Friday, 2011-09-02

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uvirtbotNew bug: #839269 in nova "cloudpipe vpns fail to get ip" [High,Triaged]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #839383 in nova "ESX(i) VIFs and mac addresses" [Undecided,New]
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andycjwI've just tried LXC with this guide but to no success, is there anything else that has more detail on how to run LXC as libvirt_type?08:49
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doudeHi all, I try to use Glance+Keystone. I get user token through a curl command: 'curl -d '{"passwordCredentials":{"username": "demo", "password": "secrete"}}' -H "Content-type: application/json" http://localhost:5001/v2.0/tokens'09:46
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doudeand I try to list images with this token from Glance: 'glance --auth_token=402d90c6-2b27-41ca-b915-f49b35e75580 index'09:47
doudebut I get this error:
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st4nHi, I've installed Trunk Openstack with keystone. I was unable to connect since I added user credential with keystone-manage AND nova-manage. I was wondering why I had to also add user with nova-manage? I understood that user management was totally dropped from nova to keystone.10:03
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st4nWhy is it necessary to create users twice? (one in keystone and another in nova)10:05
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doudest4n: Hi, i use Nova with Keystone and I wasn't oblige to add user and project credential with nova-manage. Only set it on keystone.10:19
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titaniumrainsoren: a quick question. why does nova need fixed_ip_disassociate_all_by_timeout if dhcpbridge invokes fixed_ip_update when a VM terminates and releases its ip? it looks like that they both set leased flag in fixed_ips to 010:54
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saju_mgetting command failed error #nova-manage network list,
saju_mi am trying to setup a development environment11:06
andycjwsaju_m: have you created any network?11:07
andycjwor did you run 'nova-manage db sync' ?11:07
saju_mhow do that ?11:07
saju_mhave to do 'nova-manage db sync' ??11:08
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andycjwwhich version of nova you're running?11:09
saju_mi followed
andycjwyou missed this part11:10
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saju_mi forgot to run sudo nova-manage network create novanetwork 1 6411:12
saju_mType or copy/paste in the following line to create a network prior to creating a user or a project.11:12
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saju_mhow do it after Create a Nova administrator11:13
andycjwsaju_m: you can do it after create nova administrator11:14
andycjwit has no dependancy11:14
saju_mgetting this error NetworkNotCreated: --bridge_interface is required to create a network.11:14
andycjwhave you installed bridge-utils?11:14
andycjwi assume you're using ubuntu11:14
andycjwsudo apt-get install bridge-utils11:15
andycjwcan you run 'sudo nova-manage db version' ?11:15
andycjwwhat's its output?11:16
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sorentitaniumrain: In case the VM doesn't release its IP.11:27
sorentitaniumrain: or11:27
sorentitaniumrain: if dnsmasq is gone for some reason.11:28
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saju_mhi, i installed bridge-utils11:32
saju_m#ifconfig showing ,  virbr011:33
saju_mstill getting this error NetworkNotCreated: --bridge_interface is required to create a network11:33
saju_msudo nova-manage network create novanetwork 1 6411:33
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saju_mhow create  --bridge_interface?11:37
alexn65brctl addbr br100 - but nova must do it itself at install time11:41
saju_mifconfig not showing br10011:45
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alexn65:) and after you must modify network-interaces like ordinary eth0 but bridge - see mans11:45
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xxtjaxxIs there a way to backup a swift storage? Or dump the Object-Store itself? I cannot seem to find any hints to that in the documentation.11:57
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alexn65xxtjaxx: see and look there12:04
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alexn65mb someone know - is it possible to ever have dynamic disk for images? Not allocated fullsize? And is it true that only raw images can be started at conf with kvm hypervisor, and "many format supported" mean that someone must convert from one to another(glance can store but do not convert anything)? Also in nova-compute.log there is image creation by qemu - does it mean that qcow images can be running(say in DHCP network mode) or not? Thanks!12:28
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titaniumrainsoren: sry for getting back to u late. fixed_ip_disassociate_all_by_timeout set all ips with allocated=0. in what kind of condition that allocated is set to 0 but leased is set to 1?12:29
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sorentitaniumrain: I'm not sure off the top of my head.12:34
titaniumrainsoren: thanks. i was thinking about an instance failed to spawn when it failed to get metadata from it will get an ip address as both allocated and released. but at certain stage, its allocated will be set to 0 by someone. At the moment, i have no idea who the someone would be? libvirt or compute manager12:37
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kbringardman, it's 7:22am, but I have the most insane craving for tacos13:23
uvirtbotNew bug: #839559 in glance "update the glance config files with keystone auth examples" [Low,In progress]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #839581 in nova "Update nova to work with Glance keystone client changes" [Critical,In progress]
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xxtjaxxalexn65: According to the timestamp it was far too early for an april fools joke. Could you please recheck if there is any real answer around?14:02
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xxtjaxxnotmyname: ping.14:06
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alexn65xxtjaxx: sorry, I don`t know another answer.  Read url deeply, so what don`t u like? As I understand Swift is not intended for backup, othervise it`s likely a tool to avoid any backups or failure. There is given right answer - fully copy swift storage disks, probably to another cluster. You really must consider to backup ring.tgz and conf files and just probably you can use some script or tool to download all objects and containers of each account, but14:19
sorenagy: Thanks for testing that patch.14:22
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agysoren: np14:23
alexn65xxtjaxx: by the way, ask it in develepment channel14:23
kbringardyes, thanks indeed14:23
xxtjaxxalexn65: Its just supposed to scale up the amount of petabytes. Sure at that point it is getting quite complicated but not impossible to do *backups*. Scaling is something that goes bothways up and down. And if you want wide spread adoption of a swift storage you better make damn sure this thing is either A) rock stable and doesn't crash under *any14:25
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xxtjaxx*any* circumstances (quite impossible. no matter how much it is opensource and people getting paid to work on it) or 2) you introduce backups so people like taht poor sob in the bug report can keep their job.14:26
agydata redundancy is all well and good, but doesn't protect against data corruption14:27
xxtjaxxalexn65: To reason the not implementation of such a *key* feature of every dataheavy software with the scalabillity is one of the worst explanations.14:27
creihtxxtjaxx: a couple of quick notes14:28
xxtjaxxagy: see amazon. ec2 software was crashed by corruption by their own software.14:28
creihta.) swift has been runing at Rackspace to back cloud files for quite some time now (and we work our hardest to make sure things are not going to mess things up) :)14:28
creihtb.) by default swift is already storing 3 copies of every object14:29
alexn65xxtjaxx: I`m not a developer, and as it is saying "windows must die, but everyone uses" :) - I saw how raid-array crashed and all value data go to nothing, so - it all the question of how much you interested.14:29
kbringardcan we load balance API endpoints? I recall in the past setting it up, but it messed up the ec2 signature verification, since the client generated it based on the url it was hitting and the server did so based on it's information14:29
kbringardits* information14:29
alexn65creiht: thanks for support! :)14:30
creihtxxtjaxx: all that said, if you really wanted to back it up, there are probably options, but it isn't going to be ideal14:30
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xxtjaxxalexn65: I'm sorry but that was such bad articulation to the extend that it more or less renderd your point useless. Also it is not the point wether or who is using it. This is opensource. At least we should *know* better than this.14:31
creihtand like others have said, it is designed to scale to multi-petabytes which would be difficult/quite expensive to back up reliably :)14:32
xxtjaxxcreiht: where is it storing those objects?14:32
creihtxxtjaxx: the best thing to do, is do a trial install and get to know it, so that you get a better understanding of the architecture14:32
xxtjaxxcreiht: Scaling down is just as important as to scale up.14:33
creihtxxtjaxx: 3 replicas of each object are stored each on a different storage node, each in a differnt zone, on local disk14:33
creihtxxtjaxx: indeed, and that is one of the areas that we need some work14:33
nhmcreiht: that sounds like moosefs14:33
creihtnhm: hadn't heard of that one yet14:33
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creihtnhm: swift isn't a filesystem though14:34
*** andy-hk has joined #openstack14:34
xxtjaxxcreiht: so Paying somebody to implement a simple "dumping" functionality for the data in swift could be possible?14:34
creihtnhm: the major diference between swift and moosefs (from a quick glance) is that it has a central repository for tracking metadata14:34
xxtjaxxcreiht: I mean I do not ask for much. I just want to be able to dump my database once in a whilw14:35
creihtin swift that metadata is distributed accross the cluster14:35
creihtxxtjaxx: the really difficult thing is to do it in a  way that is going to be consistent14:35
nhmcreiht: I'm much more fond distributing it ala glusterfs/swift/gpfs14:35
nhmcreiht: In lustre the metadata is all centralized too.14:36
xxtjaxxSince swift/openstack in general appears to be implemented in Python why not python objects?14:36
creihtxxtjaxx: for the way you were thinking of implementing it, how big of a cluster are you building, and what type of usage?14:36
xxtjaxxcreiht: besides If you are going to be able to distribute the data why not be able to gather it back to gether again?14:36
*** nicolas2b has joined #openstack14:37
xxtjaxxcreiht: suppose a cluster of a few thousan jpegs varying size and quality.14:37
*** nyeates has joined #openstack14:37
creihtnhm: yeah a lot of those types of systems have central metadata systems (hdfs and mogilefs does as well)... those can get difficult to scale14:38
nhmcreiht: for it's intended purpose lustre does alright for now, but they definitely need to enable clustered metadata servers as time goes on.14:39
creihtxxtjaxx: in a case like that, it is pretty easy14:39
creihtif all of those are in the same account, it would be easy to write a script that would crawl the account/container listings and push each file to some backup media14:40
xxtjaxxcreiht: So dumping the objectstore as a whole is possible or not?14:41
creihtxxtjaxx: as is, not in a way that would be meaningful14:41
creihtxxtjaxx: object storage is a different beast than what most people are used to14:42
*** cp16net has joined #openstack14:42
creihtxxtjaxx: I would suggest getting a bit more familiar with the architecture of swift, and how it works14:43
creihtxxtjaxx: I would also suggest that using swift to store a few thousands of jpegs is probably a bit overkill :)14:43
alexn65xxtjaxx: for scale down - swift can rebuild its ring when adding or removing disk or when admin want do it. But it will also increase disks usage for replicas moving and does not look like any compute power scalability14:43
creihtif you had thousands of customers, each storing thousands of jpegs, then we start talking :)14:44
nhmcreiht: btw, do you mind if I ask what kind of storage you put behind swift?14:44
creihtnhm: you can certainly ask any question you like :)14:45
creihti just may not answer all of them :P14:45
*** rsampaio has joined #openstack14:45
nhmcreiht: indeed, that was the motivation behind my question. :)14:45
creihtright now we are using basic 4U boxes that have 24 spindles each14:45
nhmcreiht: sounds like the old supermicro chassis14:46
creihtwe are currently using 2TB drives14:46
reidraccreiht: almost the same here, 3TB drives though14:46
uvirtbotNew bug: #839612 in nova "Most all nova migrations are a HACKING violation (importing classes vs. modules)" [Undecided,New]
nhmcreiht: I've been eying the SC847As with 36 bays.14:46
creihtnhm: yeah those are nice :)14:47
nhmThough I think I'll probably be forced to buy tier-1, so might end up getting something from Dell/HP.14:47
creihtwe are experimenting with some higher density storage nodes now14:47
creihtnhm: I hear you :)14:48
kbringardcreiht: what about using a 1u server with a 2u DAS… any reason you'd not do that?14:48
nhmcreiht: some folks have been populating DL180 G6s with 3TB drives which apparently is fairly reasoanble.14:48
creihtkbringard: also a reasonable solution :)14:49
pandemicsynlots of reasonable solutions out there14:49
creihtI actually like that idea, since it can be easier to swap out the 1u if it fails than a failed backplain14:49
kbringardhehe, indeed14:49
kbringardI was just curious why you were using 4u machines with internal disk14:49
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creihtkbringard: long story, that I probably shouldn't talk about :)14:49
kbringardif there was a reason you thought a DAS or something was a bad idea14:49
kbringardhaha, it's cool14:49
creihtlet's just say that we don't have 100% control over what hardware gets deployed14:50
*** misheska has joined #openstack14:50
creihtkbringard: no, I think that is a great idea14:50
nhmcreiht: I hear you. ;)14:50
creihtvendors don't like DAS though because they make no money off of them14:50
*** bluetux has joined #openstack14:51
creihtnhm: not as dense as I would like, but seems reasonable14:51
*** dgags has joined #openstack14:51
nhmcreiht: yeah, that's more or less my opinion on it too.14:52
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creihtI was also hoping to see more from facebook on their storage solution for open compute, but haven't really seen much about that lately14:53
nhmWe have some of the LSI 4U 60 drive enclosures on our SGI Altix.  They seem to work relatively well too.14:53
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*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates14:54
creihtnhm: yeah, I would like an enclosure like the old Sun Thumper14:54
*** alexn65 has quit IRC14:55
nhmcreiht: we've also got a S2A662014:56
creihtIt will be interesting to see, now that HP and Dell are hoping on the openstack train, if they come out with any interesting hardware14:56
creihtnhm: interesting, haven't seen that one before14:56
nhmcreiht: Yeah, I'm trying to get a meeting setup with Dell.  I just talked to HP but they wouldn't tell me anything.14:56
*** deshantm_laptop has quit IRC14:57
nhmaccording to their press releases they have someone in this channel but they don't say who. :P14:57
nhmhello out there! ;)14:57
RaziqueHI there14:57
Raziqueback from the DC where we racker to nova-compute nodes14:58
nhmrazique: Are you with HP?14:58
Raziquenhm: we use HP servers yah, was it the question ?14:59
nhmRazique: HP said they have staff in this channel, but I don't know who.14:59
*** caribou has quit IRC15:00
Raziquenhm: ahhh, no ; I'm not with HP at all then :p15:00
uvirtbotNew bug: #839617 in nova "DescribeImages output limited to some small number (22?)" [Undecided,New]
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* mdomsch waves from Dell15:18
mdomschnhm, also got keystone rpm spec going; markmc has done further work on it overnight.15:20
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*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk15:24
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates15:24
nhmmdomsch: Heya!  Our sales rep out here is trying to get a conference call together but I have no idea who he's bringing in.  :)15:24
mdomschnhm, you in San Antonio?15:25
nhmmdomsch: nope, Minnesota15:25
mdomschah cooler15:25
kbringardI love free food15:26
nhmmdomsch: especially in a couple months.15:26
* creiht is just happy that it finally got <100 for the weekend :)15:26
mdomschnhm: suggest Rob Hirschfeld or Joseph B. George15:27
nhmmdomsch: yeah, I mentioned both of them in my last email to our sales rep.15:27
*** shentonfreude has joined #openstack15:29
nhmmdomsch: We won a grant to build a cloud for medical research at the UMN and Mayo Clinic.15:30
nhmmdomsch: Should be a fun project15:30
mdomschnhm, excellent - congrats.  Definitely sounds fun.15:30
*** ulli has joined #openstack15:31
mdomschI'm sure Dell would be happy to partner with you on it, both hardware and software (Rob & Joseph's team)15:31
nhmmdomsch: Yeah, lots of potential.  Mayo is going to be building software and VM images while we are doing the hardware/infrastructure setup (and probably some images on the side).15:31
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koolhead17hey all19:21
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Razique_hi koolhead1719:27
koolhead17hi Razique_19:27
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imsplitbitanyone going to PyCodeConf in Miami?19:55
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Razique_hi all20:42
Razique_I'm trying to commit a file for the nova doc, i've the error "bzr: ERROR: Did not understand bug identifier : Must be an integer."20:42
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sorenRazique_: What's the command you're trying to run?20:47
Razique_soren: ok I figured it ; I was running bzr commit --fixes lp: lp835114 instead of bzr commit --fixes lp:83511420:48
uvirtbotRazique_: Error: "^" is not a valid command.20:48
Razique_the commit worked now20:48
sorenRazique_: It's supposed to be --fixes lp:83511420:48
sorenYou figured it out.20:48
sorenSort of distracted here, only read half of what you said :)20:48
sorenSorry :)20:48
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Razique_np ; another thing, bzr says i'm up to date with the rev 10420:49
Razique_while obviously, we are on rev 17320:49
Razique_I run "bzr update"20:50
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sorenRazique_: Ah. At this stage, what you want to do is "bzr merge". That'll take the changes on trunk and merge them into your branch.20:58
Razique_yes, it's working! thanks a lot20:59
Razique_will I be able to commit then ?20:59
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tightwork could we make this more vague21:00
*** hingo has joined #openstack21:03
koolhead17annegentle: hey there21:04
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dw_Heya folks.21:12
dw_In the docs, under hypervisors, I didn't see Xen 4.1 listed... is Xen 4.1 supported (not xenserver or xcp) in thye current release of OS?21:12
Razique_soren: I see that on launchpad "You cannot upload to this branch. Only Anne Gentle can upload to this branch.21:17
Razique_does that mean I won' be able to push changes ?21:17
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dw_In order to use OpenStack with  Xen 4.1.1 on Ubuntu, what do you need aside from a dom-0 w/ Xen 4.1.1?  Does one need to compile xenapi?  Other tools?21:39
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annegentlekoolhead17: hey there22:05
*** ccustine has quit IRC22:06
annegentleRazique_: first you commit to your own branch (like ~razique/openstack-manuals/branchname22:09
annegentleRazique_: then propose for merge22:09
annegentleRazique_: by going to the Launchpad website and clicking a link22:11
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