Friday, 2011-07-08

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zykes-is keystone kind of like a sso for openstack ?01:21
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creihtzykes-: it is a reference auth implementation shared by all the openstack components01:41
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chompingguys, I have a question. Any idea why the "disk" availability is not shown? ->
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John1234hi all03:25
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HugoKuo_"disk " what's that for ?05:34
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mikebaileyany idea when Diablo is due?05:56
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vodanh86_is there any way for me to backup and restore my instances if compute host down06:36
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HugoKuo_vodanh86 , rebundle image06:50
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HugoKuo_does any one familiar with make UEC image from a running instance ?07:51
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CapashenIs Stephen Spector in this channel ?10:08
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ttxzul: any chance you could reproduce bug 806647 ?12:52
zulttx: sure12:54
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fulccan anyone tell me what server openstack uses to host the admin interface at https://address:8773/   ?13:07
fulci mean, is supposed to be using13:07
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RaziqueHi all13:18
Raziquefor the iscsi users, here is a fix I made
RaziqueHad hell of days yesterday, nova went fubar due to an open-iscsi's restart13:18
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Capashenis there any best practice to install Ubuntu for OpenStack Nova (partitions, LVM, swap, etc) in the documentation/wiki ?13:28
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fulcis there anyone to answer my question?13:43
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Raziquefulc: just ask :)14:11
fulccan you tell me what server openstack uses to host the admin interface at https://address:8773/   ?14:11
fulccurrently when i try accessing it i get some python script output14:12
fulc1.0 2007-01-19 2007-03-01 2007-08-29 2007-10-10 2007-12-15 2008-02-01 2008-09-01 2009-04-0414:12
fulcsorry, that's when i change the https to http14:12
fulcwhen i use the https i get SSL protocol error 10714:13
fulcadditional info: i used stackops distro to install it with a dualnode configuration14:14
kbringardfulc: that's the nova-api server14:18
kbringardthe ec2 interface14:18
kbringardif you hit it using the euca2ools, you should get meaningful output14:19
kbringardor, you can GET the API paths14:19
fulccan you tell me how to do any of those? =]14:19
annegentleCapashen: do you mean Ubuntu as a guest VM OS? Or something else?14:20
kbringardfulc: that's the documentation for the euca2ools14:20
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fulcbut to use the euca2ools i need the credentials14:21
fulcdont i?14:21
Capashenannegentle, I mean Ubuntu for nova nodes (host).14:21
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kbringardfulc: yep, you'll need to create users and stuff14:23
kbringardspecifically the stuff about managing the cloud, and users14:24
fulckbringard: so do i need to create users first to be able to access the credentials website?14:25
kbringardthere is no credentials website14:25
kbringardthe 8773 thing you were talking about is an API endpoint14:25
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kbringardso, you run some nova-manage commands to create users and download their credentials file14:25
annegentleCapashen: there's and
kbringardsource the credentials file that was created for you14:26
fulcright, so it's not the same as eucalyptus i guess14:26
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kbringardcorrect, not the same as euca14:26
fulcalright, thank you14:26
fulci'll see what i can do14:26
kbringardit uses the same API as euca (the ec2 API), so you can use the euca2ools14:26
kbringardbut the methodology is different14:26
fulci see14:27
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Capashenannegentle, here we talk about how to install openstack, but for instance, how can I know how many swap I have to configure for Ubuntu, or if I have to tune my kernel. In fact, I'm searching system requirements for nova.14:29
annegentleCapashen: sorry those don't exist that I know of. Best practices are welcome contributions, certainly. We're working on reference implementations at Rackspace and I'm guessing Canonical is doing the same (complete guess).14:32
Capashenok :) thx14:33
fulckbringard: so, i have created a user, gave it cloudadmin role, sourced novarc. wat do now? when i try euca-describe-availability-zones i get error 403:access forbidden14:36
uvirtbotNew bug: #807556 in swift "Change what ratelimiting rate limits" [Undecided,New]
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kbringardhmmm... I think there is a difference between admin and cloud admin14:42
kbringardyou have to create the user like so14:42
kbringardnova-manage user admin <username>14:42
kbringardor, you can look in your DB and make sure that is_admin = 1 in the user table for that user14:42
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Raziqueannegentle: hi14:49
Raziqueannegentle: I wanted to work on the doc, but I've completely lost the procedure, would you mind to repeat it ?14:49
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fulcuh oh14:53
fulc(IntegrityError) (1062, ...) The above error may show that the database has not been created.14:53
fulcPlease create a database using 'nova-manage db sync' before running this command.14:53
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fulci thought at least the DB should be preconfigured with the distro installation O_o14:54
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annegentleRazique: sorry I missed you! For reference, see
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chrismI had two questions, hopefuly you guys can help out. :)16:30
chrism1.  What's the "proper" way to remove a service from the controller?  i.e., if I have nova-compute registered from a seperate machine and I want to fully remove it (not disable it), how would I do this?16:31
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chrism2.  Should nova-volume run on every node that I'm exporting disk space from, or should I run that one one machine and just let it handle the iscsi discovery?16:32
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NashTrashHey OpenStack'ers16:37
NashTrashI am upgrading from Diablo-1 to Diablo-2.  Also, I lost my database server (disk failure) and had no backup.  So, lots of fun.16:38
NashTrashTwo questions...16:38
NashTrash1) What is the command to have glance create its database (I am using MySQL).  glance db sync doesn't work16:38
kbringard_NashTrash: it's glance-control db_sync16:39
NashTrash2) I think I remember seeing that the nova-compute glance flags had changed.  Any info on this?16:39
kbringard_glance-mamage db_sync16:39
NashTrashkbringard_: Thanks DB is now ready.16:39
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NashTrashIs nova-compute still using:--glance_host=
kbringard_yea, that's still right, but16:40
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kbringard_I think glance_host and glance_port got changed to just glance_api_servers16:40
kbringard_so it's like16:40
kbringard_or whatever16:41
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NashTrashOk.  Thanks.16:41
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kbringard_and you *must* specify both URI and port16:41
kbringard_otherwise it tosses an error parsing it16:41
kbringard_at least it did a few revs back16:41
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NashTrashThanks.  I hope to test it out later this afternoon.16:42
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NashTrashkbringard_: When my glance-api starts up it logs this "su: Authentication failure"16:53
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NashTrashNot a bid deal.  Seems to work otherwise.17:02
kbringardyea... probably a permissions error on the file system17:02
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chrismdoes anyone happen to know why raw ietadm --op show --tid=x commands would return an "operation not permitted" error?17:12
chrismsorry it's fun with nova-volume today =(17:12
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huslagekbringard: you around?17:56
huslageanyone can answer this i guess actually17:56
huslagewhen i try to start an instance, i get: "No image with a name or ID of '10' exists."17:56
huslagethis stems from the old image not existing anymore because someone deleted it.17:57
huslagenow i can't start any instances that were based on that17:57
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huslagecan i just change the image in the db for those servers?17:58
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kbringardwhat was image 10?18:24
kbringardwas it a disk... kernel, ramdisk?18:24
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huslagekbringard: i swapped it in the db and things worked19:20
kbringardhuslage: good work :-)19:20
huslagebut now i'm moving its IP to a new box19:20
huslageand it's not working19:20
huslageit shows as allocated19:20
huslagebut i can't connect to it19:21
huslagea new vm sorry19:21
huslagethe old iptables NAT entry is still in there for the IP19:24
*** ctennis has quit IRC19:27
*** technicool has quit IRC19:28
*** zul has quit IRC19:30
*** jaypipes has quit IRC19:30
*** jaypipes has joined #openstack19:31
*** dprince has joined #openstack19:33
NashTrashkbringard: Hola.  I tried uploading my first image to glance (using uec-publish-tarball) and it failed with "Invalid certfailed to upload kernel"19:35
NashTrashAny ideas?19:35
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack19:35
kbringardhmmm, well, I don't use the uec-publish-tarball stuff... but my guess is that it's trying to use the euca-bundle stuff but not finding your key19:37
*** katkee has joined #openstack19:37
*** fabiand__ has left #openstack19:37
kbringarddid you download the zip file for your account using nova-manage?19:37
NashTrashI get absolutely nothing in the glance api log19:38
NashTrashother than that "authentication fail" error I mentioned earlier19:38
kbringardyea, the uec thing uploads to objectstore first19:38
NashTrashHmm.  Maybe the upload to nova-objectstore is failing first19:39
kbringardin the file that gets generated, there should be a bunch of certificates19:39
*** jaypipes has joined #openstack19:39
kbringardcacert.pem  cert.pem  novarc pk.pem19:39
NashTrashAh.  That could be it19:39
kbringardif you source the novarc file, it should reference those correctly19:39
kbringardhowever, with that being said19:40
kbringardif you know glance works19:40
kbringardI personally would skip the uec publish thing19:40
NashTrashI can never remember, how to you download the zip using nova-manage19:40
kbringardnova-manage project zipfile <project name> <user name>19:40
kbringardthere's an admin API call to get it too, but I don't recall what it ids19:41
kbringardwe have a ruby library that exports all that crap for me, haha19:41
*** mlanner_ has joined #openstack19:41
NashTrashPerfect. I think I am trying to publish with old certs.19:41
kbringardthis works pretty well for uploading directly to glance19:42
kbringardalthough it assumes you have the glance* commands on the box you're running it on19:42
kbringardif you have ruby available, this works without the glance stuff19:42
kbringardjust requires the ogle gem19:42
kbringardthat last one is how I upload images almost exclusively anymore19:43
*** jmckenty has quit IRC19:43
*** adjohn has joined #openstack19:43
*** mlanner has quit IRC19:45
*** mlanner_ is now known as mlanner19:45
*** joearnold has joined #openstack19:46
*** joearnold has quit IRC19:46
*** joearnold has joined #openstack19:46
*** marrusl has quit IRC19:47
*** marrusl has joined #openstack19:48
*** technicool has joined #openstack19:49
*** Capashen_ has joined #openstack19:49
*** willaerk has joined #openstack19:50
*** marrusl has joined #openstack19:51
*** markvoelker has quit IRC19:53
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk19:54
*** johnpur has joined #openstack19:55
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v johnpur19:55
NashTrashkbringard: Ha.  Thanks.  It was old certs.19:56
kbringardcool, glad it works now :-)19:57
*** huslage has quit IRC19:57
*** j05h has quit IRC19:58
*** j05h has joined #openstack19:59
*** aliguori has quit IRC20:03
*** lpatil has quit IRC20:04
*** heckj_ has joined #openstack20:07
*** heckj_ has quit IRC20:08
*** rtyuioiop has joined #openstack20:09
*** heckj has quit IRC20:09
*** mszilagyi has quit IRC20:09
*** exitdescription has quit IRC20:10
*** rtyuioiop has left #openstack20:10
*** exitdescription has joined #openstack20:10
*** retr0h has joined #openstack20:11
kbringardretr0h: what is up my homie20:11
retr0hkbringard: hey dawg!20:11
retr0hkbringard: wonders if Ephur will say hi :P20:11
*** ejat has joined #openstack20:12
kbringardwe're gettin' the band back together20:12
*** ejat has quit IRC20:12
*** ejat has joined #openstack20:12
*** mszilagyi has joined #openstack20:12
*** chrism has quit IRC20:14
Ephurretr0h:  HI! :P20:14
retr0hEphur: hahahah :) awesome :)20:14
Ephur<-- little latent20:14
Ephurgood thing my IRC client started bouncing down there heheh20:14
*** adjohn has quit IRC20:14
kbringardyou're on Rackspace's network, we'll give you a 4000ms headstart20:14
retr0hEphur: me tooo... I don't wanna give up irssi but sometimes I don't pay attn lol20:15
EphurI use Colloquy now, been pretty happy with it.20:15
kbringardhey, me too!20:15
retr0hEphur: yah but I can't give in.. i like my tmux + split window + irssi lol (it feels very un SA to run colloquy) :P20:16
kbringardretr0h: you have that shiny new Air, you should install Colloquy on it20:16
retr0hkbringard: my shiny new air has full screen iterm and tmux :P20:16
kbringardEphur and I are the best SA's you know, and we both run it20:16
kbringardnow you just think about that20:16
retr0hkbringard: you just blew my mind!20:17
Ephurretr0h: Times change buddy! For a long time it felt very un SA to me to not run Solaris, but I adjustedl ol20:17
kbringardyea, now we run OpenSolaris20:17
* Ephur wonders whose running Openstack on OpenSolaris *g*20:18
* retr0h wonders who running Openstack on Centos 5 :p20:18
*** aliguori has joined #openstack20:20
*** lionel has joined #openstack20:21
*** adjohn has joined #openstack20:22
kbringardretr0h: only someone running Bexar or lower, I'd wager20:23
*** Ephur has quit IRC20:27
retr0hkbringard: ya20:27
*** adjohn has quit IRC20:28
*** jovy has joined #openstack20:29
*** fujin` has joined #openstack20:31
fujin`anyone familiar with flatdhcp?20:31
fujin`I'd like to make DNSMasq listen on a different IP address than x.x.x.120:31
fujin`ideally, x.x.x.2.20:31
fujin`We have a router at
*** lionel has quit IRC20:32
kbringardoh, hey, soren :-)20:32
sorenWow, you own I've wondered who had that.20:32
kbringardI'm going to make you sorry you spoke up :-)20:32
fujin`x.x.x.1 rather20:32
sorenkbringard: I think you already did :)20:32
fujin`so any idea?20:32
*** fujin` is now known as fujin20:32
kbringardzactly :-)20:32
fujingoogling for nova dnsmasq listen-address doesn't really help =(20:33
kbringardI just wanted to know if you'd had a chance to look further at that triaged bug we discussed a couple of weeks back20:33
fujinIs it hardcoded?20:33
sorenkbringard: Like most other bugs I've fixed in the last good while, I'm stuck on adding unit tests for it.20:33
kbringardno worries, was just curious20:33
kbringardanything I can do to help?20:33
*** FallenPegasus has joined #openstack20:34
fujinall I need to do is pass --listen-address along to dnsmasq20:35
*** lionel has joined #openstack20:36
*** FallenPegasus is now known as MarkAtwood20:36
*** jmckenty has joined #openstack20:37
*** cereal_bars has quit IRC20:38
*** pguth66 has quit IRC20:39
fujindang, looks like vishy hasn't finished the work yet =(20:40
*** dragondm has joined #openstack20:44
*** vodanh86 has joined #openstack20:46
*** aliguori has quit IRC20:47
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC20:48
vodanh86When my instances ( request metadata from network host ( flowing is tcp packet I captured by wireshark20:48
vodanh86192.168.168.3  --> tcp sync
*** ameade has quit IRC20:49
vodanh86192.168.168.10  --> tcp sync, ack
*** Razique has joined #openstack20:49
vodanh86192.168.168.10  --> tcp sync, ack
vodanh86and the problems is unable recieve tcp sync, ack form
vodanh86sorry ( is my nova-api host, is my network host20:51
vodanh86i using wireshark on network host20:52
*** vodanh86 has quit IRC20:56
*** dprince has quit IRC20:57
*** jmckenty has quit IRC20:58
*** jmckenty has joined #openstack20:59
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*** adam_g has joined #openstack21:06
*** Razique has joined #openstack21:08
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*** Razique has quit IRC21:22
RickB17not openstack related, and i'm sure most already have; but anyone want a google+ invite?21:24
ldleworkRickB17, it kinda sucks.21:24
vishyfujin: doing a couple updates to that code today, shouldn't change functionality21:24
ldleworkRickB17, some cool ajax/javascript widgets but not very useless on the whole.21:24
RickB17i just like it b/c it's "cleaner" than FB.  FB is starting to be like MySpace with all it's spam and games21:25
*** amccabe has quit IRC21:25
RickB17need a "happy medium" between linkedin and facebook21:26
RickB17hopefully it's not as successful as wave. lol21:26
*** Razique has joined #openstack21:27
ldleworkRickB17, hehe.21:29
ldleworkRichiH, I'd appreciate some collaborative tools right inside my social network though.21:30
Capashen_I post some jingle for "OpenStack – The Best Sounding Cloud" in the blog. It would be great if I had some comments or feedback,I don't really know what is expected...21:38
*** PeteDaGuru has left #openstack21:40
*** jj0hns0n has quit IRC21:42
*** technicool has quit IRC21:42
vishyCapashen_: link21:43
sorenkbringard: Don't think so, no. Thanks for asking.21:44
sorenkbringard: Well, not unless you have a time machine.21:45
kbringardsadly, I do not21:45
*** medberry is now known as med_out21:45
kbringarda while back some friends and I made a pact that if time travel were even invented, we'd come back to that spot21:45
kbringardno one showed up, so we were very disappointed21:45
Capashen_vishy :
*** mrmartin has quit IRC21:46
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates21:48
RickB17time travel is possible; but only in the future.  You cannot travel backwards21:51
ziyadbRickB17 +1.21:51
*** pothos has quit IRC21:52
*** pothos_ has joined #openstack21:52
*** pothos_ is now known as pothos21:53
uvirtbotNew bug: #807749 in nova "No Flag to Disable EC2 or OSAPI" [Undecided,In progress]
*** NashTrash has left #openstack21:59
*** imsplitbit has quit IRC21:59
*** llang629___ has quit IRC22:03
*** dgags has quit IRC22:03
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*** nphase has quit IRC22:07
fujindont' suppose anyone know what config values control the Chain nova-network-snat (1 references) chain?22:08
fujintrying to figure out why it's adding a range instead of the one I've specified22:08
matttfujin: maybe nova-manage config list will point you in teh right directino?22:09
fujinnova-manage config list doesn't even do anything?22:10
fujinconfig does not match any options22:10
matttfujin: works on 2011.3~d2-0ubuntu0~ppa1~natty1, sorry22:10
fujinI'm on 2011.2, maverick22:10
fujinmattt: don't suppose you could give me a hint from your output?22:11
matttfujin: nope, but then again i don't have anything in that chain22:11
matttfujin: actually, --routing_source_ip= ?22:12
fujinthink I got it22:12
fujinI had to specify fixed_range even though I'm using flatdhcp22:12
matttyeah, i use --fixed_range= too and use flatdhcp22:13
fujinsweet.. thanks22:13
fujinthat was the ticket I think22:13
adam_g  anyone know where this gateway6'22:14
matttamazon, watch out!  fujin's in business!22:14
adam_gerr, anyone know where or why this 'gateway6' mapping is being set?22:14
adam_gusing 2011.3~d3~20110708.1251-0ubuntu0ppa1~natty1 . have not seen an error like this before22:14
matttadam_g: that's a damn odd error22:14
adam_gsure is..22:15
vishyfujin: sweet22:17
*** jonkelly has quit IRC22:17
adam_gthe gateway6 keyword isn't mentioned anywhere in the instances libvirt xml config22:17
matttadam_g: at least you're not the only one:
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack22:19
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack22:19
*** adjohn has joined #openstack22:19
matttadam_g: do you have any gateway flags in your nova.conf?22:20
*** j05h has left #openstack22:21
*** technicool has joined #openstack22:21
adam_gmattt: none. and i haven't touched any ipv6 settings anywhere, fwiw22:21
*** rods has quit IRC22:23
adam_gmattt: perhaps22:24
*** cp16net has quit IRC22:24
vishygateway6 should be ipv6 specific.22:24
*** adjohn has quit IRC22:25
uvirtbotNew bug: #807764 in nova "KeyError: 'gateway6' - caused by unchecked hash key reference" [Undecided,New]
*** adjohn has joined #openstack22:27
*** adjohn has quit IRC22:27
matttadam_g: heh!22:28
*** gondoi has quit IRC22:29
*** Razique has quit IRC22:30
adam_gthe patch on that new bug fixes me good22:31
*** Eric_o2 has joined #openstack22:34
matttadam_g: that was kind of freaky22:34
*** ejat has quit IRC22:34
*** rnirmal has quit IRC22:34
adam_gmattt: especially this late on a friday22:35
*** kbringard has quit IRC22:35
*** hggdh has quit IRC22:39
*** hggdh has joined #openstack22:39
*** willaerk has quit IRC22:47
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