Saturday, 2011-10-15

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robix'module' object has no attribute 'Error' in the Dash when trying display list of known images..00:16
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ashpopenstack on RHEL just seems like it's going to be a huge hassle based on the swift instructions :/00:45
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ianwellerashp: there are folks working on getting it into EPEL, but apart from that tidbit of knowledge i know nothing more00:47
ashp it's still in the state of 'hand build random python bits'00:48
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ashpone more question00:51
ashpif i'm going to use swift does it just store stuff in a regular filesystem space you tell it to?00:51
ashpi'm trying to work out if I need to leave a load of unformatted space or what :)00:51
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notmynameashp: swift will store data on a storage volume you give it (anything formatted with a filesystem that supports xattrs--we recommend xfs)01:01
notmynameashp: you provide the storage volumes (most simply this equals formatted hard drives). swift handles the distribution, replication, availability, durability, etc01:02
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ashpMakes sense, for testing I've just given it a massive xfs chunk to play with for now01:02
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backburneranyone know how to snapshot a running image or how the nova image create works?03:19
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crussellevening.. me again03:38
crussellGuys, i was trying to get a second compute into my cluster and after some research figured out i've got the wrong versions between the two servers03:39
crussellMy working primary node is 2011.2, my secondary with just compute and base items is 2011.103:39
crussellI've tried to upgrade form universe, as thats were its published, but it did work03:40
crussellI also tried to assign a ppa ,that didn't work03:40
crussellAny ideas03:40
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crussellok figured that one out.04:09
crussellsomehow i added in items to apt get, and it default away from universe for install.04:09
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rmkHas anyone started utilizing the distributed scheduler or have an understanding of how multiple regions are supposed to work with keystone in the mix (i.e. multiple nova service endpoints)?06:22
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ashokanyone online06:33
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ashokhi all, I am to now going to install openstack nova06:48
ashokwill this script work properly
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rmkashok: It should, they maintain it actively07:17
ashokthanks ..just now I am installing ubunt server 11.0407:19
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ashokplz tell me which is better either that link or this git://
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alexn6hi all! what image formats could be run by nova with kvm hypervisor? (for sure raw,  mb qcow, ?qcow2?, vmdk/vhd???) Even if image ready to run, could it fail couse not one partition? Thank!08:22
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hugokuodoes anyone can do me a favor09:31
hugokuocheck if you can download Django==1.309:31
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koolhead17hugokuo: i did the favor!! :D09:57
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zykes-anyone here playing with OpenStack Crowbar?10:50
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koolhead17so new openstack-dashboard looks really sexy!! :D11:43
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ashokhi friends . i am now installing openstack using Dave stack hangs at git_clon git://    cloning into /opt/stack/nova11:51
koolhead17ashok: what makes u think its hanging?11:52
koolhead17open another terminal and so a top11:53
ashokit shows the same for past 20 min11:53
koolhead17what is your internet speed, it depands on that too :)11:54
ashokit downloads @50kbps11:54
ashoktell me usualy how long does it take11:55
ashoki tried to open that page  but it shows not found11:55
ashokhi koolhead14 plz try this page  it shows 40411:57
ashokhello koolhead r u there11:58
ashokcan anyone answer me plz11:59
ashoksorry it show cloning into /opt/stack/nova  not this git://  and followed by cloning into /opt/stack/nova12:01
ashokhello anybody home12:03
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backburneryea but i haven't used dave stack12:11
backburnerwhat is dave stack?12:13
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alexn6does anybody know why could I see no images via dashboard? eucacmd return many of them12:16
alexn6oh sorry, its just vnc narrow screen12:18
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alexn6backburner: did you try to use dash for snapshoting? or it is unsupported?12:22
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koolhead17aooh ashok it takes some time in that speed12:32
koolhead17backburner: :)12:33
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alexn6any ideas how debug server or modify dashboard app?12:41
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__Benhi everybody15:09
__BenI'm trying to set up openstack, but I have a problem with metadata15:10
*** mjfork has joined #openstack15:10
__Benmy instances can't get
__BenI've tried different network setup, played with iptables, but nothing15:11
__Bentimeout or network unreachable15:11
__Bencan anybody explain clearly how to configure iptables for
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__Bendoes I need to configure the ip translate on CC, nodes, or both ?15:12
mjfork__Ben: i just joined, no idea if anyone is helping you, and I may be of much use, but check out here
mjfork"Requests to port 80 will need to be forwarded to the api server."15:14
__Benthanks mjfork15:14
__Benyes, so I set this : iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -d -p tcp -m tcp --dport 80 -j DNAT --to-destination my_CC_IP:877315:15
mjforkso looks like IPTABLES must forward from compute node to the server running the API daemon15:15
__Benbut when i curl, I see the apache home page15:15
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__Benwhen I curl I see, the metadata page15:16
*** gray-- has joined #openstack15:16
__Benbut the iptable rule tell to translate port 80 to port 8773 ; why doesn't it works ?15:16
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mjforkdoes that help at all?15:18
*** nelson_ has joined #openstack15:18
nelson_creiht: ping?15:20
mjfork__Ben: to desintation looks like IP only15:20
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__Bennot so much, already tried my_ip, promisc on, but nothing works15:21
__Benmjfork: --to-destination my_CC_IP:877315:21
*** zul has joined #openstack15:21
mjforkright, i don't think it will honor that port15:21
__Benthere's the port, no ? I don't know iptables15:21
mjforkin fact, i think your first port rule is ignored as well15:22
mjfork--dport 8015:22
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__Benwhy do you think that ?15:22
__Benabstrac of iptables -L -v -n -t nat =>  0     0 DNAT       tcp  --  *      *       tcp dpt:80 to:my_CC_IP:877315:24
__Benwe can see the ports ; does it seems good ?15:24
mjforkdon't udnerstand how would even match your rule if destiantion is port 8015:27
__Benhum, yes, true15:27
__Bennor why goes on apache:80, not apache:877315:29
mjforkiptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -d --dport 80 -j DNAT --to my_CC_IP:877315:29
mjforktry that?15:29
__Beni try15:30[WARNING]: waiting for metadata service at : url error [[Errno 101] Network is unreachable]15:34
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mjforkand if you do 254:8773?15:35
__Benrah, it makes me mad :)15:35
__BenI can't, it's setup in the image I lauch15:36
__Benif I curl 254:8773, it works15:36
mjforkso setup a single rule that rewites just port15:36
__Benif I curl 254:80, I see apache home page15:36
__Benyes, but how ? :)15:37
__BenI have to learn iptables I think ;)15:37
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mjforkiptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -d --dport 80 -j DNAT --to-destination <IP>:877315:40
mjforktry that15:40
mjforksimilar to where you started15:40
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__Benyes, the same in fact, except -m tcp15:42
__Benhum, not better, but I think I have to re-setup my install. What kind of network setup should I use ? flat or vlan ?15:46
mjforkwhy do you think you need to reinstall?15:46
mjforkflat would be easier to setup15:49
mjforkthan vlan15:49
__Benbecause, it seems I have a dhcp problem, no IP in my instance ; because of so much tests, I don't remember where I am :)15:50
__BenOk, I'm going to resetup with flat, and ... I'll be back :-D15:51
__Benthank you very much mjfork, see you15:51
mjforkdoes anyone here know what the "nova-console" service is?  my shows enabled, but XXX for status and not updated since 10-0415:52
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hurrycanehello, can anyone help me install openstack-dashboard?16:23
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*** slyphon has joined #openstack16:26
mjforki have it running16:30
mjforkhurrycane: what do you need help with?16:37
hurrycaneI installed nova and everything, created a VM so all that stuff is working16:38
hurrycaneand now I want to get the dashboard working, I installed keystone16:38
hurrycanefrom packages16:38
mjforkon the right track16:38
hurrycaneI pulled the the openstack code and got that running16:38
hurrycanebut I have to get an username and a password16:38
hurrycaneand is this my problem16:39
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hurrycanedo I have to setup keystone with the other nova components?16:39
hurrycanealso I found no documentation on this on the web16:40
mjforkyeah, i foudn the keystone docs lacking16:40
mjforklots of trial and error16:41
mjforkso you are at the dashboard and need to log in?16:41
*** tzn has joined #openstack16:45
mjforkok, here is what idid16:45
mjforkkeystone-manage role add softadmin16:46
mjforkkeystone-manage role add hardadmin16:46
*** ziyadb has joined #openstack16:46
mjforkkeystone-manage role add userman16:46
mjforkkeystone-manage role add user16:46
mjforkkeystone-manage role add projadmin16:47
mjforkkeystone-manage role add admin16:47
hurrycaneok did that right now16:47
mjforkkeystone-manage user add admin16:48
*** helfrez has joined #openstack16:49
hurrycaneroot@apollo:~# keystone-manage user add admin16:49
hurrycaneNo password specified for fourth argument16:49
mjforkkeystone-manage user add admin admin16:50
mjfork(sorry doing from memory)16:50
hurrycaneso admin is the password16:50
mjforkif that added, now he needs the roles software and Admin16:50
*** vernhart has joined #openstack16:52
mjforkand that is16:52
mjforkkeystone-manage role gramt Admin admin16:52
mjforkkeystone-manage role grant Admin admin16:52
mjforkkeystone-manage role grant softadmin admin16:52
hurrycaneSUCCESS: Granted Admin the admin role on None.16:54
mjforknow log into dashboard as admina damin16:54
*** tzn has quit IRC16:55
mjforkthat work?16:56
hurrycaneError authenticating with keystone: Expecting passwordCredentials16:56
mjforksounds famililar16:57
mjforklet me think16:57
mjforkso, keystone was broken on release16:58
mjforkdid you get the lastest package16:58
mjforklook @ bug 85514216:58
hurrycaneI see16:58
mjforkget that version and login, shuold work (i think they respun packages)17:00
hurrycaneI'll try it out17:00
mjforknp, hope it helps.17:01
*** helfrez has quit IRC17:03
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koolhead17annegentle: around17:16
*** katkee has quit IRC17:16
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zykes-anyone here playing with crowbar from dell ?17:22
Oneiroizykes-:  nope, any good?17:25
OneiroiI'm just getting everything running on oneiric atm :)17:25
zykes-trying to get it to work17:26
zykes-but having some issues with conduit stuff - not that well documented > shame on dell17:26
Oneiroiyeh I think that's on purpose17:28
Oneiroito make you buy in ... indeed shame on dell17:28
zykes-well i can't really make stuff out of conduit_map..17:29
Oneiroigah keystone isn't happy: sqlalchemy.exc.OperationalError: (OperationalError) unable to open database file None None :-/17:30
koolhead17Oneiroi: :P17:33
koolhead17devstack script works like charm :)17:33
Oneiroiyeh I like to know the innerworkings from the ground up for when someone elses script doesn't work17:34
Oneiroibeing as I am the one who will need to support this later on17:34
Oneiroiatm from what I can tell keystone just hasn;t created the local sqlite db, just looking around the docs for the cmd to do it ;-)17:34
koolhead17Oneiroi: are you the one who wrote that script?17:35
Oneiroino I am not, but from my point of view at the moment using a script removes me learning the complete process ;-)17:35
OneiroiI may well end up using the script later17:36
koolhead17Oneiroi: i used it on my virtualbox. :)17:36
koolhead17more fun would be deploying each service on a separate machine :)17:37
Oneiroieasy enough, build every nodes as an all in one, and then just remove everything except compute+network on your host nodes17:37
Oneiroilooks like the oneiric keystone is fubar,  according to the docs at least the sqlite db file is creates on install17:41
zykes-easy to find out something "RangeError: No conduit to interface map for intf0"17:41
zykes-in crowbar, it's like "ok" this is easy to understand17:41
koolhead17zykes-: what is crowbar?17:42
zykes-koolhead17: dells openstack thingie17:42
koolhead17zykes-: url or sumthing?17:42
* koolhead17 clicks17:44
Oneiroihmm is kind cool it rolls nagios etc into it17:44
*** egant has joined #openstack17:49
* Oneiroi grumbles17:50
Oneiroieverytime I start to get used to ubuntu again, it has a mental brake down and I'm reminded why I don't run it in production ... reboot loop of death yey17:51
Oneiroiok trashed the disk image, here we go again xD17:55
*** TheOsprey has quit IRC17:56
Oneiroilol just realised who wrote devstack17:57
Oneiroiyeh that wasn't on the training17:57
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backburnerhow to I add nodes onces I used the devstack and got the everything up?18:08
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates18:11
*** lorin1 has joined #openstack18:12
Oneiroibackburner:  just build compute nodes and in nova.conf point the sql connection and rabbitmq connections back to the same place as the controller18:17
OneiroiI think18:17
*** vladimir3p has quit IRC18:17
*** vladimir3p has joined #openstack18:18
backburnerthanks oneiroi will give it a shot18:18
*** rsampaio has joined #openstack18:19
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rmkHas anyone started utilizing the distributed scheduler or have an understanding of how multiple regions are supposed to work with keystone in the mix (i.e. multiple nova service endpoints)?18:22
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xxiaowhen you guys try openstack, or juju from ubuntu 11.10, where are you trying ? AWS, personal machine, something else?18:37
* xxiao is new to this field18:37
*** hggdh has joined #openstack18:38
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk18:39
backburneropenstack local machine ,18:39
backburnerjust started looking at juju today18:39
xxiaobackburner: it does not look like juju can be tested on local machine18:39
backburnersoooo many over lapping tools though18:40
backburnerI have it setup here18:40
backburnerI have gotton into it deep yet18:40
xxiaowhat instances are you using18:40
backburnernone yet just installed it18:41
xxiaoi probably should give wordpress or something a run18:41
xxiaothis cloud thing is so similar to the old opensource appliance18:42
xxiaoi.e. bundle a few packages or stacks and sell it with service18:42
xxiaoopensource appliance = a full drupal image, or a wordpress image, etc, similar to what openstack does18:43
xxiaokind of, yes18:43
xxiaoi would say the cloud way is more scalable though18:44
xxiaothe old appliance is one instance that has everything tuned for sale as one single package18:44
*** fabiand__ has left #openstack18:44
xxiaoone single bundle that is18:44
xxiaoanyway let me try openstack and juju on vbox18:45
backburnernot sure what juju is doing thats new , I use chef now. looks like it's just more cloud aware18:47
koolhead17xxiao: you can test juju on local machine Oneiric :)18:49
*** egant has quit IRC18:56
Oneiroixxiao: I'm building a vm in vmware fusion atm :) going to play with juju at somepoint looks pretty cool18:56
Oneiroixxiao: openstack is IaaS, SaaS still exists look at the JBOSS boxgrinder project, great for rolling whole projects up as a single vm18:58
koolhead17Oneiroi: :P18:59
Oneiroikoolhead17: devstack still running xD19:01
Oneiroitwiddling my thumbs atm19:01
koolhead17Oneiroi: hehe. used it on virtualbox and loved it. real game starts tomorrow :D19:01
koolhead17Oneiroi: how are you planning to use juju btw19:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #875231 in openstack-dashboard "req: display username and tenant in syspanel" [Undecided,New]
koolhead17Oneiroi: i used devstack on my virtualbox/oneiric19:02
Oneiroikoolhead17: I've not even looked at it yet one of the guys @ training suggested it was like puppet and chef combined only "better"19:02
*** dingo has quit IRC19:02
koolhead17Oneiroi: try #juju for more :)19:03
koolhead17i tried and played with it when it used to be called ensemble ;-)19:03
*** qazwsx has joined #openstack19:04
*** lorin1 has joined #openstack19:05
*** bengrue has quit IRC19:08
*** obino has joined #openstack19:09
*** apu has joined #openstack19:10
*** apu has quit IRC19:14
Oneiroi(ProgrammingError) (1146, "Table 'nova.instances' doesn't exist")  *yey* mysql death *yey*19:16
Oneiroialso nova-manage db sync didn't fix19:17
Oneiroihah yeh nova db is blank19:19
*** TheOsprey has joined #openstack19:21
* Oneiroi pulling hair out19:21
* Oneiroi has a blank nova db ...19:24
backburneranyone know how to fix vnc in the web console once I installed via devstack? never launches19:24
Oneiroiusing chrome?19:24
backburnertried in safari and chrome19:25
backburnerjust get the loading19:25
backburnerbut nothing comes up19:25
*** errado has joined #openstack19:25
Oneiroiyeh I could only get it working in firefox19:25
Oneiroiit's a browser issue19:25
backburnererr not mine it's dosen't work in ff either ... get nothing back19:26
backburnerendless loading19:26
backburneris it java?19:26
backburnernever used the web console b 4 today19:26
*** daysmen has joined #openstack19:27
*** egant has joined #openstack19:27
Oneiroigah someone must know how to force a db rebuild?19:27
*** v0id has joined #openstack19:29
*** nelson has quit IRC19:32
Oneiroiwell that's annoying19:34
Oneiroiit is syncing19:34
Oneiroian sqlite db ...19:34
*** nelson_ has joined #openstack19:34
backburnerwish I could help oneioi , day ten with me and my printer just ran out of toner with all the docs :)19:34
Oneiroithink I found the issue19:35
Oneiroinova-manage is not loading the details form my nova.conf19:36
Oneiroiso it's creating the db in the wrong place19:36
Oneiroiapparently /usr/local/bin/nova-manage is installed but I used the devstack script so /opt/stack/nova/bin/nova-manage is the one it should be using19:37
Oneiroinow that's annoying!19:37
Oneiroiyey it ll works19:39
backburnerso I used the devstack script to get up and running , now I want to add another pc , do I use the script again or just load ubuntu and manaully load compute node?19:42
*** crussell_ has quit IRC19:45
Oneiroibackburner:  in theory manually load network & compute, edit nova.conf to connect to the controller node mySQL and controller node rabbitmq19:46
Oneiroiand glance19:46
OneiroiOH and on each compute you need to add --my_ip=19:46
Oneiroiso ... --my_ip=<compute_node>\n--sql_connection=mysql://<user>:<password>@<controller_ip>/nova\n--rabbit_host=<controller_ip>\n--glance_api_servers=<controller_ip>\n19:48
Oneiroiassume you are running glance,mysql and rabbit on the controller19:48
Oneiroinova-manager config list will give you an output of all available vars :) now brb I'm still fighintg my demo system :P19:49
*** Glaceee has quit IRC19:49
*** obino has quit IRC19:49
*** Glaceee has joined #openstack19:49
*** nelson_ has quit IRC19:50
backburnerthanks man , I should be busy for a least an hour :019:51
OneiroiI have my lab to build monday just using an oneiric vm locally for testing atm19:51
backburnerwhat does build_lxc actually do?19:52
backburnerbuilds an image?19:52
OneiroiI think so, my system is just rebooting so can't check19:52
*** willaerk has joined #openstack19:55
*** nelson_ has joined #openstack19:56
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates20:02
*** Oneiroi has quit IRC20:04
*** Glaceee has quit IRC20:14
*** Glaceee has joined #openstack20:15
*** Oneiroi has joined #openstack20:16
*** Oneiroi has quit IRC20:16
*** Oneiroi has joined #openstack20:16
Oneiroidevstack stuff not registered as services?20:16
Oneiroior has my install b0rked/?20:16
*** nelson_ has quit IRC20:19
*** nelson_ has joined #openstack20:20
*** nelson has joined #openstack20:20
*** TheOsprey has quit IRC20:21
nelsoncreiht: ping?20:21
*** thingee has joined #openstack20:22
*** obino has joined #openstack20:23
*** jtanner has joined #openstack20:25
*** nelson has quit IRC20:27
*** nelson has joined #openstack20:27
* Oneiroi shoots the rabbit20:30
Oneiroiyou know that openstack needs ....20:30
Oneiroian iso with everything on it20:30
backburnermy second node as a 1tb drive I would like to add, how do I add this?20:32
Oneiroirabbitmq has decided that it doesn't want to talk to nova ... excellent20:32
Oneiroibackburner: are you talking swift or nova now?20:32
backburnerI'll say it again.. hehe documentation writers are totally UNDERRATED20:34
*** maplebed has joined #openstack20:35
maplebedhi - I've got a one-character typo to correct (or report and ask someone else to correct) in - any suggestions on where to report / correct it?20:36
Oneiroibackburner: working on my sphinx docs atm20:36
Oneiroibackburner:  so you'd add a new device to swift, weighted accordingly, regnerate your ring then rebalance iirc20:36
Oneiroimaplebed: launchpad?20:37
OneiroiHAH! finally kicked rabbitmq back into life20:37
*** maplebed has left #openstack20:37
*** maplebed has joined #openstack20:37
OneiroiI have a sick rabbitmq, where's teh vet?20:39
*** ziyadb has joined #openstack20:39
maplebedoh hey, I even already have a login to launchpad.  Thanks, Oneiroi.20:39
uvirtbotOneiroi: Error: "_^" is not a valid command.20:40
backburnercould I just use devstack to install my second node then disable nova-controller and change the configs to point to my controller-node? or is this a bad idea20:40
backburnerdevstack owns... hehe20:40
Oneiroibackburner:  yes20:40
Oneiroiyou could20:40
Oneiroibackburner:  your devstack stuff working ok?20:41
*** openpercept has joined #openstack20:41
Oneiroinone of my nova- is available to start :-/20:41
backburnerexcept for vnc in the web console20:41
backburnerwhich who cares really ..20:42
Oneiroistart: Unknown job: nova-compute20:42
* Oneiroi headdesk20:42
backburnerone last quick question ... can I mix amd and intel processors ?20:42
Oneiroicompute node hosts can be anything that's running a hypervisor20:42
backburnersweet. yea out of the box devstack works great with 11.1020:43
Oneiroibackburner: lol nto for me ... wtf :S20:43
Oneiroiyou rebooted yet btw?20:44
Oneiroinothing for me came back up20:44
backburnerohh lawd20:44
backburnerlemme try20:44
*** ziyadb has quit IRC20:44
*** daysmen has quit IRC20:45
*** wxum has quit IRC20:46
*** wxum_ has joined #openstack20:46
*** willaerk has quit IRC20:47
*** jamespage has quit IRC20:47
*** willaerk has joined #openstack20:47
*** blamar has quit IRC20:47
*** jamespag` has joined #openstack20:47
*** jamespag` has joined #openstack20:47
* Oneiroi groans20:48
OneiroiI think I may just work on rolling a few rpm's go back to rhel20:49
maplebedI've got a question about networking setup for swift.  The install docs suggest using two networks.  Do you know the ramifications of using upst a single network for all traffic?20:50
Oneiroimaplebed:  congestion, for replication and usage traffic20:50
Oneiroii'd of thought20:50
maplebed("An external network for connecting to the Proxy server, and a storage network that is not accessibile from outside the cluster, to which all of the nodes are connected)20:50
*** blamar has joined #openstack20:50
Oneiroiwell security in that case20:51
maplebedthey're already on a private network and it always feels weird to me to have two rfc1918 addresses on a host...20:51
uvirtbotNew bug: #875301 in swift "indentation and numbering typo in the installation doc" [Undecided,New]
maplebedoh hi uvirtbot.20:51
Oneiroiyeh I think the bot needs winding up it's a little slow tonight20:52
Oneiroiup to you maplebed  I have no idea20:52
OneiroiI just want a working nova install at the moment xD20:52
Oneiroibackburner: has it all come crashing down?20:52
*** daysmen_ has joined #openstack20:54
*** vladimir3p has quit IRC20:55
Oneiroibackburner:  *poke* have you segfaulted into oblivion?20:56
* Oneiroi reads backburner's ubuntu system last rights21:00
*** rods has joined #openstack21:01
*** mdomsch has quit IRC21:01
*** daysmen_ has quit IRC21:01
backburnersorry lunch .. yes after reboot I get "waiting for network configuration" ...21:07
backburnerjust rebooted so haven't had a chance to look , brb21:08
backburnerhmmm rabbitmq-server is failing after reboot21:11
backburnergreat the error in log is "failed to start" haha21:11
backburnerkeystone not working either ..21:12
*** Glaceee has quit IRC21:14
backburnerno keystone init scripts?21:15
backburneranyone know what startup keystone is chained too?21:15
*** Glaceee has joined #openstack21:16
Oneiroibackburner:  I don't have any nova-* init scripts xD21:16
Oneiroibackburner:  keystone is standalone and called keystone21:17
Oneiroiok gonna trash and go through the whole ssetup again this is nuts21:18
*** nelson has quit IRC21:25
*** ldlework has joined #openstack21:25
*** nelson has joined #openstack21:25
*** katkee has joined #openstack21:32
*** Ruetobas has quit IRC21:32
backburneryea everything is fooked after reboot21:40
*** Ruetobas has joined #openstack21:40
backburnerunable to get tenant info , connection refused21:43
backburneranyone using devstack with 11.10?21:45
backburnerloaded fine , but after reboot ... no good21:45
backburnermysql info looks intact21:51
backburnerhmmm maybe I will try crowbar ...21:51
backburnerhow do you start the glance service?22:03
*** freeflyi1g has joined #openstack22:06
*** katkee has quit IRC22:06
backburnerglance-control all start ... cannot find the configuration file22:07
*** freeflying has quit IRC22:09
backburnerspecified config file , starts and dies with no error log that I can find22:11
*** ldlework has quit IRC22:14
*** Oneiroi has quit IRC22:18
*** jtanner has quit IRC22:18
*** MarcMorata has joined #openstack22:25
*** OutBackDingo has joined #openstack22:31
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*** nyeates has joined #openstack23:00
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*** nyeates has quit IRC23:11
*** toluene has joined #openstack23:16
zykes-can a node be soly compute controller and not compute node ?23:17
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC23:21
*** maplebed has quit IRC23:28
*** toluene has quit IRC23:29
*** nelson has quit IRC23:33
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