Saturday, 2012-01-14

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uvirtbotNew bug: #916312 in nova "nova-manage network modify --network flag is inconsistent" [Undecided,In progress]
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fed007hi All03:57
fed007anyone here using crowbar?03:58
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fed007essex crowbar... - any takers?04:01
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fed007is this mic on?  ... testing testing04:17
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uvirtbotNew bug: #916386 in keystone "Second create-tenant request fails with 401 Forbidden" [Undecided,New]
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maggoHi all, i playing with openstack, reading a lot of documentation and the one question are not answered till now. After booting from an image how does the system store new installed software over the package managment persistant over a shutdown? Can please someone paste me a link where i can get the inforamtion!13:41
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annegentlemaggo: I believe only the image you use can persist installed software on the guest VM. Hope that makes sense.14:39
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maggoannegentle: yes but after terminating all changed configurations are away, ok i can mount an persistant device from nova-volume but than i have to move or symlink any under changes laying data to this volume and everytime the machine is terminated and restartet i have to symlink all once again or copy over the configurations... hm i think i'm searching for  a analog technique like the Amazon EBS.. i think if i can install the os from an image to the a nova-v14:43
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Spirilismaggo: Snapshots address this, by creating a new glance image out of the current image.  What I'd do is install the software, issue a "halt" or shutdown inside the guest VM, then once it's shut down make a Snapshot out of it15:10
SpirilisThen if you want to keep using the original VM, just issue a Reboot from the gui or cli to boot the original guest back up.  You should be able to launch new instances from the Snapshot image from there on15:11
prectechCharlie_I am trying to setup a two server openstack using the VLANManager nova-network setup. my two switches are vlan aware but they can only support 256 VLANs. Is this the max number of projects I can run in my "cloud"?15:11
SpirilisBeware, before you shut down the original guest VM to take the snapshot, you might want to clear root's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys in case it picked up the keypair that was assigned to it when you launched it15:11
SpirilisprectechCharlie_: I've never used vlan networking tbh, but, my understanding is yes..... unless there's a feature where you can assign multiple projects to a single vlan, that vlan limitation would limit you.15:12
SpirilisThere might be, I've just never used the vlan-mode networking so I wouldn't know.15:12
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prectechCharlie_okay thanks. I thought the switch just need to be able to detech vlans but I didn't have to configure them on the switch15:16
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Spirilisah hm now that you mention that, I'm not sure... if the switch can at least *pass* ethernet frames in vlan IDs > 256 maybe it would work.  Guess it depends on what "support 256 VLANs" means.15:17
maggoSpirilis: Ok and after booting the glance image alle data changes are automatically persistant on these glance image?15:18
Spirilismaggo: Yep, that should be the case.15:18
Spirilismaggo: Err actually let me make sure I'm specifying that correctly...15:19
Spirilismaggo: After booting the new glance image, all changes you made to the previous VM will stay put, but new changes you make to an instance of the new snapshot image will go away too unless you take a "snapshot" of that.15:19
SpirilisBasically the only way to "persist" changes to a VM, is to shut it down and create a snapshot out of it...15:20
Spirilisand by shut it down I mean "halt" the VM without "terminating" or "deleting" it, of course15:21
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maggospirilis: ok but what if the guest crashes? the variable data are lost? so i have to create a snapshot every time i have changed something?15:22
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Spirilismaggo: If by "crashes" you mean it needs to be rebooted, the data won't be lost.  It'll get lost if you issue a Terminate/Delete command through the openstack dashboard or CLI.15:24
SpirilisLet me explain it all another way so you know how it works-15:24
SpirilisWhen an instance is created anew, openstack starts with the glance image you specify as a template, creates a local disk based on that (the new "local disk" is a literal copy of the glance image), and creates another empty local disk too if the "flavor" you use accommodates one.15:25
SpirilisThose local disks are stored under /var/lib/nova/instances/instance-<ID> on the nova-compute host which is hosting the VM.15:25
SpirilisIf that server crashes, or the VM kernel panics, or something happens where the VM stops, the local disk files are still there, with all changes you've made to them still intact.15:26
SpirilisAssuming the server didn't crash and lose all its disks or something. . .15:26
SpirilisYou can halt the VM, reboot it, do anything you want and you won't lose the data.15:26
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SpirilisBut if you fire up a new instance of that same glance image, it'll be a fresh copy of the original VM; none of the changes you made to the previous running instance get applied back to glance's copy of the image15:27
SpirilisBut if you do want to fire up VMs with the new software put on the first VM already installed, you have to create a new "glance image" with that stuff already there; the way to do it is by making a "Snapshot" of the first VM.15:29
maggoah ok so the only thing i have to aware is to never terminate a maschine just shutdown it and its working like a normal KVM Guest15:30
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Spirilisthat's basically what this is, a very fancy and featureful management system overtop KVM :)15:33
SpirilisI haven't used it in production at my company yet, we're thinking up use cases for it... but I'd imagine we'll have developers starting with our vanilla VM, customizing it with software to create new "fleets" and then use the snapshot feature to set those in stone as their own glance images15:34
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maggook now it's going to be clearer, but the next question appears directly, how can an other nova-compute take over these guests if the nova-compute that first running these guests are down? Or is that an other hig availability question i should answere my self by reading the right documentation first? I have to acknoledge i have not readed any dokumentation for high availability in openstack yet..15:43
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SaddamHi all15:55
Saddamhi mjfork :)15:55
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SaddamHi there17:55
SaddamI have:17:55
Saddamroot@PAR-SRV-01-001:~/creds# euca-describe-instances17:55
SaddamRESERVATION     r-e1ryip6r      sys     default17:55
SaddamINSTANCE        i-00000002      ami-00000005    server-2        server-2        error   admin (sys, PAR-SRV-01-002)     1               m1.tiny 2012-01-14T17:52:19Z    nova17:55
SaddamHow can I debug this error state?17:55
SaddamPlease can you help me about this, it is the last step to have my first instance running ;)17:56
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mjforkpastebin nova-compute.log18:11
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mjforkSaddam: ^18:17
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Saddammjfork:  ;)18:24
SaddamIm here18:24
Saddamwhich nova-compute18:24
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Saddamit was too big, I purge all nova-compute.log and restart it on each node. I terminated this instance, and recreate a fresh one. Same problem, here is the nova-compute.log on the right node:18:31
Saddamroot@PAR-SRV-01-003:~# pastebinit /var/log/nova/nova-compute.log18:31
Saddamroot@PAR-SRV-01-001:~/creds# euca-describe-instances18:31
SaddamRESERVATION     r-f5vuuupp      sys     default18:31
SaddamINSTANCE        i-00000004      ami-00000005    server-4        server-4        error   admin (sys, PAR-SRV-01-003)     1               m1.tiny 2012-01-14T18:29:47Z    nova18:31
Saddam (sys, PAR-SRV-01-003) :)18:31
mjforkStderr: 'Cannot find device "br100"\n'18:32
mjforkusing VLAN?18:32
Saddamno, ok I see18:32
SaddamI willl add the bruidge18:32
mjforkshouldn't have to18:33
mjforkOpenstack oes it automatically18:33
mjforkare you using VLAN network?18:33
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mjforkif you are, something is misconfigured18:33
SaddamI do not use VLAN18:33
mjforkok, what networking mdoel?18:33
Saddamdefault one18:34
mjforkyou have 3 choices - flatdhcp, flat, and vlan18:34
mjforkbe back in a minute18:34
SaddamI want flat ;)18:34
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SaddamBut I dont know which interface I must bridge18:36
SaddamOn all nodes, I have, eth0 = public IP address, eth1 = private IP address on a separate gigabyte switch18:37
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SaddamAnd I think I will need some internal instances and some external/internal...18:38
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Saddammjfork: I found what I want18:50
Saddamnodes are restarting18:50
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mjforkSaddam: what did you choose?18:53
SaddamFlat DHCP18:53
Saddambut nova API does not start...18:54
SaddamI am checking the log18:54
Saddammy nova.conf18:54
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mjforkSaddam: pastebin log?19:06
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japhar81i'm getting an HTTP/401 unauthorized from swift when running the test  curl -v -H ’X-Storage-User: admin:admin’ -H ’X-Storage-Pass: admin’
*** kodapa_ has joined #openstack22:20
japhar81syslog just shows 40122:20
japhar81anyone know what im missing? im following the getting started guide22:20
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