Tuesday, 2012-02-21

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uvirtbot`New bug: #937336 in nova "Nova-api stops working after deleting a network" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93733600:42
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aweissanyone available for some dashboard help?02:12
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* technologov_ would be glad to help, but learning OpenStack himself...02:16
aweisslol no worries02:16
uvirtbot`New bug: #937367 in horizon "Update to Bootstrap 2.0 Final" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93736702:16
aweissfinally have the latest dashboard running but am running into some minor issues02:16
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xiejhi, is there anybody who successfully installed openstack with Xen?02:40
xiejdo we have any info about this online somewhere?02:41
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uvirtbot`New bug: #937379 in quantum "add retry support to Quantum Manager" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93737903:01
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uvirtbot`New bug: #937408 in nova "Can't delete keypair with a slash" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93740804:26
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ootz0rzhi all. i made a git-clone of keystone with the intent of trying to help develop and am running into an issue while trying to run the keystone service. i've followed the instructions from http://keystone.openstack.org/setup.html and everything there works fine. Then when I try to run keystone using instructions here http://keystone.openstack.org/developing.html i get this error http://pastie.org/342490704:56
ootz0rzi'm not really sure why it tells me that keystone is not found, when i can start python manually and import keystone04:56
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arrsimootz0rz: are you sure you activated the venv before running the keystone-all command?05:00
ootz0rzyes, it shows "(.venv)" in my prompt string05:00
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ootz0rzarrsim, ive also tried from within and without the venv, same issue...though works from python directly in both cases05:02
arrsimif you can import keystone from python you could try running python ./bin/keystone-all05:02
ootz0rzsure lemme see05:02
ootz0rznope, same issue05:03
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ootz0rzoh wait, i was still in the venv, works once i turned it off :)05:03
ootz0rzthank you!05:03
arrsimsounds like your venv wasn't initialised correctly05:04
arrsimperhaps you ran some of the install commands when you weren't in a venv05:04
ootz0rzhmm, do you mean the pip install commands?05:05
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arrsimootz0rz: yeah05:06
ootz0rzah, the instructions mentions that they are used for running keystone outside of a venv, didn't realize you need to run them inside the venv as well05:06
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arrsimyeah they seem to demonstrate deactivating before actually doing any installing05:07
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ootz0rzyea, so i figured you should be out of it when doing the installs05:07
arrsimwell you don't have to use venv, the idea behind it is that it wont install libraries in system, instead they will only exist in the venv05:08
ootz0rzyea was just reading up on that...i'm running this in a dedicated VM anyways so it should be free from other versions polluting the global space05:09
ootz0rzwonderful, thanks for the help :)05:09
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quantum2112to create quantum network, which api should I use?06:00
quantum2112nova-manage create network06:01
quantum2112or the quantum client api06:01
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Kami_hi, I use devstack annd when I hit keysont with POST /v2.0/tokens/ i get 404006:03
Kami_and the log says06:03
Kami_2012-02-18 09:51:39    DEBUG [routes.middleware] No route matched for POST /tokens/06:03
Kami_am I doing something wrong? looking at the docs /v2.0/tokens/ should work06:03
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uvirtbot`New bug: #937463 in nova "Use of Deprecated md5 library " [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93746306:46
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technologov_horizon and OpenStack Dashboard is the same ?07:56
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koolhead17hi all08:16
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Edward_Zhanghorizon is the code name of OpenStack Dashboard.08:29
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smulcahymorning, is anyone here running centos 5.7 guests on their openstack? I'm seeing very sluggish behaviour (that I don't see with guests running other OS)08:30
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LarsErikPhi, trying to get horizon up and running... But it does'nt seem to talk with keystone...08:41
LarsErikPmade tenants, users, tokens with keystone-manage.. but still nothing08:41
smulcahyLarsErikP: what packages are you using? What os?08:42
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LarsErikPsmulcahy: debian wheezy, horizon packages from github https://github.com/openstack/horizon08:48
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smulcahyLarsErikP: I tried a few different OS combinations before settling on ubuntu 11.10 using the managedit ppa  - https://launchpad.net/~managedit/+archive/openstack08:49
smulcahythat definitely works, I have a stable cluster running here - most of the other combinations I tried didn't work - maybe worth a shot08:49
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LarsErikPyou see, we're setting this up as pur bachelor thesis, and our employer wanted us to use wheezy.. But, why shouldn't it work? There have to be some specific reason08:52
LarsErikPhmm, if i browse to the xml says 40408:54
smulcahyLarsErikP: I guess my take on it is that there are lots of moving parts in openstack and I learn about a system a lot better if its working. Once you're comfortable with openstack, you might be in a position to go back and diagnose the problems08:55
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LarsErikPwish we had the time.. :s08:59
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smulcahyif time is tight, install ubuntu 11.10 and the ppa I mentioned above09:01
smulcahyif you follow the scripts at https://github.com/managedit/openstack-setup you'll have a running cluster by the end of today09:01
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LarsErikPyeah, we tried that for a PoC. And it worked.. Any experience on running it with xen instead of kvm?09:03
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uvirtbot`New bug: #937623 in glance "build of tarball on jenkins is failing (latest build from Feb 9, 2012 10:51:39 AM)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93762309:31
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uksysadminhello all10:00
uksysadminhow do you increase quotas for tenants?10:00
uksysadminI've updated used nova-manage quotas but can't work out why I can't spin up more than 1010:00
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Koboyhi huys, i want to create a network ( sudo nova-manage network create private 1 256 ) with FlatManager , but in nova-network.log, it says : NetworkNotCreated: --bridge is required to create a network !!! Anyone can help me please. (Pastebin : http://pastebin.com/0uF0wH5J )10:03
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zynzeluksysadmin: try --project with tenant id not tenant name10:03
*** miclorb has joined #openstack10:03
zynzel nova-manage project quota --project=493b02e960d3420592a13f8374168e89|grep instances10:04
zynzelinstances: 310:04
zynzelnova-manage project quota --project=493b02e960d3420592a13f8374168e89 --key=instances --value=410:04
zynzelnova-manage project quota --project=493b02e960d3420592a13f8374168e89 |grep instances10:04
zynzelinstances: 410:04
uksysadminzynzel: yeah done that10:05
uksysadminah - sorry, misread10:05
uksysadminI'll try with id10:06
*** asavu has joined #openstack10:06
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uksysadminzynzel, d'oh - that did it.10:08
uksysadminI hope Essex tidies up these ids to names...10:09
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davepigottjamespage: ping10:19
jamespagehi davepigott10:20
davepigottjamespage: Hi. OK. I'm now back in the UK and have some progress, but I have one last (I hope!) problem...10:20
jamespagedavepigott, fingers crossed!10:20
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*** nijaba has joined #openstack10:21
davepigottjamespage: I have a running instance, but I can't attach to it with ssh. I can't even ping it.10:21
jamespagedavepigott, I assume that you have configured the security group associated with it to permit those actions?10:21
davepigottjamespage: Network topology: Main LAN is 192.168.1.x. Cloud private LAN is 10.1.1.x...10:21
davepigottjamespage: ^yes10:21
jamespagedavepigott, and have allocated it a public address?10:22
davepigottjamespage: The instance has a correctly assigned 192.168.1.x address10:22
jamespagedavepigott, OK10:22
davepigottjamespage: Which I can't ping. :/10:22
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* jamespage scratches his head10:22
davepigottjamespage: The private IP, however, is 10.1.4.x.10:23
jamespagedavepigott, I'm assuming its actually started of course!10:23
davepigottjamespage: Which *would* be unreachable10:23
davepigottjamespage: Yep. Says it's running10:23
jamespagedavepigott, can you grab its console output?10:23
davepigottjamespage: When I do that, I get...10:23
jamespagedavepigott, running - means that the KVM instances is running - but maybe not the operating system :-)10:23
davepigottjamespage: Ah. OK10:24
davepigottjamespage: console output request gives me "UnknownError: An unknown error has occurred. Please try your request again."10:25
jamespagedavepigott, hmm that sounds bad10:25
davepigottjamespage: Maybe look in the network logs?10:25
jamespagedavepigott, please can you have a dig in the nova logs on the controller and the compute node - should tell you a bit more10:25
davepigottjamespage: Yep. Just looking...10:26
*** stewart has joined #openstack10:27
davepigottjamespage: Weird. All the network logs are empy!10:28
davepigottjamespage: Restarted all the services and now the logs are growing. Weird10:28
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*** Remco_ has joined #openstack10:32
*** objectiveous has joined #openstack10:32
davepigottjamespage: Ah. OK. nova-api.log - when I try to get console output it says "Stderr: "chown: cannot access `/var/lib/nova/instances/instance-0000000f/console.fifo.out': No such file or directory\n""10:32
jamespagedavepigott, hmm - somethings not happy10:33
Remco_Anyone experience in having multiple fixed ip addresses for one VM? And having the fixed ip address mapped to multiple floating?10:33
jamespagedavepigott, it sounds like something was in a bad way when you started the instance10:33
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC10:33
jamespageI suggest you scrub it and start another one10:33
davepigottjamespage: Yeah. There's no /var/lib/instances directory10:33
davepigottjamespage: OK. Will do10:33
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RaziqueHello all :)10:43
RaziqueI just noticed somehting interesting10:43
Raziquewhen you delete a volume, via nova  volume-delte10:44
Raziquea dd is performed before10:44
*** saju_m has quit IRC10:44
Raziquethat increases the load on the server --> instances unreacheables10:44
Raziqueand all compute nodes have their load increased10:44
Raziquehave you ever experienced similar stuff ?10:45
uksysadminRazique: I've noticed that dd operations does hammer a server - at the end of the day, the disk write is the slowest part of any computer system10:46
Raziquethat just made 5 instances unereacheable10:46
Raziquehey uksysadmin :)10:46
Raziquehow can we prevent that ?10:46
*** zykes_ has joined #openstack10:47
Raziquemaybe implementing a "nice" for the dd process ?10:47
zykes_has keystone been scrapped for keystone light ?10:47
uksysadminRazique: not sure... guess this does come down to disk tuning/strategy10:48
uksysadminbest way is to do some perf tests of your own10:48
*** siwos has quit IRC10:48
uksysadminI've seen it when uploading a hefty image - causes nova-api to hang10:48
Raziqueuksysadmin: ok thanks - so I think when it will come to prunning some volumes10:49
RaziqueI'll make the operation part of the maintenance10:49
uksysadmin(where nova-api and glance were living on the same box)10:49
zykes_Razique: got your deployment going now ?10:49
*** Remco_ has joined #openstack10:49
uksysadminIt shouldn't force you to plan when to do a nova-delete though10:49
davepigottjamespage: When I run an instance it always comes up pending. Is that normal?10:49
jamespagedavepigott, it should transition from pending -> running at some point10:50
davepigottjamespage: How long should that take (seconds/minutes)?10:50
jamespagedavepigott, it depends on a number of factors10:50
uksysadmina solution could be one of around the type of disks you purchase for your environment... is it a test environment on "non-production" hardware?10:50
jamespagebut I would expect no more than a few minutes at most10:50
Raziquezykes_: hey :)10:51
Raziqueyup, full production now10:51
zykes_oh, how many nodes ?10:51
davepigottjamespage: OK. I'll give it a little time. I spent a while setting up tail -f on all the log files so I can see when something errors10:51
Razique5 nodes10:51
zykes_ah ok10:51
zykes_going well or ?10:51
Razique30 hosted websites :)10:51
Raziqueyup - except that morning tiny incident :p10:51
zykes_which is that ?10:51
RaziqueI just ended an instance10:52
Raziqueand waned to delete it's volume10:52
*** zynzel has joined #openstack10:52
Raziquevia nova volume-delete. But since a dd is performed in order to erase the content10:52
uksysadminRazique: awesome, but not cool. how big was the volume?10:52
Raziquethe load highered as hell and made several instances unreeacheable during the time the dd were performed10:53
Raziqueuksysadmin: 50 gb10:53
uksysadminthat's a sizeable chunk of disk - which the cpu has to deal with.10:53
*** ldlework has quit IRC10:54
uksysadmingiven that you have already removed the volume from the running instance to delete it though, suggests a  delete of the volume can happen at a lower cpu rate (like you said, nice)10:55
*** siwos has joined #openstack10:55
technologov_hi ! When running devstack setup, I get:10:55
technologov_+ sudo mysql -uroot -ppassword -h127.0.0.1 -e 'GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO '\''root'\''@'\''%'\'' identified by '\''password'\'';'10:55
technologov_ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)10:55
technologov_Ubuntu 11.10, according to this: http://devstack.org/guides/single-vm.html10:56
Raziqueuksysadmin: i'll open a bug for that10:56
Raziquein order to make the dd process running in background10:57
*** saju_m has joined #openstack10:57
uksysadmintechnologov_: not used devstack, but try the real ip of your mysql box - when adding the permissions, it could be that its expecting that and not localhost which is a different permission10:57
davepigottjamespage: Nope. Been > 10 mins now, still pending10:57
uksysadminRazique: sounds good - does make sense10:57
jamespagedavepigott, anything in any logs?10:57
davepigottjamespage: Nope. Nothing obvious. Which log would be favourite to look at?10:58
jamespagedavepigott, TBH it could be any number of things - glance failing to provide the image etc..10:58
jamespagehowever the nova-compute log on the compute nodes should provide something10:58
*** shang has quit IRC10:59
*** e1mer has joined #openstack10:59
Raziqueuksysadmin: https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/93769411:04
uksysadmincool - I'll be interested to see how that progresses11:06
*** miclorb has quit IRC11:06
zykes_hmmm, i wonder how my dns idea went11:06
zykes_anyone from netstack here ?11:06
*** miclorb has joined #openstack11:06
RaziqueI've totally missed  the openstack fundation dev11:07
Raziqueany pointer when I can be up to date ?11:07
*** tryggvil has quit IRC11:08
zykes_openstack foundation  dev?11:08
*** tryggvil has joined #openstack11:08
Raziquedeveloppement, how the project is going11:09
*** yaguang has quit IRC11:10
*** rocambole has joined #openstack11:10
*** miclorb has quit IRC11:10
*** tryggvil has quit IRC11:11
*** tryggvil has joined #openstack11:11
Vadim2<Razique> hey how are you? =)11:12
RaziqueVadim2: hey my friend :)11:12
Razique'sup ?11:12
Vadim2i have some pause at my work with openstack =) i learning some another platform... as i understand you to11:13
*** shang has joined #openstack11:13
Raziqueyah, lately woozily buzy11:13
Raziqueon the monitoring env.11:13
Vadim2heh nice to see friend at this channel11:14
Vadim2<Razique>  what system you use for monitoring?11:14
Raziquezabbix :)11:14
Vadim2oh cool i am too +)11:14
Vadim2zabbix forever11:14
RaziqueI'm using it since 2008 now11:15
Raziquenever been disapointed11:15
Raziqueappart the history table11:15
Raziquewhich gives my innodb engine some pain in the arse11:15
Vadim2yeap very flexible system11:15
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC11:16
zykes_tried Zenoss ?11:18
zykes_v4 seems radically cool11:18
Raziquezykes_: nope, i'll check that11:18
zykes_Razique: you should11:19
Raziqueopensoure ?11:19
zykes_in the upcoming version they are adding alot of the "newer" features from the enterprise version11:19
zykes_like the use of rabbitmq between daemons11:19
Raziquesweeet :)11:19
zykes_relational storage of device models and others11:19
*** guigui1 has joined #openstack11:19
zykes_rabbitmq part is cool cause you can hook straight into the system with it :)11:19
RaziqueThere is one "heavy" solution that I love - but too expensive for our start-up : Lithiul11:20
zykes_like listening and putting in events11:20
Raziqueyup rabbit is pretty solid11:20
*** technologov_ has quit IRC11:20
zykes_check out zenoss11:20
zykes_it's pretty "big" as well and they have a very big opensource version of the "product"11:21
dnearyAnyone know if Thierry every comes in here?11:21
dnearyIf so, what's his nick? I thought it was tcarrez11:21
Raziquehe never comes here - he's into the meeting channels mainly :)11:22
zykes_ttx: !11:22
Raziqueorly ?11:22
dnearyRazique, Merci11:22
zykes_dneary: >> ttx11:22
Raziquezykes_: ttx is Thierry ? :11:22
Raziqueah my bad then :)11:22
zykes_sure is ;p11:22
dnearyzykes_, Razique: Well thank you both :)11:22
zykes_Razique: check out www.zenoss.org11:22
Raziquethanks man11:22
Raziqueright now11:23
dnearyttx, Ping?11:23
zykes_it has alot of modules already (even for hardware and for software) and OpenStack as well11:23
zykes_and integrations with Chefk + Puppet11:23
davepigottjamespage: If I do a virsh list it shows nothing. :/11:23
Raziquedang- the dashboard is sick :o11:23
zykes_for zenoss ?11:24
zykes_you should have seen the v2 one, that was a buckload of crap :p11:24
smulcahy+1 for zabbix11:24
jamespagedavepigott, there must be something in a log somewhere11:25
zykes_smulcahy: +1 for zenoss11:25
zykes_zenoss is python all the way ;p11:25
journeemanHi. I recently made some networking changes to my openstack setup (Added a bridge interface etc as per the tutorial). All components except nova-compute start. nova-compute.log shows "unable to connect to '/var/run/libvirt/libvirt-sock', libvirtd may need to be started: No such file or directory"11:25
davepigottjamespage: Not in any of the /var/log/nova ones. Where else?11:25
journeemanPlease help11:25
jamespagedavepigott, I assume that you have checked across all nodes?11:25
dnearysmulcahy, Is markmc ever on IRC these days? Haven't run into him here in a while11:25
davepigottjamespage: With "virsh"?11:25
jamespagedavepigott, no log files11:26
davepigottjamespage: Ah. OK. No. I didn't. One moment...11:26
smulcahydneary: markmc??11:27
ttxdneary: yo11:32
ttxdneary: markmc is on #openstack-dev.11:33
ttxdneary: Lunching now, bbl11:33
*** cloudvirt has joined #openstack11:33
*** Hakon|mbp has joined #openstack11:35
*** Egyptian[Laptop] has joined #openstack11:35
*** ninkotech has joined #openstack11:36
zykes_Razique: ?11:37
zykes_smulcahy: are you running on rhel ?11:37
smulcahyzykes_: ubuntu 11.1011:38
zykes_ah ok11:38
smulcahyzykes_: would prefer debian but it seemed faster to start with11:38
smulcahyzykes_: trying to run centos 5.7 as a guest os alright if thats any use11:38
smulcahyzykes_: but hitting lots of issues with it11:38
zykes_ah ok11:38
*** mjfork has joined #openstack11:39
*** ninkotech has quit IRC11:41
*** aspiers has quit IRC11:42
*** smulcahy has quit IRC11:43
*** Vek has joined #openstack11:45
*** hub_cap has joined #openstack11:50
*** hub_cap has quit IRC11:51
*** shang has quit IRC11:52
*** aspiers has joined #openstack11:54
*** smulcahy has joined #openstack11:55
smulcahywhats the cleanest way of shutting down an operatioanl openstack cluster?11:55
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack11:55
smulcahyif I shutdown the nodes11:55
smulcahywill Reboot cleanly bring back up VMs after restarting?11:55
*** cloudvirt1 has joined #openstack11:57
*** saju_m has quit IRC11:57
*** saju_m has joined #openstack11:58
*** dachary has joined #openstack11:59
*** rods has joined #openstack12:00
davepigottjamespage: OK. In nova-compute I get "Error: internal error no supported architecture for os type 'hvm'"12:00
*** cloudvirt has quit IRC12:01
smulcahyshould that be kvm?12:01
jamespagedavepigott, hrm - yes12:01
smulcahy(sorry if I'm coming in in the middle of a conversation)12:01
jamespagedavepigott: so can you jump onto one of the compute nodes for me and check a few things12:01
davepigottjamespage: Sure12:01
jamespagea) apt-cache policy nova-compute-kvm12:02
jamespageb) Output from "kvm-ok"12:02
davepigottjamespage: On all the nodes?12:02
jamespagedavepigott, lets start with just one compute node12:02
davepigottjamespage: OK12:02
jamespagemaybe the one where you saw the error12:03
jamespageactually hvm is correct12:03
jamespageit maybe that either you don't have the right packages installed OR you have not enabled the virtualization extensions for the CPU in the BIOS12:03
davepigott  Installed: 2011.3-0ubuntu6.412:04
davepigott  Candidate: 2011.3-0ubuntu6.412:04
jamespagemost servers seem to come with it disables12:04
davepigott  Version table:12:04
davepigott *** 2011.3-0ubuntu6.4 012:04
davepigott        500 http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ oneiric-updates/main amd64 Packages12:04
davepigott        500 http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ oneiric-security/main amd64 Packages12:04
davepigott        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status12:04
davepigott     2011.3-0ubuntu6 012:04
davepigott        500 http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ oneiric/main amd64 Packages12:04
davepigottjamespage: Oh? Really? That might explain why vlan isn't working12:04
jamespagedavepigott, +112:04
jamespageon waht12:04
jamespageon that12:04
davepigottINFO: /dev/kvm does not exist12:05
davepigottHINT:   sudo modprobe kvm_intel12:05
davepigottINFO: Your CPU supports KVM extensions12:05
davepigottINFO: KVM (vmx) is disabled by your BIOS12:05
davepigottHINT: Enter your BIOS setup and enable Virtualization Technology (VT),12:05
davepigott      and then hard poweroff/poweron your system12:05
davepigottKVM acceleration can NOT be used12:05
davepigottjamespage: Doh!!!!12:05
davepigottjamespage: OK. Let me go and enable kvm. :)12:05
davepigottjamespage: I guess I can't do it without a reboot. :(12:05
jamespagedavepigott, that tricks me out every time12:05
*** shang has joined #openstack12:05
jamespagedavepigott, you are quite correct - needs a reboot and access to the console to change configuration12:05
davepigottjamespage: Probably a good idea to add that as a note into the Beginners guide.12:06
jamespagedavepigott, that should not effect vlan BTW12:06
davepigottjamespage: Have console access. OK.12:06
davepigottjamespage: The vlan stuff may be a distraction. Just the other stuff. OK. I'm going in now. I may be some time. :D12:06
*** Remco__ has joined #openstack12:07
*** Remco_ has quit IRC12:08
*** sandywalsh has quit IRC12:09
*** Remco__ has quit IRC12:12
*** Remco_ has joined #openstack12:13
dnearysmulcahy, Excuse me - making the mistake of thinking that every Irish-looking name in here is working with Red Hat's OpenStack team in Dublin :)12:15
dnearysmulcahy, I guess that assumption was false.12:16
smulcahyhehe, no prob12:16
smulcahysure is :)12:16
dnearysmulcahy, But I see that you are in Ireland - Galway?12:17
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack12:21
*** saju_m has quit IRC12:23
uvirtbot`New bug: #937694 in nova "Deleting a volume uses "dd" which higher up too much the load" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93769412:30
*** Ramonster has quit IRC12:31
*** Ramonster has joined #openstack12:31
ttxdneary: abck12:31
*** Tristan|i3D has joined #openstack12:31
Tristan|i3Dwhen I run curl -d '{"auth": {"tenantName": "adminTenant", "passwordCredentials":{"username": "adminUser", "password": "secretword"}}}' -H "Content-type: application/json" | python -mjson.tool12:31
Tristan|i3DI am getting (7) couldn't connect to host12:31
Tristan|i3Dnote that is localhost12:31
davepigottjamespage: You beauty! I can ping it. It works! I'm going back to all those pages where people had the same issue and just add that as a hint!12:32
davepigottjamespage: I've got a standard ubunto ami. What username should I ssh with?12:32
jamespagedavepigott, \o/12:32
*** maploin has joined #openstack12:32
*** maploin has joined #openstack12:32
davepigottjamespage: Cool. :)12:32
davepigottjamespage: Yay!!! I owe you several pints of whatever your favourite tipple is!12:33
jamespagedavepigott, no problem - glad that we managed to get you up and running!12:34
Tristan|i3Dhm, it seems it has something todo with my remote mysql server12:36
Tristan|i3Dit sometimes does not connect12:36
*** funzo_afk is now known as funzo12:37
*** paulmillar has quit IRC12:39
*** dachary has quit IRC12:40
*** e1mer has quit IRC12:41
*** journeeman has left #openstack12:42
*** andrewbogott__af has quit IRC12:51
*** andrewbogott__af has joined #openstack12:51
*** bsza has joined #openstack12:57
dnearyttx, Great12:57
dnearyttx, I've been following the TC proposal with interest12:57
*** zeus has joined #openstack12:58
dnearyAnd I have a couple of questions - not comments so much, just wondering about the motivations for some of the things in there12:58
ttxdneary: go ahead12:58
*** marrusl has quit IRC12:58
dnearyttx, What's the reason to have a TC?12:58
ttxdneary: I'm working inside the context of the current structure draft. It mandates a TC, without entering into details. I'm trying to fill out the blank12:59
dnearyttx, Is it to "spread the power" among participating companies & individuals? To have checks and balances for individual project leaders?12:59
dnearyttx, To have some kind of project-wide technical leadership?12:59
*** dachary has joined #openstack13:00
ttxdneary: the idea is to replace the current PPB system, to provide project-wide technical leadership, yes13:00
*** saju_m has joined #openstack13:00
ttxdneary: I'd agree that this is less needed if the foundation ends up being a true individual-member-based meritocracy13:01
dnearyttx, I ask, because it's kind of unusual to elect technical leaders, although many projects elect or nominate some kind of oversight roles (like, for example, the GNOME release team, which is nominated, or the Linux Foundation technical advisory board, elected)13:01
ttxdneary: but in the context of the proposed structure, it's important to separate technical decisions from the board of directors13:01
ttxdneary: (which is a more a sponsoring companies board)13:02
dnearyttx, I wonder how likely it is to have an individual-member-based meritocracy as long as there are companies employing substantial numbers of OpenStack contributors13:02
dnearyttx, I agree13:02
ttxdneary: Ubuntu has an elected Technical board, fwiw13:02
dnearyttx, As you may have seen on the list :)13:02
ttxdneary: there is something specific about openstack13:03
ttxdneary: it's a collection of separate, but related projects13:03
ttxdneary: you need to have a body defining technically what "openstack" is (and is not)13:03
dnearyttx, I would need to check, but I thoughht that the Ubuntu architects were nominated by the other architects when a seat becomes vacant13:03
dnearyAs opposed to being elected by the members13:03
ttxdneary: no. they are elected by ubuntu members13:04
ttx(though sabdfl has a vetoing power on candidates, I think)13:04
dnearyttx, "Mark, as project sponsor, is responsible for nominating candidates for both the Community Council and Technical Board. In each case, a poll of relevant members of the project is conducted to select, or veto, the final membership of the Community Council and Technical Board."13:05
dnearySo we're both kind of right :)13:05
dnearyNo definition there of what "relevant members of the project" means13:05
ttxall Ubuntu developers.13:06
*** heyho has joined #openstack13:06
ttx"Ubuntu developers include all developers who have upload rights to the Ubuntu archives, including both main and universe, or specific packages, or sets of packages."13:06
dnearyttx, Thanks for the information13:07
ttxanyway, the role is slightly different here. I tried to define it at the start of my proposal.13:07
ttxWill refine it though13:07
dnearyttx, Yes13:07
dnearyDefinitely a bit different.13:07
*** dprince has joined #openstack13:07
ttxit's really about making openstack something rather than a loose collection of related projects13:07
dnearyLike GNOME? ;)13:07
ttxhence the promotion of commonality etc.13:08
ttxsure, a bit like Gnome :)13:08
dnearyttx, So it's about having a project-wide identity, but still delegating technical decisions to maintainers of individual projects?13:08
ttxdneary: as long as they don't negatively affect other projects, yes13:08
dnearyMy main concerns were whether there were an unstated problem that the TC was trying to solve13:09
*** randomubuntuguy has joined #openstack13:09
ttxI don't think so. It's an evolution of the current PPB. I'm trying to make sure it can address the same issues that were brought before it13:09
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack13:09
ttxwhile solving the issues due to "number of core projects" explosion.13:10
*** supriya has joined #openstack13:10
dnearyI thought, perhaps, that the goal was to go from where we are (with all maintainers being Rackspace people) to a situation where all the companies participating in the projects would have some influence on them13:10
dnearyAnd I thought that maybe TC elections were proxying for that (enable other parties to have influence)13:10
*** marrusl has joined #openstack13:11
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack13:11
ttxi wouldn't presume what popular vote would give us...13:11
dnearyttx, In which case, I had some thoughts on other ways of approaching the problem - more related to things like public roadmaps and community processes13:11
dnearyttx, But if my thoughts were wrong, then...13:12
ttxdneary: I think we need to promote "project hats"13:12
*** aspiers has quit IRC13:12
dnearyttx, Sure. That can be tough when you're working (geographically) wwith some people13:12
dnearywith some people and not others13:12
ttxIf you look at the PPB, there are a number of ex-Rackspace people that moved to other companies. You elect an individual, not a company rep13:13
dneary(sorry, accidental CR there)13:13
dnearyttx, And that's good, I think13:14
*** zeus has quit IRC13:14
ttxyes, that's why I wouldn't worry too much about diversity13:14
*** zeus has joined #openstack13:16
*** katkee has quit IRC13:17
dnearyttx, OK. Thanks for the extra information. How do you feel the process is going so far?13:18
*** yaguang has joined #openstack13:18
*** kashyap has quit IRC13:18
ik04kasorry guys to interrupt you... I have swift-proxy 1.4.3-0ubuntu2 which works with swauth and I need to switch to keystone (already working 2012.1~e4~20120206.1578-0ubuntu0ppa1~oneiric)13:19
ttxdneary: not too bad. i wish we had a serious discussion on the fundamental model (company board or indivisual members board) before we had a structure draft posted, but that's about my only reservation.13:19
ik04kacan't find proper config for swift-proxy to work with keystone13:19
*** rickfoosusa has joined #openstack13:20
notmynameik04ka: I think chmouel is the current expert on swift + keystone. perhaps he can help when he's around13:20
*** jeroenhn has quit IRC13:21
ik04kathanks notmyname! will wait for him13:21
*** nijaba has quit IRC13:22
*** rickfoosusa has quit IRC13:22
*** aspiers has joined #openstack13:24
*** nijaba has joined #openstack13:24
*** nijaba has joined #openstack13:24
*** Remco_ has quit IRC13:25
dnearyttx, So do you think there are problems with the BoD/individual members model?13:26
dnearyttx, It definitely looks like the review periods are short - things like 2/3rds strategic members, 1/3 individual members are taken for granted now13:26
dnearyttx, I'm still not fond of the "strategic member" definition - seems subjective, and it's possible to have things be much more black & white13:27
ttxdneary: I think it boils down to how you select strategic members. Is it first come first serve, or some criteria ?13:28
ttxI commented on that already. If the former, it's a bit unfair, if the latter, you risk board inflation.13:28
ttxi'm waiting on more details on that.13:29
dnearyttx, Seems to me like the first thing is to define what is the responsibility of the foundation, then board seats go to those funding that stuff13:30
dnearyttx, But some people will be unhappy with that, especially if the board ever starts trying to set technical agenda13:30
*** ejat has joined #openstack13:34
*** cloudvirt1 has quit IRC13:34
*** cloudvirt has joined #openstack13:34
*** apu_ra has quit IRC13:35
*** katkee has joined #openstack13:35
*** cloudvirt has quit IRC13:37
*** cloudvirt has joined #openstack13:37
*** doude has joined #openstack13:40
*** aliguori has joined #openstack13:40
doudeHi all. Who use the last release of keystone and can help me ?13:41
*** jeroenhn has joined #openstack13:42
*** randomubuntuguy has quit IRC13:43
*** groser has joined #openstack13:45
chmouelik04ka: hello, i'll be happy to help.. but I will need to know what version of keystone you are using13:50
*** lts has joined #openstack13:51
*** mohits has quit IRC13:52
*** hggdh has quit IRC13:52
*** hggdh has joined #openstack13:52
doudechmouel: I use the last trunk release and I've got some interogation with the role attribut13:53
*** randomubuntuguy has joined #openstack13:54
chmouelso okay and how does your proxy-server look like?13:54
chmouelI put some documentation for trunk integration with keystone/s3/swift http://p.chmouel.com/swift-keystonelight-s3.txt13:55
chmouelI need to write a proper blog post13:55
*** oubiwann has joined #openstack13:55
doudeWhich proxy ? I don't use swift13:56
*** stuntmachine has joined #openstack13:56
uvirtbot`New bug: #937794 in openstack-manuals "Context needs to be pasted into keystone_shim section in diablo install guide" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93779413:56
uvirtbot`New bug: #937796 in openstack-manuals "Give an example of how to use a console to an instance without dashboard" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93779613:56
chmoueldoude: woops i was confusing with ik04ka question13:56
*** mattray has joined #openstack13:57
chmoueldoude: what about the roles?13:57
doudeok no problem13:57
ik04kachmouel, thakns, so for keystone i need keystone and tokenauth in pipeline?13:58
chmouelyes that's correct13:58
*** katkee has quit IRC13:58
ik04kathanks, will try13:59
doudechmouel: before redux version, there was 2 Keystone roles (Admin and KeystoneServiceAdmin) but these roles seem have disapeared13:59
chmouelyeah so Admin got converted to admin13:59
chmoueland for KeystoneServiceAdmin it seems to be there still14:00
chmouelat least in latest devstack initial import https://github.com/openstack-dev/devstack/blob/master/files/keystone_data.sh#L2914:00
doudechmouel: Ok, and what is the 'simple match' authorization policy ? How is it work ?14:01
*** praefect has quit IRC14:02
*** praefect has joined #openstack14:02
doudechmouel: Yes I saw that still in place in devstack but it seems  not usefull14:03
chmoueli'm not sure about that, you maybe want to ask to bcwaldon or jheck (they don't seem to be on this chan tho but #openstack-dev)14:04
*** lborda has joined #openstack14:04
*** dvogt has joined #openstack14:04
*** natea has joined #openstack14:04
*** weissa has joined #openstack14:04
doudechmouel: ok, thank for your help14:04
*** jeroenhn has quit IRC14:04
*** zeus has quit IRC14:08
*** cryptk is now known as cryptk|offline14:10
weissahey was wondering if anyone could help me with some dashboard errors I'm receiving14:10
*** dachary has quit IRC14:10
*** yaguang has left #openstack14:11
*** kbringard has joined #openstack14:12
*** vogxn has quit IRC14:13
*** dev_sa has joined #openstack14:14
*** ejat has quit IRC14:16
*** siwos has quit IRC14:17
*** jeroenhn has joined #openstack14:17
*** natea has quit IRC14:17
davepigottjamespage: ping (not a problem this time - just for once!)14:18
jamespagedavepigott, hey14:18
davepigottjamespage: Our cloud is behind a firewall. Is there any way we can get access via some sort of ssh tunneling?14:18
davepigottjamespage: I can ssh onto our main server (with port forwarding of course)14:19
*** natea has joined #openstack14:19
jamespagedavepigott: in which case you can just nest more tunnels in your .ssh/config14:19
davepigottjamespage: OK. Thought it might be something as simple as that. Cool. Thank you!14:20
davepigottjamespage: And change the novarc to reference by name in config I assume14:21
*** zeus has joined #openstack14:21
jamespagehrm - probably14:21
davepigottjamespage: OK. I'll play. Thanks!14:21
*** natea has quit IRC14:21
*** smulcahy has quit IRC14:22
*** shang has quit IRC14:22
*** bladernr_afk is now known as bladernr_14:22
*** osier has joined #openstack14:22
*** ayoung has joined #openstack14:23
praefecthi everybody, anyone here is operating a cloud with GPUs in it... anyone using an heterogeneous scheduler to spawn instances with GPUs and CPUs?14:25
*** guigui1 has quit IRC14:25
*** leifmadsen has joined #openstack14:27
*** j^2 has quit IRC14:29
*** bpg has quit IRC14:29
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack14:31
*** j^2 has joined #openstack14:31
*** Glacee has joined #openstack14:32
*** groser has quit IRC14:32
*** katkee has joined #openstack14:33
*** zykes_ has quit IRC14:34
doudechmouel: are you stell here ?14:35
*** stuntmachine has quit IRC14:35
*** shang has joined #openstack14:36
chmoueldoude: yes14:37
*** Shentonfreude has joined #openstack14:37
doudechmouel: with the keystone redux, the created services aren't persistant if I restart keystone. Do you have the same problem ? Do you know a way to fix that ?14:37
chmoueldoude: no i don't have that problem14:38
chmouelhow's your keystone.conf looks like?14:38
doudechmouel: and if I change the endpoint template, I need to restart keystone to load the template file14:38
Glaceechmouel: are you familiar with swift-recon?14:39
doudechmouel: http://paste.openstack.org/show/4918/14:39
*** mohits has joined #openstack14:39
doudechmouel: I've got the same behavour witj a devstack deployment14:40
*** dvogt has quit IRC14:41
uvirtbot`New bug: #937819 in glance "Glance cannot select region from v2 keystone token" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93781914:41
chmoueldoude: that i'm not sure for restarting to parse the template probably need to grep in the code to see14:41
*** aspiers has quit IRC14:42
doudechmouel: and you use the keystone trunk ?14:42
chmouelso reexplain me the problem the service is not in keystone anymore when you restart it ?14:42
chmoueldoude: yes14:42
*** stuntmachine has joined #openstack14:43
chmouelGlacee: sorta, i have tested sometime ago but since then I didn't use it, you can shoot the question in case I do know14:43
*** sandywalsh has quit IRC14:43
*** littleidea has joined #openstack14:44
*** cryptk|offline is now known as cryptk14:44
doudechmouel: Yes: I start keystone, I had service thought the keystone API, I list services throught the keystone API, I see my new services, I restart keystone, I list agin services throught keystone API, the listy is empty14:44
*** deshantm has joined #openstack14:45
*** ldlework has joined #openstack14:46
chmoueldoude: humm not sure why...14:46
Glaceechmouel: thanks but let me ask my other question then.. :) It seems that either the updater or the auditor really slow down the i/o on the spindles.. is it possible to set up the interval at which those are running?14:46
doudechmouel: do you have a table 'service' in your keystone database ?14:47
doudechmouel: perhaps a bad configuration with the new KVS backend14:47
chmouelGlacee: well there is bunch of options to adjust interval of auditor grep in the examples https://github.com/openstack/swift/tree/master/etc14:48
*** al-maisan has joined #openstack14:49
Glaceechmouel: thanks! so I am gessing that all the # options are the default one?14:49
chmoueldoude: I am no keystone expert :) but if I guess this is defined default_catalog.templates for redux14:50
*** rnorwood has quit IRC14:50
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack14:51
*** ewindisch has quit IRC14:51
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack14:52
chmouelGlacee: that's correct14:52
chmoueldoude: there is always the code to grep ;)14:52
Glaceechmouel: thank you.. I will go from there14:52
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk14:53
doudechmouel: ok, thank you14:53
doudechmouel: I'll look in the code14:53
*** mohits has quit IRC14:54
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates14:54
*** shall_ has joined #openstack14:55
*** blamar_ has quit IRC14:56
maploinwhat's the canonical way of setting the rate-limiting on nova-api? I just editted the defaults in nova/api/openstack/compute/DEFAULT_LIMITS, but I'm not even sure that that works14:58
*** RobertLaptop has joined #openstack14:58
*** weissa has left #openstack14:59
eglynn__maplion: why not just set the limits artificially low (say one per hour) and check if your calls are being throttled?15:00
*** robbiew has joined #openstack15:00
*** blamar has joined #openstack15:00
maploineglynn__: well I know for sure that they are being throttled right now15:00
maploinI want them to not be throttled :)15:01
eglynn__maploin: oh, OK ... I thought the opposite. So the change in rate limits that you made to config is not being honoured?15:02
*** dneary has quit IRC15:02
Tristan|i3Ddoes anyone has a mysql server on a remote server instead of local?15:03
*** aspiers has joined #openstack15:03
*** kbringard has quit IRC15:04
*** kbringard has joined #openstack15:05
*** mohits has joined #openstack15:05
maploineglynn__: right, well I'm getting something more interesting when upping the rate limit. I'm trying to run tempest and one of the tests just hangs. When I Ctrl+C it, I see what looks like a locked socket from the rest_client.15:07
*** ldlework has quit IRC15:07
maploinOTOH, if I don't up the rate limit, I get rate limit errors.15:09
*** aspiers has quit IRC15:10
eglynn__maploin: have you tried simply adding the limits specification to the nova api-paste.ini [filter:ratelimit] section?15:11
*** osier has quit IRC15:12
maploinnope, I suppose that's what I was looking for. I'll try it now.15:12
eglynn__maploin: just had a quick look at the code, and the OverLimitFault seems to map to a 413 "Request entity too large" status15:12
*** joesavak has joined #openstack15:12
*** dubsquared has joined #openstack15:12
*** Egyptian[Laptop] has quit IRC15:13
eglynn__surprisingly ... I would have thought 503 Service Unavailable, either way though shouldn't lead to the client connection hanging15:14
*** randomubuntuguy has quit IRC15:15
eglynn__maploin: scroll down to the end for example config: http://docs.openstack.org/trunk/openstack-compute/admin/content/configuring-compute-rate-limiting.html15:15
eglynn__jaypipes: morning15:17
*** yamahata___ has joined #openstack15:18
maploineglynn__: thanks, I think that worked15:20
*** Remco_ has joined #openstack15:20
eglynn__maploin: cool15:20
*** bladernr_ is now known as bladernr_afk15:22
maploindoes the openstack project run tempest continuously live somewhere? I'd really like to see a working configuration.15:22
*** katkee has quit IRC15:23
*** groser has joined #openstack15:23
*** aspiers has joined #openstack15:23
*** bladernr_afk is now known as bladernr_15:24
*** Koboy13 has joined #openstack15:27
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack15:29
*** judd7 has joined #openstack15:30
Koboy13hey guys, i launch an instance and i can't ssh but ping is OK. http://pastebin.com/BNGR67tu the console output says' failed: url error [timed out] . Anyone have an idea ?15:30
*** al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away15:30
*** AndrewWeiss has joined #openstack15:31
*** Shentonfreude1 has joined #openstack15:31
*** dolphm has joined #openstack15:32
Koboy13hey guys, i launch an instance and i can't ssh but ping is OK. http://pastebin.com/BNGR67tu15:34
*** natea has joined #openstack15:34
*** Shentonfreude has quit IRC15:35
kbringarddid you allow ssh in your security groups?15:35
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack15:37
Koboy13yes i did euca-authorize default -P tcp -p 22 -s
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC15:37
kbringardI don't see the ssh daemon coming up in that paste… where did you get this image?15:37
Koboy13I use this method http://wiki.openstack.org/LXC15:39
kbringardoh, I know nothing about LXC15:40
*** NashTrash1 has joined #openstack15:41
NashTrash1Hello Stackers15:41
*** Gordonz has joined #openstack15:42
*** zzed has joined #openstack15:43
NashTrash1I am having problems uploading Ubuntu Cloud Images using Glance.  I download the *.gz file and then use glance add < file.gz.  This doesn't seem to result in a valid image file in Glance.  Any thoughts?15:43
phschwartzAnyone created an opensuse image before?15:43
*** deshantm_ has joined #openstack15:45
*** leifmadsen has quit IRC15:46
*** saju_m has quit IRC15:47
*** deshantm has quit IRC15:48
*** deshantm_ is now known as deshantm15:48
*** davepigott has quit IRC15:49
*** zeus has quit IRC15:52
*** map_nw has joined #openstack15:52
Tristan|i3Ddoes anyone has a mysql server on a remote server instead of local?15:52
*** leifmadsen has joined #openstack15:53
*** jj0hns0n has joined #openstack15:53
Koboy13hey guys, i launch an instance and i can't ssh but ping is OK. http://pastebin.com/BNGR67tu Anyone can help me please15:54
*** andrewbogott__af is now known as andrewbogott_15:55
*** andrewbogott_ has joined #openstack15:55
phschwartzTristan|i3D: OS doesn't have a requirement for the mysql server to be local. I use a remote server that is a mutli-master replicated server allowing for failover15:56
phschwartzI also have rabbitmq on a remote server15:56
*** andrewbogott_ is now known as andrewbogott15:56
*** reed has joined #openstack15:57
*** nelson1234 has joined #openstack15:57
*** almaisan-away is now known as al-maisan15:57
*** ejfinneran has joined #openstack15:59
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk15:59
*** ghe_rivero has joined #openstack16:00
*** cryptk is now known as cryptk|offline16:00
NashTrash1Tristan|i3D: Yes.  We are running it on a central server16:01
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates16:01
NashTrash1Anyone know how to get nova to create 1Gb/s eth0 interfaces instead of just 100Mb/s?16:01
Tristan|i3DNashTrash1, well, i just found out I have a problem with my network and not with OS. 2 out of 3 times it cannot find my remote sql server; no route to host16:01
*** zeus has joined #openstack16:02
NashTrash1Tristan|i3D: Yes, that would be a problem16:02
*** Glacee has quit IRC16:03
NashTrash1How can I get VM eth0 interfaces to come up as 1000Mbs?16:04
*** arun has quit IRC16:04
*** arun has joined #openstack16:05
*** Leseb has joined #openstack16:05
kbringardNashTrash1: you can add <model type='e1000' /> in your libvirt.xml.template16:05
kbringardin the network device section16:05
*** natea_ has joined #openstack16:06
*** lborda has quit IRC16:06
kbringardor, you can virsh destroy/undefine a single VM and add it, then virsh create it again to test it on a one by one basis16:06
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack16:06
NashTrash1kbringard: Ah, thank you.  Good to hear from a voice of wisdom again.16:06
kbringardthere is probably a way to make it more better using virtio, but I'd have to think about it16:06
kbringardI know the e1000 thing works, though16:07
*** davlap has joined #openstack16:07
kbringardNashTrash1: hah, thanks16:07
kbringardI've been ridiculously busy as of late16:07
*** lborda has joined #openstack16:08
NashTrash1kbringard: I know the feeling.  We just put a large new Swift into production and are bringing up another Nova install16:08
kbringardwell done16:08
*** jperkin_ has left #openstack16:08
*** Blackavar has quit IRC16:08
Koboy13hey guys, i launch an instance and i can't ssh but ping is OK. http://pastebin.com/BNGR67tu Anyone can help me please16:09
NashTrash1Koboy13: Did you open port 22?16:09
*** mrjazzcat has joined #openstack16:09
*** shang has quit IRC16:09
*** natea has quit IRC16:10
*** natea_ is now known as natea16:10
Koboy13yes i did euca-authorize default -P tcp -p 22 -s
kbringardNashTrash1: lol, I asked the same thing16:10
NashTrash1Koboy13: Well, first of all your VM can't get to the metadata server.  That can make things no workie16:10
kbringardit's LXC16:10
NashTrash1and I'm out16:11
kbringardthat was pretty much what I said, too16:11
*** dolphm has quit IRC16:11
kbringardok, gotta reboot, brb16:11
*** kbringard has quit IRC16:11
NashTrash1kbringard: Back to the e1000 stuff, just add that line in below <script path='${nic.script}' /> ?16:12
*** shang has joined #openstack16:12
*** Remco_ has quit IRC16:12
Koboy13yes but i redirect to [nova ip:]877316:12
*** jeroenhn has quit IRC16:12
Koboy13and i can ping
*** freeflying has quit IRC16:13
*** Glacee has joined #openstack16:14
*** yamahata___ has quit IRC16:14
NashTrash1Koboy: can you curl or wget http on port 80?16:17
NashTrash1Koboy13: Sorry, first, how did you redirect 169?16:17
Koboy13NashTrash1: sudo iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -d -p tcp -m tcp --dport 80 -j DNAT --to-destination
Koboy13172.16.1.15 is nova api ip adress16:19
*** dolphm has joined #openstack16:19
NashTrash1Koboy13: Looks reasonable.  From your nova-compute host can you wget
NashTrash1Koboy13: You might have to add the same iptables rule for OUTPUT in addition to PREROUTING in order to test this case16:20
*** Linux has joined #openstack16:21
*** ldlework has joined #openstack16:21
Koboy13NashTrash1: yes it works well16:22
*** rocambole has quit IRC16:23
NashTrash1Koboy13: Sorry, but that is about the extent of my knowledge.  kbringard is awesome at this stuff, otherwise you might have to hit up the author of all that code vishy.16:23
*** dolphm has quit IRC16:23
Linuxobject updater interval = 300 default why ?16:23
*** dolphm has joined #openstack16:24
Koboy13NashTrash1: lol ok thx16:24
*** thingee has joined #openstack16:25
*** jdg has joined #openstack16:25
*** al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away16:26
LinuxHello, can someone tell me the reason behind default value of "interval = 300" in SWIFT (object updater,Container updater)16:27
*** bgordy has joined #openstack16:27
*** dneary has joined #openstack16:28
*** dneary has joined #openstack16:28
*** Yak-n-Yeti has joined #openstack16:29
*** supriya has quit IRC16:29
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack16:30
notmynameLinux: are you questioning what the config variable does or why it's set to 300?16:30
*** Glace_ has joined #openstack16:30
*** alekibango has quit IRC16:30
LinuxYes ...My mean Why it set to 30016:30
notmynamethe defaults in swift are "mostly sane" values for large clusters16:31
*** alekibango has joined #openstack16:32
*** Glacee has quit IRC16:32
*** alekibango has quit IRC16:32
*** bgordy has quit IRC16:32
LinuxOk, If I set it to something lower it should not effect anything ...server right .?16:32
*** bgordy has joined #openstack16:32
*** zeus has quit IRC16:32
notmynamedepending on your cluster size, setting it to a lower value (so it runs more often) could cause the object server to get bogged down in disk io16:33
*** gondoi has joined #openstack16:34
*** AndrewWeiss has quit IRC16:34
*** mohits has quit IRC16:35
LinuxOk Thanks a lots..16:35
*** AndrewWeiss has joined #openstack16:35
*** clauden has joined #openstack16:36
LinuxI just want to confirm this ...And i got it ...Thanks Again :)16:36
*** kbringard has joined #openstack16:36
*** alekibango has joined #openstack16:37
*** mohits has joined #openstack16:38
*** natea has quit IRC16:39
*** jaypipes has quit IRC16:39
*** clauden has quit IRC16:43
Glace_is the updater or auditor more disk i/o sensitive?16:43
*** clauden has joined #openstack16:44
*** maplebed has joined #openstack16:44
*** dachary has joined #openstack16:44
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk16:44
*** Tristan|i3D has quit IRC16:45
notmynameGlace_: probably the auditor. it scans the object data. the updater only looks for async-pendings16:45
notmynameGlace_: where "probably" == "definitely"16:45
Glace_notmyname: cool thanks :)16:45
*** andrewsmedina has quit IRC16:46
Glace_I saw that the bench are getting lower when the auditor runs.. so I am definetely running into a disk limitation bottleneck16:46
*** Blackavar has joined #openstack16:46
Glace_With switching the load balacners to the 10g network.. that should help for the Gets.. :)16:46
*** Leseb has quit IRC16:47
*** bgordy has quit IRC16:47
*** natea has joined #openstack16:48
*** bgordy has joined #openstack16:48
*** egant has joined #openstack16:48
wabatHello all...is there anyone who can direct me to a CentOS 5.5 image I can use for testing?16:49
*** dolphm has quit IRC16:49
*** Hakon|mbp has quit IRC16:49
*** bgordy has quit IRC16:49
*** clauden has quit IRC16:49
*** bgordy has joined #openstack16:49
*** clauden_ has joined #openstack16:49
*** andrewsmedina has joined #openstack16:50
kbringardwabat: you can get a cent 5.3 image here16:50
kbringardhttp://eucalyptussoftware.com/downloads/eucalyptus-images/euca-centos- 5.3-x86_64.tar.gz16:50
kbringarderr, soory16:50
wabatThank you kbringard...I appreciate the assist16:50
kbringardor, you can use boxgrinder to make your own16:51
*** Linux has left #openstack16:51
*** hggdh has quit IRC16:51
wabatThank you again, kbringard.  I will check that out.16:52
*** uksysadmin has quit IRC16:52
kbringardno problemo16:53
*** hggdh has joined #openstack16:53
*** alekibango has quit IRC16:54
*** egant has quit IRC16:55
*** dolphm_ has joined #openstack16:55
*** AndrewWeiss has quit IRC16:56
*** alekibango has joined #openstack16:56
*** lborda has quit IRC16:56
*** andrewbogott has quit IRC16:57
*** andrewbogott has joined #openstack16:59
*** andrewbogott has quit IRC16:59
*** andrewbogott has joined #openstack16:59
*** cp16net has joined #openstack16:59
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*** marrusl has joined #openstack17:04
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*** s1cz has joined #openstack17:05
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uvirtbot`New bug: #937936 in nova "instance rebuild hangs with a newly-uploaded image" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93793617:06
*** gohko_air has quit IRC17:06
*** nati2 has joined #openstack17:06
*** Ma3oxuct1 has quit IRC17:07
*** gohko_air has joined #openstack17:07
*** nacx has quit IRC17:07
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*** nikhil_ has joined #openstack17:07
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*** ghe_rivero is now known as ghe_ubuntu17:08
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*** ghe_ubuntu is now known as ghe_rivero17:08
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*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates17:09
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*** zzed_ is now known as zzed17:12
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*** FallenPegasus has joined #openstack17:47
*** s1cz has joined #openstack17:48
*** tawhuac has joined #openstack17:48
* tawhuac hi17:49
tawhuacso I am an experienced software developer, less so knowledgeable in hardware and the cloud17:49
tawhuacso if, say a municipality, has some hardware, and deploys openstack17:50
*** cloudvirt has joined #openstack17:50
tawhuacwhat does actually happen?17:50
*** aliguori has joined #openstack17:50
tawhuacdo people get a place where they can deploy their own sites and/or projects?17:50
*** dachary has quit IRC17:50
*** dpippenger has joined #openstack17:51
*** s1cz has quit IRC17:52
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*** jdurgin has joined #openstack17:52
*** dachary has joined #openstack17:52
*** ghe_rivero has quit IRC17:53
*** marrusl has quit IRC17:54
*** zzed has joined #openstack17:54
annegentletawhuac: the best example of your case I can think of is Cybera, here's a blog post, there are more: http://www.cybera.ca/tech-radar/putting-openstack-into-production-part-217:55
*** cp16net_ has joined #openstack17:55
dnearyHi annegentle17:55
*** s1cz has joined #openstack17:55
annegentledneary: hello17:56
*** natea has quit IRC17:56
*** cp16net has quit IRC17:56
*** cp16net_ is now known as cp16net17:56
ggi_tawhuac: yes, basically the cloud provider (municipality) would create one or more tenants (internal customers. departments, etc) that would then access dashboard to start new VMs or directly the API; the VMs could be used for development work or any type of computing tasks that today are performed on physical servers17:56
*** natea has joined #openstack17:56
*** derekh has quit IRC17:57
*** shang has quit IRC17:57
tawhuacaah ok, in other words it virtualizes the hardware to put it to more efficient use by its users?17:57
*** mher has quit IRC17:57
*** doude has quit IRC17:58
*** hub_cap has joined #openstack17:58
annegentledneary: what's new?17:58
*** dxd828 has quit IRC17:58
tawhuacthanks annegentle ggi_17:58
*** rods has quit IRC17:59
annegentletawhuac: no problem. Thanks ggi_ also, yours is the better answer :)17:59
kbringardyea, ggi_ hit it on the head17:59
dnearyannegentle, I don't think we've ever met in real time before :)17:59
annegentledneary: Just missed you at OSCON last year!18:00
dnearyannegentle, Been following you from afar (although that sounds creepy...) - I handed around Conversation and Community in the Maemo documentation project.18:00
*** shevek_ has quit IRC18:00
dnearyannegentle, Yes - just18:00
dnearyAnd now we're co-authors :)18:00
dnearyDid you hear that someone ordered 500 copies off Lulu to hand them out in Asia?18:00
*** stuntmachine has quit IRC18:01
*** stuntmac_ has joined #openstack18:01
*** heckj has joined #openstack18:03
*** mattstep has quit IRC18:03
*** mattstep has joined #openstack18:04
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*** gyee has joined #openstack18:05
*** bgordy has joined #openstack18:06
*** albert23 has joined #openstack18:07
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*** funzo is now known as funzo_brb18:09
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*** Koboy has quit IRC18:12
*** mohits has quit IRC18:13
*** freeflying has joined #openstack18:15
rw2annegentle do you have suggestions for DITA authoring tools?18:16
rw2Not an openstack question, but I see you're a tech author so thought I'd ask18:16
*** joesavak has quit IRC18:17
dnearyrw2, I just did a web search for dita and a burlesque dancer was the top hit18:18
dnearyrw2, What does dita mean?18:18
* rw2 hehs18:18
rw2yeah, not that one18:18
dnearyrw2, Ah, OK18:20
*** jakedahn has joined #openstack18:20
dnearyGoogle says DitaOP and Dita Open Toolkit18:20
*** aspiers has joined #openstack18:20
dnearySorry - never come across it :)18:20
rw2Yup, did the google search myself.  Am pinging tech writers to see if they have opinions and noticed annegentle was online, so asked her.18:22
*** lts has quit IRC18:23
*** phschwartz_ is now known as phschwartz18:25
*** phschwartz has quit IRC18:25
*** funzo_brb is now known as funzo18:26
*** tawhuac has quit IRC18:27
dnearyrw2, Never mind me :-)18:28
* rw2 nods18:28
rw2no worries18:28
rw2appreciate the input18:28
*** adjohn has joined #openstack18:29
*** clauden_ has joined #openstack18:29
*** zigo-_- has quit IRC18:30
*** phschwartz has joined #openstack18:30
*** alrs has joined #openstack18:30
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*** gyee has joined #openstack18:35
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*** aspiers has joined #openstack18:46
*** bengrue has joined #openstack18:48
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*** clauden_ has joined #openstack18:50
*** Remco_ has joined #openstack18:50
uvirtbot`New bug: #938046 in nova "Make Glance Cache optimizations opt-in rather than opt-out" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93804618:51
*** lts has joined #openstack18:51
*** adjohn has quit IRC18:51
*** wonk has quit IRC18:51
*** wonk has joined #openstack18:52
*** lborda has joined #openstack18:54
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*** rnorwood has joined #openstack18:56
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk18:58
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*** natea_ has joined #openstack18:59
*** spackest has joined #openstack19:01
*** jog0 has quit IRC19:01
*** jog0_ is now known as jog019:01
spackestnot sure if this is the best place to talk swift, but I am having trouble getting started19:01
*** csh-harmful has joined #openstack19:01
notmynamespackest: in what way?19:01
spackestI am trying to do saio on centos and have been following these instructions http://swift.openstack.org/development_saio.html#configuring-each-node and http://swift.openstack.org/development_saio.html19:02
csh-harmfulWhats is the most supported Linux flavour on which should I deploy openstack ?19:02
*** heckj has quit IRC19:02
*** chasing`Sol has joined #openstack19:02
*** natea has quit IRC19:02
*** natea_ is now known as natea19:02
*** heckj has joined #openstack19:02
*** groser has quit IRC19:02
*** viraptor has quit IRC19:02
Spirilisit's developed on it19:02
spackestthings seem to install alright, but this swauth-add-user -A -K 123qwe -a test tester testing gives me a Account creation failed: 400 Bad Request and nothing in the logs19:03
csh-harmfulOk. LTS or last one ?19:03
spackestalso, the unittests nearly all fail19:03
*** shang has joined #openstack19:03
SpirilisLTS is what it's developed on, but the latest one works fine in my experience19:03
csh-harmfulok, fine. Thank you!19:03
spackestI am using centos 6.2 and pulling the latest swift from git19:04
notmynamespackest: can you pastebin your proxy config? (http://paste.openstack.org)19:05
*** Drakiz has joined #openstack19:05
spackestjust noticing I pulled the key stuff, let me try adding that back in19:06
*** supriya has quit IRC19:06
notmynamespackest: you are using tempauth in your proxy and not swauth19:07
phschwartzvishy: What did you use to implement the meta-data service? twisted?19:07
notmynamespackest: if using tempauth (good for testing and POC), then you don't need to do any swauth commands19:07
*** darraghb has quit IRC19:07
*** rnorwood has quit IRC19:07
*** RobertLaptop has left #openstack19:11
*** judd7 has quit IRC19:11
*** pixelbeat has joined #openstack19:14
*** cryptk|offline is now known as cryptk19:16
*** dachary has quit IRC19:16
csh-harmfulIs there IPv6 support in the openstack? I'm reading documentations and all examples are ipv419:17
*** cryptk is now known as cryptk|offline19:18
*** pixelbeat has quit IRC19:18
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack19:22
*** zzed_ has joined #openstack19:24
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*** nelson1234 has joined #openstack19:28
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*** warik has joined #openstack19:30
*** cp16net has joined #openstack19:30
*** zzed has joined #openstack19:31
*** Hakon|mbp has joined #openstack19:32
*** krow has joined #openstack19:32
*** pixelbeat has joined #openstack19:33
*** hub_cap has quit IRC19:34
ggi_csh-harmful: http://docs.openstack.org/diablo/openstack-compute/admin/content/configuring-compute-to-use-ipv6-addresses.html19:41
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack19:44
*** pixelbeat has quit IRC19:44
*** rods has joined #openstack19:45
*** tawhuac has joined #openstack19:51
vishyphschwartz: metadata is in eventlet like everything else19:51
*** tjikkun has quit IRC19:51
*** NashTrash1 has joined #openstack19:51
*** dachary has joined #openstack19:55
*** Hakon|mbp has quit IRC19:56
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*** NOKAH has joined #openstack20:00
uvirtbot`New bug: #938103 in keystone "don't set roles via metadata in backend api " [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93810320:01
*** NOKAS has joined #openstack20:01
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack20:01
*** johnpur has joined #openstack20:01
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v johnpur20:01
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*** jog0 has joined #openstack20:06
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*** asavu has joined #openstack20:07
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*** redconnection has joined #openstack20:11
uvirtbot`New bug: #938114 in nova "Openstack API returns unicode Location Header" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93811420:11
*** davepigott has joined #openstack20:12
*** Leseb has joined #openstack20:12
*** tawhuac has quit IRC20:13
spackestnotmyname: so if I am using tempauth, what is my next step? :)20:13
notmynamespackest: using values from your config, you can auth with a command like this `curl -i -H "X-Auth-User: test:tester" -H "X-Auth-Key: testing" http://yourip:8080/auth/v1.0`20:14
*** davepigott has quit IRC20:14
spackestok, looks good20:15
*** johnpur has quit IRC20:15
notmynamespackest: great!20:15
*** stuntmac_ has quit IRC20:16
*** stuntmachine has joined #openstack20:16
spackestthis looks good, right http://paste.openstack.org/show/4926/20:16
spackestnow I would just like to put something into swift and pull it back out20:16
notmynamespackest: that looks fine. yes, you use the storage url and auth token that was returned by that auth step20:17
*** mutex has joined #openstack20:18
*** dolphm_ has quit IRC20:19
*** dolphm has joined #openstack20:19
*** krow has quit IRC20:19
*** natea has quit IRC20:20
spackestso this doesn't look good http://paste.openstack.org/show/4927/20:20
spackestand nothing in the logs that I can see20:20
*** zykes- has joined #openstack20:21
nilssonhello, I'm interested in wit20:23
nilssonI'm interested in working on openstack for google summer of code, who should I ping?20:24
*** zykes has quit IRC20:25
*** krow has joined #openstack20:25
mutexhi, I created an instance on my openstack cluster using euca-run-instances and I cannot seem to delete it with euca tools or nova tools20:25
mutexis there a way to force delete ?20:25
*** mattray has quit IRC20:26
ggi_virsh destroy instance_id; virsh undefine instance_id20:28
*** legkodymov has joined #openstack20:28
ggi_and you have to manually clean up nova.db20:28
mutexvirsh is clean, it is nova that seems to be having the problem20:29
mutexI guess I can just drop the row20:30
ggi_mutex: To delete a "ghost" instance from the Nova db: Delete the row in “fixed_ips” table corresponding to that instance_id Delete the row in “virtual_interfaces” table corresponding to that instance_id Finally, delete the corresponding row from the table “”instances”20:31
mutexI think it was just a faulty instances row20:33
*** davepigott has joined #openstack20:33
mutexeverything seems great now20:33
spackestlooks like I hit this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/swift/+bug/88837120:33
*** localhost has quit IRC20:33
*** dprince has quit IRC20:34
spackestand now all the tests pass :)20:34
*** localhost has joined #openstack20:35
spackestnow I just need to put and get and then I'll just about be ready to call it a day20:35
mutexggi_: thanks!20:35
*** jaypipes has joined #openstack20:35
*** jaypipes has quit IRC20:36
*** andrewsmedina has quit IRC20:36
*** shang has quit IRC20:36
*** Hakon|mbp has joined #openstack20:36
ggi_mutex: welcome20:36
*** jaypipes has joined #openstack20:38
*** aabes has joined #openstack20:39
zeusspackest: sweet!!20:39
*** davepigott has quit IRC20:40
*** aspiers has quit IRC20:41
*** x86brandon has joined #openstack20:42
*** andrewsmedina has joined #openstack20:42
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*** joesavak has joined #openstack20:45
*** krow has joined #openstack20:46
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*** dachary has joined #openstack20:51
*** aspiers has joined #openstack20:54
spackestpretty awesome :)  I just can't connect remotely, which is a bummer.  according to netstat -plan I am binding for the auth, but I can't telnet there remotely20:55
zeusspackest: route or firewall problems ?20:56
spackestI can ping the box.  they're on the same switch20:57
*** Ma3oxuct has quit IRC20:57
spackestwe do have plenty of funny corporate firewall rules, but not sure how to pin anything down20:57
zeuscheck the firewall then if isn't a firewall problem then check the logs and code :P20:57
spackestthis works on the box, just not remotely telnet 808020:58
*** Leseb has quit IRC20:58
*** rnorwood has quit IRC20:58
spackestguess I could try starting on port 8020:58
*** zzed has quit IRC21:00
*** lborda has quit IRC21:00
uvirtbot`New bug: #938153 in nova "shutil.move is erroneously copying data" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93815321:00
*** lborda has joined #openstack21:01
spackestsame thing on port 8021:01
*** Leseb has joined #openstack21:01
*** zzed has joined #openstack21:02
*** rafaduran has joined #openstack21:02
zeusspackest: a sec21:02
zeusspackest: try this on the machine 'echo "hello world!" | nc -l'21:02
zeusspackest: sorry 'echo "hello world!" | nc -l 80'21:03
zeusspackest: then try to connect to the machine using 'telnet <ip address> 80'21:03
zeusspackest: you should get a "hello world!" message and then get disconnected21:03
*** robbiew has quit IRC21:04
*** rdc has joined #openstack21:05
*** rafaduran has quit IRC21:05
*** rdc is now known as rafaduran21:05
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*** cp16net has joined #openstack21:07
*** hub_cap has joined #openstack21:07
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*** stuntmachine has joined #openstack21:12
*** warik has joined #openstack21:13
*** robbiew has joined #openstack21:15
*** stuntmachine has quit IRC21:17
spackestzeus: yeah, works just fine remotely, I instantly get telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: No route to host21:19
*** gray-- has joined #openstack21:20
spackestsorry, I mean it works fine locally, and remotely, I instantly get telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: No route to host21:21
*** adrian17od has joined #openstack21:21
zeusspackest: then you got a real problem with your firewall21:21
*** dhellmann has joined #openstack21:21
adrian17odanyone here close to the trystack project?21:23
adrian17odI can't seem to assign floating IPs to VMs21:23
*** stuntmachine has joined #openstack21:24
nati2HI adrian17od21:24
nati2I'm admin of trystack21:24
adrian17odHI nati221:24
*** cloudvirt has quit IRC21:24
technologovnati2, oh.. I request new user/password from trystack, but never got an answer21:24
*** bhall has joined #openstack21:25
nati2Ah sorry for inconvenience,  we are checking each users account manually in order to prevent SPAMs21:25
adrian17odAre floating IPs available?21:25
technologovnati2, it's pretty much impossible to get those accounts21:26
nati2adrian17od: Not for this version21:26
technologovnati2, Can it be done... differently ?21:26
nati2technologov: Yes, so I'm writing new auth21:26
technologovnati2, on top of keystone ?21:27
nati2technologov: Actually no,21:27
technologovwell, yes, I remember... I read that keystone is modular, so it has OpenID backend21:28
*** adrian17od_ has joined #openstack21:28
technologovnati2, also the minimal set should include GMail... there are far more GMail users than Facebook+Launchpad+Github+twitter together21:29
*** thingee has joined #openstack21:29
*** csh-harmful has quit IRC21:29
nati2technologov: Problem is we can not check gmail accounts21:29
technologovnati2, why should you check those ?21:29
nati2technologov: We can check spam id by viewing social activities on each site21:29
nati2technologov: To check spam bot21:30
*** adrian17od has quit IRC21:30
technologovwell, if trystack uses GMail as username, you don't care about spambots at all...21:30
nati2technologov: It is easy to create new Gmail account.21:31
technologovi.e. direct connection between trystack/keystone and GMail21:31
technologovnati2, but you don't need to care if users are spambots or not21:31
technologovso spambots will use trystack21:31
technologovwill it help them ?21:31
technologov(prolly not)21:31
nati2technologov: So I'm worrying about this case. Some VM  on trystack start attacking some site. Then we stop the VM. And we ban the account21:32
nati2technologov: Then the spammer create another gmail, then start same thing21:32
adrian17od_nati2: not sure if I missed your response there nati2 - got disconnected21:33
technologovhmm, ok21:33
nati2adrian17od_: Ah, we didn't enable floting IP for this version of trystack21:33
*** cloudvirt has joined #openstack21:34
*** adrian17od_ is now known as adrian17od21:34
adrian17odnati2: that's fine, but how do I connect to a VM I bring up?21:34
nati2adrian17od: It has public IP21:35
nati2adrian17od: So you can connect it from your machine. Note that security group setting is also needed21:35
*** Neptu has joined #openstack21:37
adrian17odnati2: m(. forgot the ICMP rule. thanks nati221:38
*** technologov has quit IRC21:38
nati2adrian17od: Your welcome21:38
*** judd7 has quit IRC21:38
*** adrian17od has quit IRC21:40
*** zeus has quit IRC21:40
*** ppradhan has joined #openstack21:44
*** heckj has quit IRC21:45
*** pixelbeat has joined #openstack21:45
*** heckj has joined #openstack21:45
*** eglynn__ has quit IRC21:45
uvirtbot`New bug: #938191 in nova "Delete after resize error leaves orphan VM laying around" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93819121:45
*** eglynn__ has joined #openstack21:46
*** davepigott has joined #openstack21:47
*** technologov has joined #openstack21:49
uvirtbot`New bug: #938194 in nova "flavors.create extension returns 500 for duplicated flavor" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93819421:51
*** stewart has quit IRC21:51
*** stewart has joined #openstack21:52
*** natea has joined #openstack21:53
*** dvogt has joined #openstack21:54
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack21:54
*** dvogt has left #openstack21:56
*** aliguori has quit IRC21:57
*** davepigott has quit IRC21:57
*** nati2 has quit IRC21:58
*** aliguori has joined #openstack22:00
*** oubiwann has quit IRC22:00
*** stuntmachine has quit IRC22:00
*** natea_ has joined #openstack22:00
*** eglynn has joined #openstack22:00
*** pixelbeat has quit IRC22:01
technologovafter installing devstack, I get :22:02
technologovBadRequest at /settings/project/22:02
technologovUnable to communicate with identity service: [Errno 111] Connection refused. (HTTP 400)22:02
*** joesavak has quit IRC22:03
*** natea_ has quit IRC22:03
*** natea has quit IRC22:03
*** eglynn__ has quit IRC22:03
*** natea has joined #openstack22:04
uvirtbot`New bug: #938212 in nova "flavors create yields 400 due to id() typo" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93821222:05
*** natea has quit IRC22:06
*** deshantm has quit IRC22:06
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*** natea has joined #openstack22:08
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*** troytoman-away is now known as troytoman22:13
*** milner has joined #openstack22:13
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uvirtbot`New bug: #938215 in nova "euca-describe-instances graceless with unexpected args" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93821522:16
*** dvogt has joined #openstack22:16
*** dvogt_ has quit IRC22:16
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*** llang629 has joined #openstack22:36
*** warik_ has joined #openstack22:39
*** llang629 has left #openstack22:39
*** warik_ has left #openstack22:39
spackestyip, looks like it was iptables blocking me22:39
spackestso I now have a few files in swift.  how can I view them from a browser?22:41
*** warik has quit IRC22:41
spackestlooks like something like this but I need to get authorized or turn off the need for auth somehow22:42
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack22:42
*** miclorb has joined #openstack22:42
*** pixelbeat has joined #openstack22:43
*** ewindisch has quit IRC22:45
*** aliguori has joined #openstack22:45
*** imsplitbit has quit IRC22:46
*** heckj has quit IRC22:46
mutexfor some reason my metadata service is not reachable by my nova virtual machines22:46
mutexany hints on how I can debug ?22:46
mutexwhat should I start looking22:46
spackestmutex: have you checked iptables? :)22:49
spackestcan you ping the service from the vms, or telnet to the appropriate port?22:49
*** ohadlevy has quit IRC22:49
mutexnot quite sure how to login to my machines if they are not fetching user data from the metadata22:50
mutexyeah I browsed through iptables, do not see anything with a 169 rule on it22:50
spackestoh, sorry, I read your message wrong22:50
uvirtbot`New bug: #938243 in keystone "keystone service-create seems redundant with default_catalog.templates" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93824322:50
mutexi'll keep poking at it22:51
mutexok, so looks like I can login22:54
mutexcurl -m 10 -s  just times out22:54
mutexit was working a couple of hours ago, and I rebooted the openstack host22:54
mutexnot sure if there is some service that failed to start correctly22:54
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack22:55
mutexah yup, nova-network22:55
*** rnorwood has quit IRC22:55
mutexi'll bet it is apparmors fault22:55
mutexi hate apparmor22:55
*** Shentonfreude1 has quit IRC22:55
chmouelspackest: you need to install the staticweb middleware for that kind of thing22:57
*** Egyptian[Laptop] has joined #openstack22:57
*** robbiew has quit IRC22:58
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack22:58
*** ayoung has quit IRC22:59
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*** jog0_ has joined #openstack23:00
uvirtbot`New bug: #938253 in keystone "need to update auth_token to most recent version" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93825323:01
*** NashTrash1 has quit IRC23:02
*** lvaughn_ has quit IRC23:03
*** Gordonz has quit IRC23:03
spackestchmouel: thanks, I will take a look23:03
*** lvaughn has joined #openstack23:03
*** jog0 has quit IRC23:03
*** jog0_ is now known as jog023:03
*** lborda has quit IRC23:03
*** syah has joined #openstack23:03
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uvirtbot`New bug: #938268 in openstack-manuals "manuals for cactus included on trunk page" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93826823:16
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spackesthmm, it appears I have staticweb installed, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything :)23:24
spackestat least not how I would guess.  I go to and get Bad URL23:24
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technologovafter installing devstack, I get :23:49
technologovUnable to communicate with identity service: [Errno 111] Connection refused. (HTTP 400)23:49
technologov(from dashboard GUI)23:49
technologovany ideas ?23:49
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