Monday, 2011-06-27

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Fu4nyhello, I'm thinking about using XenServer with Openstack02:14
Fu4nyseems that this setup doesn't support live-migration yet ?02:14
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HugoKuo__A weired problem with glance :<03:13
HugoKuo__I failed to upload any UEC image ......03:14
HugoKuo__But it works with tty image .... how come .... no error damn03:14
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afranceSo I just got done reading both the compute and objectstoreage admin documents.  Just to make sure I understand this correctly, my objectsotre hardware should not utilize raid.  My compute servers on the other hand can.  They just need to have enough capacity to copy the images from the object store to work locally?  If my compute hardware had 1TB of storage I could run 2 500GB instances or 10 100GB instances.  Is my understanding03:16
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xxtjaxxHello! I get an errorno 111 refused when running euca-describe-instances on my nova-compute box. Which log should be looked at for clues? What could be the problem?07:52
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kpepplexxtjaxx: look first in /var/log/nova/nova-api.log ... but that error looks like a refused connection which might be incorrect config of euca-tools on your machine or firewall rules on the nova-api server07:54
xxtjaxxkpepple: nova-api and nova-compute are installed on the same system. There are no firewall settings made by me. fyi.07:55
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kpepplexxtjaxx: probably euca-tools or nova-api then. check and make sure nova-api is running on the correct port and you env variables are correct.07:58
Fu4nyas I'm thinking about my setup, we have nova running using glance as image service, and glance using swift as store08:02
Fu4nyI don't know if using glance is simple to setup live migration ?08:02
xxtjaxxkpepple: ah found the error. AUDIT nova starting nova-api on etc is fine is it?08:02
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kpepplexxtjaxx: it seems like nova-api should be up then ... can you telnet to the nova-api server's IP address on port 8773 ?08:03
xxtjaxxkpepple: guess thats a good sign08:07
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xxtjaxxWhat I find far more interesting is that nova attempts to connect to libvirt but fails. Though socket and URIs are valid08:27
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xxtjaxxkpepple: there are no euca related messages in the logs in /var/log/nova/*08:43
kpepplexxtjaxx: if you are getting refused connection, then something is stopping euca- before it gets to nova-api. either euca- is setup properly (make sure you sourced your nova.rc file) or you have a firewall issue. can you telnet to your nova-api server on port 8773 ?08:46
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xxtjaxxkpepple: as pasted before
xxtjaxxkpepple: and again08:54
xxtjaxxkpepple: so ydes there is a "valid" reaction to my querying08:55
kpepplexxtjaxx: okay. what does you environmental variable look like ? do you have the correct EC2_URL set ?08:56
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xxtjaxxkpepple: Ah good point had that set to the old IP should have looked there.09:02
kpepplexxtjaxx: cool. working ?09:03
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xxtjaxxkpepple: Whole different cattle of fish but euca-describe-instances works again thx!09:04
kpepplexxtjaxx: if you are using glance, make sure you glance-client is up to date09:06
xxtjaxxkpepple: nope nova only09:07
kpepplexxtjaxx: check to make sure nova-objectstore is running, then check the nova-api and nova-objectstore logs09:07
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xxtjaxxkpepple: Ah nova-api has a problem:
kpepplexxtjaxx: hmmm ... it is saying that connection has been refused when trying to remote address at port 8773(basically the loopback adress) ... probably a firewall thing on the server09:18
xxtjaxxkpepple: I told you before I haven't changed anything on the things firewall. This is basically an empty system just running debian with nova on it. I did not touch any IP-Tables or anything09:19
kpepplexxtjaxx: doesn't mean that the default firewall isn't up and running. on the server with nova-api, do a $telnet 8773 and see if it connects09:20
xxtjaxxkpepple: here for the 3rd time today
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kpepplexxtjaxx: is that on your server ? or your client ?09:22
xxtjaxxkpepple: it is one machine I do not have another oner09:22
xxtjaxxcirrus is my cloud server09:22
xxtjaxxkpepple: I do not use this thing for anything productive I am evalling openstack.09:22
kpepplexxtjaxx: ahh .. didn't get that09:26
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kpepplexxtjaxx: did you set your glance configuration options in nova.conf ? it doesn't seem to be finding the glance server (line 24 - 30)09:28
kpepplexxtjaxx: if you aren't using glance, you need to tell nova.conf you are using something else09:29
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xxtjaxxkpepple: I do not use glance.09:36
xxtjaxxkpepple: --image_service is what you mean I guess. Right? What do I have to enter there in order to use just local storage without glance?09:37
kpepplexxtjaxx: not positive here (imaging isn't my specialty) but I think you want "nova.image.local.LocalImageService"09:42
xxtjaxxkpepple: K WORKED09:43
xxtjaxxups... thx though09:43
kpepplexxtjaxx: good ... that was a bit of a guess09:43
* kpepple packs up his stuff and heads home from the office09:45
xxtjaxxkpepple: have fun :)09:46
uvirtbotNew bug: #802434 in nova "nova-instancemonitor needs to be refreshed or dumped" [Medium,Confirmed]
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xxtjaxxHmm now uploading is refused09:48
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xxtjaxxRazique: Hey!10:06
koolhead11soren, hello10:10
HugoKuo__I got a weired problem with glance XD10:10
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HugoKuo__koolheadll, what's interesting stuff in your current prograss XD10:11
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koolhead11HugoKuo__, hehe!! am good man.10:14
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HugoKuo__r u still work on openstack ?10:16
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xxtjaxxRazique: Hey hey I get a connection refused when uploading images using uec-publish-tarball why?10:45
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Raziquexxtjaxx: hey :)11:15
Raziquebe back in 45 mn11:15
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xxtjaxxRazique: Back?12:04
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Raziquexxtjaxx: yup :)12:47
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Raziquewhere do  I set my settings to my nova setup into the nova-dashboard ?12:53
RaziqueI knew that the code has been changed, so settings are no longer in local_settings.py12:54
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xxtjaxxRazique: Which dashboard? Is this the webfrontend?12:55
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Raziquexxtjaxx: the one mentionned here
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HugoKuo__does anyone using glance 142 and latest nova version ?  Could u plz add a UEC image for me to verify a bug ?13:00
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xxtjaxxRazique: I try to use nova-dashboard. But apperently there is a connection refused when it tries to connect to nova-api. Any ideas why?13:36
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xxtjaxxRazique: It's on the login page.13:38
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Raziquexxtjaxx: did you configured the dashboard so it knows where the api server is ?13:42
zobelNOVA_DEFAULT_ENDPOINT = 'http://localhost:8773/services/Cloud'13:43
zobelsomething like this?13:43
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xxtjaxxRazique: e2Url? Sure --ec2_url=
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p0xxtjaxx: what login/pass do you use on the login page ?13:55
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p0I always get Errno 111 Connection refused13:55
xxtjaxxp0 the ones of my user I set when I created the virtualenv13:56
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Raziquexxtjaxx: in which files did u set the credentials ?14:23
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huslagehow do most people do DNS for these machines? just a set of static entries? does openstack have any mechanism or plan for tackling this issue?14:26
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Raziquehuslage:  in vlan mode and flat dhcp dnsmask has a dns server include14:30
huslageyeah, but i mean public dns updates14:30
Raziquewell the dns server (bind) handles leases and TTLs :)14:31
Raziquexxtjaxx: yup :)14:32
xxtjaxxRazique: 2011-06-27 16:31:43,736 INFO nova.compute.manager [-] Found instance 'instance-00000002' in DB but no VM. State=5, so setting state to shutoff. << I guess euca-run-instance with a new set of aki ami ari should be suficient?14:32
Raziquexxtjaxx: you could try yah ; but before that check nova-api.log14:33
huslageok. better question Razique can i configure the domain name in dnsmasq so that i can delegate to it from an external DNS source?14:34
huslagenot source, server.14:34
huslagei'm not awake enough14:34
Raziquehuslage: I think at best you can set the ip of the dns server14:36
xxtjaxxRazique: Renewed my Images. now its at "Networking"14:37
Raziquedon't think you can just delegate the authority to a specific domain ; actually, it's to me what dnsmasq does ; it doesn't have it's own dns domain14:37
xxtjaxxwhats that for a state?14:37
Raziquetry nova-manage service list :)14:37
xxtjaxxRazique: was that for Me or huslage?14:38
Raziquexxtjaxx: for you :)14:38
xxtjaxxRazique: Its allright its enabled. I executed a new euca-run-instance with ami, aki, ari and that worked fine. a euca-describe-instances says that its at the state of networking. What does that mean?14:40
Raziquexxtjaxx: networking means nova-network is creating bridges/ vlan and assigning an ip to the instance14:40
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Raziquedo you guys use nova-volumes14:48
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Raziquehow can I delete a security rule that I've added with euca-authorize ?15:01
*** naehring has quit IRC15:02
Raziquefound it : euca-revoke15:02
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zobelmh... nice. it took me 2h from 0 to 100 to setup a compute node.15:08
zobelnice software!15:08
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uvirtbotNew bug: #802573 in openstack-manuals "Glance flags need to be updated" [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #802587 in swift "drop_buffer_cache() doesn't work on systems where off_t isn't 64 bits" [Undecided,Fix committed]
uvirtbotNew bug: #802585 in swift "fix rate limit tests" [Low,Fix committed]
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huslageis there any way to make all instances restart when a server reboots? I've only got two servers in my test cluster so I would like for things to come back to life nicely.15:38
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Raziquehuslage: when instances are running, if you reboot the nova cloud, the instances restart too :)15:42
huslagedidn't happen15:43
heckjhuslage: it depends on which hypervisor you're running. There's a setting to make KVM do that, I'm not so famiilar with the others.15:43
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vishythey will go to shutdown15:46
vishyand require a manual reboot15:46
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*** Fu4ny has joined #openstack16:05
Raziquevishy: ok thanks for the precision ; here using kvm, my instances reboot by themselves16:06
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack16:07
vishyRazique: really?16:08
vishydid you do any special settings to make that occur?16:08
Raziquevishy: mmm not that I'm aware off :) but that's a nice feature though :p16:08
vishyRazique: I haven't seen that happen, but maybe this was a recent change16:09
Raziquebtw, into libvirt, there is a commande virsh autostart $domain16:10
Raziqueit adds into the domain.xml a line (leme get that flag)16:10
Raziqueoh no, I recall, it creates a symlink /etc/libvirt/qemu/domain.xml => /etc/libvirt/qemu/autostart/domain.xml16:12
*** ohnoimdead has joined #openstack16:12
Raziqueso the domains boot when the libvirt service restarts16:12
*** MarkusWPHRorg has joined #openstack16:12
MarkusWPHRorgGood morning all, (or whatever is appropriate for yout particular timezone)16:13
RaziqueMarkusWPHRorg: hi! 18 pm here :p hehe16:13
Fu4nyhello ;)16:13
Fu4nyit's me again16:13
Raziqueagain, do people here use nova-volumes ? :D16:13
MarkusWPHRorghey Fu4ny16:13
MarkusWPHRorghi Razique16:14
Fu4nydid you submit into openstack mailing list16:14
Fu4nythere's a question that I ask but no one answer =(16:14
RaziqueFu4ny: just ask :)16:15
Eykhas anyone heard of someon who uses openstack swift for Videostreaming? It would be nice if it were useable for it16:15
MarkusWPHRorgFu4ny: I'm new so may be of limited help, but what is your question?16:15
*** ziyadb_ has quit IRC16:15
notmynameEyk: that's a complicated subject :-) yes, swift can be used, but what's your use case?16:15
*** ziyadb has joined #openstack16:15
Fu4nyyeah I'll repost here16:15
MarkusWPHRorgEyk: That's a great idea. Would you spawn a new instance to service each stream or a limited set of streams?16:15
Fu4nyAs I read the document, to enable migration between hosts, I must have kvm running with the instance dir mounted via NFS on both controller and compute node.16:16
Fu4nyIs live-migration support in other hypervisor (Xen, XenServer).16:16
Fu4nyI'm thinking about using glance as image service, and swift as backend store for glance, is it possible to do live-migration with this setup.16:16
*** dirkx has quit IRC16:16
Eykwe do progressive  flash streaming and currently using something like hdfs, but we realy like swift and are thinking about migrating to swift16:18
notmynameEyk: swfit doesn't support rtmp, so you would have to use progressive downloading (sounds like that's what you're doing now). What would be needed on the swift side is to know how to translate the query arg for the offset to the appropriate range in the file (respecting keyframes and bitrates, etc).16:20
notmynameEyk: this could be implemented in middleware16:21
notmynameEyk: the other option is to have a separate service doing the translation/streaming and simply using swift for the storage16:21
uvirtbotNew bug: #802621 in nova "OSAPI 1.1: create server response code is 200, should be 202" [Undecided,New]
Eykjust http, no rtmp.  To get an idea of what we are doing, its similar to youtube16:22
Eykat the moment we have a normal posix filesystem and its no problem so access the data randomly, but when swift soport range requests or so it could be possible16:23
Eykwe just want to change the storage16:23
notmynameEyk: swift supports range requests16:23
*** Cromulent has quit IRC16:25
Eykok, we will give swift a try, thanks for your answers16:25
notmynameEyk: hope it helps. streaming requires more than just range requests, so if you have that covered, swift will do fine16:26
MarkusWPHRorgFu4ny: Not ignoring you - your question is beyond my knowledge16:27
MarkusWPHRorgI still have yet to get openstack running and connect an outside ip16:27
Eyknotmyname, yes you are right. we use for streaming. Maybe its possible to get it working with swift.16:29
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack16:29
Fu4nyMarkusWPHRorg: it's fine ;), I'm just asking and wait for someone knew it16:30
*** jedi4ever has quit IRC16:34
*** adam_g has joined #openstack16:37
*** obino has joined #openstack16:38
*** mRy has joined #openstack16:39
*** mRy is now known as Guest4666716:39
*** Guest82289 has quit IRC16:39
*** aliguori has quit IRC16:41
*** srikanth has joined #openstack16:41
*** adam_g has quit IRC16:44
Eykis there a good working solution avaiable to mount swift via fuse  or so ?16:46
Fu4nyEyk: I don't think there will be one16:47
*** irahgel has quit IRC16:47
Fu4nywhy would you want this, I recently ask a very similar question about the different between swift and other fs with fuse16:47
*** clauden_ has joined #openstack16:48
*** adam_g has joined #openstack16:48
*** lborda has quit IRC16:48
*** nid0 has joined #openstack16:50
*** clauden_ has quit IRC16:50
*** joearnold has joined #openstack16:51
*** clauden_ has joined #openstack16:51
Eykvishy, thank you, I was reading this while you post the link ;-)  I don't know if its could fit for videostreaming16:51
vishynot sure, the performance of fuse on swift is not incredible16:52
*** obino has quit IRC16:52
*** mszilagyi has joined #openstack16:53
*** MotoMilind has joined #openstack16:53
*** aliguori has joined #openstack16:55
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*** dirkx has joined #openstack17:28
CatKillerHi there!17:31
CatKillerI've got a small issue when trying to create a lot of volumes in Nova:17:31
CatKiller<Error><Code>QuotaError</Code><Message>Volume quota exceeded. You cannot create a volume of size 25G</Message></Error>17:31
*** joearnold has quit IRC17:31
CatKillerMy volumegroup has 900GB free17:31
CatKillerWould anyone know where to up the quota?17:31
*** joearnold has joined #openstack17:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #802656 in nova "OSAPI 1.1: create image response code is 200, should be 202" [Undecided,In progress]
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC17:34
*** BK_man has quit IRC17:36
*** BK_man has joined #openstack17:36
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*** bcwaldon has joined #openstack17:37
vishynova-manage project quota17:44
vishynova-manage or you can change default quota values via flags17:44
CatKillervishy: Hi, thanks a million! I googled for it but couldn't find itr17:44
*** dirkx has quit IRC17:46
*** mgius has quit IRC17:49
*** kbringard has joined #openstack17:49
CatKillervishy: I can get all the quotas printed out, but what would be the command to modify them (without using flags)? I tried nova-manage project modify quota but it didn't like that17:49
*** Cromulent has quit IRC17:54
*** GeoDud has joined #openstack17:55
*** ziyadb has quit IRC17:56
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uvirtbotNew bug: #802671 in nova "restart of nova-compute fails to create iptables rules" [Critical,In progress]
*** shentonfreude has joined #openstack18:03
CatKillervishy: I also tried with arguments: project_id [key] [value] (nova-manage project quota admin volumes 100)18:03
CatKillervishy: Found it, I was not allowed to write to the DB from that shell.18:07
*** infinite-scale has quit IRC18:08
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*** FallenPegasus has joined #openstack18:17
vishyyeah needed a sudo?18:19
*** katkee has quit IRC18:19
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*** pguth66 has joined #openstack18:34
MarkusWPHRorgHas anyone here been able to map a public ip to the private ip of an instance when they are each on seperate interfaces?18:38
*** obino has joined #openstack18:38
*** chemikadze has quit IRC18:41
*** MarcMorata has joined #openstack18:42
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*** shentonfreude has joined #openstack19:01
heckjMarksuWPHRorg: yeah - the IP address gets configured on the host with nova-networking, and that host is responsible for IPTables based DNAT/SNAT to route traffic in and out from the virtual machine. I haven't set that up, but that's how it's supposed to work to my understanding.19:01
*** RaCx has joined #openstack19:01
*** drewlander has quit IRC19:02
*** alandman has quit IRC19:02
*** bonzay is now known as zz_bonzay19:04
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*** FallenPegasus is now known as MarkAtwood19:10
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uvirtbotNew bug: #802694 in nova "osapi_port/osapi_listen_port and ec2_port/ec2_listen_port" [Undecided,New]
*** eday has quit IRC19:11
*** eday has joined #openstack19:11
heckjI was totally lost on a lot of the networking setup, so I wrote up a new wiki page to help explain FlatNetworking and how it's set up:
MarkusWPHRorgThank you heckj19:18
*** vladimir3p has joined #openstack19:25
MarkusWPHRorg Well, those are nice looking diagrams, and the last one does describe the setup I'm trying to build, but there's nothing in ther about how to actually go about setting this up. What do I need in my nova.conf? What do I need in /etc/network/interfaces?  What do I need to run as far as "nova-manage floating create" commands go and euca-allocate / euca-associate commands go? Do I need to ad any iptables rules manually? Is no19:25
MarkusWPHRorgthe correct floatin ip addresses and set up the right iptables / NAT rules?19:26
MarkusWPHRorgI just want to know how to get traffic from the "outside world" hitting my instances.19:27
heckjMarkusWPHRorg: (CAVEAT: I may be utterly wrong here)19:27
heckjI think you need to start with having --floating_range set up in nova.conf (default is You'll want to change that to your external IP address space19:27
heckjThen in the docs, section 7.3.5 and 7.3.6 talk to how to enable them:
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC19:28
heckjI think you'll have to do "nova-manage floating create [hostname] [cidr]" first19:29
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack19:29
heckjthen euca-associate-address -i [instance_id] [floating_ip].19:29
heckj walks it through - although I haven't done that setup as yet19:30
kbringardI don't have floating_range setup in mine and it works for me19:31
heckjAccording to that same doc, you'll need to ahve --public_interface configured in nova.conf as well - although those docs seem to be expecting VLANNetworking19:31
MarkusWPHRorgheckj: Ya I tried all that and couldn't get anything to talk. I think I'm on a newer versino now though, so I'll try it again.19:31
heckjkbringard: Ah - good to know.19:31
MarkusWPHRorgThanks for the link!19:31
kbringardI do have --public_interface set19:31
kbringardbut I'm in VLAN mode, so my use case may not be the same as yours19:32
heckjMarkusWPHRorg: np - I've been getting to know them quite well lately...19:32
heckjkbringard: Have you ever set up floating IP addresses in FlatNetworking space?19:32
*** ziyadb has joined #openstack19:32
kbringardsorry, I have not19:32
heckj(or FlatDHCPNetworking)19:32
kbringardwe want projects, so I've only ever used VLAN19:32
heckjAh well, worth an ask :-)19:32
* heckj wishes I had a handy managed switch that could do that. 19:33
MarkusWPHRorgThe docs in that link say "Ensure the NAT rules have been added to iptables"19:33
MarkusWPHRorgDo I have to do that manually?19:33
heckjIt's on order, but in the meantime, I'm learning the FlatNetworking pieces top to bottom19:33
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack19:33
kbringardMarkusWPHRorg: yea, you'd need to19:33
heckjAt least review them to make sure they're there19:33
kbringardiptables -L -vn -t nat19:33
heckjReally? The euca command doesn't create them for you?19:33
MarkusWPHRorgkbringard: ***THANK YOU****19:33
MarkusWPHRorgI've been trying to get an answer to that question for ages19:34
kbringardoh wait... do you mean you need to add them manually?19:34
kbringardyou shouldn't need to add them manually19:34
MarkusWPHRorgthat's what I was asking19:34
kbringardyea, sorry19:35
kbringardthe associate command should add them19:35
MarkusWPHRorgOh ok. so nova-network is SUPPOSED to add them for you19:35
kbringardon the network controller node19:35
kbringardsorry, I thought you were asking if verifying them was manual19:35
*** larstobi has joined #openstack19:35
MarkusWPHRorgwhat if the public ip and the private ip are on different interfaces - is nova network smart enough to set up the right rule?19:35
kbringardit should, so long as you have --public_interface setup on your network controller19:36
MarkusWPHRorgright right - I remember that now19:36
MarkusWPHRorgI did do that. I'll try again19:36
kbringardthat just tells it which iface to add the ip to when running the ip addr command19:36
kbringardthen it'll use the routing table to figure out how to send the traffic back to the instance19:37
MarkusWPHRorgOk so it got that far - I could check with ip addr show19:37
MarkusWPHRorgor similar command19:37
MarkusWPHRorgand the ip was there and on the right interface, but I couldn't ping it19:37
MarkusWPHRorgnot even from the compute node!19:37
*** katkee has joined #openstack19:37
MarkusWPHRorgany idea what could cause that?19:38
kbringardI assume the external IP you're using routes to the network the controller is on?19:38
*** mdomsch has quit IRC19:38
MarkusWPHRorgyeah - it was ON the controller19:38
MarkusWPHRorgsame machine19:38
MarkusWPHRorgsingle node setup19:38
kbringardwell sure, but I mean, the upstream router has to know to send traffic for that IP to that machine19:38
MarkusWPHRorgyes. That's all set up19:39
kbringardah, OK19:39
MarkusWPHRorgI can alias the ip with ifconfig and it pings/works fine19:39
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack19:39
kbringardwell... I'd wager that with the nat rules setup19:39
kbringardthe network controller isn't responding directly19:39
kbringardwhich is why your pings are crapping out19:39
MarkusWPHRorgyeah that was the other thing - the nat rules didn't seem to be getting set up19:40
kbringardand you have net.ipv4.ip_forward=119:40
MarkusWPHRorgthis was with the stock version of nova-(everything) that installs with apt-get in 11.0419:40
kbringardso iptables -L -vn -t nat didn't show the rules for the external IP?19:40
MarkusWPHRorgI'm working on a milestone release now19:40
MarkusWPHRorgI don't think so19:41
kbringardwell, that would certainly be a problem :-)19:41
*** jedi4ever has quit IRC19:41
kbringardcouldn't tell you why they're not getting added though... they should be :-/19:41
MarkusWPHRorgok cool. Let me see if they do with the milestone version19:41
kbringardwhen you add the floating IP with nova-manage are you specifying the hostname of the network controller?19:41
MarkusWPHRorgnow that I know they're SUPPOSED to be getting added, that eliminates a lot of possibilities I was investigating19:42
kbringardnova-manage floating create <hostname> <ip>19:42
MarkusWPHRorgyes, and it's in /etc/hosts19:42
MarkusWPHRorgI tried it by ip as well but that didn't help19:42
MarkusWPHRorgand in fact euca-tools crapped when I did it by ip19:42
*** dubsquared has joined #openstack19:43
kbringardah, but you added it with nova-manage, yea?19:43
MarkusWPHRorgnova-manage floating <hostname> <ipaddr>19:44
MarkusWPHRorgnova-manage floating create <hostname> <ipaddr>19:44
MarkusWPHRorgthe latter rather19:44
*** zz_bonzay is now known as zz_bonzay|away19:45
*** zz_bonzay|away is now known as bonzay19:45
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC19:46
kbringardhmm, well, if the nat rules aren't getting created then that's definitely a problem19:48
*** shentonfreude has quit IRC19:50
*** et_ has joined #openstack19:51
*** amiranda has joined #openstack19:51
*** shentonfreude has joined #openstack19:52
*** dprince has quit IRC19:52
*** ohnoimdead has joined #openstack19:53
MarkusWPHRorgOk cool. I spent hours trying to figure out if I should have written the rules myself19:54
MarkusWPHRorgand never got an answer until now19:54
kbringardah, sorry, I'd have told you sooner if I realized you were wondering19:55
MarkusWPHRorgAt least now I have a starting point if it DOESN'T work19:55
kbringardthe rules won't get written out until you run euca-associate-address19:55
MarkusWPHRorgI know what's *supposed* to be there19:55
kbringardand you have to euca-allocate-address first to allocate a free IP to the project/user19:55
* MarkusWPHRorg nods19:57
kbringardthen go forth and troubleshoot ;-)19:57
MarkusWPHRorghah. Actually, I'm trying to get dashboard up now19:57
MarkusWPHRorgBefore I just did: sudo bzr branch lp:openstack-dashboard /opt/osdb19:58
MarkusWPHRorgbut that doesn't work anymore.19:58
MarkusWPHRorgI tried doing it with git pointing to the new location, but it failed19:58
kbringardI don't use dashboard, so I'm not entirely sure :-/19:59
MarkusWPHRorgmissing something (I forgot what though - it was last week)19:59
*** mattray has joined #openstack20:00
uvirtbotNew bug: #802707 in nova "EC2API: rescue instance does not work" [Undecided,New]
*** jmckenty_ has joined #openstack20:09
WormManso, am I the only one who has seen a new instance_type fail to work until I set the created_at field in the DB to null? (mysql, 2011.3~d1-0ubuntu0~ppa1~natty1) I can't find a bug20:09
*** mdomsch_ has joined #openstack20:10
*** mdomsch has quit IRC20:12
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*** ziyadb has quit IRC20:16
*** Eyk is now known as Eyk^off20:17
*** clauden_ has quit IRC20:17
vishyWormMan: there is a bug20:23
WormManvishy: open and known, so I don't need to submit it? (I just can't find it in the tracker)20:23
*** ameade has quit IRC20:24
vishyyes fixed already in fact20:24
vishyi think that is it20:26
WormManahh, saw 'pass' and assumed password and just skipped it20:26
WormManok, good20:26
*** Cromulent has joined #openstack20:27
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_vinayI am having trouble with glance22:43
*** msinhore has quit IRC22:43
_vinayThe URL I have in glance-api.conf is
_vinaybut when I try to delete an image I get an error  ---- InvalidURL: nonnumeric port: ''22:44
*** MotoMilind1 has joined #openstack22:45
_vinayAdding an image seems to be fine22:45
_vinaythis goes into swift backend22:45
*** infinite-scale has joined #openstack22:46
*** MotoMilind has quit IRC22:47
*** zykes- has joined #openstack22:47
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*** MarkusWPHRorg has joined #openstack22:57
MarkusWPHRorgIT girl came to install Viseo22:58
*** dubsquared has quit IRC22:58
*** joearnold has quit IRC22:59
MarkusWPHRorgMeanwhile, back at the 'stack ranch....22:59
*** kbringard has quit IRC23:01
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*** fysa_ is now known as fysa23:13
*** icarus901 has joined #openstack23:18
_vinayHi, any glance experts here?23:19
_vinayI have uploaded the ttylinux image using glance add command23:19
*** bonzay is now known as bonzay|away23:19
JordanRinkeI might be able to help23:20
_vinayI can see it from nova installation also23:20
JordanRinkewhat is the question?23:20
_vinayeuca-describe-images shows me.. but I am unable to instantiate a vm from that image23:20
JordanRinkedid you do untar it before you did the glance add?23:20
JordanRinkeglance doesn't untar and process images like euca-upload-bundle does23:21
_vinayoh that must have been it... I didnt untar it.23:21
*** infinite-scale has quit IRC23:21
_vinaylet me upload the untarred file23:21
*** bonzay|away is now known as bonzay23:22
JordanRinkeyeah, it is a super common mistake23:23
JordanRinke(I have done it myself a number of times)23:23
_vinayso I untar the file and it  gives 3 directories23:23
_vinaynot sure how to add them .. one by one for each file ?23:24
*** bonzay is now known as zz_bonzay23:24
_vinayglance add name="ttyimage" is_public=true < ~/tty.tgz23:24
_vinayThis is what I used before23:24
*** katkee has quit IRC23:25
*** rnirmal has quit IRC23:25
*** cp16net has quit IRC23:25
JordanRinkeif there is a kernel and an image you will need to do the following...23:27
OutBackDingoanyone can provide insight to a network config for single node single instance ?23:27
JordanRinkeI think this is correct _vinay23:32
JordanRinkeglance add name="tty_kernel" type="kernel" disk_format="aki" is_public="true" < /tmp/images/tty/kernel/image23:32
JordanRinkeglance add name="tty_ramdisk" type="ramdisk" disk_format="ari" is_public="true" < /tmp/images/tty/ramdisk/image23:32
JordanRinkeglance add name="tty_machine" type="machine" disk_format="ami" kernel=""1 ramdisk="2" is_public="true" < /tmp/images/tty/machine/image23:32
JordanRinkeassuming that the kernel was created as image id 1 and the ramdisk as image id 223:32
JordanRinkeOutBackDingo: an all in one box, running a single instance?23:32
*** ewindisch has quit IRC23:33
OutBackDingoJordanRinke: yupp23:33
JordanRinkefor a single box single node you can just use flatdhcp if you only want it accessible locally23:33
OutBackDingoJordanRinke: yeah thats the issue, trying to figure out how to configure it23:33
_vinaythanks JordanRinke ... I am trying out  now23:34
JordanRinkeOutBackDingo: have you set ?23:34
OutBackDingoJordanRinke: i folllowed and got soo lost at the networking config info23:35
JordanRinkegive me a moment to read it23:36
OutBackDingoi think my issue is mostly how to configure /etc/network/interfaces and nova23:37
JordanRinkefirst note: this guide tells you to pull trunk, that is going to always be unstable, it is the code as it is developed, literally by the hour. incase you didnt know23:37
_vinayJordanRinke ... I got an error pasted here ---->
OutBackDingoJordanRinke: i used staright ubuntu23:37
JordanRinkeOutBackDingo: Well that depends on the setup23:37
JordanRinkeOutBackDingo: hang on let me read this and figure out where you are23:37
*** jmckenty_ has quit IRC23:38
heckjOutBackDingo: Which network setup are you trying to configure? VLAN networking (which is what that blog documents), or FlatNetworking?23:38
JordanRinke_vinay: you can try it without the quotes, I notice the error text mentions ami twice so we will see if it is a bug23:39
OutBackDingoheckj: basically id say flat dhcp its a laptop i whanna use for dev instances while travelling23:39
JordanRinkeOk, for flatdhcp you don't do any network config at all23:39
JordanRinkeyou just set the --network_manager flag I listed above23:40
OutBackDingoJordanRinke: in nova.conf23:40
JordanRinkenova-network will do all of the device and bridge configuration23:40
*** ccooke has joined #openstack23:40
JordanRinkeyeah --network_manager in nova.conf that is it23:40
heckjOutBackDingo: what Jordan says - if you just want a quick Dev setup for messing around, use the ./ install script at
JordanRinkeand make your projects with a 10. address, you will get private ips on your box only via dhcp23:40
heckja set of commands to walk through the steps is also at
JordanRinkeheckj: ahh good point23:40
heckjIf you want to grok the FlatNetworking (which I found darned confusing) a bit more - I wrote up something about it earlier today:
JordanRinkeI am so used to trying to do deployments I forget about nova.sh23:41
heckjJordanRinke: I hear ya - I'm doing a bunch of both right now too23:42
JordanRinke_vinay: did it work?23:43
_vinayhang on still trying23:43
OutBackDingoJordanRinke: ok so dont touch my network config23:44
JordanRinkeOutBackDingo: true23:44
_vinaystill same error23:44
JordanRinke_vinay: let me hop in to a box and validate the commands, one moment23:44
_vinayok thanks23:44
JordanRinkeok so looks like the command I used last is...23:45
JordanRinke glance add name="maverick machine" disk_format=ami container_format=ami is_public=true ramdisk_id=1 kernel_id=2 < ami-maverick/image23:45
JordanRinkefrom that you can extrapolate the proper commands23:45
JordanRinkeI think that is from a cactus build, but I assume the commands are the same or similar in diablo trunk if that is what you are using23:45
OutBackDingowhat about the section 7 ? nova-manage network create
_vinaylooks like container_format is missing from your original commands23:46
_vinaylet me put it in and try23:46
JordanRinkeOutBackDingo: that should be fine, that is a private ip range23:46
*** jdurgin has quit IRC23:46
JordanRinke_vinay: and some of the formatting is diff, kernel_id instead of just kernel etc23:47
OutBackDingoJordanRinke: ahh ok so my images will be on the other network....23:47
JordanRinkeyeah, what will happen is nova-network will automatically make a bridge on your nic23:47
JordanRinkeand connect the private ips to your machine23:47
_vinayok.. wondering what the container_format will be for all three23:47
_vinaysame as disk_format?23:47
JordanRinke_vinay: yes23:47
*** FallenPegasus has joined #openstack23:47
OutBackDingoJordanRinke: so theyll have "public" access through the bridge, i can ssh to the local network from the host23:48
JordanRinkeyeah, they will have access out to the net through the bridge on your public interface23:48
JordanRinkein theory23:49
OutBackDingoheckj: so on a fresh machine ubuntu installed i can just run this auto script ?23:49
OutBackDingoJordanRinke: ok let me see if this works23:49
heckjOutBackDingo: yep - that's what it's meant to do - get and install a clean version of the dev setup from trunk23:50
OutBackDingoheckj: using ubuntu apt-packages? or does it download/install everything outside of using a package manager23:50
*** pguth66 has joined #openstack23:51
JordanRinke_vinay: work that time?23:51
heckjOutBackDIngo: It downloads everything from sources and trunk - it doesn't use packages to do it's thing.23:52
_vinayyes.. all images uploaded.. trying to create an instance now(euca-run-instances)23:52
_vinayso the problem was missing contianer_format -- not the quotes :)23:52
heckjOutBankDingo: There's a puppet based installer that is documented at, but I've not used it...23:53
_vinayah... "failed to spawn" on euca-describe-instances23:53
_vinayneed to debug this23:53
JordanRinkewhat is in your logs?23:53
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC23:54
_vinaycompute-logs ??23:54
JordanRinkeyeah, show me the last 100 lines or so in a paste23:54
*** Vasichkin has joined #openstack23:55
*** cloud0 has joined #openstack23:57
*** MotoMilind1 has joined #openstack23:58
*** GeoDud has joined #openstack23:58
*** MotoMilind has quit IRC23:59
*** Vasichkin has quit IRC23:59

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