Friday, 2012-04-20

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aarcaneSo has anyone effectively set up guests to provide dhcp, dns, and edge routing in openstack?  If so, is there a guide somewhere?  I've got my present config doing exactly this in libvirt, but want to switch to openstack.00:03
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yatiHi. I just wanted some general advice - What is a nice way to build a job queue? The queue will be at the cluster level, implemented by the controller and consumed by the workers06:52
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Raziquemorning all :)07:40
melmothBonjour Razique !07:40
RaziqueBonjour :-)07:40
koolhead17hi all :P07:40
zykes-Razique: are you using VNC ?07:43
Raziqueyou mean the console ?07:43
Raziquepretty esay07:43
Raziqueget the port the instance is listening on, and with your favorite client07:43
Raziqueconnect to that port (chicken of the vnc for instance)07:44
zykes-ah, so not via webconsole ?07:44
Raziqueper compute node directly07:44
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zykes-oh, more redhatters!07:45
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livemoonanyone install openstack on suse 11 and use xen?07:50
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hugokuohi XD07:59
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openstackDario90: Admin, Channel, ChannelLogger, Config, MeetBot, Misc, Owner, Services, and User08:35
hugokuokoolhead17,  ping08:36
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koolhead17hi hugokuo08:39
openstackDario90: Admin, Channel, ChannelLogger, Config, MeetBot, Misc, Owner, Services, and User08:39
openstackhugokuo: Admin, Channel, ChannelLogger, Config, MeetBot, Misc, Owner, Services, and User08:39
hugokuotest xchat client08:39
Dario90why i can't have the list of data?08:40
hugokuodon no08:40
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larsbutlerHi yati, I saw your question above about job queues. Not sure if I understand your requirements exactly, but would something like Celery ( do the job?08:49
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openstackzykes-: Admin, Channel, ChannelLogger, Config, MeetBot, Misc, Owner, Services, and User08:59
zykes-!list admin08:59
openstackzykes-: capability add, capability remove, channels, ignore add, ignore list, ignore remove, join, nick, and part08:59
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yatilarsbutler: Wow. That is great :) But can I use in an environment that is largely Node.js? Also where should I head to in order to learn more about the architecture of Nova compute?09:16
larsbutleryati: About your second question, I'm new to openstack myself so I can't help you there.09:18
yatithe first one o_O?09:18
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zykes-yati: nova architecture is "relatively" ok to learn once you get the hang of it09:19
no`xanyone also run into "Table 'nova.projects' doesn't exist" problem and has an ide how to fix it?
zykes-but components can very very loosely coupled together09:19
no`xidea even09:20
larsbutleryati: To your first question, I'm sure it's _techincally_ possible. It depends on whether or not you're okay with a mixed environment.09:20
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yatizykes-: I love loose coupling, starting point to get the hang of it?09:21
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larsbutleryati: As a task/job queue, I've found that celery is really nice to use, but there may be better options. If you want to play with it, I have some really simple celery sample code you can look at:
zykes-yati: me ? Yeah09:21
zykes-I'm going at setting up Quantum & Ryu today09:21
yatizykes-: *punctuation kills* :P I was looking for a starting point to dive into OpenStack internals.09:22
zykes-yati: how you mean by that? You should probably start googling up nova architecture then.09:23
yatilarsbutler: Great! I'll start digging then ;) Thanks!09:25
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zykes-tasks like what yati ?09:26
yatizykes-: I am doing that and gathering resources - Just thought asking here would speed it up :)09:26
fitzdslHello there, is that possible to use compute with ovirt backend / hypervisor ?09:26
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zykes-yati: billing or resource monitor ?09:28
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larsbutleryati: You're welcome. If it looks like a viable option, feel free to shoot me any questions you have.09:28
yatilarsbutler: sure - actually it's my final semester project - a compute cloud - the team decided in favour of Node.js and here I am again wishing it was all done on Django :\09:30
zykes-yati: ?09:30
yatizykes-: I meant to say I was gathering some resources I could read up on later - about the openstack internals :)09:31
zykes-ah ok09:33
larsbutleryati: Oh bummer. Well, maybe you could smuggle in a lightweight django api just to handle your tasks :)09:33
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* yati wants to pull his hair out!09:34
yatilarsbutler: Actually the JS community(where I'm a newcomer) wants to do *everything* async - and that is a significant paradigm shift :|09:35
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larsbutleryati: yeah09:36
zykes-yati: (:09:38
zykes-yati: Nova was written using the "async" style earlier with Twisted, but they chose to run with the eventlet / gevent style instead cause it's a easier learning curve for non-pythoneers09:38
zykes-and easier in general09:38
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yatizykes-: It's okay if you have to deal with either async(with a lil bit of sync, of course) or completely sync. But Node.js is drastically async - rightly so - we can't expect a single thread to do everything09:40
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zykes-larsbutler: what cmpts have you setup for os ?09:42
larsbutlerzykes-: sorry, cmpts?09:43
larsbutlerin what context?09:43
zykes-as in what have you setup in your installation ?09:44
* larsbutler thinks his tea must have been too weak this morning09:45
larsbutlerinstallation of what?09:45
zykes-openstack ?09:45
larsbutlerdon't have one yet, just started playing a few days ago09:45
zykes-I got a full stack up soon :o09:46
larsbutlerI'm looking at openstack purely out of personal curiosity.. don't have any spare hardware at the moment :(09:47
zykes-heh, I didn't either09:47
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yatilarsbutler, zykes- Virtualization ;)09:50
larsbutlerwhat kind of machine(s) are you running? I came across this and got a bit discouraged09:50
*** farkyoo has joined #openstack09:50
zykes-yati: virtualization what ?09:51
zykes-larsbutler: I was running it at home first with a AMD X4 single nic machine09:51
yatiWow. That is not just a "bit" discouraging! It is disheartening for a poor man like me :| :P09:51
yatizykes-: I thought I could use VMs on my computer to test out openstack09:52
zykes-yati: you can :)09:52
zykes-there's a reason for devstack09:52
yatiI've got a 32-bit system, with a 16th of memory mentioned in the page linked to by larsbutler09:53
* larsbutler looks that up09:53
larsbutlerah nice:
yatiwow. Never knew it existed :)09:53
larsbutlerzykes-: didn't know about that, thanks for the tip09:53
yatiThanks zykes-  :)09:54
zykes-atm though I got the lab at work setup with 2*dell 415 with 6*gig links in bonds09:54
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zykes-what service is it that's responsable for assigning volumes to instances ? I mean that actually attaches it ?09:58
zynzelzykes-: nova-compute10:00
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fitzdslis that possible to run ami on NOT compute controllers ?10:08
fitzdslie: using only libvirt ?10:08
onezerofitzdsl: NO, you need nova-compute in order to run any VM on that host10:12
fitzdsland what require nova-compute ? I mean, I'm evaluating ovirt for a vmware like infrastructure for regular virtualisation management10:12
fitzdslbut I'd like to run openstack managed AMI for a part of production10:13
fitzdslwhat does virtualisation node provider to be considered as nova-compute controller ?10:13
zykes-zynzel: what can be wrong then when it's stuck @ Attaching ?10:16
zynzelzykes-: any error in logs?10:17
zykes-it just says "Attaching" in dashboard10:18
zynzelzykes-: and no info in log on compute node?10:18
zykes-Oh, I see the error logging into iscsi10:19
zykes-iscsid: conn 0 login rejected: target error (03/01)10:25
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doublerockHi; I am following the install steps from on centos6; when I run euca-run-instances ami-tty --kernel aki-tty --ramdisk ari-tty -k nova_key , I get [Errno 111] Connection refused10:44
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zykes-doublerock: seems like you're either hitting a wrong endpoint or some nova api stuff or glance is down ?10:50
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zykes-ok then, just to get multi tenants to work with dashboard and networking left10:58
zykes-pixelbeat: around ?10:59
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doublerockzykes: all the services are up afaik; I sourced the config from ~/novarc ; selinux/iptables are  disabled; do I need to do check something else for endpoints ?11:02
zykes-not sure doublerock, you might for registering images concider using glance instead11:03
doublerockzykes: hmm...I think you lost me there; totally new to this :)11:04
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zykes-doublerock: basically google glance add image11:05
doublerockzykes: thanks11:06
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zykes-vishy: here ?11:24
*** manu-db has joined #openstack11:25
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larsbutlerzykes-: in his time zone, I don't think he's awake yet :P11:43
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zykes-Razique: ? :)11:49
*** kaptan has quit IRC11:51
zykes-when you gonna start using vnc Razique ? ;p11:52
zykes-via horizon11:52
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coredumbI'm trying to find a solid comparison of swift vs glusterfs as besides the API part the two are quite looking alike. Any link to advise?11:58
Raziquezykes- not yet ahah11:59
Raziquezykes- you are going production ?11:59
zykes-Razique: nope, demo11:59
Qtencoredumb: swift is only basically a file checkin/checkout and gluster is block file system afaik12:00
*** aa has quit IRC12:00
Qtenswift: also supports "containers" and glusterfs can do something simular with an addon called cloudfs i believe12:01
Raziquezykes- how is it going ?12:01
*** jkyle has quit IRC12:01
Qtencoredumb: cloudfs=hekaFS now12:01
Qtencoredumb: so basically they are both different and not really compareable as they do different tasks12:03
zykes-Razique: atm I need to get nova stable12:03
zykes-and to get the novnc stuff working so it's ok in horizon12:03
coredumbQten: Ok12:04
*** lionel__ is now known as lionel12:05
Raziquezykes- Essex ?12:06
coredumbQten: actually i was reading the main swift page and all the distributed part sounded quite similar to glusterfs so that's why i was ... well, wondering12:07
Qtencoredumb: yeah i know what ya mean i thought the same way in the begining12:08
zykes-Razique: correct12:09
coredumbQten: so if i understand correctly with swift you can actually serve the files _only_ trough the API right?12:10
*** nicolas2b has quit IRC12:11
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Qtencoredumb: ceph, gluster, moosefs = block based file systems (you can store and run vm images on in real time) swift = document management with distributed/replicated data (it stores the file 3 or more times statically)12:11
*** Gekitsuu has joined #openstack12:11
Qtencoredumb: *distributed block based file systems i should add12:12
coredumbQten: ok got it now :)12:12
*** chasing`Sol has quit IRC12:13
Qtenmoosefs is pretty good to if ya looking at glusterfs as most people look at the single metadata server and say its a single point of failure but i see it as away to avoid split brains :)12:14
coredumbQten: yeah actually the feature making me more in glusterfs is performance and geo replciation12:15
*** natea has joined #openstack12:15
coredumband as i understood the moosefs single metadata server isn't that nasty with its replicas12:15
*** soodie has joined #openstack12:18
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zykes-Razique: shouldn't isntances without a floating ip be able to ping the inet ?12:23
Raziquethey shouldn't be able to hit the net12:23
*** pengyong has joined #openstack12:23
zykes-why not ? :/12:24
*** dudou has joined #openstack12:24
zynzelRazique: yes, why? :) all trafic from instance without floating-ip is nated to compute-node ip12:24
zynzelmore precisely to FLAGS.routing_source_ip12:25
Raziqueoh yes you are right sorry12:25
RaziqueI just remembered erratic behaviour I had with instances without floating ips12:26
Raziquesorry zykes-12:26
zykes-but then I don't get it, my network node has set in the nova.conf12:26
zykes-and the iface is up and pingable but I can't ping out from the instance12:26
zykes-I can ping the gw though both from the instances on the networking node and other cluster nodes12:27
zynzelzykes-: iptables-save -t nat |grep 'nova-network-snat -s'12:28
zykes--A nova-network-snat -s -j SNAT --to-source
zynzelfrom compute-node you can ping internet?12:29
zykes-correct zynzel12:29
zynzelinstances have ip from network
*** Harnish has quit IRC12:30
zykes-no zynzel, I use 192.168.10.x to .20.x12:30
zynzelzykes-: check --fixed_range in nova.conf12:31
zykes-what's that for ?12:31
zynzelfor fixed_range :)12:32
zynzelbut 192.168.10.X to 192.168.20.X is not cidr, so you have problem :)12:32
zykes-cidr ?12:32
zynzelzykes-: fixed_range should be smth like '' but 192.168.10.X-192.168.20.X cant be writen as cidr ( -> -, and -> -
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*** esm is now known as Guest5777212:35
zykes-Can't I just sweep ?12:36
zykes-ah, nvm12:36
*** Drew442 has joined #openstack12:36
Drew442am i in the right channel to ask about a guide for installing nova on ubuntu?12:37
zynzelyes you can, but then yours fixed ip range ist 192.168.10.X-192.168.20.X :))12:37
melmothDrew442, sounds like the right channel.12:37
zykes-zynzel: I wodner why it's not working even when I assign a pub ip12:38
melmothDrew442, there s this nice page
zykes-the 5.5512:38
zykes-ehm, 5.190 actually12:38
melmothDrew442, you may also want to look for devstack , wich is a script that install all on one nodes (you learn a lot by reading it too)12:38
Drew442melmoth, thanks12:39
zykes-ah, crap, I had forgotten the sysctl forwarding stuff *adds to sysctl.conf this time*12:39
*** coredumb has left #openstack12:39
zykes-It's funny on how long one can be stuck thinking it's something else that's wrong then what really is wrong12:40
zynzelzykes-: :)12:42
*** manu-db has joined #openstack12:46
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*** sdake has joined #openstack12:56
*** aliguori has joined #openstack12:58
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*** pengyong has quit IRC12:59
*** pengyong has joined #openstack13:00
*** never2far has joined #openstack13:05
never2farhello ...if by mistake I have created 2 users using:  keystone --token sjoaidja8sd981j23109 --endpoint user-create --tenant_id 9asdj1ca02374cf9b6bb844353ac35c2 --name admin --pass password --enabled true can i delete one of them ?13:06
*** Deathvalley122 has quit IRC13:06
*** hingo has quit IRC13:06
never2fartried using keystone --token token --endpoint address user-delete adminUser but i get: No handlers could be found for logger "keystoneclient.client"13:07
*** DavidLevin has joined #openstack13:07
Adri2000never2far: tried using the user id instead?13:07
never2farjust tried now and it works thx :D13:08
melmothi think last week or so i had a problem removing a user that has the same email as another one in the database13:08
*** milner has quit IRC13:08
*** milner_ has joined #openstack13:08
melmothworkaround i used was to remove it....with sql directly from the database :)13:08
*** sagar_nikam has joined #openstack13:10
*** avoine has quit IRC13:10
*** avoine has joined #openstack13:10
*** jackh has joined #openstack13:11
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack13:11
*** withnale has joined #openstack13:12
withnaleDoes anyone have an example of how to connect fog to an openstack instance?13:13
*** shaon has joined #openstack13:15
*** matiu has quit IRC13:18
*** natea has quit IRC13:18
*** holden247 has joined #openstack13:19
*** Yak-n-Yeti has joined #openstack13:19
*** natea has joined #openstack13:21
*** shaon1 has joined #openstack13:21
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*** lborda has joined #openstack13:24
*** shaon has quit IRC13:24
*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack13:33
*** roge has joined #openstack13:34
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack13:34
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*** PiotrSikora has joined #openstack13:39
*** lazyshot has joined #openstack13:40
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*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack13:41
*** livemoon has joined #openstack13:43
*** mrjazzcat has joined #openstack13:44
livemoonhi, Does openstack now only support XCP and Xenserver if I use xen hypersion?13:45
*** jtanner has joined #openstack13:45
*** dxd828_ has quit IRC13:49
soodiehey.. has anyone used for connecting to swift13:49
soodieI am assuming that the only changes I need to make are to and then execute cloudfiles.sh13:50
*** natea has quit IRC13:50
soodieor are there any other bindings for java that are used for connecting to swift13:51
*** andresambrois has quit IRC13:52
*** rohitk has joined #openstack13:57
*** marrusl has quit IRC13:57
*** osier has joined #openstack13:58
*** marrusl has joined #openstack13:59
*** jkyle has joined #openstack14:00
*** datajerk has joined #openstack14:00
*** kokyu has joined #openstack14:06
*** Glacee has joined #openstack14:06
* kokyu waves14:06
uvirtbotNew bug: #986200 in nova "nova diagnostics doesn't work with  libvirt/qemu,kvm" [Undecided,New]
oneiroiguys correct me if I am wrong please, a compute node need only run nova-compute and nova-network ?14:07
* oneiroi is doing first multinode setup since october :S14:07
kokyui'm pleased to get that question answered, too :)14:07
cryptographrixgood morning, all!14:07
*** kindaopsdevy has joined #openstack14:08
oneiroikokyu: just re-read my october training notes, it is only compute and network needed14:09
*** yati has quit IRC14:09
*** issackelly has quit IRC14:09
kokyuoneiroi: per compute-node, you mean?14:09
oneiroithis assumes multi node, and that api,scheduler etc are running elsewhere14:10
kokyuof course14:10
kokyuthat's what I am aiming at14:10
*** kindaopsdevy has quit IRC14:11
melmothoneiroi, actually, you do not _need_ nova-network on all nodes14:12
*** hggdh has quit IRC14:12
melmothoneiroi, you also dont need nova-api, but if it s not running and you are using ubuntu cloud image, you need some iptabales magic so the vms can contact a meta data server14:13
oneiroimelmoth: dpening on your model I suppose that's true, (diablo), you only _need_ it on one, but then that's a single point of failiure ;-)14:13
*** Glacee has quit IRC14:15
kokyunow you confused me :)14:17
*** soodie has quit IRC14:17
kokyuis nova-network able to DNAT traffic to a VM on another compute node, too? or just able to DNAT into local VMs hosted on the local compute node?14:17
*** rnorwood has quit IRC14:18
melmothit can do it on other compute nodes14:19
melmothat least it worked here :)14:19
melmothwhat i m confused about is on my side is, if you run several nova-network... wich one is suppose to be the gateway to your floating network for external machine accessing the vms ?14:20
*** vincentricci has joined #openstack14:21
* oneiroi kicks ntp serve14:23
oneiroi:Server dropped: strata too high: ...14:23
* oneiroi headdesk14:23
*** hggdh has joined #openstack14:24
*** mknight has joined #openstack14:26
Teduardois anyone using one of these devices as storage for NOVA vms? Dell PS6110XS14:26
*** shadowe989 has joined #openstack14:27
*** shadowe989 has quit IRC14:27
TeduardoI need the data to be shared among multiple nodes so I can't use the local disk reference architecture14:29
*** Lakes has joined #openstack14:30
LakesHas anyone ever uploaded a CentOS image to OpenStack Diablo?14:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #986212 in openstack-ci "Database migration error (migration 47) on PostgreSQL" [Undecided,New]
*** cp16net has quit IRC14:34
*** vila has quit IRC14:34
*** cp16net has joined #openstack14:35
*** datajerk has quit IRC14:35
uvirtbotNew bug: #986213 in nova "Nova client parses key=value pairs badly" [Undecided,New]
*** Deathvalley122 has joined #openstack14:37
*** aloga has quit IRC14:38
*** ondergetekende has quit IRC14:39
de_Please please.. iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -d -p tcp -m tcp --dport 80 -j DNAT --to-destination $api_node:877514:42
de_this is not working. when I try to run an ubuntu instance getting the metadata.. the image never works.. because that iptables rule..14:43
oneiroianyone have any docs on porting KVM -> Openstack ?14:43
*** Yak-n-Yeti has quit IRC14:44
oneiroide_: is $api_node set in your ENV ?14:44
*** KavanS has joined #openstack14:44
de_oneiroi: I put here for your convenience.. but I use directly the real ip14:44
oneiroiah ok, sorry had to check :)14:45
*** jkyle has quit IRC14:45
zynzelde_: what do you mean 'the image never works'?14:46
*** StreamTom has joined #openstack14:46
Lakesanyone ever uploaded centos to openstack diablo?14:46
zynzelLakes: to essex, yes.14:46
oneiroiLakes:  yes make sure your ramdisk image has virtio drivers injected14:46
oneiroii.e. via mounting the disk image via loopback before loading into glance14:47
oneiroiassuming kvm that is14:47
de_oneiroi: :) Im trying to telnet on the same node-compute to the port 80 and always I get connection refused14:47
oneiroide_:  is there an accept rule for port .80 in the first instance?14:47
Lakesdo u have any image i can try?14:47
de_zynzel: the instance never works because is trying to get the metadata14:48
oneiroiLakes: not at this time sorry :(14:48
*** heyho has quit IRC14:48
StreamTomNew user here trying a deployment onto a couple of spare boxes. One thing I'm trying to get my head around is what things do people just keep on the images as they're running and what stuff do they put into storage?14:48
*** cp16net has quit IRC14:48
de_oneiroi: I tried to delete all the rules and *only* put the prerouting rule..14:48
*** arun_ has quit IRC14:48
oneiroiLakes:  this: mkinitrd --with virtio_pci --with virtio_blk -f /boot/initrd-$(uname -r).img $(uname -r)14:48
oneiroiwill inject virtio14:49
*** cp16net has joined #openstack14:49
oneiroide_:  in that case you need 2 rules, one to accept port 80 traffic, and the prerouting rule to then route said traffic14:49
*** eirikbb_ has joined #openstack14:49
de_oneiroi: great.. do you have the accept 80 port or how looks like?14:50
StreamTomLet's say I had an web server and I needed to keep the logs, would I have a central log server with persistent storage and have my web services push their logs to that?14:50
StreamTomSorry I'm getting in the way of the thread here :S14:50
oneiroide_: iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 80 -j ACCEPT14:50
*** eirikbb has quit IRC14:53
de_oneiroi: thanks.. but I flushed all the rules. then go to the accept on the 80 and then the prerouting rule.. same Connection refused.14:53
Lakesdo u have to create the image on CentOS machine?14:54
de_oneiroi: If you wanna see it by your self..
*** dneary has joined #openstack14:56
*** dneary has joined #openstack14:56
*** vincentricci has quit IRC14:57
*** adalbas has joined #openstack14:59
*** soodie has joined #openstack15:00
StreamTomDoes anyone have a case study or a walkthrough of a real Openstack deployment? I'm getting my head around the principles, but it's be great to see how people arrange their images and storage for a real application15:02
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack15:04
*** Razique has quit IRC15:05
*** reidrac has left #openstack15:08
*** ik04ka has joined #openstack15:09
*** freeflyi1g has joined #openstack15:11
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*** arBmind has joined #openstack15:15
*** StreamTom has quit IRC15:17
*** Agora has joined #openstack15:19
*** guigui1 has quit IRC15:20
zykes-anyone of you tried Ryu ?15:20
*** Agora has left #openstack15:21
*** StreamTom has joined #openstack15:21
*** alpha_ori has quit IRC15:22
*** Yak-n-Yeti has joined #openstack15:23
*** StreamTom1 has quit IRC15:23
*** dtroyer is now known as dtroyer_zzz15:23
oarcheri've juju deploy  openstack on precise, and when i try to cloud-publish-tarball, i've got the error S3_URL not specified. Trying http://localhost:8773/services/Walrus , and the image is not published ...15:25
*** normanm has joined #openstack15:25
*** jj0hns0n has joined #openstack15:26
oarchernetstat show me that nova-api is listening on this port15:27
oarcherbut wget or a browser say 404 ...15:28
*** dtroyer_zzz is now known as dtroyer15:29
*** FlipFlop_ has joined #openstack15:30
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*** sdake has joined #openstack15:37
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*** sdake has joined #openstack15:53
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*** zul has joined #openstack15:57
oneiroi… stumped, I want to start moving from linux KVM -> Openstack (KVM) … how the heck can I port the images of existing kvm instances?!15:58
*** eglynn_ has quit IRC16:00
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*** dachary has joined #openstack16:39
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*** dachary1 has joined #openstack16:48
oarcherwitch is the way for registering images in essex/precise ? i've try  cloud-publish-tarball , but I get a 404 error on http://localhost:8773/services/Walrus  (S3ResponseError: 404 Not Found)16:49
*** dwcramer has quit IRC16:50
WormManhonestly(diablo here) we alwasy just use glance directly, upload kernel, upload ramdisk, upload image with ids pointing at kernel and ramdisk16:50
*** chasing`Sol has joined #openstack16:50
*** littleidea has quit IRC16:51
*** dtroyer_zzz is now known as dtroyer16:51
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*** aspiers has joined #openstack16:52
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*** ceramick has joined #openstack16:53
*** stimble has joined #openstack16:54
kbringardwhat will happen if I remove the backing file for a VM that is currently running?16:54
*** dubsquared has quit IRC16:55
*** natea has joined #openstack16:55
*** dtroyer is now known as dtroyer_zzz16:55
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*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack17:00
*** maploin has quit IRC17:00
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC17:01
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack17:02
oarcherWormMan: what do you mean by using glance directly ? using http://glance.x.y:9292/ ?17:02
WormManthe 'glance' command17:02
zykes-Oh, time to check out Ryu!17:03
zykes-just too bad it's not supporting clustering yet :D17:03
*** ATL`SCRiPT has joined #openstack17:05
*** ATL`SCRiPT has left #openstack17:05
*** darraghb has quit IRC17:12
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*** dtroyer_zzz is now known as dtroyer17:19
*** dtroyer is now known as dtroyer_zzz17:20
*** issackelly has joined #openstack17:20
issackellyare there going to be conference videos?17:21
issackellyalso, is Stefano Maffulli  in IRC?  theres a mistake in the blog post from yesterday17:21
*** Gekitsuu has quit IRC17:23
*** holden247 has quit IRC17:23
*** dachary has joined #openstack17:24
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*** gohko_nao has joined #openstack17:32
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack17:33
*** daneyon has joined #openstack17:33
zykes-does nova need novnc for vnc to work ?17:33
*** dpippenger has quit IRC17:34
*** eglynn_ has joined #openstack17:34
kbringardonly if you're trying to do the web based vnc consoles17:34
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC17:34
*** kokyu has quit IRC17:35
*** vincentricci has quit IRC17:35
WormManwhen did this break?   ~.17:35
WormMansigh, oops17:35
WormMansilly ssh17:35
*** dtroyer_zzz is now known as dtroyer17:36
*** dachary has quit IRC17:36
*** lloydde has joined #openstack17:36
*** dtroyer is now known as dtroyer_zzz17:36
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*** dachary has joined #openstack17:40
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*** antenagora has joined #openstack17:46
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de_which is the best way to run instances on volumes from a storage (not nova-volume). I mean, like vmware running the instances on nfs or iscsi with gfs2?17:49
*** dtroyer is now known as dtroyer_zzz17:49
*** dtroyer_zzz is now known as dtroyer17:49
de_i solved my prerouting problem running on the nova-compute, nova-api.. :)17:50
*** markmcclain has quit IRC17:50
*** Harnish has quit IRC17:50
*** dachary has joined #openstack17:51
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*** koolhead11|away is now known as koolhead1117:58
oarcherwhile trying to register tarball, i've got "INFO [sqlalchemy.engine.base.Engine] (1, '123c693cd77d42bf870fc6415f90e848', '123c693cd77d42bf870fc6415f90e848', 0, 0, 'killed', 25)" in /var/log/glance/registry.log (glance), and  'S3ResponseError: 404 Not Found' on the controler (cloud-publish-tarball)17:58
*** markmcclain has quit IRC17:59
oarcherI don't know if it's why i can't register images17:59
oarcheris the 'killed' strange, or is it normal operation ?18:00
*** dpippenger has joined #openstack18:01
*** egant has quit IRC18:01
*** egant has joined #openstack18:02
*** pengyong has quit IRC18:03
*** cooper has joined #openstack18:05
*** stewart_ has joined #openstack18:06
zynzeloarcher: what backend you use on glance?18:06
oarcherDoc that i'm following is , section "EC2 API"18:06
oarcherI've install it with juju deplay18:07
zynzeland i dont use juju so i dont have any idea how openstack charms works.18:08
*** cdub has quit IRC18:08
*** kokyu has quit IRC18:08
oarcherbut is the 'killed' is an error ?18:08
*** littleidea has quit IRC18:09
oarcheris the S3_URL must be set to something like http://localhost:8773/services/Walrus ?18:09
*** eglynn_ has joined #openstack18:09
oarcheror set to something else ? because, it a 404 ... is it a 404 on a non juju deployed system ?18:09
*** bepernoot has joined #openstack18:11
zynzel1. why you use ec2 api? ec2 is extra, basicly check openstack api first.18:11
zynzel2. why you use s3 backend and not file? maybe you want to check simple setup for start...18:11
*** mrjazzcat has quit IRC18:12
oarcherwhat is the way to get images in essex ? it was the way i use in diablo, without dashboard. But i dont see anything like this in the dashboard ...18:12
zynzeldashboard dont have interface for images (as i know)18:13
*** bepernoot has quit IRC18:13
zynzelyou cant upload images via dashboard.18:13
*** sstent| has joined #openstack18:13
oarcherok, so i've upload my ec2 credential,18:13
oarcherand use uec-publish-tarball18:14
*** dachary has quit IRC18:14
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack18:14
*** dachary has joined #openstack18:14
sstent|Anyone got any thoughts on building a swift node using supermicro gear?18:14
zynzelyea, this should be simplier than using openstack api...18:14
zynzeli dont have time for this.18:14
oarcheris there an other way to do so ? S3 ?18:14
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack18:15
*** arBmind has quit IRC18:16
zykes-sstent|: Yeah, it's pretty "cheap" if you select the right components18:16
*** eglynn_ has quit IRC18:16
zynzeloarcher: you should check component by component.18:17
sstent|My main issue is the raid/sata controllers18:17
zynzelconfigure glance to use file backend and check glance command to upload images18:17
zynzelwhen it works, then check ec2 api18:17
*** cloud0_ has quit IRC18:17
zynzelwhen it works, change backend to s318:17
zynzelwhen you use complicated setup you dont know where problem is.18:18
zynzelno one will help you when you even know your setup, and problem location.18:18
oarcherok, and where are the credentials for glance shell commands ?18:18
sstent|Zykes: have you found a good jbod solution from supermicro?18:18
zynzeloarcher: i dont know what autcomponent you use, probably keystone18:19
zynzelso you should use keystone token or user+pass18:20
zynzelauth component*18:20
*** msisk has quit IRC18:20
WormManin thory18:20
*** vincentricci has quit IRC18:22
*** dachary has quit IRC18:23
zykes-sstent|: lemme found the sheet that I have18:23
zykes-You can downscale the CPU btw if you find something cheaper18:24
*** stewart_ has quit IRC18:25
*** stewart has joined #openstack18:25
zykes-prices are also in NOKs18:25
*** lloydde has joined #openstack18:29
*** littleidea has joined #openstack18:29
sdakefor folks using floating ips on laptops, I've been on a 4 day bughunt :  here are results:18:29
*** vincentricci has joined #openstack18:31
zykes-heat api ?18:31
*** arBmind has joined #openstack18:31
sdakereads aws cloudformation templates and orchestrates their launch in openstack essex18:31
sdake#heat if your interested18:32
zykes-meaning ?18:32
zykes-so some XaaS alike stuff ?18:32
*** dwcramer has quit IRC18:32
zynzelsdake: maybe this will be stupid question, but for what you are using floating ips on laptops? ;)18:33
sdakei know, not ideal :)18:33
zynzeluh, ok :)18:33
zynzeli have hp blade for tests :D18:33
zykes-I got dell r41618:33
sdakei have some dell 710s but laptop easier18:34
*** lloydde has quit IRC18:34
* de_ have hp blades 128G and 48 cores for tests as well :)18:34
*** krow has joined #openstack18:35
zykes-de_: 48 cores ? : |18:35
zykes-amd or ?18:35
*** juergh has left #openstack18:35
*** albert23 has joined #openstack18:35
zynzelif openstack fundation dont have scarry demands about user stories, our story will be soon i think ;)18:35
de_zykes-: opteron18:36
zynzelde_: we have one zone with 32x16cores+32x24GB Ram :D18:36
zykes-zynzel: how come ?18:36
*** stimble has quit IRC18:37
zynzeland a few blade as testbed :)18:37
zynzelzykes-: ?18:37
zykes-user stories18:37
de_zynzel: :)18:37
zykes-i'm looking forward until the BMaaS is released into nova18:38
*** aweiss has joined #openstack18:38
*** kindaopsdevy has joined #openstack18:39
*** shaon|afk_dinner is now known as shaon18:39
*** dtroyer_zzz is now known as dtroyer18:40
aweisshey guys, was wondering if anyone could help me with an "ImageNotFound" error with glance and launching instances18:41
aweissuploading an ubuntu cloud image (.img, qcow2)18:41
*** Free_maN has quit IRC18:42
*** dachary has joined #openstack18:45
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack18:45
*** Oneiroi^gone is now known as oneiroi18:45
zynzelaweiss: you have images in nova image-list?18:46
aweissyea, i can list the images via nova image-list and glance index18:46
zynzelaweiss: any logs from nova-compute?18:47
zynzelplz paste nova image-list and boot command18:47
aweissmy VPN doesn't support split tunneling lol18:48
zynzeli must configure racoon with cisco18:48
zynzelbeacause cisco vpn dont work on ubuntu with kernel 3.2...18:48
zykes-any redhatters around ?18:49
zykes-ayoung: here mr ?18:49
*** DavidLevin has quit IRC18:51
*** dachary has quit IRC18:51
*** mrjazzcat has joined #openstack18:53
*** ccustine has quit IRC18:53
*** DavidLevin has joined #openstack18:55
*** asavu has joined #openstack18:57
*** fifieldt has joined #openstack18:57
*** aspiers has joined #openstack18:58
*** aweiss has left #openstack18:59
*** aweiss has joined #openstack18:59
aweissnova-compute log18:59
aweiss | nova image-list19:00
aweissmy image is stored in a swift container19:00
*** bepernoot has joined #openstack19:00
aweissi'm using the horizon dashboard interface to launch the instance rather than the boot command19:00
zynzelaweiss: and glance ... status 6b7b6d2a-0306-4f59-9ec0-4d1fb9f996c0 from compute node?19:01
aweisssure, hold on19:01
*** vincentricci has quit IRC19:02
*** Guest57772 has quit IRC19:02
*** clopez has quit IRC19:02
*** Yak-n-Yeti has quit IRC19:03
*** aweiss has left #openstack19:03
*** aweiss has joined #openstack19:03
*** obuisson_ has joined #openstack19:03
aweisszynzel: | glance details <id>19:03
aweisswait a second…looking at the URI, shows image is stored locally…should that be point to the swift container somehow?19:04
zynzelaweiss: swift is only backend, user dont see it.19:04
*** fifieldt has quit IRC19:04
aweissyea, but glance needs to know where it is19:04
*** aspiers has quit IRC19:04
*** hggdh has quit IRC19:05
aweisswould you like to see the glance registry/api logs?19:05
*** kindaopsdevy has quit IRC19:06
zynzelyeah, when you boot instance19:06
aweisssure, hold on…thanks again by the way19:06
zynzeland maybe 'full' log from compute node (a few lines before trace)19:06
*** obuisson has quit IRC19:07
zynzelno problem, i have free evening, so i work :)19:07
zykes-who here would like to get BMaaS ?19:07
zykes-as in provision physical servers just like with instances19:08
*** hggdh has joined #openstack19:08
*** aweiss has left #openstack19:09
*** aweiss has joined #openstack19:09
aweisshere is the registry log |
aweissapi log |
aweisslooking at api log, i see a 404 error, however in the registry log it shows normal 20019:10
aweissswift stat <container> shows the appropriate contents automatically created by glance when the image was added19:11
zynzelaweiss: try using glance with this creds from log.19:12
zynzeluser: service:swift url:
zynzeli dont rememver glance switches...19:13
*** littleidea has quit IRC19:13
aweisswhat do you mean, which glance command would you like me to use?19:13
zynzelglance -U service:swift .... index19:13
aweissok, sure19:14
aweissyea, that command still works19:14
ayoungzykes-, I'm here now19:15
ayoungI was in Pythonia for a while19:15
*** natea has quit IRC19:15
zykes-pythonia ?19:15
zykes-ah, some game ?19:16
zynzelaweiss: can you paste glance-api.conf and glance-api-paste.ini? (XXX passwords)19:16
ayoungIts like a game,  only instead of earning point, you earn salary19:16
ayoungI was coding a python extension to libuuid to try and get rid of DJango's selinux denial....19:16
koolhead11ayoung, w00t. earn while playing game? :P19:17
zykes-ok, ayoung do you have access to pixel's rpm specs to change them ?19:17
zykes-he's missing the packaging of the novnc stuff I think for Nova19:18
aweisszynzel: | glance-api.conf19:18
aweiss | glance-api-paste.ini19:18
ayoungzykes-, Let me see if I can figure out where he keeps them...19:18
*** stewart_ has joined #openstack19:19
zykes-ayoung: Cause I think you need novnc or "nova-vncproxy" rather speaking to use the console at Horizon ?19:19
ayoungThat might explain why my console didn't work....19:19
*** stewart_ has quit IRC19:19
zykes-Told him to add it earlier, but he didn't :/19:20
zykes-he just added the script for xvpvnc :p19:20
kbringardso I have a weird one for y'all19:21
zynzelaweiss: i dont know for sure19:21
*** ctracey_ has quit IRC19:21
aweissno worries, ill check back later on this…have to run out now19:21
ayoung zykes- build is here
*** aweiss has quit IRC19:21
ayoungnot sure where the Repos are for the EPEL specs.19:21
zynzelbut admin_tenant_name, admin_user and admin_password should be keystone admin19:21
zynzelyou can try to change this19:22
kbringardstarting relatively recently, when a compute node didn't have the ami cached, it is downloading it but doesn't seem to be expanding it to the correct size19:22
zykes-ayoung: could you dig around ?19:22
kbringardso a VM whose root image should be 10GB is only 1.4GB19:22
zynzelkbringard: you use ec2 images, or 'flat' raw images?19:23
*** obuisson_ has quit IRC19:23
kbringardqcow2… the images in particular i'm talking about are from uwe-images19:23
kbringardI thought that the process used to take the qcow and expand it to raw for the cached backing image19:24
zynzelkbringard: if you use other image for disk img, other for kernel and other for initrd this should work19:24
kbringardyea, that's how I have it setup19:24
*** dtroyer is now known as dtroyer_zzz19:24
zynzelkbringard: and disk size in vm have 10GB?19:25
kbringardit always worked, and I didn't change anything, then suddenly images that weren't cached were only showing up as 1.4GB instead of the expected 10GB19:25
zynzelnot partition but whole disk19:25
kbringardzynzel: yes, it should19:25
zynzelwell, strange :D19:25
kbringardbut on compute nodes where the image was already cached properly, df shows 10GB19:25
kbringardon ones where it cached past, whatever point this atarted happening19:25
kbringarddf shows it as 1.4GB19:25
kbringardbut it is literally the same image in glance19:26
zynzelkbringard: and when you try resize2fs in vm?19:26
kbringardit may work, I've not tried it yet… I'm wondering wtf happened that the images started getting jacked when they cached :-D19:26
*** ctracey_ has joined #openstack19:27
*** antenagora has quit IRC19:27
*** zul has joined #openstack19:28
ayoungzykes-, can you provide a patch to the spec file to indicate what you mean?19:29
zynzelkbringard: one last question, in vm you have /dev/vda or /dev/vda1?19:29
*** shaon has quit IRC19:29
kbringardin my VM?19:30
kbringardI think it's /dev/vda, but i'd have to check19:30
zynzelyes, in vm which didnt resize19:30
*** antenagora has joined #openstack19:31
*** aa has joined #openstack19:32
*** asavu has quit IRC19:32
*** dachary has joined #openstack19:33
kbringardgimme a sec, I'll check19:33
*** Yak-n-Yeti has joined #openstack19:36
zykes-ayoung: uhm, I can look19:37
ayoungzykes-, have you done RPM builds before?19:38
zykes-ayoung: yes19:38
*** antenagora has quit IRC19:39
*** sstent- has joined #openstack19:39
ayoungOK...the SRPM is on the link I sent you.  If you keep a copy of the original spec ,  just fpaste the output of diff -u between the old and new19:39
ayoungI can take it from there.19:40
*** ik04ka has quit IRC19:41
*** dachary has quit IRC19:41
*** never2far has quit IRC19:41
*** sstent| has quit IRC19:43
*** oarcher has quit IRC19:43
*** alpha_ori has quit IRC19:43
*** dachary has joined #openstack19:45
*** lbarfield has joined #openstack19:46
*** dachary has quit IRC19:46
*** dachary has joined #openstack19:46
lbarfieldCan someone help me on a devstack/xenserver issue?19:47
lbarfieldhaven't been able to find an answer as of yet :/19:47
*** natea has joined #openstack19:48
*** alpha_ori has joined #openstack19:49
*** sstent- has quit IRC19:50
*** aa has quit IRC19:51
*** aa has joined #openstack19:51
*** ctracey_ has quit IRC19:51
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*** normanm has quit IRC19:55
*** arBmind has quit IRC19:55
*** bepernoot has quit IRC19:55
*** koolhead11 has quit IRC19:56
*** dwcramer has quit IRC19:58
kbringardzynzel: it's on /dev/vda19:59
kbringardfrom the mtab: /dev/vda / ext3 rw 0 019:59
zynzelkbringard: and resize2fs work?19:59
kbringardjust about to try it19:59
*** ctracey_ has joined #openstack19:59
*** asavu has joined #openstack20:00
kbringardresize2fs 1.41.11 (14-Mar-2010)20:00
kbringardThe containing partition (or device) is only 360448 (4k) blocks.20:00
kbringardYou requested a new size of 2621440 blocks.20:00
zynzelkbringard: and cfdisk /dev/vda show 1.4GB? 10GB?20:01
kbringardthe backing file is only 1.4G20:01
kbringardthe issue doesn't seem to be on the VM, it's properly interpreting what it's getting from the dom020:02
kbringardthe issue is that the backing file on the dom0 is only 1.4GB when it should be 1020:02
kbringardbut I have no idea why this started happening20:02
zynzelkbringard: check compute node logs, search for resize20:02
*** ondergetekende has quit IRC20:03
kbringardzynzel: nothing since like 4/1020:04
*** fukushima has quit IRC20:04
kbringardnova-compute.log:2012-04-10 12:12:04,129 DEBUG nova.utils [-] Running cmd (subprocess): resize2fs /var/lib/nova/instances/_base/da4b9237bacccdf19c0760cab7aec4a8359010b0 from (pid=3865) execute /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/nova/
*** ceramick has joined #openstack20:04
kbringardthat's the last time I see it20:04
kbringardat least on that node20:04
*** giroro_ has quit IRC20:04
*** ceramick has quit IRC20:05
zynzelfunny thing, maybe you do any update?20:05
kbringardyea, upgraded to the latest diablo-stable, I'm sure that's what broke it20:05
kbringardsorry, I thought I mentioned that earlier20:06
*** fukushima has joined #openstack20:07
zykes-fukushima: you from NTT ?20:07
*** maploin has joined #openstack20:09
*** dubsquared has joined #openstack20:09
*** maploin has quit IRC20:09
*** maploin has joined #openstack20:09
*** Ruetobas has joined #openstack20:11
*** dachary has quit IRC20:11
zykes-ayoung: looks one needs to package up novnc as well20:12
*** roge has quit IRC20:12
ayoungzykes-, is that a separate package in Ubuntu?20:13
zykes-ayoung: not sure20:13
zykes-apparently not ayoung20:14
zykes-How you recommend doing it ?20:14
ayounglets start by opening a ticket in the Fedora bugzilla to track it20:15
zykes-Ok, I'll just install noVNC for now then from the cloudbuilders repo20:16
ayoungAssign it to me and I'll follow up on it.20:16
ayoungsounds good.20:16
ayounghow does it work on Ubuntu, then?20:16
zykes-vishy said they hadn't yet but WIP20:17
jasonbzykes-: You're installing yours on Fedora?20:17
zykes-jasonb: Centos 6.220:17
jasonbAhh.  Are you installing via devstack?  Or what?20:17
*** vitoordaz has joined #openstack20:17
zykes-nope, but you need novnc in essex still in order to get the vnc in horizon to work20:18
*** ik04ka has joined #openstack20:18
zykes-can you file it ayoung ? I don't have a bugzilla account20:18
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack20:19
*** lloydde has joined #openstack20:19
*** lloydde has quit IRC20:19
ayoungzykes-, will do,  but can you provide me a summary?  I am only partially tracking on the issue...20:20
vishyzykes-: upstream novnc works now20:21
zykes-vishy: upstream how ?20:21
vishyayoung, zykes-: no need to use our fork anymore20:21
vishyzykes-: they merged our stuff20:21
ayoungvishy, is it going in as a part of Dashboard,  or do we need to add a new package?20:22
vishyayoung: novnc is a separate project20:22
zykes-ayoung: seems like a sep package yes20:22
*** vitoordaz has quit IRC20:22
vishyayoung: ubuntu's packages are currently out of date but are supposed to be updated20:22
ayoungvishy, OK.  I'll work on getting them into Fedora as well.20:23
*** ctracey_ has quit IRC20:24
*** vitoordaz has joined #openstack20:25
vitoordazHello everybody, how I can contribute code to Swift?20:25
*** ik04ka has quit IRC20:26
*** ctracey_ has joined #openstack20:27
*** KavanS has quit IRC20:30
*** arun_ has joined #openstack20:32
*** arun_ has joined #openstack20:32
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* drobbins is on the hunt for a keystone developer21:40
* drobbins looks around21:40
drobbinsI am trying to document official behavior for keystone. If anyone knows of or sees a keystone dev, please point them my way if you would.21:41
drobbinsI am also willing to help with testing and bug fixes but need to document expected behavior first.21:41
*** jj0hns0n has joined #openstack21:45
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* zykes- points drobbins to dolphm when he's on22:01
*** soodie has joined #openstack22:02
kbringardtermie, too22:02
kbringardok, have a good one all22:02
*** kbringard has quit IRC22:02
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uvirtbotNew bug: #986401 in devstack "xe vm-shutdown expects running instances in" [Undecided,Confirmed]
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack22:11
*** aculich has joined #openstack22:12
vitoordazHow much time take approving request ot join openstack contributors?22:12
vitoordazCan I add review request without this approval?22:13
*** asavu has quit IRC22:13
*** jfluhmann has joined #openstack22:14
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uvirtbotNew bug: #986402 in nova "Issuing commands to instances in 'verify-resize' status will cause VM to automatically be verified" [Undecided,New]
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kasimiris there work on a Quantum plugin  using Open vSwitch without VLANS and instead mapping L2 networks to Open vSwitch switches, connected with GRE tunnels?22:33
kasimir(basically allowing VMs to use their own VLAN or network topologies)22:33
*** issackelly has joined #openstack22:36
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KoopHello - is there a way to export qcow2 images from snapshots that any of you are aware of?23:14
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