Tuesday, 2011-10-11

cpn_markgood luck00:00
CharlesR_thanks mate00:00
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B_WongHi, i was running through the test image section again on a new VM00:01
B_Wongand I encounter this error00:01
B_Wong[root@vmtest ~]# euca-authorize -P icmp -t -1:-1 default a-authorize -P tcp -p 22 default default None None icmp -1 -1 Warning: failed to parse error message from AWS: <unknown>:1:0: syntax error EC2ResponseError: 401 Unauthorized 401 Unauthorized00:01
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B_Wongwhen setting up authorize access00:02
B_Wong#4 on http://wiki.openstack.org/NovaInstall/RHEL6Notes-Diablo-300:02
B_WongWhat certs is it looking for, im pretty sure I set them all up. hmm =/00:03
B_Wongoh theres more. Sorry00:04
B_WongThis server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document you requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password), or yo ur browser does not understand how to supply the credentials required.00:04
cpn_markdid you source novarc before running that command?00:05
uvirtbotNew bug: #872062 in nova "nova-manage db sync fails" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87206200:06
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B_WongI source a ~/.bashrc00:06
cpn_markwhen you run any euca command it looks against your environment variables.  when you source novarc it will inject those necessary env variables to your session00:06
cpn_markno .bashrc00:06
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cpn_markyou should have a novarc and some other files when you did the download of the credentials00:07
B_Wongya i just sourced it00:07
B_Wongor something.00:08
B_Wongdo I have to restart it?00:08
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cpn_markyou shouldn't have to00:08
B_Wongrephrase: do I have to restart something?00:08
B_Wongoh ok00:08
B_Wongits... not working.00:09
cpn_markit just sounds to me that your environment variables aren't set right00:09
cpn_markif you type env in your console do you see the nova variables ?00:09
B_WongOh ok.00:09
cpn_markyou'll have to tail your logs then to dig deeper as to why it's giving you an error00:10
B_Wongnova url, api key, username, project, certs00:10
cpn_marklook at /var/log/nova/nova-compute.log to start00:10
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livemoonHi,is anyone here?01:25
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livemoonhugokuo: morning01:29
livemoonhugokuo: 国庆放假了吗01:29
hugokuolivemoon , yes ....only one day :>01:30
livemoonhugokuo: :) yes01:30
livemoonask your a question01:30
livemoonok, I will use chinese01:33
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hugokuo什麼bug ???01:38
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hugokuogit pull git://xxxxx <brach name>01:40
hugokuo理論上 如果你要production01:40
hugokuo請使用diablo release 的branch01:41
livemoon只要git pull一下嗎,需要運行setup.py嗎01:42
hugokuo因為setup 的時候01:42
hugokuomodule 會丟到 python 目錄下01:42
hugokuo直接看每天更新的commit 有額什麼01:42
hugokuoMerge "Further changes to the cleaner."01:43
hugokuocommit 56be39aedb01:43
hugokuo Jenkins authored about 4 hours ago01:43
hugokuo這是nova 的紀錄01:44
hugokuo記得要選diablo brance01:44
hugokuo不客氣 請多多指教 XD01:45
hugokuo有事再ping me01:46
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livemoonhugokuo : hi?02:02
hugokuoyes ?02:02
livemoonI use git pull https://github.com/cloudbuilders/keystone.git diablo02:02
livemoonfatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git02:03
hugokuolet me try it02:04
livemoongit clone works well,but git pull?02:04
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hugokuo我錯了 XD02:10
hugokuogit clone 下來後02:10
hugokuogit checkout diablo02:10
hugokuo下次有更新的時候   git pull https://xxx 即可02:10
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hugokuo如果沒有更新會 顯示  already up-to-date02:11
hugokuo我是沒有 update  eji402:11
hugokuodiablo 很少更新阿02:12
livemoon可是我第一次跑腳本的时候,已经git clone过了02:12
hugokuo master 才有02:12
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hugokuo妳現在去pull 應該會說 up-to-date02:12
livemoon我用pull 就报错fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git02:12
livemoongit pull https://github.com/cloudbuilders/keystone.git02:13
hugokuo因為我剛給你的指令多了  <branch>02:13
hugokuo是什麼 XD02:13
livemoonmy mistake02:13
hugokuogood job02:13
hugokuo中國連git 快嗎02:14
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livemoon如果有了更新,pull下来,只需要python setup.py一下就可以了把02:18
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hugokuopython setup.py install 或develop02:30
hugokuo我會我會多加個參數  --recore list.txt02:30
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hugokuolottrpy , 理論上比較不禮貌02:34
hugokuo外國人看不懂 so , maybe 可以jump到 別處02:34
hugokuohow about openstack-ch02:35
hugokuo因為我剛剛不禮貌 XD02:35
hugokuo妳可以進看看#openstack-ch 嗎02:35
lotrpy:), let's speak Engnlish now, ok?02:36
hugokuook XD02:36
hugokuosure .....02:36
lotrpylunch time, say you later~~02:36
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livemoonhugokuo : thank you for your help02:53
hugokuolivemoon , you r welcome ....hope everything works fine for you dude ..02:54
hugokuoI'm going to split all componenets of diablo into each server now :>02:55
livemoonyes,but I am not know git well . after pull, it ask me to merge, I don't know how to do and just type enter02:56
livemoonI think I should choose replace or something else like rm old files02:56
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rmkDoes anyone have a multi-zone deployment?03:06
rmkLooking for someone to discuss this with.03:07
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BrianFlannery_hi all03:08
BrianFlannery_how goes it rmk03:09
BrianFlannery_you go to design summit last week?03:09
rmkGood.  Went to the conference but not the design summit.  I think next time I'll attend both.03:10
rmkI was interested in more technical detail, which apparently happens at the design summit.03:10
rmkDid you attend?03:10
BrianFlannery_nah I am with Eucalyptus, some of our people from east coast went03:11
BrianFlannery_said it was well done considering it was initial one that big03:11
BrianFlannery_yeah the design summit is what u wanna hit if you are technical. conf is more big companies patting themselves on the back for joining OpenStack03:12
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BrianFlannery_are you in Boston rmk? or based elsewhere?03:13
rmkI'm in Los Angeles03:14
*** doorlock has joined #openstack03:14
rmkBrianFlannery_: There was certainly a lot of that. :)03:14
BrianFlannery_oh cool what do u do in LA?03:14
BrianFlannery_(I am in Santa Barbara at Euca HQ).03:14
rmkWorking for a cloud startup.03:15
BrianFlannery_which one?03:15
BrianFlannery_Morph Labs are in Santa Monica03:15
BrianFlannery_or is somebody diff03:15
rmkSomeone different, we're only 2 months old.03:16
BrianFlannery_Iaas space? Paas?03:16
WormMancloud startups, on every corner for your convenience03:16
rmkWormMan: You know, it's largely because the term is being misused.03:16
BrianFlannery_yeah lol lots of cloud startups03:16
WormManbut, but, but,...CLOUD!03:16
rmkIaaS and PaaS are "Cloud" in my book03:17
BrianFlannery_yup. depending who you speak with GMail and YouTube are cloud03:17
BrianFlannery_yeah I agree03:17
rmkRight, everything we used to call Internet is now Cloud.03:17
BrianFlannery_IaaS and PaaS are cloud03:17
WormManI heard a good definition a while back03:17
WormMan'Cloud is what we used to call "The Internet"'03:17
rmkIf I could describe what we're doing, you guys would definitely agree this is a real Cloud startup.03:17
BrianFlannery_rmk - when are you out of stealth?03:17
rmkWe're in stealth mode at the moment, so I can't share as much as I'd like unfortunately.03:17
rmkJan/Feb most likely.03:17
BrianFlannery_cool. keep me posted since we are right in Santa Barbara, even if you may eventually compete?03:18
BrianFlannery_its okay we big space plenty for all...OpenStack and CloudStack and Euca and.....X?03:18
rmkSure, I'm always around here and will definitely share03:18
rmkLooked at Cloudstack too actually03:18
rmkBrianFlannery_: How is Euca doing with the sudden growth of Openstack?03:19
BrianFlannery_nothing wrong with them. Good team. Good product. Just slightly diff focus03:19
BrianFlannery_Euca more Enterprise CloudStack more Service Provider03:19
rmkAh, makes sense.03:19
BrianFlannery_Euca is doing fantastic. We just opened our London office last month. Now offices in India, China, UK03:19
rmkI was always compelled by Euca and planned to look at it at my prior job.03:20
BrianFlannery_we are growing by bounds.03:20
rmkNever got to it there.03:20
WormManhmm, wonder if my coworkers presentation at boston got posted somewhere03:20
rmkWormMan: Which presentation did he do?03:20
BrianFlannery_truth be told, OpenStack have a great community and I congratulate them03:20
WormManrmk: that's a good question :)03:20
rmkBrianFlannery_: The following is pretty impressive.03:20
BrianFlannery_but I think Eucalyptus is much more mature product03:20
BrianFlannery_(but OpenStack can some day be too)03:21
rmkI haven't looked in too much depth at Euca honestly, so I couldn't comment.  I know it's been around several years.03:21
rmkCitrix mentioned it to us years ago when we were meeting with them.03:21
WormMan'Sony Computer Entertainment America User Story03:21
WormMan I guess was the title03:21
BrianFlannery_I think its mostly a few people in the media pushing this OpenStack and Eucalyptus hate each other stuff. I know I certainly dont. I know lots at CloudStack, lots at OpenStack03:21
rmkWormMan: Ah, I actually missed that talk unfortunately.03:22
BrianFlannery_It's funny:03:22
BrianFlannery_Sony Computer Entertainment America are our paying customer03:22
BrianFlannery_(see our website logos)03:22
WormManI'm glad I missed, it, I would have had to be in Boston :)03:22
BrianFlannery_but I guess one guy there also uses OpenStack03:22
WormManBrianFlannery_: one team, 120 nodes, launching in 2 weeks :)03:23
*** hadrian has quit IRC03:23
WormMan(and I'm sure I've said too much)03:23
BrianFlannery_yeah I think thats the guys down in San Diego03:23
WormManI hope so, seeing as I'm in San Diego :)03:23
BrianFlannery_diff team than the one that are paying Euca customers03:23
BrianFlannery_oh okay cool03:23
rmkBrianFlannery_: One thing I noticed is that one can state usage of Openstack even if using just one component.03:23
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk03:24
rmkMost of the production deployments right now are Swift.03:24
BrianFlannery_are u at SCEA?03:24
BrianFlannery_got it.03:24
rmkWormMan: Not a fan of Boston huh?03:24
rmkIt was my first time there, didn't see much of it really.03:24
BrianFlannery_Yeah your guys in the Bay and Japan use Euca03:24
rmkJust tunnels and traffic.03:24
WormManrmk: not a fan of Boston or multi-hour flights03:24
BrianFlannery_did you guys look at it much?03:24
WormManBrianFlannery_: nope, we didn't even hear about other groups using it until we had setup our first OpenStack Test03:25
BrianFlannery_yeah big company. not surprised.03:25
BrianFlannery_if and when you wanna look at it let me know. meantime I wish you luck with the launch03:25
WormManheh, I think it's a little late to change the path of that rain, our customer is already testing their code03:26
WormManer that train03:26
*** nyeates has quit IRC03:26
WormMan(and they have a hard Q1 2012 launch date)03:26
BrianFlannery_got it03:26
BrianFlannery_no worries then03:27
BrianFlannery_120 physical nodes03:27
BrianFlannery_or virtual machines03:27
livemoonhugokuo : hi, what is the different with develop and install?03:27
WormManphysical, in reality the final cloud will have fewer, but better physical nodes. We just happen to have tons of spare hardware to use though for now03:28
BrianFlannery_yeah man makes sense03:28
BrianFlannery_may as well right03:28
BrianFlannery_you work with who...is Deon Mitton still there?03:28
BrianFlannery_I knew hiim when I was at rPath03:28
BrianFlannery_or Troy?03:28
WormMandon't recognize the names, our group does hosting of game titles for studios03:29
rmkBrianFlannery_: What fundmentally makes euca more suited to enterprise?03:29
hugokuolivemoon , seems no different though ....03:29
BrianFlannery_couple things but mostly product maturity03:29
BrianFlannery_lots more large enterprises have been using it and scaling it for a few years03:30
livemoonoh, I found use git fetch to update in stack.sh03:30
BrianFlannery_not to say OpenStack wont also get there just they are a lot newer/younger03:30
livemoonhugokuo: https://github.com/cloudbuilders/devstack/commit/c4eb556d6690fa4de7e2e6ad83f0897799c8f0cd03:30
BrianFlannery_Several Dozen Fortune 100s run Euca clouds already for example03:31
BrianFlannery_but I hope OpenStack do well great for OpeNSource cloud. may as well be us and you guys than V-Cloud Director :D03:31
BrianFlannery_and hey...Open Stack use Euca2ools....I'll drink to that!03:32
WormManyea, I keep harassing the openstack guys about that :)03:32
BrianFlannery_Mitch (creator of Boto) works at Eucalyptus03:33
*** openpercept has joined #openstack03:33
BrianFlannery_so if anyone there ever wanna chat with him I can broker intro. happy to03:33
rmkI wonder if we've met Brian, while you were at your previous job.03:34
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BrianFlannery_perhaps :003:35
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worstadminIm glad to this room so active03:45
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rmkworstadmin: Yeah there are bursts of activity03:56
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hugokuo livemoon , thx05:14
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Vadim<hugokuo>  hello06:03
*** jollyxen_ has quit IRC06:04
*** siwos has joined #openstack06:11
hugokuovadim , hello06:15
*** mgoldmann has joined #openstack06:18
*** nerens has joined #openstack06:21
Vadim<hugokuo> how your progress with keystone? =)06:25
hugokuoVadim , accomplish basic part06:26
hugokuoa single keystone is running now and serve for external nova / glance06:26
hugokuoWe r integrating it with new dashboard now06:26
*** kaigan_ has joined #openstack06:27
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Vadim<hugokuo>  cool can you past your nova.conf, novarc, and glance conf?06:31
hugokuook , but later ...I have to finish dashboard first :.06:32
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Oneiroi^all^ all07:28
uvirtbotOneiroi: Error: "all^" is not a valid command.07:28
Oneiroithe machines they have become conversation aware!07:28
* Oneiroi flees07:28
*** miclorb_ has quit IRC07:31
*** Razique has joined #openstack07:31
Raziquemorning all :)07:32
Oneiroimorning Razique07:32
livemoonI have not been authorized in dashboard.07:42
livemoonI think my nova cannot use keystone. How can I do?07:42
Vadimyou can read this script07:43
Vadimthis script install diablo+keystone+dashboard07:43
*** tokuzfunpi has joined #openstack07:44
livemoonyes, I used it to install07:46
*** andy-hk has quit IRC07:46
livemoonyesterday I installed with devstack is ok07:46
livemoonbut today something is wrong07:47
Oneiroicheck your logs in /var/log/nova/*.log07:53
Oneiroialso run: prep -l nova07:53
Oneiroisee if keystone is running at al07:53
Vadim<Oneiroi> can you past novarc with keystone?07:54
Oneiroican you what?07:54
Oneiroiplease elaborate :)07:54
livemoonwhich file?07:54
livemoonUnable to get instance list: 401 Unauthorized This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document you requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password), or your browser does not understand how to supply the credentials required.07:55
livemoonOneiroi : this is my error in dashboard07:55
Oneiroisuggests you are using wrong username / password, check your logs07:55
livemoonbut I used my correct password07:56
Raziquehi Oneiroi ;)07:56
Raziquehey Vadim :)07:56
livemoonwhich file is be used in nova with keystone?07:57
Oneiroilivemoon: do you mean configuration file?07:57
Oneiroiyou really need to be a little clearer07:57
*** javiF has quit IRC07:58
* Oneiroi facepalm07:59
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC07:59
*** tzn has joined #openstack07:59
livemoonI think nova authrozied was failed in keystone08:00
*** jollyxen has quit IRC08:00
*** jollyxen has joined #openstack08:01
Oneiroiwell I'd suggest check your login, i.e. have you got capslock on or something daft?08:02
*** robbiew has joined #openstack08:04
livemoonI will try to configure something.08:04
livemoonmaybe I think it is since of server token08:05
*** egant has joined #openstack08:09
*** antenagora has joined #openstack08:11
*** jollyxen has quit IRC08:12
*** nerens has joined #openstack08:12
*** jollyxen has joined #openstack08:12
*** antenagora has joined #openstack08:12
*** BasTichelaar has joined #openstack08:13
*** FabriceB has joined #openstack08:13
*** jollyxen_ has joined #openstack08:14
*** jollyxen has quit IRC08:14
*** jollyxen has joined #openstack08:15
*** jollyxen_ has quit IRC08:15
*** jollyxen has quit IRC08:19
*** ldlework has quit IRC08:19
*** jollyxen has joined #openstack08:19
livemoonyes,I know, it is a bug08:19
*** jollyxen_ has joined #openstack08:21
*** jollyxen has quit IRC08:21
hugokuodoes anyone split new dashboard into an isolated host ?08:24
hugokuoIn my case . there's no launch botton under image list pages08:24
*** taihen has quit IRC08:31
*** jollyxen has joined #openstack08:35
*** jollyxen_ has quit IRC08:35
*** MrNfector has joined #openstack08:37
*** jollyxen_ has joined #openstack08:38
*** jollyxen has quit IRC08:38
*** jollyxen has joined #openstack08:40
*** jollyxen_ has quit IRC08:40
*** Oneiroi has quit IRC08:41
*** jollyxen has quit IRC08:42
*** jollyxen has joined #openstack08:42
*** jollyxen_ has joined #openstack08:43
*** jollyxen has quit IRC08:43
uvirtbotNew bug: #872171 in openstack-qa "nova.exception" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87217108:46
*** darraghb has joined #openstack08:48
*** jollyxen has joined #openstack08:49
*** jollyxen_ has quit IRC08:49
*** vdo has joined #openstack08:50
*** naehring has quit IRC08:50
*** lassizci has quit IRC08:53
*** jollyxen has quit IRC08:53
*** jollyxen has joined #openstack08:53
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack08:55
*** tryggvil_ has joined #openstack08:56
koolhead17hi all08:56
koolhead17hugokuo: around08:56
*** jollyxen_ has joined #openstack08:58
*** jollyxe__ has joined #openstack08:59
*** jollyxen_ has quit IRC08:59
*** jollyxen has quit IRC08:59
hugokuokoolhead17 , accomplish an isolated dashboard deployment XD09:00
hugokuoyes !!!!09:01
hugokuoglance / nova / keystone / dashboard done09:01
livemoonhugokuo: cool09:01
hugokuobut VNC console fucked up09:01
livemoonshare document?09:02
hugokuokoolhead17 , brother .....did you try the flag ?09:02
hugokuoI did not write docs yet09:02
*** ovidwu has joined #openstack09:02
*** ejat has quit IRC09:02
koolhead17hugokuo: yeah. just added those lines, restarted the network. trying it all again :P09:03
hugokuokoolhead , how do you think that most of users and cloudadmin prefer CLI  or GUI to control their infrastructure09:04
hugokuoActually , i like CLI09:04
FabriceBboth !09:05
livemoonhugokuo : SA like CLI, user and boss like GUI09:05
koolhead17livemoon: +!09:05
FabriceBI'm a SA, and for simple tasks, a GUI is easier09:05
hugokuoI love the answer from livemoon XD09:05
livemoonI am SA ,too09:05
hugokuook ....09:05
FabriceBa cli is good for work intensive tasks09:05
hugokuoyup XD ...so do Hugo !!!09:06
koolhead17hugokuo: the file in /etc/nova is api-paste.ini09:06
koolhead17there is no file with nova-api-paste.ini09:07
hugokuokoolhead , yes . don't worry about that .....09:07
livemoonhugokuo koolhead17 : can you share your nova.conf to me.09:07
koolhead17livemoon: one sec09:07
livemoonThere are a lot of flags I don't know09:08
hugokuonova-api will load api-paste.ini as default I think09:08
livemoonI just use some common flags in my conf09:08
hugokuopush it on to github09:09
livemoonsend me email also :)09:10
*** ejat has joined #openstack09:13
*** ejat has joined #openstack09:13
*** mgoldmann_ has joined #openstack09:13
*** Rajaram has joined #openstack09:14
*** mgoldmann has quit IRC09:16
Vadimhugo can you share config files =)09:19
koolhead17hey Vadim09:19
livemoonready to have a dinner09:22
*** nerens has quit IRC09:24
*** viraptor has joined #openstack09:28
RaziqueBack from my windows VM tests09:28
RaziqueI figured out the bottleneck ain't the drivers at all09:28
Raziqueone of our switchs for the lan part is a 10/100 mb one09:29
RaziqueI'm planning to update that part, but performance are quite impressive, these are results for non-cached hits : http://img819.imageshack.us/img819/466/plop20111011104349.jpg09:29
*** jollyxen has joined #openstack09:31
*** jollyxe__ has quit IRC09:31
*** irahgel has joined #openstack09:32
FabriceBRazique: did you try with small IO ?09:34
FabriceBhow can you manage to get 0,100 ms ?09:35
FabriceBand a CPU usage of 99 %09:36
RaziqueFabriceB: yup I did, check that :) http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/7604/plop20111011105522.jpg09:37
Raziqueto me performance are quite good, appart from small chunks (eg 4kb) but the random results are awesome09:38
FabriceBthe access time is still really really low09:38
FabriceBdo you have high end network cards ?09:38
FabriceBwith iscsi offload ?09:39
RaziqueI think the CPU's high numbers are related to the bench software itselt09:39
Raziquenope, these are standard HP proliant DL380G7 servers09:39
FabriceBwith 10G card09:39
Raziqueactually the compute-node farm mixes DL360 and 380 servers09:39
FabriceBthe IO latency is about the pure ethernet RTT09:39
Raziquebeware FabriceB this is a local disk09:40
FabriceBah not the iscsi one09:40
Raziquewhen you create an instance, the image is stored locally :)09:40
FabriceByou talked about iscsi yesterday09:40
FabriceBbut then there is a problem09:40
Raziqueyup, I can't go further with my iscsi tests, since the switch is a 10/100 one and it's saturaed09:40
FabriceByou access time is smaller than you're hard drive access time09:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #872189 in openstack-qa "nova.auth.manager" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87218909:41
*** openpercept has quit IRC09:41
Raziqueyah, I'm planning tp update that part of the infrastructure ; when I'll have the 1gb swith, I'll do extra tests09:41
FabriceBso you must be hitting a cache, whatever it is09:41
Raziquemmm, yah maybe09:42
Raziquebut the random part speaks for itself a bit eh :)09:42
RaziqueFabriceB: how could I figure that out ?09:42
FabriceBcheck you're data set size09:43
FabriceBit's a windows guest running on a linux host ?09:43
FabriceBkvm or xen ?09:43
Raziquekvm one09:43
FabriceBbut any way, try to run an iostat on the guest09:43
FabriceBiostat -xmc 509:44
FabriceByou will see if the guest io matchs the host io09:44
FabriceBwhat is the size of your smart array cache ?09:44
FabriceBis that one of those flash based ?09:44
RaziqueFabriceB: nope, there are scsi disks09:46
Raziqueso I run iostat while HDtune is running on the instance ?09:46
FabriceBbut your controler, is that a smart array ?09:46
*** twisla has joined #openstack09:48
Raziqueah yes :)09:49
*** TheOsprey has joined #openstack09:49
FabriceBit has a battery protected cache09:49
FabriceBwith the old one, it's about 100-500Mb09:50
FabriceBthey're much bigger with the new one, using flash memory09:50
FabriceBso you're data set might be hitting this cache09:50
Raziquemmm, ok, but, I mean, is it somehow "bad" ?09:51
FabriceBit depends09:51
FabriceBof what you want to bench09:51
Raziquebecause what matters to me is that the instances don't encounter any perf issues, It our 24/7 main concern (to you too I guess :) )09:52
FabriceBbut at least it show that virtio is working quite well09:52
FabriceBthat you're drive will be the bottle neck before virtio, if it's that cache that is it09:52
Raziqueah ok09:53
Raziquetime to launch the test09:53
FabriceBbut you're real life IO will be much much lower09:53
Raziquesince the instance has been deployed on another compute node, I had to reinstall sysstat on it :p09:53
Raziqueso, which test am I going to run ?09:55
Raziquethe read/write one, or the ones with several block sizes ?09:55
FabriceBHDTach on windows, iostat on linux09:55
FabriceBthe one with several block size09:55
Raziqueok done09:56
Raziquewhich is the param to correlate here ?09:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #872192 in nova "Return a better error message for NotImplemented" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87219209:56
*** dobber has joined #openstack09:57
FabriceBthe IO/s and the Mb/s09:58
FabriceBthe MB/s should match09:58
FabriceBthe IO/s might matche09:59
RaziqueI4ve http://paste.openstack.org/show/2673/09:59
Raziquefor : http://img820.imageshack.us/img820/6817/plop20111011115934.jpg10:00
FabriceBno IO, you're just hitting you're guest cache10:00
Raziqueyah totally10:00
Raziqueeven for a random bench10:01
RaziqueI'll read how the qemu caching works10:01
FabriceByou're data set is too small10:01
RaziqueHDtune has a bench which allows me to specify extra datasets10:02
FabriceBsiet it too about 2 ou 3 times the host's memory10:02
FabriceBset it10:02
Raziquehehe, here we are  http://paste.openstack.org/show/2674/10:02
Raziquefor a 512mb file10:03
FabriceBok, it's starting to move10:03
siwosanyone using nova-compute in multihost network mode10:03
Raziquehey :)10:03
Raziquewhat a multihost network mode is ?10:04
siwosmultihost = nova-network running on every compute node10:04
livemoonyes, I used10:04
FabriceBawait in iostat should be the same thant avg. access time in HD Tune10:04
siwosso - how is it performing?10:04
koolhead17hey Razique10:04
siwosI assume this mode is supported in diablo only (?_10:04
RaziqueFabriceB: very interesting10:05
livemoonI think so10:05
koolhead17so finally i will be playing with keystone!! :D10:05
Raziquehey koolhead1710:05
Raziqueawesome :) how u doing ! ?10:05
livemoonhey koolhead1710:05
*** robbiew has quit IRC10:05
koolhead17Razique: am great.10:05
koolhead17hello livemoon . Dude do you sleep :D10:05
livemoonkoolhead17 : waiting for your conf file10:06
livemoonkoolhead17 : it is 18:10 now10:06
koolhead17livemoon: hugokuo https://github.com/HugoKuo/Diablo10-11  this is the you will need10:07
koolhead17i was working on older config10:07
livemoonI am ready to have dinner10:07
koolhead17livemoon: cool10:07
Raziquetime to eat, cya later guys10:07
livemoonI am uploading my image to datecenter. tomorrow it will be used to users10:08
hugokuoRazique , where r u locating ?10:09
*** jollyxen has quit IRC10:09
livemoonnext time , I think I wll try to use drbd10:09
Raziquehugokuo: France :) you ?10:09
*** jollyxen has joined #openstack10:09
hugokuoRazique , Taiwan Asia10:10
*** robbiew has joined #openstack10:10
livemoonhugokuo: I must go travel around Taiwan10:10
*** robbiew has quit IRC10:10
Raziquecool !10:10
*** robbiew has joined #openstack10:10
hugokuolivemoon , cool food around XD10:11
livemoonby bicycle around Taiwan, :)10:11
livemoonHi,all . Which tech do you use to make data redundancy10:12
koolhead17i want to visit Taiwan too :D  hugokuo10:14
hugokuoseems Taiwan much more popular than I know :>10:15
koolhead17hugokuo: indeed. :D10:16
livemoonGoodbye all, I will go home.10:16
livemoonsee you at home10:16
*** adrian has joined #openstack10:18
*** adrian is now known as Guest7726310:18
*** Guest77263 is now known as adrian17od10:19
livemoonkoolhead17: also welcome to Shanghai10:19
*** MarcMorata has joined #openstack10:19
koolhead17livemoon: yes man. i have to if i get a chance :)10:20
*** adrian17od has quit IRC10:20
*** wilmoore has quit IRC10:21
*** livemoon has quit IRC10:21
hugokuosee you10:25
hugokuotime to go10:25
*** hugokuo has quit IRC10:25
*** flamboz has quit IRC10:34
*** javiF has joined #openstack10:34
*** Dean_Horrigan has joined #openstack10:34
*** ejat has quit IRC10:36
*** PeteDaGuru has joined #openstack10:43
koolhead17annegentle: hey!! Got your mail :)10:44
*** openpercept has joined #openstack10:46
*** jollyxen_ has joined #openstack10:52
*** jollyxen has quit IRC10:52
*** adrian17od has joined #openstack10:54
*** ug397 has joined #openstack11:00
*** ug397 has left #openstack11:01
*** adrian17od has quit IRC11:01
*** Oneiroi has joined #openstack11:02
*** jollyxen has joined #openstack11:11
*** jollyxen_ has quit IRC11:11
*** Oneiroi has quit IRC11:13
*** jollyxen has quit IRC11:13
*** jollyxen_ has joined #openstack11:15
*** zul has joined #openstack11:15
*** jollyxe__ has joined #openstack11:17
*** jollyxen_ has quit IRC11:17
*** rods has joined #openstack11:18
*** Vadim has quit IRC11:18
*** mkinitrd has joined #openstack11:19
*** lorin1 has joined #openstack11:23
*** lassizci has joined #openstack11:27
*** bdwarr6 has joined #openstack11:30
*** bdwarr6 has left #openstack11:30
tznhugokuo: woarking on root account ;)11:34
*** mkinitrd has quit IRC11:35
*** Vadim has joined #openstack11:36
*** kaigan_ has quit IRC11:36
*** lorin1 has quit IRC11:39
koolhead17tzn: root :D11:40
*** livemoon has joined #openstack11:45
*** lorin1 has joined #openstack11:47
*** openpercept has quit IRC11:48
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack11:51
*** kernelfreak has joined #openstack11:52
*** jollyxen has joined #openstack11:54
*** jollyxe__ has quit IRC11:54
*** jollyxen_ has joined #openstack11:57
*** jollyxen has quit IRC11:57
*** dwcramer has quit IRC12:01
*** arun has joined #openstack12:05
*** arun has joined #openstack12:05
*** ChrisAM1 is now known as ChrisAM12:06
koolhead17BTW has anyone tried that devstack script for one click install12:06
*** ahasenack has joined #openstack12:07
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates12:09
siwosI'm playing with this now12:16
siwosbut well - this is not one-click unfortunately12:17
*** jakedahn has quit IRC12:19
*** ahasenack has quit IRC12:25
*** ahasenack has joined #openstack12:25
*** blahee has quit IRC12:26
*** nyeates has joined #openstack12:29
siwoskoolhead17 - the script works fine12:32
siwosyou need to setup some variables (well documented at devstack.org)12:32
*** nyeates has quit IRC12:33
*** msivanes has joined #openstack12:33
*** bsza has joined #openstack12:33
siwosthen I reverse the question - anyone using crowbar (do not answer if you work at dell ;-)12:34
*** blahee has joined #openstack12:34
siwosI'm trying to build a custom iso12:34
*** paltman has quit IRC12:36
*** paltman has joined #openstack12:36
livemoonkoolhead17 : I installed openstack via devstack12:38
livemoonbut today I found two errors in the scripts12:39
*** Vek has quit IRC12:39
*** blahee has quit IRC12:39
*** blahee has joined #openstack12:40
koolhead17livemoon: did you install it on ubuntu oneiric12:41
livemoonwhat does oneiric mean?12:41
*** nerdstein has joined #openstack12:42
koolhead17livemoon: oneiric is the newest release of ubuntu12:42
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk12:42
livemoonyes, 11.0412:42
koolhead17siwos: did you create a LVM  as well12:42
siwosfor nova-volume?12:43
siwosgotta check12:43
siwosit's not there12:43
siwosthe script does not pull lvmutils12:43
*** marrusl has quit IRC12:44
livemoonsiwos : Do you use local disk to store images and instances?12:44
*** shentonfreude has joined #openstack12:44
siwosssd disks12:44
livemoonI am finding the way to backup instances or HA12:44
agyfwiw oneiric = 11.10, natty = 11.0412:44
siwoswell - in diablo there is supposed to be the feature called "boot from ebs"12:44
siwoswhich should enable you to boot from block storage (coming from nova-volume service)12:45
siwosI don't know if it's complete12:45
livemoonhow is performance12:45
siwosso - you might have some sort of raid below nova-volume service, which could give you some fail tolerance12:46
siwosperformance is as good as your iscsi infrastructure ;-)12:46
*** zul has quit IRC12:46
*** katkee has joined #openstack12:47
*** zul has joined #openstack12:47
livemoonblock storage? FC ?12:47
siwoss no chance to export raw FC volumes to instances12:48
siwosit all must go through nova-volume service and then it is made available to vm-s by iscsi12:48
livemoonI see12:48
*** jakedahn has joined #openstack12:49
*** paltman has quit IRC12:49
*** paltman has joined #openstack12:49
siwosafaik there's also some driver for ceph fs - but it's rather exotic stuff ;-)12:49
livemoonehternet switch is important12:50
*** jakedahn has quit IRC12:50
siwosyep - from my research it turns out you'd better dedicate an isolated infrastructure for this12:50
*** jollyxen_ has quit IRC12:50
siwos(dedicated switch, ethernet ports on compute , etc.)12:51
*** jollyxen has joined #openstack12:51
siwosthen you set up jumbo frames, correct mtu and queues12:51
siwosjust for this network12:51
livemoonI am not skillful at network. ;(12:52
*** blahee has quit IRC12:52
*** jollyxen has quit IRC12:52
koolhead17livemoon: nor am i :(12:52
*** jollyxen has joined #openstack12:52
livemoonby the way, how to backup instances12:52
BasTichelaarinteresting question, Im also curious12:53
*** nerdstein has quit IRC12:53
*** littleidea has joined #openstack12:53
livemoonIf the machine is broken where instances running, I need restore the instances on another nodes.12:53
siwoslivemoon: as I understand the cloud - you should not back them up. you should use block storage for your critical data12:53
siwosand set up plain machines by injecting them a user script/puppet/chef12:53
siwosblock storage by itself should be laid on some sort of raid to avoid data loss12:54
*** blahee has joined #openstack12:55
livemoonI see. but my company is not big, so now there are no resources about storage.12:55
livemoonOur compute node and instances are only running local12:55
*** PotHix has joined #openstack12:56
livemoonnow how many ebs softwares can we used? volume, ceph?12:57
*** livemoon has left #openstack12:58
*** livemoon has joined #openstack12:58
livemoon /goto end12:59
*** jollyxen has quit IRC12:59
*** jollyxen has joined #openstack12:59
*** hadrian has joined #openstack13:00
*** jollyxen has quit IRC13:00
*** praefect has joined #openstack13:01
*** mattray has joined #openstack13:02
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack13:02
praefectWhen using the new MULTI_HOST feature or Diablo, do you need all network/compute nodes to have a NIC on the public network to get workable floating IPs on the VMs?13:03
praefectIn my tests of MULTI_HOST (where each compute node is a network node) the floating IP ends up on the NIC of the compute/network node, and is thus not accessible from the outside since my compute nodes are not on the public net.13:04
*** blahee has quit IRC13:04
*** blahee has joined #openstack13:05
*** chamerling has joined #openstack13:05
*** lts has joined #openstack13:08
siwoshi - gotta a breakdown here13:08
siwoscant talk now13:08
livemoonnow how many ebs softwares can we used? volume, ceph?13:09
*** sandywalsh has quit IRC13:09
*** nacx has quit IRC13:10
*** markwash has quit IRC13:10
*** chamerling has left #openstack13:10
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack13:11
*** OutBackDingo has quit IRC13:12
*** huslage has joined #openstack13:12
*** rsampaio has joined #openstack13:13
koolhead17so now sysadmin/netadmin/developer can be global as well as local role?13:15
livemoonI perfer to be a sa13:15
livemoonI like SA13:16
*** lassizci has quit IRC13:16
*** lassizci has joined #openstack13:16
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates13:16
livemoonI hope that openstack can be installed on FreeBSD .13:20
*** lassizci has quit IRC13:20
*** lassizci has joined #openstack13:21
*** imroot has joined #openstack13:21
*** katkee has quit IRC13:22
imroothello there, has anyone out there integrated XCP with Openstack?13:22
imrootI have both of them running on separate servers and was wondering if I can connect them somehow and get them to work together.13:23
BasTichelaarimroot: why would you?13:23
imrootboth are running on RHEL.13:23
imrootI'm actually not sure why I would want to either. good question.13:24
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack13:25
*** kbringard has joined #openstack13:25
imrootWhat benefit could I get from it? I see the mention of XCP/Openstack integration for heterogeneous clouds, but of what benefits would I get?13:25
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack13:25
*** bstein has joined #openstack13:26
imrootI'm just trying to determine if I should go XCP or Openstack or bot.13:27
*** marrusl has joined #openstack13:29
*** Rajaram has quit IRC13:30
*** Rajaram has joined #openstack13:31
imrootfrom what I have seen so far XCP seems to be more advanced than openstack. I can install XCP in less than 15 minutes, whereaas openstack takes 15 days of building, compiling and broken packages. But my question really is what are the benefits of openstack? maybe I am missing something.13:31
*** anotherjesse has joined #openstack13:32
*** lorin1 has quit IRC13:33
*** imroot has quit IRC13:33
*** littleidea has quit IRC13:35
*** littleidea has joined #openstack13:36
*** jfluhmann has quit IRC13:38
*** lorin1 has joined #openstack13:38
*** primeministerp has joined #openstack13:38
uvirtbotNew bug: #872276 in glance "small typo in error msg in bin/glance member_add" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87227613:41
* koolhead17 singing boom boom boom boom !!13:42
*** kbringard has quit IRC13:43
*** gnu111 has joined #openstack13:44
*** halfss has joined #openstack13:44
*** kbringard has joined #openstack13:46
*** jakedahn has joined #openstack13:46
*** lborda has joined #openstack13:47
*** siwos has quit IRC13:48
*** jtanner has joined #openstack13:49
*** halfss has quit IRC13:49
*** PhilDay has joined #openstack13:50
*** joesavak has joined #openstack13:50
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack13:52
*** cereal_bars has joined #openstack13:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #872287 in keystone "Token encoding not catching special characters" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87228713:56
livemoonkoolhead17 so happy?13:56
*** jollyxen has joined #openstack13:57
koolhead17zul: livemoon no its the opposite :D13:57
*** PhilDay has quit IRC13:58
*** PhilDay has joined #openstack13:59
*** moCork has joined #openstack14:03
moCorkHi guys, Anybody knows where the config file for keystone is located and how to set it.14:05
kbringardI don't think it gets installed with the packages :-/14:05
BasTichelaarIm curious who runs openstack already in large scale production14:06
BasTichelaarkbringard: yes ofcourse, but apart from them14:08
BasTichelaarFabriceB: the whole HP stuff sounds to me still like marketing14:09
FabriceBthe press release for this is not explicit14:10
kbringardthat was a typo, iirc14:10
kbringardI think it's 5.5, not 5514:10
FabriceBbut 5.5 PB is still great14:11
kbringardoh, yea14:11
kbringardnot dissin' it, just saying :-)14:11
kbringardanyone know much about Crowbar?14:15
*** dubsquared has joined #openstack14:15
BasTichelaarnever used it14:15
kbringardyea, me either… but I'm trying :-D14:16
BasTichelaarlet us know how it works out, Im curious14:17
*** MarcMorata has quit IRC14:18
*** lassizci has quit IRC14:18
*** j^2_ has quit IRC14:19
*** uvirtbot has quit IRC14:19
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*** cp16net has joined #openstack14:19
*** uvirtbot has joined #openstack14:19
*** osier has quit IRC14:20
kbringardBasTichelaar: I shall14:20
*** anotherjesse has quit IRC14:20
*** Rajaram has quit IRC14:20
*** JStoker has joined #openstack14:22
*** lotrpy has quit IRC14:23
*** lassizci has joined #openstack14:24
*** j^2_ has joined #openstack14:24
*** hazmat has joined #openstack14:24
*** nhm has joined #openstack14:24
*** jamespage has joined #openstack14:24
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*** lotrpy has joined #openstack14:24
*** Aim has joined #openstack14:24
*** livemoon has left #openstack14:25
*** chasd00 has joined #openstack14:31
*** markwash has joined #openstack14:31
*** code_franco has joined #openstack14:31
gnu111kbringard: I am still having that weird dns issue (https://lists.launchpad.net/openstack/msg04646.html). I tried both --dns_server= and --flat_network_dns= in nova.conf. But still my resolv.conf in the VM goes to Any other suggestions?14:32
chasd00with citrix buying cloud.com how do you guys forsee the relationship between openstack and cloudstack evolving going forward?14:32
kbringardgnu111: hmmm, are you using a dnsmasq config file? I think the flagi s —dnsmqsq_conf_file14:33
*** nerdstein has joined #openstack14:33
*** LiamMac has joined #openstack14:34
gnu111kbringard: No I am not using extra dnsmasq config file. Should I try add the nameserver in dnsmasq.conf? Then add --dnsmasq_conf_file in nova.conf ?14:34
*** vladimir3p has joined #openstack14:34
kbringardmaybe, I really have no idea… that's weird14:34
gnu111ok. I will try that.14:34
kbringardif I recall, we discovered that the problem was that the network controller wasn't resolving DNS for the VMs, right?14:35
*** rsampaio has quit IRC14:35
*** Vek has joined #openstack14:35
gnu111yes, correct.14:35
*** justinlw has joined #openstack14:37
*** catintheroof has joined #openstack14:39
*** dragondm has joined #openstack14:39
*** anotherjesse has joined #openstack14:39
*** johnl_ has joined #openstack14:40
*** konkan has joined #openstack14:41
*** antenagora has quit IRC14:42
*** npmapn has quit IRC14:44
gnu111I think --dnsmasq_conf_file=/etc/dnsmasq.conf is not right. I restarted nova-network --conf-file= is still blank.14:44
*** flamboz has joined #openstack14:44
*** joesavak has quit IRC14:45
kbringardhmmm, let me see if I can find the flag, one sec14:45
kbringardyou'd think I'd know it, I'm the one who added it, haha14:45
*** Capashen has joined #openstack14:45
*** mrjazzcat has joined #openstack14:45
gnu111I am also seeing this in my /var/log/messages of the nova controller:  DHCPDISCOVER(br100) 84:2b:2b:5d:a3:f5 no address available14:46
doudeHi all, what's utility of the table 'auth_tokens' in database 'nova' ?14:46
kbringardmy bad, it's dnsmasq_config_file14:46
gnu111no problem. will try that.14:47
doudeIs it Nova tokens cache ?14:47
*** bcwaldon has joined #openstack14:48
CapashenHi ! Does any one know who can tell if "single of openstack" subject is still open ? Stephan Spector launched the idea in the blog : http://www.openstack.org/blog/2011/07/openstack-the-best-sounding-cloud/ . Is this idea canceled ?14:48
*** joloughlin has joined #openstack14:49
gnu111kbringard: Didn't work. --conf-file= is still blank. I did killall dnsmasq then nova-network restart. I am testing this is cactus btw.14:49
kbringardhmm, weird, that flag has been in there for ages14:50
annegentleCapashen: Spector has been on medical leave, and needed to focus on other areas. What's your interest in it, can I help?14:50
kbringardso you put —dnsmasq_config_file=/etc/dnsmasq.conf, killall dnsmasq and service nova-network restart and it doesn't work?14:51
gnu111let me try to delete and create the network again.14:51
kbringardhow weird14:51
*** FunnyLookinHat has joined #openstack14:51
gnu111dnsmasq --strict-order --bind-interfaces --conf-file= --domain=novalocal --pid-file=/local/nova/networks/nova-br100.pid --listen-address= --except-interface=lo --dhcp-range=,static,120s --dhcp-lease-max=256 --dhcp-hostsfile=/local/nova/networks/nova-br100.conf --dhcp-script=/usr/bin/nova-dhcpbridge --leasefile-ro14:51
kbringardodd, it just worked for me14:52
kbringardtail -1 /etc/nova/nova.conf14:52
kbringarddnsmasq --strict-order --bind-interfaces --conf-file=/etc/dnsmasq.conf --domain=novalocal ...14:52
Capashenannegentle: I commented the article with some samples, but I didn't get any feedback, I'd like to know if there is still a project on this subject.14:53
*** joesavak has joined #openstack14:56
*** mattray has quit IRC14:57
*** adjohn has joined #openstack15:00
*** jumby has joined #openstack15:00
gnu111kbringard: Yes, very weird. I am pretty sure this was working before. I tried to apply the dnsmasq by hand but got a table not found error: http://paste.openstack.org/show/2675/15:01
*** j^2__ has joined #openstack15:02
*** mattray has joined #openstack15:02
*** holoway_ has joined #openstack15:02
*** anotherjesse has quit IRC15:03
kbringardI don't know if it works running it manually15:03
*** pasik_ has joined #openstack15:04
*** davidmaitland has joined #openstack15:04
*** hazmat` has joined #openstack15:04
*** shawn_ has joined #openstack15:04
*** holoway has quit IRC15:05
*** hazmat has quit IRC15:05
*** pasik has quit IRC15:05
*** shawn has quit IRC15:05
*** Aim has quit IRC15:05
*** holoway_ is now known as holoway15:05
*** Aim has joined #openstack15:05
*** j^2_ has quit IRC15:05
gnu111kbringard: ya, it probably needs to go through nova-network. Can I add a different flag in nova-network? /usr/bin/nova-network --flagfile=/etc/nova/nova.conf --logfile=/var/log/nova/nova-network.log --pidfile /var/run/nova/nova-network.pid15:06
kbringardyea, I think the nova-dhcpbridge needs DB access15:07
*** jaypipes has quit IRC15:07
*** davidmaitland has quit IRC15:07
*** hazmat` is now known as hazmat15:07
*** hazmat has joined #openstack15:07
kbringardI don't do much with nova-network manually… I just use it via upstart :-/15:08
koolhead17gnu111: hey15:10
gnu111koolhead17: Hi15:10
*** Capashen has quit IRC15:10
koolhead17so i have 2 different projects and when i source novarc for one of the particular project admin i see euca-describe-availability-zones verbose15:12
koolhead17showing everything but not in case of another project which i created by an another user15:12
koolhead17any idea?15:12
*** Capashen has joined #openstack15:13
gnu111is that another user admin? what role?15:13
*** kbringard has quit IRC15:14
*** MarcMorata has joined #openstack15:14
*** kbringard has joined #openstack15:14
koolhead17gnu111: yes newuser as projectadmin role15:15
*** jfluhmann has joined #openstack15:16
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack15:17
gnu111 nova-manage role has <user> <project> say True?15:17
*** alandman has joined #openstack15:18
gnu111I don't know if this is the latest doc: http://nova.openstack.org/runnova/managing.users.html I don't see a project admin role?15:18
koolhead17gnu111: got the issue resolved15:19
koolhead17so what you have to do is15:19
koolhead17you have to make that user as admin user15:19
koolhead17if you want him to be the owner of a new project15:19
koolhead17then only he gets it working15:19
koolhead17and yes i used nova-manage user modify   novaadmin "" ""  T15:20
gnu111so basically, non-admin users don't get authorize properly? I think that's my experience as well.  haven't created a non-admin user yet.15:20
koolhead17to toggle him as admin as i missed doing same when i created him :P15:20
*** mrjazzcat has left #openstack15:22
*** anotherjesse has joined #openstack15:22
koolhead17gnu111: this admin user/projectadmin can see all available images but can assign IP to images only uploaded by him for the project.15:25
koolhead17the whole terminal looks so ugly with all image descriptions :D15:25
gnu111ok. that make sense.15:25
*** primeministerp has quit IRC15:28
*** vdo has quit IRC15:28
kbringardadmin users are global admins15:29
kbringardmeaning if is_admin = 1 in the users table15:29
kbringardso when you ecua-describe-instances you'll see all instances in all projects, and it'll show the compute node the instance is on15:30
*** nerdstein has quit IRC15:30
kbringardwhereas non-admin users only see instances in their current project and don't see additional details15:30
kbringardI personally set a single admin user in the entire system and make it the admin of all new projects15:30
koolhead17kbringard: but i can not assign ip tp my running instance if am a project manager but not admin15:32
koolhead17also the role cloudadmin seems doing notthing15:32
*** TheOsprey has quit IRC15:33
koolhead17cloudadmin is global role, means i can do anythin. i tried running an image owned by some other project but same am not able to assign ip to it and status seem pending15:33
*** wilmoore has joined #openstack15:33
kbringardyou need to give yourself the netadmin role15:33
kbringardI give all non-admin users sysadmin and netadmin roles15:33
kbringardthat lets them do just about everything15:34
koolhead17kbringard: but am allready a projectadmin am i not supposed to get all other powers?15:34
kbringardprojectadmin is kind of a misnomer, I think15:34
ashphurrah! my hardware finally, FINALLY, arrived15:36
ashpnow to work out how to get RHEL6.1 on these servers so I can fling openstack at them :)15:36
koolhead17kbringard: so it seems even if am a project admin, i should assign myself to a netadmin and sysadmin role ?15:36
kbringardI don't know much about what each role does for you, except that sysadmin lets you launch images and netadmin lets you do network stuff15:37
*** d2011 has joined #openstack15:37
*** pasik_ is now known as pasik15:37
koolhead17kbringard: that was diplomatic answer!! :d15:37
koolhead17[21:03] <kbringard> projectadmin is kind of a misnomer, I think15:37
gnu111kbringard: I started nova-network in this way: usr/bin/nova-network --flagfile=/etc/nova/nova.conf --logfile=/var/log/nova/nova-network.log --pidfile /var/run/nova/nova-network.pid --flat_network_dns=
gnu111then restarted the compute services in the nodes. Fired up a new Vm. Still /etc/resolv saying nameserver
*** scottsanchez has joined #openstack15:43
*** adjohn has quit IRC15:43
* gnu111 has no idea what is going on with his dns setup. can only think of blaming red hat update. 15:44
*** ameade has joined #openstack15:44
*** clayg has joined #openstack15:45
*** huslage has quit IRC15:46
*** d2011 has quit IRC15:47
koolhead17kbringard: so this is what i did, toggled back that admin role to non-admin for the projectadmin, granted him netadmin and sysadmin role on project. still when i did euca-describe-availablity-zones15:47
koolhead17got notthing15:47
koolhead17seems like this "admin" has all the powers15:48
koolhead17kbringard: if you add a user to a project and then make him sysadmin/netadmin still he can not do those operations which he is supposed to if he is not an admin. this has been my observation :(15:50
*** misheska has joined #openstack15:50
*** BrianFlannery_ has joined #openstack15:51
*** tryggvil_ has quit IRC15:52
BrianFlannery_hey all15:54
*** clayg has quit IRC15:54
*** 14WAAGSBP is now known as clayg15:54
*** fmancinelli has joined #openstack15:55
fmancinelliHello everybody. I am playing with image generation and I am running out of disk space :) I noticed that a lot of space is taken in /var/lib/nova/instances/_base (though I don't have any instance running). What is a safe way for cleaning this directory?15:57
*** tryggvil has joined #openstack15:57
*** clayg has quit IRC15:58
*** dobber has quit IRC15:58
*** clayg has joined #openstack15:59
*** BrianFlannery_ has quit IRC15:59
*** popux has joined #openstack16:00
*** beekhof has joined #openstack16:00
*** misheska has quit IRC16:01
*** clayg has quit IRC16:01
*** clayg_ has joined #openstack16:02
*** imroot has joined #openstack16:03
*** viraptor has quit IRC16:04
*** clayg has joined #openstack16:04
*** bourke_ has quit IRC16:05
*** bourke has joined #openstack16:05
*** bourke has quit IRC16:05
*** bourke has joined #openstack16:06
*** imroot has left #openstack16:06
*** worstadmin has joined #openstack16:06
koolhead17kbringard: now i agree to you projectadmin is just dummy :D16:06
*** mattray has quit IRC16:07
koolhead17i mean if i have to add a user, i will do sudo i have to add a role for that user i will do sudo16:07
koolhead17now what will projectadmin do then notthing, if he is not admin :p16:08
*** Oneiroi has joined #openstack16:08
Oneiroihey guys anyone not have nova-network start properly on them? the "public" network dnsmasq is running but the nat, just isn't nothing in the logs at all *stumped*16:09
gnu111Oneiroi: do you have verbose turn on in nova.conf? that might help.16:10
Oneiroignu111: i'll check16:11
*** mattray has joined #openstack16:11
Oneiroiyeh looks like16:12
gnu111any lock file left in /var/lib/instances/tmp?16:12
Oneiroidoesn't look liek there is aything there16:13
gnu111was it working before? or is this a new install?16:13
*** Capashen has quit IRC16:14
Oneiroiit was working before, moved from an all on one node to a multi node.16:14
Oneiroibr100 doesn't seem to be coming back up either16:14
cpn_mark_awaysounds like ip conflict16:14
*** cpn_mark_away is now known as cpn_mark16:15
Oneiroithis is a isolated test cluster, and the box inquestion is to be the controller, so it _should_ be serving the dnsmasq for all nodes16:15
gnu111Oneiroi: what do get for nova-manage network list?16:15
gnu111*what do you get16:16
cpn_markdo you have instances up?  check to see if one of them didn't hijack the ip address of one of your compute-nodes16:16
cpn_marki had that happen to me in a multinode setup16:16
cpn_marki had to modify the mysql db and reserve the ip addresses of my servers so that the instances wouldn't grab the same ip16:16
Oneiroicpn_mark: checking it out, we had to repurpose another node for the controller after this one died so _could_ be the issue16:19
Oneiroibut this occured in the first instance from what I can tell because vlan100 had a dead loop, which was very odd16:19
*** tacitone has joined #openstack16:19
cpn_markthat is odd...16:20
Oneiroignu111: just one row, the test network we created16:20
tacitoneHi.  Does anyone know of an alternative ppa for Debian swift-core?16:20
Oneiroicpn_mark: indeed :-/16:20
tacitoneThe debian ppa @ http://swift.openstack.org/debian_package_guide.html is a big 40416:20
cpn_markfastest way to check if one of your instances grabbed the same ip address as one of your br100 compute node is to look at the fixed_ip table in mysql db16:21
cpn_markjust to quickly rule it out16:21
*** fmancinelli has quit IRC16:22
*** popux has quit IRC16:23
Oneiroicpn_mark: yeh nothing in there, the "private" dnsmasq just isn't starting either, can't see why atm :-/ we're debugging16:23
Oneiroiyey traingin demo death ><16:23
*** qazwsx has joined #openstack16:23
cpn_markoneiroi: lol16:23
Oneiroigah you get the idea ..16:23
cpn_markoneiroi: when in doubt stop all instances and reboot server :)16:24
*** aliguori has quit IRC16:24
Oneiroicpn_mark: despite feeling dirty for doing so allready tried that after 4hrs debug16:25
Oneiroiand still snafu16:25
cpn_markoneiroi: damn..that sucks..i know how you feel...16:26
cpn_markoneiroi: your issue sounds like something is hijacking the ip address of br100 to cause it not to some up or vibr0 to cause dnsmasq to not start16:30
OneiroiI think this is a case for the morning, post food16:31
*** Razique has quit IRC16:31
*** rsampaio has joined #openstack16:32
*** moCork has quit IRC16:33
Oneiroibbl heading back to the hotel, gonna grab some rpm's and have a play on my rhel boxes16:33
*** Oneiroi has quit IRC16:33
*** ohnoimdead has joined #openstack16:38
*** tzn has quit IRC16:39
*** irahgel has left #openstack16:44
*** Turicas has quit IRC16:47
*** clauden_ has joined #openstack16:48
*** katkee has joined #openstack16:49
*** aliguori has joined #openstack16:51
*** hisaharu has joined #openstack16:52
kbringardhas anyone gotten keystone working after installing from packages?16:52
*** hadrian has quit IRC16:53
kbringardI copied the keystone.conf out from the githib clone and put it in place, but I can't get keystone to start nor does it seem to log anywhere16:53
*** joloughlin has quit IRC16:55
*** huslage has joined #openstack16:57
WormManyes, I did, but not recently, as I recall the default config didn't do anything except create sample data and exit16:59
WormMannot sure if they changed that16:59
kbringardah, that could be my issue :-)17:00
kbringarddo you by chance have a working config you can sanitize and share?17:00
WormMannope, I wiped those servers weeks ago17:01
kbringardd'oh, OK, no worries17:01
kbringardthanks for the reply :-)17:01
WormManwe launched that cloud without keystone :)17:01
kbringardhehe, yea, same here17:01
kbringarddeprecated_auth FTW!17:01
WormManheh, yea17:01
*** Oneiroi has joined #openstack17:01
*** Oneiroi has joined #openstack17:01
*** worstadmin has quit IRC17:02
kbringardI would think the daemon would start even if I don't have any tenants, endpoints, etc defined, right?17:02
rmkWould really like to discuss a multi zone deployment with someone familiar with it using Diablo..17:03
BasTichelaarkbringard: it should, but check the rights on the database it uses if youre using sqlite17:03
BasTichelaarkbringard: and there was something wrong with the paths I remember17:03
*** sto has quit IRC17:05
*** katkee has quit IRC17:06
*** TheOsprey has joined #openstack17:07
*** adjohn has joined #openstack17:07
*** sto has joined #openstack17:07
*** sto has joined #openstack17:07
*** nelson has quit IRC17:07
uvirtbotNew bug: #872372 in glance "Image cache has virtually no unit test coverage" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87237217:08
*** hadrian has joined #openstack17:08
kbringardhmm, the keystone.db is there, but it's 644 and owned by root17:10
kbringardit has the schema in it, but that's probably because I ran keystone-manage as root17:11
*** krow has joined #openstack17:13
*** anotherjesse has quit IRC17:15
*** clauden_ has quit IRC17:17
*** clauden_ has joined #openstack17:17
*** clauden has joined #openstack17:18
*** joesavak has quit IRC17:19
*** robbiew has quit IRC17:19
*** hggdh has quit IRC17:19
*** rjh has joined #openstack17:22
*** PhilDay has quit IRC17:22
claygset theme default17:23
rjhIs there a way to get a list/index of etherpads? There were a number of them generated at the design summit I would like to look at, but I didn't write down the urls.17:23
*** hggdh has joined #openstack17:24
*** worstadmin has joined #openstack17:24
kbringardhmmm, http://pypi.python.org/simple/ seems to be teh broke17:24
*** hadrian has quit IRC17:25
*** littleidea has quit IRC17:26
*** primeministerp has joined #openstack17:27
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack17:29
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC17:30
*** martines has joined #openstack17:34
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack17:35
*** med_out is now known as medberry17:36
medberryrjh, annegentle had a list at some point last week.17:36
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk17:37
*** Oneiroi has quit IRC17:38
*** jrojas has joined #openstack17:38
*** chrisckemp2 has joined #openstack17:39
*** anotherjesse has joined #openstack17:40
*** chrisckemp2 has quit IRC17:41
*** littleidea has joined #openstack17:44
*** jkoelker_ is now known as jkoelker17:44
*** KumarKR has joined #openstack17:46
*** littleidea has quit IRC17:48
*** darraghb has quit IRC17:49
*** nerdstein has joined #openstack17:50
*** KumarKR_HP has joined #openstack17:51
*** martine has joined #openstack17:51
*** nerdstein has quit IRC17:52
*** KumarKR has quit IRC17:52
*** superbenk has joined #openstack17:52
*** KumarKR_HP has quit IRC17:52
*** KumarKR_HP has joined #openstack17:53
*** javiF has quit IRC17:53
*** imroot has joined #openstack17:54
imrootI have a new nova-compute instance running. Can anyone help me get to get VNC to work?17:55
*** GeoDud has joined #openstack17:56
imrootis anyone home?17:59
cpn_markimroot: in your nova-compute node in your nova.conf add --vnc_enabled=True18:00
*** joesavak has joined #openstack18:00
kbringardI think it's on by default anymore18:00
*** anotherjesse has quit IRC18:00
kbringardthe way I do it is18:00
cpn_markimroot: from there you can VNC to your nova-compute server and depending on how many instances the VNC port will start at 5900 and increment from there18:00
kbringardssh -Y to the compute node the instance is running on18:01
kbringardps aux | grep $instance-id18:01
*** nerdstein has joined #openstack18:01
superbenkDoes anyone have Chef bootstrapping of instances working with knife-openstack?  According to this there are still bugs: http://tickets.opscode.com/browse/KNIFE_OPENSTACK-118:01
kbringardlsof -i | grep pid of above instance18:01
cpn_markimroot: to get more fancy you'll need to do vnc proxy which isn't straight forward in setting up18:01
kbringardto get the port it's on18:01
superbenkI suppose that might be a Chef question18:01
kbringardthen run vncviewer18:01
*** stuntmachine has joined #openstack18:01
kbringardthen :5900 (or whatever port you got from the lsof)18:01
kbringardthat'll give you a VNC console on the instance18:01
cpn_markyou can also do kbringard suggestion which does ssh tunneling to the nova-compute node18:01
kbringardor, check out sshuttle18:02
*** FabriceB has quit IRC18:02
kbringardit does poor man's VPN with SSH tunnels18:02
imrootOK,  --vnc_enabled=true  but vnc-proxy doesnt look like its runnign18:02
kbringardthen you could just run a vnc viewer locally and do host:port18:02
kbringardalthough… it may only listen on localhost by default, in which case, scratch that last idea18:03
*** anotherjesse has joined #openstack18:03
cpn_markyou don't need vnc-proxy18:03
cpn_markthat's if you want to centralize your vnc sessions via a web browser18:04
cpn_markwhich you need noVNC for18:04
kbringardlooks like the admin-api of keystone changed from port 5001 to 35357?18:04
imrootI just want to look at consoles, nothing fancy. Is there a different way tpo do this?18:05
kbringardyou can do euca-get-console-output18:05
kbringardif you just want to dump the console18:05
kbringardif you want to interact then VNC is the best way at this point18:05
*** worstadmin has quit IRC18:06
*** msivanes has left #openstack18:06
*** worstadmin has joined #openstack18:06
*** primeministerp has quit IRC18:06
jrojashas anyone else ran into migration issues when running nova-manage db sync ?18:07
imrootSo if I create a new instance and start it, then how do I attach to it's console?18:09
imrootI can use euca-get-console-output but that's really archaic.18:11
*** primeministerp has joined #openstack18:11
imrootif I have to use vnc, can anyone help me to get it to work?18:12
kbringardimroot: I just told you :-)18:12
kbringardthe easiest way I've found to do it18:13
kbringardis to install vncviewer on your compute nodes18:13
*** donald650 has joined #openstack18:13
kbringardand ssh -Y into them so you can X-forward the vnc console back to your workstation18:13
kbringardrun vncviewer on the compute node and :59xx or whatever the instance's port is18:13
cpn_markif you enable it in your nova.conf18:13
cpn_markthen do a netstat -anp in your nova-compute you should see the vnc ports18:14
cpn_markthe first instance will use 590018:14
*** mattray has quit IRC18:14
cpn_markand so on18:14
tacitoneIs this a properly formed X-Auth-Token: AUTH_tkc7f0499c98dc42abbb633597244e22ed ?18:14
cpn_markthen you can open up vncviewer from you workstation and vnc to the ip address  and port of your remote server18:14
cpn_markthat's if you're in a private network that has direct access18:14
cpn_marktry and it and you'll see what i mean18:15
tacitonei.e. Do I enter the whole token (AUTH_tk...)?  Because the curl -v -H example to GET the account I've created is failing18:15
imrootok. thanks.18:15
kbringardif you're using bash18:15
kbringardlsof -i | grep $( ps aux | grep 00000102 | grep -v grep | awk '{ print $2 }' )18:15
kbringardkvm       32024 libvirt-qemu   24u  IPv4  8968294      0t0  TCP *:5903 (LISTEN)18:15
kbringardthat'll get you the port of the instance ID18:15
*** grape has joined #openstack18:17
imrootI don't have to jump through all these hoops just to access a console with xcp or vmware. I think I will use a platform thats not half-baked. Thank you for your help though.18:18
*** imroot has quit IRC18:19
*** tacitone has quit IRC18:19
*** Ravikumar_ has joined #openstack18:21
Vinsh_HPHi Ravikumar_  and donald65018:24
*** jsavak has joined #openstack18:30
WormManI sometimes wonder if people have any idea what the cloud actually is...18:30
gnu111kbringard: I think I found the fix.18:32
gnu111I had to add this to my controller, for 53 and 67 iptables -I nova-network-INPUT 1 -p tcp --dport 67 -j ACCEPT18:32
*** joesavak has quit IRC18:33
*** mattray has joined #openstack18:35
gnu111kbringard: what is really weird is. As soon as I start a new instance. that rule goes away18:36
*** zul has quit IRC18:37
*** donald650 has quit IRC18:38
*** zul has joined #openstack18:39
jrojasgnu111: did you save the iptables rules ?18:40
*** cereal_bars has quit IRC18:40
gnu111jrojas: no.18:41
*** adjohn has quit IRC18:42
*** venkater_ has joined #openstack18:43
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*** msivanes has joined #openstack18:44
* gnu111 wonders if this is related: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=73434718:44
*** ayyansam has joined #openstack18:44
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*** thiruman has joined #openstack18:51
BasTichelaaranyone has experience with assigning roles to users?18:52
*** thiruman has quit IRC18:52
BasTichelaarI get errors18:52
BasTichelaarlike: GlobalRoleNotAllowed: Unable to use global role itsec18:53
*** thiruman has joined #openstack18:53
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack18:53
*** mchow has joined #openstack18:55
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*** mchow has joined #openstack18:56
*** patelna has joined #openstack18:56
BasTichelaarok, solved that one, but what role can create securitygroups18:57
BasTichelaaror how do I as an admin assign instances to securitygroups?18:57
uvirtbotNew bug: #872416 in keystone "XSDs using atom:link's followed by <any> tags  result in ambiguous errors in  XSD validators" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87241618:59
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uvirtbotNew bug: #872450 in openstack-qa "utils.xhtml_escape should escape apostrophe, U+0027 " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87245019:26
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patelna #openstack-meeting19:30
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gnu111anyone got diablo working with RHEL 6.1? Mine works with only one node.20:08
*** PotHix has quit IRC20:08
jrojasgnu111: im trying to get there myself with centos 6, but it seems that the grid dynamics packages are buggy.20:08
gnu111jrojas: ok. it is not just me then.20:09
*** nerdstein has left #openstack20:09
cpn_mark_afkdiablo in ubuntu 11.04 works great :)20:09
*** cpn_mark_afk is now known as cpn_mark20:10
jrojasgnu111: i've opened a few bugs already, but it seems like its just a bit young for centos since the majority of the community seems to be using ubuntu20:10
gnu111Ya, we already have a RHEL cluster to probably won't be able to switch soon.20:10
*** jiva has quit IRC20:12
jrojasgnu111: im hoping they start doing more work outside of the debian based world20:12
gnu111me too.20:12
*** adrian17od has quit IRC20:12
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kbringardis there something special I need to do to sync the keystone DB?20:15
kbringardI've tried keystone-manage db sync, db_sync20:15
kbringardthe tables are there in the db, but they don't seem to have the right schema… when I try to add a tenant I get20:15
jrojasgnu111: i think my next bet is to replace the openstack rpms from grid dynamics with the fc16 rpms to see if they are any more stable.20:15
kbringardtable tenants has no column named name u'INSERT INTO tenants (name, "desc", enabled) VALUES (?, ?, ?)' ('admin', None, True)20:15
*** joesavak has joined #openstack20:17
*** sdake has quit IRC20:17
kbringardoh, weird I deleted the DB and then it worked20:18
*** rocambole has quit IRC20:18
kbringardguess I got an old schema in there or something20:18
Oneiroisounds like20:18
*** worstadmin has joined #openstack20:18
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uvirtbotNew bug: #872489 in openstack-qa "utils.execute throws exception.ProcessExecutionError but it is not handled in many case" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87248920:36
kbringardwhen I create endpoints… do I need to use external addresses, or internal?20:36
kbringardin keystone20:36
*** reed has joined #openstack20:37
*** primeministerp1 has joined #openstack20:38
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uvirtbotNew bug: #872504 in openstack-qa "nova.compute.util.terminate_volumes should handle ApiError" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87250420:51
Oneiroikbringard: I think your endpoints are "public" facing20:53
*** patelna has quit IRC20:53
*** mchow has joined #openstack20:53
kbringardyea, but I think you have to put both the "admin" and the external lines in the endpointTemplates20:53
Oneiroiunsure atm, I'll have a look once I've figured out why a raid10 array has decided it wanted to run slowly today20:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #872508 in quantum "Quantum extensions should be able to reside in multiple directories" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87250820:56
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VadimHMhi all21:06
*** worstadmin_ has joined #openstack21:07
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VadimHMcan anybody help with keystone and dashboard? i success running dashboard... but when i try see my images from dashboard i have NotAuthorized: None21:08
VadimHMall other things work fine... problem with dashboard and glance?21:08
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uvirtbotNew bug: #872537 in quantum "Update port should be able to update more than just the state of the port" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87253721:26
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jhtranis it normal for qemu-img resize to take forever, after issuing euca-run-instance?22:50
tjoydepending on your disks, probably22:51
jhtrando you have any kvm image examples for download that don't need to be resized by qemu when running an instance?22:52
tjoynot me22:52
*** jakedahn has quit IRC22:52
tjoydepending on your instance flavors, that might not even be possible22:53
*** marrusl has quit IRC22:53
tjoyi don't know off hand whether openstack resizes every image22:53
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nethooptyon swift, what is the url format for a staticweb container when using swauth?23:09
nethooptythe account & user part is what I think i have wrong23:10
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