Wednesday, 2011-11-23

viddjdg, pipeline = authtoken keystone_shim context registryapp is what should be set in there00:00
* swill is going to call it a night... 00:01
jdgvidd: ok, shall I try and run it again?00:01
swillcheers all.  have a good evening...00:01
jdgI modified glance-registry.conf00:02
viddtry to retart all services00:02
*** swill has quit IRC00:02
rmkOK wow, if anyone is running windows VMs and trying to use vnc, you need this change..00:02
rmkMassive improvement in usability00:03
jdgOk... one thing, when it gets to "Restarting glance-registry" is says: "restart: Unknown instance"00:03
jdgindex still give ECONNREFUSEd00:03
viddjdg, so answer "y" to the "did anything fail"00:04
viddjdg, can you run service glance-registry start00:05
jdgvidd: yeah, I did and it gives the same message again.00:05
jdgvidd: yes, it started00:05
jdgglance-registry start/running process 4942700:06
viddjdg, now run service glance-registry restart00:06
jdgOk.. good00:06
viddnow try the index00:06
jdgSame error00:06
jdgIt's the glance-api that's the problem.  Restart won't work on it00:07
*** dolphm has quit IRC00:07
viddwhat is glance-api complaining about?00:07
jdgstacker@sfstack-38:~/openstack_installer$ sudo service glance-api restart00:07
jdgrestart: Unknown instance:00:07
viddjdg,  run service glance-api start00:08
viddthen restart unless you get an error00:08
jdgWTF?  run command not found00:08
viddjdg, loose the "run" =]00:09
jdgOh.. duhhh00:09
viddjust service glance-api start00:09
jdgI'm getting tired/lazy00:09
jdgjust copy verbatim00:09
jdgOK... here we have some error info00:09
jdgstacker@sfstack-38:~/openstack_installer$ service glance-api start00:09
jdgstart: Rejected send message, 1 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.221" (uid=1000 pid=51221 comm="start glance-api ") interface="com.ubuntu.Upstart0_6.Job" member="Start" error name="(unset)" requested_reply="0" destination="com.ubuntu.Upstart" (uid=0 pid=1 comm="/sbin/init")00:09
viddwell...not really but its going to help us00:10
*** Pommi has quit IRC00:10
*** dolphm has joined #openstack00:10
viddservice glance-api start00:11
jdgvidd: same error message00:12
viddok...some major issues with glance00:12
viddwe are going to back up and punt......00:12
jdgHow far back shall we go?00:13
viddcopy the "Turn on Keystone for Glance" section of the convert_keystone script to the wtf script00:13
*** zorzar has quit IRC00:13
viddlet me know when that is done00:13
jdgOk.. done00:14
*** dolphm has quit IRC00:14
viddapt-get autoremove --purge glance &&  ./ && ./wtf.sh00:15
*** CaptTofu has quit IRC00:16
jdginstalling Glance errors00:16
viddwhat errors00:16
jdginstalling Glance00:17
jdgE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied)00:17
jdgE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?00:17
*** CaptTofu has joined #openstack00:17
_rfzyu need to be root jdg00:17
jdgGot it...00:17
viddjdg, have you been doing all this as standard user? my scripts require root00:17
*** Pr0toc0l has quit IRC00:18
jdgyes, but I've been doing "sudo" for everything, just missed the additional commands00:18
_rfzvidd - have you upgraded to kiall' new packages?00:18
vidd_rfz, my scripts use Kiall 's ppa00:18
jdgvidd: ok, api, registry and scrubber have all started00:18
_rfzvidd - yes but I mean have you upgrade your openstack installation packages?00:19
_rfzI've upgraded mine with new libvirtd and something broke00:19
vidddid the wtf script work?00:19
jdgIt appeasr to have00:19
jdgShall I try the index command again?00:19
viddyou may need to restart the glance-api and glance-registry first00:20
jdgDAMN IT JIM!!00:21
jdgSame error00:21
*** lzyeval has joined #openstack00:21
jdgShall I go all the way back to the beginning at this point and try again?00:22
viddsed -e "s,999888777666,$AUTH_TOKEN,g" -i /etc/glance/glance-registry.conf sed -e "s,999888777666,$AUTH_TOKEN,g" -i /etc/glance/glance-api.conf00:22
viddsudo sed -e "s,999888777666,$AUTH_TOKEN,g" -i /etc/glance/glance-registry.conf && sudo sed -e "s,999888777666,$AUTH_TOKEN,g" -i /etc/glance/glance-api.conf00:22
*** Pommi has joined #openstack00:22
viddthen restart api and registry00:23
jdgWTF??? sed: can't read sed: No such file or directory00:23
jdggot it, hold on00:24
viddyou need add the sed lines to the wtf script00:24
*** CaptTofu has quit IRC00:24
jdgFinished the two sed commands, haven't restarted anything00:25
viddand run the wtf script again00:25
viddok....check that the auth token was added to the two config files00:25
viddsince the auth token was not added to the ENV you probably have them set to ""00:26
*** krow has quit IRC00:26
jdgHmm... nope they weren't added00:27
Kiallvidd, i take it your scripts are far from foolproof so? ;)00:28
*** rustam has joined #openstack00:28
jdgkiall: are you implying something there?00:28
viddKiall, when user does "sudo" instead of actually being root .... =]00:28
*** pweiss has left #openstack00:28
Kiallyea.. ah well ;)00:28
KiallThat should work.. -_-00:29
jdgKiall: it didn't work with your script either.00:29
Kiallreally?00:29 it shouldnt00:29
jdgNope, the script didn't even run before bombing out00:29
Kiallpretty sure it should, but, whatever!00:29
jdgkiall: Here's your output00:30
jdgERROR: (OperationalError) (1045, "Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)") None None00:30
jdgroot        : ERROR    (OperationalError) (1045, "Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)") None None00:30
*** lin has joined #openstack00:30
Kialljdg, you didnt read the instructions so ;)00:30
KiallThe part under the title "Grant root remote access to MySQL"00:31
viddKiall, "sudo" appears to fool my "are you root" test but there are atherthings that sudo cant do (so it would appear)00:31
jdgvidd:  Rather than waste your time shall I just re-image and run as root instead of sudo?00:31
Kiallvidd, once you sudo, everything ran by that script is also ran as root, it should work..00:32
jdgkiall: I did follow the README00:32
Kiallweird, its worked for me on a clean install.. no extra steps...00:32
viddjdg, its not a waste of my time....but if you wish to...then yes00:32
_rfzsudo/root is same00:33
_rfzyou have root axs00:33
jdgIt's your call, if I run as root and hit the same problem though that would SUCK!00:33
*** lin has quit IRC00:33
jdg_rfz: that's always been my assumption00:33
_rfzjdg run as root :)00:33
Kiall_rfz, I'm pretty sure once you sudo, your root. I've never hit something that didnt work like that00:33
vidd_rfz, my assumption too...but there is this strange issue =\00:34
*** rsampaio has joined #openstack00:34
jdgThe only thing I wonder is if maybe there was a multi command line that I didn't catch and add the additional "sudo" to.00:34
_rfzkiall - btw i've upgraded to your latest packages - with new libvirtd0 (from ubuntu) and openstack is dead :)00:34
jdgSeems like I'd see something else befoer now though00:35
viddjdg, if you reimage, do "sudo su then run the scripts00:35
Kiall_rfz, really? I upgraded everything that was available earlier...00:35
jdgvidd:  Ok, I'll kick that off tonight and see how it goes.00:35
jdgThanks for trying to help me out with this mess.00:35
viddjdg, there IS a possibility that my script has a bug in it somewhere00:36
*** arun has quit IRC00:36
jdgActually, I'm going to leave the one node as is and run it as root on another system.00:37
Kiall_rfz, any specific errors?00:37
viddbut did you add the auth token to both glance config files?00:37
KiallI've 100% updated and everything is working for me..00:37
*** miclorb_ has quit IRC00:37
jdgNo, the sed command didn't work.  Shall we try that before punting for the evening?00:37
viddyes...add it manually00:38
viddboth need the auth key00:38
*** debo-os has joined #openstack00:39
viddboth need to have keystone auth port set to 3535700:39
viddthen both need to be [re]started00:39
jdgvidd: is it admin_toke or auth_token?00:39
jdgOk, so just add the variable to the file anywhere?  It doesn't exist currently00:40
viddfrom your server-path00:40
viddno...not the variable...the actual data00:41
KiallI think i just beat my own record.. how long ago did i come back online?00:41
KiallStart->Finish excluding ubuntu install.. since then ;)00:41
viddKiall, you want to try my scripts?00:42
viddor should i say "PLEASE try my scripts" =]00:42
KiallSo long as its press the button and go! Hate getting asked questions the entire way through ;)00:42
jdgOk, here's what I have in my registry.conf00:42
jdgpaste.filter_factory = keystone.middleware.auth_token:filter_factory00:42
jdgservice_protocol = http00:42
jdgservice_host =00:42
jdgservice_port = 500000:42
jdgauth_host =00:43
jdgauth_port = 3535700:43
jdgauth_protocol = http00:43
jdgauth_uri = http://:5000/00:43
jdgadmin_token =00:43
Kialluhh auth_uri = http://:5000/ is wrong00:43
_rfzkiall -
Kiall_rfz, i had that error when i first tried OS.. But, even then i have no idea how I fixed it00:43
viddjdg all the urls are missing00:44
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack00:44
jdgI know, since we ran the WTF script everything is gone.00:44
jdgThat's what I was trying to say.00:44
_rfzkiall it's weird - it just stopped working00:44
viddi tried to get to that....00:45
jdgSo I added the ip to t service_host and auth_host00:45
viddwe need to add ". server-path" to the wtf script....00:45
viddand add the sed lines to the wtf script00:45
Kiall_rfz, have you given libvirt-bin a restart?00:46
jdggot the sed lines, doing the server-path now00:46
Kialland then nova-compute after that00:46
jdgOk, now I understand what you were saying about the AUTH_TOKEN00:47
*** catbot has quit IRC00:47
jdgOk, I've put the server-path entries at the top of the script00:47
jdgshall I run: apt-get autoremove --purge glance &&  ./ && ./wtf.sh00:47
viddjdg, make this your wtf script:
Kiallthe fact that you have a wtf script worries me :P00:48
vidd=]  safer this way =]00:48
jdgOk, done00:49
viddKiall, its left over from my testing...i dont know how to pull it from the git repo =]00:49
jdgYOu left it for me ;)00:49
viddjdg, now do the remove and reinstall =]00:49
*** deshantm_laptop has quit IRC00:49
viddKiall, by default the wtf script is empty =]00:50
Kiallsure LO00:51
viddand your jelous...i know =]00:51
*** marrusl has quit IRC00:51
viddjdg, ok...try the index command00:51
*** livemoon has joined #openstack00:51
jdgraise exception.NotAuthorized()00:52
*** ldlework has joined #openstack00:52
_rfzkialll - i've restarted it - still same error00:53
jdgglance-registry.conf still doesn't have the token00:55
Kiall_rfz, i know I did what that error, but frankly, I have no clue how I fixed it.00:55
KiallI can say its not a version issue, "apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade" shows nothing for me, so I'm on the latest of everything aswell00:56
Kialli know I did have that error*00:56
*** adjohn has joined #openstack00:56
viddjdg, get the token from ./obtain-token.sh00:57
_rfzkiall - no probs. Just wanted to make sure00:58
*** rnorwood has quit IRC00:58
viddnow, copy it and put it in this line " glance -A $COPY_OF_TOKEN index00:59
viddreplace $COPY_OF_TOKEN with the token of course00:59
viddok...something has to be wrong with keystone01:00
Kiall_rfz, a reboot may help ;)01:01
Kiallotherwise maybe #libvirt01:01
_rfztried it also :) stopped appamor and nada01:01
Kiallthats basically a libvirt error wrapped in an OS exception01:01
Ryan_Lanesoren: so, our mysql client library is built with binary as the default charset. nova (I guess specifically sqlalchemy) doesn't like this. at all.01:02
Ryan_Laneeven adding ?charset=utf8 to the sql_connection flag doesn't seem to help01:03
jdgvidd:  So the token is in the database /keystone/token/01:03
Ryan_Laneit worked for nova-manage, but does not for the services01:03
viddyes the token is in there01:03
vidd./obtain-token gets it01:04
jdgYeah, good point01:04
jdgOk, I'll try running as root on a clean image and see what happens.01:05
viddthere has to be an issue01:05
viddlets wipe the keystone database and run the ./keystone_template.sh01:06
*** dotdevops has quit IRC01:07
jdgBest way to wipe, Just nuke it?01:07
viddgo into phpmyadmin and delete all the tables01:08
jdgAll tables are dropped01:09
jdgrunning now01:09
viddas root i hope01:09
jdg:) yes as root01:10
viddhave you done the sudo su?01:10
debo-osHi once I have devstack running and I want to reinstall cleanly to include options etc, whats the std practice for doing that.01:11
vidddebo-os, install the apps on a real machine01:11
*** dachary has quit IRC01:12
jdgSame friggin problem01:12
jdgWait, let me restart glance01:13
viddyou want to restart keystone as well01:13
jdgcan I just run your
viddrestart does not restart keystone01:14
jdgNo luck01:16
jdgrestarted glance-reg, glance-api and keyston01:16
jdgThis sucks01:16
vidddid the obtain token work?01:17
jdgI need to head out of the office, will be back on later tonight.  Maybe I'll try on a different system and then bug you tomorrow if I have the same problem.01:18
viddill be here for a while yet01:19
jdgOk, thanks again for your help and your patience01:19
*** chomping has joined #openstack01:19
*** mattstep has joined #openstack01:19
mattstepis there a way to setup a flavor that can oversubscribe with kvm?01:20
debo-osvidd: i installed on a fresh ubuntu install01:21
*** hadrian_ has joined #openstack01:22
*** woleium has quit IRC01:23
Kiallmattstep, all flavors can oversubscribe, as in, you can start 10 1G instances with 5GB ram..01:23
vidddebo-os, it is recommended to install from the ppa's (for 11.10 *buntu, i recommend Kiall's ppa)01:23
debo-osI want to change the code and reinstall for testing01:24
debo-osso I cant use the ppa01:24
viddi have no advice for that01:24
Kialldevstack is desgigned to give you a development environment, so yea. devstack is fine for that01:24
debo-osok how do you stop devstack instance01:24
*** sg[] has joined #openstack01:24
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack01:25
debo-osKiall: then how do I reinstall with maybe some other components01:25
*** hadrian has quit IRC01:25
*** hadrian_ is now known as hadrian01:25
Kialldebo-os, I believe you just re-run the script.. but bear in mind, the way devstack works you cant remove a component..01:27
*** sg has quit IRC01:27
Kiallthe OS dev's suggest using devstack inside a throwaway VM01:27
debo-osjust running gives me errors with multiple screen sessions01:27
debo-osaah i c01:27
mattstepKiall : Can I instruct the scheduler to consider tiny's as not being allocated a full cpu versus smalls that are, as in, when I pack instances, I want to pack small/medium/large/etc. each with a dedicated cpu and then tinys without a dedicated cpu (so I don't oversubscribe a compute node without tinys, but I do oversubscribe a compute node if I have any tinys on it)01:27
Kiallmattstep, not out of the box.. the the scheduler is interchangable... a little bit of custom code would probably let you do that01:28
mattstepok, cool01:28
*** dirakx1 has joined #openstack01:29
*** pixelbeat has quit IRC01:29
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC01:29
*** bryguy has quit IRC01:30
*** bryguy has joined #openstack01:31
stickywrong window, sorry01:33
*** jdurgin has quit IRC01:36
*** dirakx1 has quit IRC01:39
_rfzKiall, are you running a multinode openstack?01:41
_rfzdoes vnc work on all your nodes?01:42
*** lorin1 has joined #openstack01:43
_rfzI get novnc working on my controller+compute node, but not on the others01:43
Kiallwhat nova.conf VNC settings do you have?01:43
_rfzon the compute host?01:44
livemoonvidd, hi01:44
*** ohnoimdead has quit IRC01:44
viddhello livemoon01:44
Kiall_rfz, the nova.conf file should usually be identical on all nodes01:44
Kiall---vncserver_host=$CONTROLLER_IP is your problem01:45
Kialluse --vncserver_host=*01:45
Kiallits a bind address, rather than a connect to this address if you get me01:45
viddhehe i saw that =]01:45
Kialland.. the change will only apply to new instances01:45
Kiall(that IP gets embedded in the libvirt XML)01:45
vidd_rfz, i had the same issue01:46
rmkSo what is Rackspace using internally as their hypervisor?  I've heard it's Xenserver.01:46
*** jimw_ has joined #openstack01:46
_rfzit is01:46
*** lzyeval has quit IRC01:46
livemoonvidd: what are u doing these days about openstack?01:46
rmkYeah so I'm curious why Xenserver as opposed to KVM.01:46
_rfzKiall, thanks01:46
_rfzrackspace is moving to openstack01:47
viddlivemoon, waiting for servers to do an actual install on01:47
rmkJust curious what factors went into that decision.01:47
_rfzrmk, i'd say timing01:47
rmkAs in, Xenserver was the best choice when they picked a hypervisor N years ago?01:47
_rfzI'd be curious to see what they run when they migrate to openstack01:47
rmkNot to say it isn't a good choice now.01:47
_rfzrmk, yep01:48
rmkYeah that's fair.01:48
rmkWe picked Xenserver too a few years ago.01:48
jimw_xen is in the kernel now01:48
colixen != Xenserver01:48
rmkNot the same at all.01:48
coli(or I'm missing something)01:48
*** mgius has quit IRC01:49
*** woleium has joined #openstack01:49
jimw_but having xen accepted in the kernel gives xenserver credibility01:49
rmkXen was always credible.01:50
colixen is not bad, been using it since version 101:50
rmkNo one is doubting that.01:50
colikvm is all new to me :-)01:50
rmkI was just curious why Rackspace selected Xenserver. Not because it's a bad choice, just wanted to know what led to that decision one way or another.01:50
rmkMainly to compare their reasons against mine (for example).01:51
coliI'm wondering what has rackspace added to openstack (steroids ?) to make it into production.01:51
rmkcoli: Heh01:51
rmkcoli: I lot of the pitfalls of Openstack can be negated operationally.01:51
*** rsampaio has quit IRC01:51
rmkWhich is what we're planning to do.01:51
colirmk: they needed a strong enterprise player/name to go with them into these uncharted waters at that stage ?01:52
_rfzcoli, sign up to the beta01:52
jimw_seems like openstack/xenserver is not as good a fit as cloudstack/xenserver01:52
livemoonvidd: Do you have installation doc?01:52
_rfzRackspace are offering openstack private cloud edition beta01:52
*** crescendo has quit IRC01:52
vidddocs? no ... i have an installer script01:52
colividd: rotfl01:53
colividd: I will record that quote as well ;-)01:53
_rfzsorry it's
rmkjimw_: Absolutely agree01:54
rmkjimw_: Cloudstack works fairly well with Xenserver01:54
coliif I only had 2 good openstack developers on my side....01:54
coliwishful thinking :-)01:54
rmkcoli: What issues are you having?01:55
Kialllol - i didnt even know you could use the ™ symbol in a URL.. nice ;)01:55
jimw_cloudstack being citrix now should be interesting01:55
colirmk: time or lack of it. no other issues.01:55
jimw_how about HP with ubuntu/openstack though? they are the ones I am watching01:55
rmkUsing Ubuntu here also.01:55
*** miclorb_ has quit IRC01:55
rmkStarted Openstack with Xenserver and found it to be pretty rough.01:56
jimw_Openstack seems to be going the linux foundation route and that is very encouraging01:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #893840 in nova "test_libvirt:LibvirtUtilsTestCase.test_get_fs_info fails on Mac OS X" [Undecided,New]
livemoonvidd: your own script?01:56
*** stewart has quit IRC01:56
jimw_I stood up cloudstack against rhel/rvm last week01:56
jimw_not too bad, but too many vendors in that picture01:56
rmkjimw_: Yeah, Cloudstack + XCP is a decent combo though.01:56
_rfzanyone used cloudstack?01:57
livemoonvidd: Is it public?01:57
rmk_rfz: In testing, yes.01:57
rmkThere are caveats with all of these solutions.01:57
viddyes..on github01:57
jimw__rfz: me too01:57
*** stewart has joined #openstack01:57
rmkCloudstack is much easier to get going.01:57
rmkNo comparison actually.01:57
rmkYou can have it running within hours.01:57
jimw_works with vmware too if that is a consideration01:58
Kiallrmk, openstack takes 15-30 minutes to install ;)01:58
*** troya has joined #openstack01:58
rmkKiall: Sure, for us, since we've done it 50 times. :)01:58
_rfzopenstack is a bitch to install01:58
jimw_slow and steady wins the race01:59
rmkIt's not really the installation which makes it difficult.  Configuration and understanding all the components is time consuming.01:59
viddopenstack is easy as pie to install01:59
_rfzrmk, jimw_ what other pro's vs con's did you see with cloudstack vs openstack?01:59
rmkvidd: Please.  No it is not.01:59
jimw_I more excited for where it will be in two years....01:59
viddits the configuation that is a biatch01:59
_rfzokay vidd, your right :)01:59
rmkI agree though at the conference I kept hearing that installation was hard.  It's configuration which is hard.01:59
_rfzbut it's a bitch01:59
Kiallmost of the configuation was okay, there were only a few small things..01:59
Glaceerfz_ : I could go for hours doing comparaison between both :)01:59
KiallI dont understand why everyone thinks is so hard -_-01:59
rmkKiall: Introduce keystone and it's impossible unless you've been at this a while.02:00
_rfzGlacee, give me a sumary02:00
coli_rfz: i'm interested as well02:00
rmkKiall: Basic nova with deprecated auth is easy.02:00
livemoonKiall: If I want to learn nova code, how can I start it?02:00
KiallMy first nova install took under an hour.. My second tried to use the ubuntu keystone packages (fail).. My 3rd was the day after, with all my own .deb's02:00
*** _diana_ has joined #openstack02:00
Glaceehmm cloudstack is more mature.. has way more features.. but the architecture is completely different02:00
KiallOkay.. maybe not the day after.. but not too far off ;)02:00
Glaceeso far.. openstack seems more adequate if you want to build extremly large webscale clouds02:01
debo-oskiall: have you tried using quantum with devstack02:01
KiallI'll take a look at it after essex is release, until then.. whatever, I dont need it02:02
HugoKuo__test test02:02
debo-oskiall: makes sense02:02
*** reiddraper has left #openstack02:03
livemoonHugoKuo: morning02:03
*** dpippenger has quit IRC02:03
coliglacee: in your opinnion cloud with up to 200 nodes is better off with cloudstack or openstack ?02:03
livemoonvidd: Does your script use Kiall's ppa for all ?02:03
Glaceecoli:depends on your use case :002:03
viddlivemoon, yes02:04
livemoonvidd: where you set the PPA02:04
viddin the "basics" script02:04
livemoonoh, I see it02:05
livemoonwho can tell me how to learn nova source code?02:05
livemoonI want to read nova code, how can I start it?02:06
*** wariola has joined #openstack02:06
*** jimw_ has quit IRC02:06
coliGlacee: it seems cloudstack is Citrix now02:06
*** wariola has quit IRC02:07
viddlivemoon, the souce for Kiall 's ppas is here:
rmkcoli: It's hard to say honestly.02:07
rmkcoli: Depends on exactly what you want from your private cloud.02:07
_rfzcloustack looks interesting02:08
*** stewart has quit IRC02:08
*** rsampaio has joined #openstack02:09
*** lorin1 has quit IRC02:10
colirmk: make money providing similar service in public cloud to AWS and in private cloud compared to VM Ware experience02:10
rmkyeah openstack is better suited to that02:10
colirmk: cloudstack has nicer looking dashboard :-)02:11
rmkcloudstack has an ec2 api as a bolt on product02:11
rmkcoli: no question02:11
colirmk: and that sells....02:11
_rfzcoli, we are building our own dashboard02:11
WormManI'm glad I don't have to deal with actual 'customers'02:11
_rfzwe also want to sell public cloud services02:11
rmkopenstack has always been more focused on the api being solid as opposed to the dash02:12
rmkI mean consider there was no dash for a long time02:12
Kiallrmk, yup..02:12
coli_rfz: you are lucky that you have means and ppl, I only have the first one.02:12
rmkAnd realistically when you're dealing with hundreds or thousands of VMs, you're not very likely to be using a gui anyway.02:12
rmkEspecially if you're encorporating what makes IaaS compelling, which is dynamic scaling of resources (i.e. spinning VMs up and back down as needed)02:13
colirmk: you would be suprised how many large organisations on daily bases use the aws webfrontend instead of api02:13
_rfzI agree coli02:13
rmkcoli: I don't doubt that at all02:14
rmkI think both are equally important02:14
colirmk: aws has boomed since they have made the web interface accessible02:14
rmkBut if I had to choose one, I'd pick a strong API02:14
*** rustam has quit IRC02:14
colirmk; I would as well, however we are able to make use of it, what's sad is that mose it ppl are unable to use it.02:14
_rfzcoli, they say is going to opensource their openstack dashboard. and from what people say it's the best by far02:15
rmkWith a strong API you'll see plenty of alternate dashboards soon enough.02:16
viddgiven a choice between strong api/weak gui; weak api/strong gui; and medioker api and gui....then i would choice mediocre02:16
coli_rfz: i'm quickly googling globo :-)02:16
_rfzcoli, it was mentioned in the last openstack meetup02:16
*** mcclurmc has quit IRC02:17
rmkvidd: That's what you have now to be honest.02:17
*** mcclurmc_ has joined #openstack02:17
troyahi all02:18
viddrmk, yeah02:18
troyahi vidd :)02:18
viddhello troya02:18
troyavidd, i have remove all of database and generate it again02:19
Kiallanyone else find its way too easy to hit "terminate" rather than "reboot" or "log" in the console? ;)02:19
WormManspeaking of meetups/summits, anyone know where the 1st 2012 one is yet?02:19
*** nci has left #openstack02:19
troyavidd: what is different --fixed_range_v4  and --fixed_range ?02:19
Kiallin the dashboard*02:19
coli_rfz: I cannot find any info about dashboard, do you have any urls handy ?02:20
viddtroya, dunno02:20
*** primeministerp has quit IRC02:21
*** crescendo has joined #openstack02:22
viddtroya, i was not aware there was a --fixed_range_v402:23
viddi see "v6" but not v402:23
uvirtbotNew bug: #893843 in openstack-integration-tests "Create server with personality file that overwrites an existing file" [Undecided,New]
troyavidd: ok nothing, it's only  curious about it02:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #893844 in openstack-integration-tests "Server personality file contents exceeds compute limit" [Undecided,New]
troyavidd: i have question about my ifconfig output, check it out please >>
viddlooks good02:29
troyawhy on virbr0 was get ip, ?02:29
troyawhere it get from ?02:29
viddbecause that is what libvirt sets it to by default02:29's automatically from nova  ?02:30
Glaceermk: cloudstack really improved their api+ performance.. there is a cloudstack setup that was able to spin 10 000+vm one shot02:30
viddtroya, gets it from libvirt02:30
Glaceethey improved sec groups performance etc..02:31
WormManI'd say something snide about how bad the openstack api code is in some places...(yay, get_all and then regexp match the IP address for cloud-init data)02:31
troyabut is it generate automatically ? or not ? because i have never configure float ip02:31
viddits done automagicly02:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #893845 in openstack-integration-tests "Server metadata key exceeds 255 bytes" [Undecided,New]
uvirtbotNew bug: #893846 in openstack-integration-tests "Metadata value exceeds 255 bytes on server creation" [Undecided,New]
coliglacee: I heard just few hours ago that someone had to put nova-api on each compute node as it had problems when run only on managment node (if I unrestood correctly002:31
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack02:31
troyaok, now i'll create new insntaces, i hope there is no problem again :)02:32
WormMancoli: I did that, it only had problems once I got beyond 100 launches at a time or so02:32
*** p0 has quit IRC02:33
*** adjohn has quit IRC02:35
coliwormman: I'm wondering how did you solve talking to so many nova-api's at the same time to spread the load ?02:36
troyavidd, i cannot ping instances again :(02:36
*** rnorwood has quit IRC02:36
troyait;s output of ifconfig and nova.conf >>
troyaKiall, are you still here ?02:36
viddtroya, what have you done differently since last night?02:37
coliwormman: I'm probably missing something, but as I undrestood you should be talkint to one nova-api which passes info to the rest of the system02:37
WormMancoli: the issue was only the euca api calls made by the instances ( so I just set ec2_dmz_host to be the local compute node IP02:38
WormManthen when nova-network came up, it added the nat rule to the local host02:38
troyai have not change anything, i have removed database only02:39
coliwormman: it's gibbrish to me right now, however I just can get glimps of the idea, will remember to look into it when time comes.02:40
coliwormman: thank you02:40
viddwell if you have done nothing different, then why wouldyou expect to get different output?02:40
troyaanyone, can help me ?it's make me dizzy02:40
*** osier has joined #openstack02:41
colijust reading up on network vlan network mode, it seems that each tenant (project) get's it's own private vlan over which all instances communicate. taking into account L2 switching infrastructure it has a limitation of 4096 vlans (AFAIR), therefore do I undrestand correctly that using vlan network mode we cannot have more than approx. 4080 tenants ?02:47
WormMancorrect, this(I believe) is what things like quantum are trying to solve, among other issues02:49
colithat's a massive limitation for large clouds, I wonder how rackspace is tackling it now. afaik quantum has some way to go before it's stable02:50
WormManI believe rackspace is handling it by not using VLAN mode02:52
coliflatdhcp ?02:52
*** _diana_1 has joined #openstack02:52
*** _diana_ has quit IRC02:53
WormMannot sure if flatdhcp or just plain flat, but it's only a rumor02:53
uvirtbotNew bug: #893847 in openstack-integration-tests "Number of metadata items exceeds compute limit on server creation" [Undecided,New]
uvirtbotNew bug: #893848 in swift "can not make an exist container to public" [Undecided,New]
colion the other hand it's intersting if vlan id is assigned dynamicly to tenant when first instance is started or is it fixed per tenant. if the second then it would mean that vlan ids are used up even if tenat is not generating money02:55
*** mattray has quit IRC02:55
WormManthe openstack default is hard assigned vlans02:55
WormMan(I have 3, for my 3 tenants, all hard coded)02:55
WormManI also have a slightly not-customer type cloud02:56
coliit's fine for large private clouds, but not for public use like aws with high number of small tenants.02:56
colido you know by any chance if AWS uses dhcp or injects the ip when imaging ?02:57
WormManmy ec2 image looks to be dhcp02:57
coliI need to setup AWS account :-)02:58
coliI belive aws is using xen ?02:58
viddtroya, have you looked into using Kiall 's scripts?02:58
WormManthey have a free tier if you want to check out aws02:59
troyano i dont, where i get it ?02:59
colithank you.02:59
WormManit's always good to know the competition :)02:59
stickyI'm not a fan of AWS to be honest02:59
coliI'm new to this cloud business, just learning03:00
*** mattstep has quit IRC03:00
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack03:00
WormManstrangely, our customers are also not a fan of AWS :)03:00
viddcoli, you get a stack up and running?03:00
colividd: same as yestarday, I had only two installs so far. I have asked for servers to be reprovisioned and probably in the monring (that is in few hours) someone will play with it.03:02
*** cmasseraf has joined #openstack03:02
colividd: I have asked for her to test your and kiall scrips03:02
*** primeministerp has joined #openstack03:03
*** etarasov has quit IRC03:04
*** rods has quit IRC03:04
KiallOkay .. Clean 100% ubuntu install, Starting OS install @ 5 min past.. lets see how long this takes ;)03:05
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC03:06
Kiall(When i say clean install.. I mean, I installed ubuntu, logged in as root. Nothing more)03:07
*** bengrue has quit IRC03:07
*** CaptTofu has joined #openstack03:07
colia moment of truth :-)03:07
Kiallcoli, I'm about 50% of the way done already ;)03:08
colidoes it have nice graphical progress bar ? ;-)03:08
Kiallkeystone installed, glance installed, images uploading to glance...03:09
*** debo-os has quit IRC03:09
*** lorin1 has joined #openstack03:09
troyavidd:would you like to tell me more about flat dhcp injected?03:09
troyais it same with flat dhcp only ?03:10
vidddunno ... dont use it03:10
troyawhy vidd?03:11
colitroya: is there such a thing as flat dhcp injected ?03:11
troyacoli, do you know about it ? can you tell me about it more?03:12
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack03:12
Kiallthats ... umm 7 minutes for keystone+nova+glance+dashboard+image upload ;)03:13
Kiallincluding downloading everything ;)03:13
viddKiall, wow03:13
colitroya: I though that there was just "flat" of "flatdhcp", first injects ip during starting of instance, second grabs it from dhcp03:13
troyathen if flatdhcp on nova.conf i inserted --flat_injected=true ? what will happen ?03:14
viddKiall, can you test my script to see if there is some issue?03:15
colitroya; no idea03:15
Kiallsure.. now that I've fixed everything up in mine ;)03:15
viddits not as fast as yours though03:15
*** mdomsch has quit IRC03:15
Kiallvidd, your one stops and asks questions rather than getting all that info upfront ;)03:16
Kiallgah and needing to chmod +x everything ;)03:17
Kiallvidd, it broke03:18
Kiallit asked me if i would like to install the basics03:19
*** _rfz has quit IRC03:19
Kialli typed "yes", and it moaned at me -_-03:19
viddy..not yes =]03:19
Kialland why is it installing a new kernel? lol03:19
*** etarasov has joined #openstack03:19
Kiallyea -03:19
Kiallupdate-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-3.0.0-13-server03:19
Kiallokay x11-common?03:20
viddits doing a dist-upgrade03:20
Kiallwhy install that?03:20
KiallPretty sure thats not a dep of anything...03:20
viddyes it is03:20
Kiallreally? havent noticed it get pulled it before03:21
viddprobably python-pastewebkit03:21
*** CaptTofu has quit IRC03:23
Kiallpretty sure I'd be running VMs at this stage with mine :P03:24
KiallError: invalid command 'set_permissions .* .* .*03:25
Kiallyour RMQ setup seems off03:25
vidd=\ that never had an issue for me03:26
Kiallwell, its a real issue ;)03:28
coliis there ubuntu 11.10 netinstall ?03:28
colii have decided to check kiall's claims of 7 minutes ;-)03:28
Kiallcoli, yea..
*** krow has joined #openstack03:29
Kiallcoli, go for it!03:29
colithanks, couldn';t find it on the webpage and documentation for pxe provisioning was suggesting going the nfs route03:30
viddrabbitmqctl set_permissions hermod  '.*' '.*' '.*' works for me in cli03:30
KiallI'm sure that does, there is a username between the regexe's and the command03:30
Kialllol @ "Did any fail?"03:31
viddKiall, how did you pass making the database file?03:31
Kiallvidd, there are so god damn many questions -_-03:31
Kiallif asked me if i wanted to use it or create a new one, i said new one since it was empty..03:32
*** dirakx1 has joined #openstack03:32
Kiallit just .. moved on!03:32
*** livemoon has left #openstack03:32
viddit creates a new one03:33
Kiall*please* say this is nearly done -_-03:33
*** livemoon has joined #openstack03:33
Kiallwoot - done...03:33
Kiallnow, does any of it work ;)03:33
Kiallyea - nova is complaing about rabbitmq, glance is saying "NotAuthorized" ..03:35
*** dysinger has joined #openstack03:36
Kiallnearly there vidd ;)03:36
Kiallcoli, done yet? ;)03:36
colinope, just downloaded the netinstall, setingup the dhcp now03:37
*** primeministerp has quit IRC03:37
*** primeministerp has joined #openstack03:37
viddrabbit is not working because you somehow missed getting rabbit added to the database file03:38
*** primeministerp has quit IRC03:39
*** primeministerp has joined #openstack03:40
viddKiall, do you see something wrong with the glance auth?03:40
Kiallnope, nothing obvious..03:41 just moans03:41
*** primeministerp1 has joined #openstack03:42
*** primeministerp has quit IRC03:42
Kiallvidd, maybe i hit y+enter twice or something.. who knows! There were way too many questions -_- (just kidding)03:43
*** redconnection has quit IRC03:43
Kiallseriousally though, asking questions sucks. A config file means its repeatable...03:43
viddmost of the scripts check for the file and accepts it03:45
*** primeministerp has joined #openstack03:45
*** primeministerp1 has quit IRC03:45
*** ejat has joined #openstack03:46
*** ejat has joined #openstack03:46
Kiallcoli, just updated the README with evey step necessary.. other than needing 2x NICs in the box ;)03:46
*** hallyn has quit IRC03:47
colikiall, I got worse problem, I cannot find any test server which is got managment card with standard test password :-(03:48
coliit's not very often nowdays that I do these things.... lack of time.03:48
Kiallstop trolling free-server-lists .. they arent as common as free proxy lists ;)03:48
*** primeministerp1 has joined #openstack03:49
*** primeministerp has quit IRC03:49
*** primeministerp has joined #openstack03:51
*** primeministerp1 has quit IRC03:51
chadhAnyone here doing openstack with xen?03:51
Kiallwhoever set up primeministerp deserves a pat on the back, rather than just blocking IRC, they seem to have allowed the connection for 2-3 seconds, then kill it ;)03:52
Kiallwhoever set up primeministerp firewall deserves a  pat on the back*03:52
*** primeministerp has quit IRC03:53
livemoondoes nova use libvirt and visrh to control instance?03:54
*** PeteDaGuru has quit IRC03:54
*** primeministerp has joined #openstack03:54
*** maplebed has quit IRC03:54
primeministerpKiall: sorry I was tweaking my firewall03:55
primeministerpKiall: trying to get my altq queues right03:56
Kiallprimeministerp, lol.. I was just kidding ;)03:56
primeministerpKiall:  I know03:56
primeministerpKiall: it was funny because I was the one tweaking the firewall03:56
*** dirakx1 has quit IRC03:56
coliI'm so far back, I just found out that we have out local ubuntu repository :-)03:57
viddKiall, have you looked any further into whats up with my script and glace/keystone?03:57
*** llang629 has joined #openstack03:59
*** ejat has quit IRC04:05
*** llang629 has left #openstack04:05
*** ejat has joined #openstack04:07
*** ejat has joined #openstack04:07
*** JStoker has quit IRC04:11
*** pradeep1 has joined #openstack04:12
*** krow has quit IRC04:14
*** jkyle has quit IRC04:15
*** krow has joined #openstack04:16
coligot one ;-)04:17
colijust starting pxe04:17
colihow much space do you leave for dom0 ?04:17
*** JStoker has joined #openstack04:18
*** krow has quit IRC04:21
Kiallcoli, the VMs will live in the dom0 disk .. nova-volume stuff will be outside..04:21
Kiallso its hard to give a number04:21
coliVMs will live in dom0 disk ? somehow I dont undrestand. nova-volume will provide storage so how domU (VMs) will ive in dom0 ?04:22
*** debo-os has joined #openstack04:23
coligrrrr.... got everything working pxe, instaler, management card,.... guess what... ubuntu installer doesn't see my keyboard/mouse04:24
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack04:26
Kiallnova-volume provides the equilavant of amazon EBS04:26
*** dpippenger has joined #openstack04:26
Kiallthe VMs themselves live in /var/lib/nova/instances, which can be backed by NFS/ISCSI or local disk etc04:27
*** dirakx1 has joined #openstack04:28
*** fifieldt has quit IRC04:31
*** hadrian has quit IRC04:36
*** abecc has quit IRC04:38
colikiall: thank you, I will investigate this further tomorrow, going to sleep now it's nearly 5am in here :-(04:39
*** JStoker has quit IRC04:39
*** juddm has joined #openstack04:39
*** ejat has quit IRC04:40
*** JStoker has joined #openstack04:41
etarasovI have downloaded qcow2 ubuntu image from  How can I get root password for it?04:41
*** supriya has joined #openstack04:42
*** troya has quit IRC04:42
*** helfrez has joined #openstack04:44
*** juddm has quit IRC04:44
*** Nithya_HP has joined #openstack04:44
*** CaptTofu has joined #openstack04:45
*** CaptTofu has quit IRC04:50
*** dotdevops has joined #openstack04:55
*** stanchan has quit IRC04:55
*** stanchan has joined #openstack04:56
*** binbash_ has quit IRC04:56
*** binbash_ has joined #openstack04:56
*** debo-os has quit IRC04:58
*** lorin1 has quit IRC04:58
*** stanchan has quit IRC05:00
*** lts has quit IRC05:02
*** debo-os has joined #openstack05:04
*** nerens has joined #openstack05:09
*** lzyeval has joined #openstack05:10
*** jdg__ has joined #openstack05:16
*** cmasseraf has quit IRC05:17
*** dnjaramba has joined #openstack05:19
*** junaid has joined #openstack05:22
*** helfrez has quit IRC05:25
*** debo-os has quit IRC05:26
*** rsampaio has quit IRC05:27
*** krow has joined #openstack05:39
*** supriya has quit IRC05:41
*** troya has joined #openstack05:45
*** jseutter has quit IRC05:48
*** clauden has quit IRC05:48
troyahi all05:49
troyahi etarasov, i have some problm from yesterday that haven't solved yet05:51
troyai use flat dhcp for my nova network, i can run instances, but i cannot access it via ssh and cannot to ping it.whereas i have configure security rule to allow port 2205:52
troyaalso icm05:52
*** jedi4ever_ has joined #openstack05:53
*** clauden has joined #openstack05:53
*** jedi4ever has quit IRC05:55
*** jedi4ever_ is now known as jedi4ever05:55
*** JesperA has quit IRC05:56
etarasovI have not reached that stage in configuration yet, I've just run instances without networking setup05:57
*** stewart has joined #openstack05:59
*** localhost has quit IRC06:00
*** CaptTofu has joined #openstack06:00
*** mattstep has joined #openstack06:01
*** localhost has joined #openstack06:01
troyaetarasov: then you can ping your instances ?06:02
*** dirakx1 has quit IRC06:02
*** stanchan has joined #openstack06:04
*** debo-os has joined #openstack06:06
*** debo-os_ has joined #openstack06:07
*** yeming has joined #openstack06:10
*** martine has quit IRC06:10
*** debo-os has quit IRC06:11
*** debo-os_ is now known as debo-os06:11
*** vladimir3p has joined #openstack06:14
*** dachary has joined #openstack06:23
*** yeming has quit IRC06:23
*** krow has quit IRC06:28
*** debo-os has quit IRC06:30
*** dachary has quit IRC06:31
*** stewart has quit IRC06:33
*** dotdevops has quit IRC06:35
etarasovtroya: not yet, I don't know how to setup ip addresses for instances06:36
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack06:37
*** troya has quit IRC06:40
*** krow has joined #openstack06:41
*** evxd has joined #openstack06:42
*** miclorb_ has quit IRC06:48
*** stanchan has quit IRC06:50
*** troya has joined #openstack06:52
*** JStoker has quit IRC06:53
*** krow has quit IRC06:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #893881 in keystone "OS-KSCATALOG Create EndpointTemplate documentation missing Name attribute" [Undecided,New]
*** JStoker has joined #openstack06:58
*** arBmind has joined #openstack06:59
*** ejat has joined #openstack07:01
*** ejat has joined #openstack07:01
*** arBmind has quit IRC07:01
*** vladimir3p has quit IRC07:02
troyahi all07:06
koolhead17hi all07:06
troyai have post my issue to
troyahi koolhead07:06
troyahi exvd07:09
*** mgoldmann has joined #openstack07:09
troyaevxd: i have some issue that haven't solved, may be you could to help me to solve this, check it out >>
evxdyou've got the wrong guy.. i'm new to this. :]07:12
troyaguys, there's wrong to try :)07:12
troyathere is no wrong :D07:12
*** kaigan_ has joined #openstack07:12
*** arBmind has joined #openstack07:16
*** mindpixel has joined #openstack07:17
*** TheOsprey has joined #openstack07:18
*** JStoker has quit IRC07:23
*** arBmind has quit IRC07:24
*** JStoker has joined #openstack07:29
troyaare you there ?07:34
viddyes im here07:36
troyaactually flat dhcp can run on one ethernetcard machine, right ?07:38
*** zz_bonzay is now known as bonzay07:38
troyayou work on 1 ethernet card with Flat DHCP too?07:38
*** guigui has joined #openstack07:39
*** Razique has joined #openstack07:40
troyai have post my issue on  , i hope anyone will help me to solve this07:40
troyahi Razique :)07:40
Raziquehey troya07:41
Raziquewhat's up .07:41
troyayeah,,i'm very dizzy with my problem. somedays ago i have installed nova on ubuntu 11.10.everythings works well but when i try to acces instnaces.i can't07:42
troyai have post my issue on  , i hope anyone will help me to solve this07:42
*** negronjl has quit IRC07:43
troyaRazique: check it out, may be you can help me to solve my issue07:43
Raziquetroya: let me see07:44
troya , check it out please07:44
Raziqueok can I see both commands output : select * from netwoks, and select * from fixed_ips07:45
Raziqueoh and cat /var/lib/nova/networks/br100.conf07:45
*** adjohn has joined #openstack07:45
*** yeming has joined #openstack07:48
troyaRazique: i have paste to patstebin >>
*** arBmind has joined #openstack07:49
troyathere are two on br100.conf, once again >> 02:16:3e:7d:c4:b4,server-2.novalocal,
Raziquetroya: ok let me have a look :)07:51
troyaok, please07:51
Raziquelooks like you have too many networks here :p07:51
*** wariola has joined #openstack07:52
RaziqueI'd say that would explain the issue07:52
*** debo-os has joined #openstack07:52
Raziquewhy 3 networks ?07:52
troyawhich one ,Razique ?07:52
Razique select * from networks;07:52
troyao..yes, there are 307:53
Raziquenova-manage network delete
Raziquenova-manage network delete
*** popux has joined #openstack07:54
troyayes, i have07:54
troyathen ?07:54
troya is it wrong to make 3 networks once time, razique?07:55
Raziquedelete from fixed_ips where project_id=NULL07:55
Raziqueno waiy07:55
Raziquehave u run it ? :07:55
*** vidd is now known as vidd-away07:56
Raziqueno not really, but you need to make sure they are consistent07:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #893891 in horizon "Incorrect handling of expired tokens" [Undecided,New]
*** shaon has joined #openstack07:56
troyaUnknown column 'project_id' on fixed_ips07:56
Raziqueok great07:57
troyaUnknown column 'project_id' on fixed_ips, is it right ?07:57
Raziquenow nova-manage network --modify --network --project $project_name07:58
Raziquetroya: yah it's cool07:58
troyaok i have >> nova-manage network modify --network --project successproject07:59
Raziqueis the name's project ?07:59
*** stanchan has joined #openstack07:59
troyasuccessproject is my project (it's for motivation with my dizzy =D)07:59
Raziqueok great08:00
troyaok then ?08:00
Raziqueselect * from networks;08:00
troyathis is output >>
troyathere is only one08:02
Raziquenow delete from fixed_ips where network_id=NULL08:02
Raziquethen select * from fixed_ips08:02
troyawait, on network table there is column dhcp_start which have value=208:03
troyabut on my nova.conf i have start dhcp with >> --flat_network_dhcp_start= . is it can make problem later ?08:04
troyaor i have change to on my nova.conf first?08:04
livemoonhi Razique08:05
*** reidrac has joined #openstack08:06
troyai have >> mysql> delete from fixed_ips where network_id is null;08:07
troyathere are 32 rows have delted08:07
troyanow only data which project_id=1 on fixed_ips08:08
*** lzyeval has quit IRC08:09
etarasovnova-compute at some point calls qemu-img. How to diagnose this error:  ?08:11
troyarazique: please wait for about 10 minutes, i have something which i must doing08:14
*** lzyeval has joined #openstack08:15
*** quake has joined #openstack08:17
*** dysinger has quit IRC08:21
troyaRazique: ok, i have done08:22
*** arBmind has quit IRC08:22
*** arun has joined #openstack08:24
Raziquetroya: ok cool :)08:24
Raziquenow killall dnsmasq && service nova-network restart08:25
Raziqueand try to run an instance again08:25
*** ejat has quit IRC08:25
*** dachary has joined #openstack08:26
troyaonly one process dnsmasq which doesn't killed >> root      8755  2924  0 15:25 pts/0    00:00:00 grep --color=auto dnsmasq08:26
Raziqueyah that is the grep itself :p08:26
*** quake has quit IRC08:27
troyamust i terminate my previouse instances which running ?08:27
*** guigui has quit IRC08:27
Raziqueor reboot them ?08:27
*** ejat has joined #openstack08:27
*** ejat has joined #openstack08:27
troyayou are very cool Razique :D08:29
troyanow it's works :D08:29
Raziquegood job man08:29's realy succesproject ,right08:30
*** vdo has joined #openstack08:30
Raziquea real successfull one :)08:30
troyaso, actually what's wrong with configuration, could you tell me ?08:30
*** ejat has quit IRC08:30
Raziquethe first thing was the fixed_ips rattached to a non existing network08:30
livemoonRazique: Do you have blog?08:31
Raziquelivemoon: no not really :p08:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #893899 in openstack-integration-tests "Append metadata on rebuild" [Undecided,New]
Raziquethat causes the ip picking by dnsmasq buggy08:31
Raziquethe second thig is that u didn't have any network rattached to the project08:31
Raziquethird u had a /32 network08:31
livemoonI want to learn more about openstack from you08:32
Raziquewhich means only one instance for that network, which is weird08:32
Raziquelivemoon: hehe, just stay around08:32
RaziqueI'm trying to learn also :p08:32
Raziquetroya: so what we did : 1 remove weird / small networks08:32
Razique2- cleaned the orphans fixed_ip (used by dnsmas)08:32
Razique3- attached a network for the project08:33
Raziqueand voila :)08:33
troyayes,, we have removed 2 networks others08:33
*** sandywalsh_ has joined #openstack08:33
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack08:33
troyathen what's you mean about >> third u had a /32 network08:33
Raziquetroya: yah and the other one too08:33
troyait's have
troyaRazique: is it not /28 ?08:34
Raziquetroya: oh now sorry08:35
Raziquei was talking about the two /28 networks08:35
*** Gollen has joined #openstack08:35
Raziquein fact you could recreate them and affect them to another project if you want to :)08:36
Raziquelivemoon: what's up ?08:36
uvirtbotNew bug: #893902 in openstack-integration-tests "Flavor for server does not meet minRam requirements on create" [Undecided,New]
livemoonI need to spread openstack in china08:36
troyaRazique: so if i want to create network, i must create one by one, is it do you mean?08:36
Raziquetroya: yah08:36
livemoonRazique: so I need learn more skill about openstack from world08:37
Raziqueand don't forget to attach them to a tenant afterwards if u want them to be used08:37
Raziquelivemoon: sure08:37
troyalivemoon: it's great idea :D08:37
Raziquelivemoon: any particular point ?08:37
livemoonEuropeans And Americans08:37
Raziquelivemoon: what about France ? :(08:37
Raziqueeven better Lyon directly08:38
Raziquemy city hehe :p08:38
livemoonFance is in Europeans08:38
RaziqueI read too quickly this morning08:38
livemoonI think Europeans And Americans are more people who killed in openstack08:38
RaziqueI must be on speed  or Redbull by inadvertance08:38
livemoonwho skilled in openstack08:38
Raziquelivemoon: I'm not that sure actually08:39
livemoonSo I want to learn from you08:39
Raziqueyou can find good people everywhere08:39
*** po has joined #openstack08:40
RaziqueEinstein said "You get knowledge by experimenting, the rest is nothing but Information"08:40
*** GheAway is now known as GheRivero08:41
troyaRazique: it's wise quote :)08:41
troyalivemoon: how about indonesia ? hehe08:42
Raziquehehe I find it very accurate yah :)08:42
livemoontroya: I think you need use two eth to test nova08:43
livemoonone eth maybe has some issues;08:43
troyaeh Razique,  i have set " ENABLED=0 " on /etc/default/dnsmasq, but whenever i reboot my pc and run instances, usually there is error message like " ndnsmasq: failed to create listening socket for Address already in use "08:43
*** sandywalsh has quit IRC08:44
*** sandywalsh_ has quit IRC08:44
troyaRazique: is it one of effect because of many networks which i created few times ago ?08:44
troyalivemoon: wait for money to get it :D08:44
*** woleium has quit IRC08:48
troyalivemoon: now i will configure my openstack on my server on internet.i hope get client soon :D08:49
Raziquetroya: i'm not so sure08:50
Raziquecan u send me both nova.conf and dpkg -l | grep dns08:50
*** junaid1 has joined #openstack08:51
troyaRazique: this is >>
*** itz_ has joined #openstack08:53
*** junaid has quit IRC08:53
troyahow about it Razique?08:54
*** doude_ has quit IRC08:56
*** doude has joined #openstack08:56
Raziquetroya: remove dnsmasq08:59
*** guaqua2`` has joined #openstack09:00
*** guaqua2` has quit IRC09:00
*** adjohn has quit IRC09:00
*** stanchan has quit IRC09:00
Raziqueaptitude remove --purge dnsmasq && aptitude purge ~c09:00
troyais it don't use openstack to give dhcp ?09:00
Raziquenope, it uses dnsmasq-base09:01
troyabut first on documentation i must install dnsmasq, right ?09:01
Raziquetroya: I'd say no09:01
*** dcs has joined #openstack09:01
Raziquenova-network depends on dnsmasq-base09:02
troyaok, i'll remove it09:02
Raziquetry if that break simply reinstall it09:02
Raziquebut I'm quite sure u don't need it09:02
Raziqueit seems to be the daemon mainly09:02
Raziqueand it's trying to listen on the port 5309:02
Raziquebut since dnsmasq process are launched by nova-network, the port is already in use09:03
Raziqueso remove it, and restart nova-network09:03
Raziquethen ps axl | grep dns09:03
Raziqueif you see your processes that means it's fixed :)09:03
* Razique crosses the finger hehe09:04
*** nacx has joined #openstack09:04
*** uksysadmin has joined #openstack09:08
*** guaqua2`` has quit IRC09:09
troyayes, there is process09:10
Raziqueso try to reboot and see if you have the issue09:11
livemoonwho can teach me english?09:11
troyaRazique: reboot my machine do you mean ?09:11
Raziqueyah reboot the pc09:11
troyalivemoon: i think your english is good09:11
doudeHi all, do you know what is the objective of the flag 'zone_capabilities' ?09:11
troyaRazique: ok, please wait09:12
*** guigui1 has joined #openstack09:12
*** troya has quit IRC09:12
*** debo-os has quit IRC09:14
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC09:17
*** dobber has joined #openstack09:17
*** stewart has joined #openstack09:20
uvirtbotNew bug: #893918 in nova "os api needs to return more info than just build" [Undecided,New]
*** troya has joined #openstack09:21
troyaRazique: you are right, there is no problem now09:22
troyausually after i restart my computer, nova-network service alwas XXX09:22
*** itz_ has quit IRC09:22
troyathen on log show that dnsmasq already in used09:23
troyaso i must kill dnsmasq first09:23
troyathen rstart service  again09:23
*** supriya has joined #openstack09:23
Raziquenow so it's not the case anymore ?09:24
*** dirkx_ has joined #openstack09:25
troyaRazique, when creating network for example i execute : nova-manage network create public 3 1609:26
troyawhat the meaning of number 3 and number 16 ?09:27
*** junaid1 has quit IRC09:27
*** troya has quit IRC09:27
*** troya has joined #openstack09:28
*** supriya has quit IRC09:28
Raziquefirst and last ip for that network09:28
*** Nithya_HP has quit IRC09:28
*** Nithya_HP has joined #openstack09:29
troyaso on >> 3 16  number 3 is first ip for instances and number 16 is last ip for instances ?09:29
troyaso if my instances have out out range of number of ip range, i must create network again ? or can modify it ?09:30
Razique3 will go to nova-network , for the gateway09:31
Raziqueand the last one will be used for broadcast09:32
troyathen if my instances have out of range of ip range, i must create network again ? or can modify it ?09:33
*** supriya has joined #openstack09:33
Raziquewell you won't be able to allocate more ip withing that netwrok09:33
Raziquethus you can create a new network09:33
Raziqueand attach it to the project09:34
*** janpychou has quit IRC09:34
Raziquebut that would mean a bad anticipation09:34
Raziqueusually go for a /24 or /2809:34
*** redconnection has joined #openstack09:35
*** pixelbeat has joined #openstack09:36
troyaprevent be better than threatmen09:37
Raziqueneed to reboot09:38
Raziquebe back :p09:38
*** Razique has quit IRC09:39
*** koolhead11 has joined #openstack09:39
koolhead11hi all09:39
jasonaanyone using kiall's scripts. when you create a test instance, what is the actual login/passwd you can use for an instance ?09:40
*** mattstep has quit IRC09:41
*** Gollen has quit IRC09:41
koolhead11kodapa, how far you reached :)09:42
uksysadminjasona, without knowing any background, but instances are set up using keys, not user/pass09:45
koolhead11hola uksysadmin09:45
uksysadminhello koolhead1109:47
koolhead11uksysadmin, how have you been? Seems like too busy :D09:48
uksysadminas always09:48
uksysadminin terms of openstack I've a test cluster on my desk (2 nodes plus laptop) and a dev environment in the datacentre09:49
uksysadminjust at the stage of trying to use Orchestra to provision my OpenStack env09:49
koolhead11i have eye on your blog page as usual :P09:49
*** stewart has quit IRC09:50
uksysadminI've got a nice set up of running cobbler as a VM under VirtualBox which pxe boots my physical test cluster on my desk09:51
uksysadmincobb ler/Orchestra09:51
*** perestrelka has quit IRC09:52
*** debo-os has joined #openstack09:52
*** redconnection has quit IRC09:53
troyahi koolhead09:53
koolhead11troya, hello sir09:53
*** perestrelka has joined #openstack09:53
troyakoolhead:where i can get log of freenode channle openstack09:53
troyai forget somethings09:54
koolhead11uksysadmin, i have only worked on cobbler, not tried orchestra yet09:54
jasonauksysadmin: hmm09:54
*** javiF has joined #openstack09:54
koolhead11uksysadmin, are you using preseed file too09:54
koolhead11i am yet to get my custom partitioning part working via preseed :(09:55
jasonauksysadmin: uksysadmin: wonder where the key generation happened then and how i can get an actual login to an instance09:55
*** foexle has joined #openstack09:55
livemoonhi, I want to buy a vps out of china, is there any cheap vps?09:56
*** zatix has quit IRC09:56
koolhead11foexle, hellos09:57
koolhead11hola livemoon09:57
livemoonI will see it09:58
uksysadminjasona, you should've at some point ran the command something like: euca-add-keypair openstack > cloud/creds/openstack.pem09:58
foexlehey koolhead11 :)09:59
uksysadminthis adds the keypair named "openstack" to the environment and it put the output private key as that end path (change to suit)09:59
livemoonkoolhead11: what is hola?09:59
uksysadminmake sure its readable only by you (chmod 0400 openstack.pem)09:59
koolhead11livemoon, :D09:59
uksysadminthen when you launch your instance you should specify it on your command line with the -k option09:59
foexlelivemoon: hola = hello :)09:59
*** rustam has joined #openstack09:59
uvirtbotfoexle: Error: "^" is not a valid command.10:00
uksysadmineuca-run-instances -k openstack $emi -t m1.small10:00
*** mcclurmc_ has quit IRC10:02
*** chadh has quit IRC10:02
uksysadminand yeah - using preseed10:02
*** chadh has joined #openstack10:03
uksysadminbut if I see failed to run preseed command one more time I'm gonna scream10:03
*** stewart has joined #openstack10:03
*** mcclurmc has joined #openstack10:04
uksysadminI'm confident on this one - after the 17th reboot and pxeboot - I might have an extra OpenStack Compute Node10:05
*** yeming has quit IRC10:05
uksysadmin17th time's a charm10:06
*** redconnection has joined #openstack10:06
koolhead11uksysadmin, i spent a day inside my datacentre to get in some love with preseed. :)10:07
uksysadminkoolhead11, you should get out mre10:09
koolhead11uksysadmin, i can give u presseed which does everything excluding the manual partition part10:09
koolhead11like putting keys and all too10:10
uksysadminawesome - that be v handy10:10
uksysadminguess in return I'll play with partitioning for you ;-)10:10
livemoonbye all10:10
uksysadminbye livemoon10:10
livemoonI am go home10:11
*** livemoon has left #openstack10:11
uvirtbotNew bug: #893932 in nova "Error in Glance plugin while uploading the VHD file after snapshot / nova image-create/ or nova backup" [Undecided,New]
troyaby livemoon10:12
etarasovhow to add fixed ip to instance?10:13
*** kaigan_ has quit IRC10:14
*** kaigan_ has joined #openstack10:15
*** rods has joined #openstack10:18
*** katkee has joined #openstack10:22
*** superbobry has joined #openstack10:23
*** debo-os has quit IRC10:23
*** redconnection has quit IRC10:26
*** shang has quit IRC10:27
*** PotHix has joined #openstack10:32
*** dirkx_ has quit IRC10:38
*** dirkx_ has joined #openstack10:39
*** shang has joined #openstack10:39
*** dev_sa has joined #openstack10:41
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack10:47
*** troya has quit IRC10:51
*** dirkx_ has quit IRC10:51
*** dirkx_ has joined #openstack10:51
*** darraghb has joined #openstack10:55
*** lionel has quit IRC10:55
*** lionel has joined #openstack10:56
*** popux has quit IRC10:58
*** dnjaramba has quit IRC10:58
*** Razique has joined #openstack10:59
Raziqueanyone here have been able to create a boot from volume ?11:00
Raziquea bootable volume11:00
Davieykodapa / koolhead11 / vidd-away / jdg / Kiall: Would you mind summarsing what happend last night regarding upgrade woes?  I've not been able to follow.  Thanks11:01
koolhead11Razique, sirr11:01
Raziquehey koolhead11 :)11:01
*** Razique has left #openstack11:02
koolhead11Razique, where have you been last day man?11:02
*** Razique has joined #openstack11:02
foexlehey Razique :)11:06
Raziquehey foexle11:06
*** supriya has quit IRC11:06
Razique'sup ?11:06
*** cereal_bars has joined #openstack11:07
Raziqueany boot from volume pioneer around ? :F11:08
foexleno sry11:09
foexlebut if you have a little bit time today => ;)11:09
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack11:17
*** chmouel has quit IRC11:20
*** lzyeval has quit IRC11:21
*** chmouel has joined #openstack11:21
foexlechmouel: heyho :) .... where i can find the keystone version ? ... --version puts a hex11:22
chmouelhow did you check it out ?11:22
chmoueldid you install from package/git?11:22
foexleit was from Razique a stable version: openstack-keystone-85a49ae11:23
foexlewas a zip file cant find some git informations11:24
*** dirkx_ has quit IRC11:24
*** ahasenack has joined #openstack11:24
foexlethe last file change was 8. nov11:25
*** shaon has quit IRC11:27
chmouelhumm so it's probably the old swift/keystone middleware11:28
foexleso swift are verry new. i have answered the post11:32
foexleswift version: 1.4.5~20111117.1632-0ubuntu0ppa1~lucid111:32
*** popux has joined #openstack11:33
*** oubiwann has quit IRC11:33
doudeHi all, do you know what is the objective of the flag 'zone_capabilities' ?11:36
*** oubiwann has joined #openstack11:41
*** primeministerp has quit IRC11:42
*** catintheroof has joined #openstack11:47
*** lorin1 has joined #openstack11:47
*** catintheroof has quit IRC11:48
*** livemoon has joined #openstack11:50
*** dirkx_ has joined #openstack11:50
*** troya has joined #openstack12:00
*** troya has quit IRC12:02
*** katkee_ has joined #openstack12:03
*** katkee has quit IRC12:03
*** wi3dzma has joined #openstack12:05
*** primeministerp has joined #openstack12:07
*** katkee_ has quit IRC12:10
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack12:11
RaziqueBack all
*** etarasov has quit IRC12:27
*** dnjaramba has joined #openstack12:27
*** AntoniHP has quit IRC12:30
*** lorin1 has quit IRC12:30
koolhead11Razique, good one12:32
Raziquefoexle: u around ?12:33
*** troya has joined #openstack12:33
Raziquekoolhead11: yah interesting infos12:33
Raziquesorry I was eating12:33
Raziquelet me have a look at ur issue12:33
*** mdupont has quit IRC12:34
foexle°° http_connect_raw() got an unexpected keyword argument 'timeout'12:36
*** abecc has joined #openstack12:38
troyaHi Razique, are you still here?12:39
*** supriya has joined #openstack12:40
*** dcs has quit IRC12:40
Raziquetroya: yh12:40
*** AntoniHP has joined #openstack12:40
Raziqueworking on openstack failures causes identification and action plan12:40
troyaRazique: you are right12:41
troyaRazique: i have installed nova on real server justnow.Still have same issue with on my computer.Then i have following instruction like some times ago.Now it still failed to ping instnaces12:42
Raziquefoexle: run SELECT AS tokens_id, tokens.user_id AS tokens_user_id, tokens.tenant_id AS tokens_tenant_id, tokens.expires AS tokens_expires12:43
RaziqueFROM tokens12:43
RaziqueWHERE = "30abaeac-b8dc-46f9-9aa1-db146c513099"12:43
Raziquefoexle: It looks like the roles for swift are incorrect12:43
*** miclorb_ has quit IRC12:44
*** praefect has joined #openstack12:44
*** cloudgeek has joined #openstack12:45
chmouelyeah i'm fixing that12:45
chmoueljust testing my change first :)12:45
livemoontroya: so bad12:45
Raziquechmouel: u work on swift project ?12:45
*** lorin1 has joined #openstack12:46
*** lorin1 has quit IRC12:46
praefecthi Razique, ça va?12:46
Raziquehey praefect :)12:46
praefectare you in Europe?12:47
Raziquenice nice :)12:47
Raziqueyup France12:47
*** primeministerp has quit IRC12:47
troyalivemoon: i dont know why. i have following instruction from Razique like on my computer which have running sometimes ago12:47
praefectà Nice !! (just kidding)12:47
Raziquehehe what about you ?12:47
praefectI'm from Québec city, I've read somewhere you were from France12:47
Raziquetroya: don't put this on me  :x12:47
troyalivemoon: but it's run on Qemu, and my computer run on KVM, is it effect ?12:47
Raziquehehe :p12:47
troyaRazique : hehehe12:48
Raziquetroya: could be12:48
*** bsza has joined #openstack12:48
Raziquewhat are the images you trying to spawn12:48
Raziquelook for "unable to spawn, is virtualization enabled" into nova-compute.log12:48
chmoueli work on openstack stuff yeah and i'm based in France12:48
troyaRazique:this is ubuntu 9.10. but running on qemu, my computer which running sometimes ago running on it effect ?12:48
praefecthi chmouel, I work on openstack too and I work for a french company... in Quebec city, canada12:49
livemoontroya: how many eth do you have?12:49
praefectI tried cloudstack yesterday... I feel like I cheated on openstack.. kind of...12:49
troyalivemoon: still one12:49
Raziqueoh great chmouel12:49
Raziqueyour blog feeds are now into my inbox :)12:50
Raziquetroya: try a tty image12:50
livemoonwhose blog?12:50
praefectyeah what blog? where?12:50
troyaRazique: what is tty image?12:50
*** hadrian has joined #openstack12:51
troyaon my computer which runnning with your instruction is ubuntu 11.0412:51
livemoonchmouel: you are work in openstack?12:51
Raziquetroya: let me find you a clouded image12:51
chmouelyeah not much interesting on my blog but probably should make a lengthy post to explain how swift+keystone works12:51
colipraefect:: what's your expiereince with cloudstack then, compared to openstack ?12:51
Raziquetroya: there
koolhead11chmouel, here you are12:52
troyait's tarball, right ?12:52
koolhead11i was reading your blog :d12:52
praefectwell cloudstack is really really easy to setup, you guys would laugh, it is also more mature in terms of being all packaged together (auth, billback, dashboard), everything is working out of the box12:52
koolhead11wanted to know about how/what python-novaclient is12:52
*** osier has quit IRC12:52
colichmouel: I would love that sort of post, as well as explantion of this note "Keystone currently allows any valid token to do anything with any account." in keystone documentation regarding swift12:53
chmouelkoolhead11: it's an os project for the client binding of nova (and keystone)12:53
praefectcloudstack does not have something like FlatDHCP, you need to have VLANs if you want to assign floating ips...12:53
*** marrusl has joined #openstack12:53
chmouelcoli: that's not true in trunk 8-)12:53
Raziquetroya: simply download a targ12:53
Raziqueand use uec-publish-tarball12:53
chmouelcoli: and don't think with the old one as well12:53
colipraefect: therefore cloudstack has a limitation to 4080 tenants (or there abouts) ?12:54
chmouelcoli: any user can do anything in an tenant/account that's true in old middleware but not the new one12:54
praefectcoli: you are right, it limits the number of tenants... it is explained in the doc12:54
troyaok, i will try now. first of all i have try using tarball from >> i cannot to login into12:54
koolhead11chmouel, i have keystone up and running. where and how i should install python-novaclient and get things going. i am yet not able to get dash working via keystone12:54
praefectthe limit is actually inferior to 409612:54
Raziquetroya: yah you cannot run that image into a qemu system12:54
Raziquehave you looked at nova-compute erorrs ?12:54
colichmouel: I have waited for this sort of explenation before enduring on a chalenge to get it tested, thank you.12:54
colipraefect:: i know, I just allow few vlans for management and special use ;-)12:55
troyaRazique: nova-compute appear normal12:55
chmouelkoolhead11: well you probably want to do the same way we do on devstack12:55
troyanova-network also like normall12:55
troyaplease wait, i'm eating :D12:55
praefectwhile we are on the subject, I never managed to get keystone working, I know there was a new documentation waiting for review, is this out? Where is the real document that will help me run keystone, I've tried twice to get it running I want to succeed next time12:55
chmouelkoolhead11: this should be pretty easy to read as this is a shell script12:55
colipraefect: in your opinnion what's the main cons in cloudstack ?12:56
chmouelcoli: yep sorry about that it's a bit of a mess right know but hopefully this should get better soon when we finish to squash all those bugs12:56
Raziquepraefect: where did you stop ?12:56
koolhead11chmouel, we are working on documentation and am more intersted to play with it and install use it from package :)12:56
chmouelkoolhead11: i know it's on pypi if that's help not sure about deb/rpm (although for deb you can easily use python-stdeb to generate package from pypi)12:57
colichmouel: do I undrestand correctly that in order to have things working as it should then I should use trunk version ?12:57
praefectcoli: IMHO, it is written in Java so less "hackable" for me, also it is more "magic" which means that all is well as long as it works, it something does not work you will have a hard time figuring it out, that's when you call citrix (who bought it) to the rescue I guess12:57
koolhead11chmouel, ubuntu/oneiric has a python-novaclient12:57
colipraefect: I heard about cloudstack yestarday and it was news taht Citrix has acquired it just few months ago, Citrix is my client ;-)12:57
koolhead11coli, o.012:58
*** po has quit IRC12:58
colipraefect:: openstack main advantage for me ist the I'm able to read the code and change it when needed.12:58
cloudgeekRazique: Livemoon:Hey my exam going on12:58
praefectcoli: I have a question for you, about VLANs, I'm in a work environment where all VLANS are taken, could I isolate myself wit a cisco switch that supports vlan or will this impact the whole network (playing with VLANs)12:58
chmouelkoolhead11:  yeah i am not sure about distro specific stuff, hopefully when packagers will wakes-up they could tell you about it12:58
chmouelhint there is the openstack-packaging irc chan12:58
chmouelless busy than here12:58
praefectcoli: yeah, you are right, I modify it also, python is great for that12:58
koolhead11chmouel, awesome12:58
Raziquecloudgeek: been a while12:59
Raziquehow it's going ?12:59
colipraefect: you can have your own switch with own vlan id as long as the uplink is "mode access" and not "mode trunk"12:59
cloudgeekRazique: I score well but final exam reaming only i got internal grades12:59
praefectthanks coli that's what I wanted to know.12:59
*** dnjaramba has quit IRC12:59
koolhead11Razique, i am in a cool bug currently vidd-away helped me but no luck yet12:59
Raziquekoolhead11: enlighten me13:00
Raziquecloudgeek: congrats :)13:00
cloudgeekRazique:cloud in my syllabus <Professor impress from openstack  , might have good score13:00
livemooncloudgeek: I havenot seen you for a long time13:00
RaziqueI hate exams13:00
Raziquemake me feel like shit haha13:00
koolhead11Razique, me2 :P13:00
*** dnjaramba has joined #openstack13:00
koolhead11cloudgeek, congrats :)13:00
livemooncloudgeek: are you a student?13:00
colipraefect: how long did it take you to install cloudstack ?13:01
Raziquecloudgeek: yah cool13:01
praefectso.. there isn't any good documentation on keystone to help me, I'm afraid to try and tackle it a third time13:01
cloudgeeklivemoon:Razique: m,y exams going on , i also hate exams i believe in practical things not in writing on paper13:01
cloudgeekThanks to all13:01
livemooncloudgeek: In china, there are a lot of exams13:01
Raziquepraefect: what's the rock u're hitting right now about KS ?13:01
praefectcoli: 4 hours, the cloud is running, even running qcow2 images taken from the openstack cloud, it is that simple... I could redo it in 2hours13:02
livemoonIf you are in china, you will be crazy13:02
cloudgeeklivemoon: Here in India too ,13:02
colipraefect: how many nodes ?13:02
coliI will try it out today then13:02
cloudgeeklivemoon: i write a blog on cloud computing security13:02
koolhead11btw cloudgeek where in india u study :)13:02
*** redconnection has joined #openstack13:02
livemooncloudgeek: give us your blog13:02
praefectRazique: I don't even know where to start, I guess last time I failed when I tried and move nova away from old auth... then everything stopped working I guess.. I kind of understand the concepts better now, but I need a doc to take me by the hand on this one13:03
praefectsorry to say but it's trye13:03
cloudgeekKoolhead11:in MDU university in Rohtak (Govt uni)13:03
Raziquepraefect: mm we have updated the doc a bit about Keystone13:03
Raziqueand I've a pending schema13:03
praefectcoli: I've got 2 nodes only13:03
koolhead11cloudgeek, wa00.13:03
praefectRazique: so my best bet is the identity starter guide?13:03
praefectRazique: official doc?13:04
cloudgeeklivemoon: blog link is
livemooncloudgeek: are you still a student?13:04
*** popux has quit IRC13:04
Raziquepraefect: have you read that ?
cloudgeeklivemoon: I am in 2nd year13:04
foexlechmouel: its anything wrong with parsing of the result set in swift-keystone middleware?13:04
cloudgeeklivemoon: Undergrad13:05
praefectRazique: it's funny, all the links are dark blue because I've read EVERYTHING!!! =) I'll re-read it, I should work on keystone today and get it over with, I need another coffee13:05
* Razique remembr old school times13:05
livemooncloudgeek: :)13:06
livemoonI miss you very much13:06
Raziquepraefect: hehe initiatives come to thems that wait13:06
Raziquepraefect: which version of Keysone and nova/glance are u running ?13:06
cloudgeeklivemoon: i also miss you ,vidd also other all Friends too Razique also13:06
cloudgeekI  missed  all openstack13:07
praefectRazique: that's probably the main problem, I'm on centos, scientific linux, RHEL, call it what you want... so I'm stuck with the packages from (they do a good job don't get me wrong)13:07
livemoonnow I will go to read blog about openstack13:07
*** dnjaramba has quit IRC13:07
livemoonsee you tomorrow my friends13:07
foexlebye livemoon13:07
Raziquepraefect: oh ok13:07
Raziquebye livemoon13:07
praefectciao livemoon13:07
*** dnjaramba has joined #openstack13:07
Raziquefirst things first13:08
Raziqueis today KS installed ? :D13:08
praefectRazique: yes,13:08
Raziquehow is it configured ?13:08
praefectkeystone-manage 0.9 (keystone --version says something about a function at 0x728734238313:09
Raziquewhich version of diablo ?13:09
Raziquestable or trunk ?13:09
praefectRazique: I don't know, it's probably stable, they built those packages after the release of Diablo, it says 2011.3-LOCALBRANCH:LOCALREVISION I don't know it that tells anything13:10
Raziqueok 2011.3 : stable :)13:10
Raziquepraefect: I've a version of keystone that works with stable13:11
koolhead11praefect, i doubt keystone will have any issue if ur using from source13:11
Raziquemaybe you would try with minue ?13:11
koolhead11i have keystone running and i can make request via curl to get data13:11
chmouelfoexle: i am not sure i understand13:11
chmouelfoexle: the schemas has changed a few times so the middleware had to track them between stable/diablo and trunk13:12
chmouelfoexle: if that's what you were asking13:12
koolhead11Razique, now when am passing username and password via dashboard, the django server crashes13:12
praefectRazique: thansk for your help, let me check where I was regarding keystone I'm looking at the db, it looks like I have all my endpoints set13:12
Raziquepraefect: what the error when u request Keystone ?13:12
praefectwith curl? what kind of command should I try (let me check)13:13
Raziquepraefect: ok13:13
koolhead11praefect, yes try curl command13:13
foexlechmouel: no and yes ;) .... if you see my question again at launchpad, i get now again http 412 .... have new version of swift and trunk of keystone13:13
koolhead11Razique, vidd-away suggested me to edit the dashboard with some random data13:13
koolhead11in one of the table13:13
*** aliguori has joined #openstack13:14
*** dnjaramba has quit IRC13:14
chmouelfoexle: I am not sure yet why you gett this 412, you really have nothing int he logs?13:14
*** dnjaramba has joined #openstack13:15
*** javiF has quit IRC13:15
*** aliguori has quit IRC13:15
*** Teknix has quit IRC13:15
foexlechmouel: noo keystone returns 200 and swift gets 412 ... no backtraces13:16
foexlechmouel: from syslog
praefectRazique: ok when I try curl auth and username/password I get "The service could not be found for glance" which means I must have a problem with this endpoint only (maybe)13:18
Raziqueyup :) looks like so13:19
Raziqueyou use mysql ?13:19
chmouelfoexle: not sure yet, let me fix a few stuff and give you to test that new middleware to see if you can reproduce with it13:19
praefectRazique: no sqllite, I see 3 enpoints in enpoint_templates (nova, identity and glance), I'll double-verify the glance endpoint, give me 2 minutes13:20
*** GheRivero_ has joined #openstack13:21
troyaAll: i have published tty images, but still cannot ping it13:21
foexlechmouel: ok thx13:21
troyais  use qemu is different with kvm ?13:21
*** lts has joined #openstack13:22
*** livemoon has left #openstack13:24
cloudgeekbye for now need to prep for exam13:27
cloudgeekbye all13:27
praefectRazique: ok, I checked the glance endpoint, everything seems right but I still get 404 -service not found when I curl "auth" ----- curl -d '{"auth":{"passwordCredentials":{"username": "joeuser", "password": "secrete"}}}' -H "Content-type: application/json" http://localhost:35357/v2.0/tokens13:28
koolhead11praefect, tht looks correct :P13:28
DW-10297So when you're using nova to handle VMs for you does it store the VMs directly in a filesystem?13:29
praefectit returns "itemNotFound" "message" the service could not be found for glance--40413:29
Raziquepraefect: i'll be back, need to finish a doc =D13:29
praefectRazique: no problem13:29
troyakoolhead: are there different on running instances between using qemu and kvm on nova ?13:31
*** develtech has joined #openstack13:31
smoserRazique, praefect troya i suggest/request using rather than the ttylinux-uec. its kind of my 2.0 version of ttylinux-uec.13:33
smoser(sorry if i sent that more than once)13:33
smosernetwork issues here.13:33
Raziquesmoser: oh yes I recall taht project:)13:33
Raziquethanks :)13:34
praefectsmoser: nice, you're kind of a legend man! smoser brickies I know the URL by heart and now I'm talking to the man behind the image!! =) haha13:34
smoseryeah. i would have to suspect that 90% of traffic to is for ttylinux-uec13:35
smoseras there isn't relaly any other reason that you'd go there.13:35
praefectI use ubuntu cloud images the latest one is big and slow to boot but really nice still boots faster than windows!)13:35
praefectsmoser: I browsed the other stuff there...13:35
praefectcome for the image stay for the other stuff(tm)13:36
smoseroutside of you customizing with user data, the images should boot to usability in probably 15 seconds.13:36
Raziquesmoser: hehe13:36
smoserwell... except for bug
koolhead11smoser, hello sir :)13:36
troyasmoser: i run on machine with qemu, is it no problem ?13:36
smoserwell, nothing is going to be lightning fast with software virtualization.13:38
Raziqueis it me ; or is Swift complicated to run ?13:38
Raziqueharder than the other Openstack projects13:39
koolhead11Razique, i bett for others too :P13:39
Raziqueok ok13:41
troyaRazique: i have running tty image, but still unreachable.i check on nova-network.log nova-compute,l.log it's appear running normal13:43
Raziquesame as this morning :p13:45
troyayes, but it's on different machine.13:45
Razique1- is the network defined 2- is it attached to the projec 3- are the SSH and icmp rules added 4- check /Var/lib/nova/network/br100.conf13:45
Razique4- can I see the output of nova-compute when you spawn the instance ? :)13:46
troyaok, i will check step by step again :ou are my teacher :)13:46
*** develtech has quit IRC13:46
Raziquehehe ;)13:47
*** dirakx1 has joined #openstack13:51
*** PiotrSikora has quit IRC13:54
*** PiotrSikora has joined #openstack13:55
troyaRazique: 1. i have defined network,2 and i have attache network to project 3, i have enable ssh and icmp  >> i have pastebin sir :
*** dnjaramba has quit IRC13:58
*** Nithya_HP has quit IRC13:58
*** dnjaramba has joined #openstack13:59
troyaRazique: please check this, may be there is some missing ?14:04
coliPiotrSikora: Piotr z polboxu ?14:06
chmouelfoexle: I have just added some fixed to keystone middleware would be cool if you can do your testing against it so I can work from there on the fixes14:06
chmouel^^^ same goes for all the swift+keystone testers14:07
uvirtbotchmouel: Error: "^^" is not a valid command.14:07
Raziqueanother interesting blog :
Raziquetroya: can you show me the leases ?14:07
*** Razique_ has joined #openstack14:09
foexlechmouel: i'll try :D14:09
chmouelnow this is comming it's time for lunch for me i'm starving (3PM here)14:10
chmouelif people can test and make sure this works14:10
*** mestery has left #openstack14:10
chmoueli'll spend some time to write some nice blog post explaining all of this14:10
*** deshantm_laptop has joined #openstack14:12
troyaRazique: these like this >>
*** Razique has quit IRC14:13
*** Razique_ is now known as Razique14:13
koolhead11chmouel, please do that :D14:13
*** dirkx_ has quit IRC14:15
*** wi3dzma has quit IRC14:15
praefectCoudl I get a paste of a glance-api.conf file that include valid keystone config?14:17
*** dnjaramba has quit IRC14:17
foexlechmouel: in swiftauth file you use keystone_url without admin port is this correct ?14:18
foexlechmouel: only in your doc at the top14:19
foexle        keystone_url = http://keystone_url:5000/v2.014:19
*** pradeep1 has quit IRC14:19
*** dnjaramba has joined #openstack14:19
foexlechmouel: and i get the same issue14:20
*** hugokuo has joined #openstack14:20
colidoes dashboard support nova-volume with iscsi storage ?14:22
*** dnjaramba has quit IRC14:23
*** dnjaramba has joined #openstack14:24
*** dirakx1 has quit IRC14:40
*** al has quit IRC14:41
*** vikedios has joined #openstack14:42
*** katkee has joined #openstack14:43
chmouelfoexle: this shoudl actually be http://localhost:35357/v2.014:44
*** GheRivero_ has quit IRC14:44
*** popux has joined #openstack14:45
foexlechmouel: yes ok .... i have the admin port configured ... but i get every time the same http code ... and i cant find any errors14:47
hugokuochmouel , would keystone2 support  keystone Essx-m1 SSL feature ?  thx14:48
hugokuochomouel , and aslo swift v2.0 ?14:49
*** dnjaramba has quit IRC14:54
*** dnjaramba has joined #openstack14:55
*** dgags has joined #openstack14:57
foexlechmouel: it's any way to find out where the problem is ? ... logging level of swift or someting like this14:58
*** chomping has left #openstack14:58
*** jseutter has joined #openstack15:03
*** cp16net has joined #openstack15:06
*** cloudgeek has left #openstack15:06
*** deshantm_laptop_ has joined #openstack15:06
*** supriya has quit IRC15:09
*** deshantm_laptop has quit IRC15:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #894027 in glance "The wrong glance module is used when building docs" [Undecided,In progress]
*** popux has quit IRC15:11
*** pasik has quit IRC15:16
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC15:17
*** guitarzan has quit IRC15:20
*** pasik has joined #openstack15:20
*** dnjaramba has quit IRC15:21
*** praefect_ has joined #openstack15:22
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack15:23
*** vikedios has quit IRC15:23
*** andrewbogott has joined #openstack15:24
*** praefect has quit IRC15:24
*** troya has quit IRC15:24
*** 64MAA8CBP has joined #openstack15:24
*** debo-os has joined #openstack15:27
Glaceeis there a current redundancy method for keystone? Is it possible to have active/active db and/or multiple keystone services?15:27
*** mattray has joined #openstack15:31
*** swill has joined #openstack15:31
vidd-awayGlacee, i dont see much of a point to have keystone redundancy15:32
swillchmouel: i see you did this today:,186715:32
swillchmouel: the previous patch is still required right?15:32
swillchmouel: or does this replace it?15:32
Glaceevidd-away: really? keystone have to be up and running 100% if you want your authentication to work15:33
Glaceeseems pretty critical to me15:33
vidd-awayi can see having the database server being the same machine with the dashboard and keystone on it, and have that machine mirrored15:33
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk15:34
vidd-awayrun it behind a load balancer15:34
Glaceeyeah but what about database?15:34
*** vidd-away is now known as vidd15:34
Glaceeneeds to have some kind of replication method if you have 2 dbs15:35
viddi just said that....database...keystone....horizon15:35
Glaceedatabase in cluster or something15:36
*** dolphm has joined #openstack15:36
viddnot something for the average user15:37
*** rsampaio has joined #openstack15:38
foexleGlacee: Master-Master replication but the second db are hotstandby and you use only one db server. if this server has a failure u can with arp request grap the ip of the fail host.15:38
foexleGlacee: which method do you use for balancing ? http requests ?15:38
foexleGlacee: mod_proxy ha-proxy or keepalived?15:39
Glaceefoexle: still on the planning phase15:39
viddi think OS is more of a "we need more/less infrastruction"-orientated...not "have 6 copies in case one fails"iented15:39
Glaceeyes.. I was pretty mich thinking about master-master replication as for the db15:39
foexleGlacee: so i have keystone as a redundancy service15:39
chmouelswill: yeah it goes on top of the previous patch (which is merged on github mirror)15:40
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack15:40
foexleGlacee: but i have some problems with kestone and swift :(15:40
swillfoexle: what are your problems?  i have a working version now.15:40
chmouelhugokuo: there is code in it (to connect via ssl) but i haven't tested it yet15:40
foexleswill: i get every time ttp code 41215:41
Glaceefoexle: we will propably use netscaler15:41
Glaceebut for now ha-proxy15:41
foexleswill: keystone returns 200 but swift 41215:41
notmynamefoexle: 412 from swift means that the request was malformed15:41
*** stewart has quit IRC15:41
foexlenotmyname: yes i know but why ? .... i cant see no backtraces in logs and keystond says 20015:42
swillfoexle: pastebin me your proxy conf, and your endpoint templates and the command you are using.15:42
notmynamefoexle: with curl or the swift cli?15:42
foexlenotmyname: curl15:42
notmynamethat link show a 401 from swift15:43
chmouelswill: that configuration need probably to be adjusted15:43
chmouelfor the swif keystone middleware15:43
swillfoexle: put 'catch_errors' first in your proxy pipeline to get the errors in the logs.15:43
swillchmouel: yep15:43
foexlenotmyname: look at the end15:43
foexleswill: i have15:43
foexleswill: no errors look my post at the end15:44
*** debo-os has quit IRC15:44
*** cereal_bars has quit IRC15:44
swillyep.  looking at it now...15:45
*** katkee_ has joined #openstack15:45
*** katkee has quit IRC15:45
chmouelcan you add in the [GENERAL] section15:46
foexlechmouel: i have this :)15:46
*** javiF has joined #openstack15:47
chmouelcan you paste your full proxy-server.conf ?15:48
swillfoexle: two of your identity endpoint templates have the admin port.  that should only be the admin one.  the other two should have the service port.15:48
*** mrjazzcat has joined #openstack15:49
swillfoexle: my identity endpoint Template looks like this15:49
swillkeystone-manage endpointTemplates add RegionOne identity 1 115:49
*** mrjazzcat has left #openstack15:50
*** deshantm_laptop_ has quit IRC15:50
*** deshantm_laptop has joined #openstack15:50
foexlechmouel: done15:50
*** troya has joined #openstack15:50
uvirtbotNew bug: #894034 in openstack-ci "Milestone-proposed branches should be +2able by PTLs" [High,Confirmed]
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack15:51
foexleswill: i have exactly this endpoint15:51
chmouelfoexle: did you bind your keystone server to 5001?15:51
chmouelfoexle: which version of keystone you were saying you are using ? because 5001 is old15:51
*** debo-os has joined #openstack15:51
foexlechmouel: its the old default .... but i use in each conf this port15:51
chmouelfoexle: k15:52
chmoueland you are sure that token is the admin token in keystone?15:52
foexleyes keystone response are 200 with all informations15:52
swillfoexle: right now your internalUrl is using the admin port 5001, not the service port 500015:52
*** kbringard has joined #openstack15:53
swillaccording to the printout in lauchpad15:53
*** kbringard has quit IRC15:53
foexleswill: oh your right !15:53
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack15:53
*** stewart has joined #openstack15:54
chmouelswill: nice catch15:54
hugokuochmouel , thx … I'll have a look at the code . and test it tar15:54
swillchmouel: foexle trust me.  i have combed my config for problems.  hahaha15:54
*** vidd is now known as vidd-away15:54
*** dev_sa has quit IRC15:54
chmouelswill: hey hey15:54
swillchmouel: so this already has the first patch merged right?
swillchmouel: i recognize the changes.  it is merged15:55
chmouelswill: yeah that's correct15:55
*** kaigan_ has quit IRC15:56
foexleswill: no success :(15:56
chmouelswill: the other review is on top of i15:56
*** nerdstein has joined #openstack15:56
foexleswill: same error15:56
swillchmouel: cool, cause my deploy script pulls directly from there.  i will do a clean install and review the new patch.15:56
swillfoexle: ok, do this for me15:56
chmouelswill: cheers15:56
swillfoexle: you said you have catch_errors in your pipeline right?15:56
*** dirkx_ has joined #openstack15:57
foexleyeah i posted my complete conf to my post15:57
foexleswill: pissibly wrong with my roles for this user ?15:58
*** rnorwood has quit IRC15:58
foexleswill: or something in the db15:59
swillfoexle: ya, i am looking15:59
swillone sec15:59
*** debo-os_ has joined #openstack16:00
swillfoexle: so your tenant and your password are both 'testing'?16:00
*** stanchan has joined #openstack16:01
annegentlekoolhead11: around? Got a question for you.16:02
*** jsh_ has joined #openstack16:02
koolhead11annegentle, shoot16:02
*** jaypipes has quit IRC16:02
* koolhead11 is not in happy state though16:02
annegentlekoolhead11: aw man sorry to hear that.16:02
*** 64MAA8CBP has quit IRC16:02
* annegentle is in a grateful state16:02
*** debo-os has quit IRC16:02
*** vladimir3p has joined #openstack16:02
koolhead11hugokuo, hola16:03
*** debo-os_ is now known as debo-os16:03
hugokuotired XD16:03
chmouelthanksgiving is on tomo so everything will be okay16:03
annegentleso someone pointed out to me that if you've got Ubuntu 11.04 and your repositories are up-to-date, you actually end up installing Diablo OpenStack... is that true?16:03
*** nyeates has joined #openstack16:03
annegentleI mean, it makes sense to me.16:03
annegentleBut I wanted to think about what that means for the guides... we really have an 11.04 guide and an 11.10 guide. Not really Cactus and Diablo guides (for the Starter guides)16:04
*** stanchan has quit IRC16:04
annegentleI think it's a good thing! All we have to do is point the 11.04 guide to the version of Dash that works without Keystone and poof Starter Guide with Dash?16:05
*** adjohn has joined #openstack16:05
*** hallyn has joined #openstack16:05
*** reidrac has quit IRC16:05
*** jsh_ is now known as jsh16:05
hugokuoannegentle , for the starter …..agree with you16:05
*** TheOsprey has quit IRC16:06
*** dolphm has quit IRC16:07
*** debo-os has quit IRC16:07
annegentlethough if there's a bug that prevents a smooth experience... then we wouldn't want to make that path an unhappy path. Need a happy path.16:07
*** troya_ has joined #openstack16:08
hugokuofor sure …. as my recent experience with keystone ….. not a happy path currently XD16:09
*** troya has quit IRC16:09
*** andreas__ has joined #openstack16:09
koolhead11hugokuo, am still stuck with dashboard16:09
koolhead11bloody dash dies once i put password and username16:10
hugokuokoolheadll , ok .. I just finish one major task . Maybe I can have a integration test for you16:10
hugokuoplz mail your entire system's conditions to me16:11
*** freeflyi1g has joined #openstack16:11
*** jdg has quit IRC16:11
*** ahasenack has quit IRC16:11
hugokuoalso your purpose …. for example all from packages or source code …. versions of openstack related projects16:11
*** jdg has joined #openstack16:11
*** popux has joined #openstack16:12
*** freeflying has quit IRC16:14
*** hugokuo has quit IRC16:14
*** krow has joined #openstack16:17
*** Razique has quit IRC16:18
*** dolphm has joined #openstack16:20
*** map_nw has joined #openstack16:24
*** obino has quit IRC16:25
*** mindpixel has quit IRC16:25
*** Razique has joined #openstack16:26
*** guitarzan has joined #openstack16:26
*** Razique has joined #openstack16:26
*** jdg has quit IRC16:30
*** jdg has joined #openstack16:30
troya_what time in you razique ? in here is midnight :D16:33
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC16:33
Raziquetroya_: which country ?16:34
troya_i;m indonesian :)16:34
troya_south east asia :D16:34
Raziqueok i'll add you to my clocks :D16:34
Raziqueany city for me ? :p16:35 have said about it sometimes ago, now you saying it again :D16:35
troya_i'm on Jakarta16:35
*** dobber has quit IRC16:35
Raziquebut why aren't you on my list :(16:35
troya_oh..on mail i mean ..16:36 :)16:36
troya_it's my mail16:36
*** bonzay is now known as zz_bonzay16:36
*** juddm has joined #openstack16:36
RaziqueI have it :p16:37
*** bryguy has quit IRC16:37
Raziqueok so know Anwar ?16:37
Raziqueyou know16:38
troya_yes, i'm Anwar :D16:38
troya_my i always use nick name troya eveywere on cyberworld16:38
troya_i like this name :D16:38
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack16:38
*** sandywalsh_ has joined #openstack16:39
*** anotherjesse has joined #openstack16:39
*** uksysadmin has quit IRC16:39
troya_ok, can i continue with our discussion again sir ? hehe ( you are my teacher, so i must call you as sir)16:39
*** gamars has joined #openstack16:40
gamarssup all16:40
*** bryguy has joined #openstack16:40
Raziquelet me take a coffee16:41
Raziquebut speak meanwhile:p16:41
gamarsjoining the openstack (haven't sleep in a while hence). I'm running into a wall on something that must be stupid. Not an expert by any means on networking, I've setup 2 nodes (server1 is pretty much everything, and server2 a simple nova-compute). When trying to launch an image, it fails at the bridging.16:42
gamarswhat I cannot understand is: I have no br100 in /etc/networking/interfaces. Do I have to set it up there by hand?16:43
gamars(Ubuntu 11.10 Diablo release (I guess))16:43
*** bryguy has quit IRC16:44
*** clauden has quit IRC16:44
troya_ok, from your step i have checked network list, then attach network to project, and about security rule to allowing port 22 and icmp.I have pastbin on >>
*** clauden_ has joined #openstack16:44
troya_then /var/lib/nova/network/br100.conf >>
*** bryguy has joined #openstack16:45
gamars@troya_ interesting, in my case I don't have a /var/lib/nova/network/br100.conf file16:46
troya_gamars: from experince and some guidance, ip address of br100 is generated don't need configure it on /etc/network/interfaces16:46
larissagamars: Error: "troya_" is not a valid command.16:46
gamarstroya_: ok, but then how do I get rid of this >>
troya_do you have inserted : --bridge_interfaces=br100 and --flat_network_bridge=br100 on nova.conf ?16:48
*** cereal_bars has joined #openstack16:48
gamarsI guess the important part is "trying to add VLAN #100 to IF -:br100:-  error: No such device"16:48
troya_what type of network method do use ? flat dhcp ? or vlan ?16:49
gamarstroya_: first time I hear about flat_network_bride  :D >>
gamarsI'm doing as much as possible out of the book (default). So it must be a vlan configuration (needed because of MCAST between hosted image)16:50
Ryan_LaneI'm getting a really weird stacktrace:
Ryan_LaneI should mention that I'm using the facebook version of mysql and mysql client16:50
Ryan_Lanewhich has binary as the default charset for the server and the client16:50
troya_gamars: honestly, i have not use vlan on my network, i'm sory16:51
gamarstroya_: ok, how would I go about switching it to the apparently more easy to use FlatDHCP?16:51
Ryan_Lanebut, we've worked around those issues on the server side by setting collation_server=utf8_unicode_ci, character_set_server=utf8, skip-character-set-client-handshake16:51
gamars(I'll get some sleep and tackle that vlan later on)16:52
Ryan_Lanecould it be possible that bad data was injected into rabbit before that was set?16:52
*** CaptTofu1 has joined #openstack16:52
*** nati2 has joined #openstack16:52
troya_gamars: may be you can look at this >>
gamarstroya_: thx. and in that case, it's just an edit of the nova.conf and nova-network restart will update the interfaces?16:55
colianybody working on Dashboard is here today ?16:55
*** afm has quit IRC16:57
troya_it's usually need modifying database16:58
*** katkee_ has quit IRC16:58
troya_if you haven't nessecary data on your database, be better that you drop your database and creat e again with "nova-manage db sync" after modify nova.conf16:59
gamarstroya_: ok that's cool. Another question, in that nova.conf you have no public eth. Do you have 2 nice?17:00
*** jaypipes has joined #openstack17:00
gamarserf nics17:00
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack17:00
Raziquetroya_: ok can I see the euca-get-console-output for the instance ?17:00
troya_gamars: no, in this case i only use 1 eth017:01
gamarstroya_: mmm ok. that's my main problem :(17:01
*** jeblair has quit IRC17:03
troya_Razique: this is my output :
troya_i look there are some unreachable17:04
*** woleium has joined #openstack17:05
troya_Razique: this output is from tty images, do you want other instance ?17:05
*** dpippenger has quit IRC17:06
*** TheOsprey has joined #openstack17:07
*** jkyle has joined #openstack17:08
*** jeblair has joined #openstack17:08
*** KumarKR has joined #openstack17:09
*** jseutter has quit IRC17:11
*** maplebed has joined #openstack17:12
*** clauden__ has joined #openstack17:12
*** clauden_ has quit IRC17:12
*** ccorrigan has joined #openstack17:13
*** adjohn has quit IRC17:14
foexle chmouel: Unknown column 'endpoint_templates_1.version_id' in 'field list'")17:15
*** adiantum has joined #openstack17:15
*** gregp76 has joined #openstack17:16
chmouelfoexle: where do you see that17:16
koolhead11Razique, better be online for another few hour :P17:16
foexlechmouel: keystone log17:16
Raziquekoolhead11: hehe17:16
Raziquetroya_: ok17:16
*** jdg has quit IRC17:16
Raziquelooks like the instance can't retrieve network17:16
foexlechmouel: its the new version .... so which one you posted17:16
Raziquetroya_: can I see nova-network.log ?17:17
chmouelfoexle: probably a wrong keystone initial data but i'm no keystone expert17:17
*** nati2_ has joined #openstack17:17
smosertroya_, it sure seems like your guests are not getting a dhcp address.17:18
*** nati2 has quit IRC17:18
troya_Razique: it's piece of that nova-network.log17:21
foexlechmouel: hmmm .... so i get this error since the daily version17:21
troya_it's too long, i can't pastebin all17:21
andyandy_is it possible in flatDHCP to assign for each project a different subnetwork? I mean in fixed range '10.x.x.x' assign '10.0.1.x' to a project etc. etc?17:21
chmouelfoexle:  keystone daily version?17:22
foexlechmouel: this one of your changes17:22
chmouelyeah so that's not the swift keystone middleware but that's from keystone itself17:23
chmouelyou probably pulled keystone straight from trunk17:23
chmoueland still have a old database17:23
chmouelcan you try from a new database?17:24
chmouelI am not entirely sure what changed exactly with the old database and new17:24
chmouelas I am not an expert in keystone itself17:24
troya_Razique, can we continuing it yesterday, it's about 12.24 am in here, i'm very sleepy @_@17:25
troya_Razique: i'mean tomorrow17:25
troya_i have lose my control now, sleepy have mastering on my self :D17:26
*** supriya has joined #openstack17:26
*** vdo has quit IRC17:27
troya_bye all17:28
troya_see you later17:28
*** troya_ has quit IRC17:29
*** rnirmal has quit IRC17:32
*** stewart has quit IRC17:33
*** dotdevops has joined #openstack17:35
*** cp16net has quit IRC17:36
*** mattstep has joined #openstack17:36
andyandy_I am testing the flatDhcp, I am trying to figure out using the (iptables)/(nova security group) how to "isolate" different projects in a similar way a Vlan works, have you any idea? thank you17:37
*** cp16net has joined #openstack17:38
*** py__ has quit IRC17:39
*** py__ has joined #openstack17:40
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andyandy_I try to reprashe: does exists a way in flatDHCP network to avoid a user inside a VM to sniff the network traffic from a VM of  a different project?18:20
Glaceenotmyname: I think you mentioned that swift keeps all the drives running at all time? Is it due to the auditors?18:20
*** afm has joined #openstack18:24
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*** peteroplus has joined #openstack19:23
*** supriya has quit IRC19:25
peteroplusHi all, anybody knows how to get READ permissions on other container than the user owns on swift , i see that keystone is forming the URL with AUTH_%tenant_id%  but when i try to retrieve something from another container from another user19:25
bszaGlacee, yes drive are busy due to replicators and auditors19:26
peteroplusi set the ACL , but it seems that the way that keystone forms the url doest allow me to use cross user / cross container permissions19:26
swillpeteroplus: which auth method are you using?19:26
peteroplusanybody know if this is possible19:26
peteroplusswill keystone219:26
peteroplusnot tokenauth19:27
*** negronjl_mobile has joined #openstack19:27
swillpeteroplus: ok, i am using swiftauth as well.  i am assuming you have already fixed the bug with the 'timeout' in file?19:27
*** dolphm has joined #openstack19:28
*** RobertLaptop has joined #openstack19:28
*** catintheroof has joined #openstack19:28
peteroplusswill i dont have timeout problems, it seems like the ACLs are ignored19:28
*** rnorwood has quit IRC19:28
peteropluscan the fix affec this ?19:28
*** redconnection has joined #openstack19:28
swillpeteroplus: so you can give acl access to a container to other users in the same tenant19:28
*** negronjl_mobile is now known as negronjl19:28
swillpeteroplus: it will give you a 500 error if it fails with that bug.19:29
peteroplusswill its possible to define acl for users that are in different tenants ? thats actually my question19:29
swillpeteroplus: you are using a url similar to this:19:29
*** ccorrigan has quit IRC19:30
swillswift -A -U username -K password post -r User -w User container19:30
swillwhere User is the role of the user you want to give access to.19:30
peteroplusthats right swill19:31
swillin different tenants.  No as far as i can tell19:31
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack19:31
peteroplusok swill so thats my issue, its not working cause they are on different tenants19:31
*** andrewbogott has joined #openstack19:31
swillpeteroplus: when i did testing across tenants i was not able to get it to work.19:31
*** dailylinux has joined #openstack19:31
peteroplusso if i want to integrate this with nova, so projects are mapped to tenants i cant get it work cross tenant19:32
swillpeteroplus: i believe that is 'by design'19:32
peteroplusthats a big fail19:32
dailylinuxwhat does Cloudstack have that Openstack doesn't?19:32
peteroplusa project o nova that is mapped to a tenant and mapped so to a account in swift will not be able to read a file from another user/project/tenant19:32
swillpeteroplus: hmmm...  i have not worked with nova at all.19:32
*** negronjl has quit IRC19:33
peteroplusok swill, but that anwser my question so far19:33
*** negronjl has joined #openstack19:33
peteroplusi being fighting hours with this :)19:33
swillpeteroplus: my answer is specific to swiftauth.  it may be possible with a different auth method.  but i really dont know that.19:33
*** dolphm has quit IRC19:33
*** andrewbogott has quit IRC19:34
*** dolphm has joined #openstack19:34
*** Razique has joined #openstack19:34
Spirilishmm, so I just got devstack up and running, but I'm noticing noVNC giving me problems.  Says WebSock error: [object Event] ... this is with firefox 8.0.1...19:35
peteroplusok i seems that is possible with tokenauth cause any token can do anything to any container19:35
swillpeteroplus: this patch is in the pipe.  let me see if that helps us,186719:35
peteroplusbut thats actually a big security issue swill19:35
Spirilislet me see if safari works19:35
swillpeteroplus: exactly, which is why i switched to swiftauth19:35
Spirilisahh k safari worked19:36
*** slop has quit IRC19:36
peteroplusswill ok that patch its in review by now, maybe when its approved can work19:37
peteroplusi already have the admin role options19:37
peteroplusand its not working19:37
swillpeteroplus: i dont think it will change this functionality, looking at it.19:37
swillpeteroplus: i have it working per tenant.  i can give read and write permissions based on role19:38
peteroplusswill perfect thats the catch19:38
swillpeteroplus: looking at the swiftauth file this shows that it is NOT possible19:39
swillif account != '%s_%s' % (self.reseller_prefix, tenant[0]):19:39
swillthat is a check to make sure that you can not do cross tenant calls19:39
vidd-awayKiall,  are you here?19:39
*** vidd-away is now known as vidd19:40
swillpeteroplus: so right now, i think the answer is that it is not possible to have users in different tenants access the same container.19:40
swillusing swiftauth19:41
peteroplusswill excelent crystal clear pal19:41
viddKiall, you here?19:44
*** juddm has left #openstack19:44
*** dailylinux has quit IRC19:45
*** jkyle has joined #openstack19:45
peteroplusswill thanks for all your help19:45
swillpeteroplus: no problem.  sorry i did not have better news.  ;)19:45
peteroplusswill haha, no big issue i prefer to know if that was possible to not spend more time on it19:46
*** dachary has joined #openstack19:47
*** JesperA has joined #openstack19:51
*** jkerby has joined #openstack19:52
*** hingo has joined #openstack19:52
*** dnjaramba has joined #openstack19:54
*** rnorwood has quit IRC20:00
jkerbyIs anyone familiar with HybridFox connectivity to a single node stackops install of openstack. I am having authentication issues. From the docs it seems straight forward on setting up the credentials, however, I am not connecting and getting Authentication Failure: Signature does not match in the nova-api.log.20:00
Ryan_Lanethere's a change in diablo's defaults from cactus's regarding hostnames20:02
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack20:02
Ryan_Lanemy instances are now getting their hostname in dhcp based on the instance's name, rather than the instanceid...20:02
Ryan_Lanehow do I change that back>20:02
*** cereal_bars has joined #openstack20:03
uvirtbotNew bug: #894128 in openstack-ci "sync script not removing people from groups" [Undecided,New]
viddKiall, you there?20:06
Ryan_Laneis there an option to change that back?20:07
colividd: hi :-)20:10
viddhello coli20:10
*** afm has quit IRC20:10
viddcoli, have you seen Kiall lately?20:11
viddit appears his keystone package is broken20:11
colividd: not since this morning (its 9pm in here now)20:11
swillvidd: which one is his?20:11
colividd: we have installed his keystone, glance, dashboard and so far it works20:12
colividd: installing compute node right now (first reading scripts then executing)20:12
*** mjfork has joined #openstack20:12
*** nerdstein has left #openstack20:13
colividd: are you familiar with his scrips ? (kiall)20:15
viddalot of mine are based on his20:15
colihe is got two interfaces eth0 - for floating ip (public) and eth1 for fixed ip (private ip range)20:17
*** dolphm has quit IRC20:17
Ryan_Lanevishy, soren, any other nova dev that may know: my display name is now being set as the hostname in the dhcp file, rather than the instance-id. this is a change from cactus to diablo, and it's causing all my new instance creations to fail (since puppet assumes the names will be unique), any idea how to change this back?20:17
*** camm has quit IRC20:17
colido i undrestand correctly that I need a single vlan which is going to connect all eth0 interfaces on all compute nodes and another one which is going to connect eth1 ?20:18
vishyRyan_Lane: "Display Name"?20:18
vishyin the db?20:18
vishyare you booting using ec2_api?20:19
vishyon stable/diablo?20:19
Ryan_Laneright. from the ppa20:19
praefectDo I need kernel support for NBD to be able to properly inject key data?20:19
viddeth0 is managed by your internal  router20:19
Ryan_LaneI'm setting DisplayName via ec2 api20:20
Ryan_Lanethat's now ending up in the dhcp file, rather than the instanceid20:20
vishyRyan_Lane: stable/diablo isn't in a ppa i think20:20
praefectI manage to inject ssh keys properly but the injection fails later on (child died uenxpectedly) and it deadlocks with stale lockfiles because libvirt crashes after the injection20:20
vidda vlan is set up upon the eth1 to connect all your compute nodes20:20
* Ryan_Lane twitches20:20
praefectI'm on centos20:20
Ryan_Lanewhere am I supposed to be installing nova from, now?20:20
*** rnorwood has quit IRC20:20
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack20:21
vishyRyan_Lane: packaged version your best bet is probably ubuntu20:21
praefectunder centos: all injections logs an error (was not like that in cactus)20:21
vishyRyan_Lane: but you need to change generate_default_hostname20:21
Ryan_LaneI'm running lucid20:21
Ryan_Lanewhere's that at?20:21
vishyin compute/api.py20:21
*** PotHix has quit IRC20:22
swilli have built a bash scrpit that installs and runs a chef-solo recipe to install swift and keystone (swiftauth) for testing.  should i clean it up and make it public?  would people be interested in it?20:22
Ryan_Laneheh. well, that's an unwelcome change ;)20:22
Ryan_Laneit should at least be configurable. I'll need to open a bug for that20:23
viddswill, anything that makes installing and configuring stuff easier would be useful to ppl =]20:23
*** catintheroof has quit IRC20:24
*** peteroplus has quit IRC20:24
swillvidd: this is really for testing at this point and is just for setting up a local environment.  i dont want people to think it is a magic bullet.20:24
vishyRyan_Lane: in essex it is settable20:24
jdgvidd: Ran again on a fresh OS image and just used the defaults, had the same problem.  :(20:24
vishyRyan_Lane: but it defaults to display_name20:25
viddswill there are no magic bullets =]20:25
Ryan_LaneI keep running into all kinds of fun issues :)20:25
swillvidd: haha, ok...  :)20:25
vishyRyan_Lane: lucid sounds painful20:25
Ryan_Lanelucid isn't necessarily the issue20:25
Ryan_Lane <-20:25
Ryan_Lanethere's a ppa for diablo that has lucid packages20:26
vishyRyan_Lane: yeah but have you seen how many bugfixes have been backported into stable/diablo?20:26
*** nati2 has quit IRC20:26
vishy(post diablo release)20:26
*** nati2 has joined #openstack20:26
* Ryan_Lane groans20:26
*** adjohn has quit IRC20:26
Ryan_Laneit's really annoying to not have fixed backported to the LTS20:27
vishyRyan_Lane: yeah, we decided to try to stop maintaining packages and let downstream do it20:27
*** coli has quit IRC20:27
*** adjohn has joined #openstack20:27
vishybut i don't think they are supporting openstack in lucid20:28
Ryan_Laneit's an infrastructural headache to support distro release of the day20:28
Ryan_Laneso, basically, I'm stuck, now, with whatever I get from the distro>20:28
Ryan_Laneso, once the new LTS is released, I'll be stuck on essex for four years?20:28
Ryan_Lane(or are server LTS 2 years? :) )20:29
vidd2 years20:29
Ryan_Lanethat's kind of shitty20:29
*** camm has joined #openstack20:30
*** anotherjesse has quit IRC20:30
Ryan_Laneso, now I either have to support oneric, which is an unstable version, or I need to have a broken nova build?20:31
*** stevegjacobs_ has quit IRC20:32
vishyRyan_Lane: I don't know what the update plan is for Precise20:32
viddoneric is not unstable =\20:32
Ryan_Lanevidd if it isn't a LTS, it's unstable20:32
Ryan_Lanevishy: is there any easy property I can use to format the hostname back to what it previously was?20:33
*** coli has joined #openstack20:34
vishyit was ec2_id before?20:34
Ryan_Laneid_to_ec2_id in ec2utils?20:34
vishyec2utils. … yeah20:35
vishyor just copy it directly20:35
*** rnirmal has quit IRC20:35
Ryan_Laneok. cool. thanks20:35
vishy'i-%08x' % int(instance_id)20:35
* Ryan_Lane nods20:35
*** debo-os has quit IRC20:37
*** cmasseraf has joined #openstack20:38
*** cp16net has joined #openstack20:40
*** adiantum has quit IRC20:40
*** cereal_bars has quit IRC20:41
*** debo-os has joined #openstack20:42
*** mgoldmann has quit IRC20:45
*** andrewbogott has joined #openstack20:46
*** RobertLaptop has left #openstack20:47
*** sandywalsh has quit IRC20:48
dweimerI'm just starting to look into nova and am looking for an install method that can get a single node or small cluster up and running quickly. Something to play with over the long weekend so that I can start learning how it works. Is devstack stable or should I use something like UEC?20:51
vidddweimer, check out Kiall 's ppa and install script
j^2 hey all20:54
dweimervidd: Perfect, thanks.20:56
*** negronjl has quit IRC21:01
*** negronjl has joined #openstack21:01
*** debo-os has quit IRC21:03
*** negronjl has quit IRC21:04
*** negronjl has joined #openstack21:05
*** PeteDaGuru has quit IRC21:08
*** jdg has quit IRC21:14
colividd: I think I found few things which should be fxied in kiall's scripts ;-)21:16
colihopefuly he will be here today21:16
*** statik has quit IRC21:16
andrewbogottI'm about to push to a (new) nova branch on launchpad, and it's telling me to use bzr.  This puzzles me since I got the nova source from git.  Can anyone explain the relationship to me?  Or is there a page of explanation someplace?21:19
colivlan100 is created only by nova-network ?21:23
viddcoli, what have you found?21:23
viddyes...the networking is created by nova-network21:24
colividd: so on management node where I don't have nova-network I need to create vlan100@eth1 (vlan_id: 100)  by hand and attach it to virbr0 ?21:25
colividd: his scripts don't check if eth1 is up or not, assuimg that the interface is up (our's wasn't)21:25
viddwhat services do you have on the management node?21:25
*** jdg has joined #openstack21:26
coli /usr/bin/nova-objectstore /usr/bin/nova-api /usr/bin/nova-scheduler /usr/bin/nova-vncproxy /usr/bin/nova-ajax-console-proxy21:27
viddcoli, you will need nova-network on that node21:27
*** juddm has joined #openstack21:27
viddunless you are going with an alternative networking alternative21:27
viddthe vncproxy alone will require access to the nova-network21:28
Ryan_Laneandrewbogott: did you read this?
andrewbogottYes, but I will read it again :)21:29
colividd: do you think kiall missed that in his scripts ? or did he assume that everyone will run nova-compute on the management node ? ;-)21:29
*** Ryan_Lane is now known as Ryan_Lane|away21:29
viddyou should be able to get away without the compute on the management node...the networking you need21:30
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack21:30
viddalso, im sure his script are not geared to production-grade installs21:31
colijustt checked, his scripts assume that nova-controler doesn't need nova-network, only will install nova-network21:32
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack21:32
*** bengrue has joined #openstack21:32
colii'm still very glad that yourself and kiall have prepared these scripts for us all to learn from.21:32
viddmy scripts work on the assumption that everything is set up on the controlloer21:33
viddand that you manually install nova compute on other machines and manually copy the config file21:34
coliin his coping is manual as well, just he has a script called and to run on managment node or on compute nodes.21:35
colii'm just wondering why would you need nova-network to work wit nova-vncproxy21:36
*** ahale- is now known as ahale21:37
viddto path the vnc image from the compute node to the vnc proxy21:37
*** Razique has quit IRC21:37
coliwhat do you mean "path" ?21:38
*** GheRivero_ has joined #openstack21:38
viddthe vm is on computer "B"....21:38
viddyou tell computer "a" that you want to see that vm21:39
colivncproxy works on management node, which has access to private vlan over which compute node is available, vnc is available on comput enode on port 59xx21:39
colividd: it's all in the mysql21:39
viddright...and nova-network controlls the private vlan21:40
*** deshantm_laptop has quit IRC21:40
coliand that database was populated with data by "nova-manage network create....."21:40
viddits possible that my understanding of how the pieces work together is off =]21:41
colitrue that nova-network controls private vlan but except for communication over that vlan these is nothing to control (or is there) on the managment node ? (no nat, no iptables, etc.)21:41
*** odyi has quit IRC21:41
colias you know I'm completly new to this (openstack) and trying to undrestand how it works.21:41 trying to understand it all as well =]21:42
colito me it seems that if I create by hand vlan100 with vlan_id 100 and attach virbr0 to it then dnsmasq will be able to communicate with the vlan21:42
colivirbr0 has already an ip assigned from private range21:42
*** odyi has joined #openstack21:43
*** odyi has joined #openstack21:43
*** sdake has quit IRC21:43
*** HowardRoark has joined #openstack21:43
coliI will try that before I install nova-network and we will see :-)21:43
colimy undrestanding is that nova-network manages all the pieces of networking for instances21:43
coliand on management node there are no instances as nova-compute doesn live here :-)21:44
*** HowardRoark has left #openstack21:44
*** nati2 has quit IRC21:44
*** HowardRoark has joined #openstack21:45
viddcoli, now that i think about it....its possible that im attributing rabbitmq jobs to the nova-network =]21:45
*** dailylinux has joined #openstack21:48
*** ayates83 has quit IRC21:51
*** Ryan_Lane|away is now known as Ryan_Lane21:55
*** sandywalsh has quit IRC21:56
*** pradeep has joined #openstack21:57
*** swill has quit IRC21:57
*** stanchan has quit IRC21:58
*** stanchan has joined #openstack21:58
colividd: any idea what starts and stops dnsmasq ?21:58
*** sdake has joined #openstack21:59
*** mattray has quit IRC22:02
*** nati2 has joined #openstack22:03
*** negronjl has quit IRC22:04
*** vipul__ has joined #openstack22:04
*** jdg has quit IRC22:06
*** rnorwood has quit IRC22:08
*** GheRivero_ has quit IRC22:09
*** dspano has joined #openstack22:10
*** Vipul_ has quit IRC22:12
*** jaypipes has quit IRC22:17
Kiallvidd, you've mentioned my name like 20 times? lol .. whats up?22:18
Kiallcoli, nova-network manages dnsmasq instances22:18
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC22:21
*** bsza has quit IRC22:21
*** nati2 has quit IRC22:22
*** andrewbogott has quit IRC22:22
*** HowardRoark has quit IRC22:23
*** cereal_bars has joined #openstack22:23
*** lts has quit IRC22:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #894172 in openstack-qa "nova.compute.manager has unreachable path" [Undecided,New]
jasonahey kiall22:28
Kiallheya, how did you get on yesterday? get everything going?22:29
jasonait is all working. i have been poking various things now to understand22:29
jasonapeople were happy to see it up. then freaked a bit that its up. so now i have to move it to somewhere more secure :)22:29
jasonahence a q around changing ips after, or is that ./clean-all and reinstall again ? :)22:29
viddKiall, i suspected a ug got introduced into your last keystone update22:30
viddbut i had a missing :22:30
*** jdg has joined #openstack22:30
KiallI test the basic functionality of all the updates before pushing to launchpad ;)22:31
viddim trying to recreated the reported issues with my script22:31
jdgKiall:  Nice job on your script!  I have a node up and running, can access dashboard and launch instances.22:31
jdgcouple little things I've apparently gotten wrong, but at least it's working22:31
Kiallheh .. as always ;)22:32
jdg:)  Yeah, for some reason I can't reach the VM's via the network or vnc.22:32
jdgBut at least it's progress22:32
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack22:33
viddi have to go take the family to dinner22:34
*** CaptTofu1 has quit IRC22:34
*** vidd is now known as vidd-away22:34
Kialljdg, have you assigned them floating IPs? ;)22:35
jdgYes, assigned them through dashboard22:35
Kialland re VNC.. are you using chrome? nova-vncproxy doesnt seem to work with chrome.22:35
jdgAhh... yes, I'm using chrome, let me re-launch and try firefox22:36
*** nerens has quit IRC22:36
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack22:36
*** dailylinux has quit IRC22:37
*** rsampaio has quit IRC22:37
KiallFF 7.0.1 is the only other browser I've tested in, I've heard IE works too22:37
*** jkyle has quit IRC22:37
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack22:38
jdgHmm... ok, well at least in firefox it tried, but it turns out it's going to a 127 address22:38
*** mrjazzcat has joined #openstack22:39
KiallAh yea.. 1 sec i'll find the setting22:39
*** mrjazzcat has left #openstack22:39
*** adjohn has quit IRC22:40
Kiallline 18 and 19
Kiall(Leave L18 and!)22:40
*** llang629 has left #openstack22:40
*** arrsim has quit IRC22:42
jdgSo it is
Kiallthe setting from L18 should be taken as is..22:42
Kiallthe one from L19 should point at the vncproxy host22:42
*** nati2 has joined #openstack22:44
jdgOk, so the template has it correct, but my /etc/nova/nova.conf has
jdgSo I can just modify nova.conf to match your template and restart nova perhaps?22:44
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC22:44
KiallThen you must have left HOST_IP as in the settings file?22:44
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack22:44
*** nyeates has quit IRC22:45
KiallDespite the " Do actually change this! This should be an IP address accessible by your end users. Not" ;)22:45
*** redconnection has quit IRC22:48
*** redconnection has joined #openstack22:48
jdgkiall: So actually I should probably edit nova.conf and change all of the 127 entries to my controller node IP anyway.  Not sure why this didn't work from the settings file.22:48
*** jkerby has left #openstack22:49
*** RobertLaptop has joined #openstack22:49
KiallYou must not have changed it in the settings file ;)22:49
KiallBut Yea.. Basically nothing should be
jdgGuess not, just thought I did  :)22:50
*** debo-os has joined #openstack22:50
*** zul has quit IRC22:50
*** dspano has quit IRC22:50
*** zul has joined #openstack22:50
Kialltime to force people to change that ;)
*** zul has quit IRC22:51
*** zul has joined #openstack22:51
Kiall192.0.2.0/24 == Block reserved for documentation ;)22:51
*** afm has joined #openstack22:51
coliKiall: when you have time I have few questions about your scripts :-)22:52
coliKiall: do you script allow for situation where a management node doesn't have a nova-compute (so we don't run on it) ?22:52
KiallYea, Dont use the "All in one server" instructions :)22:53
*** redconnection has quit IRC22:53
*** zul has quit IRC22:54
*** zul has joined #openstack22:54
coliKiall: on compute node we have vlan100 and br100 interfaces, vlan100 is member of br100 bridge22:55
coliKiall; how is vlan100 communicating with management node ?22:55
coliKiall: on management node after running your scripts (excluding nova-compute) we only have virbr0 which doesn't have any interfaces attached to it22:56
Kiallthe vlan traffic is for instance->instance stuff, so the mgmt node doesnt need to see it22:56
Kiallonly nova-network and nova-compute nodes would ever get those bridges/vlans22:57
colithat clarifies the vlan100 issue22:57
coliin other words compute nodes and management node don't communicate over eth1 interfaces ?22:57
KiallAnd, the vlan is instance->nova-network aswell (where it gets NAT'd)22:57
*** debo-os has quit IRC22:57
KiallNope - eth0 typically is where all the nova controller traffic goes..22:58
colitherefore managemnt node is not using eth1 at all ?22:59
KiallYes - the mgmt node doesnt use it..22:59
KiallIn larger deployments you might go with 3 or 4 interfaces per server, but my scripts assume the minimun ..23:00
coliufff.... got it now :-)23:00
coliyour scripts are very nice, it's just lack of my knowledge of how things work :-)23:00
coliso vncproxy communicates on eth0 interfaces in order to connec tto port 59xx on the compute nodes ?23:00
Kiall1) might be the HW node IPs+nova comunication...2) might be a 10Gb port for nova-volume traffic.. 3) might be for floating IP traffic from the world, and 4) might be for project VLANs etc23:01
Kiallcoli, yes..23:01
KiallWe take #1+2+3 and merge them onto eth0, then leave eth1 for #4 in my scripts for simplicity23:01
*** dachary has quit IRC23:03
*** afm has quit IRC23:07
*** jkyle has joined #openstack23:08
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack23:09
*** rsampaio has joined #openstack23:10
jdgKiall: interesting, whatever I did to change nova.conf is now giving me the same issue that I was having with Vidd's script last night.23:11
uvirtbotNew bug: #894186 in horizon "Bad credentials casuses "unable to find tenant" message" [Low,Fix committed]
jdgECONNREFUSED when trying to go to instances or images23:11
Kiall"to go to instances"?23:12
jdgsorry... from inside dashboard23:12
jdgWhen I click on "Instances" or "Images"23:13
KiallYea 0 you used 127, so stuff is probably off in the keystone DB23:13
jdgI changed my nova.conf:
jdgAhhh, that would make sense23:13
Kiall~  at the end?23:14
KiallAnyway - nova.conf looks fine other than that + mysql pass, which I assume you just removed23:15
Kiallhave a look at the keystone DB in the endpoint_templates table23:15
Kiallchange any 127's to real IPs23:15
Kiallshould be 9 of them I think23:15
*** n88 has quit IRC23:16
*** JesperA has quit IRC23:16
jdgHmm... no I didn't remove password from the mysql entry.23:16
KiallI guess you dont have a password set so ;)23:17
jdg:)  I must have nuked it accidentally when adding the IP's23:17
jdgIt is set when I try to access mysql23:17
*** TheOsprey has quit IRC23:17
jdgOk, so you were saying change in endpoint_templates...23:18
Kiallyea - check for's23:19
colikiall: it seems like vncproxy is using hostnames in order to connec to compute-nodes to connect to 59xx ports. shouldn't it use an ip address and not a hostname which in my case resolves to totaly different ip ?23:21
Kiallcoli, what vnc related settings have you got in your nova.conf?23:21
colikiall: it's all installed from your script :-) no changes (so far)23:22
*** CaptTofu has quit IRC23:22
KiallOkay, that makes no sense then ;) What makes you think its using a hostname?23:22
jdgkiall: Yep, all the keystone IP entries in the DB are still
colikiall: I'm sure it's using hostname to connect as it resolves it :-) how did I get there ?23:23
Kiallcoli, I've no idea how its using a hostname! when you say it resolves it.. what do you mean, how/where/when do you see that happening?23:24
colikiall: as noVNC was stopping at "starting vnc handshake" I have tcpdumped all traffic on eth0 on managemnt node for 5900 port23:24
colikiall: it has shown that manadement node is trying to connect to 5900 port on an ip which resolves to wildcard for our domain name23:25
Kiallwhats is "--vncproxy_url" set to in nova.conf?23:25
colikiall: /etc/resolve has our domain name as search option23:25
KiallHumm - actually...23:26
colikiall: then I have tcpdumped eth0 for port 53 and restarted novnc. bang there it goes a request for A record for hostname.our-domain (hostname for compute node)23:26
colikiall: inserted hostname in /etc/hosts and works fine :-)23:26
KiallYea - just figured it out..23:26
colitherefore it must use hostname instead of ip of a compute node/23:26
KiallGo have a look at the nova DB's services table, it uses the hostname (not FQDN, just the host part)23:27
KiallThats what nova-vncproxy tries to connect to..23:27
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC23:27
*** nid0 has quit IRC23:27
colidoes it mean that all hostames for compute nodes have to resolve to proper ip addresses ?23:27
KiallWell - Thats standard practice isnt it? ;)23:28
KiallI think thats what's happening anyway.. but it makes sense23:28
coliif it uses just the host part then it's fgoignt to have lots of problems....23:29
KiallI've never setup openstack on servers without valid forward DNS+reverse DNS+hostname .. Except for single server tests.. So I actually dont know what its going to do with invalid info23:29
coliit's not going to connect (vncproxy) :-)23:30
KiallAnyway - I'm off! cya later...23:31
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC23:32
colithank you23:33
*** nid0 has joined #openstack23:33
*** vipul__ has quit IRC23:33
*** po has joined #openstack23:35
*** dirkx_ has joined #openstack23:38
*** dotdevops has quit IRC23:40
*** dirkx_ has quit IRC23:40
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack23:43
*** bryguy has quit IRC23:45
*** bryguy has joined #openstack23:45
*** rsampaio has quit IRC23:47
*** DW-10297 has quit IRC23:49
*** po has quit IRC23:52
*** redconnection has joined #openstack23:53
*** martine has joined #openstack23:53
*** _rfz has joined #openstack23:54
*** lzyeval has joined #openstack23:56
_rfzKiall, the libvirt issues fixed itself23:57

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