Friday, 2011-05-27

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uvirtbotNew bug: #788920 in glance "Passing functional tests leaving test data around" [Low,New]
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HugoKuo__anyone in Asia03:05
alex_openstackin asia03:05
HugoKuo__China ?03:05
HugoKuo__nice to meet u03:06
alex_openstackwhere are you from?03:06
alex_openstacknice to meet you too!03:06
larissaHugoKuo__: Error: "@" is not a valid command.03:06
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HugoKuo__mainland china03:07
alex_openstacki means i in china mainland,yes03:07
alex_openstackwhy you ask anyone in asia/03:08
alex_openstackwhy you ask anyone in asia?03:08
alex_openstackhow about the running windows in nova ?03:09
HugoKuo__hard work on P2V ~"~03:10
HugoKuo__Just  want know how many people work with openstack in Asia03:11
HugoKuo__and make more friend03:11
HugoKuo__So , your problem is failed to VNC view windows ?03:12
alex_openstackas i know people in asia use openstack will more and more03:12
alex_openstackthe problem is:03:13
HugoKuo__not too much in Taiwan03:13
HugoKuo__As I know I'm almost the only one03:13
alex_openstackare you in taiwan?03:13
HugoKuo__fucking poor for me03:13
alex_openstackthe problem is i not sure the image is really can work in nova03:14
HugoKuo__how's the console output ?03:14
alex_openstackand not to know how to RDP or VNV connect into the windows guest os03:14
alex_openstacki try xp, win2003, win2008serverR2sp103:15
HugoKuo__Actually , I'm not familiar with Windows03:15
alex_openstacklog ?03:15
HugoKuo__console output , boot time log03:15
alex_openstackbut we must use windows03:15
HugoKuo__If there's a instruction on CSS , I believe it must be work03:16
alex_openstackok i send the log, waiting03:16
HugoKuo__I assign this task to my self , I will test it later . But another issue is first of al03:17
alex_openstacksome docs just is fit for Eucalyptus03:17
HugoKuo__actually, it's about the hpervisor03:17
alex_openstackare you the openstack team?03:17
HugoKuo__No matter what kind of cloud platform03:18
HugoKuo__I'm an normal engineer in AMI03:18
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alex_openstacki follow this doc:
HugoKuo__American Megatrends Inc.03:22
HugoKuo__does your hypervisor under KVM?03:22
alex_openstacki use kvm03:23
HugoKuo__maybe you can try the image with kvm cmd directly03:24
alex_openstackif use kvm directly run the instance, it's can work03:25
HugoKuo__It could be run up ?03:25
alex_openstackbut i want to upload to nova, and in the nova's way create windows instances03:25
alex_openstackcan running with kvm03:27
HugoKuo__ok , I know your condition...03:27
alex_openstackbut not can access from nova03:27
HugoKuo__If I success to do that , I'll tell yo03:27
alex_openstackok, thanks03:28
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_snyperhi all05:35
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koolhead11_snyper, hello06:03
_snyperhey koolhead1106:04
_snyperjust about to head home :D probably sign on later.06:04
_snyperwas tasked to play around with openstack at work06:04
_snyperthought i'd join the community06:04
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uvirtbotNew bug: #788979 in nova "xenapi SimpleDH() is encoding password with a '\n' at the end" [Undecided,In progress]
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HugoKuo__is there any good tutorial about P2V for Linux into Openstack ?07:52
HugoKuo__I want to try virt-p2v but the link is broken07:52
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justin_skariahhello everyone, when i run nova-manage db sync i am getting the following error..08:05
justin_skariahImportError: No module named libvirt.connection08:07
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HugoKuo__Is there recommand blade server09:30
kaz_why recommand blade server?09:32
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HugoKuo__I'm going to choose hardwares for our environment to deploy openstack for production09:34
HugoKuo__I'm playing with 12 Asus Desktop now ...09:34
HugoKuo__Waste so much space in my lab09:35
kaz_I may choose hardwares for open stack(swift) project in future, too.09:39
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sorenHugoKuo__: OpenStack shoulnd't care. I'd go with the recommendations of your distro.09:42
HugoKuo__Ubuntu server 6409:43
sorenHugoKuo__: Right, so you should see what Ubuntu recommends.09:43
HugoKuo__I understand what you mean...09:44
HugoKuo__good direction XD09:44
HugoKuo__soren : Thanks09:44
sorenHugoKuo__: Sure.09:45
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kaz_finish the work10:12
kaz_let's go back to myhome10:13
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kd926I'm having issues getting dnsmasq to pull information from the mysql db. All the correct tables/entries are in there. Any ideas?12:03
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BK_man_winston-d: I'm here12:13
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agarwallaanybody up ?12:43
agarwallai am getting an unusal error while using "nova-manage project zipfile...." command -
sorenon rhel?12:44
sorenagarwalla: Complain to whomever provides you with your eventlet packages.12:46
agarwallasoren: thanks for link. however, this is on RHEL6.012:47
sorenNo idea what difference (if any) that makes.12:48
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agarwallasoren: so do you recommend me adding the "timeoout" paramater and trying ?12:50
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kd926agarwalla: Thats what I did for RHEL6.112:52
kd926agarwalla: I also got passed that by comments the line calling the wait function in 2 places12:52
kd926agarwalla: I believe in: /usr/lib64/python2.6/ - lines (745, 1322)12:53
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agarwallakd926: thanks ! the command goes through after i added an argument in the wait call as soren pointed...dont really need to change at the other place right ?12:56
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sorenagarwalla: No, I recommend you complain to whomever provides you with your eventlet packages :)12:56
kd926agarwalla: if it works then probably not12:57
* kd926 agrees with soren 12:57
agarwallasoren: sure, but i'd still take the quick patch to move on12:57
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kd926agarwalla: I'm in the same boat, after I get things function then I'll follow up with the respective package owners12:59
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agarwallaanother quick how do i turn the logs to appear on the console, i have set the verbose flag to be true in the nova.conf and restarted all the services13:05
kd926agarwalla: what I did was tail -f /var/log/nova/nova-{something}.log and watched them through other terminals13:06
kd926agarwalla: I'm sure there is a way to do it though13:06
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agarwallakd926: helpful ! like you suggested, i bet there is a flag combination that does it too13:09
drewlanderhow do you remove a compute node?13:10
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dabodrewlander: depends if there are instances on it that need to be preserved13:16
drewlanderthere are none13:16
dabodrewlander: then you can just shut down the compute service13:17
drewlanderok. and it will "unregister" that node since it will never "check in" basically?13:18
daboif there were instances, you would have to delete them from the database13:18
dabodrewlander: basically, yes. It won't update its capabilities, so it won't be considered for new instances. It also won't be listening on the rabbit queue, so other compute nodes will pick up the requests.13:19
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drewlandercool. thank you13:19
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kd926anyone have idea about this: libvirtError: unknown OS type hvm14:01
kd926after starting an instance, virt type is qemu14:01
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agarwallakd926: virtualization is not turned on in the BIOS.i think so.14:03
kd926agarwalla: I don't have vmx... core2 duo14:04
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ziyadbdoes openstack use parallel or distributed clusters? meaning do I need to load balance on the network or does the controller take care of it?14:13
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ziyadbDC, did anyone answer my question?14:24
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*** ziyadb has joined #openstack14:24
gholtziyadb: Nope not yet. Been kinda quiet in here today.14:25
ziyadbheh, guess I'll have to wait a little bit longer then.14:25
uvirtbotNew bug: #766352 in nova "novarc in does not work perfectly as symlink" [Undecided,Triaged]
gholtziyadb: I can answer for Swift; load balancing of incoming requests is done by load balancing outside of Swift, heh.14:26
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ziyadbgholt:  there isn't a centralized controller which takes care of load balancing?14:28
gholtziyadb: In Swift, you have clients->swift-proxy->swift-storage-nodes The second arrow has distribution, the first doesn't unless you set up load balancing to multiple swift-proxies (which can and is almost always done).14:28
gholtLoad balancing can be as simple as round robin dns to more complicated network partitioning and dedicate lb hardware.14:29
ziyadbyea, so proxy distributes requests to the nodes, I however have to LB requests to the proxies.14:29
ziyadbbe it via DNS RR or whatever method. right?14:30
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notmynameswift 1.4.0 is scheduled for release on Tuesday. trunk is open for 1.4.1 dev work14:31
ziyadbI think same probably applies to novga14:31
gholtYes, that'd be my best guess too. No need to try to solve the lb problem. :)14:32
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ziyadbgreat, thanks ;)14:35
*** kbringard has joined #openstack14:36
ziyadbgholt: it says "Save money by utilizing commodity hardware for storage rather than traditional SAN or NAS storage arrays "14:38
ziyadbdoes this also mean that it does not specialized networks? e.g iSCSI, FCoE?14:38
gholtTrue, Swift just does object storage, not block storage. So a client uploads objects via HTTP, the proxy routes those to storage nodes via HTTP, and they're stored as files on disk (any fs that supports xattr).14:40
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* ziyadb is not aware of the differences between "object storage" and "block storage"14:40
ziyadbany references you would care to recommend?14:41
gholtAh, well when folks say object storage they just mean you can save/retrieve files, like an ftp server. Block storage is more like mounting a device for use as if it were a local drive.14:41
ziyadbsimple enough14:42
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ziyadbgholt:  so I wouldn't want to use swift as storage for nova, or I am not understanding this correctly?14:48
gholtziyadb: That's true. You can use it for snapshots, backups, images, that sort of thing in relation to nova. There's a volume manager and a project called Lunr that fills the block storage niche for Nova, but I don't know much about all that. :/14:49
ziyadbah awesome14:50
*** dijenerate has quit IRC14:50
ziyadbso swift makes dropbox like services14:50
gholtIf you're familiar with Amazon's services, Swift is like S3, but not like EBS. :)14:51
ziyadbahh awesome!14:52
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uvirtbotNew bug: #789175 in nova "Windows Instances aren't configured on XenServer" [Undecided,New]
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agarwallai am trying to upload images and getting into the following trace - ...S3_URL in novarc is sure what's the issue15:32
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agarwallathe trace is similar to this bug which was marked invalid -
agarwallacoz it cudnt me reproduced15:36
*** z0_ has joined #openstack15:36
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Jbainhas anyone tried running swift on openIndiana? is it compatible at all?15:40
Jbainseems like it'd be nice to use zfs for it15:40
*** stewart has quit IRC15:41
gholtNot that I heard of.15:41
j05hJbain: you're probably the first to try that. Not sure if anyone is even doing OpenSolaris.15:42
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*** nelson has joined #openstack15:46
notmynameJbain: it should work since swift is in python and zfs supports xattrs. however, many of the really cool parts of zfs are handled by swift (data integrity, large scale, expandable). zfs handles those on a filesystem level whereas swift does it at the cluster level. the biggest concerns are not around the cool features zfs has (snapshotting, scrubbing, compression, enctryption, etc), but how well zfs handles large files and lots of files. what's the15:46
notmyname i/o throughput and how does it compare to other filesystems? we chose and recommend xfs because it was better than other tested filesystems for large scale i/o15:46
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gholtIsn't creiht a big zfs fan? :)15:53
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*** j05h has joined #openstack15:58
*** maplebed has joined #openstack16:01
creihtJbain: the first part will be trying to get all the dependencies for swift working on it16:02
*** drewlander has joined #openstack16:02
creihtI attempted once, but got bogged down, and never really got back to it16:02
creihtalso lost interest in that time with the takeover and everything16:02
*** rchavik has quit IRC16:07
*** irahgel has left #openstack16:07
*** z0_ has quit IRC16:08
*** agarwalla has quit IRC16:11
*** z0_ has joined #openstack16:11
*** citral has quit IRC16:11
*** eikke has quit IRC16:16
*** aliguori has quit IRC16:16
*** bkkrw has quit IRC16:18
*** foxtrotgulf has quit IRC16:21
*** foxtrotgulf has joined #openstack16:21
*** llang629 has joined #openstack16:22
*** llang629 has left #openstack16:23
uvirtbotNew bug: #789205 in nova " tests fail because of incompatible use of mox" [Undecided,New]
*** kashyap has quit IRC16:34
jmckentymtaylor: would love to get my launchpad email fixed again when you have a sec16:37
*** nacx has quit IRC16:37
*** rcc has quit IRC16:41
*** donkdonk has joined #openstack16:41
*** donkdonk has left #openstack16:41
mtaylorjmckenty: totally. what can I do for ya?16:43
jmckentyI haven't been able to post to any of the launchpad mailing lists for months16:44
jmckentysince I lost my email account ;)16:44
*** eikke has joined #openstack16:44
jmckentyI've changed my subscribed account several times16:44
jmckentycurrently should be josh@piston.cc16:44
jmckentyhere's a recent header:
jmckentysure would be handy if they bounced instead of disappearing into the ether16:45
jmckentyI noticed this again yesterday when I tried to respond to Devin regarding the dashboard project application16:45
jmckentyI had given up previously and just directly emailed the members of the poc16:46
jmckentybut that doesn't work well for the main list :o16:46
jmckentyI just read this bug report and realized I didn't wait 10 minutes after changing subscription this morning16:46
jmckentybut previously I have waited days, etc16:47
*** jedi4ever has joined #openstack16:49
jmckentymtaylor: there's no SPF record on but there *is* a domainkey record16:49
jmckentyshouldn't matter16:49
mtaylorjmckenty: no, it shouldn't matter... lemme look in to it16:56
jmckentyYou fixed it16:58
*** radek has quit IRC16:58
jmckentywell, replies to merge requests, anyway. Still no luck from -poc. But maybe I just need to wait longer16:59
*** adiantum has quit IRC16:59
drewlanderI am so close to getthing this working, i can feel it. I am attempting to nova working with hyperv. whenever I start a new instance, I get: KeyError: 'HTTP_ACCEPT' on the hyperv compute node. has anyone seen this or can give any guidance?16:59
kbringardanyone have a script handy for putting into cron to redownload the cloudpipe metadata and copy the new crl17:09
kbringard<---- lazy17:09
*** jdurgin has joined #openstack17:10
*** adiantum has joined #openstack17:13
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC17:14
RaziqueHi everybody :)17:14
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk17:14
RaziqueAfter i've switched from local image service to glance, what's the service to restart in order to validate changes .17:14
Raziquethe documentation doesn't seem to provide such info17:15
kbringardRazique: may as well just restart all of them17:17
kbringardcd /etc/init.d && for i in $( ls nova-* ); do service $i restart; done17:17
Raziquehi kbringard, thanks17:17
kbringardon your controller17:18
kbringardbut, I *think* the API... and possibly the object store are all that care17:18
kbringardhowever, I could be wrong17:18
kbringardlike I said, I usually just restart them all17:18
*** aliguori has joined #openstack17:18
Raziquedoes the restart of the services keep the instances running and iptables rules up ?17:18
kbringardthe instance's states are kept in the DB, and the KVM/Xen/Whatever processes that actually run them are unaffected17:19
kbringardand the IPtables rules are regenned when the nova-network controller is restarted, iirc17:19
Raziqueah nice then17:20
kbringardyea, totally17:20
kbringarddoubly nice, because it allows for an HA setup of the network controller, since bringing it up on another node will rebuild out all the rules17:20
Raziquemmm now describe-images doesn't seem to work17:21
Raziquelet's see what the log say17:21
kbringardthe meta data in glance has to be setup right17:21
kbringardtry glance index17:21
kbringardto make sure you have images in there17:21
*** lborda has joined #openstack17:22
kbringardthere is also a glance-upload tool, which is a wrapper for glance upload (confusing, I know)17:22
kbringardwhich will help17:22
*** ecarlin has joined #openstack17:22
kbringardI wrote this, which is a wrapper for glance-upload17:22
kbringardthat will link ramdisks, kernels, and set the appropriate flags to make euca-describe-images work17:22
uvirtbotRazique: Error: "^" is not a valid command.17:23
Raziquedoes that mean i'll avoid to use the euca2ools for managing images ?17:23
kbringardwell, you can17:23
kbringardin theory the euca-bundle stuff still works17:23
Raziquethanks, you script is nice17:23
kbringardbut in truth, I stopped using it17:23
kbringardimo glance upload is the way to go17:24
kbringardsince it lets you mess with all the meta-data17:24
kbringardwhich is part of the beauty of glance17:24
kbringardjaypipes did a pretty sweet job architecting it17:24
jaypipeskbringard: was a team effort. :)17:25
kbringardhaha, you're too humble ;-)17:25
*** RobertLaptop has quit IRC17:26
Raziquealright, obviously, my glance instance ain't configured enough. I just get it from the repo and make sure the service were running ; then i added the two flags in nova.conf (image_service and glance_host)17:27
*** robbiew has quit IRC17:27
kbringardand make sure glance is actually running17:27
kbringardI think it's glance-control all start17:28
*** robbiew has joined #openstack17:28
kbringardand check out the conf files in /etc/glance17:28
kbringardmake sure they're pointing to the right DBs and stuff17:28
kbringardalthough, by default I think it should work, since it uses a sqlite DB on disk17:28
Raziquewell I'm using Mysql for my nova service, so yes, i'll check that too :)17:29
kbringardsql_connection = mysql://user:pass@host/glance17:29
*** dragondm has quit IRC17:29
kbringardthat's the line you'll want to add to, I think it's glance-registry.conf17:30
jmckentymtaylor: So emails to [merge] or bugs work, but still nothing to openstack or openstack-poc17:30
*** medberry has quit IRC17:30
Raziquethanks kbringard17:31
kbringardno problemo17:31
drewlanderI am geting a NoMoreAddresses Error.
kbringardRazique: you'll also need to make sure you create users with access to the DB and then glance manage db_sync17:32
kbringardto get the schema migrations into your db17:33
RaziqueI just figured that out :D17:33
RaziqueI don't have any glance table yey17:33
kbringardyea... do a db create glance17:33
kbringardthen a grant all on glance.* to 'glance'@'localhost' identified by 'password'17:34
kbringardand also17:34
kbringardthen a grant all on glance.* to 'glance'@'%' identified by 'password'17:34
kbringardor, change the % to be some subnet if you want to limit access to the DB17:34
kbringardso like 'glance'@'192.168.1.%' or whatever17:35
kbringardthen make sure you use the password you specified in the .conf file17:35
kbringardand dn_sync17:35
Raziqueactually I don't need to restrain at that level ^^17:35
kbringardand it should create all the tables17:35
*** aliguori has quit IRC17:35
Raziqueyou mean glance db_sync ?17:35
kbringardsorry, whatever the command is17:36
kbringardI don't recall it off the top of my head17:36
Raziquenova-manage db sync17:36
kbringardwell, that's to update the nova db17:36
kbringardthere is one for glance too17:36
kbringardglance-manage db_sync17:37
kbringardthat's it17:37
Raziqueyup exactly17:38
kbringardbut, I should mention, that I think the dpkg postinst script does all this to the sqlite DB17:38
Raziqueworked like a charm :)17:38
*** Capashen has quit IRC17:38
kbringardyou'll also find that your existing images aren't there... since they were in objectstore, or whatever you were using before17:38
Raziqueyes I read I need to use the nova_manage convert tool17:39
kbringardah, I've never done that... I just reuploaded the images17:39
*** RobertLaptop has joined #openstack17:39
*** sebastianstadil has quit IRC17:41
Raziqueok. I've used the uec-publish-tarball command on a tgz image17:42
Raziquelet's query the api17:43
Raziquemy images are now stored into glance! thanks a lot kbringard17:45
kbringardrad, glad I could help17:45
*** glenn__ has joined #openstack17:46
*** medberry has joined #openstack17:46
*** watcher has quit IRC17:46
Raziqueouch it nows complain about the vlan, erf17:47
toddmoreyI having a hard time discerning the current, proper collection of official openstack projects besides the three core projects.17:50
*** glenn__ has quit IRC17:50
toddmoreywhat should I consider openstack-clients, openstack-clients, openstack-common, and python-novaclient? Incubated?17:50
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack17:53
*** glenn__ has joined #openstack17:57
glenn__hello, I am looking for some advice17:57
Raziquehi glenn__ just ask :)17:58
kbringardtoddmorey: I'd consider those dependencies on the core product(s)17:58
kbringardor rather, dependencies *for*17:58
imsplitbitI wanted to open some discussion regarding cpu resource with regard to containers such as lxc or openvz.  I am writing a nova openvz driver and I am currently working on implementing cpu resources.  the vcpu attribute in flavors seems rather rudimentary for application with openvz and I thought I would look to you all, the experts, for some advice18:00
toddmoreyyeah, that's what I think, too. I'm just wondering if they are all 'blessed' yet as official openstack projects18:00
*** obino has quit IRC18:00
glenn__I'm looking to create a single server swift setup on centos, what should I look out for.  Also I am looking at expanding the deployment from one server up to many in the future, is there anything special I need to do because of that?  I am mostly looking at it to avoid drive failures and bit rot, not hardware faillures so a single server should work to start for this low load application but I may need to scale up in the future and18:00
kbringardno idea :-)18:00
kbringardin general I just install what's in the ppa apt repo :-D18:00
imsplitbitopenvz can allocate cpu resources via a cpuunits metric which is essentially an implementation of bean counters, vcpus doesn't translate well to this.  Then it has a cpulimit which is a percentage of cpu resources on the machine but because vcpus in flavors is an int I cannot ever allocate anything smaller than one core.18:02
kbringarddoesn't openvz also use the kernel of the host OS?18:02
kbringardsince it's just a container18:02
Raziqueglenn__ I don't know that well swift yet, sorry18:02
imsplitbitlastly there is cpus which limits the number of cores accessible to openvz but again since vcpus is an integer I can only provision cores18:03
RaziqueI don't think there is any particular contrainst to setup it on a single box at first18:03
imsplitbitkbringard: yes it shares the kernel but it has the concept of cpu resource limits and I wanted to try to get this working with nova18:03
kbringardsure, I was just musing on something different... i'll be interested to see how you integrate it into OpenStack18:04
kbringardyou're a braver man than i :-)18:04
imsplitbitmaybe a more stupid man... only time will tell18:04
glenn__Also how are regular s3 api users added?  Is it possible to limit the amount of data a user can store or get a list of users and the amount of storage they are using?18:05
imsplitbitso far it has been really easy, cpus is my first real hitch18:05
kbringardthere is a similar (perhaps opposite?) issue with KVM, which is that there is no CPU pinning18:06
drewlanderanyone have any insight on NoMoreNetworks error?  I have a definted in networks, I am confused. I am using FlatDHCP18:10
kbringarddrewlander: it doesn't have deleted = 1?18:12
*** glenn__ has quit IRC18:12
kbringardlike, if you do nova-manage network list18:12
kbringardit's there?18:12
drewlanderyes it is there18:12
drewlanderand deleted is 0 in mysql18:13
kbringardnot sure... I don't use FlatDHCP18:13
kbringardsorry :-/18:13
vishydrewlander: you're above pastie is NoMoreAddresses18:13
drewlanderhaha np18:13
vishyare you getting NoMoreNetworks as well?18:13
drewlanderas of now I am getting just NoMoreNetworks18:14
vishycan you pastie?18:15
*** medberry is now known as med_out18:16
kd926should libvirt_type=qemu allow things to work on a non-VT enabled host?18:22
*** aliguori has joined #openstack18:22
*** kashyap has joined #openstack18:24
vishydrewlander: you have to set FlatDHCPManager on the compute host as well18:26
vishydrewlander: and it has to be pointed at the same mysql database18:26
drewlanderit is18:26 and sql_connection is point to the same box as what the could controller is18:27
drewlanderi gotta go, ill troubleshoot this later, thanks for looking18:27
*** drewlander has quit IRC18:27
jmckentytoddmorey: I know that openstack-common has been officially blessed, I don't believe the others were, but they came together before the process was approved18:29
*** agarwalla has joined #openstack18:30
*** BK_man_ is now known as BK_man[away]18:32
vishy--network_manger is not going to work, too bad he left :)18:32
*** adiantum has quit IRC18:33
vishyunless he is trying to use the JeebusManager...18:33
*** santhosh_ has quit IRC18:36
*** imsplitbit has quit IRC18:37
kbringardvishy: haha18:50
kbringardI get it18:50
*** dragondm has joined #openstack18:51
*** dragondm has quit IRC18:51
*** dragondm has joined #openstack18:51
*** ColdDog has joined #openstack18:52
*** ziyadb has joined #openstack18:55
*** _vinay has joined #openstack18:55
_vinayI am trying to clone a running vm ... (take a snapshot and restart as a different vm)18:56
_vinayHow do I do this? Is this documented somewhere18:56
kbringard_vinay: you have to do some qemu magic18:56
kbringardif you copy this over to your compute node, it should do the trick for you18:57
kbringardit'll snap the image and put it in /tmp (by default)18:57
kbringardthen you upload into your OpenStack as necessary18:57
*** obino has joined #openstack18:58
_vinayok great18:59
_vinay"upload into Openstack" ... assuming this means create a new vm with the image in /tmp ?? right18:59
kbringardyea.. via euca-bundle of glance upload19:01
kbringardor whatever you normally do to get an image into your openstack setup19:01
_vinaykbringard : is this functionality not part of core openstack api?19:01
_vinayI mean nova api19:02
kbringardI think it's supposed to be at some point (if it's not already)19:02
kbringardvishy would know19:02
kbringardbut, I wrote that awhile back19:02
kbringardand I've been using it19:02
*** jfluhmann has quit IRC19:02
kbringardand it works, so it's what I've stuck with :-)19:02
_vinayok very well.. meanwhile I will use your script then..19:02
_vinaythanks for scripting it for the rest of us :)19:02
kbringardhehe, no problem19:03
kbringardfeel free to check out that repo, I've tried to put some other stuff in there too19:03
RaziqueHi all, i'm experiencing a vlan issue19:06
Raziquehere is the network log19:07
Raziquemy ifconfig doesn't show any vlan at all19:07
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack19:08
kbringardRazique: try19:09
kbringardcat /proc/net/vlan/config19:09
kbringardyou'll probably see that there is a vlan associated with eth019:09
kbringardin which case you'll do like19:09
kbringardvconfig rem vlan019:09
Raziquenice one19:09
kd926anyone seen this: libvirtError: Unable to create cgroup19:10
Raziquebut everytime i remove it it's coming back19:10
kbringarddo you have more than one project with the same vlan>?19:11
Raziqueactually i just have 1 project19:11
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack19:12
kbringardhrmm, I dunno... something is adding that VLAN back :-)19:15
Raziquei've 3 instances that are haning in a shutdown state19:15
Raziquei think it's those instances that are making nova trying to create the vlan19:15
kbringardis the vlan id for that network 0? in your networks table in the DB?19:15
kbringardI'd terminate those instances and update the project to have a different VLAN ID19:16
kbringardI generally start at 1019:16
kbringardI think I do (id + 10 -1)19:16
Raziquecan I force the shutdown ?19:17
kbringardyou should be able to do19:17
kbringardeuca-terminate-instance $instance_id19:17
kbringarderr, euca-terminate-instances19:17
kbringardthen just paste all the instance IDs in there and it should terminate them all19:18
Raziqueall the instances are terminated19:18
Raziquelet's remove the vlan and change the range for the project :)19:18
kbringardgood idea :-)19:18
*** ctennis has quit IRC19:19
kbringardin general I never use vlan 0 or 1, too much stuff is hardcoded to use those as "untagged" and/or management or whatever19:19
kbringardthat's why I started at 1019:19
Raziquedo you recall the syntax for the vlan assignment ?19:20
kbringardyou shouldn't have to do it at all19:20
Raziqueyah, switches are a pain when u deal with outter vlans :D19:20
kbringardwell, you will on the switch side19:20
kbringardbut on the openstick side19:20
kbringardyou just define it in the networks table19:21
kbringardand it does the rest19:21
kbringardset @id = ( select id from networks order by id desc limit 1 ); update networks set bridge = '$bridge' where id = @id; update networks set vlan = (id + 10 - 1) where id = @id; update fixed_ips set reserved = 1 where network_id = @id and address regexp '(\\.255$)';19:22
kbringardthat's my sql for updating a project19:22
kbringardbridge is bridge="br_${a}_${b}"19:22
kbringardwhere a and b are19:22
kbringarda=$( echo $cidr | awk -F. '{ print $2 }' )19:23
kbringardb=$( echo $cidr | awk -F. '{ print $3 }' )19:23
kbringardso basically, if the network, then the bridge is br_1_119:23
Raziquei just checked19:24
Raziquemy table19:24
Raziqueso that mean the project was still using default values19:24
kbringardyea, the vlan is null19:25
kbringardupdate networks set vlan = 10 where id = 119:25
kbringardor some such thing19:25
Raziquedone =)19:27
Raziqueso again i restart all the services ?19:27
kbringardI'd restart everything, just to be sure19:27
Raziqueok nice one, I don't have any vlan related error19:29
Raziquewhat this status means ?19:29
kbringardthat means its setting up it's networking... getting it's IPs, etc19:30
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack19:30
kbringardif it hangs there, you'll want to check nova-network.log on your controller and also nova-compute.log on nova-cn119:30
*** zns has quit IRC19:30
Raziquei'll eat, i'm starved19:30
*** zns has joined #openstack19:31
RaziqueI u ain't here later, thanks a lot for ur help19:31
kbringardenjoy your breakfast/lunch/dinner/midnight snack19:31
kbringarddepending on what time it is where you are :-D19:31
Raziquein France it's 9 pm19:31
kbringardyou're very welcome19:31
kbringard9pm on a Friday and you're not out drinking wine?19:31
kbringardyou work too hard ;-)19:31
kbringardI'll be here another couple of hours19:32
Raziquenaaa, I'd like to have my cloud running for monday :D19:32
*** zns has quit IRC19:32
j05h9pm is like 12pm in the US.19:32
Raziquealright later guys19:32
*** zns has joined #openstack19:32
kbringardami au revoir19:32
vishy_vinay: there is a snapshot command19:34
vishy_vinay: not exposed via ec2 though19:34
kbringardvishy: rad... admin api? nova api?19:36
vishykbringard: i think it exists in nova os api already19:36
j05hwe need to get those things in parity.19:36
kbringardah cool, I hadn't looked at it in forever, so I just wrote a script to qemu-img snapshot it19:36
kbringardor rather, since I just...19:37
kbringardI'll check it out, thanks19:37
*** markvoelker has quit IRC19:39
kbringardah, looks like it may be bugged atm19:42
*** dprince has quit IRC19:44
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates19:45
*** yamahata_lt has quit IRC19:48
*** zns has quit IRC19:50
*** zns has joined #openstack19:51
*** med_out is now known as medberry19:53
jmckentymtaylor: help?19:58
*** kashyap has quit IRC20:00
vishykbringard: yes that branch should fix it.  It was just waiting on tests20:03
kbringardah, cool20:04
kbringardyou guys are on top of it :-)20:04
*** jatsrt has quit IRC20:14
*** jedi4ever has quit IRC20:20
*** adiantum has joined #openstack20:20
*** Ryan_Lane is now known as Ryan_Lane|away20:21
*** ziyadb has quit IRC20:22
*** troytoman is now known as troytoman-away20:24
*** sophiap has joined #openstack20:25
*** sebastianstadil has joined #openstack20:25
*** Ryan_Lane|away has quit IRC20:26
*** ziyadb has joined #openstack20:30
*** ziyadb has joined #openstack20:30
*** adiantum has quit IRC20:32
*** vernhart has quit IRC20:33
*** aliguori has quit IRC20:33
jmckentyanyone other than mtaylor have the mad skillz and permissions to look into launchpad mailing list bugs?20:33
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk20:36
*** foxtrotgulf has quit IRC20:36
*** ameade has quit IRC20:36
sorenjmckenty: I do.20:36
jmckentysoren: wicked! Do you take payment in beer?20:37
sorenjmckenty: Depends. Is it American?20:37
jmckentyAmerican microbeer20:37
jmckentyAmerican microbrew20:37
sorenOk, that might work.20:37
jmckentyOr we could meet up in London in a couple of week20:38
sorenWhat seems to be the difficulty?20:38
jmckentyI haven't been able to send email to any of the openstack mailing lists for 6 months20:39
jmckentysince I lost my account20:39
jmckentyI have set up and approved multiple email accounts20:39
jmckentyand changed subscription settings20:39
jmckentyand I still RECEIVE emails20:39
jmckentybut the only thing I can reply to is merge proposals20:39
jmckentymsgs do not show up in online archives, so I'm sure they're not being received20:40
jmckentythis is the header from one such message this morning:
sorenCan you try sending me an e-mail?20:40
*** ziyadb_ has joined #openstack20:41
jmckentyoh, wow20:41
sorenjmckenty: soren@linux2go.dk20:41
jmckentyit arrived!20:41
jmckentyperhaps Monty was able to jog it loose -
sorenPossibly. I'd be curious to see an e-mail from you regardless :)20:42
jmckentysending now20:42
jmckentywhat's the expected delay on the public archive web page?20:43
jmckenty10 minutes?20:43
*** ziyadb has quit IRC20:44
jmckentysoren: is there a graveyard of rejected launchpad messages somewhere?20:45
jmckentyMy reply to Devin yesterday never made it20:45
sorenon openstack@l.l.n?20:45
jmckentyI changed my subscription settings again this morning, and deleted the orphaned entry, so that may have helped20:46
jmckentybut I was curious about recovering old ones20:46
jmckentyto openstack-poc@l.l.n as well20:46
sorenjmckenty: That e-mail to me was surprisingly useless. Can you try instead?20:48
jmckentysame MTA or a different one?20:49
jmckentyI've been alternating between and my local ISP20:49
sorenSame as you've been attempting to send e-mail to the mailing through.20:49
sorenTry both.20:49
sorenGot them.20:54
*** ctennis has joined #openstack20:55
*** adiantum has joined #openstack20:56
sorenjmckenty: Hm... Actually, do you think we can look into this on Monday?20:58
jmckentySure. A monday this monday?20:59
jmckentyA Monday this month, I mean20:59
sorenEr, yeah.21:00
_vinayHi kbringard21:00
_vinayusing your snapshot script21:00
_vinayqemu-img: //path/: error while converting qcow2: No such file or directory21:01
*** adiantum has quit IRC21:01
*** ziyadb_ has quit IRC21:03
*** imsplitbit has quit IRC21:05
*** DodoPahim has quit IRC21:05
*** h0cin has quit IRC21:06
kbringardone sec21:09
kbringardhow did you run it?21:10
kbringardtry it with just snapshot -i i-000000001 or whatever21:10
_vinayah gotit :) .. I was giving a -d output dir to save21:11
kbringardI may have bugged that option :-/21:11
_vinayand the dir wasnt created21:11
kbringardthat'll do it :-)21:11
_vinayI created the dir and then the script flies21:11
_vinay_ is still flying ;-) _21:11
kbringardah, cool21:12
kbringardI should add a check to make sure the path exists21:12
_vinayI assumed the script would create the output dir21:12
kbringardit probably should21:12
_vinayyeah .. no  biggie though21:12
kbringardI just hacked it together real quick21:12
_vinayyeah probably21:12
mattrayAnyone familiar with Nova's use of Rabbit?21:14
mattraythe nova.conf has the rabbitmq settings, but I have to manually recreate the vhost, user and permissions after a reboot21:15
mattrayseems that nova-scheduler should handle that21:15
_vinayHey kbringard... so the backup I have is the backup of ramdisk??21:15
Raziqueback ^^21:16
*** piken_ has joined #openstack21:16
mattray if anyone knows the answer for my rabbit question21:16
_vinayI guess my question is how to use this image to launch a new vm21:18
kbringard_vinay: in theory it should be the OS image21:18
_vinayI use euca-run-instances <image_id> -k adminkey -t m1.small21:19
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kbringardwell, if the original image you booted had an external ramdisk and kernel21:19
kbringardthen you'll need to specify those when you launch this instance21:19
_vinayno it didnt21:19
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*** anticw has joined #openstack21:20
kbringardthen in that case it should just work21:20
kbringardit always has for me21:20
_vinayok ..21:20
vishymattray: the permissions are specified in flags21:20
_vinaybut I used uec-publish tarball to register the image21:20
*** clayg has joined #openstack21:20
_vinaythen used the ami-id from there21:21
_vinayHow do I register this backup instance image21:21
vishymattray: I suppose it could be done by nova itself, but it seems like an administration concern21:21
vishymattray: kind of like setting up a user and password for mysql21:21
vishymattray: I didnt realize rabbit lost those settings on reboot though...21:22
mattrayvishy: yeah, kinda sucks21:22
kbringard_vinay: same way you register any other image21:22
vishymattray: is there no way for it to persist them?21:22
mattrayvishy: I assumed it was managed by nova since it was in the conf, but I understand not doing it21:22
mattrayvishy: I'm not a rabbit expert (yet) :)21:23
mattraybut I didn't see a durable flag for vhosts21:23
vishymattray: it works fine if you leave them unspecified21:23
vishymattray: but it is kind of insecure and doesn't play nice with other things that may be using rabbit21:23
mattrayvishy: ok, at least I now know it's not a bug in nova, it's just expected to be managed21:24
mattrayvishy: externally21:24
kbringard_vinay: so like, euca-bundle or glance-upload21:24
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vishymattray: yes that is ture21:26
mattrayvishy: ok, I'll dig around in rabbit's docs for this21:26
vishymattray: I was just looking and unable to find anything in my 5 minute scan, good luck21:26
_vinayok euca-bundle-image needs -u user... not sure what user to put in there21:30
_vinayI put my unix user and got a invalid user response21:31
koolhead17_vinay: there would be a logfile as well i suppose munitioning the reason apart from man euca-bundle-image21:32
kbringardif you've sourced your novarc that should all be in there21:33
kbringardare default group rules assigned even if you don't specify -g default?21:35
_vinayah.. EC2_USER_ID = 4221:35
kbringardyou should just be able to do21:35
kbringard. novarc21:35
kbringardand it'll set all that stuff for you21:35
koolhead17source novarc21:35
koolhead17and run the command again21:35
_vinayyeah its all set but euca-bundle-image didnt pick it up .. -u 42 worked21:36
_vinayor maybe if I left out -u altoghether it would have picked it up...21:36
_vinaybut I was following manual for euca-bundle-image and it said -u is required .. so I didnt even attempt to omit it ;-)21:37
RaziqueHi, I've noticed my isntances remain in "networking" mode21:38
Raziquewhile it doesn't seem to have any errors in logs (i'm in vlan mode)21:38
*** monaDeveloper has joined #openstack21:38
koolhead17Razique: how about checking process nova-network running or not21:39
Raziquehi there is a process21:40
monaDeveloperwhen I try /usr/bin/nova-manage project zipfile demo admin21:43
monaDeveloperI get the exact same error as this
monaDeveloperI tried to hit the nova-api command many times21:44
monaDeveloperbut still the same21:44
Raziquedid the user had the rights to access the cert dir ?21:44
*** stewart has joined #openstack21:46
Raziquedon't know then, sorry21:48
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Raziquewhat nova-network enabled  XXX means ?22:05
mattrayRazique: something's broken. Check /var/log/nova/*22:05
benccdoes it make sense to use openstack for a single website with several virtual servers?22:07
Raziquethe only error I have22:07
Raziqueit looks like my node ain't seen as a compute one, while it cleary has VT enabled22:09
kbringardRazique: make sure your clocks are synced22:09
kbringardntpdate or some such22:09
kbringardanyway, I need to go22:09
kbringardpiece out22:09
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annegentlepeace out for me too :)22:40
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