Friday, 2012-01-06

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Ryan_Laneso, I ran live-migration on an instance, it failed, then didn't rollback properly00:41
Ryan_Lanenow the instance isn't running00:41
Ryan_Lanebut I can't reboot it anywhere00:41
Ryan_Laneit's stuck in some weird fucked up state00:41
Ryan_Laneis there any way for me to make nova re-start the instance somewhere?00:42
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Ryan_Laneah, wonderful it happened with more than one instance01:06
Ryan_Laneseems I can't actually depend on using live-migration if I want my instances to actually continue living01:06
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uvirtbotNew bug: #912596 in tempest "Should skip some test_list_servers tests when image_ref_alt is not found" [Medium,In progress]
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longhudouare u busy?01:47
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tightworknew flavor: m1.plump 2vcpu/40GB Disk/1024MB Ram :)01:51
Ryan_Lanefigured out the live-migration issue:
longhudouI can see nova-network with "ps aux|grep nova-network",but when I use euca-describe-availability-zone verbose nova-network enabled XXX01:55
longhudouI am using cactus,anyone met that before01:55
tightworkRyan_Lane: thats pretty bad, I guess you don't want to see if it's reproducible ;-p ?01:56
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Ryan_Lanetightwork: well, It's happened at least twice to me )02:00
tightworkno bueno02:00
uvirtbotNew bug: #912605 in openstack-ci "Fake CLA is confusing" [Critical,New]
Ryan_Lanewell, I need to migrate a bunch more, so let's see what happens :)02:02
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longhudouafter reboot all nova service is ok but nova-network ,02:13
longhudouanyone met that before02:13
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Ryan_Laneoh, awesome. one of the instances actually migrated correctly, but the database failed to update properly, thinking it was on the wrong host02:20
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* Ryan_Lane is very much anticipating the release of essex with precise02:21
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uvirtbotNew bug: #852095 in nova "upstream tarball differs from that of googlecode and pypi" [Medium,In progress]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #912650 in nova "bad assertion in a testcase of smoketest" [Undecided,New]
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koolhead17hi all08:21
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koolhead17annegentle: ping08:34
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Raziquehey =)08:49
foexlehola muchachos :)08:50
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kbringardI'm off to bed08:51
kbringardhave a good nifht08:51
koolhead17oie Razique :P08:51
* kbringard sweepy08:52
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Raziquebuenos dias foexle :)08:52
koolhead17ahaan we have foexle here08:52
koolhead17bonjore foexle08:52
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foexlesalu koolhead17 :>09:00
koolhead17foexle: long time. how have you been man? heard there was some thunder storm in Germany last week.09:01
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foexlekoolhead17: yeah .... i was between the holidays in cologne without laptop and internet :D ..... rleaxation pure ! :D ..... storm ? in berlin is every day stormy ;)09:05
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foexlekoolhead17: and you ? how was your start in this new year ?09:06
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koolhead17foexle: it was great. few days without internet is always good. ^^ :)09:08
foexleoh yeah it is :)09:09
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foexleand noww .... i need to resolve my last problem in openstack .... and the cloud are ready :>09:10
koolhead17foexle: so what are u digging there day!!! :)09:10
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Raziquekoolhead17: foexle is dealing with compute-nodes load increase when he spawns09:44
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koolhead17Razique: load ^^09:50
koolhead17hola uksysadmin09:50
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uksysadminhello all10:02
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anplwhen I install Openstack using Griddynamics repo. I get error10:14
anplError: Package: 1:openstack-nova-node-full-2011.3-b1278.noarch (gd)10:14
anpl           Requires: openstack-client = 1:2011.310:14
anpl           Installed: openstack-client-2.6.6-b1355.noarch (installed)10:14
anpl               openstack-client = 2.6.6-b135510:14
anplError: Package: 1:python-nova-2011.3-b1278.noarch (gd)10:14
anpl           Requires: python-novaclient = 1:2011.310:14
anpl           Installed: python-novaclient-2.6.6-b1355.noarch (@gd)10:14
anpl               python-novaclient = 2.6.6-b135510:14
anpl You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem10:14
anpl You could try running: rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest10:14
anpllet me share pastie10:14
anplwhen I install yum install openstack-nova-node-full10:15
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anplusing Griddynamcis10:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #912684 in nova "Openstack with Xen" [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #912701 in nova "Openstack Compute with Xen in Ubuntu 11.10 fails to load due to Domain-0 being considered an instance" [Undecided,New]
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micadeyeyeInstalled /opt/horizon.git/openstack-dashboard/.dashboard-venv/lib/python2.7/site-packages/quantum_client-2012.1dev-py2.7.egg11:05
micadeyeyeProcessing dependencies for quantum-client==2012.1dev11:05
micadeyeyeSearching for quantum-common11:05
micadeyeyeCouldn't find index page for 'quantum-common' (maybe misspelled?)11:05
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uvirtbotNew bug: #905219 in linux "Linux Kernel crash in Netfilter both in Natty (2.6.38-8-server) and oneiric(3.0.0-13-server) kernels" [High,Confirmed]
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lxuhey guys, is there a another option to share a volume with another instance besides nfs?11:44
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feiyuliuwhen I run the command nova-manage db sync  It shows /usr/bin/nova-manage does not match any options11:47
feiyuliuany idea about that11:48
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foexlefeiyuliu: try nova-manage <Enter> and look if you have this option12:32
foexlefeiyuliu: so if your client uptodate12:32
foexle+is ^^12:32
feiyuliuthe same12:38
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feiyuliufoexle,I try any of the nova-manage command  ,It shows the same12:40
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keet_Hi in the Advance mode will only accept the CIDR of 10 segment if I try to give in 208 segment it says not a valid CIDR13:39
keet_Hi Guys13:47
keet_Help me out I am for past one month I could not able to create VM Instance13:48
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keet_I am dead with openstack 2.2.1313:55
keet_I could see more ifcfg-eth0.31714:00
*** cereal_bars has joined #openstack14:00
keet_like this in my xenserver14:00
keet_I cannot able to create new VM instance14:01
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anplI get the following error when do yum install openstack-nova-node-full using Griddynamics repo14:03
anplany help would be appreciated14:04
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micadeyeyeanpl, what OS are you using?14:05
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anplsorry I was AFK14:07
anplScientfic Linux 6.114:07
micadeyeyeOkay, I am not familiar with it.14:08
anpleverything was working fine before, I guess GridDynamics had changed repo data recently14:08
micadeyeyewhao. Am sure someone else will help you out.14:08
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anplI guess GridDyanmic team has to help me on this14:09
anplI had mailed them as well14:09
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GMIDoes the VlanManager mode work with the "multi-host" aka network-HA feature?14:29
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micadeyeye_can't log on to openstack dashboard. Here is the error I am getting: Error authenticating: Unauthorized14:44
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GMIso nobody here implemented diablo with networking-HA and VLAN mode?14:49
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*** nevrax has joined #openstack14:50
nevraxIs there any official documentation about integrating OpenStack with Citrix XenServer or VMware ESXi?14:53
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mjforkGMI: i tried briefely, couldn't get it and gave up. what specific error do you have?15:21
*** reed has joined #openstack15:21
mjforkmicadeyeye_: have a stack trace to patebin?15:21
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GMImjfork: I haven't actually tried yet, but before I spend countless hours trying it I wanted to at least see if it's a supported configuration15:23
mjforkit is supported. the specific problem i had was with the metadata retriveval15:24
mjforki blieve it would have worked had i started nova-api on the compute nodes, but wasn't until after that i learned that15:24
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GMImjfork; thanks for answering, I'll try it then15:25
*** po has joined #openstack15:27
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lxusomeone here use openstack with xenserver?15:37
*** anfernee has joined #openstack15:38
uvirtbotNew bug: #912800 in glance "Deleting image does not clear cached images" [Critical,In progress]
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mjforkchmouel_: you around ?15:54
mjforka swift question came up on the forums, looking for a super admin with keystone - I see the swift_auth middleware defines Admin and SwiftOperator - can those roles see across tenants?15:57
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adrianmoya_Hi, I'm getting __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'tenant_id' while trying to log to the dashboard... any ideas of what could be happening? I'm running devstack16:08
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adrianmoya_Does anybody knows how to limit tenant resources via API?16:18
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uvirtbotNew bug: #912828 in nova "nova requires python-mox at runtime" [High,New]
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*** hggdh has quit IRC16:32
*** devananda has quit IRC16:33
*** devananda has joined #openstack16:33
*** devananda has quit IRC16:34
*** devananda has joined #openstack16:34
*** Ramonster has quit IRC16:35
*** Remco_ has quit IRC16:36
*** pharkmillups_ has joined #openstack16:37
*** primeministerp has quit IRC16:37
*** tryggvil has joined #openstack16:38
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack16:39
*** ccc has quit IRC16:41
*** katkee has quit IRC16:48
*** nevrax has quit IRC16:50
uvirtbotNew bug: #912837 in nova "Unable to filter images by server ID, contrary to API spec" [Undecided,New]
*** marcuz has quit IRC16:52
*** lesagjea has joined #openstack16:54
*** mgoldmann is now known as mgoldmann|away16:55
*** Hakon|mbp has joined #openstack16:56
*** ben_duyujie has left #openstack16:56
*** devananda has quit IRC16:57
*** devananda has joined #openstack16:57
*** Kiall has quit IRC16:58
*** hggdh has joined #openstack17:00
*** oarcher has joined #openstack17:00
*** hadrian has quit IRC17:01
oarcherhi all. My network doesn't work. On the compute node (syslog), dnsmasq say he have no more IP's: DHCPDISCOVER(br100) 02:16:3e:5f:77:87 no address available17:01
*** nati2_ has quit IRC17:02
oarcherand i can see the bootp request from the instance ...17:02
mjforkoarcher: what network type?17:02
oarcherand multi host. I've got nova-network on each node17:03
*** jingizu_ has joined #openstack17:04
oarcherI was wondering if it was related to the fixed_ip table in mysql ...17:05
*** cloudgeek has joined #openstack17:05
oarcherbecause the 'deleted' field is always 0 , and i have no instances running ..17:06
*** maplebed has joined #openstack17:06
mjforkhow many IPs in the fixed_ip table?17:06
oarcherbut the table  seems to ne larger ..17:07
oarcherI've got 4 352  entry, but only to IPs17:08
*** gyee has joined #openstack17:08
*** oubiwann has joined #openstack17:09
oarcherit is safe to reset this table ? (I dont care about my previous instances )17:09
mjforkoarcher: run SELECT count(*) FROM fixed_ips WHERE allocated=0;17:09
mjforkoarcher: run SELECT count(*) FROM fixed_ips WHERE allocated=1;17:11
oarcher(for allocated=1;)17:12
mjforkwhat is in nova-network.log17:13
mjforkpatebin it17:13
ppradhantrying to install horizon. what is user/pass for the git repo?17:14
oarchermjfork:   but perhaps there is some garbage, i was trying to debug this afternoon17:16
mjforkhow about nova-compuete on comute node17:17
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack17:18
*** warik has joined #openstack17:19
*** cereal_bars has quit IRC17:19
*** daysmen_ has quit IRC17:21
*** daysmen has quit IRC17:21
oarchermjfork:  is my nova-compute.log . but i think  you can forget about bad console entry17:22
Raziquehey mjfork :)17:23
*** Razique has quit IRC17:23
mjforkdoes the guest have no network17:24
mjforkoarcher: did you log into it?17:25
oarcherno network. it ask for an ip, but there is no answer (just DHCPDISCOVER(br100) 02:16:3e:5f:77:87 no address available) in syslog17:25
oarcheri have access to it by vnc (ttylinux)17:26
oarcherand ifconfig -a show eth0 , but no ip17:26
mjforkhow many nics?17:27
mjforkjust 1 per box?17:27
oarcher(just DHCPDISCOVER(br100) 02:16:3e:5f:77:87 no address available) in syslog  <---- that's compute node17:27
mjforkhsot that is17:27
oarcher2 nics by compute nodes17:27
*** clauden___ has quit IRC17:27
*** dotdevops has quit IRC17:28
*** clauden_ has joined #openstack17:30
mjforki think the promisc mode is only for single nic17:30
oarcheryou say that i have to disable promiscious mode for my eth* on the compute node ?17:32
mjforkno, in some single nic cases it needs enabeld17:32
*** nati2 has joined #openstack17:33
*** andrewbogott has joined #openstack17:33
oarcherbut with 2 nics, it must be disabled ?17:34
*** pdtpatrick has joined #openstack17:34
*** nati2 has quit IRC17:34
mjforkno,i doni't hitnk]17:36
mjforkyou have multi_host set in networks table in MySQL?17:36
oarcheri've try ifconfig eth1 -promisc  with no effect ..17:36
oarcherWhat is strange it thas it was working last week17:37
mjforkSELECT multi_host FROM networks17:37
mjforkthat shoes a 1 for you network/17:37
mjforkhow many networks? just 1?17:37
oarcherjust 117:37
mjforkcan you run that SQL and confurm17:38
oarcherSELECT multi_host FROM networks:  117:39
Spirilisoarcher: try nuking all dnsmasq processes on the vm host17:41
Spirilisthen restart nova-network for good measure I guess17:41
SpirilisHad something like this the other day, when I first tried out multi_host.  A VM booted on the head node of the cluster, which was previously serving as the only nova-network node17:42
*** wilmoore has joined #openstack17:42
Spirilisand I guess the running dnsmasq processes were still doing some --listen-address, which was its original router addr when multi_host was disabled, but now its router addr was
Spirilisafter nuking dnsmasq and restarting nova-network, it started some new dnsmasq processes with --listen-address of
Spirilisand my guest VM was able to successfully pull a DHCP IP.17:43
SpirilisConfused me for a while b/c I was able to light up a VM on a different node and it got an IP.17:44
Madkissahu ahu.17:44
Madkissa new suprise every day17:44
Madkissroot@netbook:~# nova zone-add --zone_username admin --password hastexo hastexo ""17:44
Madkissn/a (HTTP 404)17:44
oarcherSpirilis: no success17:44
Spirilisoarcher: ah k, was worth a try :)17:44
oarcherbut it strange that it was working last week17:45
oarcherit sound like a dhcp full lease ..17:45
oarcherfor me, the main error message is from dnsmasq : DHCPDISCOVER(br100) 02:16:3e:5f:77:87 no address available17:46
oarcherwhere dnsmasq take his pool of address ?17:46
SpirilisI think nova-network is supposed to configure it17:47
Spirilisumm let me find it17:47
*** daysmen has joined #openstack17:47
Spirilischeck /var/lib/nova/networks17:47
Spirilismine has a nova-br100.conf17:47
oarchermine too. and a .pid17:48
Spirilisand the running dnsmasq processes have some relevant cmdline options:17:48
Spirilis--dhcp-hostsfile=/var/lib/nova/networks/nova-br100.conf --dhcp-script=/usr/local/bin/nova-dhcpbridge17:48
Spirilisthe path to nova-dhcpbridge is configured in nova.conf as --dhcpbridge=<path/to/nova-dhcpbridge>17:49
oarcherthat's it. And what is your --dhcp-range=,static,120s ?17:49
*** clauden_ has quit IRC17:49
Spirilisyeah; --dhcp-range=,static,120s17:49
*** clauden has joined #openstack17:49
oarcherok for --dhcp-script=/usr/bin/nova-dhcpbridge17:49
*** reed has joined #openstack17:50
Spiriliswhat about --listen-address=
Spiriliswhatever that is, try17:50
Spirilisip addr show | grep <that IP>17:50
oarchermine is --listen-address=
Spirilisk yeah sounds right, it grabs an IP for its own router addr willy-nilly like a VM grabs an unused IP17:51
oarcherit's my br100 ip17:51
Spirilisyep sounds right17:51
oarcherif i tcpdump on br100, i can listen for bootp request from the instance17:52
Spiriliscan you paste the whole dnsmasq cmdline?17:52
*** dotdevops has joined #openstack17:52
oarcherbut i cant't seen the answer from dnsmasq ...17:52
oarcher dnsmasq --strict-order --bind-interfaces --conf-file= --domain=novalocal --pid-file=/var/lib/nova/networks/ --listen-address= --except-interface=lo --dhcp-range=,static,120s --dhcp-lease-max=256 --dhcp-hostsfile=/var/lib/nova/networks/nova-br100.conf --dhcp-script=/usr/bin/nova-dhcpbridge --leasefile-ro17:53
*** jdurgin has joined #openstack17:53
Spirilisyep looks just like mine17:53
*** mszilagyi has joined #openstack17:53
*** spiffxp has joined #openstack17:54
Spirilisso is the MAC for your VM in that /var/lib/nova/networks/nova-br100.conf file?17:54
*** derekh has quit IRC17:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #912858 in nova "test_authors_up_to_date does not deal with capitalized names properly" [Undecided,Confirmed]
oarcherno this file is _empty_17:56
Spirilisahhh k that's definitely wrong17:57
Spiriliswonder what happened17:57
oarcheris it related to the "DHCPDISCOVER(br100) 02:16:3e:11:ff:2e no address available" error from syslog ?17:57
Spirilishere's what mine has:17:57
Spirilisit's probably related, yes.17:58
oarchermy mac sould be in this file so dnsmasq know the instance ?17:58
Spirilisyeah, I think nova-network is supposed to put that in there17:58
Spirilisand notify dnsmasq somehow17:58
Spiriliswonder what broke down.  what does "nova list" say about your vm's IP?17:58
oarcherit says: 490 | Server 490 | ACTIVE | novanet= |17:59
*** ejat has joined #openstack17:59
oarcherand euca-describe-instances say my vm has ip
Spirilismm gotcha, should be right18:00
Spirilisthat's just reading the DB though of course18:00
*** katkee has joined #openstack18:00
*** bepernoot has joined #openstack18:02
*** clauden___ has joined #openstack18:03
*** clauden has quit IRC18:03
*** clauden___ is now known as clauden18:03
Spirilisk so in the nova database.....18:03
Spirilisselect * from fixed_ips where instance_id=490;18:04
Spiriliswonder if any of the fields in that are wrong18:04
*** bepernoot has quit IRC18:04
*** oarcher_ has joined #openstack18:08
*** oarcher has quit IRC18:09
oarcher_oups. tha's 2011-12-08 19:40:502012-01-06 17:44:05NULL029610.0.0.3917 490 000NULLNULL18:10
*** lesagjea has quit IRC18:10
*** clauden has quit IRC18:10
*** clauden_ has joined #openstack18:11
Spirilisahh so the allocated field is set to 0?18:11
Spirilisthat should explain it, but boy I wonder how that happened18:11
*** pradeep has quit IRC18:12
SpirilisI guess change that to 1 and bounce nova-network, check that /var/lib/nova/networks/nova-br100.conf file afterward18:12
Spiriliskinda wonder if there's a way to force it to rescan those without bouncing it, not sure18:13
Spirilisor with some kind of rabbitmq message18:13
*** aculich has joined #openstack18:13
Spirilislol in my own database I found an entry with allocated=1 from an old VM with the same name as the one I just booted up, but that old one was long gone18:15
oarcher_ok. it had change the timestamp of /var/lib/nova/networks/nova-br100.conf to now, but the file is still empty18:16
*** cloudgeek has quit IRC18:18
oarcher_here is the end of my nova-network.log ... :
*** darraghb has quit IRC18:19
oarcher_is the interressant line is : 2012-01-06 19:15:14,400 DEBUG nova.utils [-] Attempting to grab semaphore "get_dhcp" for method "_get_dhcp_ip"... from (pid=14965) inner /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova/  ?18:20
oarcher_and exit code for "sudo brctl addif br100 eth1" is 1 , but brctl show that eth1 is part of it18:21
ppradhandashboard question: how do we start dashboard if we apt get openstack-dashboard?18:22
*** llang629 has joined #openstack18:24
*** llang629 has left #openstack18:24
*** jingizu_ has quit IRC18:25
*** fujin has quit IRC18:25
*** pharkmillups_ has quit IRC18:25
*** scottsanchez has quit IRC18:25
*** fujin has joined #openstack18:27
Spirilisoarcher_: looks like nova-network ignores the exit status when it runs that brctl cmd, so that shouldn't muck anything up18:27
*** clauden_ has quit IRC18:27
*** clauden_ has joined #openstack18:27
Spirilis            out, err = _execute('brctl', 'addif', bridge, interface,18:27
Spirilis                            check_exit_code=False, run_as_root=True)18:27
*** LinuxJedi has joined #openstack18:27
oarcher_Spirilis: ok18:27
Spirilisok, in the code, when pulling the valid dhcp leases it also checks if virtual_interface_id is not null18:31
Spirilisthat is NULL in your example I think18:31
Spirilisselect * from virtual_interfaces;18:31
Spirilisif you see your VM's mac in there, take the id from that virtual_interfaces table and update it in that entry in fixed_ips18:32
oarcher_yep. it's NULL18:32
Spirilisfwiw the criteria for finding valid dhcp leases is in the "network_get_associated_fixed_ips" function under nova/db/sqlalchemy/api.py18:33
*** jog0 has joined #openstack18:34
Spirilisthat code being this:
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk18:35
oarcher_it seem that my mac is _not_ there18:35
oarcher_sorry, it is18:36
oarcher_you say :  take the id from that virtual_interfaces. you mean uuid ?18:37
oarcher_sorry, it's ok18:38
*** judd7 has joined #openstack18:39
*** rocambol1 has quit IRC18:39
*** rustam has quit IRC18:40
*** dpippenger has joined #openstack18:41
oarcher_what is the field tha i have to update in fixed_ip ?18:44
*** anfernee has quit IRC18:44
oarcher_id ? virtual_interface_id ?18:44
*** Kiall has joined #openstack18:45
Spirilisbasically fixed_ips.virtual_interface_id corresponds to the 'id' field in the virtual_interfaces table18:45
Spirilisstill very curious how this happened18:45
Spirilisdefinitely a bug crept in there somewhere along the line18:46
Spirilisor something you were doing wasn't handled gracefully inside the code or whatever18:46
oarcher_i've got somthing stange in the fixed ip table:18:48
oarcher_for my vm ip ( i've got a line with virtual_interface_id ok (513), but network_id is NULL, and allocated is 118:50
Spirilisooh that sounds weird... multiple entries for the same ip with allocated=1?18:50
Spiriliswell I guess you only want 1 entry with the IP, correct virtual_interface_id and allocated=1, but network_id has to be set properly too18:51
Spirilisand the other entry nuked18:51
oarcher_and a other line where network id is 17 , instance id is 490 (ok) and _allocated_  is 1 and virtual_interface_id is NULL18:52
Spirilisthat is strange, did you just enable multi_host recently?18:52
oarcher_well, it was there at the beginning, because it the way juju did it. But have disabled it few week ago18:53
oarcher_and try to bring it bak last week18:53
Spirilisfascinating, well, deep-diving into the nova code to help troubleshoot things is sure educational :)18:55
*** clauden_ has quit IRC18:55
Spirilisseems I learn a lot more each day18:55
*** davlap has joined #openstack18:55
*** clauden_ has joined #openstack18:57
oarcher_i learn too, but a little less than you :)18:58
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack18:58
oarcher_got 02:16:3e:11:ff:2e,server-490.novalocal,  in my  /var/lib/nova/networks/nova-br100.conf after merging the to allocated lines!18:59
Spirilisman I wonder if anybody's written an "fsck" utility of some type for the nova database19:00
SpirilisI bet you that would be a worthwhile tool to have around19:00
oarcher_for my case, i dont care to clear it completly19:01
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates19:03
*** llang629_ has joined #openstack19:03
Spirilisyeah, something that could spot inconsistent DB entries and bring them to your attention would be cool though19:03
*** pharkmillups_ has joined #openstack19:05
*** antenagora has quit IRC19:05
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack19:05
oarcher_something i have noted is that my instances are stiff visible by a euca-describes-instances after rebooting a compute node19:06
*** scottsanchez has joined #openstack19:06
oarcher_so i have to do an euca-terminate-instances19:06
oarcher_but sometime, the instance seems to be still referenced somewhere ?19:06
Spirilisoh so I have experience with that from the 'nova list' cmd...19:07
Spirilisbasically all those cmds do is read the mysql db19:07
Spirilisthe db doesn't know whether the kvm process is actually running, it just knows that the VM is active/still lives on the node/etc.19:07
Spirilisin that instance, you can issue a 'reboot' command to all the vms on that node19:07
Spirilisand that will light them up.19:07
*** dnjaramba has quit IRC19:08
Spirilisso when it says that the vm is "active" or whatever, rewrite that in your head as "well it should be there, I have no clue if it really is"19:08
*** clopez has joined #openstack19:08
Spirilishaving greater insight into that would be REALLY nice...19:08
Spirilisthey're probably working on it ;)19:09
oarcher_so if there is officially no running instances (from nova list), it must have no allocated ip in the fixed_ips table19:11
*** cloudgeek has joined #openstack19:11
Spirilisyeah if "nova list" turns up empty, there's nothing running in the whole cluster, fixed_ips shouldn't have any entries with allocated=119:11
oarcher_in my case, i've 10 like this ...19:12
*** ChrisAM has quit IRC19:12
Spirilisyeah I found 1 earlier.  some DB entry leaks in the code...19:13
*** zigo has joined #openstack19:15
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC19:16
*** clauden_ has quit IRC19:17
*** clauden has joined #openstack19:17
*** gray-- has joined #openstack19:18
oarcher_and i have to suppress entry from floating ip if i want to clear fixed_ip :   #1451 - Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails (`nova`.`floating_ips`, CONSTRAINT `floating_ips_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`fixed_ip_id`) REFERENCES `fixed_ips` (`id`))19:18
*** cloudgeek has quit IRC19:19
*** ChrisAM1 has joined #openstack19:21
*** Vinsh_HP has quit IRC19:23
*** avtar has joined #openstack19:23
*** dragondm has quit IRC19:32
*** cp16net has quit IRC19:32
*** bengrue has joined #openstack19:33
*** sdake has quit IRC19:36
*** llang629__ has joined #openstack19:38
*** llang629__ is now known as llang62919:38
*** jingizu_ has joined #openstack19:38
*** llang629_ has quit IRC19:40
uvirtbotNew bug: #912897 in glance "Cannot delete remote image" [Medium,Triaged]
*** avtar has left #openstack19:42
*** jog0 has left #openstack19:43
*** katkee has quit IRC19:44
*** jedi4ever has joined #openstack19:49
*** troys has joined #openstack19:49
*** llang629_ has joined #openstack19:50
*** llang629_ has left #openstack19:51
*** llang629 has quit IRC19:51
*** JesperA has quit IRC19:57
*** warik_ has joined #openstack19:59
*** warik has quit IRC19:59
*** warik_ is now known as warik19:59
*** warik has joined #openstack20:00
*** dragondm has joined #openstack20:02
Tobbeis DevStack ( the easiest/best way to get going with Openstack? Or are there other/better options out there?20:03
lxuprobably stackops is other good option20:04
lxui only tried the cactus version, and was easy to install20:05
*** stoked has joined #openstack20:05
KiallTobbe: devstack is only intended to be used by people developing openstack (hence the name!)20:10
KiallIt will give you a very quick and easy environment, but it will be *far* from production worthy.20:11
KiallI've heard good things about stackops, but never used it..20:11
TobbeKiall: ok, that clears it up :) thanks!20:15
KiallTobbe: no problem.. Also.. If you just want nova and/or swift.. the ubuntu packages are fine..20:16
*** dprince has quit IRC20:16
KiallBut if you keystone/dashboard .. not so fine right now20:16
Kiall(I've got a PPA with working packages if they of any use..)20:17
*** imsplitbit has quit IRC20:17
TobbeKiall: I need Nova, and an easy way for users to create their own virtual machines20:19
Tobbesome way to manage images they can use20:20
Kiall"an easy way for users to create their own virtual machines" sounds like the dashboard project to me ;)20:20
Tobbeaka Horizon I guess?20:21
*** lxu has quit IRC20:21
KiallYea - sorry it goes by both names ;)20:21
Tobbeand Glance perhaps20:21
Tobbemaybe not, but it does require Keystone20:22
KiallYes.. You'll end up with Keystone, Glance, Nova and Dashboard20:23
*** warik has quit IRC20:23
Kiall(dashboard needs keystone..)20:23
*** warik has joined #openstack20:23
KiallAlso .. If you install by hand rather than something scriped.. do them in that order and save yourself some hassle ;)20:23
*** jog0 has joined #openstack20:24
Tobbewhat do you recommend? By hand (need some good guide if I'm doing that) or scripted? (what's a good script?)20:25
KiallI've got a scriped install from .deb's for everything here BTW if its useful to use, or just to see what the steps are:
KiallWell .. Its more a question of "from source" or "from packages" .. from source wont give you a great production environment...20:26
Kiall(from source is hard to repeat/upgrade etc)20:26
Tobbeyeah, from source is not an option20:27
KiallYea.. So stackops/ubuntu/me/probably others have packages.. but the ubuntu keystone/horizon packages are currently broken... Take your pick ;)20:28
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack20:29
TobbeI'll try your scripts in a VirtualBox machine20:30
*** rnorwood has quit IRC20:31
*** po has quit IRC20:32
Kiallyou might want to change them around a tad to install nova-compute-lxc in addition to nova-compute in the "" script if you use them in a VM20:32
TobbeI won't be "using" them in a VM, just practising the install. It's going on a proper server when I know what I'm doing20:33
*** warik_ has joined #openstack20:34
Kiallyea.. but VMs wont boot inside another VM (usually..) so LXC lets you actually play with real guests inside the VM :)20:34
*** po has joined #openstack20:34
Tobbealright :)20:35
*** p0 has joined #openstack20:35
TobbeBut I'm confused already :/ The readme says I need to network cards/interfaces. Why?20:36
*** po has quit IRC20:36
*** warik__ has joined #openstack20:37
*** warik has quit IRC20:37
*** warik__ is now known as warik20:37
*** warik_ has quit IRC20:38
KiallTobbe: thats just the way it sets things up..20:41
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack20:41
Kiallnormally you have 1x nic for public traffic, and 1 for VM<-->VM traffic20:41
*** zns1 has joined #openstack20:41
Tobbemy VM (that I'm installing openstack in) has one nic for host<->guest and one for guest<->internet20:42
Kiallif its a VBox instance.. just create 2x NICs and set one as a bridge and the other to a separate VM only network..20:42
KiallAnyway - gotta run.. good luck ;)20:42
Tobbedamn :(20:43
Tobbethanks so far :)20:43
Kiallno problem.. cya :)20:43
*** zns has quit IRC20:44
*** stoked has left #openstack20:45
*** rnorwood1 has quit IRC20:46
*** zns1 is now known as zns20:46
ppradhanI am getting "ERROR:root:No module named local.local_settings" when I run to install dashboard.. any ideas?20:47
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack20:47
ppradhanat the end it also says django.core.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured: You haven't set the database ENGINE setting yet.20:47
*** ccustine has joined #openstack20:47
*** warik has quit IRC20:48
*** warik has joined #openstack20:48
heckjppradhan - check out devstack - it makes a copy of the example settings into "local/local_settings" to provide that module. You need to make that copy before running to install.20:53
*** daysmen has quit IRC20:55
judd7notmyname:  How might I remove an errant container sync request in swift?  Jan  6 15:31:04 storage05-c01 c-sync ERROR Syncing /srv/node/sdb1/containers/17244/faa/10d72aa37e89ddbe328ce9227f8b7faa/10d72aa37e89ddbe328ce9227f8b7faa.db {'name': 'original/aaan7Tv4.jpg', 'deleted': 0, 'created_at': '1322092144.74595', 'etag': '8cb791886f89a093677022f9c44503e4', 'content_type': 'image/jpeg', 'ROWID': 1, 'size': 3427976}: Timeout (15s)20:55
notmynamejudd7: were you able to remove the container sync header?20:57
judd7still wrestling with that.20:57
judd7I'm using swauth… so I'm authenticated as .super_admin20:57
judd7Figured that'd give me perms.20:57
notmynamejudd7: the way to remove it is to send an empty value. unfortunately, curl has the "feature" that empty headers aren't sent :(20:57
judd7Never a dull moment.20:58
notmynameso you have to write a small client to do it20:58
ppradhanheckj: ok checking..20:58
notmynamewhile looking around last night, I saw that there were some patches proposed to curl to (re)enable empty header support, but it doesn't seem to be in the version I have20:58
notmynameawesome! :-)20:59
judd7But I'll just do it in Perl.. because I'm an old fart.21:00
notmynameI'd prefer that LTS would have that (I'm rockin' with 7.19.7)21:00
judd7same here, LTS21:01
*** GMI has quit IRC21:01
judd7Maybe cyberduck?21:01
ppradhanheckj:  i am not seeing local/local_settings21:01
notmynamejudd7: no, I don't htink cyberduck supports it yet (because they are using the rackspace language bindings for cloud files--which don't have that support yet)21:02
heckjppradhan - that's the issue you're running into - you need to make it. Make a copy of into local/ and you'll be there with some reasonable (basic) defaults.21:03
*** dragondm has quit IRC21:04
*** markvoelker has quit IRC21:06
*** dotdevops has quit IRC21:15
*** dotdevops has joined #openstack21:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #912922 in nova "OS API: Limit and marker filters for flavors do not work" [Undecided,New]
uvirtbotNew bug: #912927 in nova "OS API: Filtering the list images request by server using bookmark link does not return the expected results" [Undecided,New]
*** zigo has quit IRC21:26
TobbeI'm trying to get OpenStack running on Ubuntu inside a VirtualBox VM on windows. I SSH to the ubuntu box from windows using (bridged network card in VirtualBox, eth1 in ubuntu). I also have another network card set up in VirtualBox (eth0 in ubuntu).21:29
TobbeWhat should I put for the network settings when using this script: ?21:29
TobbeHOST_IP would be right?21:30
Tobbebut what about the floating and fixed settings further down?21:30
*** Gordonz has quit IRC21:30
*** tryggvil has quit IRC21:30
*** dubsquared has quit IRC21:32
*** cereal_bars has joined #openstack21:35
mjforkTobbe: is end goal a dev box?21:35
Tobbethe end goal is just to practice setting up OpenStack. I'll be installing on a real server later21:37
mjforkHave you looked at devstack?21:38
mjforki am not familiar with this site you linked too21:38
TobbeI was told that devstack was only for people who wanted to contribute to the code for openstack21:39
mjforkthats true to an extent, but if you just want to get openstack up and running, it can work for that21:39
heckjTobbe: it's also the best way to learn to install openstack21:39
mjforkit sounds like you want to get an  install up21:39
mjforkon a single bo21:39
*** mgoldmann|away has quit IRC21:40
Tobbeyes. Something that's pretty much production ready21:40
*** cereal_bars has quit IRC21:41
mjforkthis is inside a VM right?21:41
Tobbeyeah, for now.21:42
*** warik has quit IRC21:42
TobbeI have a proper server I'll install it on later21:42
Tobbewhen I have a better understanding of what I'm doing :)21:42
*** warik has joined #openstack21:42
mjforkhave you ever got it up and running?21:43
mjforkok, i would try devstack21:43
mjforkthen use a a 2nd VM and those scritp21:43
mjforkyou can always reference the devstack one to get values21:43
maplebedis anybody here familiar with expected resource utilization (cpu, i/o, etc.) of swift?  notmyname maybe, if you're around?21:44
Tobbetried this, but never got it working :(
notmynamemaplebed: depends on your use case (as always). I can tell you what to optimize for in the different types of machines21:44
Tobbemjfork: I'll try devstack then :)21:45
maplebednotmyname: my context is that I've set it up on a cluster of 6 machines and I'm surprised at the amoutn of CPU used by the storage nodes.21:45
maplebedI want to know if it's normal or an indication I did something wrong.21:45
notmynamemaplebed: what processes are using all the cpu?21:45
maplebedganglai graphs for the cluster:
maplebed(it's currently idle)21:46
*** jog0 has left #openstack21:46
maplebednotmyname: mostly swift-object-server.  also swift-object-replicator.  swift-object-auditor is near the top but not using as much.21:47
*** warik has quit IRC21:47
maplebednotmyname: a snippet from top on one of the storage nodes (ms2):
notmynamemaplebed: those processes don't use a lot of CPU on our boxes (but they are IO bound, not CPU nound)21:50
maplebedI don't see a lot of time spent in iowait in the graphs (which I would expect if they were io bound).21:50
notmynamemaplebed: what version of swift are you using?21:51
maplebedwatching iostat, I see a wide range of % utilization, from 80 to 0 (one disk at 80, one at 70, two at 30, the rest at 0)21:51
maplebedspecifically 1.4.3-0ubuntu1~lucid1~ppa121:51
*** foexle has quit IRC21:52
*** micadeyeye_ has quit IRC21:52
notmynamemaplebed: the consensus around here is "well, it must be doing something". not too helpful, I know. have you tried to strace one of the processes?21:54
maplebednot yet.21:54
maplebed(btw, if you look at the month view in ganglia, you'll see a heavier period 3 weeks ago - I loaded in ~10m objects to a container then, peak rate was about 50 writes per second)21:55
*** rnorwood has quit IRC21:56
notmynameif the servers aren't IO bound, they could be churning through cpu. they do stuff like hashing the objects21:56
maplebedpastebin of a strace on one of the swift-object-server processes:
notmynamelooks like somethings spinning too much21:57
maplebedthey were cpu bound even when I had the cluster under heavy write or read load.21:57
maplebedeach server has 46 disks, fwiw.21:58
maplebed(48, actually, but 2 for the OS and 46 for swift)21:58
maplebedthis is just a test cluster; my production setup is aiming for 12 disks per storage server.21:59
*** jdarcy has joined #openstack21:59
maplebedI'm not very good with strace - any suggestions on how to find out what resource it's holding on when spitting out the 'Resource temporarily unavailable' message?22:00
jdarcyIs there a doc somewhere describing how ring files are calculated and distributed, in sufficient detail to describe it as one case study in a generic cloud-storage tutorial?22:00
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack22:01
jdarcyAlso, would it be accurate to describe the replication algorithm as "Merkle tree like"?22:01
*** llang629_ has joined #openstack22:01
jdarcyAsking about Swift, if that's not clear.22:02
*** llang629_ is now known as llang62922:02
Tobbewhat are "floating IPs"? I read it when reading about Openstack, but have never heard it before22:02
*** reed_ has joined #openstack22:03
*** rnorwood has quit IRC22:05
*** jfluhmann_ has joined #openstack22:05
maplebedjdarcy: I haven't seen something of that detail (though I wasn't looking for it); my guess is you' d have to read the code.22:05
*** jfluhmann has quit IRC22:06
*** reed has quit IRC22:06
notmynamemaplebed: sorry for the lag. for some reason there is a very loud event (music, talking, cowbells, etc) that just stated right next to my desk. I'm not particularly happy about it22:07
maplebedI'm in no rush.22:07
*** llang629 has left #openstack22:07
maplebedI've been poking at this for a while and will probably continue for the next week or two.22:07
maplebedif now is not a good time, I'll reping sometime next week22:08
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack22:08
notmynamemaplebed: sorry, perhaps someone with more ops experience could help out better (pandemicsyn or btorch perhaps)22:09
*** dragondm has joined #openstack22:09
*** PeteDaGuru has left #openstack22:10
*** miclorb has joined #openstack22:10
*** lts has quit IRC22:10
maplebedthanks for the referral.  I'll see if I can't find them one day when they're online.  looks like they're both in europe?22:10
maplebedI'll try again at a more europe-friendly time.22:11
*** ejat has quit IRC22:12
*** deshantm_ has joined #openstack22:16
*** tobin has quit IRC22:17
maplebedTobbe: a floating IP is a "public" IP address that can be assigned to an instance22:18
*** gray-- has quit IRC22:18
maplebedthey can move around from instance to instance (hence the floating bit).22:19
*** deshantm has quit IRC22:20
annegentlejdarcy: have you seen about the ring? It's a compilation of five blog posts by gholt, probably sufficiently detailed.22:22
Tobbemaplebed: ok, thanks :)22:22
*** krow has joined #openstack22:27
*** imsplitbit has quit IRC22:27
*** krow has quit IRC22:30
jdarcyannegentle: Thanks!22:31
*** dragondm has quit IRC22:32
*** dragondm has joined #openstack22:32
judd7notmyname:  got the latest curl. but I think swift 1.4.4 is my problem:22:33
judd7400 Bad Request22:33
judd7The server could not comply with the request since it is either malformed or otherwise incorrect.22:33
judd7 Invalid scheme '' in X-Container-Sync-To, must be "http" or "https".22:33
*** lborda has quit IRC22:33
*** jdarcy_ has joined #openstack22:35
*** lborda has joined #openstack22:35
*** jdarcy__ has joined #openstack22:35
*** n81 has quit IRC22:36
*** lborda has quit IRC22:38
*** jdarcy_ has quit IRC22:39
*** jdarcy has quit IRC22:39
notmynamejudd7: hmm...I'll have to look in to that22:41
*** Todd_ has joined #openstack22:41
judd7But removing the X-Container-Sync-Key succeeds.22:41
judd7(or some spelling like that)22:41
notmynamejudd7: can you file a bug on launchpad for that?22:42
judd7202 Accepted22:42
judd7The request is accepted for processing.22:42
judd7   Uriel:/ root#22:42
*** PotHix has quit IRC22:43
judd7notmyname: removing the key does the trick.22:43
*** ahasenack has quit IRC22:43
judd7No more c-sync in the logs.22:43
*** rnorwood has quit IRC22:43
*** jfluhmann_ has quit IRC22:44
judd7We should just put the procedure in the Docs.22:44
*** gdusbabek has left #openstack22:44
*** Todd_ has quit IRC22:44
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack22:46
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