Sunday, 2012-01-15

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yaguanghi,all,any one has experience on deploying multi_host  network of openstack04:04
yaguangi wonder how  instance get the metadata  in multi_host mode04:04
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anplany one created a custome image for openstack05:25
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OrpJust read the following on "Every instance larger than m1.tiny starts with some local storage (up to 160GB for m1.xlarge). This storage is currently the second partition on the root drive." Where is this local storage? On the compute server?06:44
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anplI created a custom CentOS image and launched instance successfully08:50
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anplconsole.log seems to be fine08:50
anplbut not able to access the instance throgh IP or not able to ping to it08:50
anplsame time everything works fine with the ubuntu image08:51
anplI think some thing went wrong while creating the image08:51
trevorjanpl: firewall?08:52
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trevorjanpl: or network config in the instance not set to dhcp? (I'm not that versed in openstack, just assuming it uses DHCP for host addressing)08:53
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anpltevorj: thats a good catch, I may have to disable firewall08:55
anpltrevorj: in ifcfg-eth0 the line HWADDR contains a mac id. Should I remove that08:56
anpltrevorj: I meant to ask should I remove that line08:57
trevorjanpl: yes08:58
trevorjanpl: it's safe to remove it08:58
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anpltrevorj: just comment HWADDR line or HWADDR ""08:59
trevorjanpl: you can delete the line08:59
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anpltrevorj: Thanks, let me try that08:59
anpltrevorj; for vnc access should we install vnc in the image?09:01
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anpltrevorj: now I have ONBOOT="no" thats should be ONBOOT="yes" right?09:06
anplconsole log shows loop back startup ok and sshd startup ok09:07
anpland what should be NM_CONTROLLED="yes"09:07
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anpltrevorj: after removing the line HWADDR and makin onboot=yes the instance is in 'Build' state no log ate console.log09:15
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trevorjanpl: yeah, ONBOOT="yes"09:25
trevorjanpl: I think vnc is done from the virtualization layer09:25
trevorjanpl: from the console09:25
trevorjanpl: NM_CONTROLLED is if you want to use network-manager, I'd say no to that09:25
trevorjanpl: I'm not well versed in openstack yet, I'm just starting with it, so I'm not sure about the state in console.log09:26
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anplI have built a custom AMI( CentOS 6.2), and instance is launched successfully11:15
anplBut I cannot access/ping to its IP11:15
anplI have disabled firewall and removed HWADDR from ifcfg-eth011:16
anplno error in console log11:19
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uvirtbotNew bug: #916749 in nova "Check M2Crypto before making venv in Oneiric" [Undecided,In progress]
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anpl1I am not able to terminate an instance from dashboard13:44
anpl1how can I do this using nova-manage command13:45
anpl1if I have tenant called 'admin' and user 'admin' ( created through keystone) how can I get the novacredential for this user13:48
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anpli created a CentOS 6.2 custom image from intsall iso. and successfully launched an instance15:15
anplI am so happy now15:15
anplNext step: add a new node15:16
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anplwhat are those files under /var/lib/nova/_base15:56
anplthat keeps some instance data even after deleting the instance data I guess15:57
mjforkanpl they are teh base images for qcow215:57
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debo-oshas anyone used devstack recently .... I am creating the security groups but I dont see the vnc and cant ssh to the instances16:10
debo-oslogs show that the instance is up but cant reach metadata server etc and route -n doesnt show the wntries for 10.x.x.x16:12
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anplwhen I launch an instance from snapshot image of a running instance. I get the following error:16:29
anplBringing up interface eth0:  Device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization.16:29
anplBringing up interface eth0:  Device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization.16:30
anplBringing up interface eth0:  Device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization.16:30
anpleth0 fails to start16:30
anplbut no issues when launching new instance from the base ami16:30
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anplto get the vnc console should we have vncserver installed in the instance?16:33
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uvirtbotNew bug: #916827 in keystone "Exception raise error" [Undecided,In progress]
albert23anpl: I connect with vnc to the port made available by kvm. Then you don't need vncserver in the instance.16:41
albert23anpl: for your eth0 problem, eth0 may be bound to a specific mac address by /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules16:46
anplthanks albert, let me try that16:46
anplI have removed that when creating the image16:47
anplI can successfully launch instance from first image16:47
anplthen i took a snapshot of the base image and launched a new instance. Only this has the issue16:48
albert23I think what you describe could happen if there was an empty 70-persistent-net.rules in your base image16:48
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anplI have added some line in /etc/rc.local thats missig when the instance is launched16:49
anpldepmod -a16:49
anplmodprobe acpiphp16:49
anpl# simple attempt to get the user ssh key using the meta-data service16:49
anplmkdir -p /root/.ssh16:49
anplecho >> /root/.ssh/authorized_keys16:49
anplcurl -m 10 -s | grep 'ssh-rsa' >> /root/.ssh/authorized_keys16:49
anplecho "AUTHORIZED_KEYS:"16:49
anplecho "************************"16:49
anplcat /root/.ssh/authorized_keys16:49
anplecho "************************"16:49
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anplthese lines. I am not sure what these are16:50
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anplalbert:  but everything works fine with the first instance ( instance launched from the base ami)16:54
anplso is there some thing i should do before taking a snapshot of running instance?16:55
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anplalbert: you are right, /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules is not empty16:56
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anpllet me mount the image and see whether this is created when an instance is launched16:57
*** debo-os has joined #openstack16:59
anplalbert: at /mnt/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules16:59
anplcat: /mnt/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules: No such file or directory16:59
albert23so it's probably created when you start an instance from the base instance17:00
anplso it seems this file is created when an instance is launched17:00
anplyes,  how could I prevent this?17:01
anplit's getting created even for the first instance from base ami17:01
anplso when I take a snapshot should I move this file and take snapshot?17:02
albert23That would probably prevent the problem17:03
albert23I think the file is created by /lib/udev/rules.d/75-persistent-net-generator.rules17:03
albert23But I wonder why I don't have that problem17:03
mjforkanpl - so your base image works fine, but when you snapshot the base image, that doesn't come up?17:04
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anplmjfork: yes17:05
mjforki am with albert - before snapshotting, did you prepare the VM by removing the udev rules?17:05
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anplmjfork: when i launch an instance from the snapshot, it is not working17:05
anplmjfork: that works fine with the ubuntu test images. Issue is with my custom CentOS ami17:06
mjforkanpl: speuclation here, but the ubuntu cloud images are probably smart enoguh to not make the udev rules17:07
anplmjfork: I did not, but I am trying that now17:07
anplmjfork: yes, so I have to do somethin g on my image17:07
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mjforkanpl cat /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules in your guest17:08
albert23Ah, I am probably save by the exception for locally administered mac addresses in /lib/udev/rules.d/75-persistent-net-generator.rules17:08
anplalbert: you are right I guess,  I am trying to find the line17:09
anplSUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{address}=="02:16:3e:2b:f2:b8", ATTR{type}=="1", KERNEL=="eth*", NAME="eth0"17:10
mjforkanpl you need to disable it from using udev rules17:11
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mjforkin your base image17:11
anplHow can I do that, i have deleted /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules when creating the image17:12
mjforknot sure you want to delete it17:12
mjforkcat that file out17:12
mjforkyou need to *disable* the function, i doubt deleting that file dose that17:13
anplyou mean cat /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules from an instance ?17:13
anplor the original when image is created?17:13
albert23anpl: I think your base images has a rule that will create 70-persistent-net.rules17:14
mjforkright, what albert said17:14
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albert23In Ubuntu that's prevented for locally administered addresses in 75-persistent-net-generator.rules17:15
mjforkyou need to recapture your base image, with the functinality that creates the udev rule for your NICs disabled17:15
anplalbert: I was trying to figure out it. can you help me if paste bin the rule generator file17:16
albert23anpl: here it is:
albert23the exception is at line 70 and 7117:18
anplalbert: thanks17:19
mjforkDisabling the use of persistent network device names (CODE10 products)17:21
mjforkthat may work on RHEL, no idea17:23
mjforkbtu you need something similar17:23
mjforkanpl ^17:23
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debo-os_anyway installed devstack very recently?17:25
mjforkdebo-os_ doing so right now17:25
mjforkit failed for me last 2 days17:26
mjforkdid a clean VM this AM to try again17:26
debo-os_I cant use it with quantum17:26
debo-os_could do it with flat networks17:26
mjforkdebo-os_ tell you shortly17:26
debo-os_mjfork: thx17:26
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*** debo-os_ is now known as debo-os17:26
debo-osmjfork: are you trying to use quantum as hte network manager?17:27
debo-osor vlan?17:27
mjforkhmm, default is vlan right?17:27
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mjforkdebo-os: i didn't explicitly do quantum, but i can if yo tell me how :-)17:27
debo-osI use the following 2 lines in my localrc file in teh devstack directory17:28
debo-oslet me know what your settings are17:29
mjforkdo i need to try in a fresh VM?17:30
mjforkor can i kill my existing devstck run and try again with those settings?17:30
debo-oswell I just delete the /opt/stack and try it again17:30
mjforkso, just went fine.17:31
mjforkttryinng with those settigns.17:31
debo-osso your normal devstack works?17:31
debo-osmine does ... without quantum though I keep getting errors and noVNC doenst work17:31
debo-osbut I can spin up vms and ssh to them17:31
debo-oswith quantum, I dont see the 10.x.x.x routes17:32
debo-osso the vm cant talk to outside world17:32
debo-oshence curious to see what you get :)17:32
anplmjfork: sorry i was afk17:33
anplThanks: I am going throgh it17:33
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mjforkdebo-os: running now17:34
mjforkquantum client failed to connect17:37
*** datajerk has quit IRC17:37
mjforkrunning wth svc and agt17:38
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mjforkdebo-os: got it up17:45
mjforkdebo-os: you got farther than me, mine blows up looking at images and snapshots17:47
mjforkwith an no attribute sqlalchemy error17:47
debo-osso it doesnt even install?17:48
debo-os'are you using ubuntu 11.10 for your vm17:48
mjforkit installs, but in dashbaord i can't see the images to launch17:48
debo-osthe dashboard is a little broken17:48
debo-osgo to the user tab17:48
debo-osand see if you can instantiate17:48
mjforkhad to change to demo project from admijn17:49
debo-osmaybe there is a bug due to recent commits17:50
mjforkso, dashbaord says it launched17:51
mjforkand on net tab i see QuantumManager object has no attributes get_floating_ips_by_project17:51
debo-ossame here17:52
debo-oscan u do a route -n17:52
mjforkyes, see my real IP and a 192.x entry17:53
mjforkdebo-os: my VMs dont' alunch or anything17:53
debo-osmy vms launch but are unreachable due to no routes despite security group setup17:55
mjforki don't see a scheduelr service in my screen window?17:57
mjforkdebo-os: do you have an n-sch?17:58
debo-osthat explains18:03
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*** funzo has joined #openstack18:11
mjforkdebo-os: guessing i have to do something spcial in devstack for vms?18:12
mjforkdebo-os: on launch of guest i get ovs-vsctl no brdige named br-int18:14
debo-osthen your integration bridge didnt get created18:15
debo-oswhat ubuntu vm do you have18:15
debo-osmaybe you need to start with a fresh vm18:15
debo-oscan you see if br-int is created using ovs-vsctl18:17
debo-osif the bridge is not created maybe we can manually create the bridge18:17
debo-osand then try18:17
mjforkok, list-br shows nothing18:18
mjforkhow would i make manually18:18
*** eglynn has joined #openstack18:21
debo-osovs-vsctl add-br br-int18:24
mjforkdebo-os: that worked, and it shows now.  do i need to create a network or just provisinion VM?18:26
debo-ostry the vm18:26
debo-osused to work that way18:27
debo-osnova should use quantum manager18:27
mjforkdebo-os: it launched, no VNC18:28
debo-ostry ssh ing18:28
mjforkcloud setup failed, no network18:28
debo-osyeah ... same issue18:28
debo-osdid u setup security groups18:28
*** n1c3 has joined #openstack18:30
mjforkdebo-os: no, logging in shows eth0 device, no IP18:30
debo-osyou meant the logs?18:31
debo-osok so maybe dhcp isnt working18:31
mjforkcould be DHCP18:33
mjforkdnsmasq process isn't running18:33
debo-oseven the routes are not being setup18:33
n1c3Hello, I am at a confusing point in a current dual node deployment, I have the controller up and a compute node online. Now I wanted to upload an "os".iso and test it (create a instance" Is there a web gui for doing this ? I am able to get into the controller dashboard to "monitor" but not create because there are no instances/images there.18:34
Saddammjfork: how are you? Last time I see you I restarted nodes after configuring networking and I lost connection to all my servers :(18:34
mjforkn1c3: do you need to upload an image?18:34
SaddamI am coming back from the datacenter right now :p18:34
Saddammy network is now correctly configured...18:34
mjforkn1c3: if so, see
mjforkSaddam: what netwowrkgin model?18:35
SaddamI finally choose simple flat network. I created br100 and set the configuration. All is working and the error has gone. But my instance is still in error, I recreated it after restarting nova, and I have a new error18:36
Saddamfailed to spawn...18:36
*** reed has joined #openstack18:36
SaddamI am so close from my first running instance :(18:36
mjforkSaddam: when you restarted, did nova-network start on your compute nodes?18:36
n1c3mjfork, is there a guy for doing things like this OR is pretty much everything cli ?18:37
SaddamI think I do not have nova-network installed on compute nodes. But I am lucky, because the new instance has been created on the controller/compute that have nova-network. So this error is not linked to nova-network.18:38
SaddamBut I will install it on the other nodes18:38
Saddam(nova-network is now started on all compute nodes)18:39
Saddam"failed to spawn error" is not very helpfull18:40
mjforkno no18:41
mjforkSaddam: you do NOT want it running18:41
mjforkyou do not want nova-network running on the compute nodes18:42
SaddamI desinstall it :p18:42
mjforkunlress you expliclity setup multihost networking18:42
mjforkn1c3: not for glance18:42
*** deshantm has joined #openstack18:50
*** lz_ has quit IRC18:51
Saddammjfork: I successfully deal with the error18:51
Saddamit was a partition disk space problem18:51
Saddamnow I have a more helpfull one ;)18:51
SaddamStderr: "qemu-nbd: Could not access '/dev/nbd14': No such file or directory\n"18:52
SaddamBut I dont understand very well18:52
mjforkare you on debian?18:53
SaddamI set lxc à libvirtd18:53
SaddamI am18:53
SaddamI have to set nova to sudo18:53
mjforki would open a bug report, or look for one for that error18:53
Saddambut one question about nova in general, if I set LXC to the libvirtd param, nova will launch an LXC container or what?18:54
Saddamor it starts just a KVM18:54
mjforkno idea18:55
mjforknever done lxc18:55
Saddamok ;)18:55
Saddamwe will see18:55
Saddamso we can not deal with this error for the moment...18:55
mjforkSaddam: please log a bug18:55
mjforkso it can be addressed18:56
Saddamdirectly to the debian maintener or to the nova developers?18:56
Saddamyes ok; ;)18:58
mjforksaddam is that it18:59
mjforkopen a new one18:59
mjforkthat one was incomp,lete19:00
*** lz_ has joined #openstack19:03
*** GheRivero has quit IRC19:04
mjforkcool thanks19:05
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk19:07
anplanyone used AoE with Openstack?19:08
*** pixelbeat has joined #openstack19:10
mjforkanpl: i haven't but can try and help19:12
Saddammjfork: are you working for OpenStack actually? :p19:14
Saddamjust a king helper :)19:15
uvirtbotNew bug: #916886 in nova "Failed to start VM (nova.utils bug)" [Undecided,New]
anplmjfork: thanks, I have installed AoE before installing nova.  How can I make sure that nova uses AoE19:16
mjforkanpl: what is AoE?19:16
anplATA Over Ethernet19:17
mjforkanpl: that was my guess, what do you want nova to do with it?19:17
Saddamanpl: you have a SAN?19:17
anplSaddam: I dont have a san19:17
anplso I would like to use AoE19:18
mjforkanpl: what do you want to use aoe?19:18
Saddamstore instance? store image?19:18
anplsetup a low cost SAN using AoE, then use it for VM storage19:18
anplimages and VMs19:19
SaddamI think you can just make a symlink on the right directories19:19
mjforkanpl: root image? additianl attached storage?19:19
anplAdditional attached image19:19
Saddamyou have in nova one dir for VMs instances and one dir for images in glance19:19
*** krow has joined #openstack19:19
Saddamyou can make a symlink that redirect to your SAN19:20
anplI saw that, make them network mounts?19:20
anplSaddam thanks19:20
Saddammount as usual19:20
Saddamdirectly on the system19:20
anplBut how can I create new volumes and attach?19:20
mjforkanpl: what Saddam is talkinga bout is possibel with a NFS19:20
Saddamfor example19:20
mjforkanpl there are 2 types of storage in Nova19:20
Saddamor a ATA attached storage19:21
anplmjfork: same way we can access AoE targets19:21
mjforkfirst is the root image, it exists in the instances folder, and is used to boot the VM19:21
Saddamanpl: you have /var/lib/nova/instances for instances storage, and /var/lib/glance/images for images storage19:22
anplI can see the steps here
mjforkthe second is additional attached block storage, it is exposed via iSCSI, mounted by compute node, and passed as an additional device into the guests19:22
anplsaddam: I got that part19:22
mjforkanpl: if you want live migration, you need to use shared storage for instances folder19:22
anplhow nova manages that?19:22
Saddammjfork: I agree with you, but it is for mouting directly attached storage into the VM19:22
anplthrough object storage?19:22
Saddamnot to store the images of glance or the instances them self19:22
*** rwmjones has joined #openstack19:22
mjforkanpl obejct storatge is not involved in these nova scenario19:22
*** pixelbeat has quit IRC19:23
mjforkanpl nova-volume gives additional block storage19:23
mjforkthat is the "volume" functin19:23
anplis it like EBS?19:24
mjforkanpl yes exactly19:24
anplI am looking for nova feature like EBS19:24
anplmjfork: how can I do that?19:24
mjforkdo what?19:24
anplso that I can create a volime/attach with an instance etc19:25
anplI have started nova-volume19:25
mjforkset up nova-volume19:25
mjforkdoesn't use AoE, but iSCSI19:25
mjforkrequires an LVM volume group to create logical volumes in and export19:26
anplthat can be local storage as well? or only iscsi19:26
mjforkonly iscsi19:26
mjforkif you want it to be persistent19:26
anplyes I have created an lv called nova-volumes19:27
mjforkthere is also the optinoal for additiona,l, ephmeral space when launching19:27
anplok, even bootable right?19:27
mjforkanpl: What would be bootbale?19:27
anplI mean as EBS bootable image19:28
anplsorry its already so19:28
anplsince I am not storing my images in swift19:28
mjforkanpl it is possiblt to boot by volume19:29
mjforksearch for my post with links19:29
anplmjfork: we need to use latest dashboard version for using volumes?19:29
mjforkanpl: if you are on diablo, use nova command19:29
anplmjfork: it would be great if you can share a link to nova command help19:30
mjforknova --help19:30
anpli am on diablo19:30
anplbut its too less, i mean a wiki link or something19:31
mjforkanpl: i don't know of one19:31
anplmjfork: i had serached for that two days back, when you talked abt nova command. but could not find anything19:33
anplmjfork: whats there in _base directory under /var/lib/nova/instances19:34
mjforkanpl: if you type nova at the command line, what happens?19:34
mjforkthat is the base images for creatin qcow2 from19:34
anplage: nova [--username USERNAME] [--apikey APIKEY] [--projectid PROJECTID]19:34
anpl            [--url URL] [--region_name REGION_NAME] [--version VERSION]19:34
anpl            <subcommand> ...19:34
anplnova: error: too few arguments19:34
anplage: nova [--username USERNAME] [--apikey APIKEY] [--projectid PROJECTID]19:34
anpl            [--url URL] [--region_name REGION_NAME] [--version VERSION]19:34
anpl            <subcommand> ...19:35
anplnova: error: too few arguments19:35
mjforknova try nova --help19:35
mjforkbut yes, you need to supply params19:35
anplmjfork: when we add new nodes, it's considerd as zones/regions?19:35
anplthen is it possible for us to limit a tenant to a specific nodes?19:36
anplor whether they would be able to choose nodes?19:36
mjforkanpl, if you need to do that you could look at a special scheduler19:38
mjforkbut not possible today19:38
mjfork(that i know of)19:38
mjforkwhy limit teants to specifc nodse?19:38
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates19:39
anplmjfork: nova --help is not much helpful19:40
mjforktry just nova help19:40
anplmjfork: no help about create volume syntax19:40
anplmjfork: wow19:40
anplthat was useful19:41
*** debo-os has quit IRC19:43
anpl nova --apikey 999888777666   --username admin image-list19:43
anplis this command fine?19:43
anplbut i get http(400) error19:43
*** chrismsnz has left #openstack19:45
*** katkee has joined #openstack19:45
anplmjfork: how can i get nova credentials to use with euca-tools ( i have user n tenant created throgh keystone)19:46
*** debo-os has joined #openstack19:46
SaddamLook the comment19:47
*** rnorwood has quit IRC19:54
mjforkanpl check error logs19:55
mjforkSaddam: custom built image?19:55
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Saddamnatty . img20:23
Saddamcloud image20:24
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk20:37
Saddammjfork: I solved the error, and try again. He found the /cgroup for LXC container20:38
SaddamlibvirtError: internal error The 'cpuacct', 'devices' & 'memory' cgroups controllers must be mounted20:38
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates20:44
mjforkSaddam: goood to see you are making oprogress20:48
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anpldeleting /lib/udev/rules.d/75-persistent-net-generator.rules will create any issues in future?21:10
SaddamOk, I deal with all errors21:17
Saddambut I can not use LXC for the moment :(21:18
Saddamwhat do you advice me for Linux virtualization?21:18
Saddamis there OpenVZ? Have you tested Xen?21:18
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mdupontanyone awake?21:48
uvirtbotNew bug: #916938 in keystone "keystone api WADL file with invalid format" [Undecided,New]
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anplsaddam: kvm?21:56
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mjforksaddam - KVM?22:16
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