Thursday, 2011-09-01

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abisenI am having a really hard time setting up openstack swift using the method described
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abiseneverything is done but the swauth-add-user part is failing miserably00:01
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abisenI have swift 1.3 installed on ubuntu 1100:02
kpepple_abisen: you are using the swift 1.2 manuals --- i think the auth changed between versions00:02
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abisenkpepple_: even with that proxy-server.conf I have same/similar issues00:04
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kpepple_abisen: look more closely ... 1.2 uses devauth while 1.3 uses swauth in middleware00:06
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kpepple_i think the diff is step 6 on storage nodes00:07
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abisenkpepple_: are you referring to account-server.conf procedure in storage nodes section00:08
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abisenThis steps works fine -> swauth-prep -A -K swauthkey00:10
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kpepple_which step errors ?00:10
abisenbut when I try to add the user i get 50000:10
abisenswauth-add-user -A -K swauthkey -a system root testpass00:10
abisenAccount creation failed: 500 Server Error00:10
abisenUser creation failed: 500 Server Error00:10
notmynameabisen: next step is to look in your proxy logs to see why you got the 50000:11
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abisennotmyname: so the proxy log's are the same as syslog in this case or is there some other log file ?00:11
notmynameit logs to syslog unless you have set it up to log somewhere else00:13
notmynamethis is one of those points where the instructions say "ask your system administrator where the proxy writes logs. if you are the sys admin, have fun" ;-)00:14
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notmynameall of the swift services log to syslog00:14
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notmynameunless you have set up the log facility to log somewhere else, it should be in /var/log/syslog00:15
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uvirtbotNew bug: #838466 in nova "unnecessarily instance record is created in db" [Undecided,In progress]
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abisenis there a python module that would provide wrappers to interact with swift ?00:56
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tjoygriddynamics: i found your specfiles for dependencies, you're my heroes01:43
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uvirtbotNew bug: #838518 in nova "rescue broken for xenserver, no attribute 'admin_pass'" [Undecided,New]
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creihtabisen: there is swift/common/ which is very useful02:14
creihtthe python-cloudfiles bindings should work as well02:14
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catbotI attached a volume to my win7 instance, but I could not find it inside win7, any ideas?02:57
creihtcatbot: have you tried restarting your instance?03:07
creihtNot sure about windows guests, but you have to restart linux guests after attaching a volume03:07
catbotno, I did not restart my win7 instance. For Linux guest, I attached a volume successfully without restarting03:08
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tjoycatbot: it's windows, you have to expect it03:10
catbotoh, I found it lying in my disk management03:11
catbotthanks every body03:11
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catbotI guest I must create a new partition and format it before using03:11
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uvirtbotNew bug: #838581 in nova "'NoneType' object has no attribute '_keymap' on xenserver instance build" [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #838584 in nova "DBError exceptions must be old-style classes or derived from BaseException, not NoneType" [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #838583 in nova "os-floating-ips doesn't return instance_id for associated addresses" [Undecided,New]
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vishylooks like nova-coverage blew up :(05:21
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santeHi all, as I've read nova can resize a Xen vm image (basically changing flavor): is this possible with KVM too? Thanks08:10
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bala19anyone there?08:26
bala19is there anyway to setup a cloud on a single machine using openstack?08:26
bala19any tutorial or guide will be helpful08:26
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phil121Hi everyone, I am new to Openstack Swift and experiencing a curios error. Does anyone know how Swift behaves if the disks are full?09:02
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eviscaresHello folks09:09
doudeHi all09:13
doudeSomeone try to use binary instance-usage-audit ?09:14
titaniumraindoube: i did09:16
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doudetitaniumrain: I try to use it but when I lunch it, it cannot found any instances to auditing09:26
doudetitaniumrain: How you use it ?09:26
bastichelaaranybody here who uses python bindings to the openstack api?09:26
bastichelaargetting a little confused here09:26
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titaniumraindoube: instance usage audit supports only day, month, and year at the moment09:30
titaniumraindoube: if your instance has *not* been running for the pass 1d, it will report 0 instance running09:31
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doudetitaniumrain: ok, I set to 1 day, but my instances are not enougth old09:32
doudetitaniumrain: I'll waiting09:32
doudetitaniumrain: thanks09:32
titaniumraindoube: n/p :)09:36
bastichelaarnobody here who uses python api bindings?09:38
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doudeHow I can enable keystone with Glance ? What I need to set in glance-api.conf and glance-registry.conf files ?10:14
doudeok, I found an example in the examples/paste directory in keystone sources10:17
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micro__hi all ...I'm new to openstack and I'm trying to install it according to this manual  but I have a problem with networking...I don't know how to set it up so that it would work on my network11:33
micro__I only have a public network...and in manual there are public and private11:34
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micro__hi all ...I'm new to openstack and I'm trying to install it according to this manual  but I have a problem with networking...I don't know how to set it up so that it would work on my network11:47
bastichelaarwhat do you mean with only a public network?11:48
micro__in the tutorial there is eth0 with public ip and bridge on eth1 with private ....and I only can use eth011:50
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bastichelaartry to find a simpler howto11:51
bastichelaarlots available11:51
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micro__bastichelaar > do you know about some? I couldn't find any simpler howto12:32
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bastichelaarwhat about the official documents12:42
bastichelaaror a scripted installation12:42
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bastichelaaris it always this quiet in here?13:41
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kbringardnot always13:43
kbringardit's pretty early13:44
kbringardat least here in the US where a good lot of folks are based13:44
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notmynamephil121: what sort of curious error are you seeing? if disks are full, swift should return an "507 Insufficient Storage" error13:45
bastichelaarok, good to know13:46
kbringardbastichelaar: if you have a question or something, I find it's best to ask and usually someone will eventually see it and respond13:48
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bastichelaaranybody here who uses python bindings to the openstack api?13:48
bastichelaargetting a little confused here, lot of forked projects13:49
kbringardsorry, I mostly use the ec2 api :-/13:49
bastichelaarsee also
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kbringardI really don't know, but I think the python-novaclient is probably what you want13:50
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kbringardit's the most recently updated and I know sandywalsh_ hangs out here13:50
kbringardif you're running ubuntu, there is a package for it13:51
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kbringardpython-novaclient               2.6.3~bzr97-0ubuntu0ppa1~natty1              client library for OpenStack Compute API13:52
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annegentlebastichelaar: my understanding is that python-novaclient should support 1.1 Compute API13:55
annegentleand openstack-compute is good to use against the Rackspace Cloud which is 1.0 API13:55
Raziqueannegentle: Hey, I was looking for you :D13:55
annegentlebastichelaar: now the question about admin API is a good one, and I'm not entirely clear13:55
annegentleRazique: high five!13:56
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Raziqueannegentle: ok I've worked on the doc, I just need to finish one extra section I've called "Troubleshoot your nova-volumes installation"13:56
annegentlebastichelaar: I think a few things - one, projects are going away and tenants out of the Keystone API replace them13:57
Raziquei think it'll be over tonight ; what do I do after that ?13:57
annegentlebastichelaar: there's a mailing list thread about this very question, let me dig it up13:57
*** amccabe has joined #openstack13:57
annegentleRazique: excellent! After you've made all your edits, additions, then do bzr commit -m 'Message that says what changed' to commit your changes, then bzr push lp:~username/openstack-manuals/branchname13:58
Raziqueok thanks13:58
RaziqueI'll do that then13:59
annegentleRazique: there may be a bug you can link it to, too.13:59
kbringardit makes good sense to replace projects with keystone tenants13:59
*** objectiveous has quit IRC13:59
annegentleRazique: yeah, here you go:
kbringardmikey likes it13:59
*** osier has quit IRC13:59
Raziqueannegentle: I wanted btw add schemes but I don't know if I've the right to put visio-made schemes :D13:59
Raziqueplus I don't know how to insert pictures ^^14:00
annegentleRazique: so then you'd do bzr commit --fixes lp:765432 -m 'Message text here'14:00
annegentleer, well lp83511414:00
Raziqueannegentle: it'll means that my commit fixes that bug in a way ?14:01
annegentleRazique: yeahhh that's a grey area... I like for source of images to be uploaded too14:01
annegentleRazique: yep, Launchpad will indicate that bug has a fix committed from you14:01
RaziqueI don't even know if docbook handles pictures14:01
annegentleRazique: yeah, use the <figure> element, look at /common/getstart.xml for example code14:01
annegentleRazique: and then upload the images to the /figures/ directory in the source directory14:02
RaziqueI found it very pleasant to work on docbook with Author, I think I'll work on other sections after that :)14:02
annegentleRazique: excellent, good to hear. Yeah it's a nice enviro.14:03
Raziqueannegentle: thanks, I'll see how to link pictures  ; is there any restrictions regarding viso-made schemes ?14:03
Raziquebecause I haven't seen any on the whole doc14:03
*** dirkx__ has quit IRC14:04
*** jtanner_ has joined #openstack14:04
annegentleRazique: I've really tried to only use open-source tools for the docs... but also haven't had Viso submissions yet. So... I think they're helpful, and I'm willing to accept them in.14:04
*** dirkx_ has joined #openstack14:04
annegentleRazique: the trade-off is that maintenance later is harder if someone doesn't have Viso.14:05
Raziqueannegentle: I was more thinking about static pictures (eg. jpg) but using visio icons14:05
*** reidrac has quit IRC14:05
Raziqueannegentle: I've tried open-source tools for schemes, but at work, let's face it, Visio is the more efficient14:06
annegentleRazique: yeah you'll need to reference a static exported image from Visio, true14:06
kbringardproblem with that is that someone else can't come along later and just edit it14:06
annegentlekbringard: right.14:06
Raziquekbringard: you are right14:06
RaziqueHow would you proceed ?14:06
jtanner_dia works well once you learn how to use it14:07
kbringardsorry, just sort of jumping in uninvited :-D14:07
annegentleRazique: honeslty, I'm all for efficiency14:07
Raziquekbringard: hehe, sure :)14:07
annegentleRazique: I'm not a real zealot, though we do use open source fonts! :)14:07
annegentleRazique: just trying to make sure it's maintainable later14:07
Raziqueannegentle: if a scheme need to be modified later, It means, I'll need to "include" the source file ?14:08
annegentleRazique: I'd rather have Visio images than none, a picture says a thousands words14:08
kbringardI think you can export a visio file as XML, maybe we could request that people export the XML and include it in the commit?14:08
*** mirrorbox has quit IRC14:08
*** mirrorbox has joined #openstack14:08
annegentleRazique: yes, and to add figures, use bzr add to make sure bzr commits those14:08
kbringardso you can export as a PDF, JPG, TIFF, or whatever14:08
annegentlekbringard: not bad, didn't know that.14:08
kbringardthen include your source14:08
kbringardit may not import to another program exactly right, but it may be better than starting over14:09
*** dirkx_ has quit IRC14:09
Raziqueannegentle: eventually, we should see how to proceed regarding pictures/ source-files and filenames to use, don't you think ?14:09
Raziquekbringard: thanks !14:09
annegentleRazique: true, I should add some standards and expectations to the wiki page about docs, thanks. Writing a post-it note now.14:10
kbringardannegentle: you going to be at the conference in Oct?14:10
*** robbiew has joined #openstack14:10
kbringardI feel like we need to make sure someone buys you a beer or other drink of your choice for all your hard work14:10
Raziqueannegentle: ok, meanwhile I'll finish the nova-volumes section, and prepare my schemes without including them. We'll see after that how to standardize that (dunno if the word exists hehe)14:11
*** tryggvil has quit IRC14:11
annegentlekbringard: yep, sure am. beer sounds good!14:11
Raziqueme is in France :(14:11
annegentleRazique: thanks a bunch!14:11
annegentleRazique: I'll have to hunt down a tshirt for ya then.14:12
Raziquesounds good to me :D14:12
kbringardyou know what would be awesome… if I could euca-describe-instances by reservation id14:14
* kbringard ponders this14:14
*** amccabe has quit IRC14:14
*** amccabe has joined #openstack14:15
Raziquekbringard: what would be the point then :p14:15
kbringardeh? how do you mean?14:15
Raziquekbringard: xml export seems to be working ! I've a vdx file, seems good14:15
kbringardw00t, nice14:15
kbringardthe real test, of course, will be if you can import that into something else, like DIA or OmniGraffle14:16
kbringardand get something meaningful :-)14:16
*** caribou1 has joined #openstack14:16
annegentleRazique: oh, cool. I've got OmniGraffle and can try 'er out.14:17
*** caribou has quit IRC14:17
Raziqueannegentle: ok, let's make a quick test14:17
*** AhmedSoliman has joined #openstack14:20
*** code_franco has joined #openstack14:21
Raziqueit'd be cool it works, we could then have the picture and it's source14:21
annegentleRazique: yeah that's ideal14:21
*** kernelfreak has quit IRC14:21
bastichelaarthanks for you answers, things are getting more clear now14:22
doudeI try to use Glance with Keystone. I configure the conf file of Glance to use keystone for authentification. When I try to upload a new image on Glance, I get 403 forbidden error for reason "Read-only access"14:22
bastichelaarstill it feels like all these projects and forks are quite messy?14:22
*** jfluhmann has joined #openstack14:23
kbringardbastichelaar: it can be… generally I use Ubuntu and install packages from the OpenStack repos14:23
kbringardI find that helps, since only "officially sanctioned" stuff is in there14:23
bastichelaarI agree, I use the milestones ppa14:23
kbringardthen you can find 3rd party libraries and tools and stuff, but you know that you can at least get the basic functionality from your systems14:24
bastichelaarand things do work quite nice, except the api part is a little bit messy14:24
bastichelaarand all the LXC stuff is still quite buggy14:24
*** ldleworker has joined #openstack14:24
kbringardah, yes, I don't use LXC14:24
doudeI use CLI 'glance', what I need to set for the option --auth_token option ?14:24
santeHi all, as I've read nova can resize a Xen vm image (basically changing flavor): is this possible with KVM too? Thanks14:25
*** nyeates has joined #openstack14:25
*** wilmoore has quit IRC14:26
*** micro__ has left #openstack14:27
bastichelaardoes anyone have some knowledge of the python-novaclient bindings?14:28
bastichelaarIm trying to create an instance, but it seems it requires a bundled kernel14:28
bastichelaarand we dont want to bundle a kernel14:28
bastichelaaris there a way to avoid this?14:28
*** nyeates has quit IRC14:29
*** caribou has joined #openstack14:29
*** caribou1 has quit IRC14:29
kbringardyou mean you want to have an external kernel like you would in ec2?14:30
*** tomh is now known as Guest2116814:30
bastichelaarno, no kernel at all :)14:30
kbringarddoes not compute14:30
bastichelaarwith euca2ools it works fine14:30
*** alekibango has joined #openstack14:31
bastichelaarwe have images without bundled kernels14:31
bastichelaaras LXC does not require a kernel in the instance14:31
kbringardoooo, so you mean the kernel is in the .img?14:31
kbringardah, OK14:31
kbringardsorry, I know nothing about LXC14:31
kbringardso I'm going to stop talking now14:31
bastichelaarno problem14:31
kbringardbefore I confuse us all14:31
bastichelaarthanks for your efforts and answers anyway, quite helpful!14:31
kbringardhah, I'm glad :-)14:32
kbringardother people should be waking up soon, if you hang out I think you'll at least get pointed in the right direction14:32
Raziquekbringard: the eternal wake-up-early guy14:33
*** tcampbell has quit IRC14:33
kbringardmy kids wake up by 7, so I'm awake by then regardless14:33
kbringardso I like to get started early so I can be done by 4 or so and spend the afternoon with the family14:34
*** tcampbell has joined #openstack14:34
Raziquekbringard: cool14:34
Raziquedon't have kids yet ^^14:34
kbringardhehe, they're awesome, but take your time14:35
kbringardyou can never go back14:35
Raziqueshah, hell of a one-way trip14:35
kbringardspeaking of kids, today is my daughter's first day of school, so I need to take her, bbl14:36
Raziquekbringard: ok !14:36
*** edster_m has joined #openstack14:36
kbringardif you're off to bed by the time I get back have a good night, friend14:36
*** dirkx_ has joined #openstack14:38
*** vladimir3p_ has joined #openstack14:39
*** dirkx_ has quit IRC14:42
*** nerens has quit IRC14:42
*** LiamMac has joined #openstack14:43
*** Guest21168 is now known as tomh_14:43
*** mrmartin has quit IRC14:44
*** nerens has joined #openstack14:44
*** Binbin has joined #openstack14:45
*** msinhore has joined #openstack14:46
*** msinhore1 has joined #openstack14:46
*** msinhore2 has joined #openstack14:47
*** edster_m has quit IRC14:47
Raziquethanks kbringard14:50
*** msinhore1 has quit IRC14:51
*** msinhore has quit IRC14:51
uvirtbotNew bug: #838858 in nova "OSAPI: Can't access/set/delete server metadata using the servers UUID" [Undecided,In progress]
*** wilmoore has joined #openstack14:51
bastichelaardoes anyone have some knowledge of the python-novaclient bindings? Creating an instance without a bundled kernel does not seem to work?14:52
*** huslage has quit IRC14:53
*** nerens has quit IRC14:54
*** nerens has joined #openstack14:55
*** dragondm has joined #openstack14:57
*** javiF has joined #openstack14:58
*** llang629_ has left #openstack14:58
*** HowardRoark has joined #openstack15:01
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*** tryggvil_ has joined #openstack15:04
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*** nyeates has joined #openstack15:04
*** tryggvil_ has quit IRC15:05
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*** rsampaio has joined #openstack15:07
*** guigui1 has quit IRC15:09
*** Shentonfreude has joined #openstack15:10
*** dirkx_ has joined #openstack15:11
*** dgags has joined #openstack15:12
*** tryggvil_ has joined #openstack15:13
doudeI get this error: when I try to upload an image on Glance15:17
*** dirkx_ has quit IRC15:18
doudeBut the class 'RequestContext' have attribute 'is-image_visible'15:19
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack15:19
*** alandman has joined #openstack15:21
*** jedi4ever has quit IRC15:24
*** mattray has joined #openstack15:25
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*** dirkx_ has joined #openstack15:34
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*** heckj has joined #openstack15:40
*** Eyk^off is now known as Eyk15:42
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*** huslage has joined #openstack15:45
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*** dirkx_ has joined #openstack15:51
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*** nerens has joined #openstack15:56
*** wilmoore has joined #openstack15:57
*** Shentonfreude1 has joined #openstack15:58
kbringarddoude do you have the latest db schema applied?15:58
*** tryggvil_ has quit IRC15:59
*** Shentonfreude has quit IRC16:00
*** lborda has joined #openstack16:01
*** MarcMorata has quit IRC16:02
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack16:02
*** MarcMorata has joined #openstack16:02
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*** Capashen has quit IRC16:05
*** maplebed has joined #openstack16:07
*** adjohn has joined #openstack16:08
uvirtbotNew bug: #838905 in swift "Last modified date for Swift3 middleware isn't formatted correctly" [Medium,In progress]
*** woleium has joined #openstack16:09
*** maplebed has joined #openstack16:09
*** Razique has quit IRC16:14
*** dirkx_ has joined #openstack16:15
*** MarcMorata has quit IRC16:15
*** MarcMorata has joined #openstack16:15
doudekbringard: Yes I have16:16
kbringardwhat version are you running? Trunk?16:17
doudeI found bugs about that: and blueprints
*** nphase has joined #openstack16:19
kbringardah, ok, yea… I've found I have conf file issues when I upgrade if I've changed anything from the standard, so maybe some middleware is missing or something16:19
doudekbringard: and
doudekbringard: and you can use Glance with keystone actually ?16:20
kbringardno, not with heystone16:20
kbringardthat's on my list of things to get setup in the next few weeks16:20
doudeok, I just ask a question to if a workaround exist16:21
*** obino has quit IRC16:25
*** katkee has quit IRC16:25
*** obino has joined #openstack16:25
*** misheska has joined #openstack16:31
*** jtanner_ has quit IRC16:33
*** adjohn has quit IRC16:33
*** jdurgin has joined #openstack16:34
*** bastichelaar has quit IRC16:35
*** MarcMorata has quit IRC16:35
*** MarcMorata has joined #openstack16:35
*** joesavak has joined #openstack16:37
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*** dragondm has joined #openstack16:39
*** dragondm has quit IRC16:39
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*** phil121 has quit IRC16:40
*** dragondm has joined #openstack16:40
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*** Eyk is now known as Eyk^off16:47
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*** j05h has joined #openstack16:52
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*** iRTermite has joined #openstack16:53
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*** vernhart has joined #openstack17:06
*** HowardRoark has joined #openstack17:09
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack17:10
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*** wilmoore has joined #openstack17:15
*** MarcMorata has joined #openstack17:17
*** huslage has joined #openstack17:19
*** cp16net has quit IRC17:19
*** cp16net has joined #openstack17:20
kbringardcreiht: you about? I have some more swift questions :-)17:25
*** bas_ has joined #openstack17:26
*** RobertLaptop has quit IRC17:29
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC17:31
*** Alowishus has joined #openstack17:31
*** localhost has joined #openstack17:32
*** maplebed_ has joined #openstack17:32
*** maplebed has quit IRC17:33
*** obino has quit IRC17:33
*** berto- has joined #openstack17:36
*** huslage has quit IRC17:36
bas_I am using python-novaclient, but it seems poorly documented17:36
*** infinite-scale has joined #openstack17:36
bas_Any pointers?17:36
kpepple_bas_: other than the github page, i'd ping jk017:37
*** huslage has joined #openstack17:37
*** dragondm has quit IRC17:39
bas_kpepple_: thanks17:39
alekibangokbringard: having kids is great, especially if you see them grow beyong your possibilities...  like my 6yo playing piano better than i do....  (i teach my kids all kinds of jazzy chords and scales, they now do stuff people are learning at conservatory ten years later).17:40
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack17:40
*** maplebed_ has quit IRC17:41
alekibango... chords like C13 #11   etc17:41
kbringardalekibango: awesome… I'm pretty sure my daughter is already smarter than I am17:42
alekibangoi think young brain is smartest... you need to have experience and wisdom later to be competetive :)17:42
alekibangothats why i teach my kids history, anatomy, close combat, ... :)17:43
*** tcampbell has quit IRC17:43
alekibangoand hacking linux, blender etc....17:43
alekibangothey can do well (having 6,8 years)17:44
alekibangoexcept rolls and breakfalls, hehe17:45
alekibangomy 6yo came to school first time today... he already can read and write and can count to 100...17:46
*** Guest16184 is now known as Glace17:46
alekibangoand he is sittinng next to similar boy17:46
*** Glace is now known as Guest2933717:46
creihtkbringard: more or less, what's up?  at least one of us should be able to answer questions :)17:46
alekibangosorry for ot :) -- but if you have kids, spend time with them, you will be glad you did17:47
kbringardso, I was finally able to get past my own idiocy and get swift all installed (I think)17:47
kbringardalekibango: no worries, I love just chatting, it's part of what makes this a community and not just a support channel17:48
alekibangokbringard: for me, swift was very easy17:48
WormManI think I finally got my multi_host setup working, now, to test it with VLANs :)17:48
alekibangocompared to nova (hell on earth if you try to make something more than basic install)17:48
*** Guest29337 is now known as Glacee17:48
kbringardcreiht: but when I run the curl to get the auth token, I get a trace17:48
kbringardand a 500 error17:48
kbringardalekibango: yea, so far swift has been easier, but I've got nova down pretty well since I've been banging my head against it since January17:49
*** llang629 has joined #openstack17:49
kbringardso comparatively, it feels difficult :-D17:49
alekibangoi had similar problems kbringard, but i cant rmeember what was cause of that17:50
*** katkee has joined #openstack17:50
alekibangodidnt swift for few months now17:50
kbringardalso, I noticed that all the replicators are telling me that a device isn't mounted17:51
kbringardnot sure if that could be related or not17:51
alekibangogenerally, you need to watch all logs rigorously17:51
alekibangoit helps to paste whole story17:51
*** llang629 has left #openstack17:52
alekibangonot jsut part of it17:52
*** infinite-scale has quit IRC17:52
bas_anyone knows how I can give an image a name in nova?17:53
bas_[<Image: None>, <Image: None>, <Image: None>, <Image: None>]17:53
alekibangobas_: do you use glance?17:54
alekibangowhat is os? where did you get taht?17:55
*** andreas__ has joined #openstack17:55
creihtkbringard: hrm17:55
bas_alekibango: yes17:55
*** huslage has quit IRC17:55
*** maplebed has joined #openstack17:55
alekibangokbringard: it might be jsut wrong url (missing or added /  or version or something ... can do something bad)17:55
*** huslage has joined #openstack17:55
kbringardcreiht alekibango, the corresponding syslong entry:
bas_alekibango: and I just python-novaclient17:56
*** maplebed has quit IRC17:56
kbringardoh, dang, sorry, missed a line, one sec17:56
alekibangokbringard: i  am afrait i cant remember, but try searching in answers in launchpad17:56
alekibangoi think i found my solution there17:56
alekibangokbringard:  key is 500 internal server err17:56
kbringardif it makes a difference I'm running my test setup on VMs using their internal /dev/vdb disk17:57
creihtkbringard: look at the logs on your storage nodes17:57
creihtfor errors17:57
creihtthe 503 means that the backend servers had an issue17:57
*** ahasenack has quit IRC17:57
notmyname507 is insufficient storage17:57
notmyname(disk full)17:57
kbringardahhhh, that is good to know17:58
kbringardso I probably have my rings configured dumbly17:58
*** adjohn has joined #openstack17:58
alekibangokbringard: it helps to work with someone in pair17:59
alekibangothat helps a lot...17:59
alekibangoyou can be blind to some problem and run in circles17:59
kbringardyep, agreed17:59
alekibangohappened to me a lot with nova17:59
* kbringard uses larger disks and tries again18:00
kbringardthanks notmyname18:00
*** cp16net has quit IRC18:01
*** jsavak has joined #openstack18:01
alekibangonova grows like mad.. i didnt look much during summer... and it grows like beast...18:02
heckjalekibango: yeah, lots of motion!18:02
* alekibango hopes that diablo release will work...18:02
alekibangofor his needs18:02
kbringardyea, I keep a trunk environment that I update regularly so I can track what I'll need to do when I upgrade a milestone18:03
alekibangoopenstack was kind of slow for me. i needed diablo to come last christmass18:03
*** bcwaldon_ has joined #openstack18:04
*** berto- has quit IRC18:05
*** joesavak has quit IRC18:05
*** bcwaldon has quit IRC18:05
*** dgags has quit IRC18:06
*** vernhart has quit IRC18:06
*** viraptor has quit IRC18:07
*** aliguori has joined #openstack18:08
kbringardit keeps telling me that vdb1 isn't mounted18:08
*** cpg|away is now known as cpg18:08
kbringard /dev/vdb1 on /srv/node/dev/vdb1 type xfs (rw,noatime,nodiratime,nobarrier,logbufs=8)18:09
kbringardbut it is18:09
creihtkbringard: are the perms correct?18:09
alekibangois the path correct?18:09
kbringardcreiht: in /srv/node?18:09
kbringardit looks like they're 755 and owned by swift:swift18:10
kbringardthere is nothing in there though...18:10
alekibangokbringard: imho path...18:10
kbringardshould there be?18:10
creihtthe path may not be right18:10
alekibango /srv/node/vdb118:10
alekibango^^ like this18:10
uvirtbotalekibango: Error: "^" is not a valid command.18:10
alekibango ^^18:10
creihtkbringard: yeah what alekibango said, if you are using default config values18:11
kbringardah, OK, let me update that18:11
kbringardhow did I miss that in the docs… I must have forgotten to update after the new documentation for pushed18:12
alekibangobtw what is best (efficent) cpu  to use for nova?18:12
* kbringard facepalms18:12
alekibangokbringard: you are welcome18:12
alekibangowe all have been though this... hehe18:13
alekibango(all lucky ones who made it work)18:13
kbringardoooooooo, I see my problem18:16
* kbringard grumbles and fixes his scripts18:16
*** MarcMorata has quit IRC18:17
*** localhost has joined #openstack18:20
*** hggdh has quit IRC18:20
bas_alekibango: thanks for the pointer to glance18:20
nhmbah, HP wouldn't tell me anything about what they are doing with openstack.18:20
kbringardnhm: maybe creating crowbar barclamp :-p18:21
*** tcampbell has joined #openstack18:21
nhmkbringard: heh, I did bring up crowbar when talking to them. ;)18:22
nhmapparently everything is very confidential right now.18:22
*** mgoldmann_ has joined #openstack18:22
*** mgoldmann has quit IRC18:23
kbringardwhich is a great way for a giant corporation to approach an open source project if they want to get support18:23
*** tcampbell_ has joined #openstack18:23
*** RobertLaptop has joined #openstack18:24
*** hggdh has joined #openstack18:24
alekibangobas_: not much big help :) but  its hard for me to help more from the top of my head. i didnt touch nova for month now18:25
*** maplebed has joined #openstack18:25
*** pguth66 has joined #openstack18:25
kbringardthanks for all your help everyone, I'm both happy and sad that it mostly ended up being my own dumbness that was the problem :-)18:26
*** tcampbell has quit IRC18:26
*** tcampbell_ is now known as tcampbell18:26
alekibangokbringard: i was dumb many times here too... :)18:26
alekibangodont worry18:26
kbringardhaha, aren't we all :-)18:26
kbringardok, here we go again18:27
*** vernhart has joined #openstack18:27
* kbringard crosses his fingers18:27
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nhmkbringard: yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking when talking to them.18:32
kbringardworks now18:32
*** darraghb has quit IRC18:33
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creihtkbringard: awesome!18:33
*** alandman has quit IRC18:33
kbringardand the best part is that the entire thing is scripted, so I can replicate it over and over in just a few moments18:34
nhmI really need to upgrade.  My stuff is all still on cactus.18:34
nhmkbringard: what did you do? :)18:34
kbringardnhm: got swift running18:35
nhmah, excellent18:35
*** vernhart has joined #openstack18:39
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bas_are there openstack users that use the LXC hypervisor?18:42
*** javiF has quit IRC18:44
kbringardso the swift proxy exposes whatever s3 functionality swift has, correct?18:47
*** primeministerp1 has left #openstack18:47
creihtkbringard: well you can turn on the s3 compatibility with the swift3 middleware in the proxy18:48
creihtright now, it is mostly just basic functionality18:48
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack18:48
creihtmore features could be added, but I don't have a lot of time, and Rackspace isn't exactly interested in it as a feature :)18:49
kbringardah, OK18:49
kbringardhaha, yea18:49
*** cereal_bars has quit IRC18:49
creihtif you find missing functionality that you would like, file a bug18:49
kbringardsure thing boss18:49
kbringardor, we can always work on implementing it ourselves18:49
creihtand that would be even more awesome :)18:49
kbringardespecially since I just made a crack about people not giving back :-p18:50
kbringardso, there needs to be much robustness added18:51
kbringardbut, those scripts should get a 3 node cluster running pretty painlessly18:51
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC18:51
creihtkbringard: btw, shows what functionality should work currently with the s3 compat layer18:52
creihtkbringard: cool18:52
kbringardit's tailored to do it on VMs, since that's where I'm developing them, but now that I have it working, I'll work on making it more universal and less hardcoded18:52
kbringardcreiht: ah cool, thanks, I remember seeing this before18:52
kbringardthat's a good resource18:52
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zulspectorclan: ping are you around?18:58
*** jfluhmann has joined #openstack18:58
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uvirtbotNew bug: #839012 in nova "A few references to state_descripton got missed in the power_state merge" [Medium,In progress]
*** wilmoore has joined #openstack19:23
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bfschotthow bad is the design summit waiting list?  should I register for the conference before it fill up?19:24
*** sto has quit IRC19:25
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*** bfschott has joined #openstack19:35
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bfschottweb client wedged.  anyone know how long the wait list is for the design summit?  should I register for conference instead?19:37
*** stanchan has joined #openstack19:38
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vishybfshott: both?19:42
vishybfschott: ^^19:42
kbringardif you sign up for both and get into the dev summit, do you get your 500$ back?19:42
bfschottyeah, good question19:44
bfschottvishy: the wiki says don't register for conference if in design summit, but what do you do on waiting list for design summit...19:45
vishybfschott: I see.  That is a concern19:45
*** stanchan has quit IRC19:45
vishydon't know :(19:45
*** stanchan has joined #openstack19:46
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bfschottvishy: bummer, Thierry coordinating this?19:47
*** stanchan has joined #openstack19:47
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annegentleask spectorclan - it's a good question19:53
*** stanchan has quit IRC19:55
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bfschottthanks anne19:56
*** stanchan has quit IRC20:00
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alekibangokbringard: congrats!20:04
kbringardthanks alekibango, I appreciate the help20:04
alekibango:) np20:05
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WormMansigh, multi_host hates me :)21:23
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dhersamAny idea why a 1.4.1 SAIO swift install creates the images container but fails to upload the object (503 Internal Server Error) with a call to: swift -A -U test:tester -K 'testing' upload images 1.jpg23:11
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