Monday, 2011-05-30

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otakumikeDoes anyone know if there is a more up-to-date version of this page? I'd like to know if there's a hypervisor with OpenStack which supports HA, live migrations and iSCSI in Cactus? Thanks!01:02
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koolhead11morning HugoKuo_04:46
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HugoKuo_Does anyone try P2V with clonezilla ?05:45
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cdbsI'm facing this error: I'm running Nova on Ubuntu Oneiric.06:17
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cdbsAnyone who could help? I'm downgrading to Cactus right now (was running a dev snapshot of Diablo). Hopefully Cactus will fix it06:19
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sorencdbs: There are a couple of errors in the log.06:47
sorenhang on, phone call.06:49
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sorencdbs: Ok, so there's a NoMoreNetworks error.06:59
sorencdbs: Did you install from packages or from the tarball?07:00
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cdbssoren: Sorry for the delay in response07:13
cdbssoren: I installed from the Ubunt packages07:13
cdbssoren: oneiric07:13
sorencdbs: The ones in the archive or from the ppa?07:15
cdbssoren: Oneiric archive07:15
sorencdbs: ok07:16
cdbsI cleaned the DB and started over many times07:17
sorenYeah, that's not where your problem is.07:17
sorenCan you pastebin your /etc/sudoers?07:17
sorencdbs: ^07:18
cdbsjust a sec07:18
cdbssoren: sudoers seems unmodified from the installation of nova, you need /etc/sudoers.d/nova_sudoers07:19
sorenNo, really.07:19
sorenCan you pastebin your /etc/sudoers? :)07:19
cdbsdoing both07:19
sorenGreat :)07:19
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sorenI really hope this isn't what I think it is..07:21
sorenOk, so try this:07:21
soren(as your own user) sudo su - nova07:21
cdbsI came to a shell07:21
soren...and then07:21
sorensudo ip07:21
sorenDoes it ask for a password or does it give you ip's help?07:21
cdbsthe latter07:22
cdbsit gives help07:22
sorenOk, *phew*.07:22
cdbsdidn't have to enter the password07:22
sorenThat's good!07:22
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sorenDid you create a network?07:23
sorencdbs: "nova-manage network create ..."?07:24
cdbssoren: yes I did07:24
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cdbssoren: I got a different log this time07:24
cdbsthat log was old07:24
cdbsbut the same problem07:24
sorencdbs: Is nova-network running on the same machine?07:25
cdbssoren: yes07:26
sorencdbs: Can you check which user the nova-network process is running as?07:27
cdbssoren: user "nova"07:28
sorenOk, try:07:28
sorensudo su - nova (yes, again)07:28
sorenand as nova, then do: sudo brctl07:28
cdbsits asking for password07:28
cdbspassword of nova07:28
cdbswhich I dunno07:29
sorenThere's our problem.07:29
sorenOk, just kill that shell.07:29
sorenand try "which brctl"07:29
cdbsand enter that in sudoers!07:29
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sorenNot just yet.07:29
cdbssoren: yeah, got the output of which07:29
sorenWhat is it?07:30
sorenAha! It moved!07:30
sorenIt used to be in /usr/sbin/07:30
* soren fixes07:30
cdbsmakes sense07:31
cdbssoren: Thanks for helping me, I was getting mad with all this07:31
* soren wonders what the heck it was doing in /usr/sbin to begin with..07:31
cdbsand now for a solution, soren: Add /sbin/brctl to /etc/sudoers.d/nova_sudoers?07:31
sorenYeah, I'm adding it just below the other brctl07:32
soren(which I'm keeping so that the same sudoers can work on oneiric as well as earlier releases)07:32
* cdbs tries again07:33
sorenIt's nova-network that needs to be restarted.07:33
cdbssoren: YAY!07:33
cdbsit worked!07:34
sorencdbs: Thanks for the help debugging this!07:36
sorencdbs: New packages are on their way into the PPA.07:36
cdbssoren: I should thank you!07:37
cdbssoren: Moreover the PPA packages (I mean /release) are older than the Oneiric archive ones07:37
sorenThey're the same (just different version strings).07:37
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sorenOh, wait.07:38
sorenYou're right.07:38
soren/release has our releases. Oneiric tracks trunk.07:38
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sorenI was thinking of natty :)07:39
cdbsgod running oneiric sure requires patience!07:40
sorenI'm setting up an Oneiric test server as we speak.07:40
sorenI have a Lucid, Maverick and NAtty box for testing our trunk stuff already.07:40
soren...and in a couple of minutes, I'll have Oneiric, too.07:40
cdbssoren: Hey, you left the Ubuntu DMB? Can't see you in the list07:41
sorencdbs: It takes patience, yes, but compared to waiting several months and then having to deal with *all* the breakage at once, this is much nicer. I can handle one thing at a time this way.07:41
sorenWow. That worked way better than I could ever have hoped.07:42
sorenInstall Oneiric. Install openssh-server. Install openjdk. ADd a Jenkins user. Add keypair from Jenkins server. Add server to Jenkins master. Click "Go". Wait.07:43
ttxsoren: we need to setup the swift release branch w/ associated Jenkins jobs sometimes today07:43
sorenttx: Aw, crap. I'd happily forgotten about that.07:43
ttxsoren: heh. I'm saying "today" because afterwards we'll have to start caring about Glance/Nova07:44
ttxsoren: also got the go-ahead from Vish on Nova numbering, if you haven't enabled it already07:44
sorenttx: Ok, so what's the story? We create a branch based on swift[-2] ?07:45
* ttx checks07:45
sorenttx: ...and call it something half sensible?07:45
ttxyes, we branch from lp:swift 30207:46
ttxwe call it .. hmm...07:46
ttx"release" is a bit misleading. "proposed-milestone" is a bit long (though it might match the future PPA name)07:47
ttx"milestone-candidate" is not really shorter07:47
ttxsoren: maybe we should pick the PPA name and then have the branch match it.07:48
ttxsoren: for PPAs we have something like trunk, milestone-proposed, last-milestone, last-release07:49
ttxsoren: other suggestions for "proposed-milestone" ?07:50
ttxsoren: once that's chosen, we want to create matching PPA, and have Jenkins jobs pushing "r" versions to it, watching the branch changes07:51
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sorenI'm getting confused.08:00
sorenSo we'll have a trunk ppa. It has whatever is on trunk.08:00
sorenThen we'll have a release ppa. It has releases.08:00
ttxyes. That's the two we currently have.08:00
sorenFor swift this means all of 1.4.0, 1.4.1, 1.4.2, etc, while for Nova, it'll be 2011.3 2012.1, etc.?08:01
ttxTo me the "release PPA" has openstack releases.08:01
ttxwhich are the 6-month coordinated ones.08:01
ttxSo we have a "last-milestone", primarily for Swift use, which contains 1.4.1 and diablo-108:02
ttxand finally we need a "proposed-milestone" to help pre-release QA.08:02
ttxThat last one is the one that tracks the "proposed-milestone" branch.08:03
ttxsoren: my drawing shows them all.08:03
sorenMy brain melts a little bit every time you make me look at that.08:04
ttxexcept maybe it doesn't show the use of release PPA for Swift.08:04
ttxsince it doesn't have a 4th page yet.08:04
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sorenttx: I'm supposed to express some form of opinion and/or preference here, aren't I?08:19
ttxsoren: you usually do.08:19
ttxlet me pour some coffee in me.08:20
sorenI think in this case, I'll let you suggest something and I can tell you why you're wrong.08:21
ttxsoren: "proposed-milestone" ?08:22
sorenttx: So where do the actual milestone "releases" go?08:29
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ttxthey go to "proposed-milestone" and get renamed/copied to "last-milestone"08:32
sorenWhy not just "milestone" for the latter?08:33
ttxsoren: ok for "milestone"08:34
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sorenttx: Hm.. ok.08:35
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sorenLucid PPA builds should be working again now.08:47
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RaziqueHi all, in order to have a VLAN-mode working, where should I install the nova-network service ? On the compute node itself, or the frontend ?09:02
Razique(or both maybe ? )09:02
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sorenRazique: "somewhere".09:08
RaziqueHi soren, that's what I thought, but basically, in vlan mode, nova creates a vlan between the frontend and the compute node, correct if I'm wrong. But what happens if you need to use let's say br0 on the frontend, and eth2 on the compute node09:10
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sorenRazique: I don't understand.09:10
sorenRazique: What is it you call "the frontend"?09:10
Raziquesoren: to me the frontend are all the components but the nova-compute (running on a VT-compliant server)09:11
Raziqueso I've basically two servers.09:11
sorenRazique: Well, then by your definition of course nova-network runs on the frontend.09:11
sorenOtherwise it woulnd't be "the frontend".09:11
Raziqueyup, exactly, but the documentation says on a compute node, I "only need to install nova-network and nova-compute"09:12
RaziqueI'm unable to make the nova-network part running, I thought then my setup were wrong. When I run a nova-manage service list I see : nova-network : XXX09:13
sorenThere's no such thing as "the documentation". We have tons of (in some cases contradicting) documentation.09:13
sorenWhat specifically are you looking at?09:13
sorenURL or something.09:13
RaziqueI'm referring at the "os-compute-adminguide-cactus", the official one09:13
RaziqueI'm trying to use the VLAN mode, but without success09:14
sorenURL, please?09:14
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Raziquesoren;  that one :
Raziquei've read I don't know how many time all network-related sections, but I can't figure out how precisely does the VLAN mode has to be implemented09:16
sorenI dont' see where it says "only need to install nova-network and nova-compute" on that page?09:16
Raziquemy bad, here is the good url  :
Razique"In this case, you can install all the nova- packages and dependencies as you did for the Cloud Controller node, or just install nova-network and nova-compute"09:17
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sorenRazique: That sounds wrong.09:24
*** mgoldmann|away is now known as mgoldmann09:24
sorenRazique: Anyways, run nova-compute on the machine where your VM's should run, run nova-network on a machine that has reasonably direct access to the internet, run everything else whereever.09:24
sorenAll of this can be on the same machine.09:25
soren...or you can run everything on separate machines.09:25
Raziquesoren: what confuses me is that --vlan_interface setting09:25
Raziquedoes it reffer to the server nova-network is installed on or the server that runs the VM's09:25
sorenLet me check.09:26
Raziquethank you09:27
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sorenRazique:  <--- Does this answer your questino?09:29
sorenquestion,e ven.09:29
Raziquesoren: I've already read that one several times :) Actually, not really ; the line "Please note that currently eth0 is hardcoded as the vlan_interface" doesn't specify which server is concerned. As the way vlan work, nova needs to create a vlan on a interface (for my "frontend") , and use the same vlan-id on the other interface (my nova-compute). If I don't use eth0, let's say on the compute node, it's then a issue09:33
Raziquesince the vlan network won't communicate between the two servers09:33
sorenRazique: I think you need to configure it on both servers.09:36
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sorenI don't have VLAN capable hardware myself, so I've not really used it.09:36
soren"hardcoded" is the wrong word.09:37
sorenIt's really just the default. It's not hardcoded.09:37
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Raziquesoren : in extension I use on each server the flag --vlan-interface, which will have two differents value (br100 for the frontend, and eth2 for the compute)09:45
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Raziquesoren : when I issue the nova-manage service list command, I see : nova-cc1   nova-network enabled  XXX. Is it related to a bad setting ?09:52
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koolhead11Razique, it means its not working. check logfile for the individual service in /var/log/nova10:01
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doudeHi all, I like to test Nova with XenServer. I cannot find any documentation on how to install it. I juste want to install compute code on the XenServer host. I like to use trunk code of nova. How I can do that ?10:10
doudeI need to checkout the trunck branch on th e host and install it and all depandencies ? Or I can follow the RHEL Nova installation ?10:12
sorenRazique: Possibly. Can you paste the full output of nova-manage service list, please?10:12
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sorenWhat the...10:28
sorenOh, heh. Typing fail.10:29
sorenttx: So, about the fake series.10:30
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sorenttx: ping?10:49
*** adjohn has joined #openstack10:50
Raziquesoren : sorry, i was eating10:53
sorenRazique: Can you pastebin the log from nova-network, please?10:54
RaziqueI don't see any errors :/10:54
Raziqueand when i try to run an instance :
sorenSTale lockfile.10:55
sorenShut it down.10:55
sorenErr... Sorry, are you running from packages manual install?10:56
sorenDid I ask you this already?10:56
* soren attempts to make more sense..10:56
sorenAre you running from packages or is this a manual install?10:57
Raziqueno you didn't ^^ I used that script : Installer-Script/raw/master/nova-install10:57
sorenThat thing.10:57
sorenAnyways can you pastebin your nova.conf, please?10:57
Raziquemeanwhile, I adjusted some parameters : disabled flat for vlan10:57
sorenAlright, in /var/lock/nova, you have a(t least one) stale lock file.10:58
sorenThat's your problem.10:58
Raziquehow did you figured it out ?10:59
sorennova-network is waiting for them to disappear before it'll do anything.10:59
sorenBEcause the last thing it says in your nova-network log is that it's trying to grab a lock.10:59
Raziquehere is the content of the dir
sorenSince it doesn't go anywhere after that, it's probably still trying to grab that lcok.10:59
Raziqueoh alright10:59
Raziqueso I should shutdown the nova-network service, remove the file11:00
Raziqueand start the service11:00
sorenThat looks reasonably innocent (apart from the slightly suspicious timestamps)11:00
sorenRazique: Try that.11:00
RaziqueI restarted the service11:02
Raziquebut again, it creates the lock file11:02
Raziqueand the file nova-iptables.lock.lock is created11:02
sorenThose are the only three lines in the log file?11:02
sorenIt doesn't dump the config?11:03
Raziqueit does yah
sorenOh, so it tries to run iptables-restore a couple of times.11:08
soren...and fails.11:08
sorenThat's.. Weird.11:08
Raziquemaybe my network settings are somehow "inonsistent" ?11:09
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*** DarKnesS_WolF has joined #openstack11:09
Raziqueso iptabes complains about illogic rules ?11:09
sorenI'm not sure exactly what it means.11:12
Raziquemmm don't know...11:13
Raziquei see that in the syslog : Dead loop on virtual device vlan100, fix it urgently!11:14
sorenNo idea what that means.11:15
sorenI'm rahter surprised the failed iptables-restore doesn't output anything useful..11:15
Raziquedoes nova-network flushes iptables when you restart it ?11:16
sorenOnly its own rules.11:16
RaziqueI could totaly flush iptables and restart11:16
Razique(on both tables)11:16
sorenFor you, maybe.11:16
sorenNot for everyone else.11:16
sorenI read "It could totally..."11:17
sorenNot "I".11:17
sorenA reboot certainly couldn't hurt!11:17
Raziqueit's restarting11:18
Raziquei still have the lock related messages11:19
Raziqueand nova-manage service list still return that nova-network is not running11:20
Raziqueoh I found that11:20
*** DodoPahim_ has joined #openstack11:21
Razique--checksum-fill doesn't exist :/11:22
sorenerr... What are you running this on?11:22
*** BoncOS has joined #openstack11:22
Raziquelibvirt has been installed by the script11:23
Raziquedoes nova require libvirt ?11:23
sorenRight, but what are you running this on? Which platform?11:23
Raziquemy "frontend" is a virtual machine11:23
Raziquemy compute node is a dedicated server11:24
sorenRazique: Running Slackware from 1994?11:24
Raziquesoren : ubuntu 10.04 on both servers11:24
sorenWhich kernel version?11:24
sorenPlease pastebin "uname -a" from both of them.11:25
sorenLucid, but 2.6.35? What else did you replace?11:25
Raziquemm nothing, it's a standard install from an official Ubuntu server iso11:26
sorenNo, it's not.11:26
sorenCAn't be.11:26
soren10.04 had
RaziqueI ran then aptitude update and upgrade after the install11:26
RaziqueOh, you right11:27
*** BoncOS has quit IRC11:27
RaziqueI updated the kernel11:27
Razique(from aptitude upgrade11:27
sorenJust the kernel, you think?11:27
RaziqueNo, aptitude did a lot of upgrades I guess11:28
RaziqueAre you thinking about something in particular ?11:28
sorenJust trying to understand what we're dealing with here.11:28
sorenPlease try this:11:29
sorenfind /lib -name '*'11:29
Raziquethe command returns nothing11:29
*** felipe_saruhash has joined #openstack11:30
ttxsoren: pong11:30
RaziqueHi :)11:31
sorenRazique: I think we're barking up the wrong tree here.11:31
*** adjohn has quit IRC11:31
felipe_saruhashsomeone out there knows how to install open stack in xen ? l0l11:31
*** felipe_saruhash has quit IRC11:33
*** DodoPahim_ has quit IRC11:34
Raziquesoren : It looks like a lot of people have filled a bug report related to that non-existent flag11:35
ziyadbnot sure where I could/should ask this question, but here goes.11:36
sorenRazique: Which non-existent flag?11:36
Raziquethe --checksum-fill one that libvirt (so openstack) is trying to use11:37
ziyadbdo storage vendors offer "dynamic HDDs" that "learn" access/read patterns and automatically pre-fetches the most accessed blocks?11:37
*** DodoPahim_ has joined #openstack11:37
RaziqueI found here that the iptables version on Ubuntu 10.04 doesn't support that flag11:38
sorenRazique: Oh, that!11:38
sorenRazique: It shouldn't matter, really.11:38
*** DodoPahim_ is now known as DodoPahim11:38
sorenRazique: Not like this anyway.11:39
Raziqueah ok. I thought that was the rules openstack were trying to insert, which would explain why the iptables-restore wouldn't work11:39
sorenNo, that's what I was thinking for a while too, but that can't be.11:40
sorenopenstack only adds some reasonably simple filtering.11:41
soren...but it could be caused by..11:41
sorenSure, that must be it.11:41
sorenCan you pastebin your ifconfig -a, please?11:41
Razique(It's a french version of the distro)11:43
*** katkee has quit IRC11:46
Raziquesoren: there are thousands line in the syslog related to the Dead loop on vlan100, which is according to the man, related to the isatapd service11:47
*** project2501 has joined #openstack11:48
project2501hi. is it possible to bundle a VM for openstack from a running EC2 ubuntu instance and download it?11:49
sorenproject2501: If you can get an image out of EC2, you can run it in OpenStack.11:50
doudeHi, someone could help me to set XenServer as hypervisor with Nova ? I cannot find an documentation about that.11:50
sorenRazique: Ok, here's what we're going to do.11:50
sorendoude: Search for XenServer on the wiki.11:50
sorenRazique: Go to /usr/share/pyshared/nova11:51
project2501thanks soren. I will look into it more.11:51
Raziquesoren: i'm in11:51
Raziquesoren: I was wrong, it's an Ubuntu 10.10 version, not 10.04 LTS11:53
Razique(I was checking)11:53
sorenRazique: curl | patch -p111:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #790174 in nova "Poor VMware driver exception handling in compute manager" [Undecided,New]
sorenSay, what version of openstack are you running?11:57
sorendpkg -l nova-network | cat11:57
sorenNo, "| cat" isn't pointless :)11:57
sorenOh, you're running the release. Ok. Er..11:59
sorenDarn it.11:59
sorenYou should probably try to revert the change we just made.12:00
sorenRazique: curl | patch -p1 -R12:00
soren(Added "-R" at the end)12:00
sorenNow hang on.12:00
*** DodoPahim has quit IRC12:01
sorenRazique: curl | patch -p112:02
sorenNow add this to your nova.conf:12:03
sorenAnd restart nova-network.12:03
sorenOk, now let's see that log.12:06
sorenThere's nothing before that?12:06
sorenGo and see if there are stale lock files again.12:06
sorenbbiab, need caffeine12:07
Raziquesoren: i'll check12:09
Raziquenope, but I removed the lock file and restarted, now we clearly see the iptables output :)
Raziquesoren: enjoy your coffee ^^12:10
*** kennethkalmer has joined #openstack12:12
*** project2501 has quit IRC12:13
*** DodoPahim has joined #openstack12:13
Raziquesoren: better :
*** katkee has joined #openstack12:19
Raziquesoren: when I read the "new stuff" section,I see that on line 19 :12:19
Raziquewhich is likely to be the line responsible for the restoration failure !12:20
doudesoren: Yes, it's what have done. I found only this interesting page But I stell not sure If I need to install nova-compute on the XenServer host or another Linux host ?12:20
*** adjohn has joined #openstack12:23
*** kennethkalmer has quit IRC12:27
sorendoude: Not sure, to be honest.12:31
sorendoude: Ahah!12:31
sorendoude: "Ahah!" was not for you, I'm afraid.12:31
*** ctennis has joined #openstack12:31
sorenRazique: Yeah, that doesn't look right at all.12:32
Raziquesoren: ^^yes12:32
RaziqueIf I am not wrong it's the cloudpipe related stuff12:32
Raziquethe openVPN tunnel for the instances12:33
Razique(at least it's the standard openvpn port :p )12:33
sorenSorry, I need to find something, but I have a solution for you.12:33
sorenGimme a minute.12:33
Raziquesoren: sure, thanks :)12:33
*** rchavik has quit IRC12:35
sorenRazique: Oh.. Did you say you changed your network model at some point?12:37
Raziquesoren: the only "subtle" thing is that the bridge for the compute node is on eth2 (not eth0)12:38
Raziqueotherwise, both servers are in the same LAN12:38
sorenRazique: Didn't you say something about switching from Vlan to Flat or the other way around or something?12:38
Raziquesoren: oh, right, the default mode when you use the automatic install (from the script), the network mode is flat. I remove the line from nova.conf12:39
RaziqueI also explicitely setup the --vlan-interface flag12:39
sorenRazique: This is due to that change.12:40
Raziquesoren: the switch from flat to vlan ?12:40
sorenWhen your network was created, it didn't set a vpn_private_Address because your network model didn't support one. Now it does and doesn't find a useful value, so it uses "None". This is obviously a bug, but now we at least understand the cause.12:41
*** kennethkalmer has joined #openstack12:42
Raziquesoren: can I explicitely set that one ?12:42
doudesoren: Ok, I'll test the two solution. It'll be fine to have a docuumentation page like VMware ( for each hypervisors12:43
sorenRazique: Yes, but I honestly don't know if this is the only problem if its sort you are going to run into.12:44
* soren believes that if someone puts out a script like that and gets it into the official docs, they had better be around to pick up the pieces when it blows up.12:44
Raziquesoren: I don't find any doc. related to that setting, it's the ip per projet if I'm correct ?12:45
Razique(for the cloudpipe serivce)12:45
sorenRazique: Yeah. When you create the network, it's automatically set.12:45
Raziqueah ok12:46
Raziqueso I could run a nova-manage network create, thus I'll have that field filled then ?12:46
sorenRazique: ...but the network was created while Nova thought it was going to run in Flat mode, and thus is didn't get set.12:46
sorenThat won't fix the existing networks.12:46
Raziqueit's ok if I delete all the networks :)12:46
sorensudo sqlite3 /var/lib/nova/nova.sqlite "delete from networks; delete from fixed_ips;"12:47
Raziquesoren: I use mysql, i'm running the two instructions :)12:49
Raziqueok, done12:50
Raziquenow I create a network ?12:50
*** DodoPahim has quit IRC12:50
*** h0cin has joined #openstack12:52
sorenvpn_private_address is set.12:52
Raziquestill have two interrogations : why project_id is null, and will the vpn_public_address field will be filled when I'll associate a public ip to my network ?12:54
Raziquesoren: AWESOME12:55
sorenRazique: project_id is null because the network hasn't been assigned to a project yet.12:56
sorenNot sure about vpn_public_address. Never really used the vpn stuff myself.12:56
Raziquesoren: ok12:57
Raziquenow let's associate the network and try to run an instance12:57
Raziquesoren: silly question, but how do I associate the network ? ^^12:58
*** lvaughn has joined #openstack12:58
sorenRazique: Run something.12:58
sorenRazique: OR create a project.12:58
sorenRazique: I forget when exaclty it happens.12:58
RaziqueI've already had a project, now I've run an instance12:59
Raziqueerr :
sorenNo "run" is correct.13:00
Raziquethanks (me iz french ^^)13:00
sorenLots of Americans get it wrong too, for some reason. It's a regional thing.13:01
sorenPast participle for "run" is "run". Hence, present perfect of "run" is "have run".13:01
*** DodoPahim has joined #openstack13:03
Raziquesoren: run is an irregular verb that's why I used the "ran" word ^^13:03
Raziquethanks for the tip though :)13:04
Raziquesoren; awesome
Raziquethe instance is at least running13:05
sorenRazique: "ran" is imperfect of "run". :)13:05
Raziqueoh yah, my bad13:06
*** adjohn has quit IRC13:06
*** ziyadb has quit IRC13:09
*** ziyadb has joined #openstack13:11
Raziquesoren: i've lost access to the frontend when the instance has entered in "running" mode13:12
Raziquestill have my VNC access, at least13:13
*** adjohn has joined #openstack13:16
*** BoncOS has joined #openstack13:16
*** jedi4ever has quit IRC13:17
Raziquesoren: ok, something weird now happens : everytime I run an instance13:26
RaziqueI loose the SSH access to the frontend or compute node. Is it related to, again, the vlan-interface ?13:26
sorenNo idea.13:28
*** kashyap has quit IRC13:31
*** lborda has joined #openstack13:31
Raziquesoren: i'll try to dig, thank you a lot for your generous help13:32
*** alice has joined #openstack13:34
sorenRazique: Sure thing.13:36
*** jedi4ever has joined #openstack13:38
Raziquesoren: need cafeine too, Openstack mades me having nightmares ^^. Don't love and hate very close :D13:39
*** aliguori has joined #openstack13:43
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*** lborda has joined #openstack14:02
doudeSomeone know if XenServer support VLAN network mode ?14:03
*** cdbs has joined #openstack14:04
*** rostik has joined #openstack14:14
rostikswift question. were there any plans to allow data backup (storing previous versions and adding the recovery possibility) in swift?14:15
ziyadbswift doesn't do backup and recovery?14:16
*** Eyk has joined #openstack14:16
*** hadrian has joined #openstack14:17
rostikold version of the file is deleted, as far as I understand14:24
*** alice has quit IRC14:25
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*** r5 has joined #openstack14:32
rostikit looks like it will not be difficult to add data backup/replication, since each stored file receives name equal to timestamp. at the end of upload, swift/obj/server/ObjectController calls DiskFile#unlinkold method, which removes all files with less timestamps14:35
rostikso if one wants to allow backup up to depth N, DiskFile#unlinkold can be modified to keep last N versions of a file and delete all the others14:37
rostikthan recovery would mean deleting last version of the file based on timestamp and will be allowed up to depth N-114:38
*** alice has quit IRC14:38
rostikthis are just my thoughts, it would be nice to get some ideas from the developers on the subject14:38
*** alice has joined #openstack14:39
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*** Razique has joined #openstack16:14
Raziquesoren: didn't had the time to work on my issue (loose of ssh everytime nova restarts) i'll work on that tomorrow16:15
Raziqueagain, thanks a lot for my vlan related issue, i'm very grateful for that16:15
*** katkee has quit IRC16:16
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duilioit has been a while since i used irc... i forgot most of the commands...16:33
duilioanyone here16:33
*** Razique has quit IRC16:39
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larissaduilio: Error: "who" is not a valid command.16:41
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zulsoren: ping have you thought of converting the IPy stuff to netaddr one less build dependency is always good in my book ;)17:21
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alias_hereHey guys - looking to deploy a private cloud Openstack. The trouble is I'd like to use the same technology using Openstack to manage persistent instances as well. From the documentation on it looks like it focuses on pure cloud semantics and doesn't support such "persistent" instances?22:49
dsockwelli believe that that behavior is tunable, alias_here22:55
dsockwellunless i'm mistaken, openstack can be configured for ephemeral or more permanent instances22:56
alias_heredsockwell: If thats the case, it is good news. Any pointers as to where these tunable options are? When the instance is created ?22:59
dsockwellsorry, i don't have that information on hand.22:59
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