Thursday, 2011-06-09

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herb1hullo everyone05:01
herb1just trying the openstack deployment tool which uses puppet05:02
herb1has anyone actually successfully deployed a compute node using this script out of the box?05:02
herb1seems the "nova-install" script actually works and is much less hassle than the deployment tool05:03
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adam_gis at least one network bridge a requirement for all nova-compute nodes?05:59
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drnexus_e6400Hi everybody06:56
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drnexus_e6400I have an installation with multiple compute node but when VMs start, they are not reachable. Any idea from where the problem is coming?06:58
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hedenare snapshots av running instances available at this point?07:15
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RaziqueHi all!08:01
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herb1hi guys08:49
herb1just wondering08:49
herb1if anyone has actually successfully used the DeploymentTool to install a nova compute node?08:49
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herb1we ran it on a bog standard amd64 box, couldn't get it to work08:50
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herb1but the nova-install -t compute script works fine08:50
herb1we would like to use DeploymentTool because it has potential to integrate into our already existing puppet master08:50
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herb1simple problems enough to fix, for example the DeploymentTool installs puppetd, but fails to modify the /etc/default/puppet file to allow the daemon to init08:52
herb1so the test portion of the deploy script then fails also08:52
herb1easy to fix, but makes me wonder if anyone has actually used it?08:52
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thickskinhi guys.09:01
thickskincould you somebody tell me how can I describes cpu/memory/hdd info for instance?09:02
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RaziqueHi all, I've a question about how nova-volume works09:20
RaziqueI've a compute node, and everything else on another server09:21
Raziquewhat doesn't seem to be clear on the doc, is where I have to install the nova-volume, where I have to create my lvm volume, and how are the disk attached to instance09:22
RaziqueI'm unable to attach a volume to a running instance actually :/09:22
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HugoKuo_Can I install Dashboard into a host without nova-api ?09:47
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RaziqueHugoKuo_: yes, you can install the dashboard everywhere, but it needs to access to the nova-api server09:52
HugoKuo_got it , as my consideration :>09:52
HugoKuo_Razique , thanks09:52
HugoKuo_Waht's your problem with attaching volume to instance ?09:53
HugoKuo_any log ?09:53
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RaziqueHugoKuo_: I don't have any logs09:59
Raziquethe nova-volume runs well (when I run nova-manage service list) but attaching fails10:00
HugoKuo_dude , you have to check nova-volume log10:00
HugoKuo_check it and post to somewhere10:01
HugoKuo_I'll try to figure it out10:01
Raziquebefore that I don't quite understand if the LVM volume that will contains all EBS volumes has to be created on the server which runs the nova-volume service10:01
HugoKuo_1. make sure the service is running10:02
RaziqueHugoKuo_: the service and the volume are up10:03
HugoKuo_so how did you attach the volume ?10:06
HugoKuo_eucatool  or dashboard ?10:06
RaziqueHugoKuo_: eucatools10:07
HugoKuo_what's your cmd10:07
Raziqueeuca-attach-volume -i i-0000005a -d /dev/vdc vol-0000000410:07
Raziquewhich outputs : VOLUMEvol-0000000410:08
HugoKuo_but the volume status is stay on available ?10:08
Raziqueexactly :) VOLUMEvol-00000004 5novaavailable (razique, nova-cc1, None, None)2011-06-09T09:09:15Z10:09
HugoKuo_check your compute node which host  VM   i-0000005a10:10
HugoKuo_there must have something in nova-compute log10:10
HugoKuo_such as10:11
RaziqueWell seen10:11
HugoKuo_such as my log10:11
RaziqueHugoKuo_: I haven't thought I'll find errors into that log10:12
HugoKuo_ok your log is over here .10:12
RaziqueHugoKuo_: I think it's the specified interface :)10:12
HugoKuo_coud not login into you iscsi driver10:12
HugoKuo_so do ya have idea now ?10:13
RaziqueHugoKuo_: not precisely, but I'll try to mount via iscsiadm manually the volume10:13
HugoKuo_you can excute that cmd on that compute node , to trace it out10:13
HugoKuo_good luck10:13
Raziquecan I specify an interface to the iscsi discovery ?10:14
HugoKuo_NIC ?10:14
HugoKuo_maybe you can check flag group10:15
HugoKuo_so what's your nova service network >10:16
RaziqueHugoKuo_: u reffering to my ancient issue ? :D10:16
HugoKuo_not sure  , haha XD10:17
Raziqueah ok :p10:17
Raziquemy nova-network is up10:17
Raziquebut I've run manually the command10:17
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HugoKuo_initiator reported error (15 - already exists)10:18
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HugoKuo_is there another compute login into this iscsi targt ?10:19
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HugoKuo_I'm not very sure where's the iscsi problem . but at least we know the issue is on iscsi target XD10:20
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hedenAnyone know how to configure for nova-ajax-console-proxy? Getting error 500 "Server error" when trying to connect to an instance12:14
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ttxjaypipes: working on some Glance slides, have a few questions for you -- please ping me when you have 5 minutes12:33
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RaziqueHi all, I've made a stupid mistake by affecting the ip of my cloud to an instance12:36
Raziquehow can I remove the affectation euca2ools doesn't work12:37
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Raziqueerf, nova-manage floating doesn't work either12:45
RaziqueI found out, you need to flush iptables rules, remove the floating ip12:47
Raziquethen restart the nova-network service12:47
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kpepplethickskin: are you asking how to configure a instance_type or flavor that you can then launch ? or to describe a nova-compute host capabilities ?12:54
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RaziqueI've resolved my nova-volumes issue13:04
RaziqueI have to remove the targets directory and restart the whole componenents related to nova-volumes ans iscsi13:04
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LiteHi, i've got a question about the partition sizing. It is said that the command " swift-ring-builder account.builder create 18 3 1" defines that the maximum size of the ring is 2 ^ 18. How large is that?13:15
notmynameLite: not sure I follow. what do you mean?13:15
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Lite 4.13:16
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notmynamebut you asked "how large is that". what do you mean?13:17
LiteThe 18 defines the "partition power". This value should be based on the total amount of storage i expect.13:17
notmynameso how big is a cluster with a partition power of 18?13:18
LiteThat's the question. 2 ^ 18 = 262144. What does this number tell me?13:19
notmynameok. I'll do my best to explain13:19
notmynamethe number of partitions are not directly related to the size of the cluster (but they are indirectly related)13:19
notmynamethe partitions are not filesystem partitions. they are parts of the ring hash space13:20
notmynamethe ring stores a mapping of partitions to storage volumes13:20
uvirtbotNew bug: #795028 in nova "OSAPI: POST without data results in 500 error" [Undecided,New]
uvirtbotNew bug: #795029 in nova "OSAPI: POST with broken JSON returns 500 error" [Undecided,New]
notmynameso when an object is accessed, the ring hashes the object name to determine the appropriate partition and then finds the storage volumes responsible for that partition13:21
notmynamewe recommend that when building the ring you choose a partition power that gives you about 100 partitions per storage volume when you cluster is full13:22
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notmyname"full" is defined by you to be the max size your cluster can be (as determined by DC space, power requirements, etc)13:22
notmynameso assuming your cluster is at max size when it has 100 drives, we recommend that you have at least 10000 partitions13:23
LiteOkay, so the 262144 partiotion power should be enough for 2621 node servers?13:23
notmynamefind the smallest power of 2 greater than that number to get your partition power13:23
notmynamewell, the partition power there is "18" not "262144"13:24
LiteOkay, thanks. What are the effects when choosing a too big partition power?13:25
notmynameactually, to be a little more specific, a partition power of 18 should be enough for 2621 storage volumes. If you have 10 volumes per server, that allows for 262 storage nodes13:26
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notmynamea large partition power results in slower ring building/rebalancing activities (which isn't a big deal since it's done offline). it also will result in more filesystem overhead and therefore slower replication13:27
LiteOkay, then i will just use the default value of 18. Thanks for the nice explanation.13:28
notmynameI hope it helps13:28
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RaziqueIf I remove a volume via nova-manage volume delete, LVM doesn't remove the logical volume, is it an expected behaviour ?13:37
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uvirtbotNew bug: #795040 in nova "OSAPI: 500 on POST images metadata when content-type/accept differ " [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #795045 in nova "OSAPI: POST to servers metadata does not respect Accept header" [Undecided,New]
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zuldoes anyone know why we are using socat rather than something like netcat?14:34
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jaypipesttx: pong14:38
ttxjaypipes: hey!14:38
ttxjaypipes: so I had a few questions.14:38
ttxjaypipes: about stores. There is a default store... does that mean you can have multiple stores running at the same time ?14:39
jaypipesttx: yes.14:39
ttxjaypipes: so you can upload an image and choose in which store it ends up ?14:39
ttxor the others are just reference stores ?14:39
jaypipesttx: by specifying X-Image-Meta-Store, you can force Glance to use a specific store (swift, file, s3)14:39
jaypipesttx: of course, the http store is read-only. You can specify an X-Image-Meta-Location with an http location, but you cannot write to an image to it. Just read it...14:40
kbringardpfft, like jaypipes knows what he's talking about ;-)14:40
ttxcool question 2 (of 3): IIUC you can use glance CLI to upload an image in AMI/AKI/ARI format14:40
ttxIf I get this right we could use the EC2 API without nova-objectstore, as long as we do image upload using glance ?14:41
jaypipeskbringard: :P14:42
ttx(hmm, maybe not, in fact with S3ImageService being hardcoded in the EC2 code path)14:42
Raziquekbringard: hello!14:43
kbringardhey Razique14:43
RaziqueI've resolved my 404 errors!14:43
ttxjaypipes: do you have experience using that ?14:43
jaypipesttx: you can use the glance CLI, the glance.client.Client class in Python, the Ruby bindings, the straight REST API through cURL. Pretty much a lot of ways to upload images. The ARI/AKI stuff is just metadata attached to the disk image.14:43
Raziquedon't know if you recall that, it took me days to figure out14:43
kbringardttx: if you're a ruby guy, you can check out
ttxkbringard: do I look like a Ruby guy ?14:43
kbringardRazique: good work, what was the issue?14:43
ttxjaypipes: last question.14:44
jaypipesttx: the reason we cannot yet get rid of nova-objectstore actually has nothing to do with glance. it's needed because eucatools can only talk to an S3 API, and nova-objectstore provides that.14:44
kbringardttx: haha, I dunno, I just thought I'd toss it out there since jaypipes was giving you lots of options :-)14:44
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RaziqueI was unable to retrieve instance's metadatas14:44
ttxjaypipes: I suppose you can run multiple glance-api without side effect. Can you run multiple glance-registry ? Does it make sense ?14:44
jaypipesttx: nova-objectstore stores the manifest.xml and intermediate encrypted image parts that eucatools uses (euca-bundle-image, euca-upload-bundle, and uec-publish-tarball)14:44
jaypipesttx: no, not yet. We're working on solutions for that (multiple registries)14:45
ttxjaypipes: ok14:45
jaypipesttx: but yes, you CAN run multiple glance-api nodes.14:45
jaypipesttx: with the same registry.14:45
kbringardRazique: odd, but good work14:46
ttxjaypipes: (my question on objectstore was, once you uploaded an AMI image with glance, could you use the EC2 toolset to actually use it -- but that's more a Nova question)14:46
ttxjaypipes: My understanding for that part is that S3ImageService queries the S3-like storage to retrieve and decrypt parts, then put them in the real ImageService (Local or Glance)14:47
ttx(dunno exactly if you can actually skip that part if you uploaded a clean decrypted AMI directly to the real ImageService)14:47
jaypipesttx: exactly.14:48
jaypipesttx: glance stores the complete decrypted AMI.14:48
jaypipesttx: nova-objectstore stores all the other stuff.14:48
ttxjaypipes: so you could do "glance add" and "euca-run-instances" without actuially running nova-objectstore.14:48
jaypipesttx: heh, wait...14:48
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jaypipesttx: copied the URL too quickly... ;)14:49
ttxoh, nice14:49
ttxjaypipes: thanks ! I think I have my two Glance slides in order.14:50
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RaziqueSorry to repeat mysleft, but "If I remove a volume via nova-manage volume delete, LVM doesn't remove the logical volume, is it an expected behaviour ?" ^^14:53
kbringardsorry Razique, I don't know14:54
Raziquekbringard: :D thanks though, I'll file a bug I think on launchpad for that14:54
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kbringardit feels like it should... because otherwise you're going to run out of room on your LVM partition14:55
kbringardif space is not getting reused because it's still allocated14:55
ttxRazique: I don't know, but that doesn't sound like expected behavior.14:55
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*** lool has joined #openstack14:58
Raziquettx: Yes I think so, but since the documentation doesn't seem very complete on the nova-volume part ^^14:58
*** sebastianstadil has joined #openstack14:59
annegentleRazique: it would be great for you to edit the Volume section in lp:openstack-manuals if you have the time/interest. I can walk  you through the process15:02
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* RichiH mumbles at the next OS conference being in the USA, again16:00
uvirtbotNew bug: #795123 in nova "ExtensionManager checks extensions twice" [Undecided,New]
*** DodoPahim has joined #openstack16:05
uvirtbotNew bug: #795126 in nova "Invalid extensions are added anyway" [Undecided,New]
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RaziqueHi annegentle16:29
RaziqueYes, sure, I'll be honoured :D16:29
kd926is there a way to run instances under a different user than root? I have libvirt set to use its down group with nova a member of that however when I launch an instance it still shows qemu using root16:30
*** Razique has quit IRC16:34
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LiteHi, sorry for disturbing again. I'm trying to expand my test setup to a multiserver setup. I've setup the proxy and node server with this tutorial: I'm getting an error when running "swauth-prep" on the proxy server.
Litethe error is: Auth subsystem prep failed: 500 Server Error16:37
notmynamenot sure on that one16:42
*** deepakn has joined #openstack16:42
*** jedi4ever has joined #openstack16:47
LiteThe request arrives at the node server. There are no errors there. Just one message line in the log, but there is no error inside: The file mentioned inside the log isn't created.16:49
notmynamea 507 error is a drive unmounted error16:50
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adam_gis the name of the bridge automatically configured by flatDHCPmanager configurable via nova.conf?17:46
zulwho do i talk to about getting copyright stuff in the dashboard source so ubuntu can distribute them?17:47
adam_gzul: it defaults to br100, but is the name 'br100' configurable?17:49
zuli think so17:49
adam_g--flat_network_bridge doesn't do it17:49
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uvirtbotNew bug: #795196 in nova "Create a server with no nova-compute services running" [Undecided,New]
alandmanadam_g: is is set correctly in the database as well as the flag?18:22
*** trigcon has joined #openstack18:33
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annegentleadam_g: the name br100 is stored in the database and may be changed there18:37
adam_gthanx, i hadnt' looked there when switching from flatManager to flatDHCP18:43
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zulsoren: libvirt 0.9.0 is coming down the pipe in oneiric fyi19:01
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_vinayI have a question about networking in nova20:49
_vinayI have a single node installation and I am creating instances20:49
*** katkee has joined #openstack20:52
*** _vinay_ has joined #openstack20:52
_vinay_I have a single node nova installation20:52
*** hggdh has joined #openstack20:52
_vinay_And I have created instances in it with IP addresses 10.0.0.x20:53
_vinay_I want to login to one of the VMs from outside the host... another host on network20:53
_vinay_How should I do that?20:53
_vinay_Do I need to configure networking ?20:54
*** Eyk^off is now known as Eyk20:54
kbringardcan the instance you want to login from route to the 10.0.0.x that the VM is on?20:54
*** _vinay has quit IRC20:54
_vinay_my src is on another host20:55
_vinay_most likely it cannot route20:55
kbringardah, OK20:55
*** markvoelker has quit IRC20:55
kbringardthen you'll need to allocate and assign a floating IP20:55
kbringardto the instance20:55
*** ctennis has quit IRC20:56
_vinay_a floating IP which is in the same network that my hosts are ??20:56
kbringarda floating IP is an IP address that other hosts can route to, generally it's an external IP20:56
kbringardit comes up on the network controller20:56
kbringardwhich NATs it to the instances 10.0.0.x address20:57
*** sebastianstadil has left #openstack20:57
kbringardso like, lets say you have as an external IP... you make sure your network controller can use that IP and can be accessed at that IP from the outside worl20:58
kbringardthen you put it into nova20:58
kbringardI think it's20:58
kbringardnova-manage floating create
kbringardand the hostname of your network node20:58
kbringardso like20:58
kbringardnova-manage floating create network-node-hostname20:58
kbringardthen, in the project (assuming you're using VLAN mode) where the VM lives that you want to allocate that IP20:59
kbringardyou do20:59
kbringardand it should spit out
kbringardthen, you can do euca-associate-address -i <instance-id>
kbringardit should should you that it's been associated20:59
*** nhm has joined #openstack21:00
kbringardeuca-describe-instances <instance-id> should show as the first IP in the list, with it's internal IP being the second21:00
kbringardyou can verify the NAT rule is setup by running21:00
kbringardiptables -L -vn -t nat21:00
kbringardand looking for the SNAT and DNAT rules for
kbringardand make sure they point to the 10.0.0.x address that the instance got21:01
kbringardyou can also verify that the IP was correctly brought up on your external network interface with21:01
kbringardip addr list eth0 (or whatever your eth device is)21:01
kbringardif all that works, then it all worked, and it should just be a matter of making sure the authorize groups are setup to allow the traffic you want21:02
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_vinay_ok cool.. let me digest that for a while and then try it out :) thanks kbringard21:08
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk21:08
_vinay_so first I need to get hold a floating IP address21:08
*** lorin1 has quit IRC21:08
kbringardyea, sorry, didn't mean to inundate you with information :-)21:09
*** ctennis has joined #openstack21:09
*** ctennis has joined #openstack21:09
*** sebastianstadil has joined #openstack21:10
_vinay_no  thats good.. thats what I need :)21:10
kbringardbasically, the first step is to get an "external" IP that if you were to bring up on your network controller, you could ping from anywhere21:11
*** NashTrash has quit IRC21:11
_vinay_which essentially means a free IP address in my network ..which is not used by any host ... correct?21:14
kbringardideally, eventually you'll want a few, so that you can have a pool to allocate them to VMs as necessary21:15
kbringardbut, just one to get it started :-)21:15
_vinay_yep cool.. need to talk to my IT now.. which can take days ..sigh.. :(21:18
kbringardit can be an internal IP as well (like, a 192.168 or whatever)... as long as the src host you want to connect to the VM can route to it21:19
kbringardbut in general floating IPs are external IP addresses that are assigned to VMs21:19
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kbringardOK, I'm out, have a good one guys21:39
*** kbringard has quit IRC21:39
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