Saturday, 2011-12-24

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smoserpabelanger, downloda the .tar.gz file for 10.10 or earlier, and ith as a kernel in it. then, as Kiall suggested use the loader kernel for the aki/ari, which allows you to upgrade kernels.01:15
smoserso really, you shouldn't have to knwo what kernel to use.01:15
smoseri'd really recommend starting from those images rather than "rolling your own" as that's just going to give you grief imo.01:15
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Guest35515Newb here. I have several seriously basic Openstack questions. Can I get them answered here?01:57
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tightworkIn reference to: I adjusted as although when I run it I get: IndexError: Service *2* not found. How do you properly add tenant endpoints and integrate keystone to dashboard? Note I can curl and get json so keystone is up.02:56
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tightworkkeystone-manage credentials list ?  supported actions: add, list ... keystone-manage credentials list .. action not supported03:10
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mjforktightwork: is this diablo?03:27
tightworkmjfork: I believe so. I'm using ubuntu and the packages from the repos nova-manage version says 2011.303:29
mjforkkeystone from package (unless you are using a respsin) will not work03:30
mjforkis this for a PoC?03:30
mjforktightwork: if so, check this out:
tightworkmostly, im trying to spin up dev on equipment I have here before I spent any change anywhere else03:31
mjforkdashboard + keystone from source working against  diablo03:31
mjforkand then this paste for populating keystone with an user named admin with a password of 'admin'03:32
tightworkkeystone does not work with any milestone of diablo?03:33
tightworkoh it is possible? im confused...whats the real problem?03:34
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tightworkerror says no service compute... you creating compute service and end point?03:34
mjforkso, if you are using keystone + nova + dashboard from the Diablo released packages back in Sept, it will not end up working03:35
mjforkwhat are teh timestamps on your packages?03:35
tightworkIm using the git. git says I'm using commit from Dec 22 2011.03:44
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mjforkhmm, using packages from git?03:44
mjforkok, in that case, you may have a new enough version03:44
mjforkwhat you could do is mvoe your SQLLite DB out of the way03:45
mjforkrecreate it by restarting03:45
mjforkand running the commands in teh paste03:45
tightworkthat would be epic if it was that easy03:45
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mjforktightwork: let me know04:04
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tightworkmjfork: yes it worked I'm in thank you! Although there is still a red box error stating :Error: Unable to get service info: This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document you requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password), or your browser does not understand how to supply the credentials required. ?04:15
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tightworkmjfork: I logged in with admin/admin04:15
mjforkin the stack trace, is it nova or glance04:16
tightworkmjfork: its not a dump, its a inline error on the system panel overview... screenshot?04:16
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mjforkcan you look in dshboar dlog?04:17
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mjforkis this an all-in-one install? everythig on same box?04:20
tightworkgoin for same box for now04:20
tightworkI think its glance actually04:21
mjforkok, that is fine.04:21
mjforkdid you setup nova for keystone auth?04:21
tightwork  except glance_exception.Error, e:04:21
mjforkcheck your api-paste.conf and paste your pipeline for openstackapi11104:22
tightworkI have.../etc/nova/nova.conf with --api_paste_config=/etc/nova/api-paste.ini
tightwork /v1.1: openstackapi11  ?04:23
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mjforkyour two pipeline statements for openstackapi should have authtoken in place of auth04:24
mjforkpipeline = faultwrap authtoken ratelimit osapiapp1004:24
hvramI have been getting tenant not found errors when I try to setup keystone04:24
mjforkpipeline = faultwrap authtoken ratelimit extensions osapiapp1104:24
hvramfor the last 2 days04:25
hvramDo I have to do something else ?04:25
mjforkhvram see the commands to set it up here
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tightworkmjfork: do I need to restart anything else than nova-api?04:29
mjforktightwork: i don't think so , but can't hurt04:29
hvramThanks @mjfork but this is the error I get04:30
hvramERROR: (ProgrammingError) (1146, "Table 'keystone.tenants' doesn't exist") 'INSERT INTO tenants (uid, name, `desc`, enabled) VALUES (%s, %s, %s, %s)' ('b70936489f134f3dac8268198ea22f45', 'admin', None, 1)04:30
mjforkhvram: using default sqllite store?04:30
hvramIt used to work 2 days before and then I did a git fetch04:31
hvramno I am using mysql04:31
hvramthe mysql keystone database has no tables04:31
hvramshow tables does not show any tables04:31
mjforkhvram: yeah, i can't help with mysql, i have tried with others and had no luck.  i would suggest stayign with sqllirtwe04:31
mjforkhvram: not sure how to get the tables created - try emailing the general list or posting in teh answsers section of launchpad04:32
tightworkmjfork: set the authtoken although I still have the 401 in dashboard...I'm in but probably I can't do anything if I tried04:33
mjforksame stack trace?04:33
mjforkwhats in nova-api.log04:34
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tightworkmjfork: NO error, only  2011-12-23 23:35:39,016 DEBUG nova [-] HTTP PERF: 0.00292 seconds to GET /v2.0/tokens/a3be8860-e24f-41ff-b16a-c300a4b5a6b3) from (pid=2332) getresponse /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/keystone-2012.1-py2.7.egg/keystone/common/
mjforkis verbose / deb ug on?04:36
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tightworkmjfork: prob not, is that --verbose=debug in nova.conf ?04:37
hvramdid a git merge again04:41
hvramand things worked now04:41
hvramneed to find out where the tables are getting created though04:41
tightworkhvram: nah nothing different in the log.. hey from the paste I just noticed we didnt add a token, and the stack trace says: "ApiException fetching usage list in instance usage on date range "2011-12-01 00:00:00 to 2011-12-24 04:43:02.974020"  " I know tokens expire. Anything there?04:44
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tightworkmjfork: I do have keystone also in the foreground and there are calls to it to /v2.0/tokens when I login ..04:46
mjforkthats good, but may not be from nova04:47
mjforktightwork: what is in nova-api.log after verbose, restarting nova-api, and logging in again04:47
hvramhas the following lines04:49
hvramlogger.debug('Creating tables: %s' % \04:49
hvram+                ','.join([ for table in tables_to_create]))04:49
hvramand these were added later04:49
hvramso that explains the bug and the fix04:50
tightworkmjfork:    this is tail -f /var/log/nova/nova-api.log  > restart-nova.log  and then I logged in04:51
tightworkoh and yea restarted04:51
tightworkrestart nova-api ..login to dashboard04:52
mjforkand you have --verbose=true in the nova.conf?04:52
tightworkmjfork: I do04:52
mjforkwhats in the dashboard log04:53
tightworkmjfork: I don't think django is making a file since its just runserver atm.. you mean just from stdout ?04:56
mjforkyse, from stdout04:58
mjforkwhat happens if you run nova command05:05
mjforkkeystone-manage token list05:06
mjforksend me that output05:06
mjforkwhere is the 9988777 one from my paste/05:12
mjforkit was not there05:13
tightworkThe dashboard needs a default token to auth with?05:14
mjforkyeah, i need to find teh command05:14
mjforkits in sampledata05:14
tightworkOPENSTACK_ADMIN_TOKEN= in localsettings05:14
mjforkkeystone-manage token add 999888777666 admin 2015-02-05T00:0005:15
mjforkrun that05:15
tightworkIt wanted keystone-manage token add 999888777666 admin admin 2015-02-05T00:00  .... token, user, tenant, exp ... SUCCESS ! :)05:17
tightworkimma login and check..05:17
tightworkgimme sec make sure everything is sane05:17
mjforki don't htink you want it scoped05:18
mjforkmay need to do05:18
mjfork keystone-manage token add 999888777666 admin '' 2015-02-05T00:0005:18
tightworkmjfork: its looking like no change.. same error, same trace05:25
tightworkdashboard  local/ OPENSTACK_ADMIN_TOKEN="999888777666"05:26
mjforki believe cause of the scoped token05:28
mjfork keystone-manage token delete 99988877766605:28
tightworkmjfork: :-O05:29
mjforkthen rul sqlite3 <path to db> and do it manually05:30
tightworkjust note, the wiki has it scoped to admin tenant ...
tightworkmjfork: woah.. even though I specified the admin tenant it did not actually do it...05:35
tightworksqlite> select * from tokens;05:35
tightwork|2015-02-05 00:00:00.000000|1|99988877766605:35
mjfork.schema tokens05:37
mjforkif i remember right05:38
mjforkyou can also delete from tokens;05:38
mjforkjust run delete from tokens;05:39
mjforkand run05:39
mjfork keystone-manage token add 999888777666 admin ” 2015-02-05T00:0005:39
tightworkmjfork: I think we are making progress... now I have a 404 :)05:43
tightworkNotFound:  This error may be caused by a misconfigured Nova url in keystone's service catalog, or  by missing openstackx extensions in Nova.  See the Horizon README. (HTTP 404)05:44
mjforkdo you have openstackx installed?05:45
tightworkNo I have not read that requirement. :-|05:45
mjforkwhat does "ls -l /var/lib/nova/extensions" show?05:46
tightworkI should be able to apt-get it  eh?05:46
tightworkmjfork: nothin05:47
mjforkthen it looks like openstackx isn't there05:47
mjforktry installing it from package05:47
tightworkmjfork: packages solved that, restarted nova, logging in Error: Unable to get usage info: 'nova.context'05:51
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mjforknova-api or nova-compue logs have much05:54
tightworkmjfork: looking...would you say keystone is working with nova overall now?05:55
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tightworkmostly is good thanks so much for the help. I do know my way around python its just getting over the hurdle of what is going on with this massive, rapidly moving project.05:58
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tightworkmjfork: have this trace now for the nova.context
mjforkhas to be a version mismatch06:01
mjforkhow did yuo install openstackx vs the rest of the pacjkages06:01
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tightworkmjfork: nova is from apt, keystone and dashboard are from git.  I can't remember why I went keystone from git than from apt arg.06:04
tightworkopenstackx from apt06:05
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mjforklooks like nova-api and openstackx out of sycn06:07
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hvramThe horizon seems to have problems with keystone06:59
hvramgot this in the browser window06:59
hvram__init__ () got an unexpected keyword argument tenant_id07:00
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leitzI'm just reading about the spin off of Open Stack to the foundation. Are things moving along to support the development and growth community?12:44
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tightworkwhat spin off?12:55
tightworkleitz:  this?12:55
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leitztightwork, exactly. I had read something just before by Clark and it raised the mental question.13:09
leitzI don't know enough about what's going on to know if good things are happening or not.13:10
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