yeah, who would think about something like that except a freak like me =)09:05
kpepplenewopen: what is the exact command line that you are trying to use and what does it respond with ?09:06
newopengflags.FlagsError: option -d not recognized09:06
DigitalFluxkpepple: So, lets say you are designing a photo storage system, most of the photos are around 250KB, would you store that in a DB, say a NoSQL DB and use it's replication/fault-tolerance features, or would you choose an object store service like Swift for that ?09:07
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newopenall nova-manage commands09:07
DigitalFluxnewopen: kpepple: bad nova.conf ?09:07
kpepplenewopen: why are you using the -d option ? most of our options are --SOMETHING in style ...09:07
newopennova-manage list user09:07
kpepplenewopen: ah, yes, you probably have something wrong in your nova.conf file. can you put your /etc/nova/nova.conf file up on (after you take your password out of the --sqlconnection line)09:08
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newopeni think that i find error in nova.conf09:10
newopeni will try and then tell you09:10
kpeppleDigitalFlux: depends. many people would use swift, but have swift push the photos to a CDN. generally, i would have said swift over nosql but the small file size gives me pause ...09:10
kaz_hi kpepple, thakyou for yesterday.09:11
kaz_I tried several times since then,09:11
kaz_eventually swift1.3 server could not be connected..09:12
newopenit's ok thanksssssss :)09:12
kaz_today I create a question about this case.09:12
kpepplenewopen: np09:12
kpepplekaz_: what is the URL for that ?09:12
* kpepple looks at launchpad09:12
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DigitalFluxkpepple: yup, that's my main concern, swift has a lot of extra cool features for storage, but with small files performance needs to be studied when compared to a NoSQL DB ..09:14
DigitalFluxkpepple: Did you come across anyone who researched that online ?09:14
kpeppleDigitalFlux: most of the clients I work with a service providers and have significantly larger average file size (in the megabytes due to backups and such) ... depending on your configuration (if you are using some kind of caching out front) and usage pattern (say 5% of your files account for 70% of your requests), it still might be better09:16
kpeppleDigitalFlux: but to your original question, no I haven't seen anything like that yet09:17
DigitalFluxkpepple: Aha, it's a new challange then :)09:17
kpepplekaz_: hmmmm ... you might want to set your LOG_LEVEL to DEBUG ... it doesn't seem to be capturing the root of the issue. do you see any logging around SWAUTH (assuming that you are using SWAUTH)09:19
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kpeppleoops ... gotta run to dinner. annyong haseyo.09:21
nergal_Is it possible to assign arbitrary number of cores to a VM even though my nodes only have 4 physical cores?09:22
* kpepple heads out for bbq09:22
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kaz_kpepple: yes , I already set LOG_LEVEL to DEBUG and re-try this operation today. ,However, the particularly effective logging...09:23
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kaz_I checked cloudfuse the latest source,09:32
kaz_however swift authentication parameters are not valid as it has been set.09:33
DigitalFluxkpepple: Looking at Swift's API, i don't think it currently provides search capabilites, no ?09:33
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uvirtbotNew bug: #788550 in nova "Instance status and raise compute exceptions" [Undecided,New]
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__cerberusHello guys :) can i ask a newb question which i cant find on documentation?10:48
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hedenThe Metadata server returns Errno 104 Connection reset by peer. Does anyone know what that means?11:32
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kenyquick question: I have VMs that want to get an IP from an existing dhcpserver in my network. How can I do this so that nova still learns the IP that gets assigned to each instance (so euca-describe-instances will show the IP that got assigned to the VM over dhcp)11:57
kenyI read the docs but this isn't entirely clear to me. It appears that flatdhcp mode implies nova runs its own dhcp server through dnsmasq. I already have a dhcp server in the network11:58
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kpeppleDigitalFlux: no, i don't believe it supports search12:21
kpepple__cerberus: sure, what's the question ?12:21
kpepplekeny: AFAIK today this is unsupported configuration (not letting Nova give out DHCP addresses)12:22
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hedenThe Metadata server returns Errno 104 Connection reset by peer. Does anyone know what that means?12:30
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kpeppleheden: [assuming you mean the nova metadata server]  so it's connected but then reset-ing ? don't think I've seen that before ...12:33
hedenkpepple: Yeah the nova metadata service is returning errno 104. it is connected, i've seen the traffic using tcpdump, the respnse from metadata service is reset.12:35
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kpeppleheden: usually errors on the metadata server are either iptables or bridge configuration related ...12:36
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kpeppleheden: possibly the return path for the 169.x network firewall rule is broken ? seems like the only thing that would cause a tcp reset ...12:38
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hedenkpepple: what do you mean with broken return path, the only rule for the metadata service is the NAT rule to the api server, source: ANY12:41
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kpeppleheden: are you running FLAT or FLATDHCP networking with more than one interface ?12:45
hedenI'm using the VLAN manager12:46
kpeppleheden: hmmm ... we've seen problems with more than one interface if you don't use the --flat_interface=ethX but I don't think that applies to VLAN12:47
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kenykpepple, ok, thank you :)13:03
*** Juan_Perez has joined #openstack13:04
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primeministerpgreetings programs13:57
*** osier has joined #openstack13:59
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*** justin_skariah has joined #openstack14:26
*** jatsrt has joined #openstack14:26
justin_skariahhello everyone.. when i try to run an instance i am getting the following error (nova.exception): TRACE: NotFound: cannot find 'name'14:27
*** jaypipes is now known as jaypipes-afk14:29
*** foxtrotdelta has joined #openstack14:29
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*** piken has joined #openstack14:48
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v _cerberus_14:50
*** zenmatt has quit IRC14:53
justin_skariahi get (nova.exception): TRACE: NotFound: cannot find 'name' on fedora can this be an issue of mixed code versions for nova?14:54
*** Zangetsue has quit IRC14:55
*** stewart has quit IRC14:57
jatsrtjustin: anything more to the stack than that14:57
justin_skariahjatsrt : please find the complete stack here
jatsrthmmm, that is a new one to me14:59
*** zns has quit IRC15:01
*** __cerberus has quit IRC15:01
*** darkb0y has joined #openstack15:01
*** dragondm has joined #openstack15:02
*** gaveen has quit IRC15:02
*** zns has joined #openstack15:03
*** kashyap has joined #openstack15:03
justin_skariahjatsrt: has this error got anything to do with libvirt.xml.template15:05
blamar_i win!15:07
markwashblamar_: I thought you were just sticking your tongue out15:07
*** gondoi has quit IRC15:07
*** mattray has joined #openstack15:08
*** sirp__ has quit IRC15:08
*** jatsrt has left #openstack15:11
*** jatsrt has joined #openstack15:11
justin_skariahjatsrt: this happens under the line "if have_injected_networks: " so has this anything to do with fedora's way of handling networking?15:12
jatsrtit may, not familiar with current state of fedora's networking15:12
*** rchavik has quit IRC15:13
*** gondoi has joined #openstack15:14
*** ryker has joined #openstack15:14
*** dolphm has quit IRC15:16
kd926I'm having issues with an instance progressing from the networking stage15:20
*** kd926 has left #openstack15:21
*** kd926 has joined #openstack15:21
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack15:23
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*** ironcamel2 has joined #openstack15:58
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*** tr3buchet has joined #openstack16:00
kd926I'm having issues with instances receiving IPs - they get stuck at the networking stage16:02
kbringardkd926: what does the nova-network.log say?16:02
*** alice has quit IRC16:03
kd926kbringard: no errors, last line reads:16:03
kd926DEBUG nova.utils [-] Attempting to grab file lock "iptables" for method "apply"... from (pid=9009) inner /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/nova/
kbringardhow about the nova-compute.log16:03
kd926continuously shows :16:03
kd926INFO nova.compute.manager [-] Found instance 'instance-00000001' in DB but no VM. State=0, so assuming spawn is in progress.16:03
*** eikke has quit IRC16:03
*** jonkelly has joined #openstack16:03
*** jonkelly has left #openstack16:03
kbringardbut no stack traces or anything?16:04
kd926not that I can find, I was having much better success troubleshooting where there was16:04
kd926everything appears to be running fine16:04
kd926br100 is bridged to eth016:05
kd926eth0 has an IP from the internal network16:05
kbringardwhat network mode are you running in?16:05
kbringardhmmm, I've only ever run vlan16:05
kd926sorry, eth0 has no IP, br100 has the ip16:05
kd926can you post your nova.con?16:06
*** tblamer has joined #openstack16:06
*** gondoi_ has joined #openstack16:08
kd926kbringard: does your machine have 2 physical nics?16:08
kbringard8 actually16:09
kbringardbut I'm using 3 of them16:09
kd926is it possible to do vlan networking with a single nic?16:09
kbringardeth0 is the management network, eth1 is the VM network (which is vlan tagged) and eth2 is the external access network16:09
kbringardI don't see why not16:09
kbringardwhat I've done is16:09
*** zns has quit IRC16:09
kd926if I ssh into the machine, will I lose access16:10
kbringardsince each project gets it's own VLAN16:10
kbringardI assign a special bridge to each network16:10
kbringardso like, is a network that gets assigned to a project16:10
kbringardand it's bridge is br_1_116:10
kbringardso it's in the form br_A_B16:10
kbringardthen openstack automatically brings up that bridge16:11
kbringardand VLAN tags the interface specified as vlan_interface in the nova.conf (or it defaults to eth0)16:11
kbringardin theory you shouldn't lose access to the machine16:12
kbringardalthough, I would make sure you have some kind of remote console if you don't have physical access to the machine16:12
kbringardwhen messing with network settings it's always wise to have a backdoor :-)16:12
*** zns has joined #openstack16:13
*** openpercept_ has quit IRC16:14
kbringardyour eth0 should not be affected because nova just uses brctl commands to create new bridges, and then the gateway IP for the project's network is assigned to that bridge16:15
kbringardand it's bridges through whatever interface you've specified16:15
kd926so in theory I should see some extra bridges in ifconfig?16:15
kbringardwell, in vlan mode16:16
kbringardI'm not sure about flatdhcp16:16
kd926well I switched to vlan mode and I get the same results16:16
kd926which is actually a good thing because before vlan mode crashed things16:16
kbringardthat all happens automatically16:16
kbringard(back to your 'in theory I should see some extra bridges' comment)16:17
*** nacx has quit IRC16:17
kbringardif you do a nova-manage network list16:17
kbringardwhat do you see ?16:17
kbringardhave you created networks with nova-manage network create?16:17
kd926zero subnet a problem maybe?16:18
kbringardshouldn't be16:19
kbringardit just means you have with a broadcast16:19
kbringardwhich is fine16:19
kbringardin your db, if you select * from networks16:19
kbringardwhat is your gateway set as?16:19
kbringardI'm going to assume it's
kbringardalso: do you have the vlan package installed?16:20
kbringardor vconfig, depending on your OS16:20
kbringardalthough I don't know why that would cause problems when you were using flatdhcp16:21
*** obino has joined #openstack16:22
kd926not sure, I'm on rhel and I believe all the dependencies resolved16:22
kd926what is the form for it on your package manager?16:24
kd926vconfig is installed16:25
*** aliguori has joined #openstack16:28
kbringardI'm running ubuntu 10.1016:28
kbringardit's called vlan in Ubuntu16:28
kbringardbut all this to say, I dunno... if it's getting stuck in networking there should be some kind of info in one of the log files :-/16:29
*** kashyap has quit IRC16:34
*** alandman has joined #openstack16:34
*** irahgel has left #openstack16:35
*** aliguori has quit IRC16:36
*** jedi4ever has quit IRC16:36
*** jdurgin has joined #openstack16:48
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*** kashyap has joined #openstack16:51
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*** joearnold has joined #openstack17:01
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*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack17:07
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*** watcher has quit IRC17:11
vishyjatsrt: what was it?  was there a flag set wrong?17:13
kbringardI'd be interesting in knowing as well17:13
kbringard( I assume you're talking about the cloudpipe thing)17:13
jatsrtso it was stupid17:14
jatsrtjust a clarification for the docs really17:14
jatsrtmake sure your vpn_image is set on all our hosts17:15
jatsrthence why it was sparadic for me17:15
*** justin_skariah has quit IRC17:15
jatsrtI hade a couple of compute nodes that it was not set on17:15
kbringardso if you set vpn_image on all the compute nodes... then it knows to assign it the .2 (or whatever) IP?17:16
jatsrtso when the image is started on the compute node, the compute node checks the ami and if it is a match sends back the proper vpn arg17:16
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk17:16
jatsrtyep the vpn arg is then picked up and the correct dhcp is assigned17:16
jatsrtdefinately not clear that is the case from the docs17:16
kbringardyea, I'll say not17:17
jatsrteven though you are "supposed" to have the same nova.conf on all hosts17:17
kbringarddo you need to have the "use_project_ca" and cnt_cpn etc in all of them as well?17:19
kbringardi guess it's probably just smart to copy the exact same config to them all17:19
jatsrtI just copied in eerything, but I don't think it is needed17:21
jatsrtbbeggsproj comp-06 i-000000a2 running up17:22
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack17:22
jatsrtproof that it can work!17:22
kbringardthanks jatsrt17:22
*** gondoi_ has joined #openstack17:23
jatsrtalso another thing learned last night for anyone listening or for later trolling the logs17:23
jatsrtLive Migration with NFS17:23
jatsrtthere is a missing step in the docs for a stock ubuntu type setup17:23
*** gondoi_ has quit IRC17:24
jatsrtunder ubuntu nova is run as user nova and not root17:24
*** PeteDaGuru has quit IRC17:24
*** asksol has quit IRC17:24
*** JordanRinke has quit IRC17:24
*** cloud0 has quit IRC17:24
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*** deshantm has quit IRC17:24
*** dweimer has quit IRC17:24
*** Jbain has quit IRC17:24
*** gondoi_ has joined #openstack17:24
jatsrtso there is a "user" setting in /etc/libvirt/qemu.conf that needs to be set to "nova"17:24
jatsrtotherwise you get weird permission errors17:24
*** PeteDaGuru has joined #openstack17:25
*** asksol has joined #openstack17:25
*** JordanRinke has joined #openstack17:25
*** cloud0 has joined #openstack17:25
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*** Eyk^off is now known as Eyk17:29
annegentlejatsrt: thanks, do you have the URL where that needs to be corrected?17:32
annegentlejatsrt: oh wait, I know where it is, saw a doc comment on it too, thanks!17:33
jatsrtoh sorry17:34
jatsrtwhich one17:34
*** alandman has quit IRC17:34
jatsrtyeah I already commented for the libvirt one17:34
annegentleYeah, thanks for doing that. It's on my task board. :)17:35
annegentlekeep 'em coming! :)17:35
koolhead17hello annegentle17:36
annegentlekoolhead17: hiya17:36
koolhead17annegentle:  how is documentation coming along :)17:37
*** toddmorey has joined #openstack17:39
annegentlekoolhead17: getting there, wherever "there" is :) Still need hypervisor docs, better networking docs, sample nova.conf, the backlog is long. :)17:39
koolhead17annegentle: networking needs major attention IMHO :)17:40
annegentlekoolhead17: you up for some edits? There's been great info in the IRC logs in the last few days even.17:40
ShermanBoydspeaking of docs I'd like to make a suggestion17:43
ShermanBoydI'd like to see nova.conf changed to a format that can include comments17:44
ShermanBoydthat way it can be more self documenting17:44
koolhead17annegentle: this month has too many todo in my plate. soon i will17:44
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates17:45
*** Pentheus__ has quit IRC17:46
annegentleShermanBoyd: yeah it stinks that you can't add comments in place. I've thought of having some basic ones downloadable from the docs site.17:47
ShermanBoydit's such an important file that needs to be fully documented17:47
ShermanBoydbut it's such a moving target17:48
*** csm00108 has joined #openstack17:48
ShermanBoydI think the process of developers adds/removes flags and then anne documents is doomed to failure17:49
annegentleyes, definitely. I'm up for ideas. ttx did a huge amount of work that I leveraged just to get all the flags in one wiki page, and termie helped with some automation. but no need for a single person, we need more automation17:49
ShermanBoydI think a nicely commented nova.conf helps ... especially if every flag is present and just commented out17:50
*** csm00108 has quit IRC17:52
ShermanBoydor maybe you just need a dev process where you can't add a flag without a description17:52
ShermanBoydand maybe a --show-flags on the commandline17:52
annegentleFor a complete list of all available flags for each OpenStack Compute service, run bin/nova-<servicename> --help17:55
*** csm00108 has joined #openstack17:57
*** ryker has joined #openstack18:02
*** mRy has joined #openstack18:03
jatsrtdoes anyone have a working openvpn client config18:03
jatsrtI have everything running but I am unclear as to what certs I need from where18:04
jatsrtthere is the /keys/<project name> pem18:04
jatsrtbut what from the CA/<project name> is needed?18:04
*** samba has quit IRC18:09
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*** gaveen has quit IRC18:17
kd926is it necessary that br100 be bridged with eth0 or does it just need to exist?18:19
jatsrtwhat kind of networking?18:19
jatsrtjust exist I think, not exist if vlan18:19
kd926I'm not seeing any traffic on it after I run and instance18:20
kd926instance hangs at the networking stage with no stack traces in the log files18:20
*** allsystemsarego has quit IRC18:21
kd926jatsrt: flatdhcp is supposed to create br100 automatically right?18:26
vishyjatsrt: ah nice18:26
toddmoreyGuys, a refreshed version of the site has been deployed. I've been testing it in all the browsers I can get to (including—god forbid— IE6) but if you give it a whirl, please let me know if you notice anything wonky. Thanks!18:27
jatsrttoddmorey: looks good18:28
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC18:29
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack18:29
toddmoreya fun piece is the activity feed on  That's pulling from launchpad (though on a cache delay)18:29
*** r5 has joined #openstack18:30
toddmoreycredit jbryce with the idea18:30
*** gaveen has joined #openstack18:30
*** darkb0y is now known as __cerberus18:33
*** dprince has joined #openstack18:35
dendrobatestoddmorey: it looks great in chrome on Natty Narwhal18:37
dendrobatestoddmorey: nice improvement over a list of companies18:37
toddmoreynice, thanks!18:38
kd926No network for bridge br100 ?18:39
*** cw_ has quit IRC18:40
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jatsrtlooks good on chrome under osx18:50
*** kashyap has quit IRC18:52
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kbringardjatsrt: thanks for the tip on the VPN stuff, I've got it working now19:09
kbringardone quick question19:09
kbringardou also will need to terminate the dnsmasq running for the user (make sure you use the right pid file):19:09
kbringardin the docs, what does that mean?19:09
kbringardwhen I'm trying to restart it19:09
kbringardis that just the dnsmasq process that's running for the project?19:09
jatsrtso I just did a restartnova-network19:09
kbringardah, cool19:10
*** aliguori has quit IRC19:11
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uvirtbotNew bug: #788797 in nova "Can't include comments in nova.conf" [Undecided,New]
kbringardannegentle: are you sure? I have comments in my nova.conf and it's working fine19:30
kbringardI'm running trunk (2011.3~bzr1113-0ubuntu0ppa1~maverick2), but I've been using the same conf file for quite some time19:31
kbringardat least the last 3 or so weeks19:31
*** zns has quit IRC19:32
*** Shentonfreude has quit IRC19:32
annegentlekbringard: Ooo! How do you comment, are they # signs at the end of lines?19:36
annegentlekbringard: or new lines?19:36
kbringardnew lines with # at the beginning19:36
*** zns has joined #openstack19:36
kbringardso perhaps it doesn't parse them properly out of existing lines?19:36
annegentlekbringard: ok, cool. yeah, that's it, it won't parse properly out of existing lines19:36
kbringardah, got it19:36
kbringardcool, then n/m19:36
kbringardmine looks like so19:37
kbringard# Don't use IP619:37
kbringard# DHCP Bridge Stuff (from the default nova.conf)19:37
annegentlenewlines is good enough for me for self-doc purposes19:37
kbringardglad I could help? ;-)19:38
*** aliguori has joined #openstack19:41
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*** aliguori has joined #openstack21:39
sorenaliguori: o/21:42
deshantmaliguori: hi21:42
sorenaliguori: Did you really just want to say hi? :)21:46
*** eikke has joined #openstack21:48
aliguoridoh, no :-)21:52
aliguorior, yes, i'm a friendly guy :-)21:52
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ShermanBoydhmm how many nodes do you think are in a rackspace huddle?22:37
*** lvaughn has quit IRC22:38
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jmckentytoddmorey: The Job posting link is broken23:02
*** GasbaKid has quit IRC23:07
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toddmoreyjmckenty: thanks! I'll fix that23:11
*** obino has quit IRC23:18
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dsockwellwhat ever became of the third-party debian repo for openstack?23:26
*** miclorb has quit IRC23:27
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