Monday, 2011-08-29

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uvirtbot`New bug: #836381 in glance "Scrubber does not use the registry api" [Undecided,New]
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sam_itx1Is there an openstack deployment that is accessible via EC2 API for trying it out ?04:39
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ncisam_itx1: Not that I know of, but you could make one for testing in a couple of virtual machines.05:33
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tjoyso I just installed nova from source (bzr says I have 2011.3), and i'm trying to run nova-manage to initialize the mysql database on the control node05:58
tjoyit throws a traceback ending in 'nova.exception.ClassNotFound: Class Client could not be found05:58
tjoythe rest of it is a series of import calls having to do with glance05:59
tjoywhat do I need to do to make this script run?06:00
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sam_itx1 nci: Dont you need physical machine for the compute node? Also, some one in our team ran in to storage and public IP related stuff. So was wondering if Rackspace or someone has a cloud that can be used for short time.06:10
tjoyyou can run with qemu06:10
tjoyqemu will run VMs on anything06:10
ncisam_itx1: I'm running a small test cluster in ESX VMs at the moment - KVM is running on top of the ESX hypervisor without any problems. I suspect you can run KVM inside another KVM guest in the same way06:14
tjoythat is actually not an easy trick nci06:14
tjoyvmware may be special in that regard06:14
tjoyyou can certainly run qemu VMs under kvm06:14
nciI guess you'd hit problems if the guest VM doesn't have the VT flag exposed to it...06:15
tjoyhow would I go about uninstalling nova without wiping my OS?06:17
tjoyit seems like i'm struggling with a bug or something in trunk06:18
ncidid you install from source?06:19
tjoyi suppose i'd better just make a snapshot and start deleting things06:21
tjoy<3 zfs06:24
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tjoysame issue.06:39
tjoygoing to come back in the morning and see if anyone's willing to help me out.  good night freenode.06:57
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siwosone question on network-controllers07:51
siwoscan I run many instances of them on one installation?07:51
siwos(in one availability zone)07:52
siwoshow does scheduler treat them?07:52
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savsui_how to install from nova-2011.3~d3.tar.gz ?07:56
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eviscaresgood morning08:02
eviscareshas anybody else experienced this error when trying to use  sftpcloudfs
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tjoysiwos: i'm far from an expert but I have only seen one blueprint for multiple network controllers in one zone, and that's ha-failover in flat-dhcp08:32
siwostjoy: thanks ;-) I will do some research on this and let you kno08:33
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tjoysavsui_: untar it, run 'python install' and fix the error messages until you die.08:37
siwostjoy: LOL08:37
tjoyrepeat as necessary08:38
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anpone simple question10:58
anphow can I create an access key and cert10:59
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anphow can I create an Access key and sceret key11:06
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eviscaresDoes anyone know where Reidrac is today? I have to bug him about sftpcloudfs again -.-°12:30
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alexn65Hi! have a problem with https for swift - change from http and now get access forbidden for curl with X-Auth ( "st" also). Where to look?12:36
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vcaronI am trying to install diablo4 with ESX hypervisor.12:50
vcaronCan someone give me insight about the ntwork driver ?12:50
anpHow can I create EC2 access key12:50
anpI have added the users throgh keystone12:51
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alexn65what will be next? ;)13:05
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dodeerichi all13:20
dodeericdoes somebody knows how to boot an instance from a volume?13:20
dodeericthis feature is now available in the trunk version13:20
dodeericI guess that I have to do two things:13:22
dodeerica) Create a "volume-boot" image: e.g. adapt the UEC AMI image which boots from an "instance-store" and not from a volume;13:22
dodeericb) Run an instance from that newly created image with some more parameters: e.g. euca-run-instances ami-XXXX -k mykey -t m1.tiny -b/dev/vdb=vol-00000003::false13:22
dodeericbut untill now, I cannot make it work13:23
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Gggin the Cactus release using VLAN mode on the network/controller node, do I have to define br100 with eth0 as member in "/etc/network/interfaces", or just define eth0 as static with no IP ?14:18
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pygiany python guy here interested in a openstack related job before I submit job position to community site? :)14:19
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eviscarespygi: on an unrelated note, do you know anything about the sftp-cloudfs thingy?14:22
pygieviscares: I know that its on github :p14:23
pygiwhat do you wanna know ?: )14:23
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eviscarestrying to run it, I get this error message. Can you make anything of it? Is it a Bug? Was I stupid? XD
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pygiwhat version are you running?14:25
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eviscaresof sftp-cloudfs? the latest, I guess.14:26
pygito me this sounds like a bug, but it could also (possibly) be related to python version perhaps?14:26
pygican you try with py2.5?14:27
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eviscaresif you can tell me how to downgrade to py2.5 in ubuntu 11.04 I will try14:29
pygiwill you get me some cookies if I tell you? :p14:29
pygisudo add-apt-repository ppa:fkrull/deadsnakes14:29
pygisudo apt-get update14:29
pygisudo apt-get install python2.514:29
pygido this :)14:29
eviscaresthank you14:30
pygiyou'll need to run the sftp cloudfs binary with 2.5 manually14:30
pygibecause default will still be 2.714:30
eviscaresand how would I do that? I'm woefully inadequate in these matters.14:32
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pygipython2.5 /usr/local/bin/sftpcloudfs14:33
pygitry that14:33
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eviscaresImportError: No module named sftpcloudfs.main14:39
eviscaresIs this bad? because it certainly looks bad…14:40
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uvirtbotNew bug: #836759 in nova "nova does not grow disks images it does partition images" [Undecided,New]
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RaziqueHi all, can I reboot the nova-services without issue, with running instances ?15:25
Razique(I use nova-volumes btw)15:25
kbringard1when you say "reboot", do you just mean service nova-* restart?15:25
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kbringardI'm not sure about nova-volume, but everything else you should be able to restart the services without impacting running Vms15:26
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sammi`short question,why does NASA need cloud-like software15:39
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Raziquekbringard: hey :)15:46
Raziquekbringard: actually, I mean restart the server itself15:47
kbringardah, well15:47
Raziquenot the one which runs the instances15:47
kbringardif you restart the compute node then you'll lose the instances15:47
Raziquethe one which  runs nova-* but nova-cpmpute15:47
kbringardnot sure if you just restart the "controller"15:47
Raziquekbringard: I'm afraid that i'll make the iscsi sessions fubar between nova-volumes and nova-compute15:48
kbringardyea… I'm personally in the "don't reboot unless you really have to" camp15:48
Raziqueso that'll means the volumes on instances would be unuseable15:48
Raziquekbringard: I need to expand a disk on it :(15:48
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Raziquekbringard: btw, I've restarted the compute node several times, I didn't lost the instances15:50
Raziqueyou need to run an euca-reboot-instances on the cloud-controller though, so the instances turn from "shutdown" to "running"15:50
Raziquekbringard:  yup :)15:50
kbringardah, I guess that makes sense15:51
Raziquewe lost the power into the datacenter, so EVERYTHING rebooted15:51
kbringardif you have documentation about your recovery steps. I'd love to see it15:51
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Raziquekbringard: sure :) Plus now, these are steps I've made several times, so I know exactly how to do15:52
Raziquebtw I've also written a bash script that backups the EBS volumes, where could I post it ?15:52
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annegentleRazique: we'd love to have any/all of it, feel free to post to the wiki for starters15:52
annegentleRazique: if you need an account just let me know15:53
kbringardhmmm, probably best to start a github… I don't know if there are any OpenStack sponsored repos for tools like that15:53
Raziquethe script iterates thtrough the instances, create a mysqldump if theres is any mysql server; then it iterates through the LVM volumes, snapshot, mount, tar, and rotate :)15:53
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Raziqueannegentle: hi :) would you please show me where the "wiki for starters" is ?15:54
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annegentleah, missed Razique :)16:00
annegentlefor future reference:
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jtannerare nova projects similar to the concept of organizations in vmare vcloud?16:09
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jtannerhow do user typically utilize projects in larger environments? possibly as a way to segment resources for particular departments?16:10
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annegentlejtanner: hi, good questions. I'm not a dev, I write the doc, and here are my thoughts. A project can be mapped to a tenant in the Keystone Identity Service. A project is a good way to segment resources - think of it as "i'm a service provider with multiple tenants "renting" my server resources"16:21
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jtannerannegentle, thank you, that makes sense17:02
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michael_hey I'm looking for a some blogs/rss feeds about openstack and the cloud ecosystem and so on, any suggestions17:05
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BuZZ-Tam i just blind or is there really no rss feed on
*** hadrian has joined #openstack17:26
Alowishusmy browser picks that up, so it's embedded somewhere, but you're right I don't see an obvious link and/or icon17:27
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BuZZ-Ta thx, my browser (FF6) doesn't17:28
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berto-i have a VM running in openstack!  :)  now i'm trying to access the VM network (192.168.123.x) from another machine on my network (10.123.x.x).18:30
*** cpg|away is now known as cpg18:31
berto-i have found that i need to echo 1 | /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward, but not sure what other iptables rules i need.  any pointers?18:31
vishyberto-: you can add a route and authorize the groups18:31
*** pguth66 has joined #openstack18:32
vishyberto-: route add gw <ip of nova-network host>18:32
vishyeuca-authorize -P tcp -p 22 default18:32
vishyand you should be able to ssh from 10.12318:32
tjoyare there any resources for running openstack on centos 5.6 aside from the centosnotes?18:34
berto-vishy: awesome, works like a charm!18:34
berto-vishy: so i just need to do that for any port i want accessible on the VMs?18:34
berto-vishy: what if i just wanted all ports to be available; do i just drop the -p option?18:35
berto-vishy: for example, i'm thinking to allow database servers, web servers, etc.18:35
tjoyberto-: so euca-authorize should have integrated instructions18:36
tjoyif you run it without any arguments it should give you an explanation of how to use it18:36
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berto-tjoy: thanks.18:42
berto-what's euca-authorize's opposite command, i.e. something like euca-deauthorize?18:42
tjoyeuca-revoke -P tcp -p 22 -s mygroup18:43
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berto-tjoy: cool, thanks again.  also just found euca-describe-groups which shows what permissions a gorup has.18:45
*** pimpministerp has joined #openstack18:46
*** bcwaldon has joined #openstack18:47
tjoythere's the euca2ools documentation site18:48
tjoyhave fun18:48
berto-found that page via search a few minutes ago.18:49
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dspanoIf someone has already let you know, sorry for the repetition. The main openstack website is asking for authentication all of a sudden.18:58
*** jj0hns0n has joined #openstack18:59
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dspanoIt's working now.19:02
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St4nHi, is there a documentation for using nova/keystone/dashboard ?19:54
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jtannerIs this statement still true for diablo-3 ? "The configuration injection currently only works on Linux-style systems that keep networking configuration in /etc/network/interfaces."20:05
jtanneri.e., does it work on rhel/cent now?20:05
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gnu111I changed the location of /var/lib/nova/images. but euca2ools still uploading them in the old directory. I have updated it in nova.conf as well.20:11
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annegentlejtanner: if you use the RHEL packages for install from Grid dynamics, they modify the injection to work with RHEL/CentOS to inject to /etc/sysconfig/networking-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 using libguestfs20:13
jtannerannegentle, ah ... i guess i need to poke around their repos. Thanks again20:14
annegentlesure thing20:14
*** vladimir3p has joined #openstack20:15
annegentlejtanner: I only know that because of this post to the operators mailing list
jtanneri suppose I should start reading that list20:16
*** obino has quit IRC20:16
annegentlereally, the main list is the one on Launchpad,
*** jmckenty has joined #openstack20:18
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koolhead17obino: hey20:58
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koolhead17annegentle: hellos :)20:59
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eugenesWhere can I find information about the configuration of jenkins?21:11
*** bcwaldon has quit IRC21:12
eugenesSpecifically, is the configuration of the jenkins installation active at published anywhere?21:12
*** joearnold has joined #openstack21:12
raker*waves back*21:14
* koolhead17 looks at eugenes21:17
koolhead17raker: hey21:17
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obinohi koolkead1721:53
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