Thursday, 2011-10-20

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annegentlevidd: I think you can use keystone-manage commands to create EC2 creds - refer to lines 42 and 43 here:
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viddannegentle, are you the one that writes the documentation on
viddif so kudos !!!! and TY for your hard work00:27
notmynamevidd: annegentle is responsible for all the awesome parts of the documentation00:27
notmynamethe rest of it was stuff we devs threw up there ;-)00:28
viddnotmyname, you have any part in the keystone app?00:28
notmynamenope, sorry. just swift00:28
viddi dont have enough equiptment to even LOOK at swift =]00:29
notmynameheh. that's something I hope we make better in the future. swift needs to scale down better00:29
viddtrying to get a demo up and working so the ppl with the purse can give me some servers from this century00:30
notmynamebut you can run it in one VM ;-)00:30
viddbut swift looks like something i definantly want00:30
Glaceeenotmyname: Do you have a minute to take a look at this? weird 404 account error when I run swauth-prep ??
notmynameGlaceee: the key part is "could not create container". now as to the why.... ;-)00:32
Glaceeehehe  ok :)00:32
notmynamevidd: I'm a big fan of swift :-) I think more people should use it00:32
notmynameGlaceee: what version of swift are you using?00:33
Glaceeediablo.. the latest00:33
GlaceeeI downloaded swauth on github00:33
notmynameGlaceee: are you using swauth because you have need for it or.... (what's the use case? if this is just POC, then use tempauth)00:33
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viddGlaceee, diablo is NOT the latest...they are working on essex00:33
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notmynamevidd: it's the last release we had00:34
notmynamefor swift, diablo == 1.4.300:34
Glaceeethats what i meant sorry00:34
notmynamewe haven't released 1.4.4 yet00:34
viddmy bad00:34
Glaceeeits a dev env notmyname00:34
notmynameand there haven't been any milestone releases for essex yet00:34
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Glaceeeyeah its POC.. i will try tempauth then00:35
notmynameGlaceee: ah. then I'd strongly recommend tempauth unless you have some particular need for swauth00:35
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Glaceeewill it work anyway with cyberduck?00:35
notmynametempauth and swauth are functionaly the same (or very close). the biggest difference is that tempauth uses a config file and memcached and swauth uses swift itself for a backing store00:36
Glaceeeoh ok.. thanks I didnt know that the new docs.. are really pointing to swauth or keystone00:36
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viddeveryone but nova wants a peice of keystone =]00:37
notmynameGlaceee: keystone == the future, but not ready yet. swauth == prod-ready, but not widely used. tempauth == very simple, perfect for small numbers of accounts in dev or POC environments00:38
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suntzuprlol just joking. starting on openstack.00:43
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Glaceeewill it be possible to have encprytion at rest with swift in the future?00:46
viddis there some kind of plugin between euca and keystone?00:46
notmynameGlaceee: so tell me more about what you want there00:46
notmyname(I have my own thoughts)00:47
Glaceeewell something like a sha-256 encryption at the file level.. you can launch an api command to ecrynpt a file lets say00:48
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notmynameGlaceee: so I'm the swift deployer and you're my customer. what's the process look like? and what benefit are you gaining?00:50
GlaceeeAES  o meant00:50
Glaceeei meant00:50
viddEaaS =]00:51
viddEncryption as a service00:51
Glaceeenotmyname.. Im not sold to the idea.. but i have been asked by potential customers :000:51
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notmynameGlaceee: I think it's a marketing bullet point that doesn't do much (if anything) for real security ;-)00:52
viddso something like the "encrypt your home directory" option in a linux install?00:52
Glaceeeagreed.. but still requted.. :/00:52
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livemoonhi, all00:53
adrianmoyaHi all, quick newbie question: Dashboard says Hypervisor: QEMU( lahf_lm, xtpr, cx16, tm2, est, vmx, ds_cpl, pbe, tm, ht, ss, acpi, ds). This machine is setup with libvirt_type=kvm. Is it OK or something is failng? should it say KVM?00:54
Glaceeelets say that I dont want raskspace or the governement opening my file00:55
Glaceeewould that be a use case?00:55
notmynameGlaceee: if you (the customer) are asking me (the deployer) to encrypt the data, then you are either giving me the keys or trusting me to use my own keys. so, regardless of what I say, it's only the honestly of my employees that prevents me from reading the data00:55
notmyname(and that doesn't even get in to the key management issues on the deployer side)00:56
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viddlivemoon, you have keystone working....are you using for nova too?00:56
viddand if so, how did you do it?00:56
notmynameso if you want encrypted data stored in swift, encrypt it before you upload it00:56
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Glaceeehehe yeah :) thats a good idea00:57
notmynameGlaceee: so, I think it's a marketing bullet point that doesn't give any real security ;-)00:57
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Glaceeehehe. no I agree.. never was a big fan.. but its the type of thing that a customer would ask00:58
notmynameso to answer you original question, I don't foresee at-rest encryption being added to swift any time soon00:58
viddadrianmir, if kvm fails (not enabled in BIOS for example) then it automatically fails back to qemu01:00
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adrianmoyavidd, what could I check? is there a command I could run to see if everything is ok for kvm?01:02
adrianmoyaI runned kvm-ok and it says INFO: /dev/kvm exists KVM acceleration can be used01:03
vidddid you run the devstack script?01:04
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dysingerI remember at at Swift Recon talk @ openstack boston I heard mention of collectd or rrd compat - somebody have more info for me ?01:05
adrianmoyayep, but to be honest, it failed early so I finished runnint it manually01:05
viddi dont think the devstack script even checks if kvm is possible01:05
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viddbut since it runs as a user, it might not be able to confirm kvm01:06
uvirtbotNew bug: #878602 in openstack-dashboard "Settings "gear icon" image sprite broken on hover" [Undecided,In progress]
viddwith a manual install, you can set nova-compute.conf --libvirt=kvm01:06
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viddlivemoon, you there?01:08
adrianmoyathe script has a kvm section, but let me check carefully if there's a configuration overridding my nova.conf01:09
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uvirtbotNew bug: #878603 in openstack-qa "/nova/rpc/" [Undecided,New]
adrianmoyawell it seems it working with kvm, it could be a dashboard bug01:16
adrianmoyaI have two instances and two /usr/bin/kvm process running01:16
viddadrianmoya,  i'd say its morlikely a devstack script bug01:19
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viddannegentle, adding those fields to keystone gives me something to authenticate with, but i cant find a way to get euca to look at keystone for the credentials01:21
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adrianmoyabut it seems the server is using kvm... so it's a dashboard issue that it reports QEMU...01:22
viddits dashboard-on-devstack-script01:22
viddunless you actually set up dashboard on your own, you cant confirm its dashboard and not the way devstack makes dashboard that is causing the reporting issue01:24
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adrianmoyaok, I'll check a manual install and see how it goes... thanks again!01:29
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Narayananhi, i was trying to find which hypervisor technology that openstack has the most support01:36
Narayananis it kvm or xen (xcp)01:36
Narayananwhen compared to vmware esx?01:37
viddwhen compared to "all other options"01:38
Narayananwhat will lose if i decide xcp01:39
viddkvm is built into the linux kernel...all others are extra01:39
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viddi dont think you'll "lose" anything...its just that kvm is more well documented01:40
viddsupport usually means "we can help you with that" as opposed to "this function, that function, the other function"01:41
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Narayananthat also means this is very well tested as opposed to other platforms?01:42 there something xcp can do that kvm annot do?01:42
Narayanananyone knows what is commonly used hypervisor with open stack? is it kvm still?01:43
Narayananwe want to go for something that open stack has good support and also widely used01:43
viddkvm is widely used, tested to the gills (and then tested some more) and has excelent "we can help you with that" support01:44
Narayanangreat. thanks01:45
livemoonhi, vidd01:45
viddalso, since its built into the linux kernel, you dont have to pay extra for it01:45
viddlivemoon, !!!!01:46
viddlivemoon, what did you build your stack on? *buntu?01:46
livemoonnova,glance,keystone,novaclient in production01:47
livemoondashboard in test01:47
livemoonvidd: Have you create windows image?01:47
viddright....but on centOS, redhat, *buntu, some-vesion-of-linux-noone-has-ever-heard-of....what?01:48
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viddand no...i havent created any images yet because i cant get keystone to talk to euca2ools01:49
viddor i should say, euca2ools to authenticate via keystone01:49
livemoonI don't use euca2ools01:50
livemoonI just use novaclient01:50
livemoonif you make euca2ools via keystone, please tell me01:51
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vidd*sigh* nova client isnt in the ubuntu repos =\01:53
GlaceeeI found my problem notmyname.. my bad.. swift_cluster_default was not in the proxy.conf file01:54
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notmynameGlaceee: whoops01:58
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viddlivemoon, you use novaclient to put images into glance?01:59
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livemoonimages only use glance02:10
viddwhereis  keystone.middleware.ec2_token:EC2Token.factory02:12
viddlivemoon, can you pastebin me your api-paste.ini?02:16
viddfor nova02:16
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viddnova wants to use nova-manage and euca2ools for everything and keystone for nothing02:33
viddsame as i have02:36
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viddhow did you get images for glance to use?02:36
vidddid you make the novarc with the .pems?02:37
livemoonvidd: glance -A "999888777666" index02:38
viddbefore i can index glance, i need images for glance to look at02:38
viddthose are in nova-objectstorage02:39
viddand to get stuff in nova-objectstorage, i need euca2ools to work02:39
viddor am i totally missing something?02:39
livemoonyou can use glance upload images02:39
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livemoonmy novaclient have some error too02:40
viddright...but how do i make the images to upload?02:40
livemoonuse "glance add"02:40
viddok...i have "some cool server.iso02:41
viddhow do i get that into glance so glance can use it02:42
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livemoonglance help02:58
livemoonhi, anyone know "nova list" error "KeyError: 'public'"02:59
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mjforkfull error?03:10
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livemoonmjfork: it's my error log03:32
mjforksomething is missing a pulblic address03:33
mjforkis this a trunk or releqase?03:33
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livemoonwhat's public address?03:36
livemoonI use git install novaclient03:36
mjforkone of your servers03:36
mjforkif it is from git, something could be out of sync03:36
mjforkhave you run nova-manage syncdb ot make sure it is up to date?03:36
livemoonI got it.thanks hugo03:39
mjforkwhat was it?03:40
livemoonneed use --region_name03:40
mjforkha, pretty sure i didn't help with that :-003:40
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viddso it looks like i need to find some way to to ceate the following:, pk.pem,, and match them to my username and password info in keystone, and upload them into keystone =\03:45
viddoh...and get keystone to push all this data into my env Nova_ and env OS_AUTH03:47
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livemoonmjfork: thank you anyway03:57
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jasonadon't suppose anyone here knows anything about bnt switches and lacp ? :-)04:00
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livemoonI found nova cannot pause or suspend server?04:04
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livemoonIs there a way that vm can run on not controller but node?04:28
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viddlivemoon, sure....on the controller, service nova-compute stop04:32
viddthen it has no choice but to run on the node04:32
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viddlivemoon, sudo glance -A [keystone admin token] index04:35
vidd comes back.... "Not authorized to make this request. Check your credentials (OS_AUTH_USER, OS_AUTH_KEY, ...).04:35
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mjforklivemoon: no problem04:51
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jasonamjf: don't suppose you know anyone who knows a bit about bnt kit do you ? :)05:02
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viddwhat kind of bnt kit?05:10
viddjasona, like switches05:13
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livemoondo you know how to use volume via novaclient?05:44
viddi'd like to know how you got keystone and glance to talk to each other05:45
vidddid you install keystone from repo's or from git?05:46
livemoonfrom git05:46
viddmaybe thats my issue then =\05:47
livemoonno,I used to use repo's . it work well with glance05:47
viddyou on ubuntu server?05:48
viddme too...and i installed keysone and glance from ubuntu repos and they dont want to talk to each other05:51
viddi think there is a file or two missing in the repo build05:52
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livemoonmy blog: livemoon.dyndns.org06:15
livemoonIt has keystone and glance conf file06:15
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viddyour [pipeline:glance-registry] is set to "dont use keystone"06:20
livemoonpipeline = authtoken keystone_shim registryapp06:23
viddjust from what the config file says....but your stuff works06:23
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viddthe registry06:24
viddbut perhaps you copied the correct lines from the examples packaged with the keystone git script06:25
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uvirtbotNew bug: #878673 in openstack-qa "/nova/image/" [Undecided,New]
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*** joeyang has joined #openstack06:51
hugokuodoes any one success to keystone + SWIFT(SSL) + Cyberduck ?06:53
uvirtbotNew bug: #878680 in openstack-qa "nova.scheduler.base_scheduler" [Undecided,New]
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viddkeystone + swift = DEMO ONLY according to keystone's README.md07:25
Oneiroisomeone should tell rackspace then07:25
Oneiroias it was on the training xD07:25
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*** ewindisch_ is now known as ewindisch07:26
viddi just installed it via the git script and read the README07:26
viddperhaps there is a different version?07:26
Oneiroiah yes git will always be the trunk aka the development version07:27
Oneiroithink we were using a deelopment milestone07:27
*** miclorb_ has quit IRC07:27
Oneiroithere's alaso diablo release milestones 1 through 4 iirc07:27
viddthe ubuntu repo wasnt working07:27
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halfsshi  is anybody resize sucess?07:48
*** vdo has joined #openstack07:49
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*** uksysadmin has joined #openstack07:49
halfssdoes resize an instance need the instance id shutdown?07:50
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*** osier has joined #openstack07:59
siwoshalfss: I guess you need to shut it down to resize the filesystem08:02
*** osier has quit IRC08:04
*** pradeep has left #openstack08:04
halfsssiwos:you sure resize should shutdown the instance?08:05
siwoshalfss: it definitely needs if you want to shrink the partition08:06
halfssis that xen can resize instance with the instance is live?08:06
siwosdon't know about xen08:06
halfsssiwos:how about  if i don't shrink the partition?08:07
Oneiroianyone got nova running with percona btw?08:08
siwosyou can extend the fs with resize2fs08:08
siwosthe proper way to do it is to fsck your drive first08:09
zykes-Oneiroi: isn't that easy ?08:10
*** FabriceB has joined #openstack08:10
zykes-siwos: do you have swift?08:10
halfssoh, i want make sure wheather shoud showdown the instance when i want resize it?08:10
siwoszykes-: it's being configured by my colleague08:10
zykes-are you going to setup keystone with it and use it with glance ?08:10
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*** halfss has joined #openstack08:12
Oneiroizykes-:  don't know I've seen it not fulfil dependancy issues on rpm installs because of naming differences08:12
Oneiroibut imho it's mysql so should just work08:12
siwosI guess yes ;-) but still did not dive into this08:12
halfsssiwos: oh ,thank you08:12
siwosafaik there's also possibility to use sparse images with xen08:13
siwosbut I'm not an expert on that - I use kvm08:13
zykes-Oneiroi: we use Percona for a publication solution and it works straigt with mysql connection drivers (sqlalchemy) for example08:13
Oneiroiindeed I think it must just be broken rpm .spec requirements08:14
Oneiroibut I'm rolling oneiric now anyway xD will see how I get on08:14
zykes-i'm still hanging at swift / glance - can't upload images to glance when using swift as the backend, glance gives me a swift auth erorr08:14
halfsshere is my conf , i user swift store glance08:17
halfssdefault_store = swift08:17
halfssswift_store_auth_address =
halfssswift_store_user = system:root08:17
halfssswift_store_key = testpass08:17
halfssswift_store_container = glance08:17
halfssswift_store_create_container_on_put = true08:17
halfssswift_enable_snet = False08:17
viddhalfss, please use paste08:17
vidd http://paste.openstack.org08:18
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zykes-halfss: wat is the system:root ? <user><tenant> ?08:18
viddyou paste a page like that and my notify pop=up takes up half my screen =\08:18
zykes-vidd: you on a android or ? :p08:19
zykes-not following you there08:19
*** sahuram has joined #openstack08:19
zykes-i use it with keystone, so it's a bit different08:19 half blind....800x600 resolution08:20
vidd15 inch monitor =]08:20
siwosnow I have a question ;-)08:21
*** osier has joined #openstack08:21
siwosI'm still confused about two ways to upload custom images08:21
siwosusing glance-upload vs euca-upload-bundle08:22
*** nerens has joined #openstack08:22
siwoseuca-upload-bundle does not seem to interact with glance08:22
viddit doesnt08:22
siwosanyone knows how to make euca-upload-bundle work with glance?08:22
viddi thought the whole point of glance was to not have to use euca since euca doesnt work with keystone =\08:23
*** pixelbeat has joined #openstack08:23
viddsiwos, you can try setting glance's destination folder to the same place as euca is putting stuff08:25
viddbut i dont know if it will register with glance that it's there08:25
siwosvidd: thanks for clarifying things ;-)08:25
siwosI'll stick to glance at the moment08:25
siwosI was just confused08:26
*** osier has quit IRC08:26
viddalso, glance API listens on 9292, and registry listens on 919108:26
halfssis anybody resize sucess ?08:26
zykes-hmmm, is the newest glance client broken i wonder :|08:27
viddif you somehow get euca to tell 9191 that " stuff over here" glance might be able to use it08:27
*** worstadmin has quit IRC08:27
*** worstadmin has joined #openstack08:27
*** nerens has quit IRC08:28
*** katkee has joined #openstack08:31
*** nerens has joined #openstack08:31
*** supriya has joined #openstack08:31
livemoonhi, siwos08:34
halfssresize don't not need the instance is shutdown :Resize (ie, migrate) a running instance.08:34
livemoonso bad, I delete my disk which keystone installed on that08:34
siwoslivemoon: pitty08:35
livemoonwhat are doing these days?08:35
*** sahuram_ has joined #openstack08:36
*** timr1 has joined #openstack08:37
*** sahuram has quit IRC08:37
siwosnot much on openstack08:37
zykes-halfss: i take it you are not using keystone with swift?08:37
livemoonI have not found novaclient can control nova-volume. Is it?08:38
siwosI keep working on cluster automation08:38
*** osier has joined #openstack08:38
livemooncluster of red hat?08:38
halfsszykes: is there any wrong ? my work well08:38
zykes-halfss: are you using keystone ?08:38
halfsszykes: i just use swift store glance's imgae.08:39
halfsswhen i use keystone manage swift, does't work well08:39
zykes-hence my point ;)08:40
*** benner has joined #openstack08:42
siwoslivemoon: openstack cluster automation08:44
siwostesting modules for puppet and chef08:44
siwosnone of them working out of the box though ;-)08:44
*** AhmedSoliman has joined #openstack08:45
siwossomething different gusy08:49
siwosI highly reccommend you a tool called boxgrinder08:49
siwosyou can use it to create custom AMIs08:50
siwosit's easy as hell ;-)08:50
Oneiroiok wtf ... nova-network installed, but" `restart nova-network` gives: unknown instance08:50
Oneiroi+1 boxgrinder08:50
OneiroiI wrote some yamls for it that got upstreamed :)08:51
siwosOneiroi: +1 ;-)08:51
siwoswaiting for ubuntu templates ;-)08:51
Oneiroiyeh I'll write one for openstack08:51
mgoldmannsomeone would need to write an ubuntu plugin first :)08:51
Oneiroias soon as I have my manual oneiric working and know what's to script08:51
Oneiroimgoldmann: hello there you sneaking in :D08:52
mgoldmannalways :)08:52
viddOneiroi, try "service nova-network restart"08:52
mgoldmannsiwos: thanks for kind words about BG08:52
Oneiroiyou may be glad to know I was "pimping" boxgrinder at the openstack training to everyone :P08:52
mgoldmannawesome! :)08:52
mgoldmannand I have an openstack plugin written locally08:52
mgoldmannit pushes the images to glance, nothing more yet08:53
Oneiroividd:  unkown instance :(08:53
siwosmgoldmann: - you're a Polish guy ;-)08:53
viddthen try start08:53
siwosme too08:53
mgoldmannheh :)08:53
siwosPoznan area08:53
Oneiroividd: *facepalm*08:53
OneiroiI'm sucha  tit08:53
*** uksysadmin has joined #openstack08:54
mgoldmannsiwos: I'm currently from Wrocław08:54
viddheh...what time of day is it for you and how long have you been up?08:54
* vidd is working on his 3 barrel of coffee08:54
Oneiroividd:  09:54 on my first coffee ;-)08:54
Oneiroi~3hrs sleep08:54
Oneiroicrap ... yeh nova-network keeps bombing out08:55
viddsleep...that's the animal wool comes from .... right?08:55
Oneiroiyup forgot the db sync ... do nova-* is crapping out08:55
* Oneiroi facepalm08:55
viddif nova-network keeps dropping out on you then you probably have a network config issue08:56
Oneiroividd: table nova.networks does not exist ;-)08:57
viddits 4:56 am and ive been up since 8:55 am08:57
Oneiroimgoldmann: I'm going to write some BG yamls to build openstack on oneiric, unelss someone allready has / is ?08:57
viddbut i did have an amazing 4 hours of rest08:57
mgoldmannOneiroi: feel free to throw anything you have on me :)08:58
Oneiroividd: sleep is inefficient and overrated ;-)08:58
livemoonsiwos: what is openstack cluster?08:58
viddyeah...wool makes me itch anyway08:58
Oneiroimgoldmann: I have a few windows machines I could throw at you if you really wanted :P08:58
mgoldmanntoo heavy08:59
Oneiroilivemoon: an openstack deploy using more than just one machine08:59
viddwindows machines will run linux...throw them my way =]08:59
livemoonOneiroi: I know ,but mutil nodes does not mean cluster09:00
Oneiroividd: indeed >) recycling 2 vistaquad core desktops into a lab now09:00
viddmgoldmann, once you strip out the proprietary stuff, those machines would be lighter =]09:00
livemoonsiwos: chep, do you have some tech docs about it?09:00
Oneiroilivemoon: a nova one = cluster, i.e. 5 compute nodes 1 controller etc ...09:01
viddohhhhh quad-cores09:01
Oneiroinove zone*09:01
siwoswe plan 100 nodes09:01
Oneiroividd: my first build is with recycled kit :P looking at 16 cores ~40GB ram 1.83TB RAID10 sata ~300GB RAID 10 15K SAS :D09:01
livemoonsiwos: how many controller?09:01
Oneiroisiwos: someone has suggested I look @ juju09:02
livemoonglance, keystone, dashboard ?09:02
viddOneiroi, i have to get two systems up with the dashboard so the purse-holders can send some purchase orders my way09:03
livemoonsiwos: Is each node running compute and volume?09:03
*** mayfield has quit IRC09:03
Oneiroilivemoon: each worker node should be running compute +_ network at the very least09:03
viddOneiroi, network is not needed if you use vlan09:04
Oneiroividd: if you don't have network on each compute node, network is routed through the one node that is09:04
halfssyes network is not needed09:04
Oneiroiaccording to the training material09:04
Oneiroithus bottleneck + single failiure point09:05
siwosOneiroi: brb09:05
halfsswhen use multi-host,you shoud need network on each compute node09:05
viddive found it helpful to have rabbitqm on all machines09:05
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC09:05
livemoonOneiroi: I know, I want to know dose siwos want to running volume in nodes?09:05
Oneiroividd: indeed, anythign you can replicate do so :) so that if you were say to drop kick one machine the whole cluster doesn't die :)09:07
viddOneiroi, from what i understand, if you tell the nodes give this vm this address, give that vm that address" and you have the gateways set to your main gateway, there is less bottleneck09:07
viddoh, and less node overhead09:08
OneiroiIn theory if you deploy it into an existing vlan + range then yes it _should_ use the native network equipment, but out of the box deploys switch to HAFlatDHCP manager, and run network on every compute node at the very least :)09:09
viddno way09:10
viddflatdhcp is a nightmare09:10
Oneiroijust going on what was on the course09:11
Oneiroithere is probably a better manager now09:11
Oneiroiesp with Quantum coming09:11
viddtroubleshooting a hiccup with flatdhcp has got to be a headache and a half09:11
siwoslivemoon: I've tested the setup you mentioned09:11
siwosbut finally we are buying dedicated hardware for nova-volume service09:12
Oneiroisiwos: you going to sit nova-volume on swift? or just use as standalone? (not using nova-volume yet myself)09:12
zykes-siwos: what company you work for ?09:12
viddOneiroi, "out-of-the-box" is usually the worst "solution" =]09:12
Oneiroividd: agreed09:12
*** supriya has quit IRC09:12
viddlook at windows for a prime example =]09:13
Oneiroieven not otb, windows is still <insert reference to excrement here>09:13 no longer out of the box windows has a penquin on it =]09:14
Oneiroiwindows 8 though ... from what I can tell pulls a lot from the linux kernel, which is why MS upstreamed so much recently ... though I'm not convinced it's still windows09:14
Oneiroividd: therefor it's a linux pc and not windows ;-)09:14
halfsshow did you monitor instance ?09:16
*** eferenr has joined #openstack09:16
Oneiroisnmp + zenoss / nagios personally09:16
viddive used every version of windows since 3.11 and they all are little more than malware magnets09:16
Oneiroi_but_ there are a variety to choose from09:16
Oneiroividd:  good to practising my pentesting on, that's all I use it for ;-)09:17
viddhow do you remove a user with keystone-manage?09:17
zykes-Oneiroi: why do you need nagios +09:17
Oneiroinothing in keystone-manage --help ?09:17
zykes-when you got zenoss09:18
Oneiroizykes-: I said zenoss / nagios, depenedant on personal preference, either or :)09:18
OneiroiI'm using Zenoss09:18
viddno...keystone-manage --help is about as useful as DOS09:18
Oneiroividd: keystone-manager user delete username09:19
eferenri have a dummy question regarding glance, but i do not find documentation about it. Once you have Glance Authentication with Keystone, how do u authenticate (e.g. which headers should I use in the rest call)? thx!09:19
Oneiroieferenr: auth with keystone and get your token, that token can now be used to auth with glance09:19
Oneiroias for headers ... X-Auth-Token I think09:20
Oneiroicheck the API docs @ http://wiki.openstack.org09:20
eferenrok, I thought there was a way to specify user and pasw and glance automatically request the keystone token....09:20
viddeferenr, im having a hard enough time just getting glance and keystone to talk to each other09:20
Oneiroividd:  bugger
eferenrthx vidd, but I am already familiar with KeyStone calls, I was looking for a glance http call where you specify user and pasw. and it automatically requests for a keystone token and uses it in the next requests09:23
viddeferenr, what you do is....use curl to get your token09:24
viddthen glance -H [glance host] -A [token] [the rest of your glance request]09:25
livemoonhow to control volume09:26
eferenrI got it, and then I'm trying something like curl -X GET -H "X-Auth-Token: $TOKEN" http://localhost:9292/v1/images09:26
eferenrok vidd, I'm gonna try first the cli09:26
eferenrand see if it works, thx ;-)09:26
viddive been trying to get it to work for the last 16 hours09:26
eferenryes.... it's not very intuitive... and the lack of documentation doesn't help09:28
*** javiF has joined #openstack09:28
viddthese plenty of documentation for glance =]09:28
*** osier has quit IRC09:30
halfssis there anybody resize sucess?09:34
*** Oneiroi has quit IRC09:35
*** Oneiroi has joined #openstack09:35
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack09:37
*** mus has quit IRC09:37
koolhead17hi all09:37
livemoonyou are so late09:38
koolhead17livemoon: yeah. slept late my friend. how have you been09:39
*** shaon has joined #openstack09:42
livemoonI am so tired09:42
livemoonwork 14 hours everyday09:42
livemoonDo you use volume, koolhead17?09:42
zykes-has anyone tested swift with newest keystone?09:43
koolhead17livemoon: zykes- nopes09:44
* koolhead17 will grab some lunch and come back09:44
Oneiroibrb head's burried in oneiric09:46
*** Razique has joined #openstack09:47
*** osier has joined #openstack09:47
*** nerens has quit IRC09:47
DavieyHola, has anyone seen before ?09:49
Davieyleaves instances stuck in pending.09:49
DavieyRestarted rabbitmq, with no joy.09:49
viddDaviey, is this for a node or the controller?09:50
Davieyvidd: good question..09:52
*** nerens has joined #openstack09:52
viddi suspect its for a node09:52
*** npmapn has quit IRC09:52
*** osier has quit IRC09:52
*** Oneiroi_ has joined #openstack09:54
DavieyI'm wondering if it is an sqlalchemy issue, rather than messaging.09:54
viddits a quota issue09:54
viddyou have a quota of 1009:54
viddthere are 10 things waiting09:54
viddyour trying # 1109:55
Davieyyes, but the queue doesn't seem to reducing09:55
*** Oneiroi has quit IRC09:55
*** Oneiroi_ is now known as Oneiroi09:55
viddwhat is it your trying to do?09:56
viddi dont know what nova.rpc is09:56
Davieyvidd: It's a in-use cloud where instances are being stuck in pending09:57
DavieyNot a new deployment.09:57
halfssis there anybody resize sucess?09:57
vidddo you have rabbitMQ installed on all machines?09:58
Davieyvidd: I don't have access to the machines.. not sure. :/09:58
zykes- anyone seen that before ?09:58
viddhow many jobs does this tenent have active?09:59
Oneiroilooks to me like someones trying to use https over http09:59
Oneiroiresulting in "bad request"09:59
zykes-Oneiroi: yeah, i fixed that by enabling ssl in the swift proxy10:00
zykes-but then a new one:
zykes-if i use the credentials with swift -A http://keystone.stack.lan:5000/v1.0 -U glance -K glance_pw stat -v it works fine10:01
viddzykes-, the error is that you are tying to NOT authenticate10:02
viddthats why when you do, it works10:02
viddive been battling with keystone for VERY familiar with the 401 error10:03
zykes-eh, vidd i've set the credentials in glance-api.conf the same ones in that command...10:03
zykes-yet another glance bug or ?10:03
zykes-or keystone10:03
viddthe way i understand it....the auth key in the config file is for things like dashboard10:04
viddnot for CLI use10:05
*** nerens has quit IRC10:05
zykes-vidd: in swift -K it's your password...10:05
zykes-and in the config it's the password for the user of glance in swift10:05
viddin glance config?10:06
*** nerens has joined #openstack10:06
zykes-yeah, when you use swift backing you need to give it a user to login to swift with ?10:06
zykes-how else should it auth ;)10:06
viddswift -A http://keystone.stack.lan:5000/v1.0 -U glance -K glance_pw stat -v is fine and swift -A http://keystone.stack.lan:5000/v1.0 -U glance  stat -v fails10:07
zykes-no vidd, using 'glance' with 'swift' as a backend fails10:08
zykes-when I do glance -A <token> name=test < <image file>10:08
viddis swift set up with keystone?10:08
*** osier has joined #openstack10:09
zykes-yes, that's what i'm trying to say10:09
zykes-glance api > keystone OK10:10
zykes-swift proxy > keystone OK10:10
zykes-glance api > swift proxy > keystone != compute10:10
viddit needs to do glance>keystone>swift10:10
*** fmancinelli has joined #openstack10:11
halfsszykes:you use dashboard mangage swift suecss?10:11
viddyour first 2 ok's were actually glance>keystone>glance and swift>keystone>swift10:12
zykes-glance client to glance api with keystone is ok10:13
zykes-swift client to swift proxy with keystone auth is ok10:13
zykes-but using a glance backed by swift is negative10:13
viddactually....its glace client to keystone to glance api10:13
*** osier has quit IRC10:13
halfsszykes: you can see api.log10:13
zykes-halfss: nothing exciting there going on10:14
*** osier has joined #openstack10:14
halfss?   what you config in glance-api.conf10:14
viddtry this: glance add -A [glance auth key] -H [swift destination]10:15
halfssdo not use -A10:15
viddfine --auth_key[glance auth key]10:16
halfssjust like this glance add  name="ubuntu1104" is_public=true  disk_format=raw < ubuntu-11.04-server-amd64.iso10:16
zykes-halfss: I can't do that... swift auth remember ?10:16
halfssyou use swift store image,don't need use keystone10:16
zykes-ehm, glance auth10:16
zykes-i can't just do a glance add with no token10:17
*** uksysadmin has quit IRC10:17
viddhalfss, his keystone is fine10:17
Raziqueglance with keystone ok :)10:17
zykes-nor can i do -H in glance towards swift, that doesn't make any sense10:17
viddwhy not? thats where you want it to go isnt it?10:17
zykes-vidd: no, the host needs to be your glance api server...10:18
zykes-what I'm telling you is "glance -A <token> name=ubuntu < ubuntu-image.tar.gz" gives an auth failure with the glance client or glance api10:18
viddso your have the same issue im having10:19
zykes-vidd: and that is ?10:19
koolhead17Vadim2: hey man10:19
viddglance add -H localhost -A [authkey] name=xxx < ~/image.tar10:20
viddive been battling it since monday10:21
zykes-and further more the -A auth key is the auth key for your admin account, not the one that's used towards swift10:22
halfss  here is my process when use swift store image, but  is chinese10:22
viddthe auth key is whatever auth key your supposed to use from where your ising it10:22
siwoshey koolhead17!10:22
*** timr has joined #openstack10:22
viddif your the admin, you can use the admin key10:23
siwosguys - I still try to figure out which puppet module is better for automated openstack deployments10:23
viddif your a tech, you use the tech key10:23
viddand so on10:23
siwosanyone using openstack with puppet?10:23
halfssi config swift as here
siwosve got 2 repos in general10:23
zykes-vidd: yeah, but still the token in -A doesn't necassarely have anything to do with the stuff in glance-api.conf10:23
siwosone from cloudbuilders team and one from puppetlabs team10:23
zykes-the stuff in glance-api.conf can be totally different10:24
siwosdon't know which is better10:24
Oneiroiok found out why my lab hardware isn't booting vms .... the intel quad chips (Q8300) have 2 versions, one with VT one without, take a guess which ones I have ...10:24
zykes-the ones without ? ;)10:24
zykes-halfss: yes, that's without keystone10:24
Oneiroiindeed :(10:24
viddit can be any key that keystone says your endpoint is allowed to use10:24
*** timr has left #openstack10:24
zykes-*hears a tada*10:25
zykes-i wonder if there might be anything todo with the glance swift module10:25
*** joeyang has quit IRC10:26
viddit probably has something to do with the endpoints or endpoint template for glance in keystone10:26
viddthats where im looking10:26
*** naehring has quit IRC10:27
viddi dont have swift and i have the same issue10:27
zykes-vidd: i wouldn't think so since then i don't think the swift client should work ?10:27
zykes-vidd: what issie is that ?10:27
Raziquewhat the nova-manage scrub command does exactly10:27
RaziqueI mean I know it removes a network from a project before removing the project itsefl but10:27
zykes-if you're on a newer glance vidd then do: $cmd endpointTemplates add RegionOne glance http://glance.stack.lan:9292/v1.0/files http://glance.stack.lan:9292/v1.0/files 1 0 something like this?10:28
viddif the endpoint for swift is correct and the endpoint for glance has a typo, then its quite possible10:28
Raziquedoes it only allow me to revmoe a network or does the scrubing deletes other stuff ?10:28
Raziqueok… il also remove security groups10:28
Raziquegood to know10:28
*** nerens_ has joined #openstack10:28
zykes-vidd: my glance index with admin token works fine10:28
*** nerens has quit IRC10:28
*** nerens_ is now known as nerens10:28
zykes-so i believe there is something going wrong in between10:29
*** worstadmin has quit IRC10:29
viddif your index is working then perhaps the syntax your using is off10:29
viddcan you paste exactly what your using [dummy info for keys of cource]?10:30
*** nikolaij has joined #openstack10:30
zykes-i wonder if the in glance isn't updated for use with keystone ?10:31
*** perestrelka has quit IRC10:32
viddit should authenticate with keystone before it even bothers to see where its supposed to put stuff10:32
nikolaijI everybody, good morning.   i have a cloud running with 1 controller and one node. when i run an instance on a node, i receive "wget: can't connect to remote host ( Network is unreachable". how can i fix it?10:32
*** naehring has joined #openstack10:33
viddzykes-, do you have default_sore = swift in glance-api?10:34
nikolaijand before that i can see: "Sending discover..." which fails... please help10:34
uvirtbotNew bug: #878759 in keystone "better manual page with description needed for keystone." [Undecided,New]
viddand you have all that authentication crap that keysone replaced commented out?10:36
*** nerens has quit IRC10:37
zykes-if i set the swift auth url to http://keystone:5000/v1.010:37
zykes-it works10:37
viddright...because it goes glance>keystone>swift10:38
*** BuZZ-T has quit IRC10:39
viddso you good?10:39
zykes-dunno yet, checking stuff10:39
viddive gotten quite good at this pathing stuff trying to find my error =]10:40
*** BuZZ-T has joined #openstack10:40
*** perestrelka has joined #openstack10:41
zykes-should be documented that if you're using swift you need to go to keystone first if you have it ;p10:41
viddtheres ALOT that should be documented =]10:42
zykes-*notes down*10:42
zykes-i'm doing a small setup now but going larger later i hope10:43
viddim doing a demo of two junk machines10:43
viddwhen i pull this off i hope to get funding for two brand new servers10:44
*** Razique has quit IRC10:44
zykes-i could always rend a server for 200$ a month with 4 * 2*6 cores10:46
zykes-but that would mean my $10:47
vidddrop the entire database AGAIN and add from scratch10:48
viddi have the thing mapped out this time so i know what is going where =]10:49
zykes-i made a .sh script with all the keystone-manage commands, got tired of having to go in and change endpoints ;p10:49
nikolaiji thought this was a support channel10:52
viddthis is a support channel10:53
nikolaijbut nobody gives me support never.10:54
*** halfss has quit IRC10:54
nikolaiji do not want to be the complainer of the situation, i know people has their own business and stuff to do, but this is not the first time i join, and nobody ever helped me :(10:55
vidd169.254.169.254 is an ip address owned by amazon10:55
nikolaiji thought that was an internal ip in the cloud to retrieve metadata. isn't it?10:56
*** perestrelka has quit IRC10:57
*** kernelfreak has joined #openstack10:57
viddi just tried to access it fom my home computer and i cant get to it10:57
nikolaijand actually that range /16 is reserved,10:57
nikolaijlike 192.16810:58
nikolaijwhen an instance is booting, it retrieves some info from the controller at that address10:58
*** halfss has joined #openstack10:59
FabriceBa never routed adress10:59
viddnikolaij, that is the "my system cant find a dhcp server to get an address from" ip address11:00
viddi KNEW it looked familiar =]11:00
nikolaijmaybe this can clarify: in my compute-node into openstack, i have 2 NICs one for private and 1 for public. when i run an instance, then br100 is created but no address is assigned. is that correct behavior?11:01
viddno, that is not correct behavior11:01
nikolaijok thanks, so i already know something is wrong.11:02
viddyou should have your system set up so that local ips are assigned to you VMs11:02
nikolaijthe strange thing is that if i run the image from the controller itself, then everything works11:02
*** ksteward has joined #openstack11:02
viddwell yeah....because the controller has nova-network installed on it so it created the proper local ip for the vm11:03
viddor at least an ip that is routable11:03
nikolaijmy setup is: controller (all nova components) eth0 eth1 br0 while the nova compute machine has br100 no ip, eth1 i just followed and everything worked. while on part 2 i had the abouve issues11:04
viddthat is wrong11:05
zykes-now just to get up nova ;)11:06
nikolaijwhich config should be good? i tried to manually assign to br100 the same ip that the controller has ( just for test, but of course does not work (2 ips same net)11:06
*** gohko_ has quit IRC11:07
nikolaijmy nova.conf looks like this (excuse my verbosity) --daemonize=111:08
nikolaij --public_interface=eth011:08
*** kaigan_ has quit IRC11:08
viddnikolaij, use paste11:08
livemoonnikolaij: you should use pastebin11:08
nikolaijok sorry i will next time11:08
GheRiveroec2_url is deprecated11:09
GheRiverothe same as fake_subdomain11:10
*** tsuzuki_ has quit IRC11:10
nikolaijactually seems that i'm not the only one with this problem: but it does not fix for me11:10
nikolaiji'm removing deprecated flags, and try again to run11:11
viddhave you read the cookbook?11:11
nikolaijyou mean
*** gohko_ has joined #openstack11:13 looking for the URL11:13
nikolaijalso: how can i know the release of openstack i'm running?11:13
livemoonnikolaij, form china?11:14
nikolaijlol, nope11:15
nikolaijno livemoon i'm from italy, living in holland11:15
*** ahasenack has joined #openstack11:15
viddnothing but net there11:15
nikolaijtnx a lot11:16
*** Razique has joined #openstack11:16
viddno keystone, no dashboard,11:16
viddi dont think it has swift either11:16
nikolaijmy version btw is 2011.3 (2011.3-nova-milestone-tarball:tarmac-20110922115702-k9nkvxqzhj130av2)11:17 does have swift11:17
livemoonbye all. Go home11:17
nikolaijbye livemoon tnx so far11:19
*** naehring has quit IRC11:19
eferenrHi, when trying to integrate nova with keystone I'm getting the following error (when launching nova-api). Does anyone have any idea of the reason and how to solve it? Thx!
*** naehring has joined #openstack11:22
viddeferenr, i had that one!11:22
eferenrand did u solve it? :-)11:22
eferenrI'll owe you a beer if u help me with that. hehe11:23
viddyes i solved it....i just going through my bash history11:23
viddtwo lines fixed it11:23
vidd1.) sudo apt-get install python-pip11:26
vidd   2.) sudo pip install [missing file]11:26
Raziqueeferenr: what is your version of nova ?11:26
viddin your case "auth"11:26
livemoonRazique: you are late today11:26
*** sahuram_ has quit IRC11:27
eferenrI'm gonna try it, vidd ;-). @Razique, I'm using the 2011.3 version tagged at github11:27
*** AhmedSoliman has quit IRC11:27
*** orclev has joined #openstack11:27
eferenr@vidd, seems that it does not work. Downloading/unpacking auth11:28
larissaeferenr: Error: "vidd," is not a valid command.11:28
eferenr  Could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement auth11:28
eferenrNo distributions at all found for auth11:28
eferenrStoring complete log in /root/.pip/pip.log11:28
livemooneferenr: you can not use auth module11:29
livemoonRazique: Have you used nova-volume in your work?11:29
eferenrthen how should I proceed to integrate keystone? All I've done is to add the paste_config file in keystone... and I'm getting this "module named auth not found" error.11:30
*** lts has joined #openstack11:31
livemooneferenr: you should use api-paste.ini in your nova directory11:32
viddeferenr, what command did you try to run that caused that error?11:32
eferenrpip install auth11:32
viddno...the error you originally had11:33
eferenrwhen adding the api-paste.ini into the nova.conf file11:33
livemoonyou paste your api-paste.ini11:33
viddand what did you do b4 that?11:33
eferenrbefore that it was working, but without keystone authentication. livemoon I'm gonna try the paste file you say, instead of the one provided with keystone11:34
livemooneferenr: actually, I have not use auth in my api-paste.ini conf file.11:35
viddeferenr, you dont add anything to your nova.conf  file11:35
*** cereal_bars has joined #openstack11:36
viddeferenr, did you install nova from packages or from git?11:36
eferenrfrom the tar available in github11:37
eferenrthe 2011.311:37
viddthen open the README ad follow the instruction there11:37
viddthe README in keystone11:38
eferenrlivemoon: if I use the api-paste.ini file it works, but I presume it does not include KeyStone authentication11:38
eferenrvidd: I've followed such instructions11:38
eferenrbut still, I get this "module named 'auth' not found" error.11:38
viddthos instruction say to create a symbolic link and nothing else11:39
livemooneferenr: I haven't use auth in api-paste.ini11:39
livemoonyou can delete "auth"11:39
*** perestrelka has joined #openstack11:40
*** AhmedSoliman has joined #openstack11:41
eferenrlivemoon: that's the api-paste.ini I'm using, what do you mean by deleting auth?
viddwhat does your nova.conf file look like?11:42
*** nerens has joined #openstack11:42
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack11:44
eferenrproblem solved, it was a bug in the keystone/middleware/nova_keystone_context.py11:45
eferenrI'll check if it has been reported, otherwise I will add a ticket11:45
livemoondo you install keystone from apt?11:47
eferenrno, from github11:48
viddlivemoon, no, he got it from git11:48
eferenrI'm using the tagged version11:48
eferenrI supposed it was the most stable version11:49
halfssis there anybody resize success?11:50
livemoonbye all, I will go home.11:50
*** livemoon has quit IRC11:50
eferenrbye, I thx for the help ;-)11:50
zykes-how does nova do multiple networks ? like subnets etc and seperate traffic on them11:51
*** ewindisch_ has joined #openstack11:53
viddlike group one VM's are on, group two is on, group three is on .....and so on?11:53
viddall from one compute node?11:53
zykes-the first11:54
zykes-vlan backed ?11:54
*** ewindisch has quit IRC11:54
*** ewindisch_ is now known as ewindisch11:54
viddso each node has iths own subnet?11:54
zykes-nono, i mean how can i seperate networks ?11:55
zykes-say customer 1 and customer 2 ?11:55
viddso cust 1 has *.1.0/24, cust 2 has *.2.0/24?11:56
zykes-for example11:57
zykes-not sure how one would do it11:57
viddi suppose until Quantum is stable, you would have a seperate NIC for each subnet11:58
viddpipe each subnet through its own eth port11:59
viddand set the floating IPs based on who gets what subnet11:59
viddQuantum is supposed to handle all that ove a single nic12:01
viddyou would definantly go with vlan12:01
*** halfss has quit IRC12:02
zykes-yeah, really looking forwards for openvswitch support12:04
*** livemoon has joined #openstack12:07
shaonlivemoon: you are home already? :D12:07
livemoonundergroud railway12:08
livemoonshaon: hi12:09
livemoonI want to know how to use volume via novaclient.12:10
*** livemoon_ has joined #openstack12:12
Raziquelivemoon: hi :)12:13
Raziquehi shaon12:13
livemoon_Razique: hi12:13
livemoon_I can use keystone12:14
*** livemoon has quit IRC12:15
livemoon_but not know how to with euca2ools together12:15
Raziquelivemoon_: let me go back at desk12:15
livemoon_Razique: :)12:16
RaziqueI've been able to make euca2ools work with keystone yesterday12:16
Raziquei've all the notes there12:16
*** Razique has left #openstack12:16
zykes-Razique: submit a patch ? ;p12:16
eferenrufff... that's the never ending story..... :/ hehehe does anyone have KeyStone + Nove + Glance up and running? I've manage to link these components (the authentication flow has changed and now it does not crash when running the different components). But I'm not able to authenticate myself in order to use the RESTful interface neither using X-Auth-Token: XXXXXX or by providing a User and Pasw.12:20
eferenrI have the feeling that something might be wrong with the KeyStone end-point ... or how Glance/Nova try to validate the provided token12:20
eferenrbecause I'm always getting the following response: This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document you requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password), or your browser does not understand how to supply the credentials required.12:21
viddeferenr, did you set up your keystone database?12:22
eferenryeps, I can send request to keystone12:23
viddor did you just pump in the sample data12:23
eferenrand authenticate by sending request directly to it12:23
eferenrno no, I'm using my custom DB data12:23
livemoon_eferenr:first, does glance can use with keystone?12:24
vidddid you use the keystone-manage db_setup or did you just throw up the database?12:24
eferenrI guess it tries to use it, but it cannot authenticate. Since I added keystone I'm always getting a 404 error12:24
eferenrehms.... I just called ./bin/sampledata12:25
eferenrbut if I try to authenticate with my custom user it works (if I work direcly towards keystone)12:25
livemoon_drop earlier database, create a new and run keystone, it will set up tables auto12:26
eferenrthat's what I've done. I'm able to log in into KeyStone with my custom user12:26
viddso the curl to your custom database works but not the keystone auth with apps?12:27
livemoon_then use keystone-manage to add your data12:27
eferenrexactly vidd12:27
eferenrif I send request directly to KeyStone, it works12:27
livemoon_which apps?12:27
viddthat means you never ran keystone-manage db_sync so keystone has no clue how to talk to its database12:27
eferenror usign CURL towards nova-api // glance-api12:27
eferenrif I use this it works :12:28
*** livemoon_ has quit IRC12:28
eferenrcurl -X POST -d '"auth":{"passwordCredentials":{...}"}'
eferenrand I get a token12:29
viddeferenr, curl is the back-end12:29
viddglance needs to use the front end12:29
viddand keystone cant translate front end spanish into back-end german12:29
*** Razique has joined #openstack12:29
vidddoes that help you to understand?12:30
eferenr:/ not at all.... I'm just using CURL to access the RESTful interface12:30
koolhead17vidd:can you mention the issues you found on  will look at it and try to update it. You can comment on the blog page :)12:31
eferenrglance command should be just a CURL-like wrapper12:31
viddbut its NOT12:31
viddglance uses a glance command12:31
eferenrthe problem is that when I'm curling keystone, it seems to work (I get a token), but when I try to curl glance-api with the X-Auth-Token header it does not work12:31
eferenrbut then, how do you use glance HTTP api?12:32
viddit tells keystone this is what my password should be12:32
viddkeystone tries to read the database12:32
eferenryeps, but if keystone is working, then glance index --host=$HOST --auth_token=$TOKEN should work12:32
viddNO NO NO NO12:33
viddkeytstone is NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! working.....CURL is working12:33
eferenrhow is then that I'm getting tokens from keystone?12:34
*** ziyadb has joined #openstack12:34
viddkeystone WILL NEVER work unless you use keystone -manage to tell keystone this is the database, and keystone says this is how the database be be configured12:34
viddyou are NOT getting tokens from keystone12:34
eferenrwho is sending me then the tokens?12:35
viddyou are getting tokens of the curl scripts against your database info12:35
viddrun that curl command against anything in your nova database and you will get a "token"12:36
eferenrwhen I try to curl glance-api I get an unauthorized message12:37
viddive been fighting with this keystone database for 3 days now....i know a thing or twop about iot12:37
eferenrI do not get any token12:37
vidddelete the tables in your keystone database12:38
viddrun "keystone-manage db_sync"12:38
vidddo you have phpmyadmin installed on your machine?12:39
eferenrnops, but I have sqlitebrowser to analyze the db12:39
viddfine....i suppose it is similar12:39
viddlook at your database structure12:40
eferenrsudo ./bin/keystone-manage db_sync12:40
eferenrdb_sync is not a supported obj type12:40
zykes-why do you need to do a db_sync vidd ?12:40
*** nhubbard_away is now known as nhubbard12:40
zykes-eferenr: are you using sampledata or creating your own ?12:40
eferenrcreating my own12:40
viddzykes-, you have to do the sync otherwize keystone wont understand it12:41
viddi dunno why, its just that way12:41
eferenrwhen I try to sync I get this error: db_sync is not a supported obj type12:41
Raziquevidd: could you sum up your issue to me briefly ?12:42
zykes-vidd: no, keystone doesbn't have a db_sync...12:42
RaziqueI just landed12:42
Raziquezykes-: looks like it does actually,12:42
viddi backed up my database and did a clean install, imported the database and keystone said "NOPE not using that....I didnt make it"12:42
viddit does so12:42
*** halfss has joined #openstack12:42
zykes-vidd: keystone usually recreates the db on start12:43
viddthe "not a supported obj type" is the expected outcome of that command12:43
viddzykes-, no it most certainly does NOT12:43
viddif it recreates the database every time it starts, how could you possible store ppl's login info on it?!?12:44
*** superbobry has joined #openstack12:45
zykes-vidd: ehm, pardon doesn't recreate, it "creates"12:45
viddzykes-, it READS the database every time it starts12:46
zykes-vidd: yeah, checking that all tables etc are there12:46
zykes-and if you do not have a database creates using sqlite it will create an empty one on start or when you run keystone-manage12:47
zykes-s/creates/it creates12:47
viddand if you have one but never ran db_sync, keystone will have no idea how to read it12:48
zykes-dude, there is seriously no db_sync command i think12:48
zykes-if you look at the python keystone.backends or keystone/backends/ you see that it runs configure_backends which in terms sets up the db if needed12:49
eferenrI agree with zykes.... whatever you type outputs the same msg12:49
eferenryeps, in the documentation the talk about such command12:49
viddthe error message is a know bug12:49
eferenrbut when you type it, ti does not work12:49
zykes-vidd: the error message is not a "error" message in terms that there is no code to handle that command if you read through the code12:50
viddi never said it was an error message12:50
viddi said the result was expected =]12:50
zykes-If you read around in the other projects you see that "db sync" sets up (updates your db) to the most recent version, in other words if you use keystone from github and you do a git pull origin master or whatever then you should need to upgrade you db12:52
zykes-but if you skim the source code you see that there is no "migrate" stuff in keystone yet12:53
zykes-so the command that you mention is useless12:53
*** hingo has quit IRC12:53
*** Glaceee has quit IRC12:53
*** hingo has joined #openstack12:53
*** cmagina has quit IRC12:54
zykes-as in glance for example a db sync is used to upgrade the db to the most recent version of the schema spec12:54
zykes-probably will be in later keystone versions as well12:54
*** cmagina has joined #openstack12:54
viddzykes-, if i hadnt see proof to the contrary with my own eyes, id tend to agree with you12:54
zykes-so you don't agree ? ;)12:54
Raziquehey guys, I discovered that
Raziqueseems great12:55
viddi have already did a clean install, dropped my backed up database in and keystone refused to accept it until i sync'd it12:55
zykes-i'll check with devs later to clearify ;p12:56
Raziqueok so does db_sync is a command or not ? :D12:56
viddtry it up a vm, and test it12:57
viddRazique, yes it is12:57
zykes-vidd: what's the scenario, that after keystone is installed it doesn't create the db?12:57
viddupon first launch12:57
zykes-lemme see :)12:58
Raziquezykes-: by running keystone & in order to launch it12:58
Raziqueit creates and populate the database12:58
viddon a clean install12:58
Raziquewhat would be an unclean on in such case ?12:59
uvirtbotNew bug: #878826 in openstack-manuals "Update doc for Cactus to Diablo upgrade needed" [Undecided,In progress]
viddif keystone-manage db_sync has already been run13:01
Raziquewhat does it gives you when you run it another timE ?13:01
Raziquei think i'll act as the nova does when you run nova-manage db sync13:02
Raziqueof glance-control db_sync13:02
Raziqueit must log the version uprade, that it :)13:02
*** msivanes has joined #openstack13:02
*** hingo has quit IRC13:02
*** PeteDaGuru has joined #openstack13:02
*** hingo has joined #openstack13:03
Raziquevidd: so what is your issue now ?13:03
Raziquekeystone doesn't start ?13:03
viddif you put up a database with data in it, and never ran keystone-manage db_sync, you get the error that the browser doesnt recognize or something like that13:04
viddmy issue is the same issue i had yesterday and the day b413:04
Raziqueand if afterward you run the db_sync ?13:04
*** superbobry has left #openstack13:04
Raziquesorry, it's just keystone is a pain for so many people here :D13:04
viddif you run db_sync then all is well13:04
viddyeah it is13:05
*** hadrian has joined #openstack13:05
viddi wish the *buntu ppl would have fixed up thier deb so it did more than just put half the keystone stuff on the system13:06
viddthey are usually much better than that13:06
viddbut the realease was so close to the 11.10 release13:07
koolhead17vidd: you would have checked for bugs before trying keystone from ubuntu repo :)13:08
viddi expect come january, the deb will be fine as frog fuzz13:08
* koolhead17 wonders if keystone code changes everyday13:08
*** lorin1 has joined #openstack13:08
koolhead17vidd: yes i think the same.13:08
viddkoolhead17, does13:08
koolhead17vidd: so how you you expect it to be packaged and work perfectly, so most of us are using it from github :)13:09
viddthe script i downloaded 5 hours again set up a different database scheme than the onle i installed yesterday13:09
Raziquevidd: use keysotne from github13:10
viddit would be nice if it just sorta worked13:10
RaziqueI've been able to integrate it only from github13:10
Raziqueand nova/glance PPA's :)13:10
*** AhmedSoliman has quit IRC13:10
viddleast they could have done was include the examples folder that has the info for fixing api-paste13:11
koolhead17Razique: glance is stable so if nova.13:11
*** livemoon has joined #openstack13:11
Raziqueglance from the PPA's yup :)13:11
Raziquevidd: You want a working database scheme ?13:11
koolhead17as vidd said even am hoping by jan keystone will be stable and painless13:12
viddim using 11.10....the ppa's are for older versions13:12
Raziquefor Github's keystone, not the ubuntu one13:12
koolhead17vidd: you dont need PPA for 11.1013:13
viddRazique, you had the db up for at least 2 probably isnt compatable with the current install script =]13:13
Raziquevidd: which install script are we talking about here ?13:14
viddthe one from github that is updated 6? hours ago13:14
*** naehring has quit IRC13:14
*** vernhart has joined #openstack13:15
*** ziyadb has quit IRC13:16
OneiroiNova,Glance,Keystone,Swift,Quantum .... did I miss anything?13:17
* Oneiroi is preppring slides to run a trianing session here13:17
viddOneiroi, dashboard13:17
Oneiroithank you13:17
zykes-nerens: you doing quantum as well ?13:18
Raziquevidd : do you have a link for that install script ?13:18
Oneiroidevstack ?13:18
RaziqueI generally don't use scripted installation :D13:18
viddRazique, its burried in my bah history13:18
*** ziyadb has joined #openstack13:19
zykes-Oneiroi: using devstack ?13:19
vidd(how many lines does that go back?)13:19
*** Shentonfreude has quit IRC13:19
*** Slav has joined #openstack13:19
Oneiroizykes-: nope no worky on oneiric13:19
*** crussell has joined #openstack13:19
viddOneiroi, it most certyainly does13:20
Raziquevidd: here is what I did in order to make keystone running
Oneiroividd: it most certianly does not, reboot and dies13:20
Oneiroinothing comes back13:20
Oneiroifine so long as you never reboot13:20
viddwhat do you a demo!13:20
Oneiroiit to not die horribly if I have a power brown out13:21
Oneiroithat'd be nice esp when I'm giving a demo of said demo ...13:21
Oneiroidemo death never fun ;-)13:22
*** ianloic has quit IRC13:22
*** jingizu_ has quit IRC13:22
*** scottsanchez has quit IRC13:22
*** fujin has quit IRC13:22
*** Tribaal has quit IRC13:22
Raziqueguys, what does that mean :
RaziqueNoMoreNetworks ?13:22
Oneiroiit's run out of ip's to allocate?13:22
*** shaon has quit IRC13:23
Oneiroiassuming a network exists and you've been using it13:23
Raziqueprivate ips or floating ones ?13:23
RaziqueI've a /24 network13:23
Raziqueand only two instances running13:23
viddhey...bill gates sold millions of copies of  '98 even though it BSOD'd 32 seconds into booting13:23
* Oneiroi shrug13:23
Oneiroividd: thus proving windows users are idiots, I'd like to think better of *nix lusers ;-)13:24
*** ianloic has joined #openstack13:24
viddthe ppl paying us to set these things up are 94-1 windows users13:24
vidd5% of them never touch a computer more complex then a calculator13:25
Oneiroia guy on the training course complained citing "I didn't knwo we'd be using command line ..."13:25
FabriceBho please leave this rant to leet groups13:26
viddwe're not ranting13:26
*** ianloic has quit IRC13:26
FabriceBno you're doing useless troll13:26
Raziqueno room for trolls here :o13:27
Oneiroiyeh we haven't settup br100 for them to live under yet13:27
Oneiroi /endpun13:27
* Razique don't get it :D13:28
viddRazique, br100 is a bridge....13:28
viddhomeless ppl live under bridges13:29
*** jeh has joined #openstack13:29
viddoh...and trolls =]13:29
Oneiroiso that raises the question13:29
Oneiroiwhere do you find a homeless troll?13:29
RaziqueI'm not a native english, so puns are not as easily interpreted by my brain as urs13:29
viddon freenode?13:30
Oneiroiit would seem so13:30
uvirtbotOneiroi: Error: "_^" is not a valid command.13:30
Oneiroiuvirtbot: quiet you13:30
uvirtbotOneiroi: Error: "quiet" is not a valid command.13:30
viddOneiroi, its a bot...let it be13:30
Raziquedudes, how can I work while u make fun here13:32
Raziquehave* maybe13:32
OneiroiMultiple monitors ?13:32
RaziqueToo lazy to plug the 60$ apple display cable13:32
livemoonRazique: where is you doc?13:32
viddOneiroi, no...multiple monitors is not helpng me get this databse set up =]13:32
livemoonOneiroi: hi13:32
Raziquelivemoon: sitill in progress, I've finished the Glance part13:33
Raziqueand almost the keystone13:33
Raziquetonight I'll do the nova one13:33
OneiroiYeh Razique seriously how long does it take you to do something for free ... jeez13:33
livemoonRazique: good job13:33
viddive been waiting MINUTES already!13:33
*** tacitone has joined #openstack13:34
*** bcwaldon has joined #openstack13:34
*** pixelbeat has quit IRC13:34
zykes-i'll have nova and dashboard up tonight13:34
zykes-gonna be fun ;)13:34
*** pixelbeat has joined #openstack13:34
livemoonI said: Razique is my teacher13:34
zykes-Oneiroi: why doesn't quantum work on oneiric13:35
OneiroiHAving to order new hardware here ... :(13:35
Raziquezykes-: cook!13:35
tacitoneHey all, configuring swift and I can't get tempauth to load on swift-init proxy start (diablo, Debian Squeeze)13:35
viddi hope to get to dashboard before i colopse into a heap on the floor13:35
RaziqueI dunno if the dashboard worths it actually13:35
RaziqueOneiroi: ahah13:35
Oneiroizykes-:  *shrug* not tried yet, did you divide by zero yet?13:35
zykes-divide by zero ?13:35
Raziquemust be another pun13:35
* Razique thinking13:35
zykes-oh bah13:35
livemoonNow I am not ready to use dashboard13:36
Raziquebroken link :D13:36
livemoonI need to use CLI and learn nova-api13:36
*** kaigan_ has joined #openstack13:36
Raziquelivemoon: yah, dashboard is cool and sexy for demos13:36
livemoonthen I want to write my own web with api13:36
Raziquebut u won't use it I think :D13:36
OneiroiRazique:  ok try
tacitoneI figure I'm missing the tempauth module somehow.13:37
RaziqueOneiroi: sorry, but I don't get that one either :/13:37
Raziquestupid native puns13:38
Oneiroinot native, rule #52 of the internet iirc13:38
livemoonI am going to watch nikita.13:38
livemoonbye all13:38
Raziquehehe enjoy13:38
livemoongood work13:38
OneiroiI'm going to watch nikita from behind your sofa13:38
vidddivision by zero is the quickest, fastest, easies way to blow up a program13:38
Raziqueah ok13:39
tacitoneI ran a grep on /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6 & /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7 - I thought having two concurrent versions of Python installed would cause a problem, but the grep shows there are no files present with a mention of tempauth.13:39
Raziquecya livemoon :)13:39
Oneiroitacitone: grep -i ?13:39
tacitoneOneirio: good idea 8)13:40
viddthe two versions are there to support python scripts that are ...... behind the times13:40
viddi deliberatly refrained from making a microsoft jab13:41
tacitoneYep, no eggs in /usr/lib/pymodules containing pattern 'tempauth' [grep -R -i]13:42
tacitoneBuilt my debs from bzr13:42
viddsomebody said something about tempauth a couple of hours ago....dont remember what13:43
tacitoneMaybe I can get tempauth from pypi?13:43
Oneiroiwell if they did it'll be in teh logs13:43
*** kbringard has joined #openstack13:43
tacitoneswauth and tempauth not registered on PyPi O.o13:44
*** siwos has quit IRC13:44
viddits befor 7am and afte 2am EST13:44
*** jingizu_ has joined #openstack13:44 was swauth13:45
zykes-what is aeolus ? kind of like deltacloud or ?13:45
Raziquezykes-: yah, kinda puppet-stuff13:45
Raziquebut for instances13:46
tacitoneMany refs to swauth in /usr/lib/pymodules..  Perhaps I should switch to swauth - advantages over tempauth, anyone?13:46
*** ejat has joined #openstack13:46
*** ejat has joined #openstack13:46
Raziqueyou create xml manifests, and it handles for you the while image creation13:46
Oneiroitacitone: advantage is you have swauth?13:46
tacitoneOneirio: Point well taken X]13:46
zykes-Razique: doing what?13:46
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack13:46
Raziquesorry I wrote like I was drunk13:47
viddzykes-, puppet is a tool for auto-configuring servers to expand your cloud13:47
Raziquezykes-: You create xml fies that define how you image will be13:48
*** Tribaal has joined #openstack13:48
Raziquelike Os, packages installed into it, user to create13:48
tacitoneAh, so puppet is an imaging service?13:48
Raziquethen it does everything for you…. instead of launchink kvm yourself with as long flags as my arm13:49
viddmore like a provisioning service13:49
Raziquetacitone: Puppet is a post deplpyment tools13:49
zykes-yeah, i know what puppet is ;p, but what does aeolus do, like build ontop or ?13:49
tacitone#!/bin/bash is also a post deployment tool :P13:49
Raziqueit customizes a system and make sure for a given server, all the instruction are satisfied13:49
jehpuppet is configuration management.  A single interface that controls all the configuration (users, files, packages, services, etc) for all your systems. Cloud based or not13:49
FabriceBa cfengine on steroid13:50
Raziquefor instance, it makes sure you have the apache service installed on a server13:50
RaziqueI myself used Puppet for a client13:50
RaziqueI've been able to provide around 60 VMs easily13:50
Raziquewithout it, it would have taken me days13:50
zykes-we use it here as well13:51
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack13:51
FabriceBan alternative to puppet is chef13:52
Raziqueit's a cool tool yah13:52
FabriceBboth are ruby based13:52
*** fujin has joined #openstack13:52
RaziqueFabriceB: I read a nice article that claims Puppet is better o/13:52
FabriceBmm i think i can find an article saying chef is better13:52
Raziqueahah I think it' not about the tools13:53
Raziqueit's about the one who use them :)13:53
viddwhat part of puppet development did the writer create?13:53
Raziquevidd: what do you mean ?13:53
FabriceBbut any way those kind of tools are almost mandatory to manage a cloud13:53
*** Oneiroi has quit IRC13:53
RaziqueFabriceB: depends of what kind of cloud we are talking about13:55
viddit implies the writer is bias because he may have participated in making the product he was endorcing13:55
crussellGuys, i'm trying to figure out the relationship to some pieces of openstack.13:55
RaziqueI guess it's not that important on a small IAAS platform :)13:55
Raziquehu crussell just ask :)13:55
crussellWHen an image runs.. it reads from a parent image housed in glance?13:55
crusselland then the differencing disk, is wrote down to nova-volume?13:55
viddlike when stev jobbs used to talk about how much better the iphone was compared to the blackberry13:55
Raziquecrussell: nope13:56
crussellglad i asked then13:56
vidd[please note, yet another avoidance of a microsoft jab]13:56
Raziquecrussell: 1 - you have images in Glance 2- when you ask to run one , it is sent to a node that has been elected to run that image13:56
*** patelna has joined #openstack13:56
Razique3- the image is sent to that server, which is then stored locally13:57
Razique(in the _base dir)13:57
viddis nova-volume even used anymore?13:57
viddor did glance replace it13:57
Razique4- that file, called a "backing file" 5- from that file is created a smaller one that is your instance13:57
crussellWHich is essentially a difference disk.13:58
Razique5- nova-volumes allows you to attach an extra disk to that server (similary to the amazon s3 stuff)13:58
Raziquevidd: nova-volumes <> glance13:58
Raziquethe benefit here is to have an instance, and a disk that doesn't depend on it (nova-volume)13:59 space13:59
Raziquethus, you can delete your instance, that won't delete the volume you attached13:59
Raziquevidd: exactly, which has it's own life14:00
Raziquewhen you terminate an instance, the backing file is not removed14:00
crussellOk, with that said then.. my /var/lib/nova/instnace dir can be a mounted shared volume sourced from a san and shared amoung hosts since ext4 knows how to singularly lock a file with out concurency problems14:00
Raziqueand when you launch annother instance with the same base image, you re-create an image from that backing file14:00
Raziqueand voila :)14:00
*** hacim has left #openstack14:01
crussellGood explanation, ty14:01
*** sdake has quit IRC14:01
*** sdake has joined #openstack14:02
crussellAnd if i can.. then my volumes can be replicated by the san across datacenters.14:02
FabriceByou're /var/lib/nova/instnace is mounted on many hosts at the same time ?14:02
crussellI'm asking can it....14:02
FabriceBho that's not possible14:03
*** PeteDaGuru has quit IRC14:03
*** PeteDaGuru has joined #openstack14:03
crussellif i have a block stoage san.. such as equalogic, i that is attached via iscsi14:03
FabriceByou can't share a fs unless it's build for14:03
FabriceBlike gfs from rehdat14:03
RaziqueFabriceB: in fact of you want to do live migration you need to share that directory14:03
crussellI thought ext4 could handle it without corruption14:04
FabriceBfor cache coherency problem from example14:04
RaziqueFabriceB has a point here14:04
FabriceBRazique: not from common fs14:04
crusselli know darn well ntfs can not handle it14:04
RaziqueFabriceB: you are totally right14:04
Raziquecrussell: you can use NFS, but perf will sux14:04
FabriceBntfs, xfs, ext[1..4]14:05
Raziqueyou should use GFS or14:05
FabriceBbut gfs, gpfs, and some other14:05
RaziqueI don't recall the other one14:05
FabriceBlustre i think14:05
Raziqueanother one :D14:05
RaziqueDRBD ?14:05
FabriceBceph is on the way to do it14:05
Raziqueyup drbd14:05
FabriceBdrbs is for block sharing afaik14:05
Raziquetime to cofee14:06
crussellI just have this hesitation.. that my customers data is residing on some commoditoy mirror... and in first case use for the cloud, it would be an entire VM. - How do i repliacate this locally sotred data then14:06
Raziquedjee I was supposed to work14:06
RaziqueI just did nothing but talk here ahah14:06
*** dprince has joined #openstack14:06
*** robbiew has joined #openstack14:06
Raziquecrussell: you would have a shared FS for that then :)14:07
crussellThe Gluster Connector for OpenStack …supports the virtual motion of the VMs within the OpenStack compute environment.14:07
crussellthis is me..14:07
crussellexactly what i'm looking for.14:07
Raziquecrussell: You could use I think an ugly hack via rsync and it's sparse files option14:07
Raziquebut that wouldn't be cool at all :D14:08
crusselldoesn't sound predictable or reliable =)14:08
koolhead17Can i pull a particular repo on basis of date ?14:08
koolhead17from github?14:08
*** tacitone has left #openstack14:08
* koolhead17 is no github export14:08
*** fmancinelli has quit IRC14:08
*** ejat has quit IRC14:09
*** gnu111 has joined #openstack14:10
*** nerens has quit IRC14:10
*** Razique has left #openstack14:16
crussellGluster/Openstack seems entirely too simple to implement14:17
gnu111yes, much easier than swift :D14:18
jtannerthat's good14:18
notmynamegnu111: :-(14:18
*** scottsanchez has joined #openstack14:19
gnu111notmyname: I got swift up and running. just head to read the doc carefully. :)14:19
viddnotmyname, someone just had a question about auth for swift14:19
*** nelson has quit IRC14:20
* notmyname scrolls up14:20
notmynametacitone. looks like he left14:20
viddlike 10 minutes ago14:21
*** deshantm has quit IRC14:21
*** fmancinelli has joined #openstack14:21
gnu111So, I am still trying to understand what this means: "Assuming there are 5 zones with 1 node per zone, ZONE should start at 1 and increment by one for each additional node." I have 8 nodes to play with, so far I added three storage and one proxy. I basically did export ZONE=1 then 2 and built the ring for each zone and storage node. is that right?14:22
notmynamegnu111: you have to name your zones numbers starting at 1. so zone1, zone2, zone3, etc14:24
*** lvaughn_ has joined #openstack14:25
notmynamegnu111: with 8 nodes, you could do 2 proxies, 1 load balancer, and 5 storage nodes (for all kinds of HA)14:25
gnu111ok. I understand now. I named them "1" "2" '3" many nodes can be in each zone?14:25
notmynamegnu111: ya, I think that's right for building the ring14:26
gnu111is there a command to see all the zones?14:26
viddlooks like they made some nice improvements to the keystone database14:26
gnu111swift list just lists the container.14:27
viddwe got a credentials table with a "type" "key" and "secret" fields14:27
notmynamegnu111: swift-ring-builder <ring builder file>14:27
viddthis thing might actually come to something next year!14:28
*** lvaughn has quit IRC14:28
*** hingo has quit IRC14:29
*** hingo has joined #openstack14:29
crussellman, i'm a glutton for punishment.. i slick and reloaded again to start a new...14:29
crussellthis time with gluster!14:29
*** praefect has joined #openstack14:31
gnu111notmyname: ok that worked! thanks.14:31
gnu111notmyname: 262144 partitions, 3 replicas, 3 zones, 3 devices, 0.00 balance. I uploaded only few files so far.14:32
praefecthi guys, I use --auto_assign_floating_ip=true and it works but it cannot release the floating ips, even if I do a euca-disassociate-address and euca-release-address it complains that the floating address is still in use...14:32
*** deshantm has joined #openstack14:33
praefectI think this only happen with auto_assign_floating_ip but I'm sure most of you use this switch14:33
viddpraefect, there is a nova.conf flag to set the "auto-release" of those IPs14:34
livemoonI am coming14:34
livemoonI have watched nikita14:34
praefectvidd: no way!!! I'll look into it right now14:35
viddpraefect, give me a sec14:35
livemoonwhat are you talking about?14:36
praefectvidd: the truth is that the really useful auto_assign_floating_ip switch is not even in the official "Reference for flags in nova.conf" diablo doc !!!14:37
praefectthat's just unbelievable14:37
*** javiF has quit IRC14:37
gnu111vidd: is this it? update_dhcp_on_disassociate ?14:37
praefectlivemoon: auto_assignment of floating ips and auto_release (looking for a switch to make this one last work)14:37
livemoonI know those two switches14:38
livemoonbut I don't use14:38
gnu111praefect: do a nova-manage --help14:38
*** dgags has joined #openstack14:39
gnu111notmyname: do you recommend any benchmarking tool for swift such as iozone?14:39
*** osier has quit IRC14:39
praefectgrepping release from "nova-manage --help" I get force_dhcp_release : if true, send a dhcp release on instance termination14:40
praefectcould that be it14:40
notmynamegnu111: there is an included swift-bench tool that will allow the closes apples-to-apples comparison between swift clusters14:40
praefectvidd: but it's not fixed it's floating I'm looking for14:40
viddInteger: Number of seconds after which a deallocated ip is disassociated.14:41
gnu111notmyname: thanks, will check it out.14:41
viddpraefect, so if you say"dont use this ip anymore, this flag says how long before it realocatable again14:42
viddthe default is 10 minutes14:42
praefectvidd:yes but is says fixed_ip which is the private network not the floating ip14:42
praefectdo you think it would work for floating too14:43
viddnot true14:43
praefectvidd: sorry?14:43
viddyou cant assign a fixed ip to an instance14:43
livemoondoes anyone use other iscsi as volume14:43
praefectvidd: that's right, that's what I was wondering14:43
viddyou can only assign floating IPs14:44
praefectbut still, we are way passed the 10 minutes and I still cannot release the addr, even manually with euca, there's a bug there for sure14:44
viddyou kill a VM, that fixed ip is immediately avaiable14:44
praefectvidd: that's right, especially with flatdhcp where DHCP handles this and not openstack14:45
viddany other vms running?14:45
viddits either 10 minutes or 10 hours....not sure if the "600" is seconds or minutes14:46
livemoonhi, vidd ,what's time now your area?14:47
praefectoh... well I could set it to 2 and test it, I'll do that14:47
viddlive 10:47 am14:47
viddlivemoon,  10:47 am14:47
viddpraefect, do you have other vm's running?14:48
viddcuzz you have to kill nova to reload the conf14:48
praefectvidd: ok I just restarted nova-network..14:49
praefectI do have other VMs running14:49
*** f-yang has quit IRC14:49
*** livemoon has left #openstack14:49
viddits nova not nova-network you have to restart14:50
praefectbut restarting nova-network, the nova-network.log now states "fixed_ip_diassociate_timeout = 2" I would think this is now in effect...14:50
praefectvidd: what do you mean nova (I'm on centos, running services like nova-api, nova-network, nova-scheduler, etc.)14:50
praefectok I can restart it, no problem it does not affect the running VMs14:51
praefectI'm on a multi-node config anyway14:51
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack14:51
viddso the other vm's are on other machines?14:51
praefectyes they are14:51
praefectnova-api restarted14:51
viddlets test it14:51
*** alexn6 has joined #openstack14:52
praefectjust a side-note, I've spent last week on a problem where I would launch a bunch of VM (rendering) overnight and in the morning they've lost all connectivity, nothing in the logs but no machine would ping, nothing... every night I would change something and in the morning, lost connectivity14:52
praefectit turned out my ntpdate wasn't being executed properly in the crontab.. once the machines kept their timer in sync, all works well...14:53
*** code_franco has joined #openstack14:53
FabriceBntpdate in crontab???14:53
praefectyeah I know I should use ntpd or something..14:53
praefectbut now at least it works aith ntpdate in cron.hourly14:54
FabriceBthe both use the same configuration file14:54
FabriceBso if ntpdate is working, ntpd too14:54
alexn6Hi all! who can say, is it ok to use last glance version from git clone with previous openstack release(swift, nova, swauth)? Will I need to recreate or modify stored images and how if yes?14:54
praefectbasically what I'm saying is that without proper timer sync (ntp or whatever you want) this openstack cluster is falling apart in a matter of hours14:54
*** nikolaij has quit IRC14:55
praefectalexn6: I don't know for sure but I'd bet $2 it works right away, I have a a mixed env here (cactus compute nodes, with diablo comptue nodes and diablo controller) it works fine..14:55
*** reed__ has joined #openstack14:56
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack14:56
praefecteven though the nova-compute doesn't even call qemu-kvm the same way (the newer one uses the resize function)14:56
praefectstill works14:56
alexn6:) cool14:56
viddthats why most ppl recommend you set your own internal ntpd and have all the machines in your cloud check there, and have that machine check the outside time every so often to update itsself14:57
viddpraefect, ^^^14:57
*** kbringard has quit IRC14:58
*** kbringard has joined #openstack14:58
viddso praefect did that setting do it for you?14:58
praefectvidd: actually we already have a ntp server running internally, I just tell my nodes to ntpdate there every hour14:58
viddim telling you, have your nodes check your compute every 5 minutes14:59
viddhave your compute node check every 10 hours14:59
viddyou can probably have rabbitQM set up to push the updates15:00
vidds/w compute/controller15:00
kbringardwhy not just apt-get install ntp and be done with it15:01
*** mrjazzcat has joined #openstack15:01
kbringardthat's what I do15:01
FabriceBthat's all we do15:02
*** mrjazzcat has left #openstack15:02
kbringardit checks against or whatever and I've never had a problem15:02
*** TheOsprey has quit IRC15:02
FabriceBntpdate does none monotonous time modification15:02
viddkbringard, his machines get out of sync rather quickly15:02
FabriceBso the same time can be seen twice (or never)15:02
*** dragondm has joined #openstack15:02
FabriceBthe faster the machines get out of sync, the more risks you take15:03
kbringardI think ntpd does continuous updates15:03
FabriceBbut not ntpdate15:03
viddntp server == ntpd15:03
alexn6praefect: but you didn`t use git clone for that mix, right? just apt-get with corrected repos?15:05
* vidd scrolls back....15:05
viddi did say ntpd15:05
*** kaigan_ has quit IRC15:08
*** AhmedSoliman has joined #openstack15:09
viddim confussed....15:09
*** freeflyi1g has quit IRC15:10
*** freeflying has joined #openstack15:10
*** dubsquared has joined #openstack15:10
praefectalexn6: I'm on centos and I only use packages ( so basically I can install a compute node with a cactus repo and another one with a diablo repo... all packages15:11
*** Slav has quit IRC15:11
praefectvidd:I understand ntpd is the proper way to set it up, I took the lazy route and setup ntpdate in a cron.hourly15:11
*** vladimir3p has joined #openstack15:12
*** Oneiroi has joined #openstack15:12
praefectBut I'm just warning the new ones, a time difference of less than a minute is enought to loose the smile in "nova-manage service list" and probably mess things up down the line.. be careful15:13
viddthe database structure for keystone  for table "user" is ID (auto-increment) name password email enabled tenant_ID but if i try to do the keystone-manage user add for all these fields if throws an error15:13
vidd28 second for my two machines15:14
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack15:14
viddpraefect, while your in there, ya might as well get the ntpd set up proper =]15:15
*** bencherian has joined #openstack15:15
viddi have old machines...they get out of sync rather quickly15:16
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack15:16
*** javiF has joined #openstack15:17
*** g2 has joined #openstack15:18
*** Shentonfreude has joined #openstack15:21
*** HowardRoark has joined #openstack15:23
*** michaelkre has joined #openstack15:23
*** maplebed has joined #openstack15:24
*** reed__ is now known as reed15:27
*** maplebed has quit IRC15:33
*** cmagina has quit IRC15:33
*** fmancinelli has quit IRC15:36
*** chasd00 has joined #openstack15:37
*** chasd00 has left #openstack15:38
*** fmancinelli has joined #openstack15:39
*** cmagina has joined #openstack15:40
viddwhat listens on port 8774?15:42
*** dobber has quit IRC15:42
agyvidd: nova-api for the openstack api15:44
viddsetting up the keystone database15:44
viddi want to know whats going into is so I can write the plugins for the billing software we are going to use [groan]15:45
*** fmancinelli has quit IRC15:46
agynova-api listens on 8773 for the EC2 api (for completeness)15:46
*** Razique has joined #openstack15:47
viddhello Razique15:47
viddwelcome back15:47
Raziquesince I've integrated keystone, I can't launch anymore instances :(15:47
*** fmancinelli has joined #openstack15:47
*** vernhart has quit IRC15:47
RaziqueRemoteError: NoMoreNetwork15:47
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC15:47
Raziqueweird :/15:47
Raziquethe network is here, linked to the project15:48
Raziqueand 254 addresses are available15:48
Raziqueeverything went perfect before I integrated keystone, any hint ?15:48
viddhow out-of-sync are your machines time-wise?15:48
Raziquevidd: I don't understand what you are asking15:49
Raziqueexact same time15:49
Raziquethey both use a ntp server15:50
viddwe just had a discussion about how important 30 seconds is to thes things15:50
viddhow many vm's are up?15:50
Raziquethere is not time offset at all15:50
RaziqueI had two, but since I messed up the network in order to try to fix that15:50
RaziqueI terminated all the instances15:50
*** nati2 has joined #openstack15:51
Raziquenow not any instance is running15:51
viddso currently...none15:51
viddrestart all your -networks15:51
RaziqueI'm so pissed I was nearly able to validate the migration process cactus -> diablo/ keystone but now I can't guarantee the network will be still up15:52
Raziquelike service nova-network restart ?15:52
*** fmancinelli has quit IRC15:52
viddwhat process are you using to bring up an instance?15:53
viddthe old nova way or the keystone nova way?15:53
Raziquedepends.. I use to use euca2ools or nova15:53
viddthats the old nova way15:53
Raziquetypically nova --debug boot --flavor 1 --image 94 --availability_zone razique_lab --security_groups default novaclient_instance15:53
viddnow you need to do it the keystone-nova way15:54
Raziqueoh, there is a new way to boot up instances with keystone ahah ?15:54
Raziquesick :p15:54
*** AhmedSoliman has quit IRC15:54
viddyes....dont ask me what it is....i havent gotten that far yet15:54
Raziquedo you have any leads for me ?15:55
*** reidrac has left #openstack15:55
viddim still setting up the database in keystone15:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #878925 in openstack-ci "glance builder has user_xattr mount option" [Undecided,New]
*** halfss has quit IRC15:56
viddin glance you send the request to keystone and keystone tells nova to do it15:56
vidd*tells glance to do it15:56
viddso i would imagine nova works pretty much the same way15:56
*** ewindisch has quit IRC15:56
Raziqueoh my good, that is so not the role of Keystone :/15:57
RaziqueI'm trying to google that15:57
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack15:57
viddwhat do you mean? of course its the role of keystone15:57
RaziqueKeystone is just here to manage auth.15:58
Raziquekeystone is an entrypoint to endpoints15:58
Raziquesince the user is authenticated ; why does keystone manage instances launching ?15:58
viddkeystone is there to take the call "do this" check to make sure the account isnt suspended, then either say"go to hell" or ok, go ahead15:58
viddits also an excelent billing interupt15:59
*** rsampaio has joined #openstack16:00
Raziquevidd: there is not any LINE at all on the web about that new instances launching16:00
viddits the reason its taking me hous to enter a single user into the keystone database16:00
Raziqueit's so scary =D16:00
viddim going to have to write the billing api16:00
uvirtbotNew bug: #878927 in glance "Glance + keystone Exception: Unexpected response: 400" [Undecided,New]
viddits NOT NEW16:01
viddits one of the thigs keystone is built around16:01
Raziquewhat do you mean ?16:02
viddthis why, some guy in billing doesnt have to call some guy in engineering to call some guy in the datcenter to suspend an account16:02
vidds/w why/way16:03
Raziqueyah I know16:03
Raziquebut keystone don't have to DIRECTLY interfere with a service usage16:03
Raziqueit makes sure a user is granted to consume a service16:04
Raziqueand provide the right token for him16:04
*** worstadmin has joined #openstack16:04
viddif he isnt 6 months behind in his payment16:04
Raziquewe are talking about keystone that would manage instance launching here ?16:04
*** TheOsprey has joined #openstack16:06
viddwe keystone doesnt "manage" it16:06
viddkeystone just checks to make sure those credentials are still valid16:06
*** nid0 has quit IRC16:07
viddand then lets the call go thru16:07
*** alekibango_ is now known as alekibango16:11
*** catintheroof has joined #openstack16:11
*** obino has quit IRC16:11
*** nid0 has joined #openstack16:12
alexn6is it very complex to migrate cactus->diabolo? the most complex subjects is keystone? and how about image conversion? Thanks for answer!16:12
FabriceBdoes'n the image format depends of you're virtualizer ?16:13
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk16:14
viddport 9292 is glance api or registry?16:15
*** df1 has joined #openstack16:15
alexn6I just don`t know what that means -"then perhaps your images if you were already running images in the nova-objectstore" from diablo manual migrating16:15
*** crayon has quit IRC16:15
*** justinlw has joined #openstack16:16
viddi think nova-objectstore is being replaced with glance16:16
viddim not 100% on that though16:16
*** lotrpy has quit IRC16:16
*** adjohn has joined #openstack16:16
*** crayon_z has joined #openstack16:16
*** lotrpy has joined #openstack16:17
*** katkee has quit IRC16:17
*** kbringard has quit IRC16:18
agyvidd: 9292 glance-api16:20
*** nacx has quit IRC16:20
*** nelson has joined #openstack16:20
agyvidd: 9191 is glance-registry16:20
viddthat should be the last one =]16:21
viddalmost done with the database =]16:21
*** vdo has quit IRC16:25
*** kbringard has joined #openstack16:26
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates16:29
Raziquevidd: but why i need to use the "new" nova-keystone method to launch instances then :s ?16:29
*** maplebed has joined #openstack16:30
Raziquevidd: It's like there is some mixes about user/id with keystone and nova16:30
Raziquefor instance my user id for nova is "razique"16:30
Raziquewhile it's my name for keystone, and my id is "1"16:31
Raziqueand i think it's where that's messy :p16:31
*** orclev has quit IRC16:32
Raziquedjee if I don't figure it out quickyl, I won't use keystone in production :/ can't afford to break my network just because of that16:32
Raziquethe production openstack I mean :)16:32
*** tillmo has joined #openstack16:35
Raziquegtg bye all16:36
Raziquethanks vidd16:36
*** Razique has left #openstack16:36
*** lvaughn_ has quit IRC16:39
*** lvaughn has joined #openstack16:42
*** jdurgin has joined #openstack16:43
*** javiF has quit IRC16:45
*** aliguori has quit IRC16:48
*** darraghb has joined #openstack16:48
*** llang629 has joined #openstack16:53
*** nerens has joined #openstack16:57
*** mdomsch has quit IRC16:59
*** vish1 is now known as vishy17:00
tillmoI have a dashboard problem. I get the main page, but when loggin in, I get "DoesNotExist at /accounts/login/"17:01
*** g2 has quit IRC17:01
*** bencherian has quit IRC17:01
vidddid you set up the keystone database with dashboadr endpoints?17:02
tillmoprobably not... with keystone, I get another problem: "keystone-manage token add 999888777666 user user 2015-02-05T00:00" gives "ERROR: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'id'"17:03
tillmoI use the latest keystone version from git17:03
mjforkdoes user "user" exist?17:04
*** rods has joined #openstack17:04
mjforkif you paste the stack trace I can probably point you to what is missing17:04
tillmoI added "user" with "keystone-manage user add user test". How can I check whether this succeeded?17:05
*** llang629 has left #openstack17:05
*** hggdh has quit IRC17:05
viddkeystone-manager user list17:06
*** OutBackDingo has quit IRC17:06
viddalso, when you do "keystone-manage token list" look at the order displayed17:07
tillmokeystone-manager user list gives "1user1None"17:07
*** Oneiroi has quit IRC17:07
viddmine shows "token user expiration tenant"17:08
tillmoyes, I have omitted that line17:08
*** lorin11 has joined #openstack17:08
tillmoah, you mean keystone-manage token list17:08
viddwhat does "keystone-manage token list" look at the order displayed17:08
tillmoaha, I see17:08
mjforkcan you get the stack trace?17:09
*** cp16net has joined #openstack17:09
viddi'm going to have to write the billing API for this so I have been paying VERY close attention to what does what in the keystone database17:09
viddmjfork, dont need the stack trace17:10
tillmokeystone-manage token add 999888777666 user user 2015-02-05T00:0017:10
tillmo/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/paste/deploy/ UserWarning: Module keystone was already imported from /root/keystone2/keystone/__init__.pyc, but /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages is being added to sys.path17:10
tillmo  import pkg_resources17:10
tillmoERROR: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'id'17:10
tillmoTraceback (most recent call last):17:10
tillmo  File "bin/keystone-manage", line 16, in <module>17:10
tillmo    keystone.manage.main()17:10
tillmo  File "/root/keystone2/keystone/manage/", line 288, in main17:10
tillmo    raise exc17:10
tillmoAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'id'17:10
tillmoroot@nova-controller:~/keystone2# bin/keystone-manage token list17:10
tillmo/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/paste/deploy/ UserWarning: Module keystone was already imported from /root/keystone2/keystone/__init__.pyc, but /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages is being added to sys.path17:10
tillmo  import pkg_resources17:10
viddthe issue the documentation has not been updated to match the latest version17:10
*** hggdh has joined #openstack17:11
tillmoI have changed the order "keystone-manage token add 999888777666 user 2015-02-05T00:00 user", but I get the same error17:11
*** lorin1 has quit IRC17:11
*** lorin11 has quit IRC17:11
mjforkthats good.that stack trave doesn't look right17:11
mjforkcan you paste the log to pastebin?17:11
*** lorin1 has joined #openstack17:11
viddis "user" part of the Admin role?17:11
mjforkwhoops - ignore "thats good"17:11
*** lorin1 has quit IRC17:11
mjforkthats not the right stacktrace17:12
*** obino has joined #openstack17:13
mjforksorry - from the keystone log17:14
mjforknot the client17:14
viddive been working on this database for 3 days...i have a very good handle on what needs to be done to what]17:14
viddi dont need the stacktrace....i know the issue17:15
tillmoin /var/log I cannot see anything...17:15
tillmowhere is this log?17:15
viddtillmo, you want the answer or do you want to hunt for log taces?17:15
mjforknot sure - look at keystone.conf and see where it poitns17:15
viddwhat does tenant list say17:16
tillmoand nothing listed...17:17
viddso you missed the first field17:17
tillmosorry, I do not understand17:17
mjforkkeystone-manage tenant add user17:18
viddthe database needs to be filled out in order17:18
viddtenant add name_of_tenant17:18
*** negronjl has quit IRC17:18
tillmoI see17:18
vidduser add name password tenant_name17:19
tillmoah, now I hace successfully created the token. Thanks!17:19
viddyou created the token but your keystone database is most likely fizzled17:20
*** amiranda has quit IRC17:20
tillmohow should I proceed?17:20
vidddelete the database and start ove17:20
tillmoOK, will do so and come back later17:21
*** adrianmir has quit IRC17:21
viddbut if this is not for production, then it can wait17:21
viddi'll be doing some in-depth documentation17:21
tillmoit is not for production17:21
*** marrusl has quit IRC17:21
viddive been pounding away at this database for a few days so i know it pretty well =]17:22
*** aliguori has joined #openstack17:22
*** negronjl has joined #openstack17:24
tillmoI have now set OPENSTACK_ADMIN_TOKEN and OPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_URL in local/, started keystone, but still get "DoesNotExist at /accounts/login/" when logging into dashboard17:24
viddthats because you have no endpoint enabled for dashboard , you have no admin role17:25
*** darraghb has quit IRC17:25
viddso dashboard has no clue who you are17:26
tillmoI have an admin role, but how do I assign it to user "user"?17:26
mjforkvidd: is it "Admin" or "admin"?17:26
viddkeystone-manage role grant Admin user17:27
mjforkhe first needs to keystone-manage role create Admin right?17:27
mjforkadmin != Admin17:27
viddhe said he had Admin17:28
tillmoI have grant both admin and Admin to user, problem remains17:29
*** vernhart has joined #openstack17:29
viddreally, its not that critical....the endpoint is what matters17:29
tillmomy OPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_URL is, and under this address, I get an XML document17:30
viddwhat do you have listed under "service list"17:30
*** guigui1 has quit IRC17:32
vidd"service add dash Dash OpenStackDashboard" or something similar [the first section is what's important]17:33
viddnow i need to get the endpoint_template info17:34
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack17:35
tillmohow do I get that?17:35
viddim launching my devstack vm17:36
viddgive it a minute to load so i can get the info17:36
*** adjohn has quit IRC17:36
*** bengrue has joined #openstack17:38
*** hub_cap has joined #openstack17:40
viddthis devstack has NO database discription -\17:40
*** robix has joined #openstack17:44
viddtry user and the password for user17:45
tillmoI have found  I will try to use this17:45
tillmoI have tried user and the passwd, same problem17:46
vidddid you manually add dashboard or did you run a master script that set everything up17:46
tillmoI did it manually17:46
viddok...what is the endpoint info for dashboard?17:47
tillmoor do you mean the dashboard endpoint?17:48
viddthe dashboard endpoint17:48
tillmoNOVA_DEFAULT_ENDPOINT = 'http://localhost:8773/services/Cloud'17:48
viddthat is nova17:48
viddwhat is the ip of dash + the port17:49
viddthere we go....17:50
tillmono, this is a local IP17:50
tillmoI will make a public one...17:50
*** adjohn has joined #openstack17:51
tillmouser: user, password: test17:52
viddendpointTemplates add RegionOne dash 1 117:54
*** bencherian has joined #openstack17:54
tillmoERROR: (OperationalError) table endpoint_templates has no column named version_id17:55
viddendpointTemplates add RegionOne dash 1 1 ver17:55
tillmosame error17:56
*** mattray has joined #openstack17:56
*** praefect has quit IRC17:57
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC17:57
tillmoalthough the arguments seem to be OK. I leave out one of them, I get "Missing arguments: endpointTemplates add 'region' 'service' 'publicURL' 'adminURL' 'internalURL' 'enabled' 'global'"17:57
*** bcwaldon has quit IRC17:59
viddendpointTemplates add RegionOne dash 1 118:00
tillmosorry, same error18:01
viddmake sure it says 8001/ver/%tenant_id% after each URL18:01
tillmodo you mean to type in "ver" literally?18:01
vidd /ver/%tenant_id%18:02
tillmobut %tenant_id% replaced with the real id of the tenant18:02
viddwith %tenant_id%18:03
tillmostill the same error18:03
vidd /v1.1/%tenant_id%18:03
viddor find out what version of dashboard you have18:03
* vidd hasnt gotten around to dashboard yet =\18:05
*** FabriceB has quit IRC18:05
tillmokeystone-manage endpointTemplates add RegionOne dash 1 118:06
tillmodid not work18:06
*** tyska has joined #openstack18:06
viddwhats the eror?18:06
*** timr1 has quit IRC18:06
tyskahi guys18:06
tillmoERROR: (OperationalError) table endpoint_templates has no column named version_id u'INSERT INTO endpoint_templates (region, service_id, public_url, admin_url, internal_url, enabled, is_global, version_id, version_list, version_info) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)' ('RegionOne', 1, '', '', '', '118:06
tillmo', '1', None, None, None)18:06
tyskai need help to install a test-environment with stackops distro18:06
viddthere is a 1 between regionOne and the first URL....18:08
viddremove that and try again18:08
tillmohm, there is no 1, see my command above18:09
tyskai have basically two doubts: 1) i have 2 HDD's in my 2 servers? How i must partition they? 2) How i must install and configure the servers using the SERVER_IP:8888 URL, i installed the node controller and entered the URL, but dont know what i have to do next.18:09
tillmothe problem seems to be more fundamental: the keystone code speaks about a column version_id, but the database table does not have such a column18:10
*** mencken has joined #openstack18:10
*** nelson has quit IRC18:11
tyskacan anyone help me?18:11
tillmoneed to go offline for 5 minutes...18:12
viddok tillmo18:12
viddtyska, you have two hard drives18:13
tyskavidd: yeah18:13
viddwhen you get to partitioning, select "manual"18:13
tyskavidd: i created 1 ext4 root(32GB) 1 swap (8.1GB) 1 LVM 460GB18:14
tyskavidd: and created 1 LVM 500GB in the other hard drive18:14
tyskavidd: can be done with this scheme?18:14
tyskavidd: ok, then i entered the URL to configure the server1 - the controller node18:15
viddis the install complete?18:15
viddtyska, did you complete the cd install18:16
tyskavidd: yeah, i selected the /dev/sdb1 (the 2nd hd) as the lvm volume to put the volumes of the volumes controller18:16
*** tillmo has quit IRC18:16
viddthen you are good to go18:16
tyskavidd: yeah, i entered the installation url after the cd instalation has completed18:16
tyskavidd: my doubt now is how i set the compute node to this node controller18:17
tyskavidd: and how i configure the interfaces of both server18:17
vidddid you register with stackops?18:17
tyskavidd: yeah18:17
vidddid you select the multi-node config?18:17
tyskavidd: no18:18
tyskavidd: i want to do dual node18:18
*** mgius-away is now known as mgius18:18
viddthe site is pretty self explainitory18:18
*** adjohn has quit IRC18:18
tyskavidd: yeah, but some points are still 'cloud' =)18:18
tyskavidd: for example, eth1, that is the if i will use to comunicate with compute node, does not have any configuration18:19
*** tillmo has joined #openstack18:19
viddanswer the questions on the screen while you put the disk (or whatever) into the other server and choose compute node install]18:19
tyskavidd: eth1=null is showed18:19
vidddoes your machine have 1 nic or 2?18:19
tyskai think it could be to the public if and to the private if18:20
viddthen eth1 should not be showing =null18:20
tyskavidd: yeah, i thought it was weird18:21
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack18:21
tyskavidd: then i decide get some help here18:21
*** Horroreyes has joined #openstack18:21
tyskavidd: because im stucked in this part18:21
viddare both nics plugged in?18:21
tyskatyska: yeah18:22
viddhere isnt really where you should be should be going to stackops18:22
tyskavidd: hmm, you're right18:22
*** zul has quit IRC18:22
viddthey are a private company18:22
viddthere should be some info on thier web site18:23
tyskavidd: in fact, im migrating from eucalyptus to openStack18:23
tyskavidd: then im just starting18:23
viddactually, sounds like your migrating to stackops18:24
tyskavidd: but StackOps and openstack does not are the same?18:24
tyskavidd: i thought stackops was just a distro with stackops embbed18:24
vidddunno...never looked under thier hood18:24
tyskavidd: then, whats the best way to use stack ops with ubuntu?18:25
viddi know thier configuration utility is i stay away18:25
tyskavidd: i must use 10.04? or 11.10?18:25
viddthis isnt stackops18:25
viddthis is open stack18:25
*** zul has joined #openstack18:26
tillmoStackops comes with its own cd that include Ubuntu18:26
viddi would recommend using 10.0418:26
viddand follow the info on
viddi recommed the LTS because you need to add the PPA's to the repo's and the built-in packages bundled with 11.10 are not what i would call thier finest work18:29
viddcant really blame the *buntu guys for that....the newest openstack was released less than a month befor 11.10 was released18:29
WormManof course, if you use 10.04 with KVM your performance is going to be rather sad.18:31
*** HowardRoark has quit IRC18:31
WormManbut plenty for testing and getting to know openstack18:31
*** tyska has quit IRC18:32
viddWormMan, once openstack is configured from ppa's, and running, do-release-upgrade will NOT break it18:32
*** thingee has joined #openstack18:33
vidd[right away]18:33
crussellOh boy, here goes... cluster successfully setup.18:34
crussellgluster fs that is..18:34
crusselltime for nova install...again18:34
viddwhat? you didnt export your /etc ?18:34
viddor did you istall from all those scripts?18:35
*** HowardRoark has joined #openstack18:36
uvirtbotNew bug: #879005 in openstack-ci "Documentation should switch "hostname" for actual hostname" [Undecided,New]
*** imsplitbit has quit IRC18:42
*** ewindisch_ has joined #openstack18:42
*** ewindisch has quit IRC18:45
*** ewindisch_ is now known as ewindisch18:45
*** mjfork has quit IRC18:49
*** mjfork has joined #openstack18:49
*** mjfork has quit IRC18:51
*** tyska has joined #openstack18:52
tyskavidd: im now installing ubuntu 10.04 to put OpenStack =)18:52
tyskavidd: i need some advice18:52
tyskavidd: now i configured the 2 hd's with RAID118:53
*** timr has joined #openstack18:53
viddsorry...cant help yopu there18:53
*** Susanne-Balle has joined #openstack18:53
tyskavidd: i already did it18:53
tyskavidd: i just wanna know, if i can put the volumes on a logical volume of the LVM18:54
viddi dont touch raid installs18:54
tyskavidd: or it's required a volume group of LVM18:54
*** mjfork has joined #openstack18:54
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk18:54
tyskavidd: logical volume or group volume?18:55
viddi do not know18:55
*** pixelbeat has quit IRC18:55
viddi am not the person to answer that question18:55
*** GeoDud has joined #openstack18:55
tyskavidd: ok, i will figure out here then share with you =)18:56
viddpersonally, i only use LVMs18:56
*** xmltok has joined #openstack18:56
*** markwash has joined #openstack18:57
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates18:58
*** mjfork has quit IRC18:59
*** mjfork has joined #openstack19:00
*** bcwaldon has joined #openstack19:02
*** Susanne-Balle has quit IRC19:02
tillmotyska: logical volume should work19:03
viddtillmo, they want to use raid119:04
viddi aint touching it19:04
tillmoI am using LVM with raid1019:05 not touching it19:06
viddim like the rouches...i dont like raid19:06
tyskavidd: the RAID1 is implemented by hardware19:07
tyskavidd: linux just see 1 hd now19:08
vidddoesnt matter19:08
tyskatillmo: i created several partitions, being just 1 of them a LVM group to the volumes19:08
*** vladimir3p has quit IRC19:08
*** justinlw has quit IRC19:09
*** tacitone has joined #openstack19:09
tacitoneHi all, I have a dumb question:  I just installed Swift and used st to upload a file to a container19:09
tacitoneDo I need to install Nova or Glance in order to share out the resources of Swift, or can I set up a samba/nfs mount and start sharing out node resources right away?19:10
notmynametacitone: there is no samba/nfs interface included with swift19:10
Ryan_Laneis there any way to use the UEC images in such a way that I can upgrade the kernel inside of the instance?19:10
notmynameswift isn't a file system19:10
Ryan_Laneinstead of having to rebuild all my instances every time I need to upgrade a kernel?19:11
notmynametacitone: you can grant permissions to other users so they can access the file (depending on the auth system you are using)19:11
tacitoneAre VMs (LXC, KVM, etc.) able to access Swift nodes as a file system?19:11
alexn6tacitone: better try to use cyberduck - if it is for users19:12
notmynametacitone: not without some other 3rd party software (like a fuse layer). and I wouldn't recommend it. performance would be bad19:12
Ryan_Lanetacitone: unless there is some fuse filesystem, then no19:12
viddRyan_Lane, do you have auto-updates turnrd on?19:12
tacitoneI had it in my head that the whole point of using Swift was to set up a redundant file system pool.19:12
Ryan_Lanetacitone: what you are likely looking for is something like ceph or gluster19:12
Ryan_Lanevidd: in the instance?19:12
Ryan_Lanevidd: I can install new kernels, but the instance will always reboot into the old one19:12
notmynametacitone: swift is for unstructured data that can grow without bound. like backups or static web files19:12
notmynametacitone: swift is directly comparable to s319:13
alexn6Ryan_Lane: why don`t you use image with external kernel defined with eki?19:13
Ryan_Lanealexn6: that sounds good. how do I go about that?19:13
viddalexn6, you dont HAVE to seperate out the kernel?!?19:14
Ryan_LaneI know that openstack has support for it19:15
Ryan_LaneI just don't know how to use it19:15
Ryan_Lanedocs or it doesn't exist is the new pics or it didn't happen :)19:15
viddIt is officiall....the new keystone database id a [(*&)&^%$&*(_(*&(*^&^&%$^&%$#^&%&*(^*(&^19:15
mjforkvidd is it possibel to set up an admin in keystone that has no tenant?19:16
alexn6Ryan_Lane: as I understand - you just need publish your image aka ami bundled with eki and eri (kernel and ramdisk). It`s rather complicated when using ec2-like API(AWS style). But with glance you can do it just with a single "click" :)19:16
Ryan_LaneI'm using glance19:16
alexn6vidd: didn`t understand you19:16
alexn6so with glance image can be altered with glance update cmd19:16
viddalexn6, i thought you had to seperate the kernel from the ramdisk19:17
alexn6just load another kernel in glance and update to a new eki19:17
GlaceeIn the swift 1.4.3 documentation it says to use UBUNTU 10.4 LTS(Lucid) and run apt-gets to get the packages.. but with that disto you get swift 1.2019:17
viddmjfork, yes'19:17
Glaceejust saying19:17
*** hurrycane has joined #openstack19:17
alexn6vidd: yes - like it always done - kernel and initrd19:18
viddGlacee, you want to add the ppa's to 10.4-11.419:18
viddget all the latest19:18
hurrycaneHello @all, it is safe to use the ubuntu 11.10 packages for openstack. Are the keystone/dashboard pkgs working? Is there a tutorial/example ?19:18
*** justinlw has joined #openstack19:18
Ryan_Lanealexn6: so, I just change the kernel-name property?19:19
Ryan_Laneto a new one?19:19
Ryan_Lanethen reboot the instances?19:19
viddhurrycane, no to keystone and dashboard packages19:19
tillmotyska: I have installed openstack using two logical volumes, one for the file system root, one for the swap. That is also what stackops does19:19
hurrycane@vidd :(19:19
larissahurrycane: Error: "vidd" is not a valid command.19:19
alexn6Ryan_Lane:  I think this would work19:19
Ryan_Laneah. cool19:19
Glaceecool vidd19:19
tyskatillmo: i abandoned stackops19:19
tyskatillmo: know im using ubuntu 10.04 =)19:20
tyskatillmo: but im having the following problem now19:20
Ryan_Lanewe'll see if that works soon enough. heh19:20
tillmoyes, but it should also work for Ubuntu 10.0419:20
tyskatillmo: when i run sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openstack-release/2011.319:20
viddhurrycane, and the database for this new keystone in nasty19:20
tyskatillmo: i get a HTTP fetch error 7: couldn't connect to host19:20
notmynameGlacee: use either the official openstack ppas or you can use the packaging we use at rackspace (
viddim going to have to write up some new documentations19:20
tyskahow can i fix this?19:20
hurrycane@vidd I've managed to run keystone & dashboard on ubuntu 11.04 but in the end I found that Glance was failing too19:20
larissahurrycane: Error: "vidd" is not a valid command.19:20
alexn6who can help with Glance >5G files? I`m using cactus release and think that migration all system would be complicated -can I somehow upgrade only Glance?19:20
tyskavidd: glance is missing in ubuntu 10.04, apt-get install glance does not work19:21
alexn6Ryan_Lane: say please if it works.19:22
viddtyska, did you add the ppa's?19:22
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack19:22
tillmotyska: first correct the other problem19:22
hurrycaneis there a safe way to get keystone and dashboard and diablo working ?19:22
Glaceethanks notmyname19:22
tillmotyksa, could you paste /etc/apt/sources.list.d/openstack-release-2011.2-lucid.list19:22
tyskavidd: i tried19:22
tillmosorry /etc/apt/sources.list.d/openstack-release-2011.3-lucid.list19:22
tyskavidd: but i get that error19:22
gnu111how can i change user password in swift?19:23
tyskavidd: when i run sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openstack-release/2011.319:23
notmynamegnu111: passwords are handled by an auth system. changing it is dependent on the auth system19:23
tyskavidd: i get a HTTP fetch error 7: couldn't connect to host19:23
tyskatillmo: deb lucid main19:24
tyskatillmo: there is just this line19:24
tillmolooks fine19:25
viddthe command to add the ppa's is19:25
viddsudo add-apt-repository ppa:openstack-release/2011.319:25
gnu111notmyname: I followed the guide here: so not sure what is the auth system by default.19:25
tyskavidd: that was i did, no?19:25
notmynamegnu111: do you see "tempauth" in your proxy config pipeline?19:25
tillmotyksa, try: ping ppa.launchpad.net19:26
gnu111notmynames: ah, yes. /etc/swift/proxy-server.conf19:26
tyskatillmo: success19:26
viddtyska, my comment was to tillmo19:26
tyskavidd: ah, sorry19:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #879044 in nova "single xenapi session causes concurrency issues" [High,New]
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk19:26
notmynamegnu111: if you are using tempauth, it's really easy to change a password. the password is stored in the proxy config in the filter:tempauth section19:26
gnu111notmyname: what other option do I have for auth? I haven't connected nova to swift yet, can I use the nova authorization in swift?19:27
notmynamegnu111: honestly, I'm not sure what "nova authorization" means19:27
notmynamegnu111: check out for a start on what the auth system can do19:28
notmynamegnu111: using tempauth will not allow you to use the same credentials between nova and swift19:28
tyskatillmo: vidd: im following this guide19:28
tyskatillmo: vidd: but when it fail to install glance, i went to the openstack website19:28
gnu111notmyname: ok. that's what I wanted to confirm if I can use the same cred between nova and swift.19:29
tillmotyska: you have to solve  your HTTP ftach error 7 before you can install glance19:29
tillmotry wget
tyskatillmo: yeah, i realize that, but how?19:30
notmynamegnu111: you may be able to use keystone for that, but keystone (IIRC) doesn't yet support all the authorization functionality for swift that tempauth does19:30
tyskatillmo: where i run this?19:30
tyskatillmo: to what directory?19:30
tillmoin a terminal, say in /tmp19:30
tyskatillmo: ok, success, what now?19:31
tillmowhich command leads to fetch error 7 ?19:31
tyskatillmo: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openstack-release/2011.319:32
gnu111notmynameL regarding swift-bench. I tried this: swift-bench -A https://$PROXY_LOCAL_NET_IP:8080/auth/v1.0 -U19:32
gnu111system:root -K pass -c 10 -s 2 -n 100 -g 1019:32
gnu111 and got Container PUT failed error. It seems to created an empty container.19:32
Ryan_Lanealexn6: that didn't seem to work19:33
Ryan_Lanealexn6: old image is now pointing to new kernel, but when rebooting the instance, it still uses the old kernel19:34
tyskatillmo: the complete error is19:34
tyskagpg: requesting key 3D1B4472 from hkp server keyserver.ubuntu.com19:34
tyskagpgkeys: HTTP fetch error 7: couldn't connect to host19:34
tyskagpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.19:34
tyska gpg: Total number processed: 019:34
viddmjfork, to add credentials to a user that has no tenent, set tenant to 019:34
alexn6Ryan_Lane: hmm rebooting - just by "reset" or restart?19:34
tillmotyska, try: apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver 3D1B447219:34
Ryan_Lanealexn6: by using ec2 reboot command19:34
Ryan_LaneI'm pretty sure calling reboot in the instance will make it non-operational19:35
alexn6Ryan_Lane: now, reboot of course not lead us to final goal :) Only restart instance19:35
tyskatillmo: same problem19:35
Ryan_Lanealexn6: you mean inside of the instance?19:35
Ryan_Lanelast time I tried this, the instance didn't come back19:36
tillmoapt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver 3D1B447219:36
alexn6Ryan_Lane: no - with euca tool - stop then recreate19:36
Ryan_Lanethat's exactly what I'm trying to avoid19:36
alexn6oh then sorry19:36
tyskatillmo: same problem19:36
alexn6but then It`s kinda impossible yet19:36
Spiriliswhew thank god I'm backing up my .builder files to my other storage nodes, I just had a python traceback error while trying to rebalance the Swift rings after removing a device19:36
Spirilisrestored my builder files from a backup copy and now I'm trying this again...19:37
Ryan_Lanethere's really no way to upgrade a kernel in an instance?19:37
tyskatillmo: i can ping, but cant ping
tillmoapt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver 3D1B447219:37
alexn6Ryan_Lane: nova use cache for images in local dir - it updates and reconfig all files and VM system only when start it. You may see the code or ask a question or for feature on launchpad19:38
*** adjohn has joined #openstack19:39
*** PeteDaGuru has quit IRC19:39
Ryan_LaneI could have sworn openstack made this possible in the cactus release19:39
tyskatillmo: error changed a little --- gpgkeys: HTTP fetch error 7: Failed to connect to 2a01:198:200:20a::2: Network is unreachable19:40
tyskatillmo: but i can ping this server19:40
tillmotyska: you can also try without the key19:40
gnu111notmyname: didn't work for me. something not set right.
tyskatillmo: how?19:40
tillmojust enter: apt-get update, and ignore the errors19:40
tillmowhen you install glance, you need to confirm that you want to install unauthorized software19:41
alexn6Ryan_Lane: in that case google definitely knows it :)19:41
Ryan_Laneit's not that I have a major issue re-creating instances, except I have a few with like 15 floating IPs assigned, and it is *really* annoying to have to reassociate all of those19:41
notmynamegnu111: do you have autocreate accounts turned on? (having it off may cause the 404)19:41
tyskatillmo: perfect! that's fit for me =)19:42
*** mgoldmann has quit IRC19:42
Ryan_Laneit just seems crazy to have to rebuild all my instances every time I need to do a security patch19:42
Ryan_Laneand re-do all the associations.19:42
tyskatillmo: are you think its better install following this
gnu111notmyname: in proxy-server.conf?19:42
alexn6make a script :)19:42
tyskatillmo: or this:
Ryan_Lanealexn6: some of these are being created by users19:42
Ryan_Laneand I can't script it19:43
Ryan_Lanebecause nova doesn't support DNS or updating mediawiki19:43
Ryan_Laneor updating puppet19:43
notmynamegnu111: under [app:proxy-server]: account_autocreate = true19:43
Ryan_Laneoh. good. reboot command inside of instances works now :)19:44
Ryan_Lanethat's a plus19:44
Ryan_Lanestill doesn't solve my problem. heh19:44
gnu111notmyname: I only have allow_account_management = true19:45
*** HowardRoark has quit IRC19:45
notmynameok, add the autocreate19:45
notmynamegnu111: ^19:45
gnu111notmyname: do i need to run swift-init in all the nodes?19:45
notmynamegnu111: just swift-init proxy reload19:46
tyskavidd: what do you think is better to guide me? the ubuntu beginners guide or the openstack instruction website?19:46
notmynamegnu111: (since just the proxy config changed)19:46
alexn6Ryan_Lane: I see... Try to raise question on nova answers. I`ve said you already about how it is "inside" - information will be updated only at instance creation and even more - immediately cache it :) (just to not update anything more ;) )19:46
tillmotyska: I think the first one is easier because it is more comprehensive. Still the first one did not tell me how to get the dashboard running... the problem is keystone...19:46
viddgo with the beginners guide19:46
Ryan_LaneI thought I remembered that images can boot without kernel and initrd being external19:47
gnu111notmyname: same error: Container PUT failed19:47
notmynamegnu111: ok, then look in syslog to see what's going on19:47
tillmovidd: how can I create a fresh keystone db?19:47
alexn6Ryan_Lane: oh yes, that possible19:47
viddyou can always come back to the openstack docs later19:47
viddtillmo, what database manager do you use?19:48
Ryan_LaneI guess it would still just boot with whatever is inside of the image, then eh>19:48
viddpersonally, I us phpmyadmin19:48
Ryan_Lanethough it would be a locally cached image, and when it was updated would also update the kernel maybe?19:49
gnu111notmyname: there is this error: "python: abrt: detected unhandled Python exception in /usr/bin/swift-bench19:49
alexn6Ryan_Lane: no, I think with single image if you update files inside it -they will store after reboot, but system can be booted from another inner kernel19:50
tillmovidd: I use sqlitebrowser (just a test env with sqlite3)19:50
alexn6it`s just a copy of cache with updated blocks19:50
viddtillmo, then simply locate the file and delete it19:50
viddwhen you run db_sync [and get the message] a fresh set of tables will be waiting for you to soil =]19:51
*** timr has quit IRC19:52
Ryan_Laneyeah. seems like this is an impossible task19:53
Ryan_LaneI get that instances are considered "non-persistent", but this is kind of a PITA19:54
alexn6Ryan_Lane: do you have any image without external kernel/initrd? colud you try update and reboot inside instance?19:55
Ryan_Laneall uec images are external19:55
Ryan_LaneI haven't built an image from scratch19:55
Ryan_LaneI guess I can try that19:56
alexn6i see. And looks like I didn`t manage to run any of that by myself. But there more simple thing - if KVM can it -than openstack can also(via libvirt)19:56
Ryan_LaneI guess I can wade through the code to see if it can upgrade kernels now. I doubt it though19:58
alexn6I propose just do it with kvm instance :)19:59
Ryan_Laneit would be good to have a flag like "re-fetch kernel on instance reboot"19:59
TogerDoes the VG for nova-volume *have* to be 'nova-volumes' or is that configurable? I don't see a config entry for it on
alexn6:)) sound interesting20:00
*** mx2323 has quit IRC20:00
Ryan_Lanethat would let you update images with new kernels20:00
Ryan_Laneand reboot into them20:00
annegentleToger: you'll want the nova-volume (and nova-volumes) doc in for sure20:01
notmynamegnu111: that's odd. not sure what it means. you are using the latest version of the code?20:01
*** Horroreyes has quit IRC20:03
annegentleToger: and I think the volume group does have to be named nova-volumes20:03
*** dgags has quit IRC20:03
gnu111notmyname: i installed it with yum rpms. swift --version says 1.0 that's old right?20:03
notmynamegnu111: yes, probably (depends on the rpm packaging)20:03
notmynamegnu111: ah wait20:04
notmynamegnu111: that's the version of the swift CLI tool :-)20:04
*** HowardRoark has joined #openstack20:04
tyskatillmo: vidd: problem with the sudo pvcreate /dev/sda4 =(20:04
gnu111notmyname: openstack-swift-1.4.3-b352.noarch20:04
tyskatillmo: vidd: the message was Device /dev/sda4 not found (or ignored by filtering).20:05
notmynamegnu111: ok, 1.4.3 is the current version20:05
*** clauden has quit IRC20:05
tyskatillmo: vidd: but fdisk -l shows me --- /dev/sda4            4870       60801   449265664   8e  Linux LVM20:05
*** clauden_ has joined #openstack20:05
viddtyska, please do not include me in your working on documenting the las 4 days of working with this keystone databse20:05
tyskavidd: ok, sry20:06
tyskatillmo: i think it is because RAID20:06
tyskatillmo: because fdisk -l shows the sdb4 too20:06
tyskatillmo: but how i do a pvcreate in the raid volume? what is the right file? /dev/... ?20:07
notmynamegnu111: what's weird is that it does a HEAD on the account, gets a 204, then does a PUT to a container in that account and gets a 404. that should only happen if the account isn't found20:07
gnu111notmyname: yes. and I see four new containers now with random text as the name. these are created each time I ran the bench tool.20:09
tillmotyska: something in /dev/mapper20:09
tyskatillmo: there is no /dev/mapper20:09
notmynamegnu111: that makes sense. try create a container in that account with curl (so it's isolated and repeatable) and see what happens20:10
tillmotyska: mdadm --detail --scan20:11
gnu111notmyname: i used the root account. how do i create a new container: swift -A https://$PROXY_LOCAL_NET_IP:8080/auth/v1.0 -U system:root -K testpass upload myfiles bigfile1.tgz20:11
tillmoor look at /dev/md???20:12
*** sandywalsh has quit IRC20:13
gnu111notmyname: "upload newcontainer filename" works.20:13
*** adjohn has quit IRC20:15
tyskatillmo: the command returns nothing20:15
*** PiotrSikora has quit IRC20:15
*** PiotrSikora has joined #openstack20:16
*** bencherian has quit IRC20:16
tillmotyska: then you have a hardware raid?20:16
tyskatillmo: yeah20:16
*** clauden__ has joined #openstack20:17
*** clauden_ has quit IRC20:17
*** hurrycane has quit IRC20:17
tillmotyska: but this should be transparent to the operating system, that is, you use /dev/sdx20:17
tyskatillmo: yeah, i think so too, but for some reason it is being showed in fdisk -l like 2 hd's20:18
koolhead17openstack-dashboard  is horizon now!!20:18
tyskatillmo: dont believe i will have to restart all the process =(20:18
*** jdag has quit IRC20:19
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack20:19
*** PotHix has quit IRC20:21
tillmogrep filter /etc/lvm/lvm.conf20:22
tyskatillmo: i have to go20:23
tyskatillmo: see you later20:23
*** dprince has quit IRC20:23
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates20:23
*** tyska has quit IRC20:24
tillmosee you. I think commenting out the filter in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf should work20:24
*** debo_os has joined #openstack20:27
gnu111notmyname: i posted the issue in mailing list. I will add the log details as well.20:31
notmynamegnu111: sorry. was called away from my desk20:32
KiallHeya, Trying to get keystone setup .. and it looks like I'm nearly there (I can get tokens etc with curl).. How do i then go about getting credentials for use with the `nova` command?20:36
*** Shentonfreude1 has joined #openstack20:36
tillmovidd: I managed to solve the keystone problem by creating a new database20:39
*** Shentonfreude has quit IRC20:40
viddany issues setting up the database?20:40
viddor did you just populate the sample date20:40
tillmoI just populated some sample data20:40
viddand you can get into keystone?20:41
viddtillmo is a cheater =]20:41
tillmoI can run keystone, at least20:42
viddhow about dashboard?20:42
tillmovidd: then I managed to solve the dashboard problem by inserting a data value into the table django_site20:42
tillmonow I get a nova error...20:42
viddthats because you are using sample data in keystone and real data in nova20:43
tillmoprobably also because of NOVA_DEFAULT_ENDPOINT = 'http://localhost:8773/services/Cloud' in the dashboard settings20:43
tillmoor is this OK?20:43
viddthat should be good20:44
viddits the internal value20:44
viddassuming dash is on the same server as nova20:45
tillmowhich is the case20:45
viddoh... tillmo can you pastebin me your database ?20:46
tillmowhich one?20:46
viddat least the info for dashboad ... keystone20:46
tillmoI mean, there is a dashboard database, and a keystone database. I will post both20:47
*** nhubbard is now known as nhubbard_away20:48
tillmovidd: dashboard: and keystone:
*** localhost has quit IRC20:52
tillmoI just see that the user names are different...20:52
*** localhost has joined #openstack20:53
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack20:54
tillmoI have now added a user "till" for keystone, same password "test" as for dashboard, but same error20:55
*** salv-orlando has quit IRC20:56
tillmoat least, I can sign in and sign out at the dashboard...20:56
viddi was right about the infor for dashboard =]20:57
tillmowhich one?20:57
viddthe the endpoint template20:58
*** lts has quit IRC20:58
*** rnirmal has quit IRC20:58
*** miclorb_ has quit IRC20:58
*** debo_os has quit IRC20:59
*** bencherian has joined #openstack21:01
tillmosorry, I cannot confirm this. I just have deleted the keystone db, set it up again without the endpoint template: same behaviour as with it21:02
tillmoNovaServerError at /  Bad Request21:03
*** Razique has joined #openstack21:04
viddtillmo,  its because you have to upload your nova credentials into keystone and actually configure the database properly21:04
*** obino has quit IRC21:04
vidd*wave Razique21:05
viddand i havent figured that part out yet21:05
tillmoOK, I will try as well21:06
gnu111anyone seen this note: "Balance of 58.33 indicates you should push this21:06
gnu111      ring, wait at least 1 hours, and rebalance/repush."21:06
viddi want to document what I have so far so I can pass it on to annegentle21:06
Raziquehi guys21:07
Raziqueback from a concert :)21:08
*** nati2 has quit IRC21:08
Raziqueso anyone could confirm the fact that nova + keystone require a new way to launch instances ?21:08
*** aliguori has quit IRC21:08
*** tacitone has quit IRC21:08
viddi still havent been to bed...been here since 9am EST yesterday21:08
*** hub_cap has quit IRC21:09
viddthats 32 hours21:09
Raziquewhat time is it in ur contry ?21:09
Raziquesick :o21:09
*** Horroreyes has joined #openstack21:09
viddthis databse will WORK before I go to bed21:10
vidd[probably sometime tommorrow]21:10
Raziquevidd: ahah still on it ? :D21:10
*** dopacki has joined #openstack21:10
Raziqueanyway i'll continue tomorrow, bye guys21:11
viddIm writing it all down while i still remmeber it21:11
dopackinova/cactus question - trying to bind nova-api to a particular IP address. It seems to want to bind to every time. Any suggestions?21:11
Raziquethat's why I hate scripted installation :p21:11
Raziquewhen it doesn't work you dunno where too look :D21:11
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk21:11
Raziquedopacki: check conf files21:12
Raziqueglance-api.conf anf api-paste.ini21:12
*** bencherian has quit IRC21:12
Raziqueboth have lines that define on what services must listen on21:12
dopackiRazique - I'm setting my_ip in the conf file, but it seems to ignore that and grab
vidddopacki, its the controller right?21:13
*** cp16net has quit IRC21:13
dopackijust the api goods21:13
dopackihmm.. perhaps osapi_listen? that sounds interesting21:14
Raziquedopacki: maybe a bug... have u looked on launchpad ?21:14
*** markvoelker has quit IRC21:14
viddits not a bug...its nova...i HAS to listen to all incoming requests or it cant do its job21:15
*** jeh has quit IRC21:15
*** bencherian has joined #openstack21:15
dopackilol - "its not a bug...its nova"21:16
viddyou want to stop other traffic coming into it, us iptables...but dont be surprised when stuff strops working correctly21:16
dopackilooks like osapi_listen works, though not documented21:16
dopackinah, vidd.. I just needed to shim nginx in front of the api21:16
dopackiso binding the api to, and terminating connections to 8774 on nginx before sending them to the api21:17
*** df1_ has joined #openstack21:17
dopackiworking now. thx21:17
viddosapi is depreciated21:18
viddunless i am mistaken21:18
*** debo_os has joined #openstack21:19
*** debo_os has quit IRC21:20
Raziquevidd: it nova nova ;)21:20
Raziqueyou can specify the interface to listen on21:20
Razique1- in conf there are entries for that21:20
*** df1 has quit IRC21:21
*** df1_ is now known as df121:21
*** marrusl has joined #openstack21:21
Razique2- for every  Linux I've ever worked on , you specify the interface to listen on21:21
Razique(specify -> have the ability to tweak that part)21:21
*** dubsquared has quit IRC21:22
*** tacitone has joined #openstack21:22
*** pothos_ has joined #openstack21:24
*** Razique has left #openstack21:26
*** pothos has quit IRC21:26
*** pothos_ is now known as pothos21:26
*** gnu111 has quit IRC21:29
*** msivanes has quit IRC21:30
*** nati2 has joined #openstack21:30
*** reed has quit IRC21:37
*** aliguori has joined #openstack21:38
*** reed has joined #openstack21:38
uvirtbotNew bug: #879106 in nova "console/api assumes console host is compute host" [Medium,In progress]
*** robix has quit IRC21:44
*** robbiew has quit IRC21:44
*** dopacki has quit IRC21:45
*** mattray has quit IRC21:46
*** rnorwood has quit IRC21:47
*** marrusl has quit IRC21:49
*** mattray has joined #openstack21:50
uvirtbotNew bug: #879111 in horizon "tenant_id in url not enforced/checked" [Critical,Confirmed]
*** bencherian has quit IRC21:53
*** obino has joined #openstack21:56
*** bencherian has joined #openstack21:56
Ryan_Laneanyone have an idea how I would load this kexec-loader using the glance commands?
tillmovidd: I just managed to really login into dashboard! I can now see the images and launch instances. The next error is now "failed so spawn", but that shows up within a working dashboard!22:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #862980 in horizon "Make keystone related status messages more usable (dup-of: 875231)" [Undecided,Invalid]
viddtillmo, you get your creds uploaded to credentials in keystone?22:02
uvirtbotNew bug: #862667 in horizon "install_venv fails behind the proxy " [Low,Confirmed]
tillmovidd: no22:02
tillmopossibly that's why I cannot launch the instance22:03
viddtry this:22:05
*** catintheroof has quit IRC22:06
viddkeystone-manage  endpointTemplates add RegionOne nova 1 122:06
*** jdag has joined #openstack22:06
*** Horroreyes has quit IRC22:07
viddkeystone-manage endpoint add [insert your username in keystone] [whtever number nova shows up as in your database22:09
*** mattray has quit IRC22:09
tillmoin the template, cmd I probably need to replace the ips22:09
*** kbringard has quit IRC22:10
tillmoIndexError: Service nova not found22:10
viddkeystone-manage credentials add nova [your admin key from your novarc] [your secret key from novarc] 122:11
viddtillmo, you have to add it first22:11
tillmoERROR: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'id'22:13
*** obino has quit IRC22:13
tillmoI need to add the service nova first. How?22:14
*** obino has joined #openstack22:14
viddkeystone-manage  endpointTemplates add RegionOne nova 1 122:14
viddkeystone-manage service add nova Nova_API_v1.1 Open-Stack-Nova-v1.122:14
*** patelna has quit IRC22:15
viddare you not glad im setting up all this lovely documentation =]22:15
vidd[cuzz yule never do it?]22:15
tillmoonce I have managed this setup, I will also write something about it...22:17
vidddont tell ppl im a pain in the ...... a how-to?22:17
tillmothe endpointTemplate addition works, but the credentials not...22:17
tillmoperhaps even like a how-to...22:17
tillmoI still get "ERROR: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'id'"22:18
vidddo you have a tenant id linked to your user account?22:19
tillmoin keystone, yes22:19
viddwhat is the tenant #22:19
tillmoI just have managed to shut down a VM via dashboard (I had started it via console)22:20
tillmothe tenant # is 122:20
*** lborda has quit IRC22:21
viddtry the tenant name instead of the number22:22
tillmoha, I just have successfully launched a VM!22:22
tillmovia dashboard, I mean22:22
viddwith my assistance?22:22
tillmoyes, of course22:22
viddi want to know if the instructions i gave you are correct22:23
viddi dont want to put bogus stuff up for pple22:23
vidddo i look like i work for a company in redmaond wa?22:24
tillmoyes, your instructions have been of great help22:24
tillmoalthough I have the impression that some things were not needed, but I am not sure22:24
viddits better to be right than fast22:25
*** code_franco has quit IRC22:25
*** pixelbeat has joined #openstack22:26
tillmoyes. The only thing I am not sure about is the endpoint stuff in keystone22:26
Glacee   Getting a Put 404 when trying to upload file after install.. any idea?22:26
Glacee1.4.3 and tempauth22:26
viddtillmo, ill pastebin my doc for you to grab =]22:27
tillmooh, that is great22:27
viddtillmo, youhave the ability to save images in dashboard?22:28
*** bencherian has quit IRC22:28
viddi should say does dashboard have the ability22:28
tillmono, I cannot. However, first I would like to view the console. That does not work either22:29
viddneed all the endpoits -]22:30
viddlet me get cracking on this doc22:30
tillmoI have all those that you told me :-)22:30
*** nati2 has quit IRC22:31
*** dragondm has quit IRC22:32
tillmoanother point is that my launched instance has no public IP, only a private one22:32
*** HowardRoark has quit IRC22:32
tillmowith the console, I used euca-allocate-address and euca-associate-address22:33
viddyou need to add your ec2 creds22:34
viddkeystone-manage credentials add EC2 [your EC2 key from your novarc] [your EC2 secret key from novarc] 122:35
viddkeystone-manage credentials add EC2 [your EC2 key from your novarc] [your EC2 secret key from novarc] [tenant name]22:35
uvirtbotNew bug: #879136 in glance "keyerror: 'image' when doing nova image-list" [Undecided,New]
viddsorry...the 1 at the end is incorrect22:36
tillmothis gives: ERROR: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'id'22:36
viddso we need to create an endpoint for ec222:37
tillmoin the same way as for nova?22:38
viddi dont know how to do that [yet]22:38
viddcant hurt...make sure you use the right port22:38
*** Shentonfreude1 has quit IRC22:39
viddendpoint template, then endpoint, then credentials22:39
viddBTW you should be able to do all this from ***not the host***22:39
*** TheOsprey has quit IRC22:40
viddat least the dashboard stuff22:40
viddmy server machines are in the other room....cant even see them from here....i ssh in =]22:40
tillmoyes, I do the same22:41
tillmoI am working from my laptop22:41
* `g ssh in vidd 22:42
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack22:43
*** nati2 has joined #openstack22:44
viddtoo bad razique isnt here...he'd love this documentation22:45
viddgetting dashboard and keystone to work is the only thing holding up his documentation22:47
*** rsampaio has quit IRC22:54
tillmoOK, I am too tired now, going to bed22:57
tillmoIf you have some doc, please let me know: till (at) communtu.org22:58
tillmoand good luck with your tries!23:02
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC23:02
*** tillmo has quit IRC23:07
*** mattray has joined #openstack23:07
*** ziyadb has quit IRC23:10
*** ziyadb has joined #openstack23:12
*** vernhart has quit IRC23:13
*** magg has joined #openstack23:18
maggim gettin this error trying to run openstack dashboard:
*** clauden__ has quit IRC23:20
*** clauden has joined #openstack23:20
viddmagg you dont have openstackx installed...just like the error says23:21
viddyou downloaded this from git...right?23:21
maggvidd: i installed the dashboard from the ubuntu 11.10 repos23:22
maggvidd: im pretty sure it downloaded openstackx23:22
viddok...that explains alot =]23:22
maggvidd: but maybe i need to add openstackx path or something23:22
*** doorlock has joined #openstack23:23
vidddownloading keystone from from repos was a PITA too23:23
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC23:24
maggyeah i installed keystone also23:24
maggi have already configured23:24
viddmagg does it work?23:25
maggi configured it23:25
maggadded an admin, tenant and token23:25
maggand did the curl tests23:26
vidddid you add the endpoints?23:26
viddso that when dashboard is set up it has something to do?23:26
viddin keystone23:26
maggmmmm i guess23:26
magghow do i check23:26
viddwhat database did you select?23:27
maggOPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_URL = "http://localhost:5000/v2.0/"23:27
maggi added that to the local_settings.py23:28
maggin the dashboard23:28
vidddid you add a user, tenant etc?23:29
maggand a token23:29
vidddid you add all the endpointTemplates23:29
viddthere was like 5 of them on the examples page23:30
maggmaybe not23:31
magghow do i add them23:31
viddyou had to replace %HOST_IP% witht the actual ips, and then bind them to your tenants23:31
magg curl -H "X-Auth-Token:999888777666" http://localhost:5000/v2.0/tenants23:31
magg{"tenants": {"values": [{"enabled": 1, "id": "MyTenant", "description": null}], "links": []}23:31
viddim still in the middle of updating the documentations ...23:32
viddi need someone to test them23:32
maggshould i?23:32
*** vernhart has joined #openstack23:33
vidddo you have nova working ?23:33
viddyeah...i would like you to test them for me then23:33
viddim nearly finished23:34
*** doorlock has quit IRC23:34
viddbut for your issue....23:34
maggyeah :(23:34
vidd"sudo apt-get install python-pip23:35
*** ziyadb has quit IRC23:35
viddsudo pip install [insert missing python requirements here]23:35
maggsudo pip install openstackx?23:36
*** nerens has quit IRC23:36
*** ziyadb has joined #openstack23:36
*** vernhart has quit IRC23:37
viddim sure you'll come across other missing stuff as well23:37
maggcould not find any download that satisfy the requirement openstackx23:37
viddopenstack released diablo WAY to close to ubuntu's October release so some things got missed23:37
viddtry sudo apt-get install --reinstall openstackx23:38
*** osier has joined #openstack23:39
*** misheska has joined #openstack23:40
maggwhen i do a python -c "import openstackx" i get a No module named openstackx23:41
maggafter a reinstall23:41
maggi think its a path problem23:41
vidddo you see openstackx in your /etc folder?23:41
*** vernhart has joined #openstack23:41
*** misheska has quit IRC23:41
viddI dunno....i havent gotten to dashboard yet23:42
*** vernhart1 has joined #openstack23:42
viddtry getting dashboard from github23:43
viddanybody got a link?23:43
openstackvidd: Error: "dashboard" is not a valid command.23:43
vidddo a google serch23:44
viddthey are calling it something else for the time being....i dont remeber offhand23:44
maggook thanks23:45
*** vernhart has quit IRC23:46
vidd`bug dashboard23:46
vidd!bug dashboard23:46
openstackvidd: Error: "bug" is not a valid command.23:46
*** `g has quit IRC23:51
*** vernhart1 has quit IRC23:54
*** nerens has joined #openstack23:58
viddmagg, is the link for dashboard23:59
maggvidd: thanks downloading it now23:59

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