Wednesday, 2011-06-29

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OutBackDingo_vinay: stackops is crap00:10
OutBackDingonever installs right00:10
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OutBackDingoberto-: ping ?00:45
berto-OutBackDingo: hey.00:51
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OutBackDingoberto-: what network did you use for the instances?00:59
berto-OutBackDingo: i was trying, but that's giving me issues.  when i run an instance it's still getting the 10.x network.  so i'm not changing the config somewhere.00:59
OutBackDingobut you can get to the instances on the 10.x network via ssh ?01:00
berto-no, i haven't gotten that far yet.01:00
OutBackDingoi did another box with the and i cant get to the images, i think i need iptables rules or something01:01
berto-hmm, it might also have to do with your dnsmasq processes and potentially an ehternet device with a 10.x address.01:04
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OutBackDingoberto-: ethernets on
OutBackDingoi can ping the gateway on br10001:08
OutBackDingojust not the ip of the instance01:08
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berto-OutBackDingo: did you have to define br100 in /etc/network/interfaces?01:10
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berto-what does your interface look like?01:13
berto-OutBackDingo: i got this from some openstack page that i dont' remember:
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OutBackDingoberto-: yeah same as mine01:15
berto-my problem right now is that i used nova-manage to create a network and removed my 10.x network.  but, when I run euca-run-instances the instance is still added to the 10.x network.01:17
berto-i can't figure out where it's still referencing the old network.01:17
OutBackDingoberto-: delete the 10.x network01:20
berto-it's gone from nova-config01:21
OutBackDingodelete it from the db01:21
berto-OutBackDingo: you've gone and mucked into the db directly?  you're brave.  ;)01:22
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berto-there's only the 192. network in the networks table01:23
OutBackDingoberto-: lol its in 2 tables01:24
berto-OutBackDingo: oh, wow, when you remove the network using nova-manage it leaves that table dirty.  grr.01:25
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OutBackDingoberto-: :P01:25
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berto-OutBackDingo: wow, that sucked.  thanks!01:27
berto-hmm, now i can ping, but not .201:28
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berto-found this command, which may be useful: euca-get-console-output01:38
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berto-OutBackDingo: i removed br100 from /etc/network/interfaces and rebooted.02:01
berto-after the reboot br100 was automatcially created with the network.02:02
berto-hmm, still can't ping the VM, tho.  :\02:04
uvirtbotNew bug: #803260 in glance "GET http://<host>:<port>/ with out an "Accept: " header causes glance-api to return a 500 error" [Undecided,In progress]
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vodanh86does anyone have experience with nova-network? pls help me.03:51
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vodanh86does anyone have experience with nova-network? pls help me.03:53
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vodanh86is there anyone here? pls help03:58
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vodanh86is there anyone here? pls help :(04:01
dsockwellvodanh86: type out your question and then wait for someone to answer it.  don't repeat yourself.04:02
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HugoKuo__How to let instance gateway from specify host instead of nova-network host ?06:20
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dsockwellShould the server that hosts nova-network be allowed to run nova vms?06:35
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chetanstackops single node  working fine , can add next compute node with this setting ?06:39
HugoKuo__dsockwell , as your will06:42
HugoKuo__If you want , yes06:42
chetanok fine06:42
HugoKuo__it's easy to add compute node :>06:42
chetan<HugoKuo__> :can you please guide to do it , please give reference post06:43
HugoKuo__apt-get install nova-compute dnsmasq bridge-utils06:44
HugoKuo__then copy nova.conf to new node06:45
HugoKuo__but you have to mention that the network stuff06:45
chetan<HugoKuo__> thanks following it . :)06:46
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vodanh86I have installed Nova, network mode is VLAN, network node act as default gateway for VM. So can I have  2 network node act as 2 gateway?06:47
HugoKuo__Call me , after you finish the installation06:47
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HugoKuo__and verify the new node is been added to database06:47
chetansure ok06:48
HugoKuo__I believe that you'll get into some problem of instance network06:48
HugoKuo__1. your instance on new node might fail to get metadata06:48
dsockwellvodanh86: you may want to look into linux-ha and set your two network controllers up for failover06:48
HugoKuo__2. intance might fail to ping external network06:49
chetanmy machines in same netwrok
HugoKuo__dsockwell , any idea about nova-network ha ?06:49
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HugoKuo__dsockwell , is any doc for refference ?  I think network controller is fucking complex to HA & LB06:50
dsockwellHugoKuo__: sorry i've never considered it, but honestly as long as the db is replicated i don't predict much trouble06:51
HugoKuo__it's not a simple gateway host , it's useless with  basic VRRP method06:51
vodanh86dsockwell: No, I have mutilple public network. I want to my VMs can have public network from diference Network gateway06:51
chetan<HugoKuo__> : openstack support memory overmaping ?06:52
dsockwellvodanh86: well good luck06:52
vodanh86I refer here:
vodanh86And I have more than one Public Network (Red).06:53
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HugoKuo__chetan , sorry ... don't know ~"~06:53
HugoKuo__vodanh86 , so you want your instance to using different public network ?06:54
HugoKuo__I have an idea about that , but never test before ....06:54
vodanh86HugoKuo__ yes.06:54
HugoKuo__vodan86 , as I know , you can set different network for each project06:55
HugoKuo__and I believe that each project could route from particular nova-network host06:56
HugoKuo__it's a concept in my mind06:56
vodanh86HugoKuo__ can i do that in VLAN mode?06:56
chetanthanks <HugoKuo__> will keep you informed about setup status .06:56
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chetanbye bye guys !!06:57
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HugoKuo__vodanh86 , I do think so .... in honesty , I works on FlatDHCP in pass 6 months06:57
HugoKuo__I'm not familiar with Vlan mode , just begin to test Vlan yesterday :<06:58
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HugoKuo__And I'm facing a challenge of nova-network HA / LB issue06:58
vodanh86I read some tutorial, In VLAN mode, network is setted for each project is private network06:59
vodanh86so, I will try FLAT mode, and try do as your idea07:02
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vodanh86HugoKuo__ thanks for help07:02
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uvirtbotNew bug: #803309 in nova "Merge 1219 database additions are causing unit tests to fail" [Undecided,New]
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ziyadb anyone implementing openstack across multiple locations and emc vplex for storage?07:53
dsockwellziyadb: i'm using an openindiana box as a SAN, no multiple locations though07:54
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dsockwellah, tha'ts multi-site replicatikn?07:55
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HugoKuo__how to install python-novaclient 2.5.x08:56
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ziyadbdsockwell isn't openindiana too small for a huge deployment? how big is your set up?09:13
dsockwelli could have up to 10 nodes!09:14
ziyadbyeah no.09:14
ziyadbI'm getting a 100TB array for starters.09:14
dsockwelli'm not suggesting you use it09:14
dsockwellnever did09:15
ziyadbyeah I know :)09:15
ziyadbwith probably 50+ physical servers.09:15
dsockwellalso i should ask, swift or nova or some ungodly combination of the two?09:15
ziyadbgodly combination of the two.09:15
ziyadbalthough most of the array is going to be dedicated for compute nodes (i don't intend to get any DAS drives).09:16
ziyadband then just use some of the compute nodes for swift.09:16
dsockwellwell good luck.09:16
ziyadbi intend to document the whole thing and maybe clean it up and release it as an ebook or something.09:17
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dsockwellmy plan for using this OI box is to make a large gfs partition and try to lvm it out for elasticvolume and local storage09:17
dsockwellthat would be a good read09:17
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dsockwelli would use the existing iscsi driver for nova-volume but for reasons i won't discuss i'm running over fibre channel09:18
dsockwelland don't care to try fcoip09:18
dsockwellthe other one, fcip09:18
ziyadbsucks, iscsi ftw.09:19
dsockwellyou buy me a better ethernet switch and i'll convert :)09:19
ziyadbI'll probably get a couple of 6500 cisco (chassis based) switches due to cost reasons.09:20
ziyadbalthough optimally I would get 1RU force10 TOR 10G 48 porters.09:20
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dsockwelli had thought you were saudi.09:21
dsockwelljp :P09:21
dsockwelli made a dumb joke about your budget being bigger than mine09:21
ziyadbright, yeah. but the project is in the US. not self funded :)09:22
ziyadbbesides, even if it were.09:22
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dsockwellah well.  i like being the king of my own little scrap heap09:24
dsockwellanyway what were we talking about? iscsi09:24
ziyadbyeah, i've been reading the emc vplex architecture guide, too awesome, but too good to be affordable.09:25
ziyadbit's basically an appliance, so if the business works and we choose to get another location then we'll probably get it.09:25
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dsockwellthe scrapheap has elected to take away the boot cd i've been using.09:32
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dsockwellbecause i mislabeled it.  awesome.09:38
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dsockwelldont judge me09:39
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ziyadbi'm not :)09:42
dsockwellalso re: openindiana, zfs does stand for zetabyte filesystem09:42
dsockwellyou probably don't feel like assembling a 100TB installation yourself though09:43
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dsockwellnova-volume does have a driver to export some kind of volume over iscsi, pretty automatically, though09:44
dsockwellfrom openindiana09:44
dsockwellor solaris for that matter09:45
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ziyadbsounds like something i should look at09:46
dsockwellyou know you want a thumper ;)09:47
dsockwellalthough, no, probably too old for your shop09:48
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dsockwellcool, someone apparently dropped off a stack of Microsoft licenses from 2003-200509:52
dsockwellwindows XP, small business server 2k3, office, project, sql server09:52
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HugoKuo__koolheadll , hello11:23
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caribouMy question relates to Swift (cactus)12:19
caribouI'm setting it up on Ubuntu/Natty & I'm having a problem with the proxy-server configuration : the use of 'tempauth' seems to be broken somehow12:19
caribouI mean, I'm following the SAIO instruction, but the proxy-server fails to start if 'tempauth' is part of the pipeline12:20
caribouif I switch it to swauth with the appropriate filter, it starts12:20
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primeministerpgreeting programs13:32
primeministerper greetings13:32
primeministerpstill early13:33
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RaziqueHi openstackers, could someone give me a link or an explanation of the whole nova-resizing process ?14:04
RaziqueI"d like to know if I can resize a running instance, without screwing it up14:04
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creihtcaribou: when starting the proxy what error do you get?14:57
cariboucreiht: I think I have found my problem : newbie mistake :)14:58
creihtcaribou: cool14:58
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caribouI did implement the SAIO 1.4dev instruction, using the cactus bits14:58
caribouindeed, cactus doesn't have tempauth but when I use the proper document, I no longer have the problem14:59
caribousorry for the noise14:59
creihtcaribou: no problem15:00
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RaziqueHi all, when I use the nova resize-confirm, i've that error :
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dprinceRazique: Do you have an instance in the 'RESIZE-CONFIRM' state? This would mean you had a record in the migrations table in the finished state.15:28
Raziquedprince: I launched a resize yeah15:28
Raziquebut how can I check the resize state for that instance ?15:28
dprinceRazique: Right. What does 'nova list' show? What state is the instance currently in?15:29
Raziquedprince: the isntance that I resized is in "ACTIVE" state15:29
dprinceRazique: Yep. The instances states in can be quite confusing right now.15:30
dprinceRazique: I'm actually gather a list of oddities here:15:30
dprinceRazique: I'm asking around to see whether this is something we want to fix across the board or as individual tickets, etc.15:31
dprinceRazique: In any case you were asking about just the resize. Resize will work (with XenServer) assuming you have plugins, ssh keys, etc setup.15:33
*** huslage has joined #openstack15:33
Raziquedprince: mmm ok15:33
dprinceRazique: When an instance is resizing it will go from ACTIVE --> SHUTDOWN -- RESIZE-CONFIRM.15:33
dprinceRazique: At that point you should be able to see the instances status as 'RESIZE-CONFIRM' and then send the 'nova resize-confirm' command.15:34
Raziquedprince: I have not seen the shutdown after I run a nova resize $id $plan15:34
dprinceRazique: Then my guess is something didn't work.15:35
dprinceRazique: Can you check the nova-compute.log files?15:35
*** dobber has quit IRC15:36
Raziquedprince: you were right
dprinceRazique: You might also find something useful in /var/log/xensource.log on dom0.15:36
Raziquewhy is there a migration process involved for a resize ?15:36
Raziquedprince:  I use KVM :)15:37
dprinceRazique: Ah. Yes.15:37
dprinceRazique: So couple of things. When doing a resize nova migrates the node to ensure there is enough space (in case the resize is a larger instance).15:37
dprinceRazique: So the resize is failing because the scheduler picked the same nova-compute instance. (perhaps you only have a single nova-compute instance?)15:38
Raziquedprince: exactly, I just have a compute node :)15:38
dprinceRazique: Also. I don't think the libvirt driver in nova will fully support resize anyway.15:39
dprinceRazique: Just FYI. The different virt drivers don't all implement the full spec.15:39
dprinceRazique: I think XenServer is the only hypervisor that works w/ resize ATM.15:40
Raziquedprince: but, actually libvirt is able to change a VM's ressources (I mean in a shutdown state)15:40
Raziqueit's not a hot-resize, but you are able to at least change the VM's specs15:40
Razique(eg. memory, cores)15:40
*** huslage has quit IRC15:41
dprinceRazique: Sure. I'm not saying libvirt can't do it. Its just the libvirt driver in nova that doesn't quite have the support for it yet.15:41
Raziquedprince: ok, so actually, if you use a plan for an instance, you can't really use another one with libvirt/ kvm ?15:41
*** obino has quit IRC15:41
Raziqueyou have to terminate the instance, and recreate one then :/15:41
*** mdomsch has quit IRC15:43
*** jonkelly has joined #openstack15:44
*** reldan has quit IRC15:44
uvirtbotNew bug: #803505 in nova "OSAPI: v1.1 flavors links container does not match spec" [Undecided,New]
*** reldan has joined #openstack15:48
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uvirtbotNew bug: #803524 in nova "openstack 1.1 image api doesn't work if there is a port in the href" [Undecided,In progress]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #803553 in nova "euca-modify-image-attribute makes an image disappear" [Undecided,New]
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*** marrusl has joined #openstack17:24
JusHalHi, Anyone here that has cactus+lxc running?17:25
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack17:28
*** negronjl has joined #openstack17:28
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*** ziyadb has joined #openstack17:35
uvirtbotNew bug: #803563 in nova "OSAPI: images list v1.1 fails" [Critical,Confirmed]
*** xki has joined #openstack17:40
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*** mdomsch has joined #openstack17:44
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*** cereal_bars has quit IRC17:46
huslagewhich service does volume creation when you run euca-create-volume?17:47
huslagemine are all stuck in "Creating" and i see errors in the scheduler log17:47
*** bodepd has joined #openstack17:48
*** imsplitbit has quit IRC17:50
*** Jedicus has quit IRC17:52
*** xki is now known as ziyadb17:53
*** clauden_ has joined #openstack17:53
huslagefound it. sorry17:53
*** Shentonfreude has quit IRC17:53
*** steve______ has joined #openstack17:55
*** steve______ is now known as feck17:58
*** vodanh86 has joined #openstack17:58
huslageis there a way to change the VG that nova-volume uses? I can't find a config var (stupid) but can I patch some code?18:01
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack18:01
*** joearnold has quit IRC18:02
*** Pathin has quit IRC18:02
*** xki has joined #openstack18:03
JusHalhuslage: /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/nova/volume/ flags.DEFINE_string('volume_group', 'nova-volumes' ?18:04
huslagethanks :)18:05
*** ziyadb has quit IRC18:06
huslageJusHal: what's the reason for not making this configurable?18:06
*** clauden_ has quit IRC18:07
*** reldan has quit IRC18:07
JusHalhehe, just showed you the result of a grep.. don't know anything more than that :) .. it might not even be what you are looking for18:07
*** vodanh86 has quit IRC18:08
huslagewell looking at the dev docs it seems to be18:08
*** alandman has quit IRC18:08
* huslage gets out monkey patch gun18:09
*** reldan has joined #openstack18:10
*** ziyadb has joined #openstack18:10
*** ziyadb has joined #openstack18:10
huslageoh this should be a flag18:11
huslageit's a "flag"18:13
huslagenot exposed18:13
*** joearnold has joined #openstack18:13
*** xki has quit IRC18:13
vishyhuslage: exposed via conf file or command line param18:14
huslagegot it vishy. i'm ondumbness factor 10 right now18:14
*** nelson____ has quit IRC18:14
vishyall of the flags work that way :)18:14
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack18:14
*** nelson____ has joined #openstack18:14
huslagevishy: why hasn't it consumed my existing requests yet? it seems like the scheduler bombed and then the messages got all wonky18:15
*** neogenix has joined #openstack18:18
*** xki has joined #openstack18:18
*** cereal_bars has joined #openstack18:18
*** ziyadb has quit IRC18:21
reedis anybody here going to the openstack meetup in mountain view tonight from san francisco and needs  a ride?18:22
vishyhuslage: sorry I don't understand?18:24
huslagei see what happened18:24
huslageeverything got all out of whack18:25
*** bonzay is now known as zz_bonzay18:25
JusHalcactus seems to handle lxc creation just fine, but fails to start it as I don't see it try to mount the loopback image. Any idea where I should expect 'losetup' to be called in the code?18:30
*** neogenix has quit IRC18:31
*** yosh has quit IRC18:35
OutBackDingois there a guide/howto for creating instances, say freebsd from iso ?18:40
vishyJusHal: it uses nbd unless you have --nouse_cow_images18:41
*** ziyadb has joined #openstack18:41
*** xki has quit IRC18:43
*** shwetaap has joined #openstack18:44
JusHalvishy: tried both, --use_cow_images=true, --use_cow_images=false, it should be --nouse_cow_images=true?18:48
*** yosh has joined #openstack18:48
*** brd_from_italy has joined #openstack18:49
vishyuh no18:49
vishy--nouse_cow_images or --use_cow_images=018:50
vishyii think use_cow_images=false should work ...18:50
huslageso i created a 10G volume, it was shared out and attached to the VM. the VM formats it and thinks it's 40G18:50
huslageoverprovisioning ftw18:51
vishythe 40G is probably the local storage18:51
huslagelocal storage is 9g18:51
vishylocal is /dev/vdb for any instance size besides m1.tiny18:51
vishyattached volumes will show up at /dev/vdc18:51
huslageit's vda18:51
huslage /dev/vda on / type ext4 (rw)18:52
vishyvda is the base image18:52
vishyvdb is local storage18:52
huslageoh like ephemeral18:52
vishysorry forgot the aws term is ephemeral18:52
huslagesorry. i'm pwn3d by aws18:52
*** ziyadb_ has joined #openstack18:52
huslageso functionally the local storage goes away when we reboot the instance18:53
*** fedgoat has joined #openstack18:54
huslageand it's tied to the instance18:54
huslagesimilar to aws18:54
*** dgags1 has joined #openstack18:54
huslagethe volume is similar to EBS18:54
*** dgags1 has quit IRC18:54
huslagegot it18:54
*** dgags has quit IRC18:54
*** ziyadb has quit IRC18:55
JusHalhuslage: because use_cow_images=true did not work I tried false, nova-compute.log shows no error, reports status instances running, but is not running. Nothing is mounted on /var/lib/nova/instances/instance-xxx/rootfs. after a manual mount -o loop /var/lib/nova/instances/instance-xxx/disk /var/lib/nova/instances/instance-xxx/rootfs and euca-reboot-instances i-xxx, instance is running.18:59
*** troytoman-away is now known as troytoman19:00
*** feck has quit IRC19:01
*** feck has joined #openstack19:02
*** ziyadb has joined #openstack19:02
JusHalvishy: comment above was meant for you19:03
*** cereal_bars has quit IRC19:04
*** ziyadb_ has quit IRC19:06
*** dprince has quit IRC19:07
*** katkee has joined #openstack19:07
huslagevishy: know anything about:
huslagei kinda need snapshots19:08
huslageis there a back port or do i need to install diablo?19:08
*** romans has quit IRC19:09
vishysnapshot, no backport19:10
*** clauden has joined #openstack19:10
vishyhuslage: d2 milestone might be a good choice19:10
huslagejust upgrade from ppa?19:10
*** clauden has quit IRC19:11
huslageoh no packages19:11
*** clauden_ has joined #openstack19:11
*** troytoman is now known as troytoman-away19:11
vishyJusHal: hmm, did you run the instance after creating the flag19:11
vishyhuslage: milestone ppa will be available tomorrow :)19:12
huslagei can wait :)19:12
*** katkee has quit IRC19:12
huslageprefer packages19:13
*** katkee has joined #openstack19:13
*** npmapn has quit IRC19:14
*** aescanero_ has joined #openstack19:15
*** npmapn has joined #openstack19:15
*** arun_ has quit IRC19:15
JusHalvishy: yes and see as expected instead of a 'qemu-img create -f qcow2' a 'cp' command to create the disk image, but in both cases nothing seems to get mounted19:17
vishyJusHal: not sure what might be going wrong19:17
vishydo you get any error messages?19:18
vishyin nova-compute.log19:18
JusHalvishy: no errors just "nova.utils: Running cmd (subprocess): qemu-img create /or cp" and then "nova.virt.libvirt_conn: instance instance-0000000a: is running"19:19
*** HugoKuo_ has quit IRC19:19
bpaluchwill the milestone ppa include keystone by default?19:20
JusHalvishy: no failed sudo entries in /var/log/secure .. so nothing indicates the code even tries to mount anything19:21
bpaluchI haven't really seen it documented anywhere19:21
*** imsplitbit has quit IRC19:23
*** dragondm has joined #openstack19:26
*** neogenix has joined #openstack19:31
*** HouseAway is now known as AimanA19:34
uvirtbotNew bug: #803615 in nova "Server create error messages/fault codes" [Undecided,New]
*** katkee has quit IRC20:00
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*** huslage has quit IRC20:40
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*** lorin1 has quit IRC20:48
*** GeoDud has joined #openstack20:49
*** Andrew__ has joined #openstack20:49
Andrew__Hello all20:50
Andrew__Anyone have a minute or two to answer some questions?20:50
*** rackerhacker has quit IRC20:51
creihtAndrew__: best thing is to ask, and then wait until someone is able to answer the question :)20:52
dsockwellAndrew__: next time just come in and shout them20:52
Andrew__Hah, will do :-P20:52
dsockwellcertain install instructions reference a nova.conf that comes with a bzr checkout / run.  is that obsolete?  do i need to get a skeleton nova.conf?20:52
*** rackerhacker has joined #openstack20:52
dsockwellbecause mine's missing20:53
Andrew__In short, I'm wondering if OpenStack Object Storage is a good fit for what I want it to do.  I need something that can store several terabytes of files, most of which are under 500KB, eventually scaling to trillions of files comprising a petabyte or so.20:54
Andrew__Workload is generally write-once, and most of the files are not reproducible, so replication is a must.  Files are binary data.20:54
huslageAndrew__: you might take a look at GlusterFS20:55
Andrew__I've looked at distributed filesystems (Gluster, Lustre, Ceph, etc)20:55
*** shwetaap has quit IRC20:55
huslagebut OpenStack storage is ok if you want an API into a container for files20:55
Andrew__But I'm also looking at stuff like OpenStack / Eucalyptus.20:55
huslageopenstack storage is a key/value store20:55
huslagewith blobs20:56
*** shwetaap has joined #openstack20:56
huslagenova doesn't currently use object storage for anything but image storage via glance20:56
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk20:57
Andrew__My main question is how easy it is to extend.  Setup for both GlusterFS and OpenStack is pretty complex, so the distinguishing factor is how easy to extend.20:57
huslageextend in what way?20:57
Andrew__Adding new servers/drives20:57
huslagemore or less trivial20:57
Andrew__Does OpenStack auto-rebalance?20:57
huslagebut both need to rebalance20:57
creihtAndrew__: Swift should work for what you want to do20:58
huslageAndrew__:  it's more about how you want to access the files20:58
huslageSwift works fine for that use case, imo. if your code references files in a filesystem, it'll have to be altered significantly to work with swift20:59
Andrew__The access method isn't actually that important to me.  I have control over the apps that will access the files, so a REST api vs. a Samba share vs. whatever else isn't that important.21:00
creihtAndrew__: is this for some sort of data collection?21:00
creihtHow fast do you need to write the data to the cluster?21:01
Andrew__The files are effectively being archived, but I will occasionally need to access them from a variety of applications.21:01
*** joearnold has quit IRC21:02
Andrew__I'm anticipating a write speed of no more than one file per second, average file size is 500KB21:02
huslageSwift is perfect for that really Andrew__21:02
huslagelong-term archival storage21:02
creihtShould work well for that use case21:02
huslagebut still easy to get at (as long as you create containers right)21:02
Andrew__So, assuming I go with Swift21:03
creihtIn what way would you like to extend it?21:03
huslagecreiht: he wants to add servers21:04
creihtadding servers is a pretty easy process21:04
Andrew__Add servers / extra drives at will, ideally21:04
Andrew__And, the files will be keyed by their file hash (SHA256)21:04
creihtThat's fine21:04
Andrew__Is there a limit on how many files can be stored in one container?21:05
creihttheoretically no21:05
creihtin practice it depends21:05
creihtas you add more objects to a container, container requests will slowly get slower21:05
Andrew__Well, I'll eventually have over a trillion files - what kind of performance loss are we talking here?  Even a rough idea?21:06
creihtin our testing that happens aroung 5-10million in a single container on normal hardware with SATA drives21:06
Andrew__Hum.  And containers have no impact on each other?21:06
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack21:07
creihtwe are currently testing containers on SSD drives, and have shown really good performance through 1 billion objects in a container21:07
creihtcorrect, containers don't impact each other21:07
creihtso it is good to spread your objects in different containers21:07
*** Rewolucjonista has joined #openstack21:08
creihtfor example, if you are archiving, you could use a different container per year, or year/month, etc.21:08
Andrew__So, I could theoretically create, say, one container for each 2-byte prefix of a hash (cont_0000, cont_0001, ..., cont_00FF, cont_0100, etc.) and just distribute it like that?21:08
creihtor based on a prefix of the hashed file name21:08
Andrew__Hah, yeah :P21:08
huslageyeah Andrew__ a regular dir hash deal21:08
huslageare there any projects to integrate openstack with monitoring tools?21:09
huslageto move machines off of unhealthy nodes, etc21:09
*** heckj has quit IRC21:15
*** huslage has quit IRC21:19
*** mgius has quit IRC21:20
*** openstack-irc has joined #openstack21:20
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*** vernhart has joined #openstack21:24
*** vernhart has quit IRC21:26
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uvirtbotNew bug: #803654 in nova "availability zone ignored when creating volume" [Undecided,New]
*** kashyap has quit IRC21:48
*** ton_katsu has joined #openstack21:48
uvirtbotNew bug: #803656 in glance "Support is_public in filtering" [Medium,Triaged]
*** mdomsch has quit IRC21:51
*** openstack-irc has left #openstack21:53
*** katkee has joined #openstack21:53
*** lborda has quit IRC21:54
*** _vinay_ has joined #openstack21:56
_vinay_hi question about glance21:57
_vinay_I just restarted glance server (sudo glance-control api restart; sudo glance-control registry restart)21:57
_vinay_seems like images are gone.. object in swift are still there..21:57
_vinay_is glance supposed to reset its index on each restart??21:58
vishy_vinay_: I haven't used it with swift, but no22:01
vishyit should still have its db.  Did you change the sql connection settings somehow?22:01
*** ovidwu has joined #openstack22:02
*** irclog_ has joined #openstack22:02
*** imsplitbit has quit IRC22:02
*** msivanes has quit IRC22:03
*** ton_katsu has quit IRC22:04
_vinay_no I havent changed the sql conn settings22:07
_vinay_oh.. thanks for the hint .. I think I found the problem22:09
_vinay_I have sql_connection = sqlite:///glance.sqlite22:10
Davor`Hi all...22:10
_vinay_and it seems that from wherever I restart the services it takes on the db in the current dir22:10
_vinay_restarting from the correct dir solved the problem :-).. Maybe I should give absolute path in my sqlite string22:12
*** reldan has quit IRC22:13
_vinay_That is the default however and seems to me a low-priority bug22:13
Davor`If I'm running only nova-compute on a compute node of a multi-node cluster, is it supposed to set up the networking (bridge, routes, iptables) by itself like it did on the controller?22:13
*** brd_from_italy has quit IRC22:14
*** irclog_ has quit IRC22:14
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*** joearnold has joined #openstack22:16
*** bullfrog3459 has joined #openstack22:17
*** amccabe has quit IRC22:18
bullfrog3459howdy ho guys.22:20
*** mgius has joined #openstack22:21
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*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates22:26
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*** xnyl1 has joined #openstack23:01
xnyl1trying to install nova 2011.2 on centos with python2.623:02
xnyl1getting import lockfile23:02
xnyl1ImportError: No module named lockfile23:02
xnyl1anyone see the immediate problem ?23:03
RoAkSoAxmaybe because the version of centos that you are using does not provide the python module lockfile23:03
dsockwellxnyl1: what version of centos?23:04
xnyl1ahh so lockfile is a module ?23:04
xnyl1it is centos 5.4 but I  have installed python 2.623:04
_vinay_Hi, I have a swift question23:04
_vinay_My authurl is
RoAkSoAxxnyl1: yes it is a python module23:04
*** negronjl has quit IRC23:04
dsockwellxnyl1: look at the centos 5 install notes23:05
_vinay_Sorry its a glance config question23:05
_vinay_swift_store_auth_address =
dsockwellxnyl1: tehre's a whole mess of things that you need to install other than just py2623:05
xnyl1ok that makes sense then I will take a peek and see where I can get that installed from23:05
_vinay_does this look bad23:05
xnyl1yeah I was going through and have installed the python distutils extra23:06
xnyl1and the python gflags23:06
*** irclog_ has joined #openstack23:07
xnyl1but just wasnt sure where to go with the lockfile but now you pointed me in the right direction so I will start there23:07
*** Ephur has joined #openstack23:07
xnyl1thank you so much23:07
*** ovidwu has joined #openstack23:07
*** Focus160 has joined #openstack23:07
Focus160hey does openstack support Ephemeral  storage23:07
*** miclorb has joined #openstack23:07
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OutBackDingook..... so...... how is it openstack interfaces with XEN ?, and how does openstack interact with it, does it need to have compute node installed on the xen box ?23:49
*** ton_katsu has quit IRC23:50
berto-OutBackDingo: where did you get the image you're trying to run on openstack?23:51
berto-i downloaded an image listed in one of the docs I read and i'm starting to wonder if that's my problem.23:51
OutBackDingoberto-: do you see it loaded ?23:52
OutBackDingoand running23:52
OutBackDingoberto-: i followed
xnyl1has anyone setup the openstack on xen ?23:54
OutBackDingoand i can get to my images on a 192.168.1.x network locally from being the host23:54
*** huslage has quit IRC23:54
OutBackDingoxnyl1: lol i hope so its listed in the suported hypervisors, as is XCP23:55
xnyl1I see when the centos setup instruction it is wanting to install kvm which is a totally different hypervisor23:55
OutBackDingoxnyl1: hence my questions..... i want openstack and xen server now, not kvm23:55
xnyl1yeah I am just goignt back over the instructions to install the openstack on centos and it was stating kvm23:55
xnyl1Are you installing it on xen also ?23:56
OutBackDingoeverything appears to be kvm based in the instructions23:56
*** drogoh has quit IRC23:56
OutBackDingoxnyl1: the game plan is a cliudstack -> openstack - xen with a swift/glade backend23:56
xnyl1yeah which is totally fine as long as it is not required :)23:56
xnyl1yeah which version of centos are yo udoing it on ?23:57
xnyl1OutBackdingo: that is kinda our plan too23:58
OutBackDingoxen server/XCP i23:58
*** bonzay is now known as zz_bonzay23:58
OutBackDingoand ubuntu for swift/glade23:58
OutBackDingoi refuse to use rpm based distros23:59
xnyl1ahh ok we are doing centos23:59
xnyl1well I am a compile from source typ a girl so I am not to ahppy about it all23:59
OutBackDingothough yum helps a bit, nothing matches dpkg :)23:59
OutBackDingoxnyl1: i did the same mostly though on ubuntu23:59
xnyl1I want all the source and then some time and I do it from scratch23:59

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