Sunday, 2011-08-28

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blizz5243hey all01:06
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balamurugan_anyone there?05:57
balamurugan_i want to setup a cloud environment on my single laptop05:57
balamurugan_how to install openstack in a single machine06:16
balamurugan_can i use virtualbox or kvm06:17
balamurugan_any tutorial links will be helpful06:17
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tjoyCan I mix Xen paravirt and full-on virtualization in the same cluster, or will I need a separate cluster for my old hardware?06:49
tightworktjoy: id assume you could create them as different availability zones06:58
tjoycan availability zones share security groups?06:59
tightworknot sure06:59
tjoyi wonder what the difference is in libvirt between a pv and hvm guest07:00
tjoyi know in diablo i can define heterogeneous architectures07:00
tjoyso maybe i can call my pv machines p4 and my other machines xeon or something07:00
tjoyand if xen will infer instance type from something outside of nova then that might be fine07:01
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tightworkI believe the difference is what emulator you can use kvm,qemu etc07:03
tightworkto achieve fully virt or para07:03
tjoywell xen does either, that's why i chose it07:03
tjoyi guess i'm hoping to slide in on an edge case07:03
tjoydoes that imply that you can, as of the current release, mix hypervisors within an availability zone?07:05
tjoylaunchpad told me that wasn't ready yet07:05
tjoyhave you tried it?07:05
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tightworktjoy: no sorry, have not .. on the kvm wagon07:10
tightworkIs it possible to register a image from an existing instance?07:10
tjoytightwork: when i was working with eucalyptus there was a script to make an image, upload it, and register it, as a clone of the machine the script was run from07:11
tjoythat was entirely client-side as well07:12
tjoyit would put the image file in /mnt, and communicate with eucalyptus' Cloud Controller machine to register the emi07:12
tjoyi don't see any reason for it not to work with openstack using the ec2 api07:12
tightworkoh I should be building the image from within the instance?07:14
tjoythat's what I did07:15
tjoysomeone who actually works with openstack should confirm07:15
tjoyi think07:15
tjoywas the script07:15
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tightworktjoy:  yea that seemed to have worked, starting from euca-bundle-image -i /var/lib/nova/instances/instance-00000004/disk07:20
tightwork..and yea I shut it down before hand :)07:20
tjoyoh cool07:21
tjoyi didn't know you could do that07:21
tightworkthat simple little deal right there should be made into the dashboard07:24
tightwork'clone instance'07:24
tjoydo i hear volunteering?07:24
tightworkmy django skills arent that bad07:24
tightworkwe'll see07:24
tjoyi guess i'll have to see what i need to do to mix pv and fhv07:25
tjoyought to be fun07:26
tjoyi promise to write about it07:26
tightworkcrazy question... what is the 'flagfile?'   the image I built is for a cloudpipe vpn... Now I just need to add --vpn_image_id but where? I have /etc/nova/nova.conf and /etc/nova/nova-compute.conf but both throw python errors on nova-manage07:26
tjoyafaik the flagfile is /etc/nova/noca.conf but i am not to be trustede07:26
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tightworkHow can I get the numeric IP of a image? seems im getting hit with this bug
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tightworktjoy: aparently its not working since its qcow ... trying to spin up the vpn and I get:  (Mapped device was not found (we can only inject raw disk images): /dev/mapper/nbd15p1)07:50
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savsuiI am getting following error in nova-compute when using euca-attach-volume command :  Error: Could not find iSCSI export  for volume volume-0000000208:21
savsuican anyone help me out08:22
savsuiroot@in01emt17:~# iscsiadm -m node,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 i08:22
tjoysavsui: first, long texts like that should go in pastebin08:24
savsuiThanks tjoy08:25
tjoysecond, that does look troubling.  i'm not an iscsi user, but is iscsi supposed to listen on all those addresses?08:25
tjoyalso does volume 00000005 work?08:26
tjoywhat is the difference between volume 2 and volume 5, why does 5 listen on only and 2 listen on two 192.168 ranges?08:30
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savsuiThe config & logs -
savsuihi tjoy09:15
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uvirtbot`New bug: #835919 in nova "Single default gateway should be offered to VM on multi-NICs environment." [Undecided,New]
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savsuiI am getting error in nova-compute when using euca-attach-volume command :  Error: Could not find iSCSI export  for volume volume-00000002, can anyone help me out....... The config & logs -
tjoyshould nova-volume be running on your compute node?09:46
tjoyi honestly don't know if it should09:46
savsuione instance of nova-volume on any machine in the cloud is enough, need not be on compute node. In my setup all services are running on controller except nova-compute which is on a second box09:51
tjoycan you mount the iscsi lun to the compute box?09:51
tjoythat is manually09:52
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uvirtbot`New bug: #835952 in nova "pep8 failures do not cause the tests to fail" [Undecided,In progress]
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tightworkanyone have any idea how amazon does RDS? Is it one giant system they are able to create multiple MySQL instances and bind them to IP addresses?14:05
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pygihello folks23:49
pygianyone here looking for a job and is expert in python & openstack? :)23:50
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tjoycare to say more about what you need?23:51
pygia python developer that would work with us to replace our backend infrastructure with openstack and adapt and contribute to enchantment and development of our management panel23:51
pygiobviously, django experience needed/most welcomed :)23:51
tjoyenchantment, eh?  you need a python sorceror23:52
*** jeffjapan has joined #openstack23:52
tjoywhat kind of hardware are you working with?23:53
pygiso I should post there23:54
pygiroger :p23:54
tjoypost for a 'python sorceror'23:54
pygithanks :)23:55
tjoywhat is your backend infrastructure now?23:57
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pygitjoy: custom kvm stuff23:59

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