Saturday, 2012-01-07

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mjforkanyone here tried to use devstack off the ubuntu 11.10 live cd?00:21
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uvirtbotNew bug: #913020 in horizon "UPdating quotas no longer works." [Undecided,New]
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Madkissroot@netbook:~/devstack/files# swift -A -U admin -K hastexo post container08:03
MadkissAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'find'08:03
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micadeyeye_am having trouble defining endpoin templates. I keep getting: IndexError: Service identity not found08:45
micadeyeyeIndexError: Service nova not found08:45
micadeyeyewhat's the cause?08:45
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tjoyHave any of you had luck running xen-libvirt on wheezy from the repo packages?09:02
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micadeyeyeCan anyone tell me why I am getting this error: Error: [swift-hash]: swift_hash_path_suffix missing from /etc/swift/swift.conf10:28
micadeyeyethis is my conf -
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jcapelmicadeyeye: that looks like proxy.conf10:29
jcapelyou *also* need a swift.conf with swift_hash_path_suffix10:29
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micadeyeyethat's my /etc/swift/proxy_server.conf10:30
jcapelso make a file /etc/swift/swift.conf and put in there
jcapeland make sure to randomize that string10:30
micadeyeyejcapel, any string would do. right?10:32
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jcapelit's some sort of shared secret i believe10:38
micadeyeyei just used gnome-password-generator. cool?10:38
jcapeljust make sure it's the same on all the machines10:38
jcapelthat would work :)10:38
micadeyeyeproxy.conf and swift.conf have diff values.10:39
jcapeldifferent contents that is10:39
micadeyeyedifferent hash values.10:39
micadeyeyeswift.conf only have the value; just as you pasted it.10:40
jcapelno, remove the hash value from the proxy.conf or put the same value in10:40
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jcapelit really needs to be the same everywhere10:40
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micadeyeyethat's the error I am getting.10:42
jcapelgood :)10:42
jcapelI suspect you did not get to creating the ring files yet10:42
jcapelthat piece of the documentation covers the rings10:43
jcapelbut to understand how it all works I recommend you read all of it10:43
jcapelit took me some time to get my head around10:43
micadeyeyeDo I need to do all these before I would see instances on my dashboard?10:45
micadeyeyebin/keystone-manage endpointTemplates add RegionOne nova http://%HOST_IP10:46
micadeyeye%:8774/v1.1/%tenant_id% http://%HOST_IP%:8774/v1.1/%tenant_id% http://10:46
micadeyeye%HOST_IP%:8774/v1.1/%tenant_id% 1 110:46
micadeyeyeThat code also generates error10:46
micadeyeyeIndex Error: Service nova is not found.10:47
micadeyeyeAll I want now is to see my dashboard interact with the openstack running on my machine. I really don't need swift now.10:47
micadeyeyeI could pull image from BoxGrinder to Glance, and I think I am fine with that. I just want to see the dashboard show all I have in the Openstack running on my machine.10:49
micadeyeyeKindly help me10:50
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micadeyeyebin/keystone-manage endpointTemplates add RegionOne nova ....... generates error.10:59
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micadeyeyeWhy am I getting the error: IndexError: Service nova not found?11:01
micadeyeyeI ran "sudo nova-manage service list11:03
micadeyeyeand could see nova-network, nova-vncproxy,nova-volume & nova-scheduler11:04
vendemiatmicadeyeye,you need to add those to the keystone first before you add the endpointtemplate11:13
vendemiatsudo keystone-manage service add nova compute 'OpenStack Compute Service' and so on ...11:15
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micadeyeyeWhere is the keystone service catalog?11:30
micadeyeyevendemiat, this is error I now get11:30
micadeyeyeUnable to get usage info: This error may be caused by a misconfigured nova url in keystone's service catalog11:30
micadeyeye, or by missing openstackx extensions in nova.11:30
micadeyeyebut I just installed the openstackx extension. And I am still getting the error.11:31
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longhudouwhen I want to upload my image with " euca-register ubuntu_11.04/ubuntutemplate.img.manifest.xml"11:57
longhudouUnknownError: An unknown error has occurred. Please try your request again.11:57
longhudouthis error was through out11:57
longhudouanyone knows that11:58
micadeyeyelonghudou, restart your machine.11:59
vendemiatmicadeyeye, what do you see in the keystone.log file ?12:00
vendemiatlonghudou, what does your glance-api.log says ?12:01
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longhudou_the error is still there12:04
vendemiatlonghudou_, check your glance/api.log12:04
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longhudou_nothing in api.log12:06
longhudou_but there is glance-api.log and api.log12:06
micadeyeyevendemiat, keystone.log doesn't exist in the installation folder.12:06
vendemiatwhere is your keystone.db files ?12:06
micadeyeyeand there is no error in the /var/lib/keystone...12:06
longhudou_I used to install cactus,maybe the log file is not ceaned clearly12:06
vendemiatif you are using bin/keystone-manage ,its in your cur dir12:06
vendemiatlonghudou_, did you upload the bundles ?12:08
micadeyeye2012-01-07 13:37:14    ERROR [root] Service swift not found12:08
micadeyeye2012-01-07 13:37:56    ERROR [root] Service nova_compat not found12:08
micadeyeye2012-01-07 13:39:28    ERROR [root] Service identity not found12:08
micadeyeye2012-01-07 13:43:20    ERROR [root] Service identity not found12:08
vendemiatdid you use the same keystone-manage for adding the service ?12:10
vendemiatif you use bin/keystone-manage , the keystone.db is in local directory12:11
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vendemiatif you use /usr/local/bin/keystone-manage then its in /var/lib/keystone/12:11
vendemiatI noticed you were using cd bin && ./keystone-manage12:11
vendemiatso its in your bin/ directory12:12
micadeyeyethe keystone db ois also in the bin12:12
vendemiatand you used the ./keystone-manage to add service ?12:12
vendemiattry adding it again, if your first insert was successful, it will show unique error during insert12:13
vendemiatAh and did you add other services as well ? I only pasted command for nova server :)12:14
micadeyeyeSome services were added - nova & glance12:14
micadeyeyeand I think those are the ones I have running.12:14
vendemiatyou need to add all the services you have specified in your endpointTemplate commands12:14
vendemiator you only add endpointTemplates for services you have added12:15
micadeyeyeI am just wondering why I get the error "Unable to get usage info: This error may be caused by a misconfigured nova url in keystone's service catalog, or by missing openstackx extensions in nova. See the dashboard README." on signing in to the dashboard12:15
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vendemiatwhen do you get that error ? during which step ?12:16
micadeyeyeOn signing in to the dashboard12:16
micadeyeyeBut my instances are appearing.12:16
vendemiatAha, so you got past configuring keystone then12:16
micadeyeyeOnly the instances are appearing. All other pages - networks, images, snapshots, et.c.- give error.12:17
vendemiatwhat URL did you put in the keystone endpointTemplate and are they correct for the services ?12:17
vendemiatalso there should be some errors on the command line if you started dasboard using venv12:18
micadeyeyebin/keystone-manage endpointTemplates add RegionOne nova http://%HOST_IP12:18
micadeyeye%:8774/v1.1/%tenant_id% http://%HOST_IP%:8774/v1.1/%tenant_id% http://12:18
micadeyeye%HOST_IP%:8774/v1.1/%tenant_id% 1 112:18
micadeyeyethat worked!12:18
vendemiat%HOST_IP% needs to be changed to your actual IP12:18
micadeyeyeokay. localhost never worked12:19
micadeyeyeshould i try again?12:19
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micadeyeyeor would work?12:19
vendemiatlocalhost should work too if dashboard and nova are on the same machine12:19
micadeyeyeI still get the error12:24
micadeyeyeUnable to get usage info: This error may be caused by a misconfigured nova url in keystone's service catalog, or by missing openstackx extensions in nova. See the dashboard README.12:24
vendemiatmicadeyeye, see anything on the dashboard log ?12:26
micadeyeyewhere? no log file in horizon.12:27
vendemiatrunning horizon from cli or apache ?12:28
vendemiatnothing on cli ?12:28
vendemiattool/ ?12:29
micadeyeyethat was how I started it.12:30
micadeyeyeOnly the instances link show the current instances.12:31
vendemiatvi local/local_settings.py12:31
vendemiatDebug True12:31
micadeyeyemy glance is down.12:33
micadeyeye"service openstack-glance restart" doesn't work12:33
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longhudou OperationalError: (2002, "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)"),12:34
longhudounova-compute on the compute node is down12:34
longhudouanybody knows that12:34
micadeyeyefor svc in api registry; do sudo service openstack-glance-$svc start; done12:34
micadeyeyewon't work either12:34
longhudou" OperationalError: (2002, "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)")" in nova-compute.log on the compute node12:35
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vendemiatmicadeyeye|out, on my system its restart glance-api && restart glance-registry12:51
vendemiatmicadeyeye|out, but I am running diablo12:52
*** micadeyeye|out is now known as micadeyeye12:55
micadeyeyevendemiat, glance-api restart. right?12:56
vendemiatmicadeyeye, on Ubuntu 11.10 I use restart glance-api12:56
vendemiatmicadeyeye, its a upstart thing or you can use /etc/init.d/glance-api restart12:57
vendemiatmicadeyeye, there should be a init script in /etc/init.d/12:57
micadeyeyesudo service openstack-glance-api restart12:59
micadeyeyeunfortunately, glance index doesn't work.12:59
micadeyeyeI will restart my pc13:00
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micadeyeyevendemiat, this is the log -
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vendemiatmicadeyeye, looks like your python path is messed up or the glance is missing13:08
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micadeyeye_why am I getting this error whenever i want to see images in glance:
micadeyeye_The command glance index works fine14:11
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micadeyeyeAll pages, except Instances, load in the dashboard.14:15
micadeyeyedon't load***14:15
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samba35how do i completely remove openstack on ubuntu 10.04 and reinstall14:48
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spyzerhey everybody, irecently downloaded the code of nova and ran the tests. But as soon as I hit test_delete_key_pair in CloudTestCase the program justs exits without even displaying any error message. The run-tests.log fil shows Segmentation fault at the last run test.17:06
spyzerPlease help17:06
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TobbeKiall: Are you around, and do you have time to help me install your openstack packages?17:13
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TobbeAnyone else who want to help me get Nova+Keystone+Glance+Dashboard up and running on ubuntu in VirtualBox? Preferable using packages, and not source19:18
*** bepernoot has joined #openstack19:20
mjforktobbe, diablo?19:20
Tobbemjfork: yes, preferably :)19:24
Tobbemjfork: I tried DevStack as per your suggestion yesterday, but could not log in to the web interface after it was done :(19:27
*** bepernoot has quit IRC19:28
mjforkTobbe: did you use the credentials you made during install?19:37
mjforkTobbe: and that is bleeding edge code, could be a bug19:38
mjforkif you want packages for diablo, try this.19:38
mjforkadd this repostiory: deb natty diablo-final19:39
mjfork(replace natty with your ubuntu version)19:39
mjforkand then follow
*** rbergeron has quit IRC19:39
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Tobbemjfork: I just let it generate random passwords for me, but yes, I used the "admin" password that was generated19:48
mjforkcould have been a bug someone introduced19:48
Tobbesaid something about not being able to talk to the auth server or something19:48
TobbeI'm running ubuntu 32-bit, is that a problem?19:49
mjforkhmm, i don't think so.19:49
mjforki could see maybe KVM compalining19:49
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Tobbethat guide doesn't mention Dashboard19:51
*** mcclurmc has joined #openstack19:51
Tobbeand it also isn't for installing in VirtualBox. What extra steps do I need to take?19:51
mjforkI don't belive any since you are doing single machine19:52
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micadeyeyemjfork, i get this error - - everytime I click on the images link in the openstack dashboard.19:55
micadeyeyewhat am i missing?19:55
Tobbemjfork: so I can install regular nova-compute? No need for nova-compute-lxc?19:55
micadeyeyeI also get an error whenever I sign in. The error is: Unable to get usage info: This error may be caused by a misconfigured nova url in keystone's service catalog, or by missing openstackx extensions in nova. See the dashboard README.19:57
micadeyeyeI have the openstackx extension installed. What am I missing?19:57
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack20:03
Tobbethat guide installs NTP Server, is that really needed on a single machine install?20:10
TobbeAlso, it changes the db bind address from to this also isn't needed on a single machine install, right?20:10
TobbeI don't want/need swift, can I just skip that part of the guide? Or is the given nova config dependant on swift?20:15
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