Tuesday, 2012-08-21

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acidprimeAnyone have a manual way to remove an instance thats stuck deleting?00:26
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acidprimetried killall dnsmasq and restarting nova-network00:27
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acidprimebut I am still not clear where this list is maintained and thus how to manually clear it out00:27
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acidprimelooks like nova reset-state does what I want, however its not avail in the install I have00:39
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acidprimepip install python-novaclient --upgrade00:50
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1039304 in quantum "make ip + interface util apis indepedent of DictModel" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103930401:55
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1039305 in openstack-manuals "compute-admin manual build fails" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103930502:00
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_diana_Heads up OpenStackers! One of your own, Sandy Walsh, will be speaking at PyCon Canada (pycon.ca) Toronto, Nov 9th - 11th.02:32
_diana_It would be great if you could help spread the word: https://twitter.com/pyconca/status/237730710646030336 Thank-you!02:33
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moreeseHello everyone! :)02:44
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moreeseCan someone assist with this..... pastbin.com/zqBZkJHs02:45
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evil_stevemoreese: that link goes to a domain squatting site. was that your intention?02:47
moreeseNo, sorry, let me try again. http://pastebin.com/zqBZkJHs02:48
moreeseSee if that one works....02:48
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moreeseguess i chose the wrong time to come in here. :-/03:47
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alex88koolhead17: ping :)07:21
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koolhead17alex88: hello sir07:40
alex88koolhead17: you think that openstack reviewers get mad if i push a review of planet.openstack.org to fix my name? :)07:41
koolhead17alex88: nopes. go ahead man :)07:41
alex88all right ;)07:41
alex88btw, finally using openstack in production ;)07:41
alex88happy to have achieved this ;)07:42
alex88why mysql on ubuntu doesn't remove the test db and the empty users anymore?07:42
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koolhead17alex88: awesome. you should probably blog about the achivenment :)07:50
alex88eheh yeah, maybe how to use openstack at hetzner07:51
alex88i've just blogged about the failover ip mover tool07:51
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koolhead17alex88: awesome08:00
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Radexyo, it's possible to create user and project over API?08:15
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HeebieIs there a specific channel for talking about Swift?08:54
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alex88koolhead17: http://barcampbangalore.org/bcb/bcb12/openstack-open-source-software-for-building-private-and-public-clouds ohoh :)09:35
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koolhead17alex88: :P09:36
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ninkotechHeebie: no, this is the right one09:40
ninkotechHeebie: but most developers still sleep, they are mostly on east coast of usa09:41
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HeebieAh.  I'm just trying to figure out how to manage things like accounts.. without being a coder.09:54
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_val_alex88: Can I just read you've openstack running on a production environment. What storage solution are you using? Swift, Ceph?09:58
alex88_val_: only local storage.. i don't need nothing more.. why were you thinking about that? live-migration?09:58
_val_alex88: redundancy.09:59
_val_I've nova volume configured but what if a vm goes off. @_@09:59
alex88_val_: i'm only using raid1 for redundancy..09:59
_val_Live migration is ofcourse a nice-to-have.09:59
alex88or you mean high availability?09:59
_val_alex88: are you using multiple virtualization nodes / nova-network nodes?09:59
_val_alex88: indeed HA.10:00
alex88yup, simple setup with multi_host10:00
alex88how do you manage VM HA?10:00
alex88i've asked in mailing list and someone at redhat or ibm (don't remember) is writing a script for that.. later i'll switch to shared storage10:00
_val_That's my biggest concern. I'm reading about ceph. I am not ready how to implement it.10:00
alex88i've tried with glusterfs and live-migration was working fine10:01
_val_Swift seems too complicated. I'm really in need for a simpler solution.10:01
_val_alex88: how about networking. VLAN's or DHCP?10:01
_val_multiple network nodes?10:01
alex88VLAN with multiple nova-network nodes10:02
alex88to use own host as gateway, also because each host has 100mbit, so all in one would be slow10:02
_val_That's nice.10:02
alex88we're using dedicated servers at hetzner10:02
_val_alex88: could I PM you for a second. Problem is networking.10:02
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fvolleroHello fellas :)10:12
fvolleroI'm having a small issue with my openstack installation, i follow the guide for precise pangolin, but when i press instances & volumes from the dashboard i receive an error: Error: Unable to fetch volumes: Malformed request url (HTTP 400) and Error: Unable to retrieve instances.10:14
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p3N74D4v1dhi people10:25
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p3N74D4v1dI try toset up swift as glance backend10:29
p3N74D4v1dI can add files and list containers10:29
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p3N74D4v1dwith  swift client10:29
p3N74D4v1dusing glance user10:29
p3N74D4v1dbut when I try to add an image10:29
p3N74D4v1dI get the following error10:29
p3N74D4v1dseems an authentication problem10:30
p3N74D4v1dbut I don't have a clue how to fix it10:30
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melmothp3N74D4v1d,  ECONNREFUSED10:36
melmoththat does not look like an authentication problem10:36
melmoththat looks like trying to connect on somewhere there s no services.10:36
melmothso, most probably, a wrong endpoint in keystone somewhere10:37
HeebiePossibly a storage device listed on a server that is only for cache?10:37
p3N74D4v1dwhen I check the service list on keystone10:39
p3N74D4v1dI entered the proper address of my proxy-server10:39
*** adam_ is now known as aspiers10:39
p3N74D4v1dheebie, I don't get your point10:41
Heebie"connection refused" usually means that either the port requested is firewalled off, or there is no service running on it.  If whatever is receiving the "refused" error message is trying to access the cache service on a storage-only node, or the storage-service on a cache-only node, that's an appropriate message.10:43
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ijwp3N74D4v1d, what does your service list look like then?10:46
ijwAs melmoth says, likely the keystone endpoint is wrong (or perhaps unreachable by your proxy)10:47
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p3N74D4v1d|                id                |     name    |     type     |        description         |10:47
p3N74D4v1d| 4d8e01277d844e34897f0a358f00ff83 | swift       | object-store | Swift Object-store Service |10:47
p3N74D4v1d| 67ff26c8bffd483d9364420753205d7c | glance      | image        | Glance Image Service       |10:47
p3N74D4v1d| ceff30065ac24f0db97ebdf0f96ff8c1 | nova-volume | volume       | Nova Volume Service        |10:48
p3N74D4v1d| f289f2f9881f48e8a2a7bc3ed2336e25 | nova        | compute      | Nova Compute Service       |10:48
p3N74D4v1d| f896f5629a694b51b2f0a4f99f4b33dc | keystone    | identity     | Keystone Identity Service  |10:48
p3N74D4v1dthats keystone service-list output10:48
p3N74D4v1dand I use dashboard to check the ip addresse10:49
p3N74D4v1dand it points properly towards the swift-proxy server10:49
melmothuse tcpdump (on swift and glance nodes), you ll see wich connection is refused. And from there, find out wich endpoint it s relate to ?10:50
p3N74D4v1dthats what I am doing right now10:51
ijwYou should be able to show the service to get the actual endpoint url, shouldn't you?10:51
p3N74D4v1dijw...the url is not sepcified as you can see10:52
*** boden has joined #openstack10:54
*** linuxfreck has quit IRC10:57
*** linuxfreck has joined #openstack10:59
*** kevein has quit IRC11:00
ijwNo, but if you read the docs there's also a sergice-get command, so keystone service-get 67ff26c8bffd483d9364420753205d7c might tell you more11:00
p3N74D4v1dah thanks11:02
p3N74D4v1dis this setting right?11:03
p3N74D4v1dswift_store_auth_address =
p3N74D4v1d192.168.178.81 is where the keystone service resides11:03
ijwSeems plausible11:04
p3N74D4v1dI wanna try the port 500011:04
p3N74D4v1dsince 35357 seems to be the admin port11:05
melmothp3N74D4v1d, i had the one ending in :5000/v2.0/ on my notes here11:07
*** e-vad has quit IRC11:08
*** roaet_ has joined #openstack11:09
p3N74D4v1dAdded new image with ID: e116e039-51d1-4f79-a7e9-efea01df11a711:10
p3N74D4v1dthank you fols11:10
*** iNdefiNite has joined #openstack11:11
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*** dansmith has joined #openstack11:16
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evil_steve /win 17011:51
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*** erkules|away is now known as erkules11:58
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*** al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away11:59
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*** almaisan-away is now known as al-maisan11:59
juduDid someone encountered the same problem? I try to use floating-ips. I created a pool, and I can't create IP. When I do `nova floating-ip-create testpool`, the command just freezes… (I checked, the API is getting the request).11:59
*** DavidLevin has joined #openstack12:00
kyriakosjudu, is your message queue up and running? what about the network manager? do you see the request hitting the network manager's logs?12:01
*** shang has quit IRC12:01
*** mnewby has joined #openstack12:02
*** DavidLevin has quit IRC12:05
juduI got nothing in nova-network.log12:05
*** benner has quit IRC12:05
*** swifterdarrell has quit IRC12:06
*** swifterdarrell has joined #openstack12:06
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*** e1mer has quit IRC12:08
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*** mrunge has quit IRC12:11
*** mnewby has quit IRC12:11
*** shang has joined #openstack12:14
*** hungnv has quit IRC12:16
judukyriakos: my message queue is up and running. I tried to restart services and all behaved as expected (I mean, connecting to AMQP, send status message…), but still no response for `nova floating-ip-pool-list` or any "floating-ip-*" call.12:17
*** hungnv has joined #openstack12:17
juduAlso, in the nova-api logs I get (in debug mode):12:18
judu2012-08-21 14:13:02 INFO nova.api.openstack.wsgi [req-bbb3275c-ae71-49a9-8e88-0bc267e83ce1 9b6532dd2f0543ecb73ccbde58791e98 22f61dddfa4d4709a967c8aa7e5d9a21] GET
judu2012-08-21 14:13:02 DEBUG nova.api.openstack.wsgi [req-bbb3275c-ae71-49a9-8e88-0bc267e83ce1 9b6532dd2f0543ecb73ccbde58791e98 22f61dddfa4d4709a967c8aa7e5d9a21] Unrecognized Content-Type provided in request from (pid=7684) get_body /usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/nova/api/openstack/wsgi.py:69712:18
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack12:18
*** sniperd has quit IRC12:19
kyriakostry running nova-network in debug mode12:19
juduDone. I see nothing in the logs.12:19
*** davepigott has quit IRC12:19
judu(except periodic tasks)12:20
*** davepigott has joined #openstack12:20
kyriakosnot sure what's the problem12:20
kyriakoscan you check if rabbitmq has a lot of pending messages for the network manager queue ?12:21
judurabbimqctl doesn't give me anything stuck in the queues.12:21
kyriakossorry I am out of ideas then12:21
juduOk, thanks though.12:21
*** lts has joined #openstack12:21
juduBut, when the API need something (like floating-ip pools), it asks networ12:22
*** cloudvirt has joined #openstack12:22
juduthe network manager via rabbitmq?12:22
*** DavidLevin has joined #openstack12:23
*** DavidLevin has joined #openstack12:23
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*** dafridgie has joined #openstack12:59
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*** natea has joined #openstack13:00
dafridgieHi all - can anyone help with a swift-recon question ?13:01
*** kbringard has quit IRC13:01
*** dprince has joined #openstack13:01
dafridgieI'm using 1.4.8 and am getting HTTP400 errors when trying to retrieve any stats13:01
*** natea_ has joined #openstack13:01
freeflyingdafridgie, don't ask to ask, just raise your question13:01
*** kbringard has joined #openstack13:02
dafridgieok, will do, does anyone know how to resolve swift-recon HTTP Error 400: Bad Request  error messages13:02
dafridgiefor swift 1.4.813:03
*** mnewby has joined #openstack13:04
*** natea has quit IRC13:04
*** natea_ is now known as natea13:04
dafridgieI have built out a small cluster with the essex release docs, all installed ok, can store retrieve objects all ok, even integrated witjh keystone successfully. I set up the middleware as per documentation ,but every swift-recon command i try from either the proxy or storage nodes, i get HTTP Error 400: Bad Request13:04
dafridgieany advice or guidance would be really welcome!13:05
*** cryptk is now known as cryptk|offline13:05
*** rackerjoe has joined #openstack13:05
*** joesavak has joined #openstack13:06
*** lazyshot has joined #openstack13:07
*** samkottler is now known as samkottler|mtg13:07
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*** jackh has joined #openstack13:10
*** DavidLevin has joined #openstack13:13
*** BlackMaria has joined #openstack13:16
*** mrjazzcat has joined #openstack13:19
*** freeflying has quit IRC13:19
*** andrewsmedina has joined #openstack13:19
*** andrewsmedina has left #openstack13:20
*** marrusl has joined #openstack13:20
*** Breaking_Pitt has joined #openstack13:21
*** dperaza has joined #openstack13:24
jeremybdoes anyone have a contact name/address for rackspace event sponsorship? e.g. to provide a couple free instances for a month. this would be for the wikilovesmonuments.us photo competition. (i did google for a few mins and found nothing. but i thought asking here may provide a different kind of answer anyway :) )13:24
*** e1mer has joined #openstack13:24
*** natea has quit IRC13:26
jeremyb(last year the european site alone got ~8 million hits, this year the competition has expanded to many more countries and each country is running it's own website. so we're expecting at least several million hits... not sure what the upper limit is)13:26
* jeremyb will bbl13:26
*** Blackavar has joined #openstack13:26
*** reed has joined #openstack13:28
*** Chown67 has joined #openstack13:29
*** ayoung has joined #openstack13:30
kbringardhas anyone had any luck using horizon to generate ec2 credentials?13:31
*** zz_jathanism is now known as jathanism13:31
kbringardwhen I try to get them it gives me an RPC timeout, and it looks like it's happening when it is trying to retrieve os-certificates from the API13:31
vachonkbringard: all the time13:33
kbringardvachon: did you have to do anything special?13:34
*** rmartinelli has joined #openstack13:34
vachonis there an issue with your cert service?13:34
kbringardcert service?13:34
kbringardhmmm, well I'll be damned13:35
kbringarddidn't even have it installed13:35
kbringardthanks vachon13:35
kbringardso much new stuff in essex :-D13:36
*** mnewby has quit IRC13:37
kbringardtime for an apt-cache search openstack and see what else I don't have installed :-D13:37
vachonnot sure there is anything else besides quantum13:37
vachonwhich i wont touch13:37
kbringardhehe, indeed13:38
kbringardthere's not really much in the way of output plugins yet13:38
vachonmain line only please!13:38
vachonim just still annoyed i cant run 12.04 guests13:38
vachon2 weeks to figure that out13:38
*** natea has joined #openstack13:39
*** mnewby has joined #openstack13:39
kbringardwhy not?13:39
vachonsaga here: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-operators/2012-August/001921.html13:40
*** e1mer has quit IRC13:41
*** e1mer has joined #openstack13:42
p3N74D4v1dhey, I want to write a script that will automatically install packages on my VMs(the goal is to create a server just with a click)13:43
p3N74D4v1ddue to interactivity during installation13:43
p3N74D4v1dit makes it a bit complicated13:43
vachonp3N74D4v1d: look at razor13:43
p3N74D4v1da friend of mine told me about13:43
p3N74D4v1dpython fabric13:43
p3N74D4v1dthanks vachon13:43
Heebiep3N74D4v1d: Puppet is good for that sort of thing.13:43
vachonpuppet + razor = awesome13:43
melmothdid somebody mentioned juju ? :-)13:44
Heebie(for Linux servers.. not sure what to do with Windows)13:44
vachonmelmoth: only if you want to be locked into ubuntu forever ;)13:44
p3N74D4v1dmelmoth juju could do that??13:44
*** Blackavar has quit IRC13:44
vachonMAAS + juju will do it for ubuntu only13:44
melmothp3N74D4v1d, juju can do anything you want... Problem here, if i understand is to cope with interactive software installation.13:45
melmothwich is not really a juju problem, but a script process.. you can do it with python by handling the standard and error output of your spawn processes13:45
vachonyou basically need two parts, first: a tftp setup which gives you unattended installed. second: something to personalize the server13:45
melmothi wonder if there s a python-expect module to make things "easier"13:45
*** zhuadl has joined #openstack13:45
Dioptermelmoth: Easier than just expect?13:46
p3N74D4v1d but what about fabric13:46
melmothnope, i meant as easy as expect (easier than dealing with standard output stream ad parsing yourself)13:46
p3N74D4v1dor ansible13:46
vachonfabric is an orchistration framework, which means all your packages to work on it must be in ahead of time.  ITs more like capistrano than config mgmt13:46
Dioptermelmoth: Ah. Cool. I like expect, quirky and ancient as it is :P13:47
kbringardvachon: are you talking about using Razor to setup VMs? or Bare Metal?13:47
kbringardfair nuff13:47
vachoni do it for everything13:47
kbringardwe're a chef shop13:48
*** oNeToWn has quit IRC13:48
vachonim sorry ;)13:48
vachoni like my cfg mgmt code to be readable to a non-ruby expert13:48
vachonthats my major gripe13:48
vachonthat being said, nothing prevents you from using Razor and writing a chef broker13:49
vachonthe speed at which razor works is incredible.  I can bootstrap 10 machines as compute nodes in about 15 minutes from nothing13:49
kbringardhow do the machines get imaged?13:50
vachoncrowbar is great, just way to many bugs13:50
kbringardyea, I gave up on crowbar quite some time ago13:50
kbringardhow do you image the machines? in my setup getting the OS installed on the metal is what takes the longest time13:51
*** mtreinish has joined #openstack13:51
kbringardOS == operating system, not openstack ;-)13:51
*** deepakcs has quit IRC13:51
vachondhcp -> tftp -> microkernel -> pings a node.js api -> kicks off a reboot of the server -> handed off to a ubuntu/cent/esxi/opensuse/debian -> given an answer file based on params liek mem, etc -> installed13:52
vachonkbringard: that is the FASTEST part in my setup13:53
kbringardah, interesting13:53
p3N74D4v1dlooking for puppet loool13:53
*** reiddraper has quit IRC13:54
kbringardI do a similar setup with PXE… I've spun up 100 compute nodes in about an hour, but most of that time is spent installing the OS13:54
vachonkbringard: always is, razor uses iPXE13:54
*** dansmith has quit IRC13:55
*** Guest48792 has quit IRC13:55
vachononly one problem (which plagues everyone right now), you have to use BIOS PXE, not UEFI13:55
*** UICTamale has joined #openstack13:55
*** Guest48792 has joined #openstack13:55
*** lifeless_ has joined #openstack13:55
vachoni just installed a new compute while we were chatting, booted the server, and now its available as a compute node13:55
*** lifeless has quit IRC13:56
vachoni just wish block live migration worked better13:57
vachonit works, then on the final step, boom13:57
*** dansmith has joined #openstack13:58
*** dolphm has joined #openstack13:59
*** mrmartin has quit IRC13:59
*** japage has joined #openstack14:00
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*** mnewby has joined #openstack14:04
*** voidspace has joined #openstack14:04
*** derekh has quit IRC14:04
*** voidspace has quit IRC14:05
UICTamalecan I give a VM more ram or cpus without re-creating it?14:07
kbringardI think there is a resize command in nova, right?14:08
vachoni never saw it work14:08
kbringard   resize              Resize a server.14:08
kbringard    resize-confirm      Confirm a previous resize.14:08
kbringard    resize-revert       Revert a previous resize (and return to the previous14:08
kbringardyea, no idea if it wortks14:08
kbringardbut in theory14:08
UICTamalecan you only resize to another flavor?14:08
UICTamaleor can you just change the memory in sql and restart?14:08
kbringardyou could snapshot the instance and relaunch it as a larger instance14:09
UICTamaleI'll try that14:09
UICTamalesuspend first?14:09
kbringardI don't think you need to14:09
kbringardbut I don't know, I don't do much with snapshots :-/14:09
*** Blackavar has joined #openstack14:10
*** dkehn has joined #openstack14:12
*** Gordonz has joined #openstack14:12
*** edygarcia has joined #openstack14:12
*** Gordonz has quit IRC14:14
*** foexle has joined #openstack14:14
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*** tgall_foo has joined #openstack14:14
*** Gordonz has joined #openstack14:14
*** robbiew has joined #openstack14:15
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack14:16
*** cloudvirt has quit IRC14:16
foexlehiho guys .... i'm trying to set a container public without auth in swift. But it doesn't works :( have any time access denied. The contaier Read-ACL have set to '.r:*'14:16
foexleanyone have an idea ?14:18
*** natea__ has joined #openstack14:18
HeebieI've got a system that seems to be working alright (swift) but performance is suffering during a rolling-upgrade of storage nodes.   More importantly though, I want to find something to manage accounts without having to get my coding department to write something.14:19
*** cloudvirt has joined #openstack14:19
*** natea has quit IRC14:20
*** natea__ is now known as natea14:20
*** littleidea has joined #openstack14:20
Heebieand load is crazy-crazy high on storage nodes (but not at all high on cache nodes.) and the load was high before I started the upgrades.14:20
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack14:21
foexlequestion back .... hhave the solution .... keystone authtoken needs to set delay_auth_decision=114:22
*** nikhil_ has joined #openstack14:23
*** samkottler|mtg has quit IRC14:23
*** samkottler has joined #openstack14:23
*** nikhil_ is now known as Guest6024514:23
ijwHow do you increase the quota for 'network'?14:24
ijwDoesn't seem to be an option for nova quote-update ...14:24
ijw(latest devstack, folsom, quantum)14:24
*** davepigott has quit IRC14:25
*** Guest60245 has quit IRC14:25
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack14:28
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*** desai has joined #openstack14:32
*** desai has joined #openstack14:32
*** a has joined #openstack14:34
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*** s0mik has joined #openstack14:34
*** a is now known as Guest8447514:34
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*** msinhore has joined #openstack14:39
*** al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away14:41
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*** littleidea has joined #openstack14:43
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*** uksysadmin has quit IRC14:48
p3N74D4v1dvachon : does puppet use PXE ?14:50
*** hemna has joined #openstack14:50
vachonno, razor = pxe, puppet = config mgmt14:50
*** dperaza1 has joined #openstack14:50
vachontwo different levels as i said before14:50
*** dperaza has quit IRC14:50
p3N74D4v1dso one can use both14:50
vachonin fact, they are made to work together14:50
p3N74D4v1dto automate installation and cobfig14:50
p3N74D4v1dconfig I meant14:51
Heebiecobfig sounded good. (cobbing in the configs) ;)14:51
*** atrius_away is now known as atrius14:51
*** Guest84475 has quit IRC14:53
vachonwhats the command to delete a host which made it into "service list"14:53
*** ccooke has left #openstack14:53
*** e1mer has quit IRC14:55
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack14:55
kallisti5anyone know what would cause that?  I don't see any errors in the nova logs14:56
*** egant has joined #openstack14:56
chm007When I use the stack.sh script of the branch stable/essex. I get a message from Django telling me that I must a user (You just installed Django's auth system, which means you don't have any superusers defined.14:57
chm007Would you like to create one now?). Is it this user which is used when we log on the console of horizon ?14:57
Diopterchm007: Probably. Django is the web framework for Horizon.14:58
*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack14:58
chm007After providing this user name, I get this error --> Syntax error on line 3 of /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/horizon:14:58
chm007Name duplicates previous WSGI daemon definition.14:58
Diopterchm007: Try a different username perhaps?14:59
chm007Will try. My issue is related to this ticket --> https://bugs.launchpad.net/devstack/+bug/103357314:59
*** adalbas has joined #openstack14:59
*** mindpixel has quit IRC14:59
chm007Diopter. Using a different user does not solve the issue15:02
*** rnorwood has quit IRC15:02
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack15:03
*** voidspace has joined #openstack15:04
*** zhuadl has quit IRC15:05
*** rnorwood has quit IRC15:05
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*** spg has joined #openstack15:56
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spgI want to set up a openstack cloud infra in our office15:57
*** dneary has joined #openstack15:58
spgcan I get gui for virtual os running on openstack?15:58
dnearypixelbeat, Ping?15:58
dnearypixelbeat, I keep running into shell scripts you wrote15:58
*** foexle has quit IRC15:58
dnearypixelbeat, http://www.pixelbeat.org/scripts/sw15:58
dnearyI always admired your shell-fu15:59
pixelbeatI use that all the time :)15:59
*** lloydde has joined #openstack16:00
*** lfazio has joined #openstack16:03
*** aliguori has quit IRC16:04
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*** nightcrawler786 has joined #openstack16:07
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*** nelson1234 has joined #openstack16:13
*** aliguori has joined #openstack16:14
*** AgorA_ has quit IRC16:16
*** Exhar has joined #openstack16:17
kallisti5figured it out... nova didn't like tenant name of service. changed to admin and restarted.  I wish nova actually gave you errors in return :)16:20
kallisti5tcpdump 'port (5000 or 35357)' -i lo -A was my best friend16:20
*** cloudvirt has quit IRC16:20
*** dspano has joined #openstack16:20
*** livemoon has left #openstack16:21
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*** colinmcnamara has joined #openstack16:21
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*** clopez has joined #openstack16:46
*** Chown67 has quit IRC16:47
*** ayoung has joined #openstack16:48
*** RamJett has joined #openstack16:49
HunnerI need a physical USB interface with arcade buttons. Push red button for centos vm, blue button for debian vm16:49
*** jog0 has joined #openstack16:49
*** reed has quit IRC16:51
*** jog0 has left #openstack16:52
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*** py has joined #openstack16:55
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*** ondergetekende has joined #openstack16:56
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*** py has joined #openstack17:06
*** anniec has joined #openstack17:08
*** anniec_ has joined #openstack17:08
* Hunner heard mentions of corosync/DRBD puppet modules at the last openstack summit. Anyone know about this?17:11
ijwHm, think we might have some, let me check17:11
*** miclorb has joined #openstack17:11
*** mattray has joined #openstack17:11
*** anniec has quit IRC17:12
*** anniec_ is now known as anniec17:12
*** ryanpetr_ has joined #openstack17:13
*** ryanpetrello has quit IRC17:13
ijwAh, we used our persuasive wiles on puppetlabs: https://github.com/branan/ (specifically, puppet-drbd, puppet-openstack_admin and puppetlabs-corosync)17:13
Hunnerijw: Sweet, thanks!17:13
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk17:14
ijwHunner: standard provisos apply - particularly, it's not monitoring the services with corosync as of the last report I had, only the machine.17:14
*** dubsquared1 has joined #openstack17:14
*** andrewsmedina has joined #openstack17:14
ijwFeel free to improve on it (and then tell me)17:14
HunnerOkay. I'll look at adding service monitoring :)17:15
*** dubsquared has quit IRC17:15
*** andrewsmedina has left #openstack17:16
*** johnpur has joined #openstack17:16
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v johnpur17:16
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*** ryanpetrello has quit IRC17:21
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*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack17:22
*** scooterS has joined #openstack17:26
UICTamaleWhere do snapshots get stored in the filesystem?17:27
UICTamalesame host that the VM is running on, I assume?17:27
*** warik has left #openstack17:27
*** arBmind has joined #openstack17:31
*** openstacker has joined #openstack17:33
openstackerI have a question17:33
openstackerwhats the easiest way to install 2012.2 on ubuntu17:34
*** garyk has quit IRC17:34
openstackerWhen I install nova-common right now is just installs 2012.117:34
openstackerDo I have to download the rpms manually and install?17:37
*** dpippenger has joined #openstack17:37
openstackererr .deb files17:37
Davieyopenstacker: Have you identified fixes you need that are in 2012.2, and not in 2012.1?17:38
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack17:39
openstackerYes my images get stuck deleting17:39
*** mattray has quit IRC17:39
openstackerand there seems to be some options in nova for reseting them in 2012.217:39
openstackerits a testing environment so no issue with not running stable17:40
openstackertrying to get a proof of concept running17:40
openstackerI am just not really super familiar with debians packaging process17:40
openstackerso I am not sure how one would specify an alternate repo17:41
openstackerthat would contain 2012.217:41
*** kyriakos has quit IRC17:42
*** hungnv has quit IRC17:42
Davieyopenstacker: If this is purely for testing.. "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openstack-ubuntu-testing/essex-stable-testing" then sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade17:43
*** Chown67 has joined #openstack17:43
*** davidha1 has quit IRC17:43
*** PiotrSikora has quit IRC17:44
Davieyopenstacker: That has nova from stable tree, as of 2 hours ago (latest commit).. hope that is recent enough17:44
*** davidha1 has joined #openstack17:44
Davieyit's also been deployed on bare metal across a bunch of machines.17:45
openstackerIs there a way to reset machines state using 2012.1?17:46
*** PiotrSikora has joined #openstack17:46
*** Exhar has joined #openstack17:46
*** Exhar has quit IRC17:46
openstackerthe nova commands don't seem to support it17:46
*** hungnv has joined #openstack17:46
Davieyopenstacker: sorry, what do you want to do?17:46
openstackerwell I have 10 instances that are stuck on deleting17:47
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC17:47
*** k0rupted has joined #openstack17:47
*** Toretto has quit IRC17:47
openstackerStatus: Active Task: Deleting17:47
openstackerin horizon17:47
openstackerreboots does not clear them out17:47
*** Chown67 has quit IRC17:48
Davieyopenstacker: i don't think this is an issue with 2012.117:48
*** davidha1 has quit IRC17:49
openstackerseems like this would be the fix17:49
openstackerI have tried killing dnsmasq and restarting nova-network17:49
openstackerwhich has worked before when they got stuck17:49
openstackerthis time I can't clear them out17:49
*** ipmonger has quit IRC17:50
kirikikiHey everybody, I have a question on Keystone and more particulary about authentication. Does anyone know keystone ?17:50
UICTamaleI _tolerate_ keystone :)17:50
UICTamalewhat's your question?17:50
kirikikiI would like to know if you have any information on Keystone and SAML17:51
*** vmlinuz has joined #openstack17:53
kirikikiDo you think that it would be possible to implement a SAML authentication in keystone instead of a login/password ?17:53
*** hggdh has quit IRC17:53
*** Chown67 has joined #openstack17:54
*** comptona has joined #openstack17:54
*** dneary has quit IRC17:57
*** Chown67 has quit IRC17:58
*** jsavak has joined #openstack18:00
*** negronjl` has joined #openstack18:01
*** ipmonger has joined #openstack18:01
*** joesavak has quit IRC18:01
*** heckj has joined #openstack18:02
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*** dubsquared1 has quit IRC18:02
*** dubsquared has joined #openstack18:02
*** negronjl has quit IRC18:03
*** k0rupted has joined #openstack18:03
openstackerHmmm even with 2012.2 I still get There is no such action: os-resetState (HTTP 400)18:03
*** networkstatic has quit IRC18:03
*** mattray has joined #openstack18:04
*** inteq has joined #openstack18:05
*** imsplitbit has quit IRC18:05
openstackeractually I guess that only pulled 2012.1.318:06
*** edygarcia has quit IRC18:06
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates18:07
*** Blackavar has quit IRC18:09
*** matwood has quit IRC18:09
*** matwood has joined #openstack18:10
kbringardif I'm running horizon, do I have to be running the volumes service and have an endpoint defined… even if I'm not actually using it?18:10
kbringardwhen I click on the "instances and volumes" or "images and snapshots" sections I get an error that it can't find the volumes endpoint18:10
kbringardbut I can't find a flag to tell it I'm not using volumes18:11
*** matwood has quit IRC18:11
Davieyopenstacker: you are still use the old novaclient i presume.18:13
*** reiddraper has joined #openstack18:14
openstackerDaviey: I pulled it down via pip18:15
openstackeras the page suggested18:15
*** Sweetshark has quit IRC18:16
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack18:18
*** willy-nilly has joined #openstack18:19
*** imsplitbit has quit IRC18:22
*** Sweetshark has joined #openstack18:24
*** CaptTofu_ has joined #openstack18:24
CaptTofu_hi all!18:25
CaptTofu_anyone here familiar with nova client api? (seems a bit rhetorical of a question)18:25
*** summation has joined #openstack18:26
*** summation has quit IRC18:26
*** sstent has quit IRC18:27
*** albert23 has joined #openstack18:27
*** sstent has joined #openstack18:28
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*** anniec has joined #openstack18:29
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*** matwood has joined #openstack18:30
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*** natea has quit IRC18:33
*** natea_ is now known as natea18:33
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*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack18:34
*** nRy has joined #openstack18:35
*** ipmonger has joined #openstack18:36
*** Lab has joined #openstack18:37
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*** Blackavar has joined #openstack18:41
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*** samkottler is now known as samkottler|afk18:41
*** Lab has quit IRC18:41
*** Lab has joined #openstack18:41
*** dubsquared has joined #openstack18:42
openstackerIs there a way to clear out the current instances table in mysql?18:46
*** dafridgie has quit IRC18:47
*** davidha has joined #openstack18:49
*** ieugen has joined #openstack18:51
*** msinhore has quit IRC18:53
*** networkstatic has joined #openstack18:53
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*** chrisfer has joined #openstack18:56
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*** vmlinuz has quit IRC19:00
guimalufopenstacker,  I dont know if cover your needs but there is http://code.seas.harvard.edu/openstack/stackutil19:01
ayoungheckj,  2100 UTC ..what does that map to in EST?19:01
SpirilisQ: in essex, is live-migration with block_migration totally broken?19:01
ayoungI have to be on a bus from 1800 to 1900...19:01
*** chrisfer has joined #openstack19:01
acidprimeAnyone have a moment for a dns-masq question?19:03
acidprimeor alternatively does anyone have an example of an overidden dnsmasq configuration file?19:04
*** daddyjoseph97 has joined #openstack19:08
*** dubsquared has quit IRC19:10
*** miclorb has quit IRC19:10
*** kindaopsdevy has joined #openstack19:14
*** cloudvirt has joined #openstack19:14
*** clopez has quit IRC19:17
*** ieugen has left #openstack19:18
*** heckj has quit IRC19:18
openstackerguimaluf: thanks that  look perfect, any install instructions anywhere?19:19
openstackerI have cloned the repo, and read the readme19:21
*** pvankouteren has joined #openstack19:21
openstackerdo I just need to clone the r_cliff and _nova repos19:21
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC19:22
openstacker./setup install19:23
*** openstacker has quit IRC19:23
*** markmcclain has quit IRC19:24
*** msinhore has joined #openstack19:29
*** ryanpetrello has quit IRC19:29
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*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack19:35
*** MarcMorata has joined #openstack19:36
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack19:37
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*** Sweetshark has joined #openstack19:50
*** Sweetshark has joined #openstack19:50
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*** mokas has quit IRC19:51
*** dhellmann has joined #openstack19:51
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*** Chown67 has joined #openstack19:55
*** Sweetshark has joined #openstack19:56
*** bitblt has joined #openstack19:56
*** lifeless_ is now known as lifeless19:57
*** mrmartin has joined #openstack19:58
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*** heckj has joined #openstack20:00
bitbltis anyone here using nova to manage dns for instances?20:00
*** cloudvirt has joined #openstack20:01
*** willy-nilly has quit IRC20:01
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack20:01
*** pvankouteren has quit IRC20:03
*** _sh0x has joined #openstack20:04
*** ndngvr has joined #openstack20:04
*** jathanism is now known as zz_jathanism20:06
*** dneary has joined #openstack20:08
mrmartinbitblt, why are you asking?20:09
Diopterbitblt: ... like... using dnsmasq?20:10
bitbltwell there seem to be a few different attempts at solving that problem, but I am not sure if there is a "right" one20:10
mrmartinWhat are the options?20:11
bitbltthat's what I am trying to figure out. I found one that uses powerdns on the backend, and listens in the MQ for new instances in order to create the entry. That doesn't make sense to me and I use BIND anyway.20:12
bitbltthen there seems to be some contrib for the nova compute client, but it looks like it might be stale, and there are no docs on it :D20:12
bitbltI already have a REST service for managing DNS in place, I think I will just try to figure out the best place to do the creation/deletion20:13
*** ewindisch_ has joined #openstack20:13
mrmartinare you talking about GridDynamics's nova-dns?20:13
bitbltyes, that's the one that uses powerdns20:14
mrmartinAs I checked this project, a new dns backend could be easily adopted. If you like to use something else than powerdns.20:14
bitbltand the other is floating ip dns20:14
bitblti think part of my struggle might be in getting more familiar with openstack too20:15
*** sebastianstadil has joined #openstack20:15
*** ewindisch has quit IRC20:15
*** ewindisch_ is now known as ewindisch20:15
annegentlebitblt: I'm working on a CLI guide here if you'd like to review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/11274/620:16
mrmartinHi Anne20:16
annegentlemrmartin: hello, so formal today with "Mister" :)20:17
bitbltcool I will check it out. My org is pushing hard to get into openstack, so I'm hoping once I am up to speed I can contrib20:17
*** colinmcnamara has joined #openstack20:17
mrmartinIt is my IRC nick, you know I'm the Hungarian guy, we met at SFO summit.20:17
*** chm007 has quit IRC20:17
annegentlebitblt: yeah no dns management that I know of, neat use case though, probably someone has figured it out20:18
annegentlemrmartin: ok, great to see you on IRC!!20:18
mrmartinAnyway I'm working like a mad to finish the stackmeat site, and after launch we could collect each sat projects.20:18
annegentlemrmartin: nice. how many sat projects are there now?20:18
*** arBmind has quit IRC20:18
*** dprince has quit IRC20:18
mrmartinI started to collect them in April, but I'm sure that we have more now.20:20
*** MarcMorata has quit IRC20:20
*** tryggvil has quit IRC20:21
*** cp16net is now known as cp16net|away20:21
mrmartinI had at least 10 project very closely related to Openstack.20:21
mrmartinGriddynamics released a lot of tools.20:22
*** markmcclain has quit IRC20:22
mrmartinbitblt: I personally just checked the source code of nova-dns, and it seemed to be promising.20:24
bitbltmrmartin, it does look that way20:24
bitbltfloating ip dns does too20:24
bitbltmaybe I have found my new project then?20:25
kallisti5ok... my first openstack node is running20:25
mrmartinBut floating ip dns just allocates domain for public ip-s?20:25
* kallisti5 is done shouting20:25
*** Exhar has joined #openstack20:26
mrmartinI'm glad that you have such type of feelings after a first node deployment.20:26
kallisti5mrmartin: it involved quite a bit of pain.. and the networking is still wierd20:27
kallisti5wierd == not working yet20:27
mrmartinare you using quantum?20:27
kallisti5but I have the demo Ubuntu image running, as well as a Windows 2003 image20:27
kallisti5mrmartin: nah, ubuntu20:27
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack20:27
kallisti5used the openstack version in the ubuntu repo20:27
kallisti5pita to set up20:27
kallisti5once it's running though it's solid20:28
kallisti5^^^ best guide i found (with a few quirks)20:28
uvirtbotkallisti5: Error: "^^" is not a valid command.20:28
kallisti5sorry uvirtbot20:28
*** networkstatic has quit IRC20:29
*** networkstatic has joined #openstack20:29
mrmartinYeap, congrats for Florian's team. It was the first 12.04 related guide I saw.20:29
kallisti5i kind of want to pick up another dedicated server and start a business :)20:30
*** sebastianstadil has quit IRC20:30
*** colinmcnamara has quit IRC20:31
mrmartinI don't like to be negative, but running a business based on OS, requires a bit more work than deploying two nodes.20:32
*** Ruetobas has quit IRC20:32
kallisti5nah!  /me shells out money first, asks questions later :P20:32
kallisti5i kind of want != going to ;)20:32
*** markmcclain has quit IRC20:33
mrmartinAnd which country are you trying to conquer the market?20:33
*** rackerjoe has left #openstack20:34
kallisti5country?  The world! buwhahahahahaha20:34
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack20:34
mrmartinThe universe could be better, deploy OS on Curiosity!20:34
kallisti5given it takes a few years to get to mars... i don't want to have to upgrade OpenStack remotely :P20:35
kallisti5hell, it was rough installing it locally20:35
mrmartinAnyway if you really like to conquer the world, you could check the available OS based distributions.20:36
*** sebastianstadil has joined #openstack20:36
kallisti5mrmartin: nah, i like the diy method20:36
kallisti5i'd rather know how things work20:36
kallisti5esp given how many moving pieces there are20:36
*** mrmartin has left #openstack20:37
*** mrmartin has joined #openstack20:37
*** miclorb has joined #openstack20:37
*** Ruetobas has joined #openstack20:38
mrmartinYeap, it is the hardest way, but I'm sure you'll learn a lot.20:38
*** pist has joined #openstack20:39
*** MarcMorata has joined #openstack20:41
dspanomrmartin: I sure did.20:42
dspanoIt was worth all the hands on work.20:43
*** oubiwann1 has joined #openstack20:43
bitbltmrmartin, i am not sure. i thought it would manage based on the subnets allocated to nova-network (I am just guessing)20:43
*** jacobpuck has joined #openstack20:44
*** cp16net|away is now known as cp16net20:44
*** dcramer_ has quit IRC20:48
*** melmoth has quit IRC20:49
*** MarcMorata has quit IRC20:49
mrmartinbitblt, and where could I found the source code of The Floating IP DNS Extension?20:50
_sh0xcan i setup openstack with a private management network for inter-openstack communication and node management? it seems like it uses the 'public interface' IPs, when i follow docs.openstack.org.20:52
bitbltmrmartin, http://api.openstack.org/ then search for "floating ip dns"20:52
*** avoine has left #openstack20:53
*** dolphm has quit IRC20:53
mrmartinI found it, a nice spec, but is it included in nova?20:54
bitbltat least not in mine, my contrib dir is empty20:54
*** jacobpuck1 has joined #openstack20:55
mrmartinso, it sounds interesting, but we need some src or binary to test it.20:55
*** Chown67 has joined #openstack20:56
*** heckj has quit IRC20:56
*** johnpur has quit IRC20:56
*** DavidLevin has joined #openstack20:56
*** jacobpuck has quit IRC20:57
*** johnpur has joined #openstack20:57
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v johnpur20:57
*** noob2 has joined #openstack20:58
*** h0cin has quit IRC20:58
*** anniec has quit IRC21:00
mrmartinannegentle, don't you know where could we found the source of Floating IP DNS extension, included at api.openstack.org page?21:00
*** Chown67 has quit IRC21:00
*** nRyo has joined #openstack21:02
*** nRy has quit IRC21:02
*** dneary has quit IRC21:03
*** LanceHaig has left #openstack21:05
*** maurosr has quit IRC21:06
*** anniec has joined #openstack21:08
*** noob2 has quit IRC21:10
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*** rpawlik has quit IRC21:11
*** mnewby has quit IRC21:11
*** jonmills has joined #openstack21:12
*** rackerjoe has joined #openstack21:13
jonmillsI have installed dashboard from EPEL-testing.  Site loads.  I configured local_settings to speak to my mysql server.  it has a db, etc, with correct credentials to login.  I've run syncdb.21:13
jonmillsgreat, however, I can't log in21:13
jonmills"default" username/password doesn't work?21:14
*** mnewby has joined #openstack21:14
jonmillsHow do I set it?21:14
*** mrmartin has quit IRC21:14
*** zz_jathanism is now known as jathanism21:14
*** ipmonger has quit IRC21:15
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack21:16
*** oubiwann1 has quit IRC21:18
*** edygarcia has joined #openstack21:18
*** oubiwann1 has joined #openstack21:18
*** jonmills has left #openstack21:18
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*** scooterS has joined #openstack21:22
*** s3u has joined #openstack21:23
*** sebastianstadil has joined #openstack21:25
*** BlackMaria has quit IRC21:25
kbringardis it possible to have multiple volume services running?21:25
*** Exhar has quit IRC21:25
kbringardlike if I had 10 machines with 1TB each, could I run nova-volumes on each one and have the scheduler determine which node to use based on available space?21:26
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contextkbringard: looks like nova-scheduler only handles deciding placement of vm instances on nova-compute node's21:31
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kbringardcontext: yea, 's what I was thinking as well… although I didn't mean the scheduler explicitly, I just meant, is it possible to aggregate volumes across multiple nodes :-D21:31
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moustiqHey everybody21:36
moustiqI have some questions about keystone. Does anyone know keystone ?21:37
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annegentlemoustiq: it's team meeting time for another 20 minutes, but feel free to post your question21:41
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moustiqannegentle: thank, I have two questions. The first is about the authentication and i would like to know if there is or if it's planned to add others authentication mechanism in keystone instead of login/password21:43
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moustiqAnd my second question is about authorization in keystone. I have read that in the essex release small RBAC was implemented in nova, but I can't find information. Do you think that it could be possible to implement a policy engine based on XACML21:45
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koolhead17moustiq, 1. i don`t think so21:55
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koolhead17moustiq, 2.RBAC is implemented via keystone in Essex, check policy.json file for more21:56
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kbringardyea, RBAC is there, although, afaik at this time there's only one role: admin21:58
moustiqkoolhead17: firstly thanks for your response, 1: Do you think that it could be easy to delegate authentication to another system (simply by using REMOTE_USER header and more complicated by validating a SAML toekn for example)22:00
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moustiqkbringard: this means that nova and others service used the policy_api.enforce method ?22:01
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koolhead17moustiq, no idea :P22:01
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ev0ldaveany way to make openstack use vcpupin?22:24
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ev0ldaverather is there a way to configure a flavor of 8 cores to present to the guest as 4 physical socket 2 core each22:32
ev0ldavecurrently manually editing libvirt xml to change the topology of the instance22:32
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jgriffithDoes anybody know how to configure Jumbo frames in XenServer 6.0?22:44
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ev0ldaveanyone know if there is a way to declare instance flavors with a specific cpu topology for kvm?23:33
ev0ldavewhy?  server 2008 r2 standard allows 4 physical sockets so if i want to give it 8 cpu i need to give it 4 sockets with 2 cores each23:33
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