Saturday, 2011-11-19

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viddbwong, dashboard gets that ino from keystone00:16
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bwongvidd ok00:19
bwongvidd i don't know what happen but all my mysql data is missing after I installed it and it work just fine.00:19
bwongvidd im going to reinstall it.00:20
viddbwong, your dashboard creates a token when you log in and that gets stored into dashboard's database00:23
viddbut if the token is expired in dashboard, then it verifies against keystone and makes another token00:23
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bwongvidd hmm couldn't figure out what happen00:41
bwongvidd good thing I have a extra copy of openstack installed!00:42
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bwongvidd I just finished installing openstack, I created a instance00:42
bwongjust for testing00:42
bwongbut i can't ping it.00:42
bwongaccording to dashboard it is up.00:42
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uvirtbotNew bug: #892404 in devstack "keystone connection / authentication problems" [Undecided,New]
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viddbwong, what security group rules are active on that instance?00:53
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jasonais anyone using a hypervisor other than KVM under openstack ?02:17
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jasonaanyone awake at all ?02:21
jasonaso.. do people put anything under kvm under os, in reality ?02:22
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jasonaother than kvm i mean02:22
viddi dont understand02:22
jasonaok. you can pick different hypervisors02:22
jasonapeople i've talked to are using kvm.02:22
jasonais anyone using hypervisrs other than kvm ?02:22
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jasonafor example, esxi ?02:23
viddyes...there are ppl using other hypervisors....02:23
viddnot me personally =]02:23
jasonaand is it safe to say that kvm is the predominant hypervisor being used by openstack compared to the others ?02:23
viddkvm is usually the lowest common denominator02:24
jasonaso another question, if you are buying kit for an openstack implemenation i have the following02:24
jasonao compute boxes for nova02:24
jasonao jbods for swift02:24
jasonawhat are the pieces' you buy for nova-volume and glance02:24
viddi dont understand your question here either02:25
viddthese are open source dont "buy them02:25
jasonano i know02:27
jasonabut yo buy hardware to run them on02:27
jasonai wasn't referring to the software layer02:27
jasonabut to the infrastructure under them02:27
jasonaso starting again,02:27
jasonafor nov ayoud buy servers with lots of ram and cpus right ?02:27
viddyou put them on whatever you feel like putting them on02:27
jasonafor swift you'd buy jbods attached to 'basic' servers that don't need lots of ram or cpu02:27
jasonaso far am i roughly on track ?02:28
viddim not sure what you mean by "jbods"02:28
jasonajust a bunch of disks. a carrier which has disks02:29
jasonawithout raid etc02:29
viddi suppose you could do that02:30
jasonawhich leads me to the last two parts. where do you run nova-volume from.. and what does glance need.02:30
viddglance just needs a home02:30
viddif you are going to implement swift, you might just as well have glance store its stuff there02:31
viddand for nova-volume, attach som sans to your nova-controller node02:31
viddor, you can call your dell rep up on the phone and say "come set us us" and get everything....probably preconfigured02:34
vidddell has some awesome preconfigured servers02:34
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cloudflyalso the dell c series are crap02:46
cloudflyi'd not buy them02:46
cloudflyjbod is ancient btw02:46
cloudflythat's like 1999 hardware02:46
viddcloudfly, he obviously doesnt want to do his homework =]02:47
cloudflyi am kind of amazed he knew what a jbod was.02:47
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cloudflyi mean that's pretty esoteric these days02:47
viddcloudfly, perhaps thats why i never heard of it =]02:48
cloudflyjust a bunch of drives02:48
cloudflyit's a relevant term02:48
cloudflybut not quite applicable02:48
cloudflysee before there was decent san / nas... you'd buy jbod stacks02:48
cloudflywhich would allow you to plug more disks into your servers02:48
cloudflyusually via scsi interfaces02:49
WormManand now with things like swift, you'll get JBOD again02:49
jasonamaybe i'm missing something but my understanding from swift is you definitely _dont_ want to put it on a san02:49
cloudflywell... jbod wasn't a server02:49
jasonaso i don't know that i'd say 'doesnt want to do his homework' but maybe more 'checking his homework is in fact right?'02:49
cloudflyit was literally a stack of disks02:49
cloudflythat would plug into a scsi controller02:49
jasonaliterally a stack of disks ?02:49
jasonathat are plugged into something02:49
cloudflylike an enclosure as a machine02:49
WormMansort of like buying a jbod from dell02:49
cloudflylike the storage blade on a blade system02:50
jasonaand when i looked a t a literal stack of disks plugged into controller it still has to attach to a server in some way, whether inside a server or in an expansion chassis that is plugged into a server02:50
cloudflybut a jbod alone would probably not run swift02:50
cloudflyor it wouldn't be a jbod02:50
viddis there a reason you would NOT want to put swift on sans?02:50
jasonasigh. and a literal stack of disks won't do it either02:50
jasonaso i understand. sorry if my terminology wasn't precise. i will fix in future.02:50
WormManand a SAN won't run swift either if you're being picky about it02:51
cloudflyvidd it would in theory be conflicting02:51
jasonavidd: because the openstack documentation says explicitly to NOT put it on a san ?02:51
jasonaso why would i do something opposite to what it recommends ?02:51
cloudflyyou are massively parallelizing accross spindles for speed02:51
cloudflyinvolving SAN would just gum up the works02:51
jasonawhat cloudfly said02:51
* vidd has not had any time with swift...still beatting keystone into a functional enterprise =]02:51
jasonaso assuming i do understand nova and swift requirements, i'm still trying to make sure i understand nova-volume and glance02:52
cloudflyswift is kind of like raid at OSI layer 702:52
jasonaand nova-volume looks like something that can live on a san.. or iscsi volumes or gpfs02:52
jasonaso then.. glance lives on what ? a separate 'basic' server ?02:52
cloudflyglance can plug into swift02:52
cloudflyor it can reside on a server02:52
cloudflyusually the head node02:53
cloudflyvolumes reside on the compute hosts02:53
jasonadoes glance need its own storage ? hmm02:53
cloudflyinside of a specified volume group02:53
jasonajust trying to wrap my head around how it does what it does, sorry for the basic question there..02:53
WormManglance just sort of sits there, even with swift you're almost certainly going to run its DB on the same place as the nova DB02:53
viddjasona, if you have swift, glance does not need anything except a would be more of a traffic cop02:53
viddlike keystone02:53
jasonaright. so where do i give it a home.. do i buy another small box for it to live there ?02:53
cloudflywithout swift... it needs a butt load of storage02:54
viddbut keystone is the traffic cop that likes to give out tickets =]02:54
cloudflyjasona depends on your deployment size02:54
cloudflywe've been putting glance onto the same box as nova schedulers / api02:54
jasonato start with ? really small. maybe 100 cores and 200T disk.02:54
WormManthe only possible reason you might want glance on another node is if you're launching hundreds of instances at once, as it does do a bit of network traffic02:55
jasonathe next iteration in about 8 months will be about 4000 cores and 1-5P disk.02:55
cloudflyyou could house em all on the same server02:55
cloudflyno problem02:55
jasonahmm ok.02:55
jasonaso what i wanted to check i am saying is correct is02:55
jasonawhen you buy stuff you will buy:02:55
jasonao compute servers with a lot of ram and cpus for nova02:55
jasonao JBOD disk bays with a 'cheap' server it is attached to for swift02:55
jasonao 'something else' for nova-volume, e.g it could be a san array, a box with raid.. gpfs..02:55
jasonao glance needs a management type box.02:55
jasonaand i wasn't sure about my last line.02:55
cloudflynot jbods02:55
cloudflystorage servers02:55
cloudflybasically light on cpu / ram... BIG on disk enclosures02:55
cloudflyswift runs in software02:56
WormManor JBOD attached to a storage server, since tier 1 vendors don't do them02:56
cloudflyit's better to spread it out02:56
cloudflythen run it through a single point of failure02:56
cloudflythe idea is healing network02:56
cloudflylook at hour the dell c2100 is configured02:56
jasonai think i'm fine with the jbod part. i'm just making sure i'm not saying something stupid by saying you can put your glance onto a separate small box ?02:56
cloudflyit's intended to be a storage server02:56
cloudflybut personally i prefer blades02:57
jasonaand yes cloud, i will be looking at storage servers but..02:57
cloudflywhere you can attach storage blades02:57
jasonaif i am not in a position to buy them, then i end up with an expansion box with disks, attached to 'a server' which is all really basic stuff.02:57
cloudflyyou can02:57
cloudflyput glance on a separate box02:57
cloudflybut i don't think it would get you anything02:57
WormManthe C2100, as a storage server, 12 whole drives, wow, I'm gonna stick to 1u server and 24 bays(minimum)02:57
WormManluckily, I also have 0 object storage needs in the next 6 months02:58
cloudflyyeah the dells suck02:58
cloudflyi said that earlier02:58
jasonayou can get 'storage servers' with 48 or 60 disks in them now02:58
jasonatoo big for swift ?02:58
WormManjasona: not from Dell or HP :)02:58
cloudflyjust... remember02:58
cloudflythe idea is swift is distributed across a lot of nodes02:58
cloudflyless bottle necks, more redundancy02:58
cloudflymassive parallelization is the goal02:59
jasonaok. so a rack of 2RU boxes, with 12 drives in each (or 24 2.5" drives)02:59
jasonagives you 40 servers and 400+ spindles02:59
cloudflyi mean it's up to you tune as you see fit02:59
WormManjasona: the cost overhead for that few drives will be horrible02:59
jasonaer 20 servers i mean and 200+02:59
cloudflyHPC needs are different from regular LAMP stack needs02:59
cloudflyyou have to crunch some numbers yourself02:59
jasonawrm: cost overhead for 12 drives in 2ru you mean ?03:00
WormManjasona: yea03:00
jasonacompared to what for example worm ? a disk expansion bay ?03:00
WormManI ran the numbers, 48 seems to be about right for most things03:00
WormMan(for me)03:00
jasonait is interesting to get conflicting information from different people here. obviously a bit of difference in how people do things03:00
jasonaor see things.03:01
cloudflyjasona i'd look at what you can top the storage block out at in terms of network speed / disk read / write sustained03:01
cloudflythen think about how your users are going to be polling data03:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #892415 in nova "Hung reboots periodic task should only act on it's own instances" [Undecided,New]
cloudflymore servers more network ports... more network i/o03:01
cloudflybut that feeds into switch backplanes03:01
WormManin reality, 2 drives will happily saturate a 1GB port :)03:01
cloudflybut i feel like with this stuff you go 10G03:02
cloudflyit just makes sense with the volumes of data being moved around.03:02
WormMantime for a cheap swift optimized array, maybe some cute little ARM03:02
cloudflyagain that backplane matters03:02
jasonaso, i am not using any 1G ports at all in this03:02
jasonaexcept for mgmt interfaces.03:02
cloudflyWormMan you find me an arm that doesn't get saturated by a 10G feed03:02
jasonait's 10G to everything.03:03
WormMannah, 1 little arm per drive,  12 drives in an array with an internal 12 port to 10G switch, it will be cute :)03:03
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cloudflythat would be ... bizarre03:03
jasonaan ARMy of ARMs wormman ?03:03
cloudflyit'd be like swifts within swifts03:03
cloudflyyo dawg, etc etc03:03
jasonacloudfly it would be an inception of swifts.03:04
WormManI don't get paid to be realistic, we do video games after all :)03:04
jasonawho is 'we' ?03:04
WormMan(I do get paid to curse at multicast though)03:04
cloudflysorry to hear that03:04
WormManSCEA aka Sony Playstation03:04
cloudflymulticast is a nightmare03:04
jasonaoic. let me think, yes i have one of them. or three even.03:04
cloudflyWormMan you guys still making fun of your infosec guys?03:04
jasonaanyway, time to go do housework. sigh.03:05
cloudflycause you should be =P03:05
WormManit's even more of a nightmare when the Openstack NAT rule translates multicast packets to the external IP on the node and sends them over the internal network :)03:05
jasonai bought a ps3 and then the ps3 network died on me for some weeks. so i have no idea what psn is about yet. since i've never connected ;)03:05
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WormManluckily that's not even my company :)03:05
cloudflywormman that's okay try playing with SRIOV some day03:05
WormManwe're just a consumer of their services03:05
cloudflyholy crap was that a mistake03:05
cloudfly"why doesn't the card understand 802.1q anymore... what did you do!?!"03:06
cloudflyimma grab a quick bite then head to hackerdojo in mtv for a beer.03:06
cloudflycheers all03:07
uvirtbotNew bug: #891940 in nova "not supporting windows vms of vmware and virtual box" [Undecided,New]
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_rfzanyone know if  openstack supports having the public IP's on the VM interface - and not use NAT?03:33
errrwkelly_: ping03:35
cloudfly_rfz in theory it's possible'03:35
cloudflybut not in any way you'd like it03:36
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_rfzcloudfly - how? and why wouldnt I like it :)03:38
viddi dont understand why glance refuses to work with keystone03:54
viddit would appear that euca and keystone are playing together03:55
_rfzvidd, is keystone working correctly?03:56
viddit would apear to be03:57
viddglance -A <token> index fails with error: [Errno 111] ECONNREFUSED03:57
_rfzhave you updated glance-api.conf and registry.conf'03:58
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_rfzI had the same problem today03:58
viddyou working now?03:58
_rfzglance is, I can't ping or axs the vm's via the public address03:59
viddwhat did you do to fix your issue?03:59
_rfzare you still using kials pckages?03:59
_rfzI added the keystone directives to both glance config files, restarted the services and it worked04:00
errranyone know if with d5 the vnc console works with ie 8 or not?04:01
errrwkelly_: if you see this tonight I need yer halp :)04:02
_rfzI also made sure keystone was working with: curl -d '{"auth":{"passwordCredentials":{"username": "joeuser", "password": "secrete"}}}' -H "Content-type: application/json" http://localhost:35357/v2.0/tokens04:03
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viddwell....i found ONE issue04:10
viddold service port was being called in -api and -registry04:10
viddstill doesnt work...but there was that issue04:10
_rfzdid you download kial's install scripts?04:12
viddok...i THINK i got it04:12
viddhis install scripts do not work for my sistuation04:12
viddbut i use them as a guide to write my own04:13
_rfzYep I'm trying to do the same04:13
_rfzbut it's one problem after another :)04:14
viddglance-control all restart != service glance-api restart ; service glance-registry restart04:14
viddTHERE is my issue04:14
errrso do any of yall know if in diablo d5 if the vnc console should work in ie 8 or not? I know chrome it doesnt not..04:14
vidderrr, i was not able to get vnc console to work on anything yet ... so IDK04:15
viddbut....i've been beating on keystone for the past 2 weeks so i have not had any time to look at other stuff04:16
errrvidd: ah ok, I have seen it in action on firefox but I only have ie 8 on this box and its locked to corp policy so I cant get ff on there to test with or not.04:16
_rfzerrr - I have no idea, I try and connect and it says connection time out : )04:16
viddmy windows machines run ie 9 (if they run ie anything)04:17
errrok thanks04:17
vidderrr, do you have vnc software?04:17
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errrvidd: not on the machine Im trying to do the web vnc from04:19
vidderrr, i only ask cuzz you might try vnc'ing to an outside comp with some decent apps on it =]04:21
errrvidd: the openstack box is only accessable from this locked down corp box, or Id be using my own laptop04:22
_rfzerrr - what error do you get?04:23
errr_rfz: a blank page that says canvas not supported04:24
errrI guess its not blank if it says that :)04:25
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errrthere is also a button on the page that says send ctrl+alt+del04:25
vidderrr, you have java on that thing?04:25
errrvidd: not that Im seeing04:26
errrit does actually have vnc viewer on it now that I have poked around looking for stuff04:26
viddid tell your NETSEC ppl that your getting rope burns on your wrists04:27
errrI know right..04:27
viddbut...with both hands tied behind your back you can't slit  your wrists =]04:28
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vidddo you at least have telnet client on that thing?04:29
viddopen command prompt, type telnet [ip address] [port]04:30
errrvidd: yeah and it has putty thankfully cause i had to log on to restart its nova-vnc but now I only have ie to test with and its failing04:31
viddyour NETSEC ppl might have your box locked down so the port isnt open04:31
* vidd is happy....glance and keystone are talking...04:32
uvirtbotNew bug: #891718 in nova "nova components always log to standard error, even when syslog is turned on" [Undecided,New]
viddnow lets see if they will play nice together =]04:32
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zaitcevI was trying to find out how to create an account since yesterday.04:41
viddan account on....?04:42
zaitcevSorry, on a Swift server.04:42
*** dragondm has quit IRC04:42
viddsorry...cant help with that [yet]04:42
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uvirtbotNew bug: #892429 in keystone "is_global == 1 don't work with postgresql" [Undecided,New]
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viddso...horizon can only see keystone04:58
viddi guess those endpoints RE needed04:59
uvirtbotNew bug: #891555 in keystone "Keystone version response incorrect" [Undecided,New]
vidd_rfz, you still here?05:04
_rfzyou got it working!05:08
viddim ready to launch an image05:09
_rfzdid you get eucatools working?05:09
viddeuca2ools have always worked for me05:10
viddnever had any issues with that05:10
viddit was glance that hated me05:10
viddno glance, no images05:10
_rfzi keep getting error: Warning: failed to parse error message from AWS: <unknown>:1:0: not well-formed (invalid token)05:11
viddthats cuzz your keystone and env are not talking the same language05:11
viddcompare your EC2_ACCESS_KEY and EC2_SECRET_KEY from your env [env |grep EC2] with your EC2 creds in keystone05:13
viddif they dont match, euca wont work05:14
_rfzI've put the right ones in05:17
_rfzstill getting the same error05:18
viddthe right ones what in where?05:18
vidddid you change env or keystoe?05:18
*** vladimir3p has quit IRC05:18
_rfzi checked the keystone table credentials05:18
viddok...did they match?05:19
viddor did you have to change one?05:20
_rfzthey where completly different, I updated them in the novarc file05:20
_rfz& soruced it05:20
viddnow nova and keystone dont match05:21
viddits better to change keystone05:22
_rfzOkay let me try that05:22
viddnow your source file DID have something like 7858h-ytrtr97-yrtr68-876g86 right?05:23
viddyou didnt have the messed up username:projectname05:24
_rfzna, I remember you told me that last time05:25
_rfzit's 222223-232232312-2222-2222:projectname05:25
vidddoes your nova.conf have "--keystone_ec2_url="05:26
_rfzOkay added, lets see if it works :D05:27
_rfzno :)05:28
viddi test it with "euca-describe-availability-zones verbose"05:29
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack05:29
viddwhat are you testing with?05:29
_rfzyep with that05:29
_rfzeuca-describe-availability-zones verbose05:29
_rfzWarning: failed to parse error message from AWS: <unknown>:1:0: syntax error05:29
_rfznova-api.log says POST /services/Cloud/ None:None 40005:30
viddadd --debug05:30
viddand then pastebin the error05:30
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*** Razique has quit IRC05:36
*** Razique_ is now known as Razique05:36
viddhello razique05:36
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Raziquehi all08:07
Raziquehi vidd-away :)08:07
*** vidd-away is now known as vidd08:08
viddhey Razique08:08
viddfinally got my scripts to work right08:08
viddim testing now to make sure everything is working08:09
Raziquewhat were u on ?08:09
viddthen im going to format, reinstall and go with just the scripts08:09
viddon? loke operating system?08:10
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Raziquehey lionel10:15
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*** coli has joined #openstack12:43
coliHi, I'm trying to install openstack (nova, glance, swift) and decided to use keystone as a main identity source, however I'm reading in the documentation "Keystone currently allows any valid token to do anything with any account."12:46
colidoes it mean that Keystone cannot be used in production environement for identity purposes ?12:46
coliwhat do you use in your production implementation for authorisation ?12:46
*** CaptTofu has joined #openstack12:50
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_rfzmorning all!13:44
*** nickon has joined #openstack13:53
*** jiva has left #openstack13:53
coliby any chance do you have  production working version of openstack ?13:59
*** TheOsprey has joined #openstack13:59
_rfzcoli - I'm currently setting it up in production14:13
coliwhat did you choose as a central authorisation platform ? keyston ?14:14
_rfzyep keystone14:16
colidid you use it just for nova or swift as well ?14:16
viddcoli, your end users will be using the dashboard as a user interface...right?14:17
_rfzright now I'm not using swift14:18
_rfzheya vidd14:18
coliare you aware that documentation for keystone states "Keystone currently allows any valid token to do anything with any account." ?14:18
colihowever I think this just applies to swift and not nova, do you have any news regarding this ?14:18
colividd, I was planing to use dashboard which needs keystone, however this little note in keystone documentation which I have quoted above has made me think twice.14:19
*** sannes1 has joined #openstack14:21
viddif the users are only going to use the dashboard to access your system, they are only going to see "thier stuff"14:21
*** marrusl has quit IRC14:21
*** CaptTofu has quit IRC14:22
colividd, I was hoping to provide API access as well, not _only_ dashboard. providing API access allows users currenlty using AWS to migrate their own management applications easily.14:23
viddcoli, all i can say is set up a test environment and see if you can cross-contaminate14:24
colividd, I hoped that someone has that answer already ;-)14:25
viddthis may have already been addressed and the documentation not updated =]14:26
colividd, what do you use for nove and swift central identity/authorisation  management14:26
*** dwcramer has quit IRC14:26
viddcoli, CLI, on nova, euca seems to have token isolation14:27
viddbut im still in testing and do not have multiple accounts14:27
vidddont currently have swift14:28
*** bencherian has joined #openstack14:28
vidd_rfz, speaking of euca did you ever get your euca to work with keystone?14:29
colividd, do I understand rightly that you use keystone ?14:30
*** kashyap_ has joined #openstack14:31
viddbut i use flat dhcp networking so only one project per controllor node14:31
*** sannes1 has quit IRC14:31
*** sannes1 has joined #openstack14:31
* vidd is still in the proof-of-concept stage14:31
colividd, another question then if I may. did you install nove-network on each nova-compute host and assign public pool to each or do you have a centralised nova-network. if the second the do you allow all traffic to flow through nova-network or do you use hardware gateway ? (I was think about hardware gateway or nova-network on each nova-compute host)14:32
_rfzvidd - no I didn't :) I'm working on it again14:32
_rfzI went to bed needed some sleep14:32
coliI have tested all of mentioned solutions, however it appears to me that having a single nova-network through which all traffic flows for number of nova-compute hosts could cause major problems in future.14:33
viddcoli, i would recommend the network-on-each-compute-node if you intend to have more that 4 compute nodes....or if you are going to have multiple physical locations14:35
*** sannes1 has quit IRC14:35
viddbut as i said...i am on a one-machine-proof-of-concept setup14:36
colividd, I'm planning for tens or low hundreds of nodes and few physical locations ;-)14:36
*** rbergeron has quit IRC14:36
*** rbergeron has joined #openstack14:36
viddyeah...multi-node network for sure....or quantum when its ready14:36
colividd, as proof of concept I'm using a setup with 5 identical servers and one extra as management server14:36
coli"when its ready" ;-)14:36
*** TheOsprey_ has joined #openstack14:37
coliI need to get it working and selling by christmas ;-)14:37
viddcoli, as a proof of concept im using a 1-core emachine desktop with one eth and 2GB rasm14:37
colividd, by any chance do you know anybody who did implement it on a larger scale in production env ?14:38
*** TheOsprey has quit IRC14:39
viddi personally dont know anyone with keystone in production14:39
viddKiall uses keystone, but i dont know if his implimentation is in production14:39
viddWormMan is in production, but i dont know if he uses keystone14:40
guaquacoli: i'm looking at the essex release, which will be in may 2012. you should go through the blueprints at launchpad. that's the best way to get acquinted with the plans14:41
colividd, what do they use if not keystone (any ideas) ?14:42
vidd_rfz, you have any luck with vnc?14:42
viddbefore there was keystone, there was swauth for swift and euca for nova14:43
coliguaqua, tried to read the blueprints however essex is too far away in time, I need something in production by christmas.14:43
viddi know euca nice with keystone14:43
vidd*plays nice14:44
colianybody knows if rackspace is using openstack on the main cloud platform yet ?14:44
viddok...i have go for a truck is finally ready to come home from the shop14:46
*** vidd is now known as vidd-away14:46
_rfzvidd - not yet mine timesout14:47
_rfzbut if i laucnh vncproxy on its own it works14:48
_rfzbut right now I'm trying to figure out euca2ools14:48
vidd-awaywhen i get back from picking up my truck...i'll give you a hand....14:50
_rfzcheers, I'm going to pastbin all the info so you can check it out14:50
vidd-away_rfz, but you might want to look at my scripts they might help too14:51
_rfzwhere can I grab your scripts?14:55
*** CaptTofu has joined #openstack14:55
*** duckhand has quit IRC14:56
_rfzwill do thanks14:56
*** CaptTofu has quit IRC14:59
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_rfzvidd - I wasn't puting :$user in the key! stupid mistake. it's working now thanks15:07
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*** vidd-away is now known as vidd18:16
vidd_rfz, so you good now?18:17
_rfzvidd - yep thanks mate18:18
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vidd_rfz, do have vnc working?18:20
viddany kind of vnc =]18:20
*** nerens has joined #openstack18:21
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_rfznot yet, I've been documenting everything to this point18:26
viddwhat do you think of my scripts?18:27
_rfzI learned quite a bit from them18:30
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*** vernhart has quit IRC18:32
vidd_rfz, im about to blow away my current set-up and verify the scripts are fully functional as is =]18:33
viddmake sure there are no holes in them =]]18:33
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