Sunday, 2012-01-08

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samba35if i have to use openstack is it mandatory to have amazon account05:56
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Kiallsamba35, no.. OpenStack has nothing to do with Amazon, at least, not in that way...06:19
KiallOpenStack could be viewed as a competitor to Amazon's services... You 110% dont need an amazon account to use it ;)]06:19
samba35Kiall, we are doing a college project with openstack06:22
samba35which server you recommand on which openstack work cool06:23
KiallUbuntu is what the OpenStack developers user, so its the best tested...06:24
samba35any idea which version of ubuntu06:24
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samba35at present i have ubuntu 10.04 installed on my home system06:25
KiallI use 11.10, but some others use 10.04 LTS...06:26
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samba35i am sorry Kiall i may ask you some very basic and stupid question i really apologizes for that in advance06:28
samba35how many nics i should one06:29
samba35is it diffcult to setup a openstack cloud one system ? how much ram i should have on system06:29
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Kiallsamba35, sorry was AFK..06:41
samba35its ok06:41
Kiall2 NICs is easier than 1, but 1 is doable..06:41
Kialland ram wise, it really depends on how many VMs you want to run...06:42
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samba35how many machines i should have to setup a basic openstack cloud at home06:43
KiallYou can run everything on 1 server if you want..06:44
samba35to learn ,for basic openstack cloud setup what we should read06:45
samba35do u have any link for pdf or doc or web site06:46
Kiallthe documentation ;)06:46
samba35which networking we should use we are confued about vde ,bridge ,vlans06:47
samba35infacet we have purchase netgear manage switch which support vlan06:48
Kiallthat depends on what you want ;) If only one network mode was useful, the others would not exist!06:48
KiallThe docs explain the differneces between the 3 network managers06:48
samba35which method we should follow ,manual installation or script based installation06:52
samba35yeah i understood its odd qustion but for staters what is recommand way06:57
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TobbeKiall: I wanted to follow your guide to installing OpenStack with your packages, but what do I enter for the network settings?
TobbeHOST_IP, is that the ip I use to ssh to the computer I'm installing OpenStack on?07:01
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Kiallyes, thats correct07:02
TobbeAnd is that typically the same I'd use for FLOATING_RANGE?07:02
Tobbejust adding /24 or whatever I want?07:02
Kiallyea.. exactly07:03
Tobbeok, great :) Now for the more confusing parts, the FIXED_* settings07:03
Tobbewhat is _BITS, _SIZE, and _COUNT?07:04
Kiallthey are the private networks, BITS is the netmask bits.. ie == /2407:04
Kiallso make sure the mask and bits settings match ;)07:04
Kiallcount is the number of private networks to create..07:05
TobbeSo "1" on a single machine install?07:05
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Kiallits usually safe to leave those as is.. unless they conflict with your existing networks...07:05
Kiallno, it can be 1 millionn on a single node install if you like ;)07:05
Kialldepending on the network mode you use, each project/tenant may have their own network07:06
Tobbeyeah, but one should be enough right? One network for all your nodes07:06
TobbeAnd _SIZE is the maximum number of computers in one network?07:08
Kiallyes .. just make sure it lines up with a valid netmask..07:09
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TobbeKiall: great, thanks :) I'll try installing using your packages again. But now it's time for breakfast :)07:10
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TobbeKiall: I'm noticing that your glance script is downloading amd64 versions of the images. My ubuntu install is 32bit. That's not going to work, is it?08:19
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Remco_Small question, what is best configuration for the public interface, e.g. I don't want to give it a public ip address, so no services are listening on public ip address, and host has only the public ips for its clients.10:01
Remco_but without ip I have so issues configuring the public gateway.10:02
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rgidronI have a fresh install of openStack and I am getting an error (Errno 111 ECONNREFUSED) from glance when trying to publish my first image10:09
rgidronglance is running (ps aux | grep glance)10:09
rgidronwhere do I look?10:10
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mikalrgidron: what does /var/log/nova/* say?10:37
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mikalIs there anything relevant there?10:37
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TobbeEvery page of the dashboard says "Unable to get usage info: [Errno 111] ECONNREFUSED". This is my first install of openstack ever.12:46
TobbeHow do I find out what's wrong?12:46
Tobbeno recent entry in any of the /var/log/nova/* files12:47
Tobbe(recent as in the last hour)12:47
Tobbelatest entry is from when I installed OpenStack earlier today12:48
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TobbeThe most interesting entry seems to be in nova-network.log12:49
Tobbe2012-01-08 10:05:30,340 CRITICAL nova [-] flag --multi_host=True # Use multiple nova-network nodes. With this setting, every nova-compute node also needs nova-network.: ('Non-boolean argument to boolean flag', 'True # Use multiple nova-network nodes. With this setting, every nova-compute node also needs nova-network.')12:49
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mjforki think that "CRITICAL" is more of a heads up12:57
mjforkTobbe: is nova-api running?12:57
mjforkstart that13:00
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Tobbestart: Rejected send message, 1 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.6" (uid=1000 pid=10879 comm="start nova-api ") interface="com.ubuntu.Upstart0_6.Job" member="Start" error name="(unset)" requested_reply="0" destination="com.ubuntu.Upstart" (uid=0 pid=1 comm="/sbin/init")13:02
Tobbethat's what I get when I try to start it13:02
mjforktry nova-api /etc/nova/nova.conf13:02
mjforkdoes that throw an error?13:03
Tobbejust "nova-api /etc/nova/nova.conf" gave me permission denied errors. Running it with sudo doesn't throw any errors, but it also doesn't show up in "ps aux | grep nova-api"13:04
TobbeRunning it with sudo it says "Starting the Token Authentication component" twice and nothing more13:04
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mjforkwho owns the nova-api file13:06
mjforkand the nova.conf files/13:06
Tobbe-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1572 2011-12-21 05:27 /usr/bin/nova-api13:07
Tobbe-rw-------  1 nova nova 1053 2012-01-08 10:05 nova.conf13:07
mjforkis there an init.d script for it?13:08
Tobberoot owns nova-compute.conf and api-paste.ini13:08
mjforktry running the init.d direct13:09
TobbeI did. That's when I got the "start: Rejected send message..." output I pasted earlier13:09
mjforkok, i thought you ran start nova-api13:09
Tobbeyes, they give the exact same output13:09
Tobbe"service nova-api start" also gives the exact same output13:10
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mjfork /etc/init.d/nova-api start13:10
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mjforksudo service nova-api start13:10
mjforkor sudo /etc/init.d/nova-api start13:11
Tobbewithout sudo:
mjforkok, guess all 3 do the exact same thing13:11
mjforktry with sudo13:11
Tobbeyeah, "nova-api start/running, process 10913" <-- with sudo13:12
Tobbeps aux | grep nova-api still doens't show it though13:12
mjforkits python13:12
mjforkhow about netstat -tnap13:12
mjforkanything listening on 8773/877413:13
Tobbe(nothing shows up for ps aux | grep 10913 either)13:13
Tobbewill check netstat13:13
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mjforkpaste bin output of netstat -tnap | grep LISTEN13:13
Tobbenothing on 8773 or 877413:14
mjforkps auxww | grep 1091313:15
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mjforktry stopping/starting it13:19
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micadeyeye_Why do I get this error -Unable to get usage info: This error may be caused by a misconfigured nova url in keystone's service catalog, or by missing openstackx extensions in nova. See the dashboard README. - everytime I sign into OpenStack?13:20
livemoonmake sure you have started nova-api sucessfully13:20
mjforkmicadeyeye openstackx is not installed on nova node, your extensions dir is not right, or openstackx is wrong version13:20
micadeyeye_I have the OpenStackx extension installed.13:20
micadeyeye_it's in /tmp/openstackx13:21
mjforkwhats your extensison dir in nova.conf13:21
micadeyeye_the same13:21
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mjforkwhat version of dashboard? diablo?13:22
mjforkwhere did you get openstackx?13:23
micadeyeye_git clone git:// /tmp/openstackx13:24
Tobbemjfork: "stop" says "stop: Unknown instance:", starting again gives me a pid, but ps aux doesn't show it13:24
micadeyeye_I never ran the 'make' command in the /tmp/openstackx/ after pulling it down.13:25
micadeyeye_I am not sure I need to.13:25
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micadeyeye_I followed the instructions here -
mjforkmicadeyeye you need diablo branch13:29
mjforknot head13:29
mjforkTobbe: look @ the init.d script, see what command it builds13:30
mjforkTobbe: run that manually13:30
mjforkanything in nova-api.lgo13:30
micadeyeye_see git branch --track diablo remotes/origin/diablo13:31
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rgidrondoes one need to restart glance after making changes to glance-api.conf (datadir entries)?13:32
mjforkDownload the zipfile at
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mjforkrgidron: yes, restart glance-api13:32
micadeyeye_[micadeyeye@micadeyeye openstackx]$ git branch --track diablo remotes/origin/diablo13:32
micadeyeye_fatal: A branch named 'diablo' already exists.13:32
micadeyeye_[micadeyeye@micadeyeye openstackx]$ git checkout diablo13:32
micadeyeye_Already on 'diablo'13:32
micadeyeye_[micadeyeye@micadeyeye openstackx]$13:32
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micadeyeye_should I get the file?13:33
mjforkyes, download the zipfile using
micadeyeye_YOu can see I have diablo13:33
Tobbemjfork: nova-api log:
Tobbe(there's a stacktrace in there)13:34
mjforkTobbe: doh, looks like True needs to be true?13:34
mjforkTobbe: i missed the IllegalFlagValue before13:34
mjforkits picking the comment up13:34
mjforknotice "'Non-boolean argument to boolean flag" then it has "True # Use..."13:35
mjforkmicadeyeye _if you are sure you are on diablo, pastebin nova-compute.log after restarting nova-compute and logging into dashboard and getting the error13:35
mjforkmicadeyeye turn on  verbose in teh conf file, restart, and do it again13:40
Tobbemjfork: nice! removing the comment from nova.conf made something work :) nova-api now stays running. And the error in the dashboard has now been replaced by another error ;)13:40
mjforkTobbe: did you add that comment, or kiall?13:40
TobbeNew error: "Unable to get usage info: The server has either erred or is incapable of performing the requested operation."13:40
mjforkTobbe: look @ nova-compute.olog13:40
TobbeI didn't write it, so I guess the blame is on Kiall :p13:40
mjforkok, we will want to point that out to him so he can fix it13:41
micadeyeye_no change13:44
micadeyeye_2012-01-08 15:42:58,618 INFO nova.compute.manager [-] Found 1 in the database and 0 on the hypervisor.13:44
micadeyeye_2012-01-08 15:43:58,623 INFO nova.compute.manager [-] Updating host status13:44
micadeyeye_2012-01-08 15:43:58,942 INFO nova.compute.manager [-] Found 1 in the database and 0 on the hypervisor.13:44
mjforkmicadeyeye if you set verbose, doesn't look like you restart nova-compute?13:45
micadeyeye_sudo systemctl restart openstack-nova-api.service13:45
Tobbemjfork: I wrote an issue on github:
micadeyeye_i just used for svc in api objectstore compute network volume scheduler; do sudo service openstack-nova-$svc start; done13:46
mjforkTobbe: thanks13:46
*** anfernee_ has joined #openstack13:46
mjforkmicadeyeye restart it by hand - something isn't right - it shuodl spit out all kinds of info on restart13:46
mjforkmicadeyeye much better13:49
mjforkwhat was that from?13:49
mjforkmicadeyeye did you just not paste it before? or was the restart not working13:50
Tobbemjfork: I will have to continue later. My son just woke up. Thanks for your help this far!13:51
micadeyeye_i restarted it and pasted all the log13:51
mjforkTobbe: np, good luck13:51
mjforkmicadeyeye ok - so if your ealrier restarts were not taking, try dashboard again13:51
mjforkmicadeyeye and i would have expected more if it was actually picking up the extensions13:52
micadeyeye_I will drop the extension in the openstack-dashboard dir rather than the /tmp.13:53
mjforkwas this really last line of nova-compute.log : 2012-01-08 15:48:16,136 DEBUG nova [-] vsa_part_size_gb : 100 from (pid=5449) wait /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/nova/
micadeyeye_but just changed now13:55
mjforkpastebin ls -l /tmp/openstackx/extensions/13:56
*** msavy has joined #openstack13:56
*** anfernee_ has quit IRC14:01
mjforkso, it looks right14:03
mjforkrestart all your services manually14:03
mjforkso we know they get picked up14:03
mjforkrestart dashboard14:03
mjforklog in, paste the error you see14:03
*** livemoon has quit IRC14:04
micadeyeye_is there a command i can use.14:05
micadeyeye_have always done this:14:05
micadeyeye_$> for svc in api registry; do sudo service openstack-glance-$svc start; done14:05
micadeyeye_$> for svc in api registry; do sudo chkconfig openstack-glance-$svc on; done14:05
micadeyeye_$> for svc in api objectstore compute network volume scheduler; do sudo service openstack-nova-$svc start; done14:05
micadeyeye_$> for svc in api objectstore compute network volume scheduler; do sudo chkconfig openstack-nova-$svc on; done14:05
micadeyeye_NOva compute log -
micadeyeye_Nova-api log -
*** livemoon has joined #openstack14:10
*** k299 has joined #openstack14:10
mjforkdoesn't look to be loading your extensiosn14:11
mjforkdid you build/install it?14:13
mjforkmake buildrpm14:13
mjforkor make install14:13
micadeyeye_I said earlier i never did "make install"14:13
micadeyeye_it's not in the instruction and I was wondering14:13
micadeyeye_Should i do so?14:14
mjforki haven't installed it from source before, but i would think yes14:14
mjforki would probably build / isntall the RPM14:14
mjforkyou ar eon RHEL right?14:14
mjforkyeah, make buildrpm14:14
micadeyeye_how about use the make install in the /tpm/openstackx dir?14:14
*** kloeri has quit IRC14:15
mjforki wouldn't, only because it may be harder to uninstall14:15
micadeyeye_What would you advise?14:16
mjforkbuidl/isntall RPM14:16
mjforkmicadeyeye well, how have you installed to date14:16
mjforkare you using packages?14:16
micadeyeye_Packages for nova via the add/remove in Fedora. Downloaded and installed openstack-dashboard and keystone.14:17
mjforkdoes openstackx have a package?14:17
micadeyeye_not from the add/remove though. still loading here.14:20
mjforkinstall from rpm14:20
micadeyeye_I just ran a quick search14:20
*** shaibn has quit IRC14:25
micadeyeye_mjfork, No package python-openstackx available14:30
micadeyeye_Non in Fedora14:30
*** kloeri has joined #openstack14:32
mjforkbuid / install rpm from source then14:32
*** supriya has quit IRC14:46
micadeyeye_mjfork, Unable to get usage info: [Errno 111] Connection refused14:56
mjforknova-api iosn't running14:58
mjforkmicadeyeye ^14:58
micadeyeye_the new log -
mjforkcheck nova-api14:59
*** NOKAH has quit IRC15:01
micadeyeye_compute-log has changed, see
*** msavy has quit IRC15:04
*** msavy has joined #openstack15:05
mjforkmicadeyeye_ check nova-api,15:10
micadeyeye_[micadeyeye@micadeyeye openstackx]$ make buildrpm15:18
micadeyeye_`which python` bdist_rpm --post-install=rpm/postinstall --pre-uninstall=rpm/preuninstall15:18
micadeyeye_running bdist_rpm15:18
micadeyeye_error: error in 'post_install' option: 'rpm/postinstall' does not exist or is not a file15:18
mjforknot sure15:19
mjforki guess just make install then15:19
*** livemoon has quit IRC15:20
micadeyeye_mjfork, i will continue some other time15:25
mjforkmicadeyeye_: ok, you can also try openstackx from the other RHEL repo from griddynamics15:25
micadeyeye_This is being deleted in favor of python-novaclient. We are working on moving all the functionality into nova core and novaclient15:28
mjforkmicadeyeye_:  yes but that applies to essex release15:28
mjforkyou need it for diablo15:28
micadeyeye_it thought it had been installed15:29
micadeyeye_What about the additional info in the computelog.15:29
*** jdarcy_ has quit IRC15:29
mjforkmicadeyeye_ nothing interesting in there15:30
*** jdarcy has joined #openstack15:30
mjforkmicadeyeye_ "it thought it had been installed" - what is "it"?15:30
*** egant has joined #openstack15:31
mjforkmicadeyeye_: ^ try that package15:32
*** jdarcy has quit IRC15:32
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*** anpl has joined #openstack15:34
anplwhether we should add OPENSTACK_ADMIN_TOKEN = "999888777666" on localsettings.py15:35
anplwhile installing dashboard15:35
mjforkyes, assuming that is your admin token15:35
mjforkdo you see it running keystone-manage token list15:36
anpllet me check15:36
anplone minute15:36
anplyes I do see it there15:37
rgidronglance error can't upload image  can you please take a look?15:42
micadeyeye_mjfork, see
micadeyeye_that rpm wants me to downgrade python, I think.15:42
mjforkmicadeyeye_:  ok, agreed, must be on a  newer platform than RHEL615:44
mjforkmicadeyeye_:  i would suggest make isntall from source15:45
mjforkor contacting the packager to fidn out abuot openstackx15:45
rgidronmjfork - would you agree to take a look - still unable to upload to glance15:48
*** dnjaramba has quit IRC15:49
mjforkrgidron: i need to run for now or i will be late for church.  if you are using keystone, make sure you updated the glance-api.conf and glance-registry.conf to talk to keystone.15:49
mjforkbacjk in an hour15:50
rgidronThanks mjfork!15:50
micadeyeye_mjfork, is a catholic.15:53
micadeyeye_or orthodox15:54
micadeyeye_An hr service?15:54
*** hdms has joined #openstack16:07
*** tmichael has joined #openstack16:07
*** freeflyi1g has joined #openstack16:10
*** freeflying has quit IRC16:14
*** mgoldmann has quit IRC16:19
*** livemoon has joined #openstack16:27
*** ejat- has joined #openstack16:29
*** ejat has quit IRC16:31
*** ejat- is now known as ejat16:31
*** ejat has joined #openstack16:31
*** paulmillar has quit IRC16:35
*** livemoon has quit IRC16:48
*** hdms_ has joined #openstack16:52
*** hdms has quit IRC16:53
*** hdms has joined #openstack16:53
*** hdms has left #openstack16:54
*** saju_m has joined #openstack17:01
*** saju_m has quit IRC17:03
*** saju_m has joined #openstack17:04
*** egant has quit IRC17:06
*** saju_m has quit IRC17:07
*** tmichael has quit IRC17:18
mjforkrgidron: did it work?17:27
mjforkmicadeyeye_ catholic service :-)17:27
KiallTobbe: whoops - I see that comment I added screwed things up :/17:30
*** Carmivore has quit IRC17:38
*** Carmivore has joined #openstack17:43
micadeyeye_can anyone explain to me what I am missing here -
micadeyeye_am tryint to build openstack rpm'17:48
mjforkmicadeyeye_ do an /etc/init.d/openstack-nova-api restart and pastebin the nova-api.log contents17:51
mjforkmicadeyeye_ i want to compare it to mine17:56
micadeyeye_You will see that the extension is loaded.18:02
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack18:08
*** krow has joined #openstack18:08
Kiallmicadeyeye: re your RPM issue..18:10
KiallIt looks like the "openstackx-0.01.tar.gz" file doesnt extract to a folder called "openstackx-0.01" as RPM requires18:11
Kiallmicadeyeye_: ^18:11
micadeyeye_Kiall, i was trying to build an rpm18:12
Kiallyea, i know..18:12
micadeyeye_but I later downloaded and installed it using python install18:12
Kiallwhen RPM expects that .tar.gz to contain a folder called "openstackx-0.01" and not "openstackx" etc..18:12
Kiallotherwise you get an error like that..18:12
*** warik has joined #openstack18:13
*** ChrisAM1 is now known as ChrisAM18:14
micadeyeye_mjfork, did you check the log?18:15
anpli get this error:
anplon installing keystone18:22
anpl pip-python install -r tools/pip-requires18:23
anpl pip-python install -r tools/pip-requires18:23
anplpip-python install -r tools/pip-requires18:23
anplpip-python install -r tools/pip-requires18:23
*** jmckenty has joined #openstack18:27
*** ugarit has joined #openstack18:30
ugaritBTW, folks, OpenStack DC is now up and running with the first meetup planned
mjforkmicadeyeye_ i see they have now loaded18:31
mjforkmicadeyeye_ i think the endponitTemplates are wrong18:33
mjforkmicadeyeye_ keystone-manage endpointTemplates list18:33
mjforkanpl:  run this "/usr/bin/python -c "import setuptools;__file__='/opt/installs/openstack-keystone-3275af7/build/pysqlite/';execfile(__file__)" install --single-version-externally-managed --record /tmp/pip-ynksfA-record/install-record.txt" at the CLI18:35
micadeyeye_it's messed up18:36
micadeyeye_how can i remove the ones with the percent....18:36
mjforkthe ones with percent are right18:37
mjforkwell, partially right18:37
mjforkyou need the IP18:37
mjforkfind the file keystone.db18:38
micadeyeye_i know where it is.18:38
*** jmckenty is now known as joshuamckenty18:38
mjforkok, i would start over - just rename it to keystone.db.old, restart keystone18:39
mjforkthen follow these directions18:39
mjforkreplacing the IP addresses with yours18:39
mjforkdon't touch the other values18:40
mjforki.e. all the %teant_id% should be left as is18:40
micadeyeye_can i use localhost?18:40
micadeyeye_though nova (in bashrc) has
mjforkuse the 10.18:42
micadeyeye_But it can change. Because it's DHCP assigned.18:42
mjforkyou can try 12718:44
mjforki guess it woudl work18:44
*** Remco_ has joined #openstack18:44
*** dotdevops has joined #openstack18:52
*** Remco_ has quit IRC18:53
micadeyeye_WSGI server has stopped.18:55
*** dotdevops has quit IRC18:57
mjforkwhat does that mean?18:59
micadeyeye_am getting error whenever I start the nova-api19:00
anplthanks mjfork19:00
anplI got horizon and keystone working finally!19:00
anplI get this rror tho, on accessing "images" link on dashboard19:00
micadeyeye_my nova api now gives: (nova): TRACE: OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/tmp/openstackx/extensions/'19:07
micadeyeye_nova-api -
micadeyeye_compute log -
micadeyeye_Thanks mjfork19:13
micadeyeye_I now see: There are currently no instances.19:13
micadeyeye_You can launch an instance from the Images Page.19:13
micadeyeye_But I now get this error -
*** ugarit has quit IRC19:15
mjforkso it was just a restart o nova api?!?19:15
micadeyeye_The error I get on clicking images19:15
mjforkmicadeyeye_ exact same error that i am helping anpl with19:16
mjforkso i am guessing that the head version of diablo is hosed19:16
micadeyeye_that's funny19:16
micadeyeye_I do have an instance running.19:16
micadeyeye_[micadeyeye@micadeyeye bin]$ euca-describe-instances19:17
micadeyeye_INSTANCEi-00000001ami-00000003192.168.1.0192.168.0.2runningNone (micadeyeye, micadeyeye)0m1.small2012-01-07T13:42:45Znovaaki-00000002ari-0000000119:17
micadeyeye_[micadeyeye@micadeyeye bin]$19:17
mjforkmicadeyeye what is in glance-regitry and galnce-api.logs19:17
mjforkmicadeyeye_ did you change glance-api and glance-registry to auth against keystone19:20
micadeyeye_glance registry:
*** paulmillar has joined #openstack19:20
micadeyeye_am not sure19:20
micadeyeye_i will i do that?19:20
*** qazwsx has joined #openstack19:21
mjforkyes, shuold be there19:21
micadeyeye_don't know what to do there?19:22
micadeyeye_glance api log has: 2012-01-07 15:35:13     INFO [] Directory to write image files does not exist (/var/lib/glance/images/). Creating.19:22
mjforkthe msg is ok19:22
mjforkopen it up, go to the bottom19:22
mjforkshoudl be keystone info you need to fill out19:22
micadeyeye_it's there19:22
mjforkuncomment line 137, comment 13519:23
micadeyeye_what about its registry.conf?19:26
mjforkprobably thes ame change19:26
mjforklok for a line that says uncomment to enable keystone19:26
*** dotdevops has joined #openstack19:27
micadeyeye_uncomment like 46 in
micadeyeye_comment like 44. right?19:28
micadeyeye_Images URl now load but with the error:Error connecting to glance: There was an error connecting to a server Details: [Errno 111] Connection refused19:31
micadeyeye_I have restarted glance19:31
mjforkdid glance come up?19:31
mjforkyou have have to install python-keystone19:32
micadeyeye_No package python-keystone available19:33
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack19:34
mjforkmaybe python-keystone-client?19:34
mjforklook in glance logs19:34
mjforkmake sure it is a keystone error19:35
micadeyeye_[micadeyeye@micadeyeye horizon.git]$ sudo glance-api19:35
micadeyeye_ERROR: Error trying to load config /etc/glance/glance-api.conf: No module named keystone.middleware.auth_token19:35
micadeyeye_i could download and it. It's here
mjforki don't think that right.. one sec.19:38
mjforkmicadeyeye_ do you have a file named on your system?19:39
*** cmasseraf has joined #openstack19:39
anplthat worked19:41
*** paulmillar has quit IRC19:41
mjforkmicadeyeye that file is there19:41
anplyou are great19:41
anplthank you so much19:41
* micadeyeye_ can't wait to say "you're great to mjfork too"19:43
mjforkanpl: is glance on your server or a different?19:43
anplmicadeyeye: which os you use?19:43
anplsame server19:43
mjforkmicadeyeye are you on ubuntu? or rhel?19:44
micadeyeye_Fedora 1619:44
anplI use SL 6.119:44
anpldid you install python-keystoneclient from epel19:44
micadeyeye_anpl, no19:45
micadeyeye_I just asked mjfork if i should.19:45
anpli have that installed19:46
micadeyeye_my doesn't contain the auth_token19:47
anplI have added that too19:47
micadeyeye_<anpl> hi19:47
micadeyeye_<anpl> whether we should add OPENSTACK_ADMIN_TOKEN = "999888777666" on localsettings.py19:47
micadeyeye_<anpl> while installing dashboard19:47
micadeyeye_<mjfork> yes, assuming that is your admin toke19:47
anplthe default one19:47
anplI added it on localsettings.py19:48
micadeyeye_maybe, i should download and install python-keystoneclient too.19:50
mjforkis that a library name?19:50
anpladd EPEL repo19:50
anpland do yum install19:50
mjforkis there a pyes, install pythone-keystoneclient19:51
anplyum install python-keystoneclient19:51
micadeyeye_nope, there is none.19:51
anplwrong info19:52
anplI got it from GridDynamics19:52
mjforkis there a python-keystone?19:52
mjforki have only ever done this on ubuntu19:52
anplyes, but from GridDynamic repo19:52
anplI use SL 6.119:52
micadeyeye_i might need to add the griddynamics to my source.19:53
mjforkyou can try19:53
anplwill it work with Fedora?19:53
mjforkif you *only* get the client19:53
mjforkmicadeyeye_ can you do this on ubuntu? or do you have an FC requirement?19:54
anplGridDynamic have repo for CentOS 6 and SL 619:54
micadeyeye_there is no python_keystone client here -
micadeyeye_Fedora is the only OS I have here19:55
anplyum list python-key*19:55
anplInstalled Packages19:55
anplpython-keystoneclient.noarch                                                                                      2.7-b1344                                                                                   @gd19:55
anplAvailable Packages19:55
anplpython-keystoneclient-doc.noarch                                                                                  2.7-b1344                                                                                   gd19:55
mjforki don't think that will work19:56
mjforkcause FC has 2.7 python right?19:56
mjforkyou can try it19:56
anplI gotta crash19:57
anplonce again thanks mjfork19:58
anplbye guys19:59
micadeyeye_[micadeyeye@micadeyeye opt]$ rpm -i python-keystoneclient-2.7-b1344.noarch.rpm19:59
micadeyeye_warning: python-keystoneclient-2.7-b1344.noarch.rpm: Header V4 RSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID 596f1e88: NOKEY19:59
micadeyeye_error: Failed dependencies:19:59
micadeyeye_python(abi) = 2.6 is needed by python-keystoneclient-2.7-b1344.noarch19:59
mjforki am not sure here.19:59
*** anpl has left #openstack19:59
mjforksomehow you need to tell glance where the keystone_auth is20:00
mjforki don't know how to do that20:00
mjforkits on the system20:00
micadeyeye_okay, in just inserted it into my localsettings.py20:00
micadeyeye_let me restart20:01
mjforkmicadeyeye_ gotta run20:06
mjforkgood luick20:06
micadeyeye_thanks a million20:08
micadeyeye_will keep you posted20:08
*** phschwartz has joined #openstack20:12
*** CrazyThinker has quit IRC20:20
*** pothos has quit IRC20:26
*** pothos has joined #openstack20:28
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*** pothos has quit IRC20:34
*** pothos has joined #openstack20:34
*** CrazyThinker has joined #openstack20:34
*** paulmillar has quit IRC20:37
TobbeOk, back at trying to get this running again :)20:38
*** krow has quit IRC20:38
TobbeWhen trying to start nova-compute I get this in the logs: 2012-01-08 16:06:22,806 CRITICAL nova [-] (ProgrammingError) (1146, "Table 'nova.instances' doesn't exist")20:38
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC20:38
Tobbefollowed by a huge sql statement20:38
*** krow has joined #openstack20:38
Tobbeand then a stack trace20:39
Tobbedid something in the install not go as it should?20:39
TobbeKiall: you told me to modify to install nova-compute-lxc since I'm running inside VirtualBox. I forgot to do that :( Can I just install it now, after everything else is installed? Do I need to make any config changes or something like that to use it?20:46
KiallTobbe: You'll need to remove nova-compute-kvm, and install nova-compute-lxc20:54
KiallI'm sure how apt/dpkg will let you do that though :)20:54
Kiall(since nova-compute depends on nova-compute-kvm or nova-compute-lxc)20:55
KiallTobbe: re the error, it looks like the SQL migrations failed20:55
Kialldid you use the "all in one" script, or manually run each part?20:56
TobbeI used the all in one script20:56
KiallAnd did you already have mysql-server installed at that point?20:56
Tobbe(I don't think so atleast)20:57
TobbeI installed on a fresh ubuntu 11.10 server installation20:57
KiallOkay, If it wasnt installed, it would have installed it for you and pre-seeded the password from `settings`20:57
KiallWait, you had an error caused by that comment?20:58
Kiallin nova.conf20:58
KiallOkay, That explains it...20:58
KiallIf you `git pull` then run `./` it should fix it up ..20:59
Kiall(Github edit in browser leads to making changes without testing.. whoops)20:59
Tobbeyeah, I hate that feature21:00
*** dotdevops has quit IRC21:00
Tobbeand you get one commit per file you edit :(21:00
KiallYea.. Its annoying, but so damn convenient ;)21:00
Tobbethere should be a "stage" button next to the save button (assuming there is a save button - I never tried editing in the browser)21:01
KiallYea, there isn't.. Just a "Commit" button21:01
Kiallanyway, if you pull then re-run, and maybe, it should "repair the damage" caused by that comment21:02
Tobbeso I ran, this is the output:
Kiallit finished with that?21:03
Tobbea bit concerned about the restart: Unknown instance:21:03
Kiallyea, it tried to restart one of the services, but the service was already off21:03
*** Ruetobas has quit IRC21:03
Tobbeso, all good now?21:04
Kialllooks like it was nova-scheduler, no big deal.. Start/Restart if manually21:04
Tobbeno more errors in dashboard at least :)21:05
*** cmasseraf has quit IRC21:06
TobbeKiall: your script is only made to work on 64bit systems, isn't it?21:06
*** hdms_ has joined #openstack21:07
*** hdms_ is now known as hdms21:08
*** Ruetobas has joined #openstack21:09
KiallTobbe: nope, well.. kinda21:10
Kiallthe images it downloads are 64 bit..21:10
Tobbecan I just change the urls in the glance-upload* scripts and rerun them to get 32bit images?21:11
*** Carmivore has quit IRC21:11
Kiallyea - but its more than the url thats tied to 64bit21:12
KiallL6, L7 and L14 need changes21:12
*** Carmivore has joined #openstack21:16
*** rnorwood has quit IRC21:18
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack21:19
*** reed_ has joined #openstack21:19
*** Carmivore has quit IRC21:20
*** CrazyThinker has quit IRC21:22
*** tmichael has joined #openstack21:23
*** pixelbeat has quit IRC21:23
TobbeKiall: so any idea how to change from nova-compute-kvm to nova-compute-lxc?21:23
Kiall"dpkg -r --ignore-depends nova-compute-kvm" might let you remove that package without removing everything else...21:25
*** Carmivore has joined #openstack21:25
KiallIf it does, you can just apt-get install nova-compute-lxc after...21:26
TobbeI'll try :)21:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #913545 in nova "Servers created using a image bookmark link as the imageRef end up in ERROR status" [Undecided,New]
*** bepernoot has joined #openstack21:27
sorenTobbe: Doesn't installing nova-compute-lxc just remove nova-compute-kvm?21:28
*** bepernoot has quit IRC21:29
sorenTobbe: That was certainly the intent.21:29
Kiallsoren: maybe.. I've never actually tried21:32
micadeyeye_i noticed that everytime I re-install the dashboard it all end up crashing the glance service.21:32
sorenmicadeyeye_: :(21:32
micadeyeye_it always*21:33
micadeyeye_[micadeyeye@micadeyeye opt]$ for svc in api registry; do sudo service openstack-glance-$svc restart; done21:34
micadeyeye_[sudo] password for micadeyeye:21:34
micadeyeye_Redirecting to /bin/systemctl  restart openstack-glance-api.service21:34
micadeyeye_Redirecting to /bin/systemctl  restart openstack-glance-registry.service21:34
micadeyeye_[micadeyeye@micadeyeye opt]$ for svc in api registry; do sudo chkconfig openstack-glance-$svc on; done21:34
micadeyeye_Note: Forwarding request to 'systemctl enable openstack-glance-api.service'.21:34
micadeyeye_Note: Forwarding request to 'systemctl enable openstack-glance-registry.service'.21:34
micadeyeye_[micadeyeye@micadeyeye opt]$ glance index21:34
micadeyeye_Failed to show index. Got error:21:34
micadeyeye_Unable to connect to server. Got error: [Errno 111] ECONNREFUSED21:34
micadeyeye_[micadeyeye@micadeyeye opt]$21:34
*** CrazyThinker has joined #openstack21:34
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack21:35
*** praefect has quit IRC21:36
sorenmicadeyeye_: Wait, what?21:36
*** warik has quit IRC21:39
micadeyeye_Yeah, I started getting the above error after I re-installed the openstack dashboard21:41
*** zigo has quit IRC21:42
micadeyeye_Yesterday, I had to do a fresh installation for openstack again.21:42
*** CrazyThinker has quit IRC21:42
Tobbesoren, Kiall: I just installed -lxc, without doing anything with -kvm first. Now dpkg says "deinstall" on kvm and "install" on lxc. Before installing lxc it didn't mention it at all21:42
*** lvaughn_ has joined #openstack21:52
*** lvaughn has quit IRC21:52
*** CrazyThinker has joined #openstack21:54
*** clopez has joined #openstack21:55
KiallTobbe: thats find..21:56
Kiallits going to switch them for you..21:56
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack22:00
*** tdc has left #openstack22:04
micadeyeye_Kiall, you know why I am getting the above error:22:06
zykes-_what does keystone return on successful token revocation ?22:09
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack22:10
micadeyeye_soren, you asked me to wait.22:11
*** CrazyThinker has quit IRC22:12
*** marrusl has quit IRC22:16
*** marrusl_ has quit IRC22:16
zykes-_anyone knows ?22:18
*** CrazyThinker has joined #openstack22:25
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*** AlanClark has joined #openstack22:33
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*** Kiall has joined #openstack23:13
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