Tuesday, 2011-08-16

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George_what type of network manager would you use in Nova in a production environment?00:40
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George_I guess VLAN is the only mode that provides security, but the overhead of VPN instance might be an issue00:42
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kieppiehi guys. not sure if this is stricktly the right forum, but seems close enough. I'm trying to load up a Centos-based distro (elastix) in KVM/libvirt, but it's failing.00:54
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winston-dkieppie : it failed to be uploaded to image service or failed to start-up and running?01:03
kieppiehi winston-d: thanks for the response. during the initial boot to install the system, the boot fails half-way through. the last message @ boot I'm getting is: "Write protecting the kernel read-only data: 409k"01:05
kieppiedefined the machine as a generic linux with 2.6.x kernel01:05
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winston-dkieppie : where did you read the boot message ? console.log?01:06
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kieppiewinston-d: correct. the (virtual/qemu?) console output01:08
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winston-done thing you can try is to copy the libvirt.xml in 'instance_XXX' directory and modify the name, and use virsh to start a new VM and see what's wrong.01:09
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georgereeseCan anyone point me to any good documentation on writing a client against keystone auth?01:11
kieppiewinston-d: cheers. think I'll have to. not ideal.....01:12
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winston-dkieppie : it shouldn't be too hard to do. I always use this method to check whether there's anything imcompatible between image and VM configuration01:13
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annegentlegeorgereese: hm. I saw your tweet and realized that for some reason google isn't finding keystone.openstack.org nor http://docs.openstack.org/incubation/identitydevguide/content/index.html but not sure if either hit your use case.01:13
annegentlegeorgereese: read some and let us know where the gaps are.01:14
georgereeseI'll have a look01:14
georgereeseIt definitely did not show in my searches.01:14
annegentlegeorgereese: and thanks for the definition of bullshitting tech doc. That was a new one for me. :)01:15
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annegentlegeorgereese: yeah I think I intentionally blinded Google to /incubation but not sure what's going on with the keystone.openstack.org site.01:15
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georgereeseYou would not happen to know of any publicly accessible keystone enabled endpoints I could run tests against, eh?01:17
georgereeseThe only questions I have from the docs is a) Is there a way to lookup whether an endpoint supports keystone and b) what kind of credentials are supported (only password credentials are documented here)01:21
georgereeseI'm not personally fond of the fact that OSAPI allows for multiple authentication mechanisms. But given that no one listens to me on that issue, at least hopefully we can discover what kind of auth is supported :)01:22
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uvirtbotNew bug: #827070 in openstack-ci "need python webtest module in quantum build slave" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82707002:31
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uvirtbotNew bug: #827078 in nova "OSAPI /servers/detail missing flavor attribute" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82707803:11
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i5nochey sup all05:29
i5nocout of curiosity05:29
i5noci'm about to pull the trigger on a few nodes worth of hardware to roll out a sandbox in my own personal space05:29
i5nocwould the following make sense for this:05:29
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i5noc    Kingston 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1066 (PC3 8500) Desktop Memory Model KVR1066D3N7K2/8G05:29
i5noc    ASRock H67M-ITX LGA 1155 Intel H67 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Mini ITX Intel Motherboard05:29
i5noc    Intel Core i3-2100T Sandy Bridge 2.5GHz LGA 1155 35W Dual-Core Desktop Processor BX80623I32100T05:29
i5nocor would i perhaps be much better with using an amd hex-core?05:30
i5nocnote: there's no vt-d on that cpu05:31
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kidrockHi everyone!05:46
kidrockI need some help from U.05:46
kidrockI installed openstack successfully05:47
kidrockand i flow this instruction (http://unchainyourbrain.com/openstack/13-networking-in-nova) to setup HA for nova-network05:47
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kidrockdoes anyone setup HA network successfully05:48
kidrockpls help me.05:48
i5nockidrock, its a bit dead in here05:50
kidrockHi i5noc, what is your mean?05:52
i5noci mean you may need to wait a while before answers come05:52
kidrockcan i setup it at this time?05:52
i5nocdepending on what distro you put openstack on you may want to go to that channel05:52
i5nocfor instance if ubuntu then #ubuntu\05:52
i5nocfor instance if ubuntu then #ubuntu05:52
kidrocki don't understand. can i have some help about nova if i join in #unbutu channel?05:54
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i5nockidrock, whatever linux you build your open stack on you should ask for help there also is what i mean06:08
i5noci have not installed yet so cannot really help sorry06:08
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kidrockthanks i5noc. I now install successfully nova-network with HA options (http://unchainyourbrain.com/openstack/13-networking-in-nova)06:43
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uvirtbotNew bug: #827147 in nova "nova boot fails with ZoneAwareScheduler" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82714706:56
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anpHi all07:22
anpI have installed Diablo 3 on Scientific Linux 6.1 using yum repo from Grid Dynamics07:23
anpI get an error Starting OpenStack Nova Compute Worker: [FAILED]07:24
anp(nova.exception): TRACE:     self.read_only)07:25
anp(nova.exception): TRACE:   File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/nova/virt/libvirt/connection.py", line 215, in _connect07:25
anp(nova.exception): TRACE:     return libvirt.openAuth(uri, auth, 0)07:25
anp(nova.exception): TRACE:   File "/usr/lib64/python2.6/site-packages/libvirt.py", line 102, in openAuth07:25
anp(nova.exception): TRACE:     if ret is None:raise libvirtError('virConnectOpenAuth() failed')07:25
anp(nova.exception): TRACE: libvirtError: authentication failed07:25
anp(nova.exception): TRACE:07:25
anp2011-08-16 12:55:52,306 nova: authentication failed07:25
anpcan some body help me07:25
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anpI am trying to install diablo 307:49
anpI get this error on db sync07:49
anpnova-manage db sync07:49
anp/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/migrate/changeset/schema.py:111: MigrateDeprecationWarning: Alter column with comparing columns is deprecated. Just pass in parameters instead.07:49
anp  " Just pass in parameters instead.", MigrateDeprecationWarning07:49
anpcan some one help me07:49
kidrockWhat is the purpose of /var/lib/nova/instances/_base dir?07:55
kidrockcan i delete any file in this dir?07:55
kidrockanp, you can delete old database and run sync again.07:57
anpI tried that07:57
anpsame error07:57
anpafter this openstack-nova-compute service is failed and gives libvirtd auth failure.07:58
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anpkidrock: i have deleted the old database, created a new on, did grant privileges etc..07:59
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anpstill same error07:59
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kidrockso, I don't have any other suggestion08:00
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mat_solarcoll http://j.mp/pzck2708:02
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anpcan be this related to hostname08:07
anpI am using localhost.localdomain as my hostname08:07
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eviscaresHello again08:07
eviscaresonce again I come to ye who are knowing in need of help -.-°08:09
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phil121Hi all, I am expiriencing a strange problem with my swift setup, it is not possible for me to upload objects of 3gb in one chunk with the swift-bench tool. The command I ran is: swift-bench -A -U test:tester -K mykey -s 3000000000 -n 1 -c 1 -g 1. Is this a known problem? I can't find any information about that.  Is someone experiencing the same problem?09:53
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eviscaresHi all, I am experiencing troubles with starting the swift proxy server. Somehow it won't start.10:09
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RichiHsoren, ttx: you wanted to give me your slides so i can steal, btw10:28
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andyandyI have problem with the "zone", I used the flags: [allow_admin_api, enable_zone_routing, zone_name, zone_capabilities] to define a child zone and I added it with the command "nova zone-add" the problem is I can't see any child zone, have you some suggestion?10:37
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zykes-i wihs i could convince folks here to run openstack & citrix :(10:54
CloudAche84zykes: why?11:06
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eviscaresall: I just noticed a peculiar error on http://swift.openstack.org/howto_installmultinode.html it points to the wrong ppa.11:34
zykes-CloudAche84: cause we're headed towards hyper-v...11:35
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ttxRichiH: my latest slides at: http://ep2011.europython.eu/conference/talks/snakes-on-a-cloud-a-presentation-of-the-openstack-project11:37
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eviscaresSay, shouldn't this command curl -k -v -H 'X-Storage-User: system:root' -H 'X-Storage-Pass: testpass'
eviscaresreturn something?11:42
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dilemmaeviscares: it should return a HTTP/1.1 200 OK, with X-Storage-Url and X-Auth-Token headers, as well as a short JSON structure containing the same value as theX-Storage-Url11:56
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eviscaresdilemma:  so when it doesn't i can assume, that something has gone wrong hm?11:57
dilemmayeah, probably. What exactly happens?11:58
eviscaresit hangs… last line is this: > X-Storage-Pass: testpass I would guess that something with the account server is wrong11:58
eviscaresOh on a probably related note… is it required to create multiple partitions yourself or can you just mount an hdd and swift will partition it for itself? (I'm terribly sorry if I'm asking retarded questions, but I'm trying to wrap my head around it somehow)12:01
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dilemmawhat setup instructions are you following?12:01
eviscareshttp://swift.openstack.org/howto_installmultinode.html these12:02
dilemmastep 2 here: http://swift.openstack.org/howto_installmultinode.html#configure-the-storage-nodes12:03
dilemmayour nodes should have separate drives for storage, formatted with a single XFS partition12:03
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eviscaresok thank you. then I guess that that could be where I messed it up. My boss requested me to format them quite small while setting up the system12:04
dilemmaI imagine using multiple partitions on a single drive would work, but you'd have to set it up yourself, and make sure they're mounted correctly12:04
dilemmaalso, that wouldn't perform well, and is probably only useful for a tiny test cluster12:05
dilemmain a real cluster, put a big pile of large hard drives in your nodes, set them up as single partitions, and get them mounted at /srv/node/sdxx12:06
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reidracswift partitions are not disk partitions, it's a different concept12:08
*** Adri2000 has joined #openstack12:08
reidracdon't get confused when setting up the disk(s)12:09
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reidracswift partitions is a logical concept to distribute the objects in the different zones (that have one or more devices)12:11
reidracit's not related to the disk partitions;  create a partition in the disk, mkfs, mount and you're done12:12
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zykes-grr, people in the region here is like "oh is there other products then vmware & microsoft" ? ...12:18
*** rms-ict has joined #openstack12:19
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arthurcHello, is it possible to run nova-compute with xen and without VT or SVM extenions ? (cactus release)12:32
alekibangoarthurc: the same requirements as xen has12:35
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alekibangoyou will not run windows ... etc12:36
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arthurcyep, as far as I know Xen works without VT, but compute documentation is a little ambiguous on this point.12:40
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alekibangoarthurc: i do not use xen myself, but i would doubt they would ruled non-hwm machines out... they are working faster a bit...13:03
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk13:07
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arthurcI know... but I have to work with what I can get !... thanks anyway. Have to AFK13:08
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eviscaresYay, it lives. Thank you13:21
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zealiodWhat are the OSX options for connecting to OPenStack, I'm after a nice GUI - other than CyberDuck13:39
kbringardI'd check the Elastic/HybridFox extension for Firefox13:39
zealiodI'd like a tool that sits in the background ideally... not an extension13:40
kbringarddon't think there is one13:40
kbringardbut perhaps there is something that interfaces with the OpenStack API… I know there is a Rackspace app for iPhone that you can launch servers with and stuff13:41
jtannerzealiod, http://vimeo.com/2078773613:44
kbringardah yes, the DashBoard, sorry I was thinking client side app13:45
*** shentonfreude1 has quit IRC13:46
eviscaressay, how do I add new users to a new cluster?13:49
zealiod@jtanner I want to access my rackspace cloud (UK) and download images... I need to automate that from my mac. I need OpenStack Support for that.13:50
larissazealiod: Error: "jtanner" is not a valid command.13:50
zealiodmember:jtanner I want to access my rackspace cloud (UK) and download images... I need to automate that from my mac. I need member:OpenStack Support for that.13:50
*** George has joined #openstack13:51
*** cereal_bars has joined #openstack13:52
uvirtbotNew bug: #827373 in nova "Booting m1.tiny instance causes 'ImageTooLarge' exception" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82737313:56
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*** Lohit has joined #openstack14:05
*** kjoller has joined #openstack14:07
kjollersoren: ping14:08
*** dirkx_ has quit IRC14:09
*** huslage has joined #openstack14:12
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*** kashyap has joined #openstack14:31
OutBackDingodeshantm: note to self, always install ubuntu from templates for paravirt14:33
uvirtbotNew bug: #827386 in nova "DescribeImages does not fill imageOwnerId" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82738614:35
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack14:36
deshantmOutBackDingo: I thought that is what you had done from the beginning... you did an other media install?14:36
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk14:36
OutBackDingodeshantm: yupp14:36
OutBackDingoso i used the 10.04 template and its fine14:37
amccabedeshantm: OutBackDingo and I were doing the same thing.  I was installing from 10.04 from our pxe server.14:37
deshantmso it's working now?14:37
OutBackDingodeshantm: nope still getting an error...... different one this time though14:37
deshantmcan you pastebin it?14:37
amccabedeshantm: OutBackDingo "sudo parted --script /dev/xvdc mklabel msdos" ?14:37
OutBackDingoamccabe: nope timeout waiting for storage, here ill pastebin it14:38
*** jaypipes has quit IRC14:39
*** osier_ has quit IRC14:42
*** zealiod has quit IRC14:42
OutBackDingodeshantm: http://pastebin.com/wTLdUA9v14:43
OutBackDingospecifically 2011-08-16 10:42:10,557 ERROR nova.compute.manager [-] Instance '3' failed to spawn. Is virtualization enabled in the BIOS? Details: Timeout waiting for device sdc to be created14:43
gnu111I changed the quota with nova-manage to 50 but still getting: "InstanceLimitExceeded: InstanceLimitExceeded: Instance quota exceeded."14:43
deshantmOutBackDingo: this is after running the boot command?14:44
OutBackDingothough if i look at xenwebmanager under the hba shared storage it shows a Glance image 3 502MB14:44
*** dolphm has joined #openstack14:44
OutBackDingodeshantm: correct nova boot test --flavor 2 --image 314:45
*** nmistry has joined #openstack14:45
deshantmOutBackDingo: can you send all the details to the openstack mailing list... that'll make it easier for me to point to it and forward it14:45
deshantminclude all the details that you can... version of XCP, nova versions, etc. etc.14:45
*** martine has joined #openstack14:45
OutBackDingodeshantm: sure :)14:46
deshantmthe exact commands and any relevant error logs14:46
deshantmand that info about the glance in open xen manager14:46
deshantmand the xapi logs too14:46
deshantmany logs you can think of so that we can get to the bottom of this14:46
deshantmis the nova verbosity all the way up? (debug mode or whatever?)14:47
OutBackDingodeshantm: how can i set it all the way up14:48
*** Razique has quit IRC14:49
OutBackDingoright now theres --verbose and --logdir=/var/log/nova14:49
deshantmprobably in the nova conf... verbose seems good14:49
deshantmjust trying to get the obvious info14:50
*** Razique has joined #openstack14:50
*** reed has joined #openstack14:50
deshantmso that we save a step, could you turn on this option or provide this log14:50
*** mrjazzcat has joined #openstack14:50
*** shentonfreude has joined #openstack14:53
*** jaypipes has joined #openstack14:53
OutBackDingodeshantm: to openstack-operators list ?14:53
*** dgags has quit IRC14:53
deshantmOutBackDingo: sure14:54
*** dprince has quit IRC14:57
*** irahgel1 has joined #openstack14:59
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack15:01
*** irahgel has quit IRC15:01
*** dragondm has joined #openstack15:02
*** zykes- has joined #openstack15:05
eviscaresseeing as cyberduck is having some problems with 1.42, are there any viable alternatives?15:05
*** reidrac has quit IRC15:06
*** mancdaz has joined #openstack15:08
creihteviscares: it is a bug in the current cyberduck, I think a fix is in the works, the previous version of cyberduck should also work15:09
OutBackDingodeshantm: sent...15:09
OutBackDingoi think maybe theres enuff info.... not sure though15:09
*** nashtrashfrnd has joined #openstack15:10
*** grapex has quit IRC15:10
eviscaresactually, the previous cyberduck version just tries to read the directory "/" and then quits15:11
eviscaresapparently some kind of xml problem15:12
*** huslage has quit IRC15:12
*** rms-ict has quit IRC15:13
*** huslage has joined #openstack15:13
OutBackDingodeshantm: jeeeez log files to big to attach, reply when u see the post, and ill reply with them 1 by 115:13
*** rms-ict has joined #openstack15:13
deshantmOutBackDingo: your message hit the list15:14
deshantmOutBackDingo: the ones that are too big you could put in a pastebin15:15
*** kbringard has quit IRC15:15
*** mattray has joined #openstack15:15
deshantmOutBackDingo: so you are using nova trunk then?15:16
deshantmok good15:16
OutBackDingoi followed that document to the T15:16
deshantmOutBackDingo: is virtualization enabled in the bios for your XCP server?15:17
OutBackDingodeshantm: LOL well Id imagine it is15:18
*** nmistry has quit IRC15:19
*** anp_ has quit IRC15:19
*** heckj has joined #openstack15:20
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*** heckj has joined #openstack15:23
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates15:23
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*** ncode has joined #openstack15:24
OutBackDingodeshantm: im loading up a ubuntu gui with web browser so i can validate the bios on each blade through the kvm switch15:28
OutBackDingobut im pretty sure i already did this15:28
*** nid0 has quit IRC15:28
nashtrashfrndDoes anyone know workaround for serial console. virsh console says: "error: internal error character device (null) is not using a PTY", virsh tty console returns nothing.15:29
*** nid0 has joined #openstack15:29
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*** cp16net has joined #openstack15:31
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zulsoren: where is your keystone package in a ppa somewhere?15:44
*** Guest77784 has quit IRC15:45
*** Guest77784 has joined #openstack15:46
*** nmistry has quit IRC15:47
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*** nati has joined #openstack15:50
*** rms-ict has joined #openstack15:56
*** alandman has joined #openstack15:58
TREllisnashtrashfrnd: using LXC?15:58
*** cp16net has quit IRC15:58
*** cp16net has joined #openstack16:00
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*** obino has joined #openstack16:08
uvirtbotNew bug: #827458 in nova "modify-image-attribute immediately after register exposes race condition" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82745816:09
*** gnu111 has quit IRC16:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #827468 in nova "test_libvirt leaves nova/tests/_base/ in source tree" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82746816:12
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nashtrashfrndTREllis: no LXC, using kvm16:18
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack16:19
TREllisnashtrashfrnd: interesting, I see that with LXC, what images are you using?16:19
TREllisnashtrashfrnd: I opened https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nova/+bug/80709116:20
nashtrashfrndTREllis: Ubuntu 11.0416:21
TREllisnashtrashfrnd: I'm unable to test the latest stuff as my swift setup is down atm16:21
TREllisI get the same error, connecting via ssh or via virsh console16:21
*** kjoller has quit IRC16:22
nashtrashfrndssh to instance worked until instance was rebooted, now it pings but doesn't answer ssh.  last msg in console.log is about reboot.  Looking for a way to connect to console for trblshoot.16:23
*** whitt has joined #openstack16:25
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kjwcodeHello, folks.  Reading the OpenStack Compute Admin manual section 3.4.2, Scripted Installation.  One of the inputs to nova-install is "... a network range for all projects in CIDR format".  Is this a private network used by OpenStack alone, or is it the same network as the cloud controller's interface to the wider network?17:03
*** rlucio has joined #openstack17:04
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*** rlucio has joined #openstack17:11
shoofAre there any limits to the number of files in a particular container or major performance hits from more files vs more containers?  I'll be using container-sync to keep a passive cluster ready for failover and will be adding more containers on a fairly regular basis.17:11
notmynameshoof: it depends on your deployment details. there are no hard limits on numbers of containers or objects. however, PUTs will slow down after you get tens of millions of objects in a container (and similarly with containers in an account). GETs are unaffected17:13
*** dobber has quit IRC17:14
*** pguth66 has joined #openstack17:17
shoofnotmyname: Can the PUT slowdown be offset by adding additional hardware nodes?  Mainly, is the bottleneck at the storage or proxy layer?  Proposed initial deployment - 5 nodes as 5 zones, each with 6x 2TB drives, dual-quad - 2 proxies in round-robin.  This will be mirrored at remote center.17:18
*** joearnold has joined #openstack17:20
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*** jaypipes has joined #openstack17:24
kjwcodejaypipes: Is that really necessary?17:24
jaypipeskjwcode: :(17:25
jaypipeskjwcode: RAX VPN kicks my Internet connection :(17:25
pquernaode to the rax vpn17:29
DW-10297Columbus Ohio SBC? good times =D17:30
kjwcode10:03 < kjwcode> Hello, folks.  Reading the OpenStack Compute Admin manual section 3.4.2, Scripted Installation.  One of the inputs to nova-install is "... a network range for all projects in CIDR17:30
kjwcode                 format".  Is this a private network used by OpenStack alone,17:30
kjwcode                 or is it the same network as the cloud controller's interface17:30
kjwcode                 to the wider network?17:30
kjwcodeSorry -- clicked wrong.  :(17:30
*** mitchless has joined #openstack17:32
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kjwcodeFound what I needed at http://wiki.openstack.org/UnderstandingFlatNetworking17:52
*** kjwcode has left #openstack17:52
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uvirtbotNew bug: #827569 in nova "ec2metadata service does not include 2011-01-01" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82756918:56
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uvirtbotNew bug: #827575 in nova "nova stores adminPass in the database" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82757519:11
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*** lorin1 has joined #openstack19:13
sorenzul: ppa:soren/keystone is where I left it. mtaylor may have done more with it.19:13
sorenzul: Oh, and: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~soren/keystone/packaging/19:13
mtaylorzul: on my list for this week19:14
zulmtaylor: i was going to poke at it tonight and get a FFE for it19:14
mtaylorzul: great. please do19:14
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uvirtbotNew bug: #827598 in nova "ephemeral device does not have a filesystem" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82759819:41
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uvirtbotNew bug: #827590 in cloud-init "cloud-init does not mount ephemeral0 on /mnt in nova" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82759019:50
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uvirtbotNew bug: #827614 in nova "fails command nova-manage network create " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82761420:11
uvirtbotNew bug: #827617 in nova "DescribeInstances output does not return kernel or ramdisk" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82761720:11
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uvirtbotNew bug: #827619 in nova "DescribeInstances reply is not ordered correctly" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82761920:16
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amccabemy test instance are failing to spawn - i get an exception  (http://pastebin.com/srHGdxhH) while nova is trying to write the image in glance to /dev/xvdc... but there is no /dev/xvdc20:21
*** andy-hk has quit IRC20:21
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uvirtbotNew bug: #827634 in nova "local_gb is not used consistently between hypervisors" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82763420:51
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uvirtbotNew bug: #827660 in glance "Cannot store files greater than 5GB in Swift" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82766021:36
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anooplHi All22:11
anooplI have installed openstack from griddynamics yum repo22:11
*** jcannava has joined #openstack22:11
anooplI am able to get the openstack-dashboard login page22:12
*** bsza has quit IRC22:12
anooplbut whats the default user and password for openstack-dashboard22:12
anooplor how to create a new user22:12
anooplany help would be great22:13
jcannavaglance/swift question: having a slight problem with the two talking to eachother specifically when snapshotting. Getting a 413 when trying to snap anything larger than an m1.tiny instance. Any ideas?22:14
notmynamejcannava: the snapshot ends up being bigger than 5GB?22:19
*** cereal_bars has joined #openstack22:19
notmynamejcannava: I suspect it's bug #827660 in glance22:19
*** ChrisAM1 has quit IRC22:19
notmynameuvirtbot: lp #82766022:20
uvirtbotnotmyname: Error: "lp" is not a valid command.22:20
notmynameuvirtbot: bug #82766022:20
uvirtbotnotmyname: Error: "bug" is not a valid command.22:20
notmynameoh well22:20
*** nikinik has joined #openstack22:21
vishybug 82766022:21
vishyno love, it would do it in dev22:21
jcannavathanks, that looks like it's the same thing.22:22
*** amccabe has quit IRC22:22
vishyyup exactly22:23
vishythat is particularly nasty22:24
vishyhopefully jay can figure out a fix by d4 :)22:24
*** seungjin_ has joined #openstack22:24
nikinikHI cannavale22:25
nikinikhi vishy22:25
jcannavayup pretty painful, but i'm sure Jay can get it22:25
*** jstidley has quit IRC22:25
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creihtjcapel: jaypipes asked me about it earlier, and I pointed him in the right direction22:40
creihterm jcannava left22:41
creihtoh well22:41
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