Sunday, 2011-05-29

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uvirtbotNew bug: #789727 in nova "test_libvirt: cleanup instances_path dir" [Wishlist,In progress]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #789741 in nova "fix instance rebuilds (compute manager and metadata)" [Undecided,In progress]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #789755 in nova "OSAPI: v1.1 /servers resize action with flavorRef" [Undecided,In progress]
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RaziqueHi all!08:29
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ziyadbso you guys use a SAN for block storage w/ nova?12:46
ziyadbwhere can I read up on that?12:46
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ziyadbi presume swift uses a SAN for object storage as well?13:00
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dsockwellziyadb: i've got a fibre channel setup i'm trying out today, i'll keep you posted if you want?13:08
dsockwellnot quite sure what i'm going to do about it13:08
ziyadbdsockwell yea, I'm a network guy, I want to know what kind of infrastructure i need to build to support swift and nova storage.13:09
dsockwelli must be upfront, i haven't actually gotten to the installing-openstack part on my setup13:10
dsockwellbut from poking through the code it seems to be set up for iscsi13:10
dsockwelland from what I read about swift, it's supposed to be a clustered storage system; many machines with their own DAS that make up the service13:11
dsockwellcould be kludged with a san if you want, but if you are building out infrastructure from scratch you will probably want to do ethernet and not fc13:11
dsockwellof course i could be completely wrong13:12
ziyadbwhy hasn't anyone written a book about this?13:12
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ziyadbdsockwell not bad. but most of it is speaking from an implementation perspective, not the infrastructure required to support it. that's what im looking for.13:24
dsockwellyeah, it doesn't say much other than 1000BaseTX or faster is recommended13:27
ziyadbyou know what13:27
ziyadbi'll write a damned "building cloud infrastructure" book.13:27
ziyadbjust as soon as I figure it out13:28
dsockwellso really you've got your image storage service, your block storage (swift), and your compute nodes13:28
dsockwellwait, is swift block storage or objects?13:29
dsockwell:( looks like i need to do this for myself too13:29
ziyadbheh, swift is object storage13:30
ziyadbso you cant use swift as block storage for nova13:30
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dsockwellanyway, good luck, sorry i'm not more help13:35
ziyadbheh thanks, let me know how your build turns out13:36
dsockwellall right.  i'm planning on throwing it on a wiki, so i'll link it here when it's got substance.13:37
ziyadbeven if not much substance :) anything helps at this point.13:39
dsockwellall right.  the plan now is to base everything off a SAN, with the nova machines booting from LUNs on my openindiana box.13:39
dsockwelli'm toying with the idea of a large, shared LUN for VMs but that's more complexity I probably won't deal with13:40
dsockwellso i'll probably just use SAN storage teh same as DAS13:40
dsockwellbut that's all done through Linux, i'm going to keep nova ignorant of it13:42
ziyadbinteresting. I have some more reading to do, reading a storage book by EMC press.13:42
ziyadbi'll ping you later.13:42
dsockwellbut, this is because I'm building this installation out of essentially spare parts13:42
ziyadbfor private use?13:43
dsockwellsort of13:43
dsockwellit's for a computer club13:43
dsockwellso if there's a performance issue we can tell people to suck it up13:44
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ziyadbah, i see.13:45
dsockwellanyway if i had my choice of hardware i'd put my openindiana box on a 10GE uplink to a gbit switch and run iscsi for everything, booting the nova machines from DAS13:45
ziyadbim building a public cloud13:45
dsockwellsince nova already has a driver for block storage on OI13:45
dsockwellor any solaris13:45
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dsockwellthat way i could concentrate i/o on the cluster to a few SSDs13:46
dsockwellbut as it stands i'm doing sort of the same thing with an old 2gb FC switch13:47
ziyadbinteresting, interesting.13:47
ziyadbI need to familiarize myself with nova further before moving forward.13:47
ziyadbwhich, as you can imagine, is not as easy as it ought to be.13:48
dsockwellwhat hypervisor are you considering?13:48
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ziyadbmost likely esx13:50
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dsockwellah, can't say that i've dealt with that.  i was going to say that centos6 is coming, and openstack has packages for el6 that should fit in nicely if you can deal with kvm instead of xen13:52
ziyadbmain reason we're considering esx is because I "think" it has better network support13:53
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dsockwellit might13:54
dsockwellwhat kind of networking features do you need?13:54
ziyadbwhatever is needed to support openstack13:55
ziyadbim a network guy and have been doing this open stack thing for 3 days13:55
ziyadbso im yet to fully wrap my head around it.13:55
dsockwellok, so you're not being asked for multiple interfaces per instance or whatever else?13:55
ziyadbI don't suppose we're gonna need more than a single interface per vm instance, no.13:56
ziyadbassuming we're talking about network interfaces13:57
dsockwell openstack's best networking mode, what i think you'd use for a public cloud, is l2 isolation per vm.  that's all done in Linux13:57
dsockwellthe server is the switch13:57
dsockwellso between the networking controller and the compute nodes is what amounts to an 802.11q trunk, and it's split into vlans in Linux on the compute nodes13:57
dsockwellso in that respect esx doesn't have anything special13:58
ziyadbyeah, I have an idea about all of that. But there are other things to consider, like having more than a VM in a L2 domain (i.e. extending the L2 domain from the virtual switch to a physical one which in turn extends it to another virtual switch) for backup purposes and mobility.13:58
dsockwellwell it is vanilla 802.11q, so i'm sure with enough patience you could do whatever you have in mind with just Linux.  but if there's a feature in esx you know about and I don't, go for it14:01
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ziyadbdsockwell awesomeness, and i take it you mean 802.1q not 11q :)14:04
ziyadbidle around often?14:04
dsockwellah, yes14:04
dsockwelland i'm usually here14:05
dsockwellthat is if you highlight me i'll see the activity, eventually14:06
notmynameziyadb: for swift, 10g is recommended for external connections and 1g or faster is recommended for internal cluster bandwidth14:10
notmynameswift uses DAS, not SAN14:10
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notmynamefor a test cluster 1g could be used for external connections14:14
notmynameswift is designed for 2 things: cheap storage ($/GB) and extremely high concurrency (ie optimize aggregate throughput rather than single stream throughput)14:23
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ziyadbnotmyname and nova uses SAN?14:27
notmynameI can't speak for nova14:28
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ziyadbnotmyname awesome, thanks for your input14:29
dsockwellnova-volume can use DAS or iscsi14:29
dsockwellpretty sure most instances have a DAS component14:29
ziyadbyeah, wondering if it's possible to use block storage instead via isci or fcip/fcoe14:31
notmynamekeeping in mind my last statement, I think so14:32
dsockwellyou can mount whatever you want for the disk image storage, and iscsi is the accepted elastic block storage driver14:33
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ziyadbso it's iscsi and fc is mostly off the table14:33
dsockwellpretty much14:33
dsockwelli might get a driver together for solaris fc, but i think development is focusing on iscsi14:34
ziyadbiscsi runs over ip, right?14:34
dsockwellunless i'm sorely mistaken, yes14:34
dsockwellit at least operates over ethernet14:35
ziyadbso no need for stupid specialized network gear14:35
dsockwelland if it weren't ip it would be called aoe or fcoe14:35
dsockwellno, just a good ethernet switch14:35
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lucasnodineDocumentation question: at the section 2.2 states "Maximum length of all HTTP headers: 4096 bytes22:26
lucasnodine".  Does this mean that all headers (cumulative) must be 4kb or less or does it mean that each individual header must be 4kb or less, but that this rule applies to all of them?22:26
notmynameall total22:28
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notmynameyou shouldn't be able to store all of your data in the headers! ;-)22:29
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notmynamehowever, if you want to up that limit (or lower it), I believe the value is stored in swift/common/consts.py22:29
lucasnodineah, really, thanks :D22:30
lucasnodineyea, I'm hoping to store the meta information for files in them and then not have 1 file for meta and another for data22:30
notmynameya, that's what it's for22:31
notmynamehowever, with no limit, it would be possible for a user to store the actual data in the headers and have a zero byte file22:32
lucasnodine*nod* very useful feature btw.  That has proven to be combersome with Couch22:32
notmynamenow, on disk, the metadata will always be stored in xattrs, but it may or may not be metadata on the original file22:32
notmynamethat is, on disk, some usage patterns can result in one file with the data and one file with the metadata. to the user, though, it's all one logical object/file22:33
notmynameso the user will never have to maintain a separate metadata file (unless they need more than the limit, of course)22:34
lucasnodinewell that's still fine.  I just hate having to make a reference for a meta and data files22:34
notmynameno need with swift :-)22:35
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lucasnodinethat's excellent news :)22:35
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notmynamefor performance reasons, you may want to maintain your own indexes of containers (with some metadata per object). for example, you may want to sort on something other than object name or you may want to quickly list the objects in a container with a million files. both of these use cases are hard or impossible with swift22:36
notmynamewell, current versions of swift ;-)22:37
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lucasnodineYea, are there any swift-lucene setups yet? ;P22:37
lucasnodinethat woudl make it easier maybe *shrug*22:37
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