Sunday, 2011-11-06

viddzykes-, a token is being created in my keystone database, but it still wont let euca do anything00:05
vishyNOVA_API_KEY has nothing to do with euca commands00:06
vishyyou only need EC2_ACCESS_KEY and EC2_SECRET_KEY00:06
viddvishy, what is nova sending to keystone?00:07
viddi would assume it is sending nova-api stuff00:07
vishyi don't know what you mean00:07
vishyis keystone on the same host as your api server?00:08
viddzykes-, i see you have added internal services stuff00:08
viddvishy, it should not matter00:08
viddif keystone is off, euca works fine00:08
vishyvidd: well you have to set a flag if it isn't00:08
zykes-vidd: it uses internal for dashboard fyi00:08
zykes-and for others00:09
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viddyes, keystone is on the loacal machine, but im still calling it by IP00:09
viddi know euca is talking to keystone because a token is getting created in keystone00:11
viddbut keystone is not returning permissions correctly00:11
viddzykes-, i think your setting up interal services is where i need to look for a solution00:12
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viddzykes-, in your script, "testing is only used for the password...right?00:17
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zykes-vidd: yeah00:25
viddzykes-, how do i stop restart keystone =\00:26
* vidd has GOT to get an init.d for it!00:26
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viddzykes-, you spin up keystone manually...what is the command?00:34
* vidd has lost it somewhere in his notes00:34
Raziquehi all :D00:35
viddhello Razique !00:35
Raziquedoes someone knows how to manage multiple networks per project ?00:35
Raziquehey vidd 'sup ?00:35
RaziqueI'd like to have mutliple networks and vlans per network ; but it doesn't seem to work :/00:35
vishyRazique: I don't know if anyone has trying that00:36
Raziquehey vishy  :)00:37
vishy* has tried that00:37
Raziquemmm is it possible to have more than one vlan then ?00:37
vishyper project?00:37
Raziqueno, totally00:37
vishysure if you use valn manager00:37
vishy* vlan manager00:37
vishyare you trying to have multiple networks per vm?00:37
RaziqueI'm stuck here00:38
Raziqueno, I'd like to be able to manage several instances with different vlans00:38
vishythat is vlan manager then00:38
RaziqueI need to validate a project for a customer (a real one :D ) that involves around 50 instances00:38
Raziquethere are "zones" that needs to be isolated00:39
Raziquevishy: you mean the Linux vlan-manager ?00:39
vishyi mean network_manager=VlanManager00:39
vishyinstead of FlatDHCPManager00:39
Raziqueyah, I'm already using the VLAN mode00:40
Raziqueworks great for one VLAN00:40
vishygood, you're set then00:40
Raziquebut with two, doesn't seem so00:40
vishyeach project gets its own vlan00:40
vishydo you have a second project?00:40
vishyand you have two networks defined in the db00:41
vishywith separate vlans?00:41
Raziquethe instances into the first VLAN work great (can be reached, etc…)00:41
Raziquewhile instances created with the second VLAN cannot be reached00:41
vishyare they getting dhcp?00:42
Raziquewhile the vlan has been created, the bridge, etc..00:42
vishywhere are you trying to reach them from?00:42
vishyare you sure that you have trunked vlan 50 on the ports?00:42
Raziquevishy: both are pinged from the nova-network server00:43
vishythere is just one nova-network right?00:43
Raziquethe switch is a simple one, with no mamangement at all00:43
vishycan you pastie me the output of ifconfig on nework server00:43
Raziquethe L2 switchs let pass all packets, whatever the VID might be00:44
vishyas well as ip addr show?00:44
Raziquethanks :)00:44
vishyand you are sure that the vm is up00:44
vishyyou can vnc console etc.?00:44
zykes-wazzup vidd ?00:45
Raziquevishy: it's up but the last line is "cloud-init-nonet waiting 120 seconds for a network device."00:46
viddkeystone & returns an error =\ how do you launch it?00:46
vishyRazique: hmm00:46
vishyRazique: so it isn't dhcping properly00:46
Raziquevishy: here is the boot log
viddkeystone & returns an error =\ how do you launch it? @ zykes-00:47
vishyRazique: is your compute node a separate host?00:47
Raziquevishy: yup =)00:47
vishyok so the dhcp is failing00:47
vishyare both of your vms on the other host?00:47
vishyRazique: can you do a ps aux | grep dnsmasq and paste it00:48
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Raziquefirst one : node00:49
Raziquesecond one : controller00:49
*** stewart has joined #openstack00:49
vishyRazique: that all looks correct00:51
vishycan you pastie me iptables -L -n -v on the compute node?00:51
Raziquesure :)00:51
tjoyguess it works00:52
vishyRazique: weird00:52
vishyRazique: i don't see the dhcp rules getting hit00:52
Raziqueyah, neither do I00:53
Raziqueu mean that line ?      0     0 nova-compute-inst-328  all  --  *      *  
vishyRazique: no00:54
vishy    0     0 ACCEPT     udp  --  *      *           udp spt:67 dpt:6800:54
vishyRazique: if you boot another instance in the first (vlan100) project does it work?00:54
Raziqueok, let's see00:54
Raziqueyup it's working :)00:55
RaziqueI've now 2 instances into VLAN10000:55
Raziqueand both can be pinged00:55
vishycheck the output from the iptables command again00:56
vishy0     0 ACCEPT     udp  --  *      *           udp spt:67 dpt:6800:56
vishyare there packets on that line now?00:56
Razique    2   674 ACCEPT     udp  --  *      *           udp spt:67 dpt:6800:57
Raziquelooks so yah00:57
vishyso that one is working00:57
vishycheck syslog on controller00:57
Raziqueok wait sorry00:57
Raziquethe rules exists into two chains00:58
Razique    0     0 ACCEPT     udp  --  *      *           udp spt:67 dpt:6800:58
vishysure that is fine00:58
vishythe new one is working00:58
vishylook for messages in syslog about dnsmasq00:58
vishy(on controller)00:59
Raziquehere vishy :00:59
vishyoh thx00:59
Raziquemmmm DHCPDISCOVER(br50) 02:16:3e:2f:f9:b1 no address available00:59
vishythere is your problem00:59
vishyso can you check --dhcp-hostsfile=/var/lib/nova/networks/nova-br50.conf01:00
vishyand see if that eth is listed01:00
Raziquethe file is empty01:01
vishyok so are there errors in nova-network01:02
Raziquei don't have the flag -dhcp-hostsfile into my conf01:02
Raziqueis it ok ?01:02
vishymaybe about being unable to write to the file?01:02
Raziqueyou mean nova wouldn't be able to write the file ?01:03
vishythat is what i'm wondering01:03
vishymaybe if you ran it as root once and then switched back to a regular user01:03
vishyyou can just delete the file01:04
vishykillall dnsmasq01:04
RaziqueI run all commands as root actually01:04
vishyrestart nova-network01:04
vishythat should force it to be recreated01:04
Raziqueyup the file hs been recreated01:04
Raziquebut remains empty01:04
Raziqueand nova the fixed ip from the instance has disaperead01:05
Raziqueweird :/01:06
viddzykes-, you still there?01:07
*** freeflying has quit IRC01:11
zykes-vidd: yeah01:11
zykes-atm ;)01:11
Raziquevishy: I found "num_networks : 1 from (pid=6058) wait /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/nova/"01:11
Raziqueis there a link with the issue ?01:11
zykes-trying to come up with an idea on how to solve my dns api & instance stuff01:11
zykes-got clues vishy ?01:11
viddzykes-, in that script you pasted me is the novaadmin in your nova data dase ?01:11
Raziquevishy: also 2011-11-06 02:10:05,137 DEBUG nova [-] vlan_start : 100 from (pid=6058) wait /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/nova/
zykes-if i remember correctly vidd it's not needed, it was something i was testing in connection to dashboard01:13
viddits there and works for going to leave it for now (since its attached to the internal services tenant =]01:14
zykes-int_svcs is just a place to put stuff like glance towards swift01:15
zykes-vishy: ?01:15
vishyRazique: interesting i don't now if that is important or not01:17
vishy* know01:17
vishyRazique: try terminating the instance and launching another one?01:18
vishywhen it allocates the ip it should be writing it01:18
vishyRazique: you don't have multi-host set on the network right?01:18
Razique--multi_host=False into both nova.conf01:18
vishyRazique: i'm trying to figure out what could stop it from writing01:19
vishyRazique: and set to false in the db to?01:19
vishy*too01:19 errors...but no availability zones either =\01:19
Raziquevishy: yup
vishyRazique: the only way i can think of it being skipped is if multi_host=True01:21
Raziqueand after the new spawnning, again
Raziquevishy: mm so should I change something somewhere ?01:22
vishynetwork_get_associated_fixed_ips(context, network_id):01:23
vishymight be interesting to do a nova-manage shell python01:23
vishyfrom nova import context01:23
vishyfrom nova import db01:23
RaziqueI'm no programmer at all (yet :p )01:23
vishydb.network_get_associated_fixed_ips(context.get_admin_context(), <network_id>)01:24
vishyand see if you get anything01:24
*** julian_c has quit IRC01:24
vishythat is the only other thing that could be going wrong01:24
vishythat i can tell01:24
vishyRazique: are you running diablo?01:25
Raziquevishy: yup01:25
vishywhere did you get it?01:25
vishystable/diablo branch?01:25
vishyhmm there were a couple bugs in the ppa01:25
vishyRazique: can you check your fixed ips table and make sure they are associated with the proper network01:27
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*** mmetheny_ is now known as mmetheny01:28
Raziqueyes they are
vishyalso check br100.conf and make sure the the ips aren't showing up there01:28
Raziquethe br100.conf only contains the two leases01:29
Raziqueand we see on nova-network start the creation of the right network
*** esquilinho has joined #openstack01:31
* Razique hopes the SQL query doesn't have a LIMIT=1 :D01:31
vishyRazique: can you check the virtual_interfaces table for weirdness?01:32
zykes-vishy: will essex features a replaced netstack ?01:32
zykes-by quantum and others01:32
vishyzykes-: unknown01:32
vishydepends on how stable netstack is01:32
zykes-hope it will be :ø01:33
vishyquantum will be shipped, nova may or may not default to it01:33
zykes-and not like keystone is now :p01:33
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Raziquezykes-: hehe01:34
*** tortu[banhu has quit IRC01:34
viddvishy, is there a launch target date?01:34
vishyvidd: for essex?01:34
vishyearly april01:34
vishythe date should be on the wiki01:34
vishyRazique: I'm super confused at why your br50.conf is empty01:35
vishyi would start by throwing some logging statements in linux_net01:35
viddi dont understand why these launch dtae seem to be "right before ubuntu"01:35
Raziquevishy: well yah, it's pretty weird :/01:35
vishyto try and figure out why it isn't creating the file01:35
viddhello livemoon01:35
vishyvidd: so we can get into 12.04 :)01:36
livemoonI miss you01:36
Raziquehey lionel :)01:36
vishyif you want to give me access I could login and try to find the issue01:36
Raziquevishy: what "i would start by throwing some logging statements in linux_net" means ?01:36
viddvishy, if you want to get into an Ubuntu launch AND work properly with repo-installs, then there should be at least a month01:36
vishyvidd: :)01:37
vishyvidd: we work closely with ubuntu01:37
viddespecially since this next ubuntu is going to be a LTS01:37
zykes-vidd: get RH on board as well ;p01:37
viddzykes-, redhat scares me =]01:37
zykes-vidd: why ? :p01:38
vidd"better dead than red" is in my blood =]01:38
zykes-vidd: heh01:38
* vidd grew up during the cold war01:38
zykes-well it's still the easiest thing to sell to big companies here where i am so01:39
viddzykes-, not getting "400" errors anymore01:40
viddnow im getting 401's =\01:40
Raziquevidd: 401 : auth errors01:40
zykes-vidd: for what ?01:41
viddso euca is now talking with keystone, they just dont like what each other is saying =\01:41
viddwell...euca-describe-availability-zones returns nothing01:41
viddeuca-allocate-address returns 40101:42
viddi havent even TRIED to add images yet=\01:42
viddor keypairs...or anything else =]01:43
viddThis server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document you requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password), or your browser does not understand how to supply the credentials required.01:44
*** cowmix has quit IRC01:44
viddwhat is the command to sync keystone's database?01:49
viddhey! they added "keystone control"01:54
viddthis will help considerably!01:54
viddwe REALLY need this added to the documentation01:54
*** stewart has quit IRC01:56
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viddzykes-, do you have "--keystone_ec2_url=http://$keystone_IP:5000/v2.0/ec2tokens" in your nova config?01:59
zykes-but not $keystone_ip02:00
zykes-ah, like that correct02:00
viddreplace $keystone_IP with the actual IP of course02:00
viddzykes-, do you have both a "token" and a "tokens" table in your keystone database?02:04
*** freeflying has joined #openstack02:06
viddzykes-, im so close to getting this to work i can smell it!02:07
viddi just need to figure out why the request is coming back unauthorized02:07
zykes-no to the token question vidd02:08
*** esquilinho is now known as o_ultimo_do_moic02:09
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Raziquegotta sleep02:19
Raziquecya guys02:19
*** Razique has left #openstack02:20
viddzykes-, any ideas?02:22
zykes-vidd: what is it you do when it fails ?02:26
*** osier has joined #openstack02:27
viddright now euca-allocate-address --debug02:27
zykes-vidd: check nova-api.log02:27
zykes-and see if it fails there02:28
zykes-vidd: try02:30
zykes-keystone-manager role grant Admin vidd02:30
viddzykes you ROCK =]02:31
viddwe have a WINNER!!!!! =\02:31
viddso now all my users will have to be "admin"02:32
zykes-i had forgotten that in my sample ;p02:32
zykes-vidd: only tenant admins should have it ;p02:32
vidd"userof nova" =]02:32
zykes-now dashboard ? ;)02:33
viddyes...on to dashboard =]02:34 to get VNCProxy to quit failing02:34
viddit wants noVNC02:34
viddbut ubuntu does not seem to offer it02:34
*** Otter768 has quit IRC02:35
viddwhich is starnge since ubutu makes nova-vncproxy get installed on my sytse02:35
*** Moltar has quit IRC02:36
*** vernhart has quit IRC02:41
*** stewart has joined #openstack02:45
viddvishy, you still here?02:47
*** misheska has quit IRC02:48
*** osier has quit IRC02:50
viddzykes-, ive already given up on noVNC03:02
viddmoving on to dashboard03:02
*** o_ultimo_do_moic is now known as tortux03:06
viddzykes-, in theory....i can copy the entire .dashboard venv from one computer and just drop it carte blanche onto another machine...right?03:12
*** tortux has quit IRC03:17
rmkvidd: I haven't had luck with vncproxy either03:22
rmkI had it working once and never since then03:23
viddrmk, ive spent 2 weeks (and three format/reinstalls) just getting keystone and euca to work =\03:23
viddnow dashboard dont want to co-operate03:24
vidd[and here i left my shocked face @ work]03:25
viddi cant wait to see what happens when i try to get an image loaded into glance03:25
viddim half-expecting a small nuclear device to go off03:26
viddzykes-, you still here?03:26
*** crescendo has quit IRC03:29
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vishydevstack uses an alternate vncproxy right now04:40
vishybecaue nova-vncproxy doesn't work with chrome04:40
vishywe're going to clean it up and propose it back into trunk04:40
viddnovvncproxy doesnt work with nova04:48
viddsorry noVNC04:49
*** hezekiah_ has joined #openstack04:49
viddnova-vncproxy doesnt work with noVNC04:49
viddnoVNC seams to be broken04:50
*** misheska has joined #openstack04:57
*** obino has quit IRC05:02
viddvishy, you still here?05:12
*** crescendo has joined #openstack05:21
*** crescendo has joined #openstack05:21
*** rnorwood has quit IRC05:25
*** dnjaramba has quit IRC05:31
vishyvidd: maybe05:36
vishyvidd:: novnc works fine if you run it as root and you aren't using chrome05:37
vishychrome 14 decided to break it05:37
viddvishy, i cant seem to get it to install and nova-vncproxy complains its not there05:37
viddvishy, work on the devstack team right?05:38
viddthe person you get your tty from, smoser recommeds using his new immage
viddive used it and it works great05:39
viddi have the default username and password for it....he doesnt remember what he set up for the old one anymore05:40
*** clopez has quit IRC05:47
vishythe old one is root/password05:52
viddthe new one is "cirros" / "cubswin:)"  [the smiley is part of the password]05:53
viddso i take it there is an update coming ? =]05:54
viddor are you NOT a cubs fan =]05:54
*** wilmoore has joined #openstack06:08
viddhorizon definantly does NOT like mysql =\06:31
viddi assume that when you run the "dashboard/ syncdb" your supposed to get propmted to set up a username and password06:33
*** lionel has quit IRC06:35
*** lionel has joined #openstack06:36
viddgetting "ImportError: Could not import settings 'dashboard.settings' (Is it on sys.path?): No module named dashboard.settings" when trying to run dashboard thru apache06:36
viddi am assuming that this means that the syncdb is supposed to create the dashboad.settings file or database record that apache file is looking for =\06:38
viddand with dashboard set to use mysql, this does not happen06:39
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*** MarkAt2od has joined #openstack07:40
*** livemoon has left #openstack07:41
viddi have figured out the issue with dashboard =]07:42
viddwell...most of it anyway =]07:42
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC07:42
*** MarkAt2od has quit IRC07:45
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack07:45
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zykes-around vidd ?11:01
viddzykes-, yep11:01
viddi have beaten keystone and dashboard into submission11:01
zykes-horizon or ?11:02
viddof course11:02
zykes-hint though11:02
zykes-keep track of what commit you have installed11:02
zykes-so if it breaks you can revert it ;)11:03
viddthe tenat and user links throw errors....i think there is an issue with keystone vs. keystoneclient11:03
viddvnc doesnt work11:03
viddand instace statuses dont appear to refresh corretly11:04
zykes-endpoints are correct ?11:04
viddthe endpoints are correct11:04
viddand the reboot does actually work (when viewed via euca11:05
viddoh...and i cant seem to ping or ssh into images11:05
zykes-you can't ping a image ;p11:05
zykes-and instance on the other hand11:05
zykes-you mean to it's floating ipo ?11:06
viddim tired...its almost my bedtinme11:06
zykes-go to bed dude11:06
zykes-come back with a freshened set of eyes11:06
viddand a 2x4, a chisel, and a BFH!11:07
viddeuca cant seem to see the image in glance =\11:08
*** rsampaio has quit IRC11:08
*** rsampaio has joined #openstack11:09
viddok...bed time11:13
*** vidd is now known as vidd-away11:13
*** ejat has joined #openstack11:51
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*** rsampaio has quit IRC12:44
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*** rsampaio has joined #openstack12:54
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*** mmetheny_ has joined #openstack13:28
*** livemoon has joined #openstack13:37
*** familyguy has joined #openstack13:44
familyguyThinking of setting up a "lab" to fool around with cloud computing.  Got a rack of HP DL360s to play with.  Can anyone recommend a good resource for a total n00b to cloud computing to go for a good primer?  The docs on the openstack website are rather sparse.13:46
guaquathere's a book on setting up openstack13:46
guaquai ordered it myself just yesterday13:46
guaqua"Deploying OpenStack"13:47
guaquathat might be of interest13:47
*** livemoon has quit IRC13:48
familyguyguaqua:  Cool.  That's exactly what I'm looking for.13:48
guaquai've been dabbling with swift13:48
guaquajust through virtualbox13:48
familyguyWow, it's only 79 pages long.  :)  An O'Reilly magazine.  heh13:49
familyguyI've been "given" a rack of 24 brand spanking new 12-core boxes so I figured that I'd do something useful with them rather than have interns mining bitcoins on 'em while they burn in for a few months.  :)13:50
guaquasounds reasonable!13:51
guaquadell has software for automatically installing openstack on their servers and it might work for you, too13:52
guaquabut i'm a bit skeptical about it13:52
guaquait's basically a layer above chef to do automatic installation and provisioning13:52
familyguyI'll take a look.  These are HP DL360's.13:53
guaquathe skepticism comes from seeing a bit too much ruby there13:53
guaquathe last time i stumbled into ruby was with cloudfoundry. and boy that code is crap13:53
*** livemoon has joined #openstack13:53
familyguyDo userspace apps need to be "aware" of openstack or does all that stuff happen under the covers with the apps being blissfully ignorant of where they're actually running from?13:54
guaquawhat do you mean? on virtual machines?13:55
guaquai'm thinking not. i don't know if there's a way to see instance specific data from within the instance like with ec213:55
familyguyYep, that's what I mean.13:56
familyguyAs you can see, I need to crack the books.  I've always kinda rolled my eyes at the cloud thing, but now I've got some time and some I figured...time to see what this is all about.13:56
guaqua"The instance acquires the instance specific configuration from Nova-compute by connecting to a meta data interface running on" (
guaquadunno how current this information is, but it sounds reasonable13:57
guaquai only have experience with ec2, none with nova13:57
*** rbergeron has quit IRC13:58
*** rbergeron has joined #openstack13:58
guaquain general you should stick with images someone else has created, it saves a lot of work13:58
guaquaif that's possible, that is13:58
guaquaat least this is the case with ec2, i have to add again :)13:59
*** livemoon has quit IRC14:01
familyguyThere seems to be a lot of buzz with using openstack+ubuntu, but I'm more of a RHEL/CentOS/ScientificLinux kinda person.14:05
guaquathere should be stuff for CentOS too14:06
guaquabut i dunno if you actually end up installing fro14:08
guaquam source then14:08
guaquamaybe someone else here knows?14:08
familyguystackops looks promising, but it's based on ubuntu.  :(14:09
guaquathat's really interesting14:12
*** jedi4ever has quit IRC14:19
*** nRy has joined #openstack14:20
familyguynot sure if you've seen this:   freebie Howto doc...using ubuntu again.  Seems pretty nice.  Gonna curl up with that for a while to get my feet wet.14:27
*** TheOsprey_ has quit IRC14:30
*** TheOsprey_ has joined #openstack14:35
nRyAnyone know how to use OpenStack to control EC2 instances???14:37
*** familyguy has quit IRC14:37
*** cmagina has quit IRC14:41
*** f-yang has quit IRC14:41
*** TheOsprey_ has quit IRC14:44
*** TheOsprey_ has joined #openstack14:47
*** ChrisAM1 is now known as ChrisAM14:53
*** vidd-away is now known as vidd14:58
*** jeblair has quit IRC15:17
viddnRy, what do you need help with?15:27
*** imagelife has left #openstack15:28
*** ejat has quit IRC15:28
nRyvidd: well I am trying to figure out the best way to build a custom control system, a kind of dashboard to control my cloud resources15:30
viddnRy, is there a reason you dont use dashboard?15:31
nRytrying to figure out the best technology to use, ie: Chef, Puppet, or OpenStack15:31
nRythe EC2 dashboard?15:31
nRyor the OpenStack one?15:31
viddthe openstack one15:32
nRyI have been watching the development of it for a while and I am seriously considering it15:32
viddor...if you are using someone else's cloud and not your own, then perhaps you should look at hybridfox15:33
nRyI am using a mix of my own cloud and others15:33
nRyso it is both15:33
viddnRy, i just got the dashboar up and running this morning and i ilike it15:33
nRycan it be customized much?15:34
nRybasically what I need to do is give individual users of our cloud resources the ability to control specific instances15:34
viddif you know how to, ANYTHING can be customized....15:35
nRywe have a dashboard of our own that we have been building using Joomla user accounts15:35
viddits a django project15:35
nRybut I would like to integrate something like the Openstack dashboard into it15:35
*** Razique has joined #openstack15:35
nRywhich is a django project?15:36
viddlike a joomla project or a drupal project15:36
viddbut instead of php it uses python15:37
nRywhat does?15:37
nRyI am familar with django but what does django have to do with Openstack or what we were talking about?15:38
viddthe dashboard is django15:38
nRythe Openstack dashboard is made with Django?15:39
nRyoh ok, cool15:39
nRyso it would be much easier to integrate if our website was using Django instead of Joomla?15:39
viddhow so?15:39
viddhere is what i recomend:15:40
viddlook into keystone...]the authentication central hub]15:40
Raziquehi guys15:41
nRyvidd: can you send me a link to keystone?15:41
viddnRy, get the devstack script to see the total package:15:42
nRyfor the dashboard?15:42
viddno...not JUST dashboard...the total package...15:43
viddnova, glance, swift, quantum, keystone, and the dashboard15:43
viddall working together in harmony15:44
*** Razique has quit IRC15:44
nRyah yes ok, thanks15:45
nRywill check out the whole picture15:45
viddnow nRy since you want to take an existing database of users (your joomla people) you will want to look at the [ldap plus others] authentication15:47
viddin keystone15:47
viddpersonally, i think it would be easier to modify your joomla to accept keystone authentcation than keystone/nova/etc to accept joomla auth .... but thats just me =]15:49
*** rsampaio has quit IRC15:58
*** rsampaio has joined #openstack16:00
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack16:08
*** crescendo has joined #openstack16:20
*** crescendo has joined #openstack16:20
*** qazwsx has joined #openstack16:36
*** bsza has joined #openstack16:39
viddok...i attempted to publish an image into glane an failed miserable...but when i did the cloud publish tarball it worked fine....16:39
viddcan someone point me to a howto for glance that doesn't read like sereo instructions? =\16:40
*** nijaba has quit IRC16:43
viddzykes-, my issue with pinging and ssh-ing was because the image was not uploaded properly into glance16:43
viddthat 4 hours of sleep really helped =]16:44
*** nijaba has joined #openstack16:45
*** nijaba has joined #openstack16:45
*** bsza has quit IRC16:50
*** TheOsprey__ has joined #openstack16:55
*** TheOsprey_ has quit IRC16:58
*** nerens has joined #openstack16:58
*** jedi4ever has joined #openstack17:07
*** lvaughn has joined #openstack17:12
*** obino has joined #openstack17:14
*** lvaughn_ has quit IRC17:15
*** hadrian has joined #openstack17:33
*** neunon has quit IRC17:44
*** WormMan has joined #openstack17:48
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC17:55
*** neunon has joined #openstack17:56
*** neunon has joined #openstack17:56
*** TheOsprey__ has quit IRC18:12
*** stevegjacobs has joined #openstack18:15
*** jeblair has joined #openstack18:18
zykes-vidd: aha18:19
zykes-4 hours ? :p18:20
*** po has joined #openstack18:20
viddzykes-, yeah...i got to sleep in =]18:20
viddmy dashboard is acting weird though...18:24
viddpages have to be reloaded....18:25
viddrestart and other commands dont complete properly18:25
viddi think its just because the hardware im using is not designed for this18:26
viddi do need to figure out why the keystone client dashboard is using isnt talking to the keystone database  though18:26
viddthe solution to my dashboard.settings proplem was rather interesting....18:28
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack18:28
viddi added dummy info to the django_session table and away i went =]18:28
*** ldlework has joined #openstack18:29
*** Razique has joined #openstack18:33
viddhello Razique18:34
Raziquehi dude :)18:34
Raziquestill battling against Keystone ?18:34
viddi have a near-fully functional stack18:34
viddkeystone has been beaten into submission....18:35
*** rods has joined #openstack18:35
vidddashboard has been denied it venv18:35
Raziqueok ok18:36
Raziquewhat issues are u habing now ?18:36
RaziqueI'm myself trying boot from volume18:36
Raziqueand instance shutdown18:36
viddjust need to learn how to add an image to glance prperly .....18:37
viddand the keystoneclient in dashboard is having an issue with keystone's database18:37
Raziqueyou can use nova-manage image*18:38
Raziqueor glance upload18:38
viddRazique, its not a "you should use this" type thing....its a "you types this, click that...."type thing18:39
viddoh...and vnc is hopeless18:40
Raziquenova-manage image image_register XXX.img --is_public=T18:40
Raziquenova-mange image kernel_register or ramdisk_register18:40
viddRazique,  i tried that....and the image got mangled =]18:40
Raziquewhat mangled means vidd ?18:41
viddthink "dropped in a wood-chipper"18:41
Raziqueah :D18:42
viddthe image clamed to have loaded...i could assign IPs, but no ping and no ssh18:42
Raziquesilly but have u added the Sec-rules ?18:45
Raziqueicmp and tcp ?18:45
*** hadrian has quit IRC18:45
viddthe initrd18:46
vidd was 0 bites18:46
viddit was a three-part-image that i must not have properly carved up and put in to glance18:47
viddkernel, inird, and img18:48
Raziquedid the image been sent to the node ?18:49
viddanyway, i re-created the same tarball with cloud-publish-tarball and it worked just fine18:49
Raziquecheck /var/lib/nova/instance/_base18:49
Raziqueoh ok :)18:49
viddso i know it was me, not the system =]18:49
viddi guess the back-to-back 36 hour days finally beat me across the bac of the head =]18:51 to fix keystoneclient =]18:51
Raziquehere it's like, no matter how many times I deploy openstack18:53
RaziqueI always find new non-working stuff :D18:53
Raziqueright now, I can't run anymoreinstances18:54
Raziquewhile the config seems good :D18:54
viddRazique, its because you keep grabbing from "master" brach18:54
Raziquewell I try to stick to the same version18:54
Raziquebut in cases it's working18:55
Raziquein others, it doesn't18:55
Raziquewhile there are not any specific errors18:55
viddwhat im doing is getting all my gits in one place and then cp them to where they will be deployed from18:55
stevegjacobsMy stack is broken since an ubuntu update18:57
vidddashboard or openstackx brings in a borked python-keystoneclient, so im going to find one that works...and then note that it needs to be overwrite the one that is getting auto-imported =]18:57
stevegjacobsseems that no matter what I try, something doesn't work18:57
stevegjacobsright now, I can't assign ip addresses18:57
viddstevegjacobs, what did you apt-get?18:57
viddmy working stack is apt-get nova-* glance; git keystone, dashboard, openstackx18:59
stevegjacobsIt was a couple of days ago, and I don't remember exactly what I did but it launched an update of almost all nova packages18:59
stevegjacobsI think I was trying to add keystone18:59
vidddid you try to add keystone via apt or git?19:00
stevegjacobsI have a couple of instances that I don't want to lose19:01
viddkeystone from apt does not play well with nova from apt19:01
stevegjacobsthings werer running fine until that update but no control since19:01
stevegjacobsCan I install  over the top as you have done and not lose what I have?19:02
*** obino has quit IRC19:02
viddim not doing git-over-apt19:02
viddim doing git-over-git19:03
viddbasically, im going to rip out the .eg and replace it with an updated version19:03
viddand i have not tested it yet to see if it will actually change anything =]19:04
*** nyeates has joined #openstack19:05
stevegjacobsvidd - What do you mean? It looks like you installed all nova packages from apt, then git, dashboard, etc from git19:05
viddif i understand correctly, git-over apt will work...but i wont promise anything....and i would do it on a test machine, not your working model19:05
vidddashboard is not a nova-* app19:06
viddnova-api, nova-network, etc19:06
*** guaqua2 has joined #openstack19:06
stevegjacobsYeah I know keystone and dashboard are not core yet19:07
viddwhen i tried to apt-git my keystone, it nuked my system and i just reformatted and started over19:07
viddits not that they are not core....they just dont work properly with the binaries in the repo's19:07
stevegjacobsI think that's what happened to me. I can't reformat right now tho19:08
stevegjacobsUnless I can figure out some way to safely preserve a couple of instances -  one at least19:08
viddhave you changed your paste.ini or your glance files for the keystone integration yet?19:08
viddthen just apt-get autoremove --purge keystone19:09
stevegjacobsI backed up an d tried to go back to the old auth19:09
stevegjacobsbut that is n't working right any more either19:09
viddso you did change the files19:09
stevegjacobsOnly nova.conf19:10
stevegjacobsI think I'll try what you are suggesting19:10
viddstevegjacobs, before you do anything, make a snapshot of your running instances19:11
viddand prepare for the live migration19:11
stevegjacobssnapshots aren't working for me either19:11
vidddo you have more than one machine in your deployment?19:12
stevegjacobsthree -19:13
viddthe instances you do not wish to lose are they running on your controller or on one of the compute nodes?19:14
stevegjacobsI was also trying to use one strictly for storage, but that isn't happening yet. I have one controller and one good working compute node19:14
*** katkee has quit IRC19:15
stevegjacobsHappily - it is on the compute node!19:15
viddwhat database are you using?19:16
*** tightwork has joined #openstack19:16
stevegjacobson the controller19:16
tightworkew wtf am i doing in here19:16
*** tightwork has left #openstack19:16
viddhave you thought to back up your database to the other machine?19:17
stevegjacobsI don't know if it is a good idea, but I installed phpmyadmin on the controller so I could easily see what is going on with the db19:17
viddhehe stevegjacobs i have phpmyadmin as well =]19:17
viddnow i only have an all-in-one here...but does anyone know if a compute node is running an instance and the controller is rebooted, does the instance die?19:18
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack19:19
stevegjacobsno - would that be a good idea? Would it work to point nova-conf to a db on the other machine?19:19
viddor is it just not accessable until the controller is back up19:19
stevegjacobsgood question.19:19
stevegjacobsI need to go finish cooking dinner - be back in a few minutes - thanks for help!19:20
viddstevegjacobs, the whole reason i chose mysql (and broke my back getting dashboard to work with it) was because i can move my databases anywhere i want if i want =]19:21
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC19:25
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack19:32
*** hggdh has quit IRC19:34
*** Micric has joined #openstack19:34
MicricGood evening everyone19:34
MicricIs anyone able to anser me a small problem.19:35
viddMicric, ask away...and then we can see if we have an answer =]19:37
MicricThank you19:38
cloudflyat the very least we'll try to be entertaining.19:38
MicricI am trying to pass up an image, using cloud-publish-image.  One the package is prepared it reports back that the login is rejected.19:39
viddentertainment is easy...answers are hard =]19:39
MicricI am running swift and glance along with Nova but I cannot find in any of the logs which of the processes is/are rejecting the attempt19:40
viddMicric, did you build the image or did someone else build it?19:40
MicricI did19:40
cloudflyand you have your api credentials loaded in your environment?19:41
viddhow did you build it and how did you import it to your system19:41
*** hggdh has joined #openstack19:41
MicricCloudfly: As far as I can tell the credentials are loaded and correct19:41
cloudflyeuca-describe-images work?19:42
cloudflyor some equivalent19:42
viddMicric, to verify your creds are loaded, run "env |grep EC219:42
viddif you get nothing returned, then your creds are not loaded19:42
MicricVidd, I built the image using kvm-img and used used VNC to build19:43
MicricRemoved the partition from the image and prepared the kernel and ramdisk19:43
MicricCloudfly, yes the credenials are correct and describe-images does return with no errors19:43
*** obino has joined #openstack19:44
*** neunon has quit IRC19:44
viddMicric, did you prepare the image on the same machine you are trying to publish from or on a different machine?19:45
Micricsame machine19:45
cloudflywhat is the publish command you are using?19:45
cloudflyand does the nova user / group have access to write to the image store?19:45
Micriccloud-publish-image -t image --K <Kernal file> -R <RAMdisk file> i386 Ubuntu11.10.img mybucket19:46
*** neunon has joined #openstack19:46
*** neunon has joined #openstack19:46
MicricCloudfly, there s the question.  I do not know if the nova user has the rights19:47
viddMicric, do you have keystone auth?19:47
MicricIt is installed using apt-get but I have done no configuration19:48
cloudflyhgwell check out bucket path and images path in your nova flag file19:48
cloudflythen do a process list on your nova processes19:48
cloudflyverify the ACLs on those paths match up to a happy writeable state19:49
viddMicric, before you go about configuring keystone be advised the apt-get version does not work well with dashboard19:49
Micricwas looking at dashboard for later, good to know19:49
viddMicric, i spent the better part of 2 weeks with keystone and dashboard19:50
cloudflyheh i have not played with keystone yet19:50
cloudflyi did look at the code a bit19:50
cloudflylooks like it may be pretty great19:50
guaquathere doesn't seem to be much material about keystone out there yet19:50
viddcloudfly, keystone is awesome =]19:51
vidd[now that i got it to work]19:51
cloudflytempted to try my hand at writing a kerb5 plugin for it =P19:51
viddcloudfly, when you do set up keystone, your userMUST be set as "Admin" role or you cannot do EC2 anything19:53
*** ejat has joined #openstack19:54
*** ejat has joined #openstack19:54
cloudflymakes sense though19:55
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack19:55
stevegjacobsvidd -  I think I'll install phpmyadmin and mysql on the other machine and copy that19:56
viddcloudfly, we have an interesting question....19:56
viddif you ahve a remote compute node running an instance and you restart the controller, does the instance go down or does it stay running untill the controller is back?19:57
cloudflystays running19:57
stevegjacobsI'd then like to see if I can get keystone/dashborard running on the controller19:57
stevegjacobsHi cloudfly19:57
stevegjacobsvidd is asking for me :-)19:58
viddstevegjacobs, im going to be running an experimennt....19:58
cloudflywell i've seen bexar clusters fall over and the instances do keep running on the compute nodes19:58
viddim going to set up keystone and dash on another machine, along with my databases and see if they will work19:59
cloudflyof course even in bexar with the isolated network controller, the trick was to not host the network controller on the fabric controller.19:59
cloudflynowadays its much better19:59
stevegjacobsThe one instance I'm concerned about hasn't stopped though almost everything else broke on me after I  (not intentionally) kicked off an ubuntu upgrade20:00
cloudflywell i don't know how your network layer is configured.20:00
cloudflybut the compute controllers will likely desync from rabbitmq20:01
Micriccloudfly, I hate to sound stupid but.......where are the flags set for bucket and image?20:01
cloudflyand they won't become responsive to nova again until services are restarted on them20:01
cloudflyMicric /etc/nova.conf usually20:01
stevegjacobsI had originally installed  the system with ubuntu 11:10 packages, got it working etc, and then was trying to install keystone when the upgrade happend20:02
MicricHow odd, they are not listed in there.  I assume that without a flag it sends to /var/lib/nova20:02
cloudflyshould be easy enough to look20:03
viddnow....with everything i have learned, i should [key word SHOULD] be able to get a complete stack up and running in less than 4 hours20:03
*** misheska has quit IRC20:04
cloudflyvidd i mean if you have done it before... that seems achievable20:04
vidddoes swift need to be on a server with virt capabilities?20:04
guaquait sounds reasonable, but it should be quicker :/20:04
cloudflybut i mean i wouldn't operate on that assumption20:05
guaquavidd: nope20:05
cloudflyvidd it might help if you are using 10 gig interfaces20:05
cloudflydoubt it though20:05
viddcloudfly, guaqua i'll be billing the boys upstairs 36 hours for the initial setup =]20:06
stevegjacobsI wanted to put swift on a server without virt capabilities too.20:06
guaquavidd: sounds reasonable ;)20:06
*** misheska has joined #openstack20:06
stevegjacobshaven't got it running yet that way though20:06
guaquavidd: although, you've already done the billing for it makes sense20:06
viddthey dont want to pay me for the Proof-of Consept development time...none of it20:06
guaquastevegjacobs: what's the problem?20:06
MicricI can see it pushed to glance and can follow the location for the glance image repository, but ACL shows full access for everyone20:06
guaquavidd: that's basically bullshit, but very much how business works...20:07
*** misheska has quit IRC20:07
stevegjacobsI have a controller and a compute node, and I want to add swift on a big storage box.20:07
viddguaqua they are not going to be standing over my shoulders as i deploy so they will basically have to take my word on how long the setup will take20:08
viddred lobster anyone =]20:08
cloudflyvidd if you are counting hardware provisioning in that count20:08
cloudflyyou may want some breathing room20:08
guaquaswift gets redundant when you have more physical machines, one big box is basically just an interface, none of the redundancy20:08
cloudflyespecially if you are reliant on other folks for stuff like network reconfig20:09
guaquaalthough you can run multiple storage nodes on one computer using different drives etc20:09
viddcloudfly, i will go from bare bones to fully-functional...and it takes as long as it takjes....plas 10 hours minimum20:09
Micriccloudfly, I can see the ACL's are all set to allow full access for everyone.  However I can see the images are being bundled off to glance20:10
stevegjacobsguaqua - I think that is what I need to do for now. 4x 2tb drives available.20:11
cloudflyvidd that's a good contractor =P20:11
stevegjacobsJust need to figure out how to do it.20:11
viddcloudfly, i know union ppl =]20:11
cloudflymicric hrmm not sure how glance perms work20:11
stevegjacobsBut I have another problem first -  got to get the two nodes working nicely first20:11
guaquastevegjacobs: i'd go with a raid setup, but dunno20:11
guaquaso no swift magic for failover :)20:12
*** misheska has joined #openstack20:12
Micricvidd, I have walked away before when they refused to cover any proof work20:12
*** misheska has quit IRC20:12
MicricThey always ring back a week later and agree ;)20:13
viddMicric, my problem is im currently laid off and this is my ticket back to full-time....and they know it20:13
Micricouch, that is quite the catch 22 than20:14
cloudflydo what you gotta do man20:14
cloudflythems the breaks20:14
viddthey want to have this up so they can market it but they dont want to send me to texas for the training....they dont want to buy new machines with the specs i ask for they will want me to part the Red Sea!20:16
cloudflyvidd heh, that's how this game is played.  you are preaching to the choir.20:17
*** nyeates has quit IRC20:19
viddzykes-, you here?20:20
zykes-vidd: busy atm20:23
*** neunon has quit IRC20:23
viddno problem20:25
*** JordanRinke has quit IRC20:25
*** huslage has joined #openstack20:27
*** huslage has quit IRC20:27
*** jedi4ever has quit IRC20:27
*** ejat has quit IRC20:32
MicricAnd it all goes quiet again20:35
*** rnorwood has quit IRC20:40
stevegjacobsvidd - you sound like you have the same kinda company to work for as I do -20:42
viddstevegjacobs, yes...i worked for a company.....currently furrlowed...laid off...what ever you want to call it20:42
stevegjacobsSales promises something that can theoretically be done but that I've never done before, due  at midday on Monday20:43
stevegjacobsAnd I'm up till 3 am tring to get it working :-)20:43
cloudflyi love when sales does that.20:44
viddi have a data center managing partner claiming he can get "20K a month if we had this" but he cant seem to get it to work20:45
cloudflypersonal opinion is that until quantum is out major deployments are a bit pre-mature20:46
cloudflyalso i dunno how anyone could be trying to do a major deployment at this point20:46
cloudflythe codes only been out for around a year20:46
viddso the other partners say "make this work" and "by the way, we are not going to buy any new equiptment until you prove it can work"20:46
cloudflythat's fine20:46
cloudflybut you need eval time20:47
cloudflyplus time to formalize processes20:47
zykes-quantum melange and hopefully a reamped dns :)20:47
viddcloudfly, my plan is to take my 3 POS home computers in there tomorrow, wow them with dashboard, and get a half-way decent machine....20:48
cloudflysounds sketch20:48
MicricHmmm, dashboard works well20:48
viddset up a controller, and start converting the existing servers in the data center onto it....20:49
viddand take the freed up servers and make more compute nodes20:49
cloudflyyou make it sound so simple.20:49
viddi hope to take 24 servers down to 6, and build a decent swift array20:50
cloudflysounds almost like a proto design for a drop in esxi replacement20:51
viddcloudfly, the hard part is going to be cloning the existing servers into cloud images20:51
cloudflytime intensive at least20:51
cloudflythe other hard parts will be network layout20:51
guaquacloudfly: are you referring to nova and the computing parts when you say it isn't mature enough? to the dashboard part? is there something missing from swift?20:51
cloudflylikely there will be some issues there20:51
*** Razique has quit IRC20:52
cloudflyguaqua quantum is my biggest issue20:52
cloudflyuntil quantum drops into prod use20:52
cloudflythe network layout is going to paradigm shift20:52
cloudflyit's hard to do a major deployment with that on the horizon20:52
guaquayou don't need openstack for virtualization20:52
guaquaif you want to make an existing infrastructure virtual, it's easier not to try to go to cloud at the same time20:53
viddguaqua i know i dont need openstack for virtualization20:53
cloudflyguaqua i'll agree there to a degree20:53
cloudflyi do think that openstack vendors need to capitalize on the sudden increase in vsphere pricing20:54
cloudflybut the fundamental difference in cloud scalability and disaster response is difficult for vmware users to adapt to20:54
viddbut at the same time, since im going to be building a market model, i might just as well have the market model acually DO something besides sit on a rack and look pretty =]20:54
cloudflyabout to update the at home test bed to 11.1020:55
guaquaopenstack and cloud is nice for marketing, but at the moment you need either very tech savvy and enthusiastic clients or just plain not-very-business-savvy clients20:55
stevegjacobsI'm going to try to rescue that system now -20:56
stevegjacobsfor a tech savvy enthusiastic client - but we need to get it to do something...20:57
guaquathat's always needed20:57 getting ready to format a machine dediacated for swift.....20:58
viddi have a 320gb hard drive and a 640Gb hard drive in it....20:58
viddshould i split the 640 in half and work with 3 320 partitions?20:59
viddand would y'all recommend ext partition or lvm's?20:59
notmynamevidd: (can't stay in channel long, about to walk out the door) I'd recommend that you use whole drives for a swift cluster21:00
guaquaalways use lvm :)21:00
notmynamethe point of swift is to distribute your data across many possible hardware failure scenarios21:01
viddboth drives on one machine...can i do a "virtual" cluster like that?21:01
notmynameyou can use ext, but we've extensively tested xfs and found it to be better for a general use case that other file systems21:02
zykes-vidd: CORRECT21:02
zykes-pardon the caps21:02
notmynamevidd: you can set it up all in one VM with loopback devices (see the SAIO instructions), but for prod usage, you'll need at least 4 or 5 storage nodes21:02
notmynamesorry to say stuff and leave, but I gotta run21:03
*** Micric has quit IRC21:03
viddyeah...this is a demo =]21:03
* notmyname out21:03
cloudflyi always forget is it ahci for booting off usb or ide..21:03
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack21:07
guaquaare there any user stories for swift? i haven't seen any disaster recovery stories, for example21:09
cloudflyhrmm we're planning a swift roll out shortly21:10
cloudflywe've been using nova forever21:10
cloudflybut swift not so much21:10
guaquawhat kind of setup do you have? how many storage nodes, proxies?21:10
*** carlp has quit IRC21:10
cloudflyno clue yet21:10
cloudflyi am waiting on allocation requirements21:10
guaquai'm looking into using swift for a public project21:11
guaquai mean, there's lots of "you should use min 5 nodes on min 3 zones"21:11
guaquabut not that much "this is how a node failure is detected" and "this is how you extend"21:12
cloudflywell my understanding is that every chunk of data is stored 3 times21:12
cloudflyand the swift background processes compare all three21:12
cloudflyif one is off... the other 2 win and it gets written over21:12
cloudflyor rewritten elsewhere21:12
cloudflysomething to that effect21:13
cloudflyand it seems to store the 3 to different hosts21:13
cloudflyi don't believe it's geographically aware at this point though21:13
cloudflywhich is a pity21:13
guaquaaccording to documentation, it is. if you set up zones geographically, that is21:13
cloudflyyeah i suppose that's one way to do it21:14
cloudflynot that everyone does that21:14
guaquatheoretically it seems okay, but i'd really like to know how to operate it since that needs to be done anyway21:14
cloudflyyeah best approach there is setup an eval kit and go to town on ot21:14
cloudflyerr t21:14
cloudflyack it21:14
cloudflyand then build some procedural docs21:15
guaquayeah. i've just done a few days of testing until now21:15
cloudflyi don't really have the gear in my apt to test swift.21:15
cloudflynova sure21:15
cloudflybut swift requires multiple machines to really test it21:16
guaquayep. i don't have a test lab either. and using ec2 for that is quite tedious21:16
guaqua(i.e. requires better tools...)21:16
cloudflyso supposedly there is a new shell script for installing nova21:19
cloudflythat works fairly well21:19
viddhrm....this SAIO says it wants to be done in a VM......21:19
cloudflyi think i might give that a run on the box i am rebuilding atm21:19
viddi wonder if i can skip the "make a vm" part and just put it on real hardware21:19
viddmy test machine does not have VM ability21:20
cloudflyi assume you mean hvm21:22
cloudflyi mean you can emulate.21:23
cloudflyanyone can21:23
viddright21:23 not even too sure about that with THIS equiptment =\21:23
viddsomeone needs to explain to my bosses that "commodity hardware" != "legacy hardware" !21:24
cloudflyi wish there was a service i could subscribe to that would bring me food when i am working21:24
KiallI'm sure there is ;)21:25
viddcloudfly, where do you ive?21:25
cloudflymountain view21:25
viddwhat country21:25
KiallCA, US ;)21:25
viddhave you never heard of "Domino"?21:25
cloudflyyes... the only place that delivers in mountain view21:25
guaquavidd: google started with commodity, legacy hardware. anything they could use21:26
cloudflybut man... that is so not healthy21:26
cloudflyor very good21:26
cloudflyguaqua things were different back then21:26
viddcloudfly, then get a veggie with br uck ly21:26
cloudflyyeah i am still pretty sure that qualifies as unhealthy.  I'm no doctor, but i kinda feel like a slice from dominos puts one dangerously close to sodium poisoning.21:27
viddi have a tomato allergy and domino hasn't killed me yet21:28
rmkHow does one represent "any port" via the dashboard?21:29
rmkWhen configuring security groups, of course.21:29
stevegjacobsI just took a break and finished off a nice roast chicken dinner21:29
cloudflyvidd that's terrifying21:29
*** code_franco has joined #openstack21:30
Kiallis it just me, or is really unstable?21:30
viddstart = 0 ; end = [whatever the last available port is]21:30
cloudflyseems to be running okay for me kiall21:30
cloudflybut maybe it's spurious21:30
viddcloudfly, i LOVE tomatoes...they just don't love me back21:31
Kiallcloudfly: yea it is now, but it seems to go down for like 30-60 seconds at a time every so often21:31
viddan eppy a day keeps the corenor away =]21:31
cloudflyvidd one would think that a tomato allergy would preclude one from eating pizza.21:31
cloudflyKiall not sure how it works maybe it's doing a cron update or something21:31
viddcloudfly, one would think =]21:32
KiallI doubt it TBH! Google's instance for android never had issues ;)21:32 allergy is not "thoat swells shut" kind....its the "breaks out in hives" kind21:33
cloudflyso what's the current preferred method for deploying diablo on a stand alone 11.10 system?21:34
KiallUsing my PPA ;)21:34
stevegjacobsstill can't figure out why associating a public ip address is no longer working on my system21:34
cloudflyKiall i don't doubt that =P21:34
cloudflyany docs on that?21:34
viddi have to keep my tomato consumption way down (no more than 3 slices every 5 days) or i break out something feirce21:34
KiallThe ubuntu packages are for keystone+dash are just broken21:34
cloudflyi've heard21:34
KiallThats the stable/diablo branches of everything...21:35
cloudflyhow often do you update your ppa?21:35
Kiall"12 minutes ago" ;)21:35
cloudflythat's what i like to hear =P21:35
viddwhen i first learned about it, i had to take hydrocortizone pills for a month to clear it up21:35
KiallI keep it updated maybe once a week with anything thats changed in the stable/diablo branches21:36
cloudflyvidd i think you eat too much pizza... and I say that as a loyal son of brooklyn21:36
stevegjacobsKiall would installing this over the top of my broken ubuntu packages stand a chance of fixing it?21:36
Kiallif it was only the packages, you installed, most likely.21:36
Kiallif it was only the packages you installed, most likely.*21:37
*** code_franco has quit IRC21:37
Kiallif you ran devstack or any "python" etc, then your /usr/local is filled with stuff that will override the packages21:37
Kiallany packages*21:37
cloudflymight go with dev stack tbh21:38
cloudflykinda want to try some stuff21:38
KiallYea, if you want to dev .. use dev stack ..21:38
Kiallif you want a production install.. then dev stack, as it says in the name, is not suitable21:39
stevegjacobsI just want something that will work and run a few instances and do some real work21:39
Kiallstevegjacobs: well .. my PPA packages work .. installed, edit the *.conf files to suit .. done.21:40
Kialland devstack the same...21:40
Kiallbut devstack is harder to maintain...21:40
vidddevstack was very useful in assisting me with setting up dashboard in apache21:41
Kiallyea - I've picked apart the script more than a few times to understand everything21:42
stevegjacobsI set up everything so far from ubuntu packages - I just looked in /usr/local/bin  - nothing there -21:42
cloudflyis wiki'd approach still preferred method for dev stack deployment?21:42
stevegjacobsso is that a good indication that  I can use Kiall's ppa?21:42
Kiallstevegjacobs: then, no harm in trying the PPA packages, they can easily be removed as there packages if you want devstack in the end (which can't be said for devstack)21:43
Kiallstevegjacobs: if you dpkg -P all the packages then rm -rf /var/lib/(nova|glance|keystone) .. rm -rf /etc/(nova|glance|keystone) to be sure they are gone...21:44
viddand a quick note to anyone who get any site up  without having to put anything in the /var/www/ directory, just start the site-enabled filename with 00*-dir-name21:44
cloudflystevegjacobs Kiall's packages are probably preferable21:44
viddi did not overwrite the 000-default file, a created a 001-dash file21:45
Kiallvidd: yea, i just lob a dashboard.conf into /etc/apache2/conf.d/ with my packages21:48
*** Ruetobas has quit IRC21:50
viddKiall, i suppose if you want to go the phpmyadmin way....=]21:51
Kiallvidd: yea.. I figure its fine.. your other web apps should be in instances ;)21:52 is fun21:52
*** rnorwood has quit IRC21:54
viddKiall, i was about to format my fully functional box so i can test having keystone, glance, swift, mysql, and dashboard running on seperate machines....21:55
viddbut then i was like....wait...just change the nova.conf file!21:55
*** TREllis has quit IRC21:56
viddThis way, if it dont work as expected i can just change it back instead of going through the whole process again =]21:57
*** Ruetobas has joined #openstack21:57
Kiallvidd: huh?21:58
viddi have 3 machines to work with....2 cant do hardware virtualization and have less than a gig of ram each21:59
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC21:59
Kiallthen use LXC on them rather than KVM ;)21:59
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack22:00
Kiall(or .. get suitable hardware!)22:00
viddso i am setting the one with alot of hards drive space up as a faux swift array, and the relic to run the services (keystone, mysql,etc)22:00
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack22:01
viddKiall, i tried that b4 and the instances would not load at all....even with devstack22:04
Kiallweird, I've never tried it.. maybe it doesnt work ;)22:04
zykes-vidd: what problems areyou having now ?22:04
stevegjacobsDoes it work to have some nodes with kvm and some with lxc?22:04
cloudflyyou know... peoples houses are always so clean in the movies22:04
zykes-Kiall: go experience with kvm / openvz ?22:04
zykes-stevegjacobs: why lxc ?22:04
viddzykes-, just the dashboard not able to see the users or the tenants22:05
zykes-ah o22:05
Kiallzykes-: nope, only toyed with LXC a few months back...22:05
stevegjacobsI have some hardware that doesn't support kvm that I would like to reuse22:05
*** sebastianstadil has joined #openstack22:07
*** vidd-away has joined #openstack22:08
*** vidd-away has joined #openstack22:08
stevegjacobsKiall - just tried  your packages - all good till then end - error on installing openstack-dashboard
*** vidd has quit IRC22:08
zykes-stevegjacobs: you can also use xen with older hardware and do pvirt22:08
*** vidd-away is now known as vidd22:08
viddzykes-, i got disconnected...did you get my issue discription?22:09
*** david__c has quit IRC22:13
*** localhost has quit IRC22:13
*** localhost has joined #openstack22:15
*** TREllis has joined #openstack22:17
*** TREllis has quit IRC22:18
stevegjacobsKiall - not sure I understand what I need to do next after installing from your packages -22:18
Kiallstevegjacobs: : sorry - I AFK22:18
viddstevegjacobs, you configure the apps22:19
Kiallstevegjacobs: apt-get -f install .. it looks like i need to put a harder dependency on the python package22:19
*** TREllis has joined #openstack22:20
Kiallstevegjacobs: after installing the packages, start by setting up keystone..22:20
Kiallnormally that means changing the  /etc/keystone/keystone.conf to point at a MySQL database22:21
Kialland loading some sample data22:21
KiallSome sample keystone data:
Kiallreplacing all the %BLA% variables in that file22:22
Kiallother than %tenant_id% that is..22:22
viddyeah that tenant ID is important =]22:22
Kiallthen .. once keystone is setup (ie you've ran those commands without an error)... move onto glance22:23
Kiallagain, edit /etc/glance/*.conf to use mysql, set it the service token you setup in keystone.. then onto nova...22:24
Kiallagain .. mysql + set service token + tell it to use ketstone in nova.conf...22:25
KiallI actually have most of this scripted .. i might just clear out the private parts and put them somewhere ;)22:26
cloudflydev stack has come a long ways from novascript.22:26
viddcloudfly, its come a long way in the last 2 weeks22:27
viddits got swift in it now...and quantum actually works22:27
cloudflyneed to cut teeth on quantum22:27
viddwell...i hear that it works =]22:27
cloudflyfor lesser values of "works"22:28
cloudflyi am sure22:28
vidd2 weeks ago, there was just a psydo-quantum in it acually downloads the package and everything!22:29
cloudflyone thing that's been true of this project since forever... it moves damned fast =P22:29
zykes-vidd: what ?22:30
viddyeah...tell me about it! the keystone database changes at least twice since i started working on this early october22:30
zykes-Kiall: i was wondering on howto do with a DNSaaS service22:30
KiallAFAIK, DNSaaS is something rackspace is still only considering open sourcing...22:31
cloudflyseems kind of superfluous22:31
viddzykes-, i was dashboard wont show the user or the tenant pages22:32
zykes-Kiall: Kiall i was thinking of starting on one if not...22:32
zykes-vidd: k22:32
zykes-tried running the dev server it comes with vidd and see if it gives an err ?22:32
zykes-or enabling logging on it22:32
viddzykes-, i have the devs enabled....dash wont load outside venv without the eggs to back it up =\22:33
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC22:34
viddits something in the python-keystoneclient22:34
viddi think the databse and the client are not lining up22:35
zykes-does it have the python-keystone client installed?22:35
stevegjacobsKiall I've set up sql-connection to mysql - but there is a setting default_store = sqlite - does that need to be changed?22:35
zykes-stevegjacobs: no need to change that22:35
zykes-you just need to change the connection uri22:36
Kiallstevegjacobs: 2 seconds .. about to push up the scripts I used to set everything up..22:38
*** arBmind has joined #openstack22:40
KiallIts probably not 100% complete, since I was making it as I went and missed a few steps..22:41
Kiallbut usually just stuff like restarting services before running the * files22:41
zykes-Kiall: you think it's a vad idea with the dnsaas ?22:41
Kiallno, DNS is a logical addition to OS...22:41
zykes-i mean rs hasn't come out with anything yet so :p22:42
Kiallvidd: maybe those scripts will help you too ;)22:42
Kiallzykes-: they probably will at some point :)22:42
viddKiall, i have the template that works with my stored version of keystone....22:42
Kiallthey said they would, and frankly, their kept their word so far :)22:43
zykes-Kiall: heh, i was wanting to start on something but not sure if i will then :p22:43
Kiallthey've kept their word so far*22:43
zykes-Kiall: i had an idea on dnsaas using powerdns as the dns server22:43
zykes-but ok22:43
viddzykes-, ya never know....your stuff might be better than rackspace's =]22:44
Kiallpowerdns = win when it comes to easy of management ;)22:44
viddwhat is powerDNS writen on?22:44
*** mgw has joined #openstack22:45
*** mgw has left #openstack22:45
Kiallno idea TBH22:45
zykes-lemme see vidd22:46
Kiallprobably C or C++22:46
*** jj0hns0n has joined #openstack22:47
viddits GPL'd....rackspace wont like that =]22:47
zykes-what's wrong with the GPL ? ;p22:47
viddzykes-, dunno....rackspace seems to like apache better =\22:48
zykes-Kiall: i was wondering on howto architecture itr22:49
cloudflywhere does dev stack put the api keys by default?22:50
viddahhhh there are already fully functional .debs AND RPM's  another negative it would appear =]22:50
viddcloudfly, in the stackrc file i believe22:50
zykes-vidd: what's bad with that ?22:51
viddi didnt say it was just seams these are things openstack dont like =]22:51
zykes-eh, what's bad with that? they have pkgs in distros..22:52
viddand some of them actually work22:52
zykes-uhm, all pdns packages work in distros ?22:52
zykes-at least el* and ubuntu stuff22:52
viddzykes-, im refering to OS packages22:53
zykes-wonder who i could contact at RS regarding dns ;p22:54
arBmindhi, does it make sense to use openstack for a single server to manage virtual machines?22:54
arBminddocumentation states, that single server setup is only for testing22:55
viddarBmind, do you intend to expand to multiple machines? is this a proof of concept?22:55
viddarBmind, single server is INTEDED for testing....22:56
arBmindwe want to use this for our small site, and development server - project management and stuff22:56
arBmindcurrently we run proxmox to control virtual machines22:56
viddbut, like in my case, you can start with a single all-in-one and then expand to multiple machines as your needs increase22:57
arBmindbut this seems to lack the network management22:57
Kiallstevegjacobs: did you get the link to those scripts?22:57
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack22:57
arBmindand now i am looking for a replacement22:57
viddarBmind, check out the devstack script22:58
viddim sure that your networking needs [and then some] will be met22:58
zykes-Kiall: what you thin k?22:58
Kiallabout? sorry, was AFK ;)22:59
viddrun it in a VM ... for testing purposes.....22:59
arBmindvidd, I tried that on my home linux server, but always ran into issues22:59
viddarBmind, what type of issues?22:59
zykes-Kiall: dnsaas, writing one22:59
viddwhat kind of equiptment is your home server?22:59
zykes-since rs is most likely doing it22:59
arBmindvidd, first it complained about a directory it was not allowed to create...22:59
Kiallzykes-: oh .. i'd ask on the OS mailing list to see what the RS people are doing..23:00
vidddoes your hove server have kvm ability...and is it enabled in bios23:00
viddarBmind, i recommend you "sudo su" then run the script23:00
arBmindvidd, it has and it's enabled (intel i5 processor)23:00
arBmindvidd, that's what i did23:01
arBmindvidd, I used ubuntu mini 11.10 image...23:01
viddhow long ago did you grab the script?23:01
arBmindtoday, 12 hours ago or so23:01
viddand you have a proper install of ubuntu23:02
arBmindi don't know how I can install ubuntu wrong23:03
arBmindi reserved some lvm space on the hdd for images, but the script never went through23:03
*** jj0hns0n has quit IRC23:03
viddthere are ppl out there that can burn water !23:03
vidddoes your server have internet access?23:04
arBmindserver can access the internet though my home router23:04
arBmindthe script installed all kinds of packages23:05
viddwhat does the message say?23:05
arBmindI have not written it down, that's why I asked the more general setup question first :)23:06
viddso i take it then you are not near that machine =]23:06
arBmindI type to the machine right now... but with a different hard disk...23:07
viddive gotten the devstack script to install on a pIII with 192 mb ram 80 gb hard drive so im sure your surever can handle it =]23:08
viddso you have a dual-boot?23:09
arBmindMy issue so far is that all the documentation seems to be a bit outdated23:09
arBmindno, i switched the hdd with cables ;)23:09
viddthis project does move fast....before the ink dries, there are 15 updates =]23:09
*** PiotrSikora has quit IRC23:10
arBmindthat's what keeps me looking around :)23:10
*** PiotrSikora has joined #openstack23:10
arBmindreally cool project, but hard to get into23:10
cloudflydepends on what you are doing i think23:11
Kiallvidd: which is why you should use the stable repos ;)23:11 see where the issue is, we need to see the issue =]23:11
viddKiall, im refering to the devstack script23:12
arBmindok, I will give it a fresh run tomorrow, and report it here23:12
viddarBmind, what is this machine running now?23:12
arBmindits running ubuntu server with desktop, used as a storage and media server23:13
arBmindor the production server?23:13
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack23:14
viddyou dont want to put the devstack script on a production machine23:14
cloudflywell i mean unless you do.  in which case i'd love to go to your parties.23:14
viddcan you spin up a VM on your production machine and run the script in that?23:15
viddcloudfly, i dont like parties that include driving cars off cliffs as the prelude to the main attraction =]23:15
cloudflyI do.23:16
arBmindit theoretically possible, but proxmox requires to install the virtual machine from a cd image, that would take a while23:16
viddouch...yeah...this is your replacement source!23:17
viddnew fully functioal VM's in 15 seconds or less23:17
viddjust take a saved image and tell it to run23:18
*** lorin1 has joined #openstack23:18
cloudflythe mcdonalds of virtual machines23:18
arBmindthat's what i am looking for :)23:18
*** lorin1 has quit IRC23:18
cloudflythat'd make a hell of an app store23:18
*** lorin1 has joined #openstack23:19
viddand if you need to you can always super-size your order and spin up images 10 at a time =]23:19
cloudflyi'll take a number 3 with postgres in place of the mysql and an extra side of logging.23:19
arBmindbut i fear that openstack is only a starting point23:21
arBmindwe are already investigating chef23:21
arBmindbut are still unsure...23:21
viddmake mine a -t m1.large with a side order of 25 GB storage and hold the logging go23:21
cloudflychef for what?23:21
cloudflywell i mean nova does the iaas.23:21
cloudflythe paas is a whole nother deal23:21
arBmindstoring all the configuration for each vm23:21
viddi never understood that....isnt chef what you use to BUILD os deployments?23:21
*** miclorb_ has quit IRC23:22
cloudflyit's configuration management23:22
cloudflyos deployments are more like kickstart23:22
cloudflyor deb bootstrap23:22
*** shentonfreude has joined #openstack23:22
cloudflychef does stuff like config files and package sets23:22
viddwe have a plug-in for that =]23:22
Kiallcloudfly: yea, like you need for installing OS :)23:22
cloudflynot at all23:22
zykes-vidd: for what ;p23:23
cloudflyyou only need that AFTER you installed the os23:23
cloudflyimmediatelty after sure23:23
viddzykes-, chef with OS23:23
cloudflybut after for certain23:23
Kiallsure, you bootstrap the HW with kickstart, and chef to manage the config..23:23
Kiallsince kickstart is a once off thing, and confog changes over time (obliviously!)23:23
cloudflywhat's interesting is that openstack has no agent for vms23:23
zykes-vidd: ok ;p23:23
cloudflyas in an internal configuration management23:24
cloudflyquantum i think will help here23:24
zykes-cloudfly: what you mean ?23:24
zykes-quantum is not for configuring vm's cloudfly23:24
cloudflyspinning up an operations openstack deployment and then joining instances from that openstack unit to become the chef servers for user clouds23:24
cloudflythe idea is to cut the operations control off from the user accessed api serversd23:25
viddquantum is for getting the network to work =]23:25
cloudflyand it helps with overlaying one openstack clusters vms into anothers.23:25
cloudflywhich i think is pretty essential23:25
zykes-cloudfly: say what ?23:25
cloudflyi'll need some specifics23:26
cloudflydirect my response23:26
zykes-cloudfly: quantum is for controlling your os network components23:26
cloudflyand some of the folks building plugins for quantum23:26
zykes-nothing to do with config management23:26
cloudflyzykes... depends on your design23:27
zykes-in the terms of a "cms"23:27
arBmind* installing virtual machine for another run23:27
cloudflygrrr...23:27 hung on mysql restart23:27
zykes-cloudfly: no not at all, it's a networking service, as in to control where ports are located etc23:28
viddi wonder if quantum will fix my "i only have one nic" issue =\23:29
cloudflyzykes and what i was pointing out23:29
cloudflyis that it can be used to allow for federation between openstack clusters.23:29
zykes-vidd: only have one nic issue ?23:29
viddyeah....sometimes my system puts the floating ip as the eth0 ip23:30
viddso when i try to ssh into the vm, im actually getting into my server23:31
viddim wondering if hard-coding the br100 in the /etc/networking/interfaces will help23:32
*** clopez has joined #openstack23:33
*** lorin1 has quit IRC23:33
viddbe back in a bit23:34
*** vidd is now known as vidd-away23:35
arBmindis there a way to forward ports from the host machine to the virtual machines?23:35
arBminda setup without public ips for the vms?23:35
*** aaron has joined #openstack23:36
cloudflyyou could probably do it with iptables23:36
arBmindcloudfly, but that would defeat the advantage of openstack security groups, would it not?23:37
arBmindbut i fear that would not count as an argument to request more ip addresses for a root server here :(23:39
*** lionel has quit IRC23:39
*** aaron has quit IRC23:39
*** lionel has joined #openstack23:39
stevegjacobsI am still here - just finished keystone setup - success :-)23:40
*** nerens has quit IRC23:46
Kiallstevegjacobs: if you find anything missing from those scripts, let me know..23:47
*** qazwsx has quit IRC23:48
arBmindKiall, what's the purpose of your scripts?23:48
Kialla simpler version of devstack that uses ubuntu packages, rather than git clones...23:49
Kialla much much simplier version of devstack ;)23:49
arBmindthat would help a lot...23:50
arBmindis the dashboard finished already?23:51
Kiallwell, it works... but its not an official OS project until essex is released23:53
cloudflythis is horizon?23:53
cloudflyor some other thing?23:53
Kiallyea - horizon23:54
stevegjacobsKiall, so far so good! This is all installing on the controller node. What about compute node(s)?23:54
*** nerens has joined #openstack23:54
*** nerens has quit IRC23:54
KiallYou probably want to edit then :)23:55
KiallThose scripts setup a all in one OS install, which, is probably worth doing. to start with.23:57
Kiallthen once its up and running, install a second, remove the first with dpkg -S etc23:57
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cloudflyit would be nice is devstack grabbed a few images by default.23:58
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arBmindvidd, i ran the script successfully on my virtual machine here, first time - that gives me hope23:58
*** bryguy has joined #openstack23:59

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