Sunday, 2011-11-20

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troyahi all04:16
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troyaanyone there ?04:40
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troyahello ?05:11
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troyahi all06:35
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dubensteinHi openstack07:03
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dubensteinhi #openstack07:07
dubensteini'm trying to deploy openstack07:08
dubensteinI have few issues07:08
dubensteinhelp would be appreciated, anyone ?07:08
dubensteingot [Errno 111] ECONNREFUSED on dashboard07:18
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cloudgeekHi all08:11
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troyahi all11:46
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stevegjacobsJust wondering if anyone is here today who can help me.12:14
stevegjacobsI am using diablo, and I have openstack dashboard set up.for some reason snapshots don't work12:15
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stevegjacobsany tips on what I should be looking for, what logs to check etc?12:15
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cloudgeekstevegjacobs:ask some more clear question , so people reply you , which Os you are using if using ubuntu  /var/log12:59
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uvirtbotNew bug: #892754 in glance "test suite doesn't work with sqlalchemy v7" [Undecided,New]
EykI have created a ring file with 2 replications. Can I somehow increase the replication to 3 ? Can I simply recreate the ringfile without data loss ?13:31
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mjforkEyk I don't know, I would suggest posting on mailing list13:49
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troyahi All14:01
troyavidd, are you there ?14:01
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viddyes troya14:26
viddyes live14:29
viddyes livemoon14:29
livemoonsay hello to you14:29
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viddhello livemoon  =]14:30
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colihi all ;-)14:34
uvirtbotNew bug: #892765 in nova "XenServer resize: the second resize of the same vm fails" [Undecided,New]
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mduponthello world16:00
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jkylehow can I manually toggle an available vlan IP to an allocated state? not the floating ip's, but actual vlan ips (like 10.x.x.x)17:07
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mjforki would assume in the Nova DB17:10
mjforkis it a reserved IP (i.e. do not ever allocate out)?17:10
jkyleI'm seeing these are referred to as 'fixed' ips in the docs if I interpret correctly. Yes, we'd like to reserve the IP17:11
Kialljkyle: just hop into the fixed_ips table and set reserved == 117:11
jkyleok, our first stab was to set the allocated=1 but nova is reassigning these.17:12
KiallNova will eventually realize its not allocated and place it back in the pool17:12
jkylelast time I asked in the chan, folks just said "don't do that!" hehe17:12
Kiallthe reserved column is intended for exactly this use case17:12
KiallYea - Frankly, The nova/glance/keystone etc admin tools could use some work IMO, Its almost always easier to go straight to the DB ;)17:13
jkyleexcellent, and raw sql is the way to go? no nova-manage fixed reserve <ip> or anything?17:13
KiallIf i remember right, the docs actually suggest using raw SQL for this exact thing ;)17:13
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KiallYup -  it still does..
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jkylethanks, Kiall. I love links to docs ;)17:14
KiallLol - Don't lie, you really wanted someone to SSH in and tell you when its done.. didn't you? ;)17:15
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jkyleKiall: well, I wouldn't have cried...though my company might have if I start throwing shell access around ^_^17:18
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jkylehey guyz, culd you use this acccnts to manage our clouds??? root:!dkHEPkmc217:22
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jkylejust to confirm, I shouldn't have to worry about going back over the db and retoggling the allocated=0 as nova will ignore/reallocate anyway?17:24
Lumierejkyle: just as a heads up, you will want to change your root password now...17:24
Kiallumm, it nova probably wont set allocated back to 017:25
Lumieredon't ever post a root password on irc, it's asking to get hacked17:25
viddLumiere, i am quite sure it was a jest17:25
KiallLumiere: i think he was joking ;)17:25
Kiallread the 2 or 3 messages above it ;)17:26
LumiereI know, but given how many people do it17:26
jkylehaha, that'd be awesome.17:26
LumiereI just always note to the person they need to fix it17:26
viddppl dumb enough to do that get what they deserve17:27
jkyleKiall: yeah, it won't set allocated back to zero, but (from my observation) this isn't necessary for nova to reallocate it17:27
KiallLumiere: fair enough.. I've seen it happen as well, but then again, they probably dont deserve to be sysadmins ;)17:27
jkylethere're seriously sysadmins that hand out root credentials in a pubic forum (to non-sandboxed servers)?17:28
LumiereKiall, vidd: I don't disagree, but as a sysadmin, I'd rather *not* have to clean up after that17:28
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jkyledon't think I've seen that before (average users, sure)17:29
Lumierejkyle: only time I see it17:29
Lumiereis a wrong window type of deal17:29
Kiallvidd: you might know this, are the Ubuntu qcow2 images (.img rather than .tgz) compressed + sparse or just sparse?17:29
Lumierejkyle: just like when someone accidentally sticks ls in their chat room17:30
KiallLumiere: yea, I've done that with passwords before. It sucks.17:30
Kialljkyle: anyway, for all the reserved and unallocated IPs you manually set allocated=1, you should make sure they are set back to allocated=0. Thats the correct state for them, so It's best to keep it that way.17:32
KiallMaybe in 6 months you might un-reserve one and forget about the manual changes!17:33
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jkyleproblem is, they may have been reassigned (like the couple I witnessed it happen to) so toggling to 0 _may_ cause more issues than leaving them be17:36
jkylethough, I have some ideas on weeding the wheat from the chaffe so to speak17:36
KiallYea, Thats going to be a PITA alright :)17:36
KiallBut, all the data is ready in the nova database..17:36
KiallThe right query will give you the incorrectly allocated=1 records17:37
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jkyleI"m reading the example script in detail...I'm wondering if you can only reserve ips that are not in the >dhcp_start range17:51
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*** rsampaio has joined #openstack17:51
vishyyou should be able to reserve ips by setting reserved=1 or setting the host field17:52
Kiall"or setting the host field" sounds like a very dirty hack ;)17:53
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vishyKiall: not if you're reserving them for specific hosts in multi_host mode17:54
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vishyKiall: :)17:54
Kiallnova does that all by itself ;)17:55
vishysure, but it picks a random one17:55
vishysome people like to give their hosts known ips in the vm network17:55
KiallNormally, I would agree.. but with nova managing everything network related, I dont bother with any of that..17:55
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jkylein this case, I'm just mass setting up vlan interfaces on our shared storage server so the vm's can see them18:17
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Eyk^off(Swift)instead of set the weight of drive to 0. I have removed the drive. Can I simply readd the drive without issues?18:19
*** Eyk^off is now known as Eyk18:19
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guaquaEyk: i'd guess if you have removed a drive, you can readd it after that and assign a higher weight18:39
*** openpercept has quit IRC18:40
Eyki will try that, thank you18:43
viddKiall, sorry i was away...idk about the qcow2 images =\18:47
Kiallno hassle.. Just thought you might know ;)18:47
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uvirtbotNew bug: #892839 in openstack-integration-tests "Add tests in" [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #892851 in openstack-integration-tests "Add Glance functional tests in" [Undecided,New]
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viddKiall, you say this github thing is so easy.....20:13
viddi think i just deleted my repo =\20:14
*** openpercept has joined #openstack20:17
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Kiallvidd, lol20:36
viddand now i cnat rebuild it20:36
KiallYea - It looks like you went into the github website and hit the "delete" button ;)20:37
KiallAnd - they make that a 2 step process ;)20:37
KiallClick "Delete", Get asked "Are you sure?" Click "Yes" kinda thing!20:37
viddi was trying to rename it =\20:37
KiallThats a different option ;)20:38
KiallDo you have a copy of the code locally?20:38
viddi figured that out --- now20:38
viddyes...i have it locally20:38
KiallK.. Dont worry then20:38
Kiallremove the old "remote"20:38
Kiall"git remote rm origin"20:38
Kiallthen, add the new one "git remote add origin"20:39
Kiallthen, push everything up.. "git push origin --all"20:39
viddthere we go...the rm origin was the part i was missing =]20:39
viddits a good thing git is sooooo easy =\20:40
KiallLol, that was a PEBKAC error.. not a github or gut one ;)20:40
viddno...PIU error20:41
*** RicardoSSP has joined #openstack20:41
viddproblem IS user =]20:41
Kiallalso, I just noticed this in your nova.conf.. add_nova_flag "#--vncproxy_host=$NOVA_HOST_IP"20:42
Kiall--vncproxy_host= should probably be
KiallThats a bind address, not an address used to as a destination address when connecting to something20:43
viddKiall, i have not added vnc support to my script ... yet20:43
viddbut thanks for the head's up =]20:43
*** scottjg has joined #openstack20:43
Kiall--vncproxy_wwwroot is also unneeded (if you using my noVNC package, it installs in the right place to start with)20:44
viddok...i made the correcttion20:47
viddwwwroot is still commented out, but the port and vncproxy_host= is set20:48
Kialleek - just noticed your scripts go ahead and setup the LVM volume ;)20:50
* Kiall is scared20:50
viddyou have the option to opt-out =]20:50
* Kiall so doesn't care ;)20:51
KiallScripts should IMHO never even consider doing something as dangerours as that!20:51
*** openpercept has quit IRC20:52
viddhow is it any more dangerous then anything else? there is no rm* in my script =]20:53
viddso you suggest that i take that out...any other recommendations?20:53
Kiallyou wipe a drive ;) Thats worse than rm -rf ;)20:53
KiallIt should ask you to setup a LVM group called nova-volumes, and keep rechecking for it if you answer "y" and move on if "n"20:54
KiallBut again.. IMHO20:54
viddso if no LVM is created for nova-volume, will openstack run on happily?20:57
Kiallyea.. nova-volume is optional..20:57
viddok...i have to add an inforamtional screen anyway to tell the user to source thier novarc creds anyway20:58
viddill add instructions for the nova-volume there20:58
viddill leave the script to do it but not have it tied in to the main installer or into nova setup20:59
viddjust like the glance image scripts i modified from yours20:59
KiallAnd.. 1 other thing (probably my fault since you borrowed by glance-upload* scripts as a base..)21:00
KiallThe .tar.gz ubuntu versions used dont work 100% with OS21:00
KiallYou can never upgrade the kernel...21:00
viddheh...ive noticed21:00
Kiallglance add  -A KEYSTONE_TOKEN name="ubuntu-oneiric" is_public=true container_format=ovf disk_format=qcow2 < oneiric-server-cloudimg-amd64-disk1.img21:01
viddand vnc is not enabled and you cannot ssh in via password without manually edidting the file21:01
Kialluse that + the .img download and all is well21:01
KiallVNC? That has nothing to do with the image ;)21:01
Kialland password SSH is disabled, thats okay IMO21:01
viddKiall, if you add a desktop to the vm, you cant vnc into it21:02
viddnot without vncproxy at least21:03
KiallWell.. I generally dont install a GUI on my servers ;)21:03
Kiallwhat needed changing out of curiosity anyway?21:03
viddchanging? from your glance scripts?21:04
KiallNo, I meant in the image to allow for VNC?21:04
vidddunno...couldnt get it to work at all21:04
*** nerens has quit IRC21:05
viddbut i cant get vncproxy running correctly either21:05
vidd(probably becouse of the host ip)21:05
Kiallyea - a few people had that issue too :)21:05
viddhave you tested my script at all?21:06
Kiallsmoser, ping.. got a sec to explain your luicd loader kernel?21:06
KiallNo, Looked through most of it though..21:07
viddanything you like?21:07
*** egant has quit IRC21:07
KiallIt does craploads more than mine ;) some of the stuff I'd like to get included in the packages...21:08
KiallEg, when you install phpmyadmin, it does the phpmyadmin DB setup etc.. Would be nice to have the packages ask for stuff like Mysql/rabbit config etc etc21:09
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*** bryguy has joined #openstack21:13
*** taihen has joined #openstack21:19
viddKiall, you like how i tried to set sensable defaults if someone "enters-past" a required entry?21:21
Kiallnot sure what you mean?21:22
vidd"if [ -z $ADMIN_USER ]; then ADMIN_USER=admin ; fi" after a read command21:22
KiallOh, I always prefer to be as explicit as possible.. no surprises that way21:23
*** coli has quit IRC21:27
viddKiall, i hope you dont mind that i borrowed from your scripts21:29
Kiallnot at all..21:29
viddand feel free to borrow from mine =]21:29
*** RicardoSSP has quit IRC21:32
*** egant has joined #openstack21:34
Kiallvidd, you might want to borrow the last 3 or 4 commits ;)
*** dirakx has joined #openstack21:35
Kiallthe order the upload scripts are called doesnt matter anymore.. unlike what I had before ;)21:35
*** arrsim has quit IRC21:36
viddKiall, i dont have the images called directly... want to do some more research into that =]21:37
* vidd needs to understand how images are uploaded 21:37
KiallI think you think there is more to it than there is ;)21:37
viddthink there will be an ability to upload images via dashboard in the near-future?21:38
KiallAs far as I know, its on the radar..21:38
Kiallbut doing 200MB -> multi GB uploads via a browser is a poor idea IMO21:38
*** binarychef has joined #openstack21:39
*** sdake has joined #openstack21:43
viddKiall, can you set up a vlan with only one eth card?21:46
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*** PiotrSikora has joined #openstack21:54
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*** edolnx has joined #openstack22:10
viddKiall, you here?22:15
*** sdake has quit IRC22:30
*** sdake has joined #openstack22:31
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*** JesperA has joined #openstack22:40
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Kiallvidd: ya22:52
viddfor some reason, my horizon/dashboard is only seeing keystone =\22:52
Kiallwhat do you mean by "only seeing"?22:52
viddon the "services" page....22:53
viddthe only "service listed is keystone22:53
viddand i have "ERROR: Unable to get service info: Invalid service catalog service: compute"22:53
KiallHeh - It should have at least 7 things listed there, if not 9 for a single node install ;)22:54
viddi know22:54
Kiallwhat does your endpoint_templates table look like>?22:54
Kiall(as in.. the content)22:54
Kialland you're nova.conf has this then I assume?
Kiall.. and your novarc has export NOVA_REGION_NAME="RegionOne" ;)22:58
*** arrsim has joined #openstack22:58
viddhehe no22:59
viddherein lies the issue?22:59
KiallI would imagine so22:59
viddso the default is "nova?22:59
*** Ryan_Lane1 has joined #openstack23:03
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viddthere are too many moving parts =\23:07
KiallNot really ;)23:08
viddchange this...3 things over there break....fix one of them....2 more things on the other side go down ===]23:09
JesperAHmm isnt it possible to run Nginx on the storage nodes and point right to the storage where all the files is stored? Impossible due to the Container layout?23:10
viddKiall, novarc does not affect horizon23:13
KiallOf course, but you need the region env var set right for novaclient23:13
viddso i just need keystone and nova looking at the same region...right?23:14
* vidd does not use nova client23:14
vidddoes dash?23:14
KiallI would imagine not ;)23:15
viddeuca-describe-availability-zones verbose returns AVAILABILITYZONE        nova    available23:17
*** jog0 has quit IRC23:17
viddplus my services (all smiles)23:17
viddkeystone enpoint templates qall set to "nova"23:18
Kiallyea, euca-describe-availability-zones always says "nova"23:18
*** ejat has quit IRC23:18
viddrestarted keystone and apache, logged ou and back in to dash, same issue23:19
*** Zhann has joined #openstack23:19
viddso then they should be set to the project name?23:19
Kialldunno why the issue is still there, horizon shows the serviceCatalog provided by keystone.. If they aren't showing, its likely a keystone issue somehow23:21
viddso we're back to "keystone is evil"23:21
viddi shall reboot...that should get everything in sync =]23:22
KiallNope, Keystone takes all of 30 seconds to setup!23:22
viddor send it all into a firey ball23:23
*** egant has quit IRC23:23
vidd30 second to set up and a month and a half to fix =\23:24
KiallNo, 30 seconds to setup and its not given me a moments grief since23:24
*** ldlework has joined #openstack23:27
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*** slriv` has left #openstack23:31
JesperAHow many proxy nodes is needed for OpenStack Object storage to keep a decent speed and redundancy, is a ratio of 1/20 ok? Used for longtime storage of images so performance isnt that crusial23:33
KiallJesperA: havent used Swift, so cant help! (Didn't want you to think we we're ignoring you ;))23:35
JesperANo problem, i am just curios, not about to implement a storage node anyway right now23:35
notmynameJesperA: as always, it depends on your use case :-)23:37
notmynameJesperA: and the particulars of your hardware deployment23:37
notmynameJesperA: you say that performance isn't crucial, but then you say you want decent speed23:38
*** Ryan_Lane1 has quit IRC23:39
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack23:41
JesperAHeh yeah i know, sorry, i dont need..........well, do you know what ratio Rackspace is running in their datacenter?23:42
viddIIRC swift works with a 3-1 ratio (if i understand your meaning correctly)23:43
vidd3 copies of each image23:43
notmynameJesperA: a ratio of 1:20 for proxy:storage is possible, depending on your hardware and use case. I'd prefer not to comment on RAX production deployment details23:44
notmyname(not my choice, but it gets close to the info that people have told us specifically not to share)23:44
viddnotmyname, you work for RAX?23:44
*** rsampaio has joined #openstack23:45
notmynamevidd: yes23:45
vidddo y'all actually use dashboard or is it a "for them" project?23:45
notmynamevidd: the openstack dashboard? (horizon)23:45
*** RicardoSSP has joined #openstack23:47
*** RicardoSSP has joined #openstack23:47
notmynamethat's a different group than I work on, so I can't speak with any real knowledge of what's going on. I can say that RAX needs a control panel that is able to bring together all of the products that RAX has (including non-openstack ones) for all of their customers (including non-cloud ones) and manage RAX auth integration (non-openstack) and RAX billing integration (non-openstack)23:47
stevegjacobsHi - I'm still having trouble with snapshots, and I'm wondering what logs get affected when I try to run a snapshot?23:48
KiallActually, here's a question.. You guys bought out slicehost a while back.. I remember one of the reasons for SH closing its doors was the PITA of managing what was essentially 2 forks of the platform, does that mean the code you guys are contributing to openstack was, or is at least part of, the SliceHost code you bought?23:48
notmyname(my view from outside of what that group needs to work)23:48
notmynamenova is a replacement for the current slicehost/cloud servers codebase23:49
*** woleium has joined #openstack23:49
notmynameKiall: pvo would be able to comment more accurately23:49
Kiallnotmyname: interesting.. I had wondered about that before, but forgot until now!23:50
viddKiall, i still cant see where ther is a disconnect between horizon, keystone and nova =\23:50
stevegjacobsI am trying to create a snapshot from dashboard, and I 'm getting the error:23:50
* notmyname is a cloud files dev and PTL for swift. Ask me swift questions, not RAX politics ones! ;-)23:50
stevegjacobsUnexpected error: The server has either erred or is incapable of performing the requested operation.23:50
viddlol notmyname23:50
stevegjacobsbut I don't see anything in nova-compute or libvirtd logs23:51
viddstevegjacobs can you create a snapshot via euca/novaclient?23:51
Kiallvidd: I'm not sure what you mean? They are 3 distinct services. Keystone provides User+Pass+Roles+Projects and a catalogue of what those credentials can be used to access.23:51
viddKiall, keystone SHOULD be getting the info from nova, and showing it to horizon23:52
Kiallstevegjacobs: get my email earlier? I have a hunch what the issue is.. can you run that dpkg command?23:52
viddKiall, so there is a either a disconnect between horizon and keystone, or keystone and nova/glance23:53
Kiallvidd: no, horizon gets a list of APIs from keystone, it then asks nova via one of those APIs for the nova service list23:53
viddsince horizon shows keystone in its available services, i have to assume the disconnect is somewhere in nova23:53
Kiallhorizon should show 3 services without ever talking to nova..23:54
viddit only shows keystone23:54
viddmaybe i need to blow away dash's database?23:55
Kiallthen the issue is keystone or horizon.. and there really isnt anything related+interesting in horizon, so.. its keystone23:55
Kiallcant hurt - nothing useful AFAIK is kept there23:55
KiallInfact, Its possible its caching the region stuff..23:56
Kialland you had that misconfigured earlier23:56
stevegjacobsKiall: for packages on the main controller server23:56
Kiallstevegjacobs: and the compute node?23:58

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