Thursday, 2011-07-07

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creihtzedas: btw that is mostly a hack for making dev envs easier00:34
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HugoKuo_got a problem :<06:54
HugoKuo_I use 2011.3~bzr1010-0ubuntu0ppa1~natty1 for production cloud before06:55
HugoKuo_And I have to add two more nodes , but I can not find that reversion :<06:55
HugoKuo_how can I get that version :<06:55
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chompinghi guys, I have a question. I'm migrating from Eucalyptus to OpenStack, and I just wanted to ask what's the equivalent component of Node Controller in OpenStack?08:26
TREllischomping: nova-compute08:27
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chompingTREllis: thanks. I'm following this link
chompingServer 2 is the node controller in eucalyptus right? Where I have to install nove-compute. Am I right?08:30
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TREllischomping: yes08:36
TREllischomping: the systems with nova-computer are equivalent to a node controller.08:37
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chompingthanks a lot TREllis. I'm trying to absorb the terms used in the OpenStack.08:44
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HugoKuo_I reboot nova-network host  , and lost network connection with all exist instances :<09:41
HugoKuo_how come :<09:41
HugoKuo_any one could fix it ?09:41
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TREllischomping: np, me too10:05
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uvirtbotNew bug: #806911 in nova "Split nova-compute into nova-compute-{kvm,xen,etc.}" [Undecided,New]
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chompingguys, in openstack, does it have an option to set its maximum number of cores?14:03
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winston-dchomping : maximum number of cores for what?14:06
chompingfor the available instances.14:06
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chompingI just migrated from eucalyptus, where if I do euca-describe-availability-zones verbose14:07
chompingI can see 62 instances at its maximum coz I was able to set it from its config14:07
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logicbombsim going to run OpenStack in a virtual box for testing so lets see how this goes14:12
winston-dhmm, i don't know of such config in openstack. it doesn't necessarily mean there's no this kind of configuration for openstack tho.14:12
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chompingwinston-d: I haven't finish installing openstack though but can you give me a sample result what it looks like for the euca-describe-availability-zones verbose?14:34
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ivoksi'm stuck at the same place... looks like sql queries never hit mysql14:37
winston-dchomping : here u r:
TREllisthe smiley in describe-availability-zones makes my day14:39
chompingwinston-d: thank you. yeah it's a little bit weird to me though when from eucalyptus. it was clear to me in eucalyptus but what does it mean? any help? I wanted to have a clear picture so that if I can see mine not the same thing as yours then that means I'm mistakenly configuring my openstack14:40
TREllischomping: it's pretty similar to euca one, but nicely shows which components are installed on which nodes14:40
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chompingI see14:43
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chompingTREllis: my structure now is just copied what we still did in eucalyptus14:43
chompingwhich has a master cloud and 2 node controllers.14:43
chompingI've read that openstack recommends 5 nodes, right? but for production purposes but us is for development purposes only14:44
chompingso if I do the availability zones that might only give me 2 nodes? let say nhm-node6 and nhm-node5 only (base on the link winston-d posted)14:45
winston-d5 nodes? sound very familiar, but I thought that was for Swift14:46
chompingwinston-d: I'm now confused. what's really the difference of nova, swift and glance?14:49
chompingI was understanding that Nova, swift, and glance needs to be installed when implementing a cloud, I'm wrong?14:49
chompingI just have to select one?14:50
winston-dthat depends on how you define 'cloud'14:50
winston-dNova is like EC2.  Swift is like S3.  Glance is a image service which stores/converts VM templates.14:51
uvirtbotNew bug: #807020 in nova "Syntax error in 'instance_get_active_by_window'" [Undecided,New]
chompingwinston-d: just like in eucalyptus, it was easy for me to understand. I'm not saying openstack is difficult but the technology though is new to me.14:52
chompingwinston-d: yeah I understand it there. so that really means I can install nova and swift?14:53
chompingin one server, right?14:53
chompingcoz in eucalyptus, they have this cloud controller, cluster, walrus, storage and node controller14:53
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chompingthe swift = walrus and storage cluster combined14:53
chompingthen i see it that glance is the = node controller?14:54
chompingwhere I can run nova and swift in 1 server (we call it cloud master)14:54
winston-din Eucalptus, these components are tightly-coupled.  but for Openstack. they are not.14:54
winston-dNope, glance is not node controller.14:54
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chompingI see, what do you think node controller would be?14:55
winston-dnova-compute service14:55
chompingcoz this is what I understand in eucalyptus, the node controller has the images or running instance with kvm as its hypervisors and its running in the node controller14:55
chompingahh so nova-compute will do that too, run instances in node with hypervisors, right?14:56
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TREllisbut the components of openstack are very modular in comparison to eucalyptus, you can split them up and break them out onto more systems if you need to scale14:57
chompingwinston-d: maybe this would be the question, currently, when from Eucalyptus, we have 3 machines. SERVER A = cloud master (cloud controller, cluster controller, walrus, and storage controller) then SERVERs B and C are node controller. Now we still wanted to implement that way where SERVER A master cloud and B and C acts as the node in OpenStack. Do you think this set up would work in OpenStack?14:57
chompingTREllis: "but the components of member:openstack are very modular in comparison to eucalyptus, you can split them up and break them out onto more systems if you need to scale" - >  I see, I understand it better with this14:58
winston-dit depends on what services do you want14:58
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chompingfor SERVER B and C, the instances with hypervisors (as you said, I have installed nova-compute on these machines)14:59
chompingthen SERVER A would talk to B and C...14:59
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winston-ddo you need S3-like storage? If not, you can use that 3 machines to run Nova. one for nova-api/nova-network/nova-scheduler/nova-compute/nova-volume, and the other two for nova-compute and nova-volume15:00
chompingwhere SERVER A will have everything except having the nodes. In SERVER A, I have also a zfs raid setup..15:00
chompingwinston-d: ahm, I believe, it would be like the EC2 setup15:00
winston-dwhat EC2 setup? you mean you want everything that AWS has?15:01
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chompinghmm from wht we have in Eucalyptus, it's just the IAAS structure. We run instances or servers in the cloud which is needed for development purposes.15:02
winston-dthen you might not need swift.15:03
winston-dNova + Glance is enough for you15:03
chompingso back then, when using Eucalyptus, I'm able to run 12 ubuntu servers with different purposes needed for development which its purpose is to have something like EC2 setup coz currently, EC2 is being used in production.15:03
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chompingwinston-d: I see, thank you. Now, what do you think should I install on the two nodes? Glance?15:03
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winston-dServer  A: nova-api/nova-network/nova-scheduler/nova-compute/nova-volume + Glance;  Server B & C: nova-compute + nova-volume.15:04
chompingwinston-d: I'm just curious, why do I need nova-volume on B and C?15:04
winston-dnova-volume is like EBS15:05
winston-dif you don't need secondary block storage for your instance, than you don't need them.15:05
chompingyeah coz from our setup, we have EBS only on SERVER A which is 3.6TB combined in raidz or raid in zfs.15:05
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chompingI see, is that okay if the EBS will be in SERVER A? coz we don't have B and C setup for storage15:06
winston-dthat's OK.15:06
chompingwinston-d: thank you. I'm understanding this now. Let me see if it'll work base on what I understand now. hope it will :)15:07
winston-das TREllis said, openstack is very modular.15:07
*** Ephur has quit IRC15:07
chompingyeah, I understand in that area.15:07
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chompingwinston-d: sorry, it would be stupid, but I forgot this, what was this mean when you specify sometimes I see I forgot what this means...15:17
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chompingsorry nevermind i remember now15:20
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aaronAUSare there any companies, consultants that can either deliver a turnkey solution for OpenStack Swift or provide consulting services on developing, deploying and maintaining a Swift "cloud" storage15:28
*** dobber has quit IRC15:28
aaronAUSin particular are there any in Australia?15:28
*** rupakg has joined #openstack15:28
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ziyadb_aaronAUS rackspace has a team.15:29
notmynameaaronAUS: Rackspace Cloud Builders or Cloudscaling. cloudscaling did stuff for korea telecom, so I know they are international :-)15:29
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack15:29
aaronAUSrackspace would push their own cloud? or would they be willing to help establish a private cloud15:30
chompingguys I am following this and just wondering what does "pvcreate /dev/sda6" and "vgcreate nova-volumes /dev/sda6" is for?15:30
*** dgags has joined #openstack15:31
ziyadb_aaronAUS that's what cloud builders do, they build YOUR cloud.15:32
ivokschomping: logical volumes15:33
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chompingivoks: is it important? I ask because I have two devices /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc in raidz. and what I'm expecting is that all files from OpenStack will be stored there so I can guarantee data striping due to zfs technology15:34
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ivokschomping: lvm and zfs?15:35
ivoksuser space zfs?15:36
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ivokslvm and zfs overlap in features15:36
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chompingivoks: hmm in simple terms, the purpose of pvcreate and vgcreate commands above is for nova to use for iscsi or stored images?15:40
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ivoksi haven't looked at that guide, but pvcreate marks the disk as a LVM disk15:41
ivoksvgcreate creates volume group15:41
ivoksso you can create multiple volumes from that group15:41
ivoksit's LVM15:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #807052 in swift "Revamp container auditor" [Undecided,New]
ivoksyou know what lvm is?15:42
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chompingivoks: yeah logical volume manager, like a raid15:43
ivoksyou would be better of with linux raid for sdb and sdc than user space zfs15:44
ivoksi'd love to help, but i have to go now15:44
chompingivoks: i'm thinking if there's a way in openstack to not use that instead use the raidz I've got15:44
chompingoh i see, yeah thanks for the time ivoks15:44
ivokssure, just use raidz instead of sdbX15:45
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chompinghow would I achieve this, bypass the command mentioned, pvcreate and vgcreate/15:46
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chomping"/" = ?*15:46
winston-dchomping : for now, you cannot.15:51
winston-dchomping : current nova-volume is based on iSCSI and LVM15:51
chompingwinston-d: what do you suggest? so that means I cannot direct openstack to put the buckets to the directory I've set for zfs?15:51
chompingoh I see...15:51
*** maplebed has joined #openstack15:52
winston-dchomping : you may add a new driver in nova-volume in order to utlize zfs, i guess15:52
*** alandman has joined #openstack15:54
chompingwinston-d: to add volumes nor nova-volumes that means I have to run pvcreate and vgcreate everytime or every /dev/sdX I have to add, right?15:54
winston-dchomping : i guess so15:55
winston-dcan't zfs work with lvm?15:56
winston-dr u using zfs to do soft raid?15:56
*** lborda has joined #openstack15:57
*** Cromulent has quit IRC15:57
chompingyeah, I'm not sure if zfs will work with lvm but they're totall different though. I wonder if they can work each other.15:57
*** jj0hns0n has joined #openstack15:57
chompingwinston-d: I've seen this
*** aaronAUS has quit IRC15:57
chompingthen that means, all the drivers mentioned there are the currently one supported15:57
*** ohnoimdead has joined #openstack15:58
winston-dchomping : yes i think so.15:59
winston-dsorry, i have to run.15:59
winston-dgood luck with your openstack. :)16:00
chompingwinston-d: thank you for your time16:00
*** dprince has quit IRC16:01
*** po has quit IRC16:04
*** rupakg has joined #openstack16:06
*** berto- has quit IRC16:11
*** Binbin has quit IRC16:11
kbringardso, I've got a weird one16:17
kbringardrunning in vlan mode, single project16:18
kbringard10.3.172.0/24 is the project's network space16:18
kbringardtraffic that goes through the network controller is seriously hobbled... like 5K/s16:18
*** circloud has joined #openstack16:18
kbringardso, if I pull a file from outside my space, I get between 5-7K/s16:19
kbringardif I scp a file from a VM on one compute node to a VM on another compute node, 5-7K/s16:19
kbringardif I scp a file between 2 VMs on the same compute node, I max out ssh's speed (about 70MB/s)16:19
kbringardbut, here is the weird thing16:20
kbringardif I use iperf16:20
kbringardfor all of the above tests16:20
kbringardI max out my lines16:20
kbringardso whatever is happening, doesn't seem to happen when using iperf (in tcp mode)16:20
*** Razique has quit IRC16:24
*** rupakg has quit IRC16:25
*** rupakg has joined #openstack16:26
*** berto- has joined #openstack16:27
*** heckj has joined #openstack16:27
*** joearnold has joined #openstack16:27
*** fulc has quit IRC16:31
*** ziyadb has quit IRC16:37
*** AhmedSoliman has quit IRC16:38
*** mihgen has joined #openstack16:40
*** KAM has left #openstack16:41
*** johnpur has joined #openstack16:41
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v johnpur16:41
*** johnpur has quit IRC16:43
*** Capashen has quit IRC16:43
*** hggdh has quit IRC16:45
*** obino has joined #openstack16:47
*** daysmen has quit IRC16:47
*** huslage has joined #openstack16:47
kbringardwelp, now it's happening in iperf as well, so at least it's consistent16:50
*** Guest7349 has joined #openstack16:55
*** jmchilton1 has joined #openstack16:55
*** npmapn has joined #openstack16:55
*** foxtrotdelta has joined #openstack16:57
*** Guest7349 has quit IRC16:57
*** shwetaap has joined #openstack16:58
*** mihgen has quit IRC17:00
*** tychoddm has joined #openstack17:01
*** dprince has joined #openstack17:03
*** edison_ has joined #openstack17:03
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack17:06
*** mihgen_ has joined #openstack17:07
*** Shentonfreude has quit IRC17:08
*** mihgen_ has quit IRC17:09
tychoddmwould openstack make a good framework for a home server system/home datacenter or would it be to complicated17:11
*** zz_bonzay is now known as zz_bonzay|away17:15
*** zz_bonzay|away is now known as bonzay17:15
*** rchavik has quit IRC17:16
*** bonzay is now known as zz_bonzay17:16
heckjtychoddm: depends entirely on what you want to do. If you just want a little home virtualization, I think you'd be better off with VirtualBox or the like. OpenStack is meant for larger installations (especially the storage side) of commodity gear. The compute side might well do what you want - supports a number of hypervisors, and KVM and XEN are pretty straightforward to get rollin' with it. The Diablo release will have some overall packages that will make t17:20
heckjeven easier too...17:20
tychoddmI have 5 rackservrs and wanted to make some compute instances and use the rest for storage17:21
heckjtychoddm: It's a bit small for a storage installation (the setup is really built for a minimum of 5 servers), but like I said - you can definitely make it workl17:22
chompingheckj: just encountered this error ->
chompingany idea?17:23
*** titaniumrain has quit IRC17:23
tychoddmI run a project called home datacenter and this is more or less an experiment17:23
heckjtychoddm: sounds like it might work well17:26
heckjchomping: Sorry, no - I don't know the euca tools very well, and haven't used them with Nova recently other than the euca-describe-instances sort of thing. Nothing with availability zones17:27
tychoddmtonight I am going to begin preping the machines17:27
heckjchomping: I'm guessing that you don't have EC2 creds set up correctly for the endpoint17:28
heckj"EC2ResponseError: 403 Forbidden" makes me think this, but I'm totally guessing.17:28
kbringarddid you check the nova-api.log?17:29
*** katkee has quit IRC17:31
chompingheckj: I see, I don't have any idea yet. I see it seems that it wasn't querying my db.17:33
chompingkbringard: let me check17:33
*** alandman has quit IRC17:34
chompingyeah, kbringard it seems it wasn't really connecting to db. I've seen17:34
chompingAuthentication Failure: No project id proj17:35
chompingany idea how to fix this?17:35
kbringarddoes the ec2_access_key have a ":project" at the end of it?17:35
chompingyeah, it has.17:35
kbringardand does that project exist?17:35
chompingI just created a new project. Let me see if this works. I just restart the database17:36
chompingkbringard: how would I know if that project exist?17:36
chompingquerying the db?17:36
kbringardyou can do that17:36
kbringardor, nova-manage project list17:36
chompingahh, thanks. let me check17:36
chompingoh no projects17:37
chompingwhy is that?17:37
chompingI executed this command as roott17:37
kbringardhow did you create your project?17:37
chompingnova-manage project zipfile cmilcloud novaadmin /home/clouduser/creds/novacredz.zip17:37
kbringardyou need to create the project first17:37
kbringardnova-manage project create <project name> <admin user>17:38
*** Vasichkin has quit IRC17:38
chompingoh I see, yeah I see it now.17:38
chompingbtw, I was following this guide
kbringardalso, I'm assuming novaadmin is an admin17:38
kbringardif not you'll need to assign that user roles17:39
*** tychoddm has quit IRC17:39
kbringardboth globally, and specific to the project17:39
chompingyeah, novaadmin is an admin already.17:39
kbringardok, cool17:39
kbringardthen in theory once you've  created the project17:39
kbringardyou can do the zipfile thing again17:40
kbringardand you'll want to make sure that the EC2_ACCESS_KEY has :cmilcloud at the end of it17:40
*** jdurgin has joined #openstack17:42
kbringardyou'll also need to have a network defined when you try to launch an instance, otherwise it'll get stuck in networking17:42
kbringardsince it can't assign it an IP17:42
kbringardfrom a null pool :-)17:42
*** hggdh has joined #openstack17:43
chompingkbringard: ah I see. Are you familiar with hybridfox?17:44
chompingwill this work with openstack?17:44
kbringardin theory it should, but I've not tried it17:44
kbringardat least not extensively17:44
*** mihgen has joined #openstack17:44
chompinghmm I see it now, but hmm for a bit let me show you the result17:44
kbringardI think the issue you'll run into with the elastic/hybridfox stuff is17:45
kbringardit's written to mirror the ec2 api, which isn't 100% implemented (for instance the VPC stuff)17:45
chompingkbringard: I don't know but I use Hybridfox with Eucalyptus. I hope it's compatible17:45
chompingbtw kbringard17:46
chompingwould you please view it, then here's my current setup17:46
chompingI have these two machines as nodes17:46
chompingand one as the clound master17:46
kbringarddo nova-manage service list17:46
kbringardit'll give a better layout of your arch17:46
chompingkbringard: here ->
chompinglet me continue17:47
chompingwith those two machines as nodes17:47
kbringardok so you have everything running on the same machine, it looks like?17:48
kbringardI only see the machine cloudmaster17:48
chompingeach is i7 with 8 cpu's and 16GB17:48
chompingand with that result, I don't believe if it's correct17:48
chompingyeah, there's something wrong. The two machines aren't seen, right?17:48
chompinglet me check the guide I was following17:48
kbringardmy guess is your other compute node isn't pointing to the right database17:49
kbringardgenerally I copy the same nova.conf to all machines from the controller node17:49
chompingkbringard: when you say, "compute node" those are the two machines that I've mentioned (2 node machines) ?17:49
*** AhmedSoliman has joined #openstack17:49
chompinghmm I see..17:49
*** johnpur has joined #openstack17:49
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v johnpur17:49
kbringardcompute nodes are any bare metal machines that are running nova-compute17:50
kbringardin my vernacular17:50
chompingkbringard: yeah I hope I understand you clearly too. It's my first time understanding this OpenStack just came from Eucalyptus and hope all goes well for this.17:51
kbringardno worries17:51
*** Daviey has quit IRC17:52
*** dprince has quit IRC17:55
chompingkbringard: yeah i see it now. ->
kbringardmucho betta17:58
chompingkbringard: thank you.17:58
chompingI have a question17:58
kbringardso now you have 3 compute nodes17:58
kbringardthe controller and 2 compute only17:58
chompingin Eucalyptus, I can know how many instances and how many server resources I can give to the instances. Is there a way to know that?17:59
chompingyeah hmm I won't comment on this for now -> "the controller and 2 compute only"17:59
chompingI don't know for now I hope yeah it will give me what I expect. From Eucalyptus, with this setup I have, I was able to run more than 50 instances I believe, because I see it has 62 instances able to run18:00
kbringardyes and no... you can set quotas, but it doesn't do any sort of calculation for you to guess how many of each thing you can run18:00
*** Daviey has joined #openstack18:00
*** ziyadb has joined #openstack18:01
*** rupakg has quit IRC18:01
*** Vasichkin has joined #openstack18:01
chompingfrom this "yes and no... you can set quotas, but it doesn't do any sort of calculation for you to guess how many of each thing you can run"18:01
*** nacx has quit IRC18:01
kbringardat least not as far as I know18:01
*** cereal_bars has joined #openstack18:01
chompingI guess it would be apt if we say  it has a different approach than Eucalyptus, right?18:01
kbringardI would say so18:02
*** dgags has quit IRC18:02
chompingkbringard: yeah, thank you. how would I set the quotas? is that part of the config?18:02
kbringardyea... one sec I'll find the flags18:03
kbringard--quota_instances and --quota_cores18:03
*** llang629 has joined #openstack18:03
kbringardwill set how many instances and how many cores can be used by a single project18:03
*** llang629 has left #openstack18:04
kbringardI think there is --quota_ram and --quota_gigabytes as well18:04
chompingkbringard: ah I see. thanks. Where I can specify that?18:04
chompingoh really, cool18:04
kbringardin your nova.conf18:04
*** Vasichkins has joined #openstack18:04
chompingahh cool... btw, any link for the manuals where you get that? I would appreciate it.18:04
kbringardthe documentation is here18:05
kbringardbut, sometimes it can be difficult to find things... poor annegentle is overworked and we don't help much by documenting for her :-D18:05
*** ejat has joined #openstack18:05
chompingoh yeah...:D18:05
*** Vasichkinz has joined #openstack18:05
*** Vasichkin has quit IRC18:06
*** deshantm_laptop has quit IRC18:07
huslagekbringard: we need a doc sprint18:09
*** Vasichkins has quit IRC18:09
kbringardheh, indeed18:09
huslagedid that at mozilla not long ago18:09
huslagevery helpful18:09
kbringardEssex release is going to be nothing but documentation18:09
huslagethat's too far out18:09
huslageyou can release docs asynchronously18:10
huslageuntil things sync up18:10
huslageof courseā€¦the world is in flux too18:10
*** Vasichkins has joined #openstack18:11
*** adjohn has joined #openstack18:12
*** Vasichkin has joined #openstack18:13
chompingkbringard: yeah I didn't find the flag you gave me here ->
chompinghmm does it lacks some flags?18:14
*** GeoDud has joined #openstack18:14
*** pguth66 has quit IRC18:14
*** Vasichkinz has quit IRC18:14
kbringardI usually grep through the code for FLAGS18:14
chompingkbringard: I see it now yeah... I see. I just run nova-compute --help. Didn't notice above it says to run it :D sorry about that.18:15
*** Vasichkins has quit IRC18:16
chompingkbringard: btw, if I'm going to set the max cores for the quota, is there any command that will show me how many instances are left to accommodate it in the cloud?18:16
*** adjohn has quit IRC18:17
huslagekbringard: that's what i do too18:17
kbringarduhm, there are some nova-manage commands that pull resource usage, but I don't recall them off the top of my head18:17
chompingkbringard: I see, I'll look on that.18:18
kbringardnova-manage service update_resource <hostname>18:22
kbringardova-manage service describe_resource <hostname>18:22
kbringardyou can loop it like so:18:22
kbringardfor i in $( nova-manage service list | grep compute | awk '{ print $1 }' ); do nova-manage service update_resource $i; done18:22
kbringardfor i in $( nova-manage service list | grep compute | awk '{ print $1 }' ); do nova-manage service describe_resource $i; done18:22
*** Vasichkins has joined #openstack18:23
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*** Seoman has quit IRC18:23
*** dgags has joined #openstack18:23
*** ziyadb has joined #openstack18:23
*** ziyadb has joined #openstack18:23
*** Vasichkin has quit IRC18:23
chompingkbringard: thank you. whoa, there are really a lot of commands to remember hmmp. BTW, how do you keep track of those commands? Any manual or links that I can refer to?18:27
kbringardjust the docs really :-/18:27
kbringardif you look around and don't see something that should be there, feel free to add it18:27
*** bastichelaar has joined #openstack18:28
chompingok kbringard18:31
*** mihgen has left #openstack18:31
chompingI just feel weird ->
chompingwhy is that nc2 and nc2 doesn't have its disk displayed?18:31
chompingnc1 and nc2, I mean.18:31
*** Vasichkinz has joined #openstack18:34
*** rupakg has joined #openstack18:35
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TREllison my 2nd compute node, I'm pointing it to glance22:17
TREllisbut when launching instances I get "(nova.compute.manager): TRACE: NotFound: Class GlanceImageService cannot be found"22:17
TREllisany ideas?22:17
*** joearnold has quit IRC22:17
*** joearnold has joined #openstack22:18
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TREllisbah found it22:28
*** mencken has joined #openstack22:28
TREllishad typo'ed "--image_service=nova.image.glance.GlanceImageService" image not images :)22:28
*** cp16net has quit IRC22:28
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