Wednesday, 2011-06-15

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thickskinis there someone who know about this?
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GeoDudanyone familiar with the StackOps OpenStack distro? Am I correct in reading that it only contains Nova/OpenStack Compute and not Swift?00:52
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HugoKuoGeoDud , yes it only for NOVA deployment02:04
GeoDudthanks..figured that out a little later than I would have liked, hah02:05
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HugoKuoI have a foolish question :<02:45
HugoKuohow to upgrade python-novaclient library to 2.5  up02:45
HugoKuowhile I apt-get install to get 2.4.2  . I got 2.5.1 from bzr02:46
HugoKuoBut how to replace 2.4.2 with 2.5.1 ?02:46
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HugoKuodoes anyone test instance keepalived in NOVA ?03:17
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uvirtbotNew bug: #797510 in nova "tools/pip-requires requires non-existing novaclient" [Undecided,New]
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pasha1979I have been installing OpenStack using nova-install on a single server that is connected to my local lan and gets an private IP via my router ( dhcp. Everything installs ok, but i can't access the guests one i launch them, I am pretty certain that my network/bridging setting are not right (perhaps i am entering the wrong values for the installer). Should i be installing manualy03:57
pasha1979and not using the installer?03:57
pasha1979i am in a bind, need to set this up :)03:57
pasha1979i read all the docs but i am still stuck03:57
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pasha1979hey sebastian its pavel ;)03:59
pasha1979how goes it?03:59
sebastianstadil_Hey man, doing great04:00
sebastianstadil_Flaky internet connection though04:00
pasha1979have you setup openstack before on a single server?04:00
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HugoKuodoes anyone try to heartbeat services of two instance ?09:09
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RaziqueHi all09:15
RaziqueI'm still unable to make that procedure working :
Raziquehas anyone tried it ?09:15
Raziquethe nova-api component just hangs when I registry the image09:16
RaziqueI've to restart it, but images pend in "uploading" state09:16
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staetualexdo you know what might cause the 111 error on  the compute node?09:27
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dsockwellwhen installing Openstack on RHEL6, is the distribution expected to be running 6.0 or 6.1 ?10:05
sorendsockwell: You'll have to ask the people who supplied the packages.10:06
soren(Don't rpm's have a concept of versioned dependencies?)10:07
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reidracsoren: yes, they do10:08
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dsockwellsoren: do they tend to hang around here?10:09
dsockwellthe grid dynamics folks, that is10:10
reidracdsockwell: RHEL provides fixes mainly, the API/ABI won't change from RHEL 6.0 to RHEL 6.110:11
reidracactually I don't think it's an option running RHEL 6.0 when 6.1 is out unless you NEVER install updates10:12
reidracso I would say that RHEL 6.1 it's the answer10:12
dsockwellmy rhel statement was a quibble, i'm trying this on scientificlinux10:13
dsockwellwhich has a 6.1 alpha out10:13
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dsockwellbut, oh well.  i'll probably answer my question by experiment before I get an answer from grid dynamics10:14
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reidracSL is binary compatible with RHEL and they document every change they introduce in the distribution10:15
dsockwellwell i'm hoping the alpha is good enough for now10:17
reidracif you have any concern about running the alpha, just try 6.0 and upgrade when the alpha is finally released as stable10:21
dsockwellif the alpha gives me trouble I will go back to 6.0 and grab packages from the alpha repos as i need them10:22
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dsockwellreading the release notes, it seems like a fairly straightforward update, bar scientificlinux's in-house stuff like openafs10:26
dsockwellwhich I don't use because i'm not in CERN10:26
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zykes-anyone got preseed files or so ?11:00
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watcher /msg NickServ identify PassWord_11:07
watchermy bad11:07
reidracoh, that's embarrassing :)11:07
reidracyou should change your password ;)11:08
dsockwellyou should choose a better password11:10
dsockwellmaybe irc isn't so important but if you use a password like that elsewhere you're asking for trouble11:10
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JusHalanyone able to help me out to run lxc instances with openstack.2011.2? getting "nova.compute.disk: list index out of range" error11:15
dsockwellJusHal: I'm afraid I don't know, but I'm interested in running LXC under openstack myself.  I'd appreciate hearing about if you solve your problem.11:17
JusHaldsockwell. I'll let you know when it works11:18
dsockwellJusHal: the logs from this channel get fed into the googles, so if you just come back and make a quick update you'll be helping people.11:20
dsockwellor if someone here gives you a hand, that would be the best thing11:20
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dsockwellBK_man: would it be possible to compile the griddynamics openstack deps for i686?12:05
dsockwellJusHal: have you looked at ?  Updated this week12:06
zykes-griddynamics have their own roll ?12:06
dsockwellzykes-: for rhel6, yes12:06
BK_mandsockwell: is there any reason for that?12:06
zykes-what's the diff ?12:07
dsockwellBK_man: so i can use them on my P4s.  Purely selfish reasons on my part.12:07
dsockwellif that doesn't coincide with your goals i can switch them to lxc and run maverick.  I'd just like to have xen PV guests on my free hardware.12:08
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BK_mandsockwell: we never tested Xen or XenServer with our build - it's practically pure KVM12:10
BK_mandsockwell: so probably it will be better for you to switch to Ubuntu12:11
dsockwellBK_man: all right, thanks for your quick response.12:14
zykes-does anyone have working preseed files ?12:14
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Raziquehi, when I upload my home-made images, the load increase (the nova-api eats all the cpu) and nova-describe-images doesn't work anymore12:17
Raziquehas anyone ever saw that ?12:18
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JusHaldsockwell, seems similar to the doc I followed
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CatKillerHi, I'm having a bit of a problem installing Nova, I installed all the libraries as per
CatKillerbut whenever I try to do "python install" I get the following error:12:32
CatKillerERROR: Python module novaclient.exceptions not found12:33
CatKillerERROR: Python module glance not found12:33
CatKillerERROR: Python module paste not found12:33
CatKillerWould anyone have any idea on how to remedy this issue?12:33
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dsockwellCatKiller: which OS are you using?12:38
CatKillerUbuntu 10.0412:39
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CatKillerAlso, there seem to be a lot of different documentation between the docs.openstack one, the one and the wiki, which do you think should I best use?12:40
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dsockwellif you just want openstack to run, i'd use the scripted installation12:43
CatKillerWhere could I find it?12:43
dsockwellat docs.openstack.org12:43
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CatKillerThanks, should have checked first12:44
CatKillerjust did12:44
CatKillerthat's very good12:44
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CatKillerthanks a lot12:44
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staetualexhello, i have some problems running onenstack on some machines13:53
staetualexi have a ccontroller, installed on that is nova-*13:53
staetualexand 3 compute nodes13:53
staetualex is the config file13:54
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staetualexcan you direct me to some documentation for dhcpmode of to point out the mistakes i make?13:55
staetualexthanks :)13:55
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RaziqueHi all, is someone has been able to create a Debian AMI ?14:07
RaziqueI'm trying for 3 days now, it's driving me crazy14:07
dsockwellRazique: have you tried, on a testing server, installing debian from media in a VM, and then using euca-make-a-volume-please to create an AMI??14:08
xxtjaxx Hey I have installed nova on my Debian Sid but this: is happening when I run any command from the nova tools14:08
xxtjaxxWhy and how to fix?14:08
Raziquehi dsockwell :)14:08
RaziqueI tried yes14:08
Raziquebut the instance doesn't boot. The furthest stage I've been  to has been by using an eucalyptus image14:10
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Raziquethey provide pre-packaged Debian 5 tar.gz, but I upgraded it to Squeeze, and reupload the image, ramdisk and kernel from the running instance14:10
RaziqueI had then errors about non existent disks (so I switch to busybox)14:11
dsockwellsounds like a configuration issue14:11
RaziqueI've also tried the CSSOSSS method : which doesn't work :/14:11
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Raziquedsockwell: I've tried without specifying a ramdisk and kernel to the image, as stated here :
Raziquebut the image doesn't really boot, I've now key injection errors14:12
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Raziquethe "key-injection" issue :
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RaziqueI feel like it's a little thing I've to correct (I'm thinking about the disks, Openstack seems to use vdX while in all tutos I've read, they use sdX)14:14
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Raziquedsockwell: here is the furthest stage
RaziqueI've created the image through a running instance14:29
dsockwellsorry i've never even used kvm14:31
Raziqueit's like disks cannot be found :/14:31
dsockwell[    0.649043]  vda: unknown partition table14:33
dsockwell[    0.782675]  vdb: unknown partition table14:33
dsockwelldid you put those in fstab?14:33
Raziquehere is my fstab14:33
dsockwelli need to go home, i'm feeling awful14:34
Raziquewhy ? :D14:34
dsockwellbecause shut up, that's why14:34
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dsockwelli have the a-holes real bad14:35
dsockwellthis morning14:35
Raziquecya then :D keep up!14:35
CatKillerGood night/morning!14:35
CatKillerHey, I have another question about installing Nova14:36
CatKillerI'm getting a dpkg error when trying to get nova-common14:36
CatKillerdpkg: error processing nova-common (--configure)14:36
CatKillerI tried to apt-get --purge remove all of the nova-* packages and same thing14:36
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RaziqueCatKiller: It looks like you have a broken dependency14:40
CatKillerok thanks14:40
Raziquewhat aptitude update and aptitude upgrade gives ?14:40
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uvirtbotNew bug: #797743 in nova "OSAPI: some http bad requests fail to set explanation" [Undecided,In progress]
JusHalstill looking into lxc intance creation error, seems to go wrong in /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/nova/virt/ g.mount(devices[0],"/"), anyone a suggestion how to debug that?14:42
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BK_manJusHal: you probably using our build (RHEL6.x)14:52
BK_manJusHal: we haven't tested it with LXC, only with KVM.14:52
BK_manJusHal: as temporary solution you can skip ssh key injection to an instance by omitting -k switch in euca-run-instances command (in case if you are using EC2 API)14:53
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates14:54
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JusHalyes I do use the rh6 build, will try omitting -k14:56
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BK_manJusHal: we are interested in testing our build on LXC. Please report your issues to - will try to help you14:57
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CatKillerRazinque: Thanks a lot, took its time but running aptitude update and aptitude upgrade fixed everything. Amazing!14:58
RaziqueCatKiller: nice :)14:59
CatKillerRazinque: So should I had been using aptitude instead of apt, or is it because I had never done apt-get update/upgrade?14:59
RaziqueWell you broke a dependency, no matter which tool you use, both are able to fix dependencies issues14:59
Raziqueso dpkg-reconfigure and all packets manager can work15:00
CatKillerah ok. I didn't realize that15:00
CatKillerThanks a lot15:00
Raziquesure :)15:00
*** dragondm has joined #openstack15:00
CatKillerNearly there now, but when I run python install I'm missing some libraries that were not listed in the documentation as required, and that I cannot find15:01
CatKillerI also tried the install script15:01
Raziquewhich librairiese ?15:01
CatKiller boto_v6.ec2.instance not found XenAPIPlugin not found pluginlib_nova not found XenAPIPlugin not found pluginlib_nova not found15:02
CatKillerin front of each line: ERROR: Python module *15:02
RaziqueCatKiller: do you have this issue ?
CatKilleryup, pretty similar, with only less missing libraries. going to read the bug report.15:03
*** j05h has quit IRC15:03
*** jonkelly has joined #openstack15:04
CatKillerYup same error, also get the empty path in the distutil highlighted in teh second comments, and I am running ubuntu 10.0415:04
*** glenc has quit IRC15:05
CatKillerRazique: Do you know if there's any known resolution for this issue?15:06
*** westmaas has quit IRC15:06
*** westmaas has joined #openstack15:07
xxtjaxxnovaclient is not included in the nova installation?15:07
*** glenc has joined #openstack15:07
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RaziqueCatKiller: I don't know how to resolve this, sorry :/15:11
CatKillerRazique: No worries, thanks a lot for your help anyways!15:12
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Raziqueok, I figured out the issue here15:14
Raziquemount: mounting \/sys on \/root\/sys failed: No such file or directory15:14
Raziqueit's like the system is trying to mount /sys on /root/sys15:15
Raziqueand the same for /proc => /root/proc15:15
Raziquehow can I fix that ?15:15
CatKillerWish I could help you :)15:16
*** openstack has joined #openstack15:20
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sorenRazique, CatKiller: All those errors from are benign. They're just noise.15:20
JusHalBK_man: -k indeed made the error go away, but still nu running lxc instance, have just mailed a report to you. Thanks.15:20
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uvirtbotNew bug: #797770 in nova "'Socket closed' during API stress test" [Undecided,New]
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Raziquesoren: ok thanks :) That means CatKiller you should be able to install nova despite those warnings15:23
*** jaypipes has joined #openstack15:23
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sorenYeah. We all get them. And hate them. But live with them :)15:24
sorenFor now, at least.15:25
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*** bcwaldon has joined #openstack15:28
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*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk15:29
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates15:29
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +v dendrobates15:29
zykes-anyone got some ubuntu seed file to use for openstack ?15:29
zykes-can't get mine to work15:29
*** nerens has quit IRC15:33
*** devcamcar has quit IRC15:34
*** devcamcar has joined #openstack15:35
JusHalBK_man: any other way to supply you the bug report? not getting through the gmail filter.15:36
*** guigui1 has quit IRC15:37
*** dobber_ has quit IRC15:37
*** heckj has joined #openstack15:38
*** openpercept_ has joined #openstack15:39
*** openpercept_ has joined #openstack15:39
*** bcwaldon has quit IRC15:39
*** crescendo has joined #openstack15:40
*** obino has quit IRC15:41
*** bcwaldon has joined #openstack15:41
*** Ephur has joined #openstack15:43
*** bkkrw has quit IRC15:47
NashTrashGood morning OpenStack'ers15:47
NashTrashMy Rabbit machine had to be restarted and now new instances can't get their meta data —> "[WARNING]:   15:43:33 [ 1\/30]: url error [[Errno 111] Connection refused]".  Who do I need to restart to fix this?15:48
heckjMorning NashTrash - guessing you're on the west coast...15:48
heckj(of the US)15:48
NashTrashheckj: Sadly, Nashville, TN15:48
heckjOh - well then, it's almost lunchtime for you.15:49
NashTrashheckj: Getting close.  Can't wait.  I'm ready for some food.15:50
heckjIf rabbit flipped out, I think the only critical thing to restart was the API - but I don't know the internals as well15:50
NashTrashWho does the new instance try to get in touch with to get the meta data? (
*** summer has joined #openstack15:51
heckjAh - just a sec. Here's the relevant bug: - looks like all the services need to be restarted. They don't handle the message queue failing very well15:51
*** ctennis has joined #openstack15:53
*** ctennis has joined #openstack15:53
NashTrashheckj: Yeah, I know.  But I thought that I restarted all of the services, but now I am getting this metadata error.15:53
*** bcwaldon_ has joined #openstack15:54
heckjOoh - good question. This one I don't know. Give me a sec to look around in code...15:55
heckj(which release are you running?)15:55
NashTrashheckj: Diablo milestone 115:55
zykes-anyone @ nasa her or that uses ubuntu for this with preseed ?15:55
*** troytoman-away is now known as troytoman15:56
*** bcwaldon has quit IRC15:56
*** kbringard has joined #openstack15:57
*** zul has quit IRC15:58
summerhey. I'm compiling a list of projects using openstack15:59
summer I am aware of about 10 currently15:59
summerI was hoping someone would be able to tell me any others that are around.16:00
*** jatsrt has joined #openstack16:00
*** zns has quit IRC16:01
heckjDisney is playing with it, but I'm not sure you could say they were using it yet...16:01
* heckj just left there...16:01
summerUltimately these projects will be on the openstack website as "community" or incubator projects16:01
kbringardhey guys, I have a quick question about networking16:02
NashTrashsummer: We at Vanderbilt University are trying to use it for several research projects.16:02
NashTrashIf we can ever get it working again!!!16:02
kbringardif I assign a floating IP to an instance16:02
kbringardother instances in the same project (aka: the same broadcast domain) can't talk to the external IP16:02
kbringardbut, they can talk to that same floating IP if it's assigned to an instance in another project16:03
summerNashTrash: could you point me to info about these projects?16:03
kbringardany reason y'all can think of that that may be16:03
kbringardthe SNAT and DNAT rules are there16:04
summeror what are the codenames for the projects?16:04
kbringardit doesn't matter if the instances are on the same compute nodes or different16:04
heckjkbringard: are you routing out that IP space? (i.e. is it enabled through the Bridge) - I'm assuming you're using flat networking space?16:04
NashTrashsummer: None of it is public at this point.  But we are actively trying to use it.16:04
summeroh. gotcha16:04
kbringardheckj: how do you mean?16:05
*** zns has joined #openstack16:05
kbringardI can get to the floating IPs from everywhere... internal, external, etc... except from other VMs in the same project16:05
summeri guess what I'm looking for are those projects that could be listed as sort of "unofficial openstack projects that people could contribute to16:05
heckjNashTrash: I'm digging through the code, but I can't find "" to see what it's trying to do...16:06
summergood to know Vanderbuilt is using it though16:06
*** hggdh has quit IRC16:07
heckjkbringard: If you're using the flat networking manager, then the gatway needs to be set that will forward the traffic. I'm guessing it isn't. I'm still learning on debugging OpenStack tho...16:07
kbringardnot flat, vlan16:07
NashTrashheckj: I just need to know what service (nova-???) implements the meta data service.  I am getting a connection refused when I try to GET from the address16:07
kbringardthe gateway is the network manager16:07
kbringardwhich is there and working, and is forwarding traffic properly16:07
kbringardlike, I said, I can hit the floaters from anywhere else, internally or externally... just not from VMs in the same project16:08
kbringardwhich is really really weird16:08
kbringardwhen I mtr it, it doesn't even look like the traffic gets to the gateway16:08
kbringardor at least, it dies at the gateway16:08
*** netmarkjp has joined #openstack16:10
heckjNashTrash: I don't know it that well. Still looking...16:10
heckjNashTrash: really looks like the Nova API service16:11
*** mgoldmann is now known as mgoldmann|away16:11
NashTrashheckj: Yeah, that is the best I can tell too.  I just don't understand why I would get connection refused.16:11
heckjNashTrash - at least is has a in there16:11
*** netmarkjp has left #openstack16:12
*** kennethk_ has joined #openstack16:12
*** kennethkalmer has quit IRC16:13
*** ianuchiyYom has joined #openstack16:14
*** p0 has quit IRC16:16
*** MarkusWPHRorg has joined #openstack16:17
ianuchiyYomdoes nova-manage have any method to check the config file for syntax errors/consistency?16:18
MarkusWPHRorgGood morning fellow 'stackers16:18
MarkusWPHRorg(plz adjust according to your particular time zone)16:18
*** kennethkalmer has joined #openstack16:18
*** maplebed has joined #openstack16:19
MarkusWPHRorgianuchiyYom: I don't think it will start unless everything is ok in there - correct me if I'm wrong16:19
heckjianuchiyYom: I think it will fail, but not nicely - there's nothing in there to specifically vet the config file16:20
*** kennethk_ has quit IRC16:20
heckjMarkusWPHRorg: yes?16:20
MarkusWPHRorgHow ya doing - this is Markus over at your old Job in seattle16:21
heckjMarkusWPHRorg: Heh - good morning! Say hello to the crew at standup in a few minutes!16:22
NashTrashheckj: I found this Question ( which makes some sense.  But shouldn't the nova-compute service do this automatically?16:22
*** hggdh has joined #openstack16:22
ianuchiyYomto markus, heck: i tried append some random lines on nova-config16:22
ianuchiyYomnova: api, scheduler, network, compute will restart without any error code in the cli16:23
ianuchiyYomi will read now the /var/log/nova/nova-* files, to see if there are any partins errors16:24
ianuchiyYomand do some ps  ax ( running ubuntu 11.04 )16:24
MarkusWPHRorgheckj: I said hi for you to everyone. Chris says "what did that guy do when he was here?"16:24
ianuchiyYomdidn't tryed that on the compute nodes, test machines16:24
CatKillerRazique, soren: Thanks, just saw your message, it must be installed so :) Thanks!"16:25
heckjNashTrash: looks like it's all about the network configuration - that's a weak spot in general on OpenStack right now, hence the focus on Network as a service blueprints in development16:25
*** ryker has quit IRC16:26
heckjMarkusWPHRorg: Nothin' useful, obviously. :-)16:26
NashTrashheckj: So true.  I guess I don't understand why this all stopped working.  It had been going along nicely.16:26
MarkusWPHRorgSpeaking of the networking piece, I have a poser for the devs/everyone:16:27
MarkusWPHRorgWhen I reboot my compute node, or even just restart the nova network service, I lose connectivity to (apparently) all of my instances.16:28
ianuchiyYomno luck in finding errors in var/log/nova16:28
ianuchiyYommaybe my installation wis broken16:28
heckjNashTrash: I'm learning the debugging as I'm going too.16:28
MarkusWPHRorgif I then launch a new instance from the web dashboard, they suddenly come back16:28
MarkusWPHRorgany idea what could be goin on there?16:29
heckjMarkusWPHRorg: arp cache timeout? The switches/etc taking time to refind those IP addresses? Esp. since nova-network is doing routing and twiddling to all those components.16:29
*** vladimir3p has joined #openstack16:30
heckjMarkusWPHRorg: I suspect if you periodically arp or such, they'll pop back into place16:30
*** kennethkalmer has quit IRC16:30
MarkusWPHRorgThis happens at reboot too though. It sits there indefinitely with no connectivity to instances, and then after creating a new one, connectivity returns16:30
MarkusWPHRorgdoes creating a new instance force an ARP update or something?16:31
*** nacx has quit IRC16:32
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack16:37
heckjMarkusWPHRorg: that I don't know, I'm not sure what would be refreshing that access.16:37
heckjMarkusWPHRorg: I'm sitting down to map out all the components today (my own needs) and their connectivity. I'll let you know if I see anything.16:37
*** joearnold has joined #openstack16:41
*** mgius has joined #openstack16:44
MarkusWPHRorgSorry - Standup16:44
MarkusWPHRorgCool Thanks. I'm wondering if I should report it as a bug somewhere? Pilot error is hugely likely here too, but even that may be worth noting for the docs16:47
*** infinite-scale has joined #openstack16:52
medberryAre "Quantum" and "NetStack" the same thing (or is one a subset of the other)?16:53
*** bonzay has joined #openstack16:53
*** bcwaldon has joined #openstack16:55
*** kennethkalmer has joined #openstack16:55
*** prudhvi has quit IRC16:55
heckjmedberry: I think Quantum is the blueprint, "NetStack" is a general reference to building out network as a service.16:56
medberrythanks heckj16:56
*** MotoMilind has joined #openstack16:56
MarkusWPHRorgIs there a way to clone an entire project in Openstack?16:57
heckjMarkusWPHRorg: not right now16:57
heckjMarkusWPHRorg: or more strictly correct - only by writing a script that does all that work you'd do manually to replicate it16:58
MarkusWPHRorgOk thanks16:58
*** jdurgin has joined #openstack16:59
MarkusWPHRorgWell, maybe that's something I can help work on for the project17:00
*** zns has quit IRC17:00
*** zul has joined #openstack17:03
*** PW_ has joined #openstack17:03
*** watcher has quit IRC17:05
*** PW_ has quit IRC17:12
*** kennethkalmer has quit IRC17:16
*** dovetaildan has quit IRC17:16
*** hggdh has quit IRC17:19
*** vladanian has joined #openstack17:21
vladanianHey everybody. Does anyone know of a good big list of openstack images, sort of like what's available from Ubuntu?17:21
*** hggdh has joined #openstack17:21
NashTrashheckj: Hey, figured out the issue with the metadata service17:22
MarkusWPHRorgvladanian: If you find one, plz let me know!17:22
*** r3sk3r has joined #openstack17:22
NashTrashvladanian: Especially let us know if someone gets a happy Win7 image17:23
MarkusWPHRorgNot to say that there isn't one out there, I would just like to find one too17:23
vladanianMarkusWPHRorg, will do17:23
*** zns has joined #openstack17:23
MarkusWPHRorgDoes anyone know if there is a way to take an instance that has been modded, and convert/copy it to then act as a base image?17:23
*** r3sk3r has quit IRC17:23
*** zenmatt has joined #openstack17:24
*** esker has joined #openstack17:24
*** adam_g has joined #openstack17:24
*** esker has quit IRC17:24
MarkusWPHRorgSo lets say I set up apache on an instance, can I then make that instance an image that I can spawn new instances from? Apologies if my terminology is off...17:24
*** zns has quit IRC17:26
heckjvladanian - there are some stashed in some of the projects (like the iPhone application), but you'd be best writing to Stephen Spector to see what he can point you to17:26
heckjNashTrash - what was it?17:26
vladanianheckj, thanks17:26
*** katkee has quit IRC17:26
*** esker has joined #openstack17:26
*** dovetaildan has joined #openstack17:28
*** hggdh has quit IRC17:30
NashTrashheckj: The VM calls out to for meta data.  The nova-api service is ready to answer, but it only talks on :8773.  It is nova-network's job to set up a NAT in its iptables to route all traffic to the nova-api instance.  My nova-network was sending the traffic to itself and not to the nova-api machine.  A little hacky iptables work and it is resolved.  Now I need to figure out the flags that should be set to make this work a17:31
*** GeoDud has joined #openstack17:32
*** vikasg has left #openstack17:33
Raziquehi all, when I register a custom image, then run euca-describe-images in order to see it's status17:33
NashTrashheckj: Ok, found the flag.  You have to set --ec2_dmz_host to the address of the nova-api service, otherwise it defaults to the address of the nova-network machine17:33
Raziquethe prompts hangs, and te nova api process uses all cpu17:33
Raziqueis it an expected behaviour ?17:33
*** dirkx_ has quit IRC17:35
jatsrtRazique: wait, it is probably decrypting/decompressing17:36
*** ohnoimdead has joined #openstack17:37
Raziquehey jatsrt  :)17:37
jatsrtback at it17:37
Raziquehehe, the remaining step for me is the ability to provide custom images :D17:37
Raziquesinece monday, it's killing me, but i'll go through it one day \o/17:38
Raziquepatience rules17:38
kbringardRazique: check out boxgrinder for building redhat based images (RHEL, Fedora, Cent) and vm-builder for debian (debian and ubuntu)17:39
kbringardboxgrinder even has a meta appliance image you can download, convert to qcow2 and upload/run to build images from your VM cloud17:40
kbringardand vmbuilder works on any Ubuntu machine, and it works on debian with some minor hackery17:40
jatsrtRazique: I've modified running ubuntu from sec, made fedora from scratch and made windows 2k8 from scratch, so far so good17:40
Raziquekbringard: thanks for the hint, I wasn't aware of boxgrinder17:41
kbringardyea, it's pretty slick17:41
Raziqueand I thought vmbuilder didn't work on debian :D17:41
heckjNashTrash: nice!17:41
RaziqueI've based all my tests on that site :
Raziqueok I'll try that tomorrow, time to go home :D cya guys17:43
*** Razique has left #openstack17:43
kbringardI think there is a snapshot command that works from the Openstack API now17:43
heckjNashTrash - you mind if I put that detail into LaunchPad Answers?17:43
kbringardor, you can use qemu-img to snapshot a running instance17:43
kbringardfor whoever was asking17:44
NashTrashheckj: Not at all.  Hopefully few will have to trip over this one.17:44
kbringardMarkusWPHRorg, that's who it was17:44
NashTrashkbringard: How do then make that snapshot a launchable image?17:44
MarkusWPHRorgNashTrash: I'm having the same issue17:44
kbringardwell, it depends17:45
kbringardif it was an "all in one" image before17:45
MarkusWPHRorgNove network is sending incoming port 22 to the physical host instead of the instance17:45
NashTrashMarkusWPHRorg: Ah, sorry.  Make sure to check out what your 'my_ip' and 'ec2_dmz_host' flags are set to17:45
kbringardmeaning that it had no associated ramdisk and/or kernel17:45
kbringardthen you should just be able to glance upload it17:45
kbringardor, if it had an external kernel or ramdisk before17:45
kbringardlike the uec images you can download17:46
kbringardthen you upload the image into glance, and associate it with the same ramdisk/kernel that you launched the original image with17:46
*** obino has joined #openstack17:46
kbringardin theoruy17:46
kbringardif you run this on the compute node the instance is running on17:46
kbringardyou should get a snapshotted image17:47
NashTrashkbringard: Cool.  I think that I want to try it.17:47
MarkusWPHRorgkbringard: THank you! That looks pretty cool17:47
kbringardyou can also use the glance-uploader.bash in there to upload the image into glance, and associate it with the right kernel/ramdisk17:47
kbringardor, if you have ruby, the glance-uploader.rb is better, imo17:48
*** Shentonfreude has quit IRC17:48
kbringardsince the bash script is just a wrapper around glance-upload, which is a wrapper around glance17:48
kbringardit all works for me, but even if it doesn't work out of the box, it should give you an idea as to how it's done17:48
heckjNashTrash - added to Q&A:
kbringardbut, like I said, I'm pretty sure the OpenStack API has a working snapshot call these days17:50
NashTrashheckj: Nice.  Thanks for doing that.17:50
*** bcwaldon has quit IRC17:54
*** zns has joined #openstack17:55
bonzayheckj: I think there is a small typo in your Lauchpad Answer17:55
bonzayheckj: shouldnt that be
*** obino has quit IRC17:56
MarkusWPHRorgkbringard: (and everyone) so back on the ec2_dmz_host topic - what would you recommend if I have two seperate interfaces - one publi and one on a private(1918) address space? The instnaces/nodes are on the private network17:56
kbringardwhat network mode are you using?17:57
MarkusWPHRorgShould I set it to the external(public) ip of the compute/nova network host, or the private ip?17:57
MarkusWPHRorgkbringard: the default17:57
NashTrashbonzay: You are correcy.  He was copying from a post by me and I fat fingered it.17:57
heckjOops - yeap17:57
*** BK_man has quit IRC17:58
kbringardMarkusWPHRorg: well, make sure you have the --public_interface flag set in your nova.conf17:58
heckjbonzay: grazie - updated with a comment (apparently you can't edit?)17:58
MarkusWPHRorgkbringard: It is - thank you17:58
kbringardand, since the default is vlan, I'd also make sure you set --vlan_interface17:58
kbringardwhich will likely be your internal interface17:59
kbringardbut, to your question17:59
MarkusWPHRorgOk, that's done now17:59
kbringardyea, I'd set one as the public and one as the private17:59
kbringardI have 3 interfaces on all of my machines... I have eth0 setup as "management" and is on 192.16818:00
kbringardI have eth1 as the VM network, which is and is vlan tagged18:00
kbringardand I have eth2 as "external"18:00
kbringardso that's where my external API address lives, and where my network controller routes external traffic from18:00
kbringardthe compute nodes all only have eth0 and eth118:01
kbringardwith all interVM traffic going over the tagged eth1 interface, and outbound traffic goes over the eth1 tagged to the network-controller, which then D/SNATs the traffic out through eth2 to the world18:01
kbringardof course, your machines have to be physically wired up to the switch properly, and the switch has to have it's ports configured properly18:03
kbringardits* ports... stupid apostrophe18:04
*** esker has quit IRC18:04
*** obino has joined #openstack18:05
annegentlekbringard: wait, nova has * ports? Like star ports? Oh I crack myself up.18:06
kbringardannegentle: haha, permission to beam aboard the geek ship, ma'am!18:06
* annegentle snorts18:07
kbringardspeaking of nothing in particular, has anyone been on star tours since it re-opened at Disneyland?18:08
*** openpercept_ has quit IRC18:08
jatsrtkbringard: no but it should be good, kids were upset last time we went that it was closed18:09
*** openpercept_ has joined #openstack18:10
kbringardjatsrt: yea... I lived like 10 minutes form dland until March... now I live in another state. was super bummed18:10
*** openpercept_ is now known as Guest5835618:10
kbringardStar Tours was one of my favorite rides there18:10
MarkusWPHRorgkbringard: Ya, everything should be wired up ok18:11
kbringardso, since people seem to be awake now... I have a quick question about some odd networking I'm seeing18:11
MarkusWPHRorggo for it18:12
kbringardif I assign a floating IP to an instance, I can access the instance via it's floating IP from everywhere, except another VM in the same project18:12
kbringardthe floaters are external IPs18:12
*** Guest61739 is now known as ianweller18:12
MarkusWPHRorgooh - you'd run into firewall issues with that I would think18:13
*** ianweller has quit IRC18:13
*** ianweller has joined #openstack18:13
kbringardbut I wouldn't have thought it'd matter where it's sourcing from, since the gateway should be the network controller18:13
kbringardmy only thought was some kind of RNAT in and out the same interface madness18:13
MarkusWPHRorgI would think the Kernel would block anything like that for fear of a spoofing attack18:13
MarkusWPHRorgunless there was an explicit rule18:14
MarkusWPHRorg(my $.02)18:14
MarkusWPHRorgand when I say "the kernel" I really mean18:14
kbringardwell, it works for everything from everywhere... even other VM instances with, or without floaters assigned to them18:14
MarkusWPHRorgthe default iptables rules18:14
kbringardjust not within the same project, which in my case, means the same boradcast domain18:14
*** ameade has quit IRC18:14
MarkusWPHRorgoh I see18:14
kbringardand I guess it would have to be in everyone else's case too18:15
*** asomya has joined #openstack18:15
kbringardit's very odd18:15
jatsrtkbringard: first why would you want to communicate like that18:15
jatsrtsecond that is pretty standard NAT functionality18:15
kbringardjatsrt: yea, that's why I said, it may be expected18:15
jatsrtout and in again to the same network is not really something that works well18:15
MarkusWPHRorgI bet it is because a NAT rule is set up to link the outside ip with the internal instances, but not the other way around18:15
MarkusWPHRorgI bet the right iptable entry would fix it18:15
jatsrtyou could probably make it work, but you would put a lot of overhead to managing traffic that doesn't need to be external in the first place18:16
MarkusWPHRorgyou might need a route entry too18:16
kbringardjatsrt: yea, I agree... I just had someone ask because they wanted to point their application to a static IP18:16
*** Guest58356 has quit IRC18:16
jatsrtthink of your router at home, you probably NAT and port map, but you wouldn't try to go to the external address to get to a web server on the machine you are sitting at18:17
* MarkusWPHRorg nods18:17
MarkusWPHRorgbut when you have a "customer" that wants/"needs" to hardware an IP....18:17
MarkusWPHRorgerr hardWIRE18:18
kbringardyea, I get it, and that's what I thought, I was just making sure I wasn't smoking crack since S/D/RNAT has come a long way since I last messed with it at that level18:18
jatsrtyeah, I would try to avoid it even if it was doable, too much overhead on your network would be introduced18:19
MarkusWPHRorgkbringard: I don't think there's any reason you couldn't write up a NAT rule that would work18:19
MarkusWPHRorgpain in the ass though, and potential security issue18:19
kbringardmy response is usually "This is a different kind of environment that will give you a lot of flexibility, but you have to be willing to adapt your application to work in it"18:19
MarkusWPHRorg(spoofing, etc)18:19
kbringardMarkusWPHRorg: yea, I don't want to mess with it18:19
kbringardso in this case a user-data script or something to write out a hosts file would probably work18:20
jatsrtyeah, better to use DNS18:20
kbringardor yea, DNS18:20
kbringardcool, thanks for the confirmation18:20
kbringardI do appreciate it18:20
MarkusWPHRorgThat's a good idea - then you/they have the flexibility to change it later18:20
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack18:21
kbringardI love this place, everyone is so helpful18:21
MarkusWPHRorg I'm new here, but yes, it does seem that way18:22
MarkusWPHRorgDifferent topic: I noticed in the dashboard there is a place for "project images"18:23
MarkusWPHRorgCan openstack store an image of an entire project?18:23
*** heckj has quit IRC18:23
kbringardhmmm, that's probably machine images that are specific to that project18:23
MarkusWPHRorgya. I thought that might be too much to hope for18:24
MarkusWPHRorgDoes anyone have a script or other means for duplicating an entire project?18:24
jatsrtno, "cloudformation" type functionailty :-)18:24
*** zul has quit IRC18:25
MarkusWPHRorgI wonder how hard it would be to code something like that in?18:26
kbringardhow do you mean "duplicating"18:27
kbringardlike, snapshotting running instances and everything?18:27
*** vladimir3p has quit IRC18:27
kbringardlive migrating them?18:27
MarkusWPHRorgwell yes18:27
kbringardor, just dumping the DB so you can import it elsewhere18:27
MarkusWPHRorgSo I have project 1 with a LAMP stack, multiple web servers, load balancers, etc18:27
MarkusWPHRorgand I "snapshot" it, and a second, identcal copy(except for ip addresses, etc) comes up and is visble as a new project18:28
MarkusWPHRorgcompletely seperate, migratable, etc18:28
kbringardI think your time would be better spent writing user data scripts to setup your environment18:29
kbringardin truth18:29
MarkusWPHRorgWe could roll it all into a giant tarball or similar18:29
MarkusWPHRorgwhat do you mean by user dta scripts?18:29
kbringardat least, that's how I'd personally tackle the problem18:29
MarkusWPHRorgdata even18:29
kbringardso, when you launch an instance, you can specify user-data18:30
MarkusWPHRorgOh I see18:30
kbringardso basically, you write a script that creates your LAMP environment18:30
kbringardthen you launch a vanilla instance with -f lamp.data18:30
*** infinite-scale has quit IRC18:30
kbringardor whatever18:30
kbringardso then, when the instance boots, it runs that script, which configures everything you need18:30
MarkusWPHRorgBut what if your environment is like dozens of servers? you have to write a seperate script for each server?18:30
kbringarda different one for each type of server18:31
kbringardthing of it as applying a template18:31
MarkusWPHRorgbut then you'd have to run a dozen seperate scripts to set up a given environment18:31
kbringard*shrug* your milage may vary, but based on how our environment is here, that's a better way for me to do it18:31
kbringardwell, you write all these scripts and keep them in like, a git repo or something18:32
MarkusWPHRorggot it18:32
kbringardthen you write a meta script that uses the euca2ools18:32
kbringardchecks out the git repo18:32
kbringardlaunches the correct instance types, in the correct security groups18:32
kbringardwith the correct user-data scripts18:32
MarkusWPHRorgright right18:32
kbringardthen, x time later you have your entire environment up and running18:33
kbringardand it's a lot cleaner, because you don't have log files or whatever else leftover from the other running instances18:33
kbringardagain, lots of ways to solve a problem, but that's how I'd personally do it18:33
MarkusWPHRorgoh right18:34
kbringardbut I'm a fan of writing scripts for everything... if I can help it I never do anything by hand18:34
kbringardI start a script, run it, see if it does what I want, then modify and start over18:34
MarkusWPHRorgIf we were to snapshot a running project, we would have to clean up all the user data, logs etc18:34
MarkusWPHRorgThat's a good way to work18:34
MarkusWPHRorgI tend to find out what works by hand, and then roll it into a script18:35
*** zul has joined #openstack18:36
MarkusWPHRorg6 / half dozen I suppose18:36
kbringardyea, it's all about how you approach problems18:37
kbringardI used to do it the way you described, but I'm disorganized enough that I'd end up doing stuff that didn't make it into the script18:37
kbringardthen a month later I'd run it and it wouldn't all work, and i'd spend a few hours remembering why18:37
*** zul has quit IRC18:38
*** zul has joined #openstack18:38
*** philippkueng has joined #openstack18:39
*** bonzay has quit IRC18:41
*** bonzay has joined #openstack18:41
j05hkbringard: and then someone kills your instance right when you finish working on it and all of your work is lost anyway.18:44
kbringardhaha, yea18:44
kbringardthose jerks18:44
*** llang629 has left #openstack18:45
NashTrashjaypipes: You around?18:49
*** bonzay has quit IRC18:49
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC18:49
jaypipesNashTrash: yuppers18:50
NashTrashjaypipes: I want to switch from using sqlite to mysql for glance.  I changed the sql_connection string to point to my server and created a database called glance.  Is there a db sync type command I need to use?18:51
*** Shentonfreude has joined #openstack18:51
kbringardglance-manage db_sync I think it is18:51
jaypipesNashTrash: ^^18:51
kbringardw00t, I win!18:52
jaypipesNashTrash: not sure if it will work from one RDBMS to another, though....18:52
NashTrashkbringard: Nice.18:52
NashTrashjaypipes: Nothing shows up in the DB18:52
jaypipesNashTrash: haven't tested that, unfounrtaltey...18:52
kbringardspeaking of glance, I managed to get an nginx proxy in front of it to do authentication18:52
kbringarduntil the native auth stuff is done18:53
jaypipesNashTrash: ya, you will need to manually migrate the data18:53
jaypipeskbringard: heh, I'm working on keystone integration as we speak...18:53
NashTrashjaypipes: that's fine, but nothing, like no tables, show up in the new DB18:53
jaypipesNashTrash: db_sync handles migration of the schema, not data.18:53
jaypipesNashTrash: hmm...18:53
jaypipesNashTrash: have you restarted the servers?18:53
NashTrashjaypipes: Viola!  db_sync with restart.  That was the ticket18:54
jaypipesNashTrash: coolio.18:55
zykes-anyone her egot a preseed template ?18:55
NashTrashjaypipes: Registry starts up nicely, but API starts up with a bunch of permissions on api.log errors.18:56
jaypipesNashTrash: could you pastebin them for me?18:56
*** mgius has quit IRC18:56
*** mgius has joined #openstack18:57
NashTrashjaypipes: Here you go:
*** JusHal has left #openstack18:59
*** kbringard has quit IRC18:59
jaypipesNashTrash: hmm, how did you restart the services?19:00
NashTrashrestart glance-api19:00
*** clauden_ has joined #openstack19:00
*** kbringard has joined #openstack19:01
kbringardgah, stupid internet19:01
*** ryker has joined #openstack19:01
*** zns has quit IRC19:04
jaypipesNashTrash: weird... kbringard have you seen anything like that?19:05
jaypipeskbringard: NashTrash is having this issue after 'restart glance-api':
kbringardsorry, I disconnected, ah, thanks19:05
kbringardlemme go look19:05
*** Shentonfreude1 has joined #openstack19:06
kbringardthat is odd... who owns /var/log/glance/api.log19:06
jaypipesNashTrash: see the bottom of that... looks kinda similar.19:06
jaypipesNashTrash: that's a bug I need to investigate.19:06
kbringardit should be glance:nogroup19:07
jaypipesNashTrash: by any chance, do you know who owned it before restart? :)19:07
kbringardat least that's who owns it on my system19:07
* jaypipes wondering if on restart, the log file owner is changed?19:07
NashTrashjaypipes: I just did the install from the milestone-1 ppa.  I think it was always root:root19:07
jaypipesNashTrash: k, good to know.19:07
kbringardhaha, maybe "fixing" it is what caused the problem19:07
jaypipesNashTrash: just trying to identify what might be causing that...19:08
NashTrashjaypipes: Ok.  Please let me know what other info I can supply.19:08
*** Shentonfreude has quit IRC19:08
zykes-who where uses ubuntu ?19:08
zykes-and pxe boot...19:08
*** dolphm has quit IRC19:09
jaypipesNashTrash: well, in the meantime, chown the api.log file to whatever user runs glance-api (I think the packaging sets up a glance user and/or group). kbringard can you confirm?19:09
jaypipesNashTrash: you on debian or rpm system?19:09
kbringardmine is set to glance:nogroup19:09
kbringardon Ubuntu 10.1019:10
kbringardbut it's 644, so glance owner is really all that matters19:10
kbringardsince group can't write to it anyway19:10
*** thomas-_ has joined #openstack19:11
NashTrashjaypipes: I am Ubuntu 10.1019:11
zykes-NashTrash: how you set up ?19:12
NashTrashzykes-: Pardon?19:12
*** ameade has joined #openstack19:12
NashTrashzykes-: Sorry, I am not using pxe19:12
jaypipesNashTrash: for a quick fix, just chown glance:nogroup api.log19:12
*** openpercept_ has joined #openstack19:12
zykes-NashTrash: you using pxe  booting ? ah ok :p19:12
*** openpercept_ is now known as Guest6124219:12
kbringardzykes-: what problem are you having?19:13
zykes-kbringard: need a preseed that works19:13
MarkusWPHRorgSame problem: Nova Network is not setting up a link between a public ip and the instance it is associated with19:13
zykes-the ones i tried is not working19:13
MarkusWPHRorgDoes anyone know how I can debug that?19:13
jatsrtMarkusWPHRorg: what is happening in the logs?19:14
MarkusWPHRorgThe docs say there should be an iptables rule in place making this connection(NAT?)19:14
NashTrashkbringard: jaypipes: I chown'ed api.log and all is good now.19:14
jatsrtsorry if you already posted that I was out for a bit19:14
MarkusWPHRorgjatsrt: Which log file? There doesn't seem to be anything in nova-network.log19:14
jatsrtso if you assign the address then euca-descibe-addr… does it show it assigned19:14
MarkusWPHRorgor nova-manage.log19:14
MarkusWPHRorgbut I'm not sure what I should grp for19:14
jatsrtjust keep a tail going in another window so you can see "real-time" what is happening19:15
jaypipesNashTrash: ok, good. keep us informed if you notice that happen again.19:15
*** thomas-_ is now known as bonzay19:15
MarkusWPHRorgwhat should I do while running the tail?19:16
jatsrtlook for errors, they are obvious from "normal" messages19:16
jatsrtwhat does euca-describe-addresses look like19:16
NashTrashjaypipes: What I did notice is that if api.log does not exist, when glance-api starts up it creates it but maybe with the wrong permissions19:16
jatsrtyou should see something like:19:16
jatsrtADDRESS172.16.16.128i-000000f4 (jakeproj)19:16
jatsrtand not:19:16
*** Guest61242 has quit IRC19:16
jatsrtADDRESS172.16.16.131None (jakeproj)19:16
zykes-kbringard: how come ?19:16
jatsrtso is it a problem getting assigned or is it a problem getting setup19:17
jatsrtthen you can also run ip add show and see if it got assigned to an interface19:17
jatsrtif all that looks good, then look into iptables19:17
*** kbringard has quit IRC19:17
jatsrtalso assuming you can talk to he private IP without a problem19:17
MarkusWPHRorgoh wait - it got added to the wrong interface for starters19:18
jatsrtshould get assigned to whatever is setup as public_interface19:19
*** zns has joined #openstack19:19
jaypipesNashTrash: yeah, that's what I'm thinking, too.19:20
MarkusWPHRorgok, let me work on that19:20
*** HouseAway is now known as AimanA19:21
ianuchiyYomis there any line in nova.conf that could make nova-compute to respawn/restart?19:21
ianuchiyYomthe behaviour con be observed only in syslog file, on ubuntu 11.04, no sign of errors in nova log files19:22
*** clauden_ has quit IRC19:22
*** clauden_ has joined #openstack19:22
*** kbringard has joined #openstack19:23
ianuchiyYomstrace nova-compute seems to hang the process at updating the time19:24
ianuchiyYomthis happens on all of the nodes, preventing instances to be launched19:28
*** jatsrt has quit IRC19:30
*** crescendo has quit IRC19:32
*** ziyadb has joined #openstack19:34
*** crescendo has joined #openstack19:36
*** crescendo has joined #openstack19:36
MarkusWPHRorgOk, I have a nova TRACE/error in my log file when I run "nova-manage floating list"19:36
*** kennethkalmer has joined #openstack19:36
MarkusWPHRorgIs it ok if I dump it in channel it's about 10-15 lines)19:36
MarkusWPHRorgAlso, when I run "euca-disassociate-address <public ip address>" it doesn't dissociate - euca-describe-addresses still shows it there19:39
MarkusWPHRorgi also tried running "euca-release-address <public ip>"19:39
MarkusWPHRorgno love there either19:40
*** markvoelker has quit IRC19:40
*** vladanian has quit IRC19:41
MarkusWPHRorgAnd there's more: "nova-manage floating list" doesn't how the ip in question BUT19:42
MarkusWPHRorgit still let me delete it anyway19:42
*** ahs3 has quit IRC19:42
MarkusWPHRorgjust to be sure, when I ran the delete a second time, it errored out saying " No floating ip for address <public ip>" in the logs19:43
MarkusWPHRorgso that's a bit of weirdness - just thought you guys might want to know bout it19:43
MarkusWPHRorgand now that I ran the nova-manage floating delete, it no longer appears in a "euca-describe-addresses"19:44
MarkusWPHRorgeven though it never existed in the first place according to nova-manage floating list19:45
*** Shentonfreude1 has quit IRC19:45
MarkusWPHRorgOh, and now none of my instances are reachable vi ssh from the compute node19:48
MarkusWPHRorgvia even19:48
MarkusWPHRorgBut I'll bet dollars-to-donuts that if I spin up a fresh instance from the dashboard, most/all of them will suddenly be reachable19:48
MarkusWPHRorgShould I be reporting these things to a bugtracker somewhere?19:49
*** mRy has joined #openstack19:51
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC19:51
*** mRy is now known as Guest983019:52
*** dgags has quit IRC19:52
*** jaypipes is now known as jaypipes-afk19:52
*** summer has quit IRC19:58
*** Shentonfreude has joined #openstack19:58
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack19:58
*** heckj has joined #openstack19:59
*** zns has quit IRC20:01
*** zul has quit IRC20:02
*** lborda has quit IRC20:03
*** katkee has joined #openstack20:05
NashTrashHas anyone here ever had to use the "use_forwarded_for" flag for the nova-api service?20:10
*** bonzay has quit IRC20:11
*** MarcMorata has joined #openstack20:12
*** katkee has quit IRC20:12
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*** kennethkalmer has quit IRC20:24
kbringardjaypipes-afk: I was going to ask if you're here20:28
kbringardbut based on your name, I'm guessing no20:28
*** philippkueng has quit IRC20:37
*** MotoMilind has quit IRC20:39
*** MarkusLunch has quit IRC20:39
*** MotoMilind has joined #openstack20:39
uvirtbotNew bug: #797907 in nova "Add support for floating IPs in the OpenStack API " [Undecided,In progress]
*** philippkueng has joined #openstack20:43
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j05hi thought it was "always for kevin"20:44
*** philippkueng has quit IRC20:47
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*** philippkueng has joined #openstack20:53
annegentlej05h: "a free kill?" :)20:55
j05hannegentle: more likely.20:55
j05h"attacking flying koalas"20:56
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*** kbringard has joined #openstack21:45
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*** j05h has joined #openstack21:45
_vinayHi, I have a question21:48
_vinay"since you can't yet select the type of network for a given project, you cannot configure more than one type of network in a given Compute installation"21:48
_vinayThis from the admin manual....21:48
heckj_vinay - yep, that's correct. Network choice is per overall nova/compute installation21:48
_vinayso the question is -- is this feature(network choice per project) coming in future??21:49
*** adiantum has quit IRC21:49
heckjThere's 3 separate (but collaborating) efforts underway to implement network as a service to allow for more flexibility in the future. That was a huge focus in the last design summit.21:50
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack21:51
*** matiu_ has joined #openstack21:53
*** Guest9830 has quit IRC21:54
_vinayok .. thanks for the info heckj ..  will  <-- this be where I can find the latest thinking about network as a service ??21:55
*** matiu_ is now known as matiu21:56
heckj_vinay: good place to start - there's also sub-blueprints for specific efforts: Quantum, etc...21:56
*** Guest56702 has quit IRC21:57
markvoelker_vinay: See also: , , , and
*** Ephur has quit IRC22:00
*** Shentonfreude has quit IRC22:00
*** adiantum has joined #openstack22:02
*** PW_ has joined #openstack22:02
_vinayok will go through the info.. thanks for the links markvoelker22:04
heckj_vinay: would be better to watch as a general location22:04
_vinaycool sounds good.. thanks22:05
*** zns has joined #openstack22:07
*** pguth66 has quit IRC22:12
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*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack23:12
ohnoimdeadis there documentation somewhere on swift container acls? not finding it in the docs, but i might be blind.23:13
*** ton_katsu has quit IRC23:14
*** PW_ has quit IRC23:16
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack23:17
*** markvoelker has quit IRC23:19
*** nphase has quit IRC23:22
notmynameohnoimdead: ya, let me dig out a link23:23
*** carsten has joined #openstack23:23
*** carsten is now known as fcarsten23:23
notmynameohnoimdead: what version of swift are you using?23:23
fcarstenswift question: How do I find out which version I'm running?23:24
*** jsm has quit IRC23:24
notmynameumm....dpkg -l | grep swift maybe? ;-)23:24
notmynameI guess it depends on how you installed it23:24
notmynameyou could open a python console and import swift then look at swift.__version__23:25
ohnoimdeadi installed saio23:25
*** dragondm has quit IRC23:26
ohnoimdead>>> import swift23:26
ohnoimdead>>> swift.__version__23:26
fcarstennotmyname: howto_installmultinode.html23:27
*** nphase has joined #openstack23:27
notmynameohnoimdead: awesome. the link above should give a starting place23:27
ohnoimdeadsweet, thnx23:27
notmynamemost stuff in swift shouldn't be affected by the version you have installed23:28
notmynameexcept, of course, auth and acls might be23:28
notmynamesince acls is tied to auth and we've done several auth changes recently23:28
fcarstennotmyname: cool thanks.23:28
*** jaypipes-afk is now known as jaypipes23:29
ohnoimdeadmember:notmyname: cool thanks.23:31
notmyname also has a little more general info and details about x-container-read and x-container-write23:32
*** ewindisch has quit IRC23:33
ohnoimdeadi'm assuming keystone has/will have some impact on acls?23:33
*** HugoKuo_ has joined #openstack23:33
*** fayce_ has joined #openstack23:33
*** amccabe has quit IRC23:35
*** heckj has quit IRC23:35
notmynameohnoimdead: I certainly hope so :-)23:36
*** throughn1thing has joined #openstack23:36
*** nerens has joined #openstack23:36
notmynamenow, I don't know if the implementation will be different. but I expect that keystone should support acls23:36
notmynames/different/different for swift23:36
*** sandywalsh_ has joined #openstack23:37
*** fayce has quit IRC23:37
*** mancdaz1203 has joined #openstack23:37
*** fayce_ is now known as fayce23:37
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*** ironcamel2 has joined #openstack23:41
*** [ack] has joined #openstack23:43
*** deepy_ has joined #openstack23:43
fcarstenIt seems that recently changed and the previous instructions regarding swautch were replaced with tempAuth? Is the old version still somewhere online?23:45
fcarstenIt is the one I used for my installation and I need to look seomthing up.23:45
*** zenmatt_ has joined #openstack23:45
notmynamefcarsten: it's supposed to be available23:45
notmynamemtaylor: ^23:46
notmynamefcarsten: you should be able to use the 1.2 link on the sidebar23:46
*** netmarkjp has joined #openstack23:46
*** netmarkjp has left #openstack23:46
*** retr0h has quit IRC23:46
mtaylornotmyname: aroo? hrm23:46
notmynamefcarsten: swauth was removed in the latest version of swift (1.4.1).23:46
notmynamemtaylor: I'm assuming you're the one who does that, but please tell me who to bug if you aren't it :-)23:47
mtayloryup. 1.2 link would be the key23:47
fcarstennotmyname: the 1.2 link has the devauth instructions, not the swautch.23:47
*** fysa has joined #openstack23:47
notmynamemtaylor: we seem to be missing 1.3 and 1.4 docs23:47
notmynamemaybe 1.4.1 (since trunk is 1.4.2)23:47
mtaylornotmyname: I have an outstanding bug about that lemme pump that up on my priority list23:47
notmynamecool. thanks23:47
fcarstenmtaylor: thanks.23:48
*** rchavik has joined #openstack23:49
*** rchavik has joined #openstack23:49
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