Sunday, 2012-05-06

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CristianDMHi. Any test openstack with Ceph?06:34
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CristianDMThis channel is dead?07:40
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apergosat this hour maybe (I"m not a regular, just a new lurker) ... late for the us, early for europe07:42
CristianDMOk. Today is it possible use openstack with ceph? Any idea?07:43
apergosI have no idea, as I say I'm a recent lurker...07:43
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CristianDM:D Thanks. I will back in some hours07:43
apergosok good luck07:44
CristianDMHave nice day07:44
apergosyou too07:44
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zynzelCristianDM: 10:18 AM in europe... sunday...08:19
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zykes-koolhead17: ping09:49
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itguruCan I use Horizon to manage my Rack Space accounts?10:54
* itguru takes shot in the dark10:54
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itguruOr can I only use Horizon to manage my own private clouds?11:02
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kokyuI don't think you can use it for a rackspace account11:20
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itguruAwww... that is so dissapointing11:30
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kokyuwhy is that?11:31
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kokyuwhat is the /var/lib/nova/_base directory actually used for?11:32
kokyuI'm also having a 160GB epheremal file in there, *but* my partion is just 40g sized, wtf?11:32
rmtkokyu, sparse-file ?  Compare "ls -l $FILE" to "du $FILE"11:35
kokyuah, ty11:36
kokyuyap, I suspected that, but couldn't find out how to proof :)11:36
kokyurmt: but when are the fiels in _base/ dire deleted?11:37
rmtBeware - sparse files can and will grow over time. They can be used with care, but free disk space should be monitored.11:37
rmtkokyu, That I don't know. Haven't tried #openstack.. Too busy with my own "cloud". ;-)11:37
kokyuwhat kind of "cloud" (in terms of software-stack)?11:38
itguruIt's disappointing, because I was hoping to be able to setup some sort of web interface to my rackspace accounts, so that I can build up and tear down machines as and when required - I thought that with rackspace being part of the open stack project, that I'd at least be able to connect to an API or something11:39
kokyui'm not a rackspace user, and while rackspace itself is using openstack, I assumed it to be something equivalent to EC2/S3, which means, they'll provide an UI for you :)11:41
rmtI've got a server-local VM manager, supporting multiple backends.  Pluggable storage, etc.  libvirt wasn't flexible enough for my needs.  I use LXC directly, and KVM through libvirt. Then I've got a central DB of node information, and instantiated-VM information, which is used to bring up VMs on remote servers.11:45
rmtnode database is for physical machines as well as virtual.  Network/PXE installs of OSs.  It also contains the next-step pointer for configuration management (Puppet).11:46
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kokyui c11:47
itgururmt: Nice .....11:47
itgururmt: Open Stack might be your best friend I think, I'm looking into it, thinking about how I can best use it to take over the world, I mean run my infastructure11:49
rmtitguru, openstack is still a little hodge-podge, but it's got a lot of people behind it.  Like most cloud solutions, there's a bit of a take-it-or-leave it approach when it comes to integrating with existing infrastructure.11:51
itgururmt: I have to agree with you there - although I have to admit, a *lot* of people did mobilise to make the project come to life11:52
kokyuwell, I am into openstack since some weeks now (with breaks in between), and I see, that it is really powerfull, *but* also very heavy and *hard* to get into the whole subject. I have tons of questions still unanswered and no docs found about it ...11:52
itguruI guess they have to take that approach, because there are so many P2V migration tools out there, it wouldn't take much technical work to switch over11:53
rmtThat's not necessarily a bad thing, though. Having developers write software-for-the-cloud will probably result in better scalable software.. developers will rely less on storing state on machines, and will start to think about what happens when 50% of your machines just disappear. ;-)11:54
itgurukokyu: I'm finding openstack hard as well, but I'm starting to think of it as it's individual components, which just so happen to be compatible with each other11:54
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itguruOtherwise my brain will explode12:01
itguruRight now, I'm interested in horizon12:01
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zykes-live migration how ?12:11
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Darksecondwhat timeframe should i think about for the folsom release? september, oktober, somehwere in that area?15:44
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koolhead17hi zykes-15:49
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zykes-koolhead17: what you up to ? ;016:00
zykes-Darksecond: around essex release date +6 months16:00
Darksecondzykes-: ok, thanks16:01
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nvezhey guys, is there such thing as multiple fixed IPs per instance in OpenStack ATM?16:39
nvezi know you can have it deploy 1 fixed IP, but is there a current way to have more than 1 fixed IP (or IPs that are not floating, behind NAT)16:40
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davidhaHi, is there any documentation reg how to get swift to work under apache web server?16:51
notmynamedavidha: how do you mean?16:52
davidhahey notmyname, did not expect you around. I assuem that some swift installations use the standard apache web server with wsgi support when running swift - is this assumption bogus?16:54
notmynamethat is an incorrect assumption. swift is a web server in and of itself. there is no need to use apache16:54
* notmyname is always here. except when he isn't16:55
davidhanotmyname who is always around: so every production use of swift is (and must be) with eventlet?16:58
notmynamedavidha: yes16:58
notmynameeventlet is pretty core to swift16:59
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davidhanotmyname who is always around: mmm. I am under the impression that this may be somewhat of a limiting factor for mass deployment17:02
notmynamedavidha: how so? 1) install swift 2) run swift. the deployer doesn't really need to care if swift is using eventlet or anything else. would it be any different if swift use gevent or twisted?17:03
zynzelnotmyname: i think davidha was thinking about scalability17:05
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davidhanotmyname who is always around: this may be true for some but may be too naive for others. How does eventlet compare with apache 1. security wise (certifications etc), 2. performance wise (apache is well understood), 3. configrability. .... scalability is one result of this17:06
nvezif you feel the requirement for a frontend, just run a reverse proxy on apache to swift ensuring all headers are properly forwarded?17:07
nvez(i have no idea about what i'm talking about, so i'm throwing ideas that are used in other platforms)17:07
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notmynamedavidha: I don't think apache and eventet are directly comparable. you should compare apache and swift on those metrics17:10
notmynameswift has an http API. apache happens to be an http server. swift is a storage system. apache serves web content. they don't solve the same problems and beyond responding to http verbs, they aren't really all that comparable. you would never stop using one of them so you can use the other. they are completely different tools for completely different use cases17:14
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nvezdevstack take so looooooong17:16
davidhanotmyname: well, allow me to suggest an alternative view. Swift is an object store that has a web serever as its frontend. It is not a web server. The fact that the implementation in release 1.4.9 (as an example) uses Eventlet does not mean that a later version cannot release the holly bounds and have swift using a different web server - or better so, allow a deployer to use his own favorite17:17
davidhaweb server.17:17
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CristianDMAny know how use ceph with openstack?17:19
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notmynamedavidha: ok, I'll grant you that. swift uses the eventlet wsgi server to expose it's http api. swift could replace that with some other wsgi server17:20
nvezsilly question but if swift uses wsgi then is apache+mod_wsgi something that's possible?17:21
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davidhanotmyname, nvez: I am really surprised this had not came up so far as a requirement and that nobody analyzed to see what is the pain that need to be endured to get swift work with apache httpd and wsgi17:22
davidhadisclosure: I relaly like whatI see in swift :)17:23
davidhaI see one:
nvezthat post looks pretty good and I agree with what's said there17:25
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CristianDMAny know how use ceph with openstack?17:27
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notmynamedavidha: I'm not sure I agree with that post (the parts that are applicable to swift), but I'll bring it up with the other devs tomorrow to make sure I can give a good response17:34
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Darksecondi'm setting up a little 'cloud' at home, mostly to tinker with and learn, but do i really need a management vlan, apart from a public vlan? or can i merge them together and just have one public network? (public != internet)17:34
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nvezgrr, devstack is not installing properly, it's not creating account in keystone properly..17:43
nvezwell its' creating the user i think, but not assigning it to a tenant17:43
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nvezi think i found the reason, it does get the proper json, but the "printt" is not working so it just outputs "printt" and not the actual table17:48
nvezany clues?17:48
ik04kare keystone and greenlet - not only keystone, but all swift server build around greenlet and can run in multiple processes, same as apache https17:50
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nvezI'm running keystone commands and they're returning "printt" only and nothing else17:59
nvezWhen doing an strace, I can see the JSON being received.. it looks like it's not outputting things properly.  Thoughts?18:00
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nvezSolved.  DevStack for some reason installed PrettyTable 0.6 that uses different setup than 0.518:10
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CristianDMHi. Sorry.18:54
CristianDMAny know how use Ceph with openstack?18:55
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Darksecondcan i use flatDHCP with only 1 network card that is connected to a network that already has an DHCP server?19:13
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Shredder83 /join mythtv-users19:33
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CristianDMAny know how use Ceph with openstack?20:36
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zykes-CristianDM: i'm wondering about the same thing20:38
CristianDMI need use Ceph storage with openstack20:40
CristianDMBut I can find instructions about how.20:40
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CristianDMI know that Ceph can be used as replacement of swift.20:40
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CristianDMThis support RBD20:41
*** jobicoppola has joined #openstack20:42
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zykes-CristianDM: it can also be used for nova volumes & instances storage20:51
zykes-and glance library20:51
*** pnavarro has quit IRC20:55
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CristianDMAnd have some tutorial where I can check this? I don´t find any tutorial20:58
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CristianDMsorry, zykes-? :P I am cleaning my keyboard :P21:06
zykes-CristianDM: Nope, I dunno where the docs are at for that21:09
zykes-maybe we can poke annegentle ?21:09
*** dtroyer is now known as dtroyer_zzz21:11
nvezHave you guys tried setting up a DevStack and tinkering around?21:12
CristianDMWhat is annegentle ?21:13
nvezLooks like rbd volumes with Ceph are implemented21:13
CristianDMSo, is in the core of openstack?21:14
nvezwell rbd looks implemented21:14
CristianDMYes, but I don´t understand if this is inside the core or is a plugin21:16
nvezlooks like it's inside the core..21:16
CristianDMWow. But openstack include this without approval? Is pending approval21:17
nvezyou can setup an rbd pool and setup the settings for it and it should work...21:17
zykes-there's no docs for it nyov21:17
CristianDMI will try. I will find by this variables in google21:18
nvezCristianDM: first just setup an rbd pool with ceph and then get openstack to run with it21:20
*** avoine has joined #openstack21:27
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CristianDMOk. First I will build a rbd pool.21:28
CristianDMI next i don´t know hot to setup the pool.21:29
CristianDMI will check this in the openstack docs21:29
*** JesperA has joined #openstack21:38
nvezit's best to actaully have the storage working and setup21:39
nvezthen do the other stuff you need21:39
CristianDMYes, I will to setup Ceph in two servers now21:40
CristianDMAnd next check the side of openstack21:41
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zykes-what sucks though nvez is that if you have both ceph and ISCSI you can't pick where volumes should be attached from no ?22:26
nvezzykes-: not sure, cant answer you on that22:27
nvezi dont see why you'd have one single backend however22:27
zykes-single how ?22:29
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