Friday, 2011-07-15

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vinay_Hi question about glance00:57
vinay_and multinode installation00:57
vinay_if I have several compute nodes00:57
vinay_do I need multiple glance servers one for each nova-compute?00:57
vinay_or do they all connect to one (running on some host)?00:58
vinay_anyone still here?00:58
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vodanh86Has Anyone successfully deployed  openstack on CentOS?01:19
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vodanh86which CentOS version should I  use?01:24
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uvirtbotNew bug: #810867 in openstack-manuals "Error building docs" [Undecided,New]
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Faddyhello everyone .. can anyone please advise a good web interface support for openstack ??? i already have openstack dashboard in working state but its not fulfilling my needs? will very much appreciate the response05:02
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karterhi folks, when i try to start a machine from an image it says lauchcing and then goes to shutdown - compute log says: Found instance 'instance-00000006' in DB but no VM. State=5, so setting state to shutoff05:53
karterany idea how to fix ?05:53
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karterhi berto-06:18
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HugoKuofaddy , hybrid fox ?06:33
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JuniHelllo all06:42
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winston-dnotmyname : any chance still around?06:45
winston-dnotmyname : hi~06:45
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Junican windows XP work on openstack06:57
royhJuni: there was someone in here not too long ago who made a howto for it iirc.07:02
royhJuni: I've never tried it and I'm extremely new to openstack, so i don't know if it works. do you want me to grep my backlogs?07:03
royhJuni: if you do, highlight my nick as I'm moving away from this window now :)07:05
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JuniThanks royh for response yes i want howto if you have ....really appriciate your response07:11
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royhJuni: again, i don't vouch for the contents07:20
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Junithanks royh.... also i want to share some info that my openstack installed by the help of stackops and some forums i saw that windows images needs a Gnome or KDE so is that GNOME or KDE is necessary or i used cli ???07:24
royhJuni: gnome or kde on windows?07:25
royhJuni: if you look at the guide you get rdp, but you can also use vnc if you want to do it that way :)07:25
Junino i mean when installing windows instances openstack need GNOME or KDE to make a instance.07:28
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caribouquestion : Is there some specific swift setup required to have it respond to external queries ? st works fine when using, but just hang when using the IP address07:36
caribouI used the SAIO instruction for Cactus. btw, when I write "it" I meant the proxy-server07:36
Juniroyh  ....sudo kvm -m 1024 -cdrom WinXP_E.ISO -drive file=winxp.img,if=virtio,boot=on -fda virtio-win-1.1.16.vfd -boot d -nographic -vnc :0 ( when issuing this command how much time it wll take to write on winxp.img) ??????????????07:37
chompingHI guys, any help there! I'm really having trouble when executing 'nova-manage network create' I got this error please look -> and my nova.conf is ->
royhJuni: i don't know07:42
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chompinganyone can help?07:44
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HugoKuoJuni , the VM is tunning , you have to connect it with VNC viewer07:57
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uvirtbotNew bug: #810922 in nova "A corner case in _call_method of" [Undecided,New]
royhJuni: btw, HugoKuo was the guy who made the tut as you might see form the hostname :)08:36
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HugoKuojuni : congrat , got back to work ...08:38
HugoKuosee ya08:38
Juniyes Hugokuo  is the champ08:38
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cariboufyi:I found my answer in answer
cariboudefault_swift_cluster was set to for the user09:09
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fulchello, what happens if i try to use many different machines in a cloud - by different i mean processors without hardware virtualization, then processor with, and procesorrs with IOMMU?10:25
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kim0ttx: Bonjour Thiery o/12:15
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kim0ttx: I see you haven't added your session to yet12:16
kim0ttx: Could you please add one today if possible .. I'm off next week and would like to make sure we're good to go12:17
kim0soren: Would be awesome for you to define your session title as well →
kim0thanks folks :)12:17
kim0Would anyone from the "swift" camp be interested to present ?12:17
kim0soren: an area I am personally interested in learning about, is real life nova deployments (i.e. large scale, redundant, load balanced ..etc) :)12:18
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BK_mansoren: so, about real stuff: how can I point particular nova-compute to particular nova-network?12:25
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uvirtbotNew bug: #811027 in openstack-manuals "With LXC support, system requirements in Compute doc are out of date" [High,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #811047 in nova "manual vconfig needed on nova-network startup" [Undecided,New]
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NashTrashGood Morning Openstack'ers.14:40
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NashTrashMy RabbitMQ failed last night and no one could spawn VMs afterwards.  I take it that Diablo-2 still does not have the nova-* services automatically try reconnecting to Rabbit?14:40
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bourkeHas anyone come across this error from glance-api when trying to upload an image: Unknown accept header: ...returning version choices.15:42
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bourkeOr to put it another way, is this the correct type of command to upload an image to glance? glance add name="My Image" is_public=true < image.iso --host=<glance-host>15:44
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kenyI am trying to make a container read-only for a group of users, but can't. When I "st stat" the container "acc", the permissions are the following: Read ACL: .r:*,acc,acc:delme15:44
kenyHowever, if I st download acc file with user acc:delme, I get a 403 forbidden15:45
kenyI guess I'm missing something, but can't tell from the docs what it is15:45
huslageno bourke15:46
huslagethere are flags for everything15:46
bourkehuslage: it works on the glance machine itself. This only happens when running it from another box15:46
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huslageif you're going to do it this way you need to form the command differently15:47
huslage glance add name="My Image" is_public=true --host=<glance host> < image.iso15:47
huslageyou're redirecting something into a command15:47
bourkehuslage: same problem with your format15:48
huslagewhat's the error15:48
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bourkeim wondering is it because I have 2011.2 on the machine Im trying to upload from15:48
bourkewhereas the server is 2011.3-d215:48
huslageshould all be the same version15:48
huslageyou can't mix-n-match very well15:49
huslagethe api is in flux15:49
bourkeok, im going to try and upgrade the client15:49
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uvirtbot`New bug: #811112 in nova "nova-api crash running stress test" [Undecided,New]
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kenyI'm not sure how I would go about troubleshooting access permissions problems. When my non-admin user asks for a file and gets a 403 forbidden in return, I can see the following message in the logfile: ERROR with Container server re: Trying to GET /v1/AUTH_35703dac-6039-4973-81b7-defd65653a43/buildrings: Connection refused16:24
kenyThis does not happen when requesting the same file with the admin user, so I'm not sure if the connection refused error is something which should be happening when access is forbidden16:25
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uvirtbot`New bug: #811134 in openstack-manuals "Add documentation for configuring rate limits" [Undecided,New]
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annegentlespam has been bad on the wiki lately, I may need to moderate account creation for a while. If no one vehemently objects, I'll do so in an hour.17:26
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sandywalshDist scheduler docs now up on the public openstack site ... thanks annegentle17:36
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dspanoHi everyone. I forgot what causes this error when you're spawning an instance.17:58
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dspano2011-07-15 17:57:00,589 -[WARNING]: waiting for metadata service at
dspano2011-07-15 17:57:00,592 -[WARNING]:   17:57:00 [ 1/100]: url error [[Errno 101] Network is unreachable]17:59
dspanoI'm using flatDHCPManager17:59
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zulsoren: im going to push a new versoin of nova and swift to the archive18:13
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vinay_Hi there,18:19
vinay_I am having problem configuring my openstack cloud to glance18:19
vinay_glance is running on another host18:19
vinay_so as I understand --glance_host and --glance_port on /etc/nova/nova.conf on the nova-api (controller host) should be sufficient.. right?18:20
vinay_as it happens it doesnt work18:20
vinay_when I issue nova image-list on controller host it seems to try to connect to itself18:21
*** keny has joined #openstack18:21
vinay_whereas glance is running on antohetr host (as indicated by --glance_host)18:21
*** joearnold has joined #openstack18:21
vinay_so am puzzled why the nova-api doesnt pick up the --glance_host18:22
vinay_let me know if I should paste the error18:22
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sorenzul: Great.18:23
heckjannegentle: no problem from me _ i noticed the number of pages deleted in the past couple of days.18:25
zulsoren: i noticed that there is a new python-novadminclient ill update that as well but its going to take a bit later18:25
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sorenzul: How come?18:35
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zulsoren: havent touched it yet and dont know much about it18:36
sorenzul: Oh, nova-*admin*client. Right. Err... Yeah, haven't touched than in ages either.18:36
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sorenzul: Yeah, if you could package that, that would be awesome.18:37
zulsoren: when do you think you can upload keystone?18:37
zulsoren: will do18:37
sorenzul: Maybe this evening.18:38
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sorenzul: I have some feature week I want to get off my list before I go on holiday.18:39
zulsoren: k18:40
zulsoren: ill package up quantum if you dont mind18:41
sorenzul: Not at all. Knock yourself out.18:42
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RaziqueHi all cloud friends19:11
Raziquecan I create new flavors by simply put em into the database ?19:11
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vinay_it looks like in diablo the property --glance_host is changed to --glance_api_servers ???19:19
*** PeteDaGuru has joined #openstack19:24
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kenyI have a container "container" and a swauth account "downloaders" with a user "user1". How do I need to set the ACL on "container" so any user from group "downloaders" can download?19:43
kenyCurrently, my ACL reads:  Read ACL: .r:*,downloaders,downloaders:user00119:43
kenyWrite ACL:19:43
kenybut user001 is not able to download (gets 403 errors)19:43
kenywhile my admin user downloads without any problems19:44
*** adrian17od has joined #openstack19:44
kenydoes that ACL line look alright, or should I look elsewhere?19:44
*** peads has quit IRC19:44
kenysyslog does not show any errors (except for the 403 itself, and a couple of 2xx swauth GETs before)19:46
*** adrian17od has quit IRC19:47
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*** PeteDaGuru has joined #openstack19:54
btorchkeny: I believe you just need "X-Container-Read: downloaders" for everyone under that account19:54
*** floehmann has joined #openstack19:54
*** Capashen has joined #openstack19:55
*** PeteDaGuru1 has joined #openstack19:57
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btorchkeny: if you want just that user it would be "X-Container-Read: downloaders:user001"19:57
*** obino has joined #openstack19:57
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stackmananyone see this error (nova.compute.manager): TRACE: KeyError: 'HTTP_ACCEPT20:06
uvirtbot`New bug: #811248 in nova "update compute API to handle UUID's for compute updates" [Medium,In progress]
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk20:13
kenybtorch: I'm still getting 403 with: "Read ACL: downloaders", so I'm guessing the error is elsewhere20:14
kenybtorch thanks20:14
rupakgkeny: you might want to add .rlistings, which lets you list the container20:16
bszarupakg: did the .rlistings solve the problem you were having?20:18
rupakgbsza: well, my problem was that if user1 makes a container public, user2 was not able to see it.20:19
rupakgwell, it turns out that swift behaves differently as it does not have a concept of global namesapce for coontainers20:19
bszarupakg: right20:19
rupakgso giving a specific permission to User2 solved the issues20:19
bszarupakg: hmm20:20
btorchkeny: yeah if you are trying to list the container you need that otherwise you can only get the object20:20
*** fysa has quit IRC20:20
kenybtorch: I am using st to try and download the object, but downloading gives the 403, have not tried listing20:21
rupakgkeny: can you try giving X-Container-Read = ".r:*,.rlistings" (without the quotes), and then try out the url for the container/object in the browser20:22
kenyrupakg sure :) 1 sec20:22
*** j05h has joined #openstack20:22
kenystill no go :( I'm getting the 40320:23
kenyClientException: Object GET failed: 403 Forbidden20:24
kenyst stat container  Account: AUTH_a2f8c9fb-8798-46a5-88e5-eb3a0b2ebcba20:25
kenyContainer: container20:25
keny  Objects: 120:25
keny    Bytes: 419443220:25
keny Read ACL: .r:*,downloaders,.rlistings20:25
kenyWrite ACL:20:25
keny(sorry for the paste)20:25
keny(that stat was done with admin privs, thats why the account is different, of course)20:25
kenyI tried with and without the downloaders field20:26
rupakgdid you put the container with the admin user20:26
*** jamshid has joined #openstack20:26
kenyrupakg yes, I created and uploaded that file with the admin user20:26
rupakgreplace the AUTH_??? in your url with the AIUTH from the Admin user20:27
kenyI mean, I created the container when uploading that file20:27
rupakgkeny: try this:
kenyI could try with curl (currently using st) but shouldn't that fail because of an account url / auth_token mismatch?20:28
kenyI'll try, though20:28
kenyjust in case :)20:28
rupakgcontainers' urls remain the same20:28
rupakgbsza: thx. looking at it. i found that same thing the hard way on my own yesterday. :) but good learning20:29
*** negronjl has quit IRC20:30
*** reed has quit IRC20:30
kenyrupakg: It worked! :O20:31
*** ctennis has quit IRC20:31
kenyrupakg btorch so many thanks for your help!20:31
kenyWhat is the X-Storage-Url used for, then?20:31
*** dragondm has joined #openstack20:31
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*** dragondm has joined #openstack20:32
kenyI thought that was what I had to use.. in fact, that's what the 'st' tool seems to be using20:32
rupakgkeny: read the link that was pointed out by bsza. you will see.20:33
*** joearnol_ has quit IRC20:34
kenyrupakg: OK; thanks again! :)20:35
rupakgkeny: that is the problem. containers urls never change. you have to use the original one. if you give access to just User2 lets say, then, you need to make a call with User2's auth token but use the same original url20:35
bszarupakg: right!20:35
rupakgkeny: you are welcome.20:35
rupakgbsza: i battled over quite a bit that i understand it well. :)20:36
*** ivan has quit IRC20:37
rupakgbsza: the problem also is that there is no way to enumurate as the sharer has to give you the url. kind of defeates the purpose in my opinion.20:37
*** joearnold has joined #openstack20:40
*** ivan has joined #openstack20:40
jamshidHi folks, has anyone successfully used Swift 1.4.2-dev, installed via, with Cyberduck? The swift utility works fine, e.g. "swift -A -U system:root -K testpass upload photos ." I did have to make the config change for swauth specified in
jamshidCyberduck kinda works, it shows containers, but when I try to open one it seems to make the same request over and over. From the log (GET /v1/AUTH_system/mybucket3%3Fformat%3D...) it looks over-escaped, but req.url looks fine in BaseApplication.handle_request().20:42
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dspanoIt only took 3 days, but I finally understand nova-network now!21:18
dspanoIt was totally worth the pain!21:19
*** joearnold has joined #openstack21:19
vinay_dspano: any pointers for us who are still trying to understand it?21:20
vinay_I do have a specific problem...21:20
vinay_I have nova-compute on another host ... and nova-compute/network/scheduler/api on host221:21
dspanovinay: I just meant that I got my single test controller to run an instance.21:21
vinay_but whenever a VM is created on host1 Its not pingable/ssh'able ( I get no route to host)21:21
dspanovinay: My issue was that my bridge was messed up.21:22
vinay_any vm created on host2 (cloud_controller) are fine -- can ssh to it21:22
vinay_oh ok dspano21:22
vinay_throwing out the problem in case anyone has answer21:22
*** keny has quit IRC21:23
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matttdspano: heh, yeah, i've never had to look at bridging before :D21:28
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dspanomattt: You've only done vlan then?21:38
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matttdragondm: flatdhcp21:51
*** pdayton has quit IRC21:54
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matttdragondm: auto-complete fail, was meant for dspano ... sorry 'bout that21:59
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dcplushas anyone had problems with swift tool (aka swift) hanging when downloading a container that had previously been uploaded with cyberduck22:49
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