Saturday, 2011-11-12

bwongvidd: do you know how to put what keystone creds need to be added in env? my nova is not able to verify my credentials00:02
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viddbwong, you have that backwards.....00:03
viddkeystone should get the creds nova gives you00:03
bwongvidd: oh00:04
bwongvidd: hmm00:04
viddif you run "env |grep NOVA" you will get the username and password your trying to send to keystone to validate00:05
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bwongso what does it do if I use00:06
bwongkeystone-manage to add users and roles...00:06
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viddthats how you are supposed to add the stuff to keystone00:06
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viddim confused00:06
bwongwell when I do nova image-list00:07
bwongits saying that I have invalid creds00:07
bwongso I went back and look at hte script00:08
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bwongthere was no nova cred setup00:08
bwongbut owever the script did add users tenants and roles00:08
bwongto keystone00:08
viddbwong, what script?00:08
bwongoh sorry,00:08
bwongkialls script00:08
viddyou need to add your credentials into your env00:09
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bwongDo I do something like this?00:10
bwongthis what I previously did on CentOS, but I'm not sure if its different for Ubuntu00:10
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viddthis page has the "sample" creds00:11
bwongah yes.00:11
viddyou need to put the creds into a file and source that file00:11
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maggim getting this error when i try to create a small instance:
viddmagg, how much ram are you currently using up?00:12
bwongooh, so the thing in settings is just a sample, when I run it, it doesn't actually export it?00:12
viddbwong, it does export it.....00:13
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viddbut if you exit and come back later, you have to re-export it00:13
viddmost ppl set these into thier user's .bashrc file00:13
bwongI ran this before.00:14
bwongand type env, its not there.00:14
bwongok Ill append it using the other way.00:14
viddbwong, just for S&G....copy the # OS Stuf.. section into a file called "novarc"00:15
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viddthen "cat novarc >> ~/.bashrc ; source ~/.bashrc"00:16
viddthen do "env |grep NOVA" and see if they are not there00:16
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bwongThere in...00:20
bwongbut it keeps saying its invalid00:20
bwonghow do I verify that these credentials are correct?00:21
bwongI'm very sure I isn't a typo.00:21
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viddbwong, idk....i dont build my credentials like that =\00:24
viddi build my credentials in nova and then import them into keystone00:24
bwongvidd: ok. =/00:28
bwongvidd: thanks!00:28
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bwongDoes anybody know where I can find the openstack source code?00:48
viddbwong, for Kiall 's stuff, go
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bwongI'm trying to get the source code, so I can find exactly what open stack is looking for00:50
bwongbecause none of the creds are working00:50
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viddbwong, if you ran everything from Kiall 's repos, his source is there00:50
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viddbwong, if i send you to cloudbuilder's fork, the code may be slightly different then what you are running00:51
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viddwhen you run "nova-manage network create private 1 256" what does the "1" represent?01:27
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hajmehell world02:04
* hajme 02:05
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hajme2hello world!02:08
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uvirtbotNew bug: #889398 in horizon "Bad pycrypto version cause ImportError: No module named Crypto.Cipher" [Undecided,New]
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yuanotesCould someone tell me how to debug nova-api?08:58
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bamedro_machi everyone !10:39
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bamedro_macI have an issue with nova-compute. When starting an instance, it gets stuck on the injecting key process10:40
bamedro_macnova-compute is stuck on "2011-11-12 11:34:52,396 nova.virt.libvirt_conn: instance instance-00000013: injecting key into image 12", and after 2 minutes, "$ nova-manage service list" shows the nova-compute service as down.10:44
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Nadeemi am getting this when i run glance-api13:15
Nadeem  File "/usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/glance-2012.1-py2.7.egg/glance/common/", line 32, in <module>     from paste import deploy ImportError: No module named paste13:15
Nadeemi installed latest glance from git13:15
Nadeemany help ?13:15
ll_you need to install that,13:16
Nadeeminstall what ?13:22
Nadeempaste ?13:22
Nadeemwhat is this paste module13:22
Nadeemis it a python module?13:22
Nadeemya looks like a python module am installing it now13:23
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vidd-awayNadeem, before you install these apps from git you should run pip install -r tools/pip-requires13:39
vidd-awayjust about all of them have this files13:40
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ll_in the swift/common/ “PENDING_CAP = 131072  #Max number of pending entries”, why  is the number 131072?13:42
bamedro_mac1hello guys,13:43
bamedro_mac1what does it means when you get a 'ignoring error injecting data into image 12 (child process died unexpectedly)' error13:43
bamedro_mac1after that, euca-describe-instacnes claim that instance is up and running, but actually it is not13:44
bamedro_mac1euca-get-console-output gives nothing and I have no error anywhere13:45
viddbamedro_mac1, you have multiple nodes?13:46
bamedro_mac1only one for now13:46
bamedro_mac1images are store on an nfs13:47
viddbamedro_mac1, how many instances you have up and how much ram do you have?13:48
bamedro_mac1no instances are running. It is a 24 cores machine with 96GB of RAM13:49
bamedro_mac1running on CentOS613:49
viddtry rebooting all nova- serveces13:49
viddand terminating any instances that are "claming" to be up13:50
viddre-sync your nova database13:50
viddrestart all nova services angain13:50
viddverify all services are back up13:50
viddtry instance again13:50
bamedro_mac1volume service failed13:55
bamedro_mac1but it should not be a problem13:56
bamedro_mac1anyway, I get the same error13:57
viddwhy is volume service failing?13:57
viddthe issue causing volume service to fail could be interfering with other services preventing them from running properly13:58
viddi run on ubuntu, and usually when one service fails (especially volume) it takes others down with it13:59
rfzVidd, are you running horizon + keystone ?14:00
viddrfz, i was ... im rebuilding currently (and scripting the process as I go)14:01
viddwhat's up?14:01
bamedro_mac1vidd, verifying with nova-manage service list, everything is OK: compute, scheduler, network and vncproxy14:02
viddbamedro_mac1, you have vncproxy working? you use git for that?14:02
bamedro_mac1not yet, I would like to use it, but first, I need to have a running instance14:03
bamedro_mac1but the service is starting yes14:03
rfzVidd, I can't get horizon + keystone to work correctly - do you have any tips in the install process? I've followed the wiki doc pages on horizon + keystone14:04
viddbamedro_mac1, you have plenty of cores, you have plenty of ram, there has to be a config out of place somewhere causing the process to die that im not thinking of at the moment14:05
viddrfz, how did you install each peice of your stack?14:05
rfzI'm using ubuntu 11.10 so I installed the core nova services (compute, network, scheduler, volumes) via apt-get14:06
rfzit works fine in CLI mode14:06
rfzfor horizon + keystone i'm using git14:07
bamedro_mac1vidd, I just try to run 'libguestfs-test-tool' I get this error sh: /usr/libexec/qemu-kvm: No such file or directory14:08
viddbamedro_mac1, that is most likely your issue14:09
bamedro_mac1making a ln -s from /usr/libexec/qemu-kvm to /usr/bin/qemu-kvm lead me to another error : Could not open option rom 'sgabios.bin': No such file or directory"14:09
viddbamedro_mac1, im not familiar with CentOS installs =[14:10
viddbut it sounds like a critical piece of your setup is missing14:10
bamedro_mac1and now, when trying to run an instance, nova-compute service gets stuck "injecting key into image"14:11
viddrfz, what is failing with horizon?14:11
bamedro_mac1OK vidd, I will check it. Thanks for your time14:11
rfzVidd, I can login to horizon, but a lot of components are not working. I can't view images, or deploy them14:12
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viddrfz, you said you can do eveything in CLI14:13
viddis nova and glance talking to keystone? (by default, they do NOT do this)14:13
rfzVidd, I put the paste-bin file in nova.conf14:15
viddrfz, did you beat glance api and glance registry into line as well?14:15
viddsee >> D- Why is Keystone not integrated ?14:17
rfzlet me check it out - thanks14:17
rfzWell that will explain why images was not working. I will try now.14:18
rfzOkay - changed all the glance *conf settings - now I'm getting this when I try restart nova-api: 2011-11-12 12:29:02,327 CRITICAL nova [-] No module named ec2_token14:29
viddrfz, you have --keystone_ec2_url=http://%keystone_ip%:5000/v2.0/ec2tokens in your14:31
viddwhere did you git your keystone?14:33
rfzgit clone
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zykes-vidd: how goes ? :p14:38
viddzykes-, just peachy-keen14:38
*** livemoon has joined #openstack14:38
livemoonhi, vidd14:39
viddrfz, the latest and greatest [in theory] keystone is 5 hours old....git://
viddhello livemoon14:40
rfzlet me try that one14:40
rfzcheers vidd14:40
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livemoonvidd: my dashboard cannot work with nvoa service14:48
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viddlivemoon, where did you get your dashboard?14:49
*** bryguy has joined #openstack14:54
viddlivemoon, you getting an error?14:54
livemoonI have sent mail to mailist14:55
livemooncan you see it?14:55
viddim not on any mailing list14:55
livemoonwait , I paste it to you14:56
livemoonbye the way, do you happy with your family?14:56
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viddlivemoon, and everything still works in CLI?15:01
viddyou can use novaclient in cli without issue?15:01
livemoonyes ,I  can15:02
viddhow old is your horizon?15:02
vidd shows latest horizon is 16 hours15:03
livemoonI think I use the lastes15:04
livemoonbecause I installed it today15:04
viddlivemoon, then all i can say is file a bug and try using the "stable" branch15:05
viddyou may be best to download the zip and unpack it locally15:06
livemoonI use the stable/diablo branch15:06
viddthen try using the newest =]15:07
livemoonbecause I according the devstack scripts15:07
viddwhat i dont like about git-installing is that no matter if you git from stable or master, the install script will pull from the master15:08
livemoonthank you all the way15:08
viddits really annoying15:08
livemoonoh, I don't know about git15:09
livemoonvidd: you are my teacher15:09
viddlivemoon, you have no idea how sad that is.....its like the blind leading the blind15:09
livemoonmy boss need a webgui, if not , maybe I will lost my job15:10
livemoonand I can travel15:10
viddthe most annoying thing is you can do a perfect install today and then go do the exact same thing on the exact same machine tommorow and end up with some issue15:12
livemoonvidd: I agree with you15:14
rfzYep :)15:14
viddhow hard can it be to add a prompt to these install scripts to ask the installer where they want to get this pieces that are outside the app's main folder?15:16
viddid like to be able to download keystone and keep the version locked away where i know its not going to change on me15:17
viddthen, id like to download horizon and lock it away15:17
rfzhas anyone managed to get openstack + dash + keystone working with the ubuntu 11.10 packages?15:18
viddhorizon wants this app....say novaclient....but instead of asking "do you want to use a local copy?" it just goes and grabbs the lastest version that could have changes 15 seconds ago that you never had a chance to test15:18
viddso it looks like i have to work backwords....find out what horizon is going to install and install it first, and hope i didnt miss something15:19
viddrfz, Kiall has a ppa that is supposed to work15:19
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viddhello kodapa16:12
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uvirtbotNew bug: #889564 in horizon "Containers can't list floder that uploaded by Cyberduck" [Undecided,New]
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porzechHi, have a question about swift: currently it has 5GB object limit, so how can I store VM images on it that have more then 5GB eg. Windows desktop virtual machine files? Thanks17:48
porzechThanks vidd,17:54
porzechnow it is clear17:54
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viddzykes-, you here?18:49
zykes-vidd: in between18:52
viddhave you seen the openstack-skeleton? if you are looking to still build your DNSaaS app, you might want to look at it18:53
viddits on the openstack git page18:53
zykes-yeah :)18:57
zykes-i know : )18:57
zykes-not that i am wondering about18:58
zykes-i'm wondering on howto architecture it18:58
viddidk...something like that is way beyond my abilities =]18:58
zykes-not necassarely18:59
zykes-thing is i dns needs to be available across zones i think ?18:59
zykes-vidd: ?19:17
viddyes zykes-19:20
viddthe devstack script appears to be broken errors out with "dirname: invalid option -- 'b'" and closes my ssh window =\19:22
viddnvmd stupid "space"19:25
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zykes-vidd: :p19:59
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_rfzAnyone know why I'm getting a 401 error from horizon when trying to connect to nova? (I'm using the stable git builds)  on Ubuntu 11.1020:58
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zykes-vidd: ?21:34
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viddyes zykes-21:34
zykes-looks like a nice thing21:35
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viddzykes-, i dont understand a thing i read =\21:38
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bamedro_macHi, any qemu bios specialist in the room ?22:33
bamedro_macI've this issue
*** PeteDaGuru has joined #openstack22:35
viddbamedro_mac, your doing redhat right?22:40
bamedro_macCentOS, it's similar22:41
viddi only ask because the first 25 things google throws up is redhat stuff =]22:41
bamedro_macyes I saw that :)22:42
viddyou running i386 or x32_64?22:43
*** cw has quit IRC22:43
*** cw has joined #openstack22:43
viddwhat version of qemu-kvm you got under the hood?22:44
bamedro_maclooking at the repos from griddynamics (which maintain rhel & centos repos), it seems that openstack relies on seabios actually22:44
bamedro_macVersion    : 0.15.022:44
bamedro_macRelease    : 3.el622:44
viddright...but rh/fed/cent qemu querries sgabios =\22:45
*** jog0 has joined #openstack22:45
viddbamedro_mac, check your nova compute conf file and see what libvirt is selected22:47
viddim getting the feeling its "qemu" and not "kvm"22:48
bamedro_macit is kvm22:49
viddand your looking at he compute one...the one with only one setting and not the standard nova with 800 optons22:50
*** jakedahn has joined #openstack22:52
bamedro_macI've only one config file, /etc/nova/nova.conf which has pleny options yep22:52
viddthere should be 3 nova config files22:53
bamedro_macls /etc/nova/22:53
bamedro_macapi-paste.ini  api-paste.ini.keystone.example  auth_basic.ini  auth_token.ini  nova.conf22:53
viddthe api-paste file, the nova.conf file, and the nova-compute.conf file22:53
bamedro_macso I put --libvirt_type=kvm in a nova-compute.conf file22:54
bamedro_macand only this option ?22:54
viddrestart all services, cross fingers [pray if you have the feel for it] and see what happens =]22:55
*** sdake has joined #openstack22:55
viddbamedro_mac, yes22:55
viddjust that one line22:55
bamedro_macsame problem22:59
*** dtroyer has quit IRC22:59
viddbamedro_mac, i dont know what else to say =\23:00
bamedro_macI checked in the nova-compute logs, and it uses libvirt_type=kvm, but it uses kvm before also23:00
vidddid you have any issue when you tested with the devstack script?23:00
bamedro_macthanks anyway23:00
bamedro_macI very disappointed with this erro23:01
viddbamedro_mac, have you tried the devstack script?23:02
bamedro_maci didn't use the devstack script23:02
bamedro_macmaybe I should try that23:03
viddhave you tried to launch a "standard" VM?23:03
bamedro_macbut it seems to be for ubuntu right ?23:03
viddone without openstack?23:03
viddbamedro_mac, to be honets i dunno23:04
viddi have not personally used it but once23:04
bamedro_macI try to run
*** mnour has quit IRC23:07
bamedro_macit is the same which is used with devstack23:07
*** rnorwood has quit IRC23:09
vidd shows how to set up a vm outside of openstack....23:10
*** anotherjesse has quit IRC23:11
viddsee if you get the same issue outside of openstack that you get inside bamedro_mac23:11
*** arBmind has joined #openstack23:19
_rfzdevstack script is only for Ubuntu 11.0423:27
bamedro_macok thanks. It seems my problem is more related to rhel23:31
*** jog0 has quit IRC23:32
_rfzArgh, now I'm getting nova.api.openstack: None could not be found with token '999888777666'23:36
*** rsampaio has quit IRC23:37
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