Saturday, 2011-11-05

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viddis nova-volume really the way to add attached storage or is there a different way?00:28
vidd*the only way*00:29
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viddanyone here with working keystone and euca?01:17
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viddanyone here with working keystone and euca?01:25
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viddanyone here with working keystone and euca?02:42
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dolphmvidd: what kind of problem are you having?02:58
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viddeuca wont work with keystone02:59
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viddeuca wont work with keystone dolphm03:00
viddwith NOVA_URL=
vidd in env, get Warning: failed to parse error message from AWS: <unknown>:1:0: syntax error03:01
viddexport EC2_URL="" in novarc03:02
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viddwith EC2_URL= i get Warning: failed to parse error message from AWS: <unknown>:1:0: not well-formed (invalid token)03:04
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viddso i take it the second one is the correct one, and somehow my credentials in keystone are sckewed03:05
mandela123the first is right03:06
viddwith keystone?03:06
mandela123use  export EC2_URL=""03:06
mandela123what you should care is the  ec2_access_key  and the secret key03:07
mandela123they should be set the same  as in the  keystone's table  credentials03:07
viddif the first one times out and the second one returnes failed auth, how could the first one be right?03:08
viddso keystone needs the :username in the credentials?03:08
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viddnope...port 8773 is still timing out nd port 500 saying wrong credentials03:12
mandela123the fact is that  i have  eucatools works  well  with keystone now03:13
viddmandela123, i dont dobt you03:14
mandela123i use  the  trunk code03:14
mandela123also you should  make sure  that  the  bug in keystone has been fixed03:15
mandela123in the file  keystone/milldleware/ec2_token.py03:15
viddi use stable...need to in order to make sure what works here will be the same thing I deploy when i conver the data center03:15
viddi cant use something that could be completely different 2 weeks from now03:15
mandela123i think you need to  update your  code.03:16
viddmandela123, i think you may be right about the ec2 token03:16
mandela123the bug was fixed recently03:16
mandela123and i have a problem  with quotas  on tenant03:17
mandela123in the past ,project are used to orangnised to set the  quotas03:18
mandela123but now  with tenant ,how  should  we do with keystone's tenant03:18
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viddmandela123, in your keystone make tenant = project =]03:20
mandela123you mean set the  name of the table tenants' coloum name  with the project table' colum project?03:22
viddif you are going to actually compare them...yes03:23
mandela123INSTANCEi-0000000aami-00000005192.168.104.8192.168.104.8runningNone (6, sws51)1m1.tiny2011-11-04T06:10:03Znova03:25
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mandela123i use eucatools to check the instance ,you see that it use the tenant id not the tenant name03:26
mandela123runningNone (6, sws51)03:26
viddi dont see the issue03:27
mandela123i'll test if the quota works well  right now03:27
mandela123thanks vidd!03:27
viddyour using keystone with some kind of data interpretation software...right?03:27
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viddhrm...they "fixed" the issue by removing eu2_token.py03:30
viddlooks like im going to need to "freeze-dry" a working solution =\03:32
viddwell...its been a long time...there is a bed calling my back for another round in the AM =]03:36
viddg'night [or whatever] all03:36
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hezekiah_I"m finding that some systems I setup (ubuntu 11.04) the bridge interface doesn't appear to be working (instances cannot get an IP on dhcp)03:59
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mandela123i ,any one  have tested  nova-volume vsa?07:51
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bawszis it possible to change flavour dynamically, without having to shut down an instance beforehand?08:20
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guaquahas someone here used crowbar to deploy a swift system?08:37
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Nadeemmguys, are there instructions to install nova compute from source (tar.gz) ?08:40
Nadeemmi could only see instructions for apt and rpm08:40
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guaquahaven't done anything with nova, myself09:02
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zykes-vidd-away: !10:05
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bawszhow easy is it to change the flavour of an instance? do you need to recreate it with the new flavour, or can it be changed during runtime or after a reboot?17:12
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bawszno idea?17:55
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viddbawsz, what do you mean "change flavor"?17:58
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bawszchange amount of ram/cpu allocated to it17:58
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viddbawsz, when you launch the image, you specify that info with the -t tag in euca17:59
viddi dont know if you can migrate a live image to a different type18:00
bawszso a flavour is permanent once the instance is launched?18:00
viddbawsz, so far as i know....18:01
viddas i said i do nor believe you can migrate a running instance to a larger -t but i could be wrong18:01
bawszbut if you shut it down first, can you relaunch it with a different -t?18:02
viddbawsz, you can always add more storage...dont know about ram18:02
viddbawsz, correct18:02
bawszbut will that recreate everything?18:02
viddrecreate what?18:03
viddit will be a pristine instance18:03
bawszyea, so all that changes when you start the instance with another flavour is its CPU / RAM allocation?18:04
viddif you want to take an isnstance you have up and running with all the modifications, you will want to use it to create a new image and launch that new image with the increased -t18:04
bawsza-ha. then delete the previous image with the earlier -t?18:05
viddbawsz, i wouldnt "delete" the the image for a base template for the next project you wish to modify =]18:06
bawszmm.. cool18:06
viddthere is no reason to have your starting image have packages in it you will not need18:07
bawszwould it be feasible to move images between your local machine and the openstack cloud? ie, is it possible to go from openstack image -> vmware/virtualbox image and then back to a openstack image if need be?18:08
viddbawsz, i know you can do the "and back" part...not sure about the fromOS -> VirtBox18:09
bawszhypervisor's probably gonna be xen18:12
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bawszare you able to do the shut down and start another instance using the shut-down image with another flavour in the dashboard?18:18
bawszor is that CLI only18:18
viddi dont have the dashboard18:19
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vidd--iscsi_ip_prefix= should be set to the private IP range? or the floating IP rang?19:02
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zykes-vidd: ?19:34
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viddyes zykes-19:34
zykes-how goes ? ;)19:34
zykes-did you find out regarding the stuff for dash?19:34
viddim aggrevated, aggitated and annoyed19:34
viddkeystone broke my nova so badly I had to reinstall....again19:35
zykes-how did it break it ?19:35
viddzykes-, does your dashboard work with sqlite or mysql?19:36
zykes-shouldn't be possible even19:36
zykes-vidd: i've used both with newest horizon19:36
vidd"newest" as in stable or master?19:36
viddand does your dashboard integrate with your system in a venv or in the real env?19:37
zykes-venv but how does that affect it ?19:37
viddzykes-, with it wrapped in an venv, security updates will not be applied to it19:38
viddon a production-grade install, that is a BAD thing19:38
zykes-vidd: then again, install deps19:39
zykes-from apt or yum and the ones that are not there use pip19:39
zykes-don't see the real issue in that19:39
viddi really dont want to have to load the venv every day to check for updates19:39
zykes-you wont with that way19:39
viddwell....before i can worry about dashboard, i have to get keystone to play nice with nova and glance19:40
viddyou installed your keystone with master git?19:41
zykes-ok all nodes19:41
zykes-that needs it19:41
viddhow do you get it to auto-load?19:41
zykes-autoload ?19:41
zykes-autostart you mean ?19:41 its running when nova or glance needs it19:41
zykes-you can use the init script from the ubuntu pkg ?19:42
viddso you dont have it auto-starting?19:42
zykes-correct ;)19:42
viddheh...then how do you know its working =]19:42
zykes-or wait until the keystone team has approved all reviews to backports ;)19:42
zykes-working how ?19:42
zykes-yeah, i need to start it each time the server boots19:43
viddthat is also not a good thing19:43
zykes-wasn't that what you meant with autoload?19:43 it starts when the server boots up19:44
viddi dont expect to have to reboot the server all the time, but it will happen from time to time19:45
zykes-yeah, well then for now be easy on yourself and use a init script from a package ;)19:46
viddzykes-, i dont understand how to write an init script19:47
zykes-vidd: don't need to what distro you on ?19:47
viddive seen examples...but it doesnt make sence to me19:47
zykes-vidd: grab it from the package then ;)19:48
viddi dont understand19:48
viddhow do i grab it from the package if i install the package, keystone will not work19:48
zykes-yes you can ;)19:49
zykes-i can do it for you19:49
vidddoing it for me is fine...but i need to be able to reproduce it =\19:49
zykes-yeah, copy it from the paste i'm gonna give to you ;19:50
viddi dont want to have to look you up every time i need to roll out a new controller19:50
zykes-new controller ?19:51
viddright...right now, im setting up a test environment19:51
viddin a month or less, im going to deploy for real19:51
zykes-vidd: read above19:51
viddthen, once our data center is converted, we will demo it to customers19:51
zykes-i think the keystone team is giving out a "backport" version vidd19:52
zykes-which will be "fixed"19:52
viddwhen a customer orders service, I will need to set up a new controller for the customer zone19:52
zykes-why a dedicated controller ? ;p19:52
viddthe stuff we use for our datacenter will be refurbished, updated servers19:53
viddthe ppl with the checkbooks are not going to give me "new" equiptment for our datacenter19:54
zykes- ;p19:54
viddbut for paying customers, I will insiste that we get better stuff19:54
zykes-vidd: ask dolph for when they are giving out the backported package19:55
zykes-or Daviey maybe19:55
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viddzykes-, the file you i save this as a file? and where do i put it?19:57
viddand does it need modification for my system?19:58
zykes-or something19:58
zykes-i can test in later today19:58
zykes-for you with the method i mean19:58
viddok...for now, i need to work on getting nova to work without keystone again20:00
viddzykes-, in your novarc file....what do you have for NOVA_API_KEY20:05
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uvirtbotNew bug: #886666 in devstack "exception in seem to be ignore" [Undecided,New]
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vidddoes euca talk to glance?21:18
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viddkeystone doesnt really work with euca and never will....right?22:31
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uvirtbotNew bug: #886701 in nova "Image id is not checked for validity on rebuild" [Undecided,New]
vishyvidd: it does in devstack23:34
vishyvidd: the only thing missing is upload bundle23:35
vishyvidd: (and an easy way to get credentials)23:35
viddvishy, "euca-describe-availability-zones" failes with "Warning: failed to parse error message from AWS: <unknown>:1:0: syntax error"23:36
vishydo the other commands work?23:36
viddno...euca- nothing works23:37
vishysounds like a bug in describe availaibilty zones23:37
vishyare you using devstack?23:37
viddno not using devstack23:37
vishywell that is why23:37
vishyit doesn't just work without configuration23:37
vishyyou have to create roles and creds in keystone23:37
viddi've done that23:37
viddi have credentials...i just dont understand where the issue23:38
vishytake a look at how devstack does it23:38
vishyyou must have something configured wrong23:38
vishywait, which version of keystone are you using?23:38
vishyoh, that is unlikely to work23:39
vishywith anything23:39
vishyif it works at all, you are lucky23:39
viddkeystone-manage 2012.1-dev23:39
viddno version of keystone works23:39
zykes-vishy: no not unlikely to work ;p23:40
zykes-it works fine here23:40
vishyzykes-: you're using master with ec2?23:40
zykes-vishy: correcto23:40
viddive tried apt-get, ive tried git-stable...they all fail the same way23:40
vishycloudbuilders/diablo works23:40
zykes-lemme fire up my nova node23:40
zykes-and test23:40
vishythe one devstack uses23:40
vishystable/diablo is missing a patch or two that is in review23:41
viddvishy, are you the "# NOTE(vish): use the following pipeline for deprecated auth23:42
vidd" author? =]23:42
vidd=] cool23:43
viddyou may wish to get the keystone line in the code as well (sometime in the future)23:43
zykes-yeah vidd, "euca-describe-availability-zones" works fine here23:43
viddzykes-,can you paste me the EU2 creds you have in keystone?23:44
zykes-i can paste you my whole example file23:44
viddand can i see your novarc you are sourcing?23:45
zykes-works totally fine23:46
viddwell...this will help =]23:47
vishyvidd: it was before we removed it23:47
zykes-i've got glance and everything to work23:47
viddvishy, why would you remove it?23:47
vishywe pulled it because keystone wasn't ready at diablo23:47
*** hezekiah_ has joined #openstack23:48
viddvishy, keystone is marked up everywhere else =]23:48
*** stewart has joined #openstack23:49
*** heckj has joined #openstack23:50
*** heckj has left #openstack23:50
vishyvidd: keystone was broken at diablo23:51
viddzykes-, "export NOVA_API_KEY="testing" testing = tenant?23:51
vishyvidd: so we pulled it because it was not supported23:51
viddvishy, is there any plan to get dashboard out of a venv?23:52
vishyvidd: i certainly hope so23:52
zykes-vidd: no that's the key23:53
viddhaving it isolated from security updates is a bad thing23:53
zykes-vidd: as i said you don't have to...23:53
vishyvidd: it is sort of up to ubuntu getting packages for the stuff23:53
vishy(if it isn't already)23:53
viddzykes-, i think i [export NOVA_API_KEY="testing"] "testing" = "$keysone_user_password"23:56
zykes-the tenant vidd is customer-x23:57
*** littleidea has quit IRC23:57
*** littleidea has joined #openstack23:59

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