Saturday, 2011-07-16

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CapnCapacitorIs there a better document that explains FlatNetwork? I've got it set in nova.conf, but my instances still have a 10.* IP when they start02:01
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juniHello ALLLL :D05:50
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juniDo anyone have a expereince in extra features of openstack-dashboard like RS ????????? how we install extra features of openstack-dashboard06:30
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dweimerI noticed that the statslogger code was separated from swift. Similar to swauth/keystone is there a new statistics monitoring project for openstack that will replace statslogger?15:07
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karterhi folks,16:33
karter i keep getting 2011-07-16 16:33:21,173 INFO nova.compute.manager [-] Found instance 'instance-00000002' in DB but no VM. State=5, so setting state to shutoff. whenever i spawn vms16:34
karteranyone know how to fix?16:34
kartermy --libvirtype is LXC running natty, and libvirt 0.8.816:34
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mnaserkarter: check your nova-compute logs.. looks like the server is not being creatd16:41
kartermnaser: that is from the compute log16:41
karterhow do i fix it ?16:41
mnasercan you post the entire section from where you create the server till that error?16:41
mnaserinto a pastebin16:41
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kartermnaser: , i tried it again, i was able to ping the machine for a brief bit16:45
karterthen something in nova shuts it down looks like16:46
mnaserkarter: are you sure the virtualization (or lxc) is properly activate and runinng?16:48
kartermnaser: how do I verify that ?16:48
kartermnaser: you are right, when i reboot , this is what i get: 2011-07-16 16:48:55,852 INFO nova.virt.libvirt_conn [-] Unable to read LXC console16:49
mnasernot sure, i don't use lxc16:49
mnaserthat's your starting point16:49
karteri've tried it with kvm before - similar issues16:51
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karterbut in that case, i was able to start vms using kvm - outside of nova without any issues16:52
mnaseri use xenserver only personally so i don't have experience with those hypervisors16:53
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kartermnaser: i've installed lxc - confirmed it works - this thing still keeps shutting it down17:23
mnaserits not shutting it down, it's setting the status to shutdown because it doesn't see it on17:23
mnaserare you sure it's creating a vm (do you see a vm listed)17:23
karteris there a working list of instructions that will make this work ?17:23
karteri see it getting created17:24
karteri am able to ping it17:24
karterand then it changes status from running to shutdown17:24
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hurrycanehello, can anyone help me with a openstack dashboard configuration?17:54
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armaancan i just install openstack on ubuntu desktop and run it...or i have to first install ubuntu server to try it.18:12
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chompingguys, what's the difference with VlanManager and FlathDHCPManager? I can't really understand its difference, sorry for being a noob20:46
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yowhassup openstack22:26
yodoes anybody here answer questions?22:28
mnaserjust ask22:28
yowhat is the best thin client server for integrating with openstack22:30
mnaseropenstack isn't xendesktop, it doesn't do virtual desktop delivery22:32
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yoI wanna use it for private cloud22:35
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