Thursday, 2012-09-06

themadcanudistnotmyname: is there anything you'd suggest? I have the logging level set to DEBUG in the logger.00:00
gatuusI've just installed nova... If I run: nova-console, there's an error:   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/anyjson/", line 62, in __init__00:00
gatuus    fdec = modinfo["filedecoder"]00:00
gatuusKeyError: 'filedecoder'00:00
gatuusIs this normal??00:00
notmynamethemadcanudist: hich part is failing? the upload or the processing?00:01
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themadcanudistprocessing works. upload fails.. just gives me a txn id and tells me: access-log-uploader ERROR: Upload of log /var/log/swift/hourly/2012090513 failed! (txn: txbdb775e8ad8a4d009289d76ed664380f)00:01
themadcanudistfor each log it processes00:01
themadcanudisti'm running with -v and also with DEBUG as i stated00:01
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notmynamethemadcanudist: so that's not the processing step (or, you shouldn't be processing yet)00:02
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prectechCharlieHi there. anyone know how to add an extra IP address to a running instance with diablo?00:03
themadcanudistsu -s /bin/bash -c "/usr/bin/swift-log-uploader -v /etc/swift/log-processor.conf access" swift00:04
themadcanudisttha'ts the uploader part00:04
notmynamethemadcanudist: check that your account and container exist (from the config file)00:04
themadcanudistoh damn… i assumed the container would be created on my behalf...00:04
themadcanudisti'll double check the account as well.. it showed up in a keystone user-list00:04
notmynamethemadcanudist: honestly, I'd think so too, but it's been a while since I messed with slogging00:04
themadcanudistno worries00:05
*** atrius_away is now known as atrius00:05
atriusgrrr... what do i have to do get rid of this busted iscsi link :(00:05
uvirtbotNew bug: #1046610 in glance "v2 api code still loaded even when enable_v2_api is False" [High,Invalid]
prectechCharlieI am using the VLANNetworkManager and I have added a new fixed IP network to the project but only new instances get the extra IP. I want to apply it to a running instance00:07
prectechCharlieAlso anyone have any idea how to get live migration working between a control node and a compute node?00:10
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EssentialHello folks00:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #1046612 in glance "Fragile Test: glance.tests.functional.test_schemas:TestSchemas.test_resource" [Low,Triaged]
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liam__hi guys, i'm currently new in the openstack world. I'm currently running some instances on a paas (EY) and I'm thinking about take a couple of bare metal servers, put on them openstack and migrate all the apps there. What should I be aware of? What are the main differences? What about insatce upgrades&co? Is it done by openstack itself?00:20
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liam__and most important, how much time does it take to setup everything and keep it working (aka maintenance)? what I love about paas is that I don't have to care a lot about the system itself, but it's starting to be quite expensive00:22
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spaokheya all00:23
spaokwondering if I ran into a bug or a config error00:24
spaoki was trying to make a volume in horizon and got this in the logs00:25
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spaokFile "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/nova-2012.2-py2.6.egg/nova/db/sqlalchemy/", line 356, in name return FLAGS.volume_name_template % self.id00:25
spaokTypeError: %x format: a number is required, not unicode00:25
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zodiakspaok, without further information, I am willing to say, you made a conf mistake ;)00:33
liam__anyone for my questions? :-)00:33
zodiakliam__, your question is .. well .. vague (sorry)00:34
zodiakhow much time will it take you to learn openstack ? no idea00:34
spaoki'm guessing it has to do with volume_name_template=volume-%08x in the nova.conf00:34
zodiakspaok, seems to be, yup00:35
liam__zodiak: what are the main differences between openstack and paas providers?00:35
zodiakopenstack you run yourself, paas providers don't00:36
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spaokzodiak: yea, seems to be, the volume started now, it gets confusing trying to build from git when all the docs are older00:36
prectechCharlieanyone know how to add an extra ip to a running instance?00:37
liam__zodiak: are instance upgrades made automatically by openstack? or will I have to ssh into each instance and take care of it?00:37
prectechCharlieI need it to support multiple SSL enpoints on the instance00:37
prectechCharlieI need it to support multiple SSL endpoints on the instance00:38
liam__zodiak: in the long run, which one do you think is better?00:38
spaokI think that question is like comparing apples and oranges00:39
zodiakspaok, liam__ instance upgrades ? you mean increasing vm memory or some such ?00:39
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spaokprectechCharlie: did you look at the nova add-fixed-ip ? I haven't messed with it yet00:40
spaokliam__: openstack is the software, rackspace would be like the PAAS provider00:40
liam__zodiak: no, like packages.. aren't they like ec2 instances with their own os&co which need to be upgraded? like any VM00:40
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zodiakliam__, _you_ are responsible for everything. you are taking the role of provider00:41
spaokliam__: basically yes, which is why you would use something like chef or puppet to manage them00:41
spaokor cfengine if you like a lot of pain00:42
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liam__mmm...ok, that means a lot of work for it instead of developing the app itself.... I think I'll stay with paas for now :(00:43
Essentialliam openstack is not magic... i think if you want work with openstack you will  forget about your main work )))00:43
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spaokyea took me a few weeks just to get a handle on it00:44
spaokand still working out issues00:44
spaokthough our shiny new hardware for it will kick some massive ass00:44
atriusanyone know off hand how to completely clear out a broken nova-volume?00:45
*** lloydde has joined #openstack00:45
spaokis it in an error state?00:45
atriusspaok: not exactly... nova is insisting on trying to access it on a no longer available IP address00:45
atriusand no matter what is in the nova:volume table... it still tries that busted IP00:46
spaokdid you try nova volume-delete?00:46
spaokmight be able to hack the DB also, had do that to clear some instance types00:47
liam__Essential: understood... I thought it was more automatic to manage everything, but as I'd have to manage it, and as I'm the only developer I can't spend weeks just on it :-)00:47
atriusspaok: i tried to change the DB... nova-volume just seems to ignore the settings in there and use some cached value or something00:47
spaokyea I would stick with amazon or rack cloud or something00:48
zodiakatrius, you do realize.. you could jst put an alias into that machines /etc/hosts to loopback to the real server00:48
liam__I'll hopefully try it in the future when there will be some person dedicated just for it00:48
*** tmichael has joined #openstack00:48
liam__thank you :-)00:48
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atriuszodiak: unfortunately.. it isn't by hostname but by IP :(00:49
atriusand creating an alias with that IP didn't make it happy either00:49
zodiakaaahhh.. that's right00:49
*** ywu has joined #openstack00:50
zodiakyou could bring up an interface on the machine with the ip attached ;)00:50
zodiak(a virtual nic I mean)00:50
EssentialGuys is any idea i can ssh to my instance but instance cant ping internet address. Instance can ping host address.00:50
EssentialMy installation all in one with 1 nic00:50
atriuszodiak: tried that... it giggled at me a bit00:50
zodiakatrius, aaah.. nuts00:50
spaokEssential: does it need a floating IP00:51
atriusspaok: i'm giving the volume-delete thing another shot00:51
zodiakatrius, tried the section from the nova-volume admin/guide about restoring clean slate ?00:51
spaoki know it said something about being in error state or ok state, I'm stuck in a creating state and it won't delete00:51
*** danblack has joined #openstack00:51
atriusi do rather wish there was a way to make it skip blanking out the volume00:51
*** dpippenger has quit IRC00:51
atriuszodiak: well.. it isn't exactly stuck... just the wrong IP00:52
Essential<spaok> they dont use nat?00:52
*** ayoung_ has quit IRC00:52
spaokEssential: not 100% yet, since I'm still working on getting a VM up, heh00:53
*** tualatrix has joined #openstack00:54
spaokatrius: I removed my stuck volume from the nova volumes table and now I don't see it anymore, is that where you deleted it?00:56
atriusspaok: did that also remove it from the instance and prevent it from trying to attach to it?00:57
spaokwell mine got stuck before creating it, so it got hung, the actual volume was never made00:58
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spaokwhat hypervisor you using?01:00
*** bapa has quit IRC01:00
*** bapa has joined #openstack01:01
atriusspaok: kvm01:01
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC01:02
atriusit says it is deleting it... right now it's running dd against it to blank it out01:02
atriusneed to find an option to skip that01:02
*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack01:02
*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack01:02
atriusit claims it deleted it01:03
*** erkules has quit IRC01:03
*** huaia has joined #openstack01:05
atriusdamn.... it tried to attach it even though it is supposedly deleted01:05
atriusit is clearly ignoring the database entirely01:05
*** Dr_Who has joined #openstack01:07
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*** Dr_Who has joined #openstack01:07
spaokdid you check like volume_id_mappings, instance_id_mappings or instance_metadata in the database?01:07
atriusspaok: not yet.. checking now01:08
spaokmaybe even iscsi_targets since mines trying to make a iscsi map when I make a volume01:08
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC01:09
atriusthere is one listing in iscsi_targets.. no volume_id though01:09
*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack01:09
*** Blackavar has quit IRC01:10
*** ryanpetrello has quit IRC01:11
spaokthere's only one record? or only one that's not NULL?01:11
atriusspaok: none that isn't NULL01:11
spaokinteresting, cause my failed one is in there01:11
*** erkules has joined #openstack01:11
atriuswhere is volume_id_mappings, instance_id_mappings?01:11
spaokI saw the tables in nova db01:12
*** ayoung has quit IRC01:12
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*** jakkudanieru has joined #openstack01:13
atriusi just set the instance_id == NULL for the offending one.. going to restart nova now01:13
atriusno dice... still attempts to attach it01:15
*** anticw has joined #openstack01:15
atriusi'd just delete the record from volumes... but since nova-volume is clearly ignoring it... seems little point in doing so01:17
spaokhere's a question, do you have nova-volume set to use a db like mysql? or using the default sqlite?01:18
*** johnpur has quit IRC01:18
atriuswell... that's in nova.conf, right? the --sql_connection bit?01:19
atriusor does it have a separate one somewhere?01:19
spaoknope its in the conf01:19
atriusthen yeah... mysql all the way01:19
atriusalso, even if not... then the entry that nova-volume is ignoring wouldn't be there, no?01:20
spaokjust seems odd it would be ignoring the db01:20
spaoki would poke around the other tables, see if the id of the volume pokes up anywhere01:21
spaokI don't know KVM so can't really help there, I use XCP which I can see what the VM is doing01:21
atriusyeah :(01:22
spaokyou can also set verbose=True in nova.conf and check logs01:23
spaokfor me when stuff has been acting weird or failing its usually cause rootwrap can't find some app it wants to run01:24
*** ocherno has joined #openstack01:24
atriusi just dumped the entire nova DB so i can grep through it01:24
spaokgood idea01:24
*** themadcanudist has quit IRC01:25
*** gaul has quit IRC01:25
atriusfound it... block_device_mapping01:25
*** colinmcnamara has quit IRC01:25
spaokheh that makes01:26
*** colinmcnamara has joined #openstack01:26
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*** eglynn_ has joined #openstack01:28
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack01:28
*** eglynn has quit IRC01:32
*** xiao has joined #openstack01:32
spaoksweet, now volume creation works01:33
atriusdid it not before? :D01:33
atriusalso, i was able to get the instances to start now.. thanks :)01:33
spaokwas failing on various things, first that template settting in the conf, then missing parted, then missing tgt-utils01:35
spaokmy install notes are getting quit long01:35
*** jdurgin has quit IRC01:36
spaokwhat I don't get is, in horizon, when creating a volume it says I have 1TB, but I know my server doesn't have that01:36
spaokeven compressed I wouldn't think that would be right01:37
atriuscan't you over allocate disk just like everything else?01:37
spaokdon't see how01:38
spaokI made a 30GB volume, it uses 30GB in my LVM VG for nova-volumes01:38
spaokso it should have a limit01:38
atriusah.. true01:38
atriusnot sure01:38
spaok410GB to be exact01:38
*** magg has joined #openstack01:39
spaokmaybe I need to set that limit in nova.conf01:39
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*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack01:47
spaokunder quotas01:47
atriusyeah.. so in short.. you can lie and over allocate01:48
atriusthough.. clearly it wouldn't work with volumes01:48
*** matwood_ has joined #openstack01:48
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*** troya has joined #openstack02:43
troyahi all02:44
troyaanyone know about nova-consoleauth and nova-cert ?02:45
troyalast i use openstack is diablo version and there are only nova-network nova-compute nova-volume nova-scheduler02:45
*** roge has quit IRC02:46
troyawhat is both of nova-consoleauth and nova-cert ? anyone could tell me more about it ?02:46
zodiaknot to be 'that guy' but...02:46
zodiakwell.. it's true. the documentation is there and readily found for this sort of question02:47
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*** led_belly has joined #openstack03:00
*** wzssyqa has joined #openstack03:00
wzssyqain .gitignore of 2012.2, CA is in it, why?03:00
*** rackerjoe has joined #openstack03:03
*** Gordonz has quit IRC03:03
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spaokany1 know how I can change the max size for kernel/initrd? getting an error on a centos6 initrd03:04
*** magg has quit IRC03:05
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack03:05
*** bharata has joined #openstack03:05
wzssyqaspaok: max size of kernel/initrd?03:06
spaokNovaException: Kernel/Ramdisk image is too large: 31596586 bytes, max 16777216 bytes03:06
spaoki see FLAGS.max_kernel_ramdisk_size03:07
spaokmaybe I can set that in a config03:07
troyazodiak: if i dont use for proxy so i don't need it ?03:12
spaokif you dont use VNC I don't think you need it03:13
spaokconsoleauth that is03:14
*** shaon has quit IRC03:16
*** shaon_ has joined #openstack03:16
*** ocherno has quit IRC03:17
*** led_belly has quit IRC03:17
spaokwell setting that got me little bit close, nice03:17
*** magg has joined #openstack03:17
*** whenry has quit IRC03:18
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*** rustam has joined #openstack03:19
*** natea has joined #openstack03:21
uvirtbotNew bug: #1046643 in nova "[Enhancement request] Fail to run instance according to the damaged image " [Undecided,New]
*** lloydde has joined #openstack03:21
troyazodiak: coudl you check my nova-compute log like this >>
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack03:22
*** freeflying_ has joined #openstack03:23
spaokwhat hypervisor you using?03:23
troyaon nova.conf i insert --libvirt_type=kvm03:24
*** aossama has joined #openstack03:24
spaokthink you need compute_driver=kvmn03:24
spaokthink you need compute_driver=kvm03:24
*** supriya has joined #openstack03:25
troyaon nova.conf do you mean ?03:25
*** lloydde has quit IRC03:25
spaokmight be longer actually03:25
*** moj0rising has quit IRC03:25
spaokone sec03:26
troyasould i remove --libvirt_type=kvm ?03:26
spaokI think you keep that03:26
*** cryptk|offline is now known as cryptk03:27
spaokis what I think you want03:27
*** rackerjoe has left #openstack03:27
spaokand libvirt_type=kvm03:27
*** Tross has joined #openstack03:28
spaokconnection_type isn't used anymore03:28
spaokat least not in the newest release from git03:28
troyaok, thanks spaok. nova-compute running now03:29
*** steveb___ has joined #openstack03:29
troyabut i still can't start on nova-network, like that
troyaany problem with 'sudo' ?03:30
spaokyea, just run visudo03:30
*** doublerr has quit IRC03:30
spaokcomment out  Defaults    requiretty03:30
spaokmake sure you have, nova ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL03:30
spaoki put that in /etc/sudoers.d/nova  on centos03:31
*** shaon_ is now known as shaon03:32
spaokalrighty, enough fun for tonight, see ya03:32
*** spaok has quit IRC03:32
troyasee you spaok03:33
*** stimble has joined #openstack03:33
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*** otter1 has joined #openstack03:44
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*** rustam has joined #openstack03:47
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*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack03:48
atriusso... i've got this awesome openstack thing going now.... anyone know a particularly good method/system for monitoring the VMs? general system monitoring is what i'm thinking at the moment03:49
atriussomething more or less lightweight03:49
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack03:50
*** supriya has quit IRC03:51
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*** julianwa has joined #openstack04:00
*** primusinterpares has joined #openstack04:01
troyaanyone know about this log on nova-network.log >> ?04:01
*** moj0rising has joined #openstack04:02
troyahi atrius04:03
troyaatrius: could you help me figure out what is this error message ?
*** s0mik has joined #openstack04:05
*** torandu has quit IRC04:06
*** anticw has joined #openstack04:06
*** torandu has joined #openstack04:08
atriustroya: i can try... but i'm just starting out with it too :)04:08
*** anticw has quit IRC04:09
atriustroya: did you recently create some iptables rules outside of openstack?04:09
*** stimble has quit IRC04:11
*** abathingchris has joined #openstack04:11
*** natea has quit IRC04:12
troyai disable my ufw on my ubuntu system04:12
*** lborda has joined #openstack04:12
atriushmmm... not sure to be honest... clearly what's happening is that nova is getting an error when trying to run iptables-restore to put the firewall rules back in place04:13
atriusthe likely reason is that there is something wrong with the firewall rules04:13
troyaso what should i do ?04:13
troyatry to run iptables-restore?04:13
*** abathingchris has quit IRC04:14
*** anticw has joined #openstack04:14
*** stimble has joined #openstack04:15
*** Dr_Who has quit IRC04:16
*** mnewby has quit IRC04:16
*** desai has quit IRC04:16
atriusthat seems a logical course... run it on the host and see what output you get04:17
atriusif you are remote to the host.. keep in mind this could cut you off from it04:17
*** tualatrix has quit IRC04:17
*** s0mik has quit IRC04:17
*** CuraHack has quit IRC04:17
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC04:18
troyawhen i installed nova, i disable my firewall should enable firewall when installed nova ?04:21
*** sniperd has quit IRC04:24
*** ccustine has quit IRC04:24
troyaatrius: i try to execute nova-manage network to create float ip and fixed ip but i got error like this >> 2012-09-06 11:24:18 CRITICAL nova [-] --fixed_range_v4 or --fixed_range_v6 is required to create a network.04:25
troyathis is command which i executed >> nova-manage network create private --fixed_range_v4= --num_networks=1 --bridge=br100 --bridge_interface=br100 --network_size=804:26
*** edygarcia has quit IRC04:27
*** anticw has quit IRC04:27
*** oNeToWn has joined #openstack04:29
*** epim_ has joined #openstack04:30
*** sniperd has joined #openstack04:30
atriustroya: was that e at the end of your fixed_range there when you ran the command?04:31
atriusalso... is 8 the right number for network size? seems small04:31
troyai just try on my local computer04:32
*** piysh8809_ has quit IRC04:32
*** anticw has joined #openstack04:32
atriuswell sure... still seems small though.. as compared to the CIDR you entered.. know what i mean?04:32
troyawhat do you mean CIDR?04:33
*** epim has quit IRC04:33
*** epim_ is now known as epim04:33
*** reed has quit IRC04:35
*** CuraHack has joined #openstack04:36
*** anticw has quit IRC04:37
*** chrisfer has quit IRC04:39
troya ?atrius, any suggestion for it04:41
*** oNeToWn has quit IRC04:41
*** anticw has joined #openstack04:42
*** CuraHack has quit IRC04:44
atriustroya: not off hand.. sorry :(04:44
troyanever mind :)04:44
*** thinrhino has joined #openstack04:45
troyai check on my database on table fixed_ips, i don't get any row inside04:45
troyado you have experience on error log like >>  nova NetworkNotCreated: --fixed_range_v4 or --fixed_range_v6 is required to create a network.04:45
*** Siliconsoul has quit IRC04:46
*** epim has quit IRC04:50
*** ywu has joined #openstack04:57
*** lloydde has joined #openstack04:58
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*** rustam has quit IRC05:10
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1046659 in nova "nova-scheduler throws invalid instance id on resize" [Undecided,New]
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atriusanyone still alive? seems adding the vhost_net module breaks flat_dchp networking06:13
*** lloydde has joined #openstack06:13
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1046685 in nova "InstanceNotFound exception was raised when more than one 'terminate_instance' operation was implemented if the first operation was blocked a period of time." [Undecided,New]
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troyaHi All08:00
*** garyk has joined #openstack08:01
EKKHello troya08:02
*** rpawlik has joined #openstack08:02
troyaHi EKK08:03
*** dachary has joined #openstack08:05
troyaEKK, can i running openstack without nova-volume ?08:05
EKKtroya: Yes you can08:05
*** Guest2840 has quit IRC08:06
*** a_ has joined #openstack08:06
troyabecause i skip step to vgcreate nova-volumes08:06
*** bharata has joined #openstack08:06
troyai have no disk for it, i install openstack on my laptop for testing only08:07
EKKYeah, nova-volume is as far as I know optional08:08
*** d1t2 has quit IRC08:08
*** darraghb has joined #openstack08:08
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*** jakkudanieru has joined #openstack08:09
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*** freeflying_ has joined #openstack08:12
*** shaon is now known as shaon|afk08:12
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*** eglynn_ has joined #openstack08:21
*** foexle has joined #openstack08:24
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*** adjohn has quit IRC08:31
oneiroimorning all, with a new setup deinfing a region that's not RegionOne, and post keystone inegration nova can't find it's endpoint, any special config neede don nova?08:35
*** lborda has quit IRC08:37
*** tualatrix has quit IRC08:39
*** lborda has joined #openstack08:39
*** dims has joined #openstack08:39
troyaEKK, i have install all of them on openstack and i can access the dashboard08:40
foexletroya: do you use keystone?08:40
troyai tried to create project, user and then launch instance08:40
troyabut i my instance stop on spawning status08:40
foexletroya: check if your dashboard can connect to the keystone api08:40
troyahow i can check this foexle?08:41
foexletroya: ah i'm sorry "can" :D08:41
troyais log on nova-api ?08:41
foexletroya: in spawning state ? .... check your compute logs. Normally you get an error08:41
*** aossama has quit IRC08:42
*** hattwick has joined #openstack08:42
foexletroya: if you don't see an error check your network logs. My experience shows if the dnsmasq works not correctly, you dont get an error but no ip too. So the instance will not spawn.08:43
troyai think nova-compute running well08:43
foexletroya: don't see a running job command in the logs ?!08:44
troyawhich log ?08:44
foexleyour pasted08:44
*** Heebie has quit IRC08:45
*** steveb___ has quit IRC08:45
troyawait, first time i install nova i got error on creating fixed ip08:46
troyabut after i restart some nova service, now nova-network have status :)08:46
*** thinrhino has joined #openstack08:47
troyabut on nova db, on table fixed_ips i dont get row inside08:48
troyafoexle:is it be cause of the problem ?08:49
*** kpp1 has quit IRC08:49
troyaany idea foexle?08:50
*** Kiall is now known as zz_Kiall08:50
*** Neptu has joined #openstack08:52
*** shaon|afk is now known as shaon08:56
*** zz_Kiall is now known as Kiall08:58
*** ewindisch has quit IRC08:58
*** kyriakos has joined #openstack09:01
foexletroya: yes .... if you dont see any fixed ip's you cant spawn instances .... which network manager you're using ?09:01
foexletroya: so you cant spawn instances if you're using dhcp ;)09:01
troyamy machine connected with dhcp srever, but i setting fixed ip on my openstack out of range from the main dhcp server09:02
*** kpp has joined #openstack09:04
troyamain dhcpsrever have network,  while my fixed range ip s
troyai just execute this to create fixed ip >> nova-manage network create private --fixed_range_v4= --num_networks=1 --bridge=br100 --bridge_interface=br100 --network_size=1609:05
troyai just execute this to create fixed ip >> nova-manage network create private --fixed_range_v4= --num_networks=1 --bridge=br100 --bridge_interface=br100 --network_size=1609:06
troyai just have one network interaface, so i use br100 as bridge_interface09:06
*** bbcmicrocomputer has joined #openstack09:06
*** bbcmicrocomputer has joined #openstack09:06
troyais there a problem with my comand, foexle ?09:07
*** freeflying_ has quit IRC09:09
*** lborda has quit IRC09:09
*** jackh has quit IRC09:10
*** thinrhino has quit IRC09:10
*** thinrhino has joined #openstack09:12
*** julianwa has quit IRC09:17
*** moj0rising has quit IRC09:17
troyathis is log when i try to execute command to create fixed_ip >>
*** Neptu has quit IRC09:22
troyaok, i edited nova.conf and add line  --fixed_range_v= then i executed  sudo nova-manage network create private --num_networks=1 --bridge=br100 --bridge_interface=br100 --network_size=809:25
troyanow on fixed_ips table have filled09:25
*** tryggvil has joined #openstack09:28
*** _3n74_4v1d has joined #openstack09:28
*** Edward_Zhang has quit IRC09:30
foexletroya: troya> my machine connected with dhcp srever, but i setting fixed ip on my openstack out of range from the main dhcp server ..... why?09:30
*** ondergetekende has joined #openstack09:30
foexletroya: so you need an extra routing09:30
troyai think no09:31
troyawait, now i can associate ip address to instance09:31
troyabut state still Networking, and status still "error09:32
foexletroya: what says the logs ?09:33
troyawait, i will remove some log first and doing step by step create project again.log too dirty09:33
*** rubiojr has quit IRC09:34
*** bharata has quit IRC09:35
*** B1ackavar has joined #openstack09:41
*** simon_lucy has joined #openstack09:41
troyafoexle: i got error message like this >>
troyawhy is there eth1 ?09:42
*** Breaking_Pitt has joined #openstack09:43
*** Blackavar has quit IRC09:44
troyaon nova-network also give error message almos same, about eth1 >>
troyabut i never configure eth1 on my nova.conf09:44
*** Blackavar has joined #openstack09:47
*** B1ackavar has quit IRC09:48
*** supriya has quit IRC09:49
*** bharata has joined #openstack09:51
*** mrunge has quit IRC09:51
*** mestery has quit IRC09:52
troyaany suggesstion foexle?09:53
*** mrunge has joined #openstack09:54
williamherrytroya: did you use eth1 when nova-manage network create09:54
troyano, i dont use eth109:55
troyai just executed command >> sudo nova-manage network create private --num_networks=1 --bridge=br100 --bridge_interface=br100 --network_size=809:56
foexletroya: what shows brctl show09:56
troyalike this >>
foexletroya: you dont have mapped an interface to your bridge09:57
foexlewithout a NIC = no communication ;)09:58
troyahow i can fixing this ?09:58
foexleman brctl09:59
troyai just have eth0, can i  configure --flat_interface=eth0 and --public_interface=eth0 ?09:59
*** clopez has joined #openstack10:00
foexletroya: yes10:01
foexletroya: but your configuration in your nova.conf will overritten by the network settings in your database10:01
foexletroya: so you can define for each network how it bind to interfaces or whatever10:02
troyashould i remove all of db then execute nova-manage, then sync db ?10:02
*** anniec has joined #openstack10:02
foexletroya: no no .... you can look into your database .... or you can create a new network with the correct settings10:05
troyaif i change some setting on nova.conf and execute nova-manage network again, is db be update associate nova-manage nework which i executed ?10:06
*** anniec_ has joined #openstack10:07
*** supriya has joined #openstack10:07
*** simon_lucy has quit IRC10:08
*** anniec has quit IRC10:11
*** anniec_ is now known as anniec10:11
uvirtbotNew bug: #1046758 in quantum " is broken due to Nova libvirt driver refactoring" [Undecided,New]
*** kpp has quit IRC10:12
*** dieterdemeyer has quit IRC10:14
*** erikzaadi has joined #openstack10:17
*** steveb___ has joined #openstack10:18
*** CuraHack has joined #openstack10:18
troyai have change  --flat_interface= to eth0, then i execute nova-manage network again, after that.still same error when i launche instance10:18
*** clopez has quit IRC10:22
foexletroya: take a look to your db and select * from networks\G if you're using mysql10:23
foexletroya: is there the correct settings ?10:24
foexlekoolhead17: ping10:24
*** dachary has quit IRC10:27
*** Hikhvar has quit IRC10:28
*** mindpixel has quit IRC10:28
*** kpp has joined #openstack10:28
*** kpp has quit IRC10:28
koolhead17foexle: hello there10:30
koolhead17srry was occupied10:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #1046766 in quantum "Need to provide a formal API for Nova to use to plug/unplug VIFs" [Undecided,New]
foexlekoolhead17: hey :) .... <---- spawned the first instances on lxc ;)10:31
koolhead17foexle: hi5 man10:32
foexlekoolhead17: i'll write now the doc ( i'll try hahahaha)10:33
*** supriya has quit IRC10:33
*** dachary has joined #openstack10:34
koolhead17foexle: super!!10:34
foexlekoolhead17: openstack-manuals right ?10:36
koolhead17foexle: indeed.10:36
koolhead17and at same time you can blog post it too :)10:37
foexlehahaha yeah many to write ;)10:37
koolhead17foexle: you can do it man :)10:38
troyafoexle: i will go out for some minutes, see you later10:41
*** Breaking_Pitt has quit IRC10:43
*** rkukura has quit IRC10:44
*** Breaking_Pitt has joined #openstack10:44
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1046778 in nova "Creating a network with VlanManager fails" [Undecided,New]
*** martine has joined #openstack11:07
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*** martine_ has quit IRC11:20
foexlekoolhead17: could you tell me how i can find a short and quick howto write doc reference ? ... i've readed the readme ... but this are only 2 lines to describe anything ;)11:22
koolhead17Dude write it in  way that a n00b understands it all :)11:23
foexlekoolhead17: thats not the problem ;) .... i need to find how i configure this xml-files to successfully run of maven ;)11:25
foexlekoolhead17: you're right i can write in my blog and anne can assign to the OS doc .... but thats the wrong way i think ;)11:25
koolhead17foexle: you blog about it and at same time will let you know the steps11:26
koolhead17sounds goofd11:26
*** DavidLevin has quit IRC11:28
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*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack12:12
annegentlefoexle: I'm happy to walk you through it too, do you think is not long enough? I can add to it12:12
annegentlefoexle: we can also add to the read me in the repo (you can too)12:13
foexleannegentle: hey :) ahhh thanks .... i'll read it but i think thats ok. I'll write now first my blog article and look at this after my office time ;)12:14
*** adalbas has joined #openstack12:17
*** DavidLevin has joined #openstack12:17
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bluenemoi found a very funny sentence in the ubuntu 12 setup guide: "During creation of Linux images , create a single ext4 partition mounted on a swap partition." ( page 37) what is that supposed to mean? :D12:31
*** roge has joined #openstack12:36
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack12:37
*** samkottler|afk is now known as samkottler12:39
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*** mcolombo has joined #openstack12:42
koolhead17any cinder expert here12:46
*** themadcanudist has joined #openstack12:47
koolhead17i need to know what extra parameters i need to add inside nova.conf12:47
themadcanudistzodiak: you here?12:47
*** Breaking_Pitt has quit IRC12:48
*** andreaf has joined #openstack12:50
*** dims has joined #openstack12:50
*** kbringard has joined #openstack12:51
*** roaet has quit IRC12:51
bluenemoi found that there is no way to force kill running instances.. did i overlook something? like when the machine hangs, one can basicly only force reboot, but not force off (and stay off) via horizon. is that correct?12:51
themadcanudistanyone in the house that has some experience with slogging?12:52
*** KarinLevenstein has joined #openstack12:52
*** littleidea has joined #openstack12:53
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1046837 in keystone "python-keystoneclient doesn't pass on the true ip address of the requester" [Undecided,New]
mtl1Hi. I've followed the hastexo tutorial and have my first node up and running. I'm trying to get a second compute node up and running. I can boot guests on the second node, they get network, but when the guests try to make a connection to they get a connection refused. I've added the iptables line to send that request to my first node. Still, I'm barking up the iptables tree. Anywher13:36
*** galthaus has joined #openstack13:37
*** ayoung has joined #openstack13:38
*** Dr_Who has joined #openstack13:38
*** Dr_Who has quit IRC13:38
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*** mtreinish has joined #openstack13:44
kzooHi, when I am trying to go to the VNC tab in the nova web interface to view my VNC console I get the error "Failed to connect to server (code: 1006)" does anyone have a idea what this means?13:45
mtl1OK, I've found a rule sending that request to the second node and removed that. Now the guests are getting a 404 error when booting.13:45
*** aliguori has quit IRC13:47
*** aliguori has joined #openstack13:47
*** robbiew has joined #openstack13:47
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*** Siliconsoul has quit IRC13:50
GMImtl1: we need more info about your setup; are you using multi-host for the networking, is nova-api-metadata installed and running on the network-node, is port 8875 listening, your nova.conf contents on the compute host13:51
GMImtl1: I meant port 877513:52
kzooyay, got it. I had a public IP in my proxy address so it tried access via an unreachable address13:55
mtl1GMI: I'll pastebin the config in 1 sec.13:55
*** blamar has quit IRC13:58
*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack13:58
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*** blamar has joined #openstack14:01
mtl1GMI: here's nova.conf on the 1st machine:
*** doublerr has joined #openstack14:03
*** darthzen has joined #openstack14:03
*** mattray has joined #openstack14:04
*** voltune has quit IRC14:05
*** jaypipes has quit IRC14:06
*** Dr_Who has joined #openstack14:06
*** Dr_Who has quit IRC14:06
*** Dr_Who has joined #openstack14:06
mtl1For good measure, I just launched another guest on the main node, and it boots fine.14:07
*** edygarcia has joined #openstack14:08
*** HugoAlmeida has joined #openstack14:08
*** vmlinuz has joined #openstack14:09
*** guimaluf has quit IRC14:09
*** erikzaadi has quit IRC14:10
*** erikzaadi has joined #openstack14:11
*** iNdefiNite has joined #openstack14:11
*** mrjazzcat has joined #openstack14:14
*** dspano has joined #openstack14:15
*** brianr has joined #openstack14:16
themadcanudistanyone around who's got some experience with slogging14:16
GMImtl1: can you try to add "--metadata_host=" to the nova.conf on the compute host and restart nova services?14:17
themadcanudistmtl1: you suring me? =D14:18
*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack14:18
themadcanudistoh nevermind14:18
*** desai1 has joined #openstack14:18
*** voltune has joined #openstack14:18
*** huaia has quit IRC14:18
mtl1GMI: yes, sorry, not really used to being in larger channels. ;)14:18
*** natea has joined #openstack14:20
*** livemoon has quit IRC14:20
uvirtbotNew bug: #1046855 in python-quantumclient "router/floating commands do not support resource reference by name" [Undecided,New]
*** ryanpetrello has quit IRC14:21
*** foexle has joined #openstack14:22
mtl1GMI: same 404 error from a guest starting on the second node. :(14:23
*** jaypipes has joined #openstack14:23
foexlekoolhead17: done .... a simple explaination for lxc. If anything missing please tell :)14:23
*** desai1 has quit IRC14:25
koolhead17foexle: url?14:25
foexlei'll updateing these article but it's only for the first implementation14:26
koolhead17foexle: looks awesome. not bad at all :)14:27
*** desai has joined #openstack14:28
foexlekoolhead17: thx but it's only a simple description ;). I'll try to document all errors or "bad" things which i'll find14:28
*** markmcclain1 has joined #openstack14:29
koolhead17foexle: thats very much needed, like we decided FAQ kind things14:29
*** blamar has quit IRC14:29
*** roge has quit IRC14:30
*** markmcclain has quit IRC14:31
GMImtl1: I run vlan mode with multi-host enabled and each of my nova-compute hosts are running the following services: nova-compute, nova-network and nova-api-metadata and my nova.conf on the compute hosts points to their own IPs for "metadata_host"; not having the metadata service functional only prevents the Ubuntu-based instances to obtain the SSH keys, but you can still use cirros or any other image that has hardcoded credentials14:31
*** Guest_ has joined #openstack14:31
*** darthzen has quit IRC14:31
*** Guest_ is now known as roge14:31
*** blamar has joined #openstack14:31
*** thinrhino has joined #openstack14:33
mtl1GMI: The nova-api-metadata… that doesn't sound familiar, at least from the tutorial. Going to doublecheck and install if it's missing. I think I'm only interested in running Ubuntu guests, at least for now.14:33
GMImtl1: try and troubleshoot to see where the problem is: start a cirros instance on the second node, login and do a wget on and see what you get; check iptables rules on the second node to see if it has a DNAT for "      tcp dpt:http to:" and try to also do a "wget" from the compute host14:35
uvirtbotNew bug: #1046862 in keystone "Test failures in py26 environment" [Undecided,New]
*** desai has quit IRC14:35
*** desai has joined #openstack14:36
*** bluenemo has quit IRC14:36
*** s0mik has joined #openstack14:37
*** leetrout has joined #openstack14:37
*** bluenemo has joined #openstack14:38
*** bluenemo has joined #openstack14:38
mtl1GMI: wget pulls a directory listing, which does include the 2009-04-04 the guests are requesting. My iptables rule is forwarding to 8773, not 8775. The openstack doc says 8773… I'll try changing that.14:39
*** martine_ has joined #openstack14:39
*** esheffie1d has quit IRC14:40
*** martine has quit IRC14:41
*** esheffield has quit IRC14:41
*** reed has joined #openstack14:42
*** ondergetekende has quit IRC14:43
*** esheffield has joined #openstack14:43
*** matwood has quit IRC14:44
*** troya has quit IRC14:45
*** GheRivero has joined #openstack14:45
*** matwood has joined #openstack14:45
mtl1GMI: And… now I get error code 500.. I'll try the metadata suggestion.14:45
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack14:46
*** nid0 has quit IRC14:46
uvirtbotNew bug: #1046870 in nova "Tempest showing nova compute failures" [Undecided,New]
*** troya has joined #openstack14:46
*** nid0 has joined #openstack14:46
troyahi all14:47
*** nid0 has quit IRC14:48
*** DavidLevin has joined #openstack14:49
troyaanyone know these error mssage >> libvirtError: Domain not found: no domain with matching name 'instance-00000002 ?14:49
*** jackh has quit IRC14:50
uvirtbotNew bug: #1046871 in keystone "identity-api is missing common/samples/endpoints.xsd and endpoints.json" [Medium,New]
*** dhellmann has joined #openstack14:50
themadcanudistnotmyname: hey, are you around?14:51
*** supriya has joined #openstack14:51
*** bbw725 has joined #openstack14:51
*** s0mik has quit IRC14:52
* koolhead17 hi5`s foexle 14:54
*** GiBa has joined #openstack14:55
*** dachary1 is now known as dachary14:55
*** markmcclain1 has quit IRC14:56
troyahi themadcudist14:59
*** ywu has joined #openstack14:59
themadcanudisthi troya14:59
mtl1GMI: Thank you! Looks like nova-api-metadata was the missing link. ;)14:59
GMImtl1: welcome14:59
troyathemadcudist : do you know about this error message >> libvirtError: Domain not found: no domain with matching name 'instance-00000002 ?14:59
themadcanudistunfortunately, no.15:00
*** whenry has joined #openstack15:00
*** azret has joined #openstack15:00
troyaanyone here know abou tthese error message ?15:00
uvirtbotNew bug: #1046875 in cinder "Traceback in invalid volume create." [Undecided,In progress]
GMItroya: why don't you just delete that instance using "virsh undefine instance-00000002" ?15:01
*** Gordonz has joined #openstack15:01
troyaevery instance which i running error15:01
troyanone instance running succesfully on my openstack15:02
*** nid0 has joined #openstack15:02
*** erikzaadi has quit IRC15:02
*** ywu has quit IRC15:03
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack15:03
*** Gordonz has quit IRC15:05
*** milner has quit IRC15:06
*** eglynn__ has joined #openstack15:07
*** eglynn_ has quit IRC15:07
*** gatuus has joined #openstack15:07
gatuusI was wondering if anyone have a good guide of openstack??15:08
gatuusI've installed everything but... don't know where to start... :s15:08
*** bbw725 has quit IRC15:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #1046884 in keystone "Code duplication between memcached and kvs backends" [Undecided,New]
troyaGMI :could you help me what should i do to solve this ?15:12
*** reidrac has quit IRC15:14
GMItroya: can you paste more lines around that error using pastebin?15:16
*** troya has quit IRC15:16
*** jeroenhn has quit IRC15:16
zodiakgatuus, spin up a machine using horizon15:17
zodiakif you can do that, you are pretty mcuh 'done' :)15:17
zodiak(although I guess when you start making your own vm images for uploading, you are probably more 'done')15:18
*** troya has joined #openstack15:19
gatuuszodiak:  Thank you15:19
themadcanudistzodiak: how goes it? I got a bit further… started adding debug code to the slogging project15:20
themadcanudistzodiak: you have a few minutes?15:20
*** e1mer has quit IRC15:20
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC15:21
zodiakgatuus, nw.. spinning up and closing down vm's is really the "reason d'etre" for openstack. if you can do that, kudos15:21
zodiakthemadcanudist, surely, but I am also at work so.. ;)15:21
*** udac has joined #openstack15:22
themadcanudistah… kk, here's the deal, The proxy code that slogging spins up can successfully create the container via the webob python module… However, when it issues the POST to upload the logs to the container, it fails with a HTTP 400 error (Bad request)15:22
themadcanudistwhy would swift issue a 400?15:22
*** Gordonz has joined #openstack15:22
themadcanudisti also spit out the webob environment and http headers if that might help you answer my query15:23
gatuusall right.. Then I'm gonna try to spin up one vm.. wish me luck.. hehe15:23
zodiakthemadcanudist, is the swift configured to have the SAME auth token as your slogging conf ?15:24
*** AlanClark has joined #openstack15:24
zodiakgatuus, you should be jst fine15:24
*** lloydde has joined #openstack15:24
*** stanzgy has quit IRC15:24
themadcanudistit must be, since it creates the container within the upload_log function before it tries to upload the file.15:24
zodiak400 is a bad request .. usually dealing with auth15:24
*** tryggvil_ has quit IRC15:25
*** tryggvil has joined #openstack15:25
zodiakcan you store other items on your swift store ? have you tried using the swift commandline ?15:25
themadcanudistI have15:25
themadcanudistlemme double check.15:25
*** aspiers has quit IRC15:25
*** Gordonz has quit IRC15:26
themadcanudistyep, I just stored a file under the container that the logprocessor uses (AND created)15:26
themadcanudistvia swift commandline15:26
*** Gordonz has joined #openstack15:26
zodiakthemadcanudist, this is from the different node .. right ?15:27
zodiakyou aren't verifying swift by using the commandline FROM the swift machine itself ?15:27
themadcanudistit's on the proxy node15:27
*** Gordonz has quit IRC15:27
themadcanudisteverything I'm doing is on the proxy node15:27
*** guigui_xxx has quit IRC15:27
*** jobicoppola has joined #openstack15:28
zodiakalrighty, then assuming you have the same details on the proxy, no idea15:28
themadcanudistyeah, thought so =D15:28
themadcanudistthis one is an interesting one.15:28
zodiak*shrugs* that's why you are getting paid for it, and I am not15:28
troyahi zodiak15:28
zodiakhey troya15:28
*** aspiers has joined #openstack15:29
*** cgrage has joined #openstack15:30
troyazodiak, i have installed openstack this morning, but when i try to launch instance, it always stop on sceduling task15:30
*** thinrhino has quit IRC15:30
troyawhen i check on nova-compute.log i got error message like >> libvirtError: Domain not found: no domain with matching name 'instance-00000002'15:30
troyawhat is that error ?15:30
*** Gordonz has joined #openstack15:31
zodiakthis isn't using xen .. right ?15:31
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack15:32
troyano,my libvirt_type using kvm on nova.conf15:32
*** thinrhino has joined #openstack15:32
kzoois there a document on how to extend the size of the nova-volumes volume group? i guess 20g was a bit too small and i need quite a bit more room for growth now15:33
zodiakhave  you looked into the logfiles for kvm/emu ? should be under /var/log/libvirt .. I think15:33
*** aliguori has quit IRC15:33
*** derekh has quit IRC15:33
zodiakkzoo, doesn't a vgextend jst work ?15:34
*** tryggvil_ has joined #openstack15:34
troyai doubt with libvirt.log, because the last read log about 3 hours ago15:34
troyathis is on libvirt.log error : virNetSocketReadWire:996 : End of file while reading data: Input/output error15:35
troyabut it write about 3 hours ago15:35
*** magg has joined #openstack15:35
GMIkzoo: actually, this doc is more appropriate:
*** davepigott has quit IRC15:38
zodiaktroya, well, from the sounds of it, it's the same as this bug here;
zodiakand I dare say ~that~ bug is because libvirt does not have write permissions on the directory15:40
*** kallisti5 has quit IRC15:40
zodiakwhich is why that person is having to do the changes libvirt is doing by hand15:40
*** eglynn__ has quit IRC15:40
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack15:40
*** eglynn__ has joined #openstack15:40
*** Blackavar has quit IRC15:41
troyazodiak: where is instance dir ? where is that xml file ?15:42
*** a_ has quit IRC15:43
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack15:43
*** dwcramer has quit IRC15:44
*** nightcrawler786 has joined #openstack15:44
zodiaktroya, no idea.. but you use the virsh command to edit it by hand15:44
*** mcolombo has quit IRC15:44
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC15:44
zodiakdon't fire up vim15:44
*** MarcMorata has quit IRC15:46
*** thinrhino has quit IRC15:46
*** Slower is now known as Faster15:46
*** rnorwood has quit IRC15:47
*** DavidLevin has quit IRC15:48
*** jaypipes has quit IRC15:49
*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack15:50
*** julianwa has quit IRC15:53
*** adjohn has joined #openstack15:54
*** natea has quit IRC15:55
*** Math___ has quit IRC15:56
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack15:56
*** stimble has joined #openstack15:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #1046904 in quantum "Exception remote RPC Callback causes DHCP agent to terminate" [Undecided,New]
*** Faster is now known as Slower15:56
troyai can get anything on virsht list command15:56
troyavirsh list15:57
*** marrusl has quit IRC15:58
*** rnorwood1 has quit IRC15:59
*** marrusl has joined #openstack15:59
*** GiBa has left #openstack16:00
*** gyee has joined #openstack16:01
*** a has joined #openstack16:01
*** a is now known as Guest6516316:01
*** doublerr_ has joined #openstack16:01
foexletroya: instance dir /var/lib/nova/instaces/16:01
*** HugoAlmeida has quit IRC16:02
*** sniperd has joined #openstack16:03
*** dhellmann has quit IRC16:03
*** shanlar has quit IRC16:03
*** markmcclain has quit IRC16:04
*** shanlar has joined #openstack16:04
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack16:04
*** foexle has quit IRC16:05
*** doublerr has quit IRC16:05
*** doublerr_ has quit IRC16:05
*** troya has quit IRC16:05
*** doublerr has joined #openstack16:06
*** thinrhino has joined #openstack16:06
*** troya has joined #openstack16:07
*** aliguori has joined #openstack16:08
kzoowhat is the "nova-volumes.img" used for if instances are stored in /var/lib/nova/instances ?16:08
troyafoexle: i can't find anyfile inside this folder16:08
*** mmalesky has quit IRC16:08
*** edygarcia has quit IRC16:09
troyai think because i haven't launch instance succesfully16:09
*** rnorwood has quit IRC16:09
*** blamar has quit IRC16:09
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack16:09
*** garyk has quit IRC16:11
*** hemna has joined #openstack16:11
*** rnorwood has quit IRC16:13
*** dachary has quit IRC16:13
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack16:14
uvirtbotNew bug: #1046915 in horizon "nova api paginating but dashboard is not" [Undecided,New]
*** aclark_ has joined #openstack16:16
*** AlanClark has quit IRC16:17
*** sudorandom has joined #openstack16:17
*** nirik has left #openstack16:17
*** aclark_ is now known as AlanClark16:19
*** adjohn has quit IRC16:21
*** stimble has quit IRC16:22
*** s0mik has joined #openstack16:23
*** ieugen has joined #openstack16:24
*** tryggvil has quit IRC16:25
troyaany other suggestion  ?16:25
*** eglynn__ has quit IRC16:26
*** stimble has joined #openstack16:26
*** tryggvil__ has joined #openstack16:26
*** reed has quit IRC16:27
*** ieugen has left #openstack16:29
*** edygarcia has joined #openstack16:29
*** Math___ has joined #openstack16:29
*** warik has joined #openstack16:30
*** rnorwood has quit IRC16:31
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack16:32
notmynamethemadcanudist: re your 4xx errors. please give me all the info you can (in a pastebin). what you're seeing, where you put the debug lines, configs, etc.16:33
*** udac has quit IRC16:33
themadcanudistok, one sec.16:33
*** torandu has joined #openstack16:34
themadcanudistI'm looking at the BaseApplication class in the swift.proxy.server module16:34
*** AlanClark has quit IRC16:35
*** AlanClark has joined #openstack16:35
*** colinmcnamara has joined #openstack16:35
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack16:35
*** osier has quit IRC16:36
*** colinmcnamara has quit IRC16:36
*** dachary has joined #openstack16:38
*** colinmcnamara has joined #openstack16:39
*** aclark_ has joined #openstack16:39
*** Siliconsoul has joined #openstack16:40
*** fikus-kukis^TP has quit IRC16:40
*** fikus-kukis^TP has joined #openstack16:40
*** GiBa has joined #openstack16:40
*** AlanClark has quit IRC16:40
themadcanudistnotmyname: Hmm, perhaps this is buried somewhere else, but this condition when calling handle_request is the only one that sets the response to BadRequest…             if req.content_length and req.content_length < 0:16:40
themadcanudist                return HTTPBadRequest(request=req,16:40
themadcanudist                                      body='Invalid Content-Length')16:40
*** aclark_ is now known as AlanClark16:41
*** _3n74_4v1d has quit IRC16:41
*** GiBa has left #openstack16:41
*** johnpur has joined #openstack16:41
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v johnpur16:41
*** johnpur has quit IRC16:42
mtl1Swift question… Is it a bad idea to have the cloud controller also running as the swift proxy?16:42
*** johnpur has joined #openstack16:42
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v johnpur16:42
*** johnpur has quit IRC16:42
*** johnpur has joined #openstack16:43
*** mmalesky has joined #openstack16:43
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v johnpur16:43
*** johnpur has quit IRC16:44
*** johnpur has joined #openstack16:44
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v johnpur16:44
themadcanudistthat's it… the debug output says: Invalid Content-Length (txn: txb682355fdd9143eaaaf139997759578c)16:44
*** qpike has joined #openstack16:44
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack16:44
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC16:45
themadcanudistnotmyname: because of this line:         req.content_length = None   # to make sure we send chunked data16:45
themadcanudistthat's in /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/slogging-1.1.8-py2.6.egg/slogging/internal_proxy.py16:46
themadcanudistbtw: I'm using swift 1.4.816:46
notmynamethemadcanudist: what version of webob?16:46
notmynamethemadcanudist: I seem to remember something about webob breaking that16:46
*** jaypipes has joined #openstack16:47
themadcanudistthere is a newer one16:47
themadcanudisti can try that. one sec16:47
*** Essential has joined #openstack16:47
*** aclark_ has joined #openstack16:47
*** AlanClark has quit IRC16:47
*** troya has quit IRC16:48
*** rnorwood has quit IRC16:48
themadcanudistdammi! That fixed it!16:48
themadcanudistnice, thanks!16:48
*** kindaopsdevy has joined #openstack16:48
*** kindaopsdevy has left #openstack16:48
notmynameah cool16:49
notmynamethemadcanudist: what version did you upgrade to?16:49
qpikeAnyone have any advice on how to monitor the VMs (cpu, men, etc) ?16:51
*** pweiss_ has joined #openstack16:51
*** dwcramer has quit IRC16:51
*** sudorandom has quit IRC16:52
*** Blackavar has joined #openstack16:53
*** tryggvil___ has joined #openstack16:53
*** tryggvil__ has quit IRC16:54
*** fgth has joined #openstack16:54
fgthHi all16:55
*** samkottler is now known as samkottler|lunch16:55
themadcanudistnotmyname: i hope everything goes smoothly from here.16:55
*** comptona has joined #openstack16:56
*** nightcrawler786 has quit IRC16:57
*** rnorwood1 has quit IRC16:57
*** gyee has quit IRC16:57
fgthhave some issue with live block migration on test boxes, I want it to work before testing migration on shared volumes with glusterfs, but libvirt makes me crazy :/16:57
*** Math___ has quit IRC16:57
*** Math___ has joined #openstack16:58
fgthI add " -l " option in libvirt conf files, so it is listening now on port 1650916:58
themadcanudistnotmyname: thank you for all the time you spent16:59
notmynamethemadcanudist: you're welcome. that's why I'm here16:59
fgthbut when I try a migration I have this error :16:59
*** epim has joined #openstack16:59
fgthLive Migration failure: operation failed: Failed to connect to remote libvirt URI qemu+tcp://compute1/system16:59
*** blamar has joined #openstack16:59
fgthany idea ?17:00
*** blamar_ has joined #openstack17:01
*** gyee has joined #openstack17:02
*** aclark_ has quit IRC17:02
*** aclark_ has joined #openstack17:02
*** clopez has joined #openstack17:03
*** nightcrawler786 has joined #openstack17:03
*** samkottler|lunch is now known as samkottler17:04
*** udac has joined #openstack17:04
*** blamar has quit IRC17:04
*** blamar_ is now known as blamar17:04
*** littleidea has quit IRC17:05
*** littleidea has joined #openstack17:06
*** aclark_ has quit IRC17:06
*** garyk has joined #openstack17:08
*** ayoung has quit IRC17:12
themadcanudistnotmyname: no such luck for me…  so now
themadcanudistI wodner if this is also related to webob?17:12
*** clopez has quit IRC17:14
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack17:14
*** clopez has joined #openstack17:14
notmynamethemadcanudist: how difficult would it be to use webob 1.0.8?17:15
notmynameor webob 1.117:15
*** anniec has quit IRC17:15
themadcanudistnot difficult17:15
themadcanudistlemme downgrade17:15
themadcanudistwhich one?17:15
themadcanudistwhich one works for sure?17:15
*** jdurgin has joined #openstack17:16
notmyname1.0.8 for sure. I'm 99% sure 1.1 works too17:16
*** kyriakos has quit IRC17:17
notmynamethemadcanudist: webob versions have been a source of great frustration. hence patches like this one
themadcanudisti already feel like choking webob17:18
themadcanudistconsidering i wasted so much time debugging this17:18
themadcanudistTHat worked, lol17:18
*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack17:19
*** primozf has quit IRC17:19
*** tryggvil___ has quit IRC17:19
*** nati_uen_ has joined #openstack17:19
*** adjohn has joined #openstack17:19
notmynamezodiak: awesome, thanks17:20
zodiakthemadcanudist, it was all about webob being out of date ?! f-m-l17:20
*** adjohn has quit IRC17:20
zodiaknotmyname, no worries :)17:20
zodiakI had a few spare moments and figured it would be good to mention on the 2pm scrum call ;)17:20
*** adjohn has joined #openstack17:21
uvirtbotNew bug: #1046905 in keystone "Memcached Token Backend does not support list tokens" [Undecided,New]
*** thinrhino has quit IRC17:21
*** darraghb has quit IRC17:21
*** tryggvil__ has joined #openstack17:22
zodiakduh.. one sec17:22
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC17:23
zodiakraise not return .. cause then the nosetests -v explains why it was skipped, rather than jst saying 'ok'17:24
*** kuduk has quit IRC17:25
*** clopez has quit IRC17:25
*** clopez has joined #openstack17:26
notmynamezodiak: thanks. seems that the recent change to the proxy server breaks slogging. I'll have to use an older version of swift to test your patch. but since I'm in the middle of a swift patch right now, I'll get to it later (your patch shouldn't worry about the proxy changes)17:26
zodiakouch.. wait.. proxy server breaks slogging ? ooer17:26
zodiakanything I can do to help ?17:26
*** clopez has quit IRC17:27
themadcanudistzodiak: TOTALLY!17:27
themadcanudistzodiak: i can't believe webob17:28
*** clopez has joined #openstack17:28
zodiakwell. now.. webob is doing a fair chunk of work you know17:28
themadcanudisthah, i know17:28
zodiakbut.. yeah.. the amount of times I have cursed something wsgi is.. rather large ;)17:28
themadcanudistbut really, maintain some backwards compatible17:28
zodiakwell.. any 1.x release SHOULD do that.. pre 1.x .. wel17:29
*** clopez has quit IRC17:29
*** clopez has joined #openstack17:30
*** ayoung has joined #openstack17:30
*** freeflying has quit IRC17:33
*** jplewi has joined #openstack17:34
Essentialhello all17:35
themadcanudistzodiak & notmyname: These csv files are sexy! Finally!!!17:35
zodiakgood show17:35
*** freeflying has joined #openstack17:35
*** sudorandom has joined #openstack17:36
Essentiali want open 80 port for dashboard at which chain i must add rule for this?17:38
*** ben_duyujie has joined #openstack17:38
yocumvishy: multi_host question for you.17:38
*** arosen has quit IRC17:38
yocumvishy: in the networks table, does a value of "1" on a network mean it's enabled?17:38
yocumfor that particular network...17:38
vishyycoum: yues17:38
vishyyocum: yes that is17:39
*** dpippenger has joined #openstack17:41
yocumvishy: so, I'm trying to set up the network so that each compute node does the gateway/dhcp stuff for the VMs they host, but when network is started, one of the compute nodes tries to grab an IP for it's bridge that's already allocated on another compute node.17:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #1046952 in quantum "ipv6 cider can be set even if ip_version=4 set" [Undecided,New]
*** metral has joined #openstack17:41
yocumvishy: I hope I said that right.  :-)17:41
yocumvishy: I'm sure I've configured something wrong, somewhere...17:42
*** metral has quit IRC17:43
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themadcanudistzodiak/notmyname: you guys here?18:50
themadcanudistquestion about stats and container-stats18:50
*** changlp has quit IRC18:50
themadcanudistwhat stats are available through account / container dbs stats (on storage nodes) that aren't available via access logs/stats?18:51
*** mrunge has quit IRC18:52
themadcanudistand are these the only two cron entries to be put on storage nodes to upload that info:10 * * * * swift /usr/bin/swift-log-uploader /etc/swift/log-processor.conf stats18:52
themadcanudist15 * * * * swift /usr/bin/swift-log-uploader /etc/swift/log-processor.conf container-stats18:52
notmynamethemadcanudist: number of container+objects, total bytes used in the account+container18:52
*** changlp has joined #openstack18:52
notmynamethemadcanudist: ya, those crons should be fine for uploading the data. you probably want crons to generate the data too (ie run swift-account-stats-logger and swift-container-stats-logger)18:53
themadcanudistthose will generate the logs18:54
*** reed_ is now known as reed18:54
themadcanudistand then the uploader will upload them to the cluster18:54
*** simon_lucy has joined #openstack18:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #1046985 in cinder "iscsi volume creation fails (--conf file is not being specified)" [Undecided,In progress]
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Essentialguys i have error at dashboard An unexpected error occurred while processing your request. Please try your request again.19:06
Essentialwhere i must start to troubleshoot this? i checked api log and apache log19:06
*** lazyshot has quit IRC19:08
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themadcanudistnotmyname: what's the "processable = false" option for in the container section19:15
notmynamethemadcanudist: if false, that plugin won't be used for the log-stats-collector output19:15
notmynamethemadcanudist: the only reason it's set to false for the container stats logs is for historical reasons, not technical19:16
themadcanudistshould i comment it out?19:16
themadcanudistthe sample has it set.19:16
notmynamecontainer stats logs processing was added after the other, so keeping it as false wouldn't affect the csv output over time19:16
themadcanudisti'll leave it then19:17
notmynameyou shoudl probably set it to true19:17
themadcanudisti see19:17
themadcanudistthe example has it set to false… just wondering if that should be changed in git?19:17
*** adalbas has quit IRC19:17
notmynameit needs a comment, but the default probably shouldn't change (you don't want someone to upgrade and then the csv format suddenly changes. it could break their whole data flow for usage info)19:18
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yocumis there a way to force the deletion of an instance?20:13
yocumthe VM is gone, but the entry is still in the instances table...20:13
yocumand nova list shows that the VM is in the shutoff state.20:13
yocumwhy is this so hard for IaaSs?  OpenNebula had (has?) the same problem...20:14
koapsyou can just remove it from the database directly if there's nothing on the file systems20:14
koapsI had to do that for a few failed startups while testing my install20:15
koapsthough I would make a db dump first20:15
*** metral has joined #openstack20:15
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koapsare there any docs for getting openstack to use XCP templates or kickstarts20:16
*** shaon has quit IRC20:16
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1047024 in devstack "Quantum exercise script uses public cidr blocks" [Undecided,New]
zach_mtuAnyone here install Rackspace Alamo yet?20:21
*** a is now known as Guest7559120:21
koapslooks nice, too bad it's ubuntu20:23
*** jobicoppola has quit IRC20:24
zach_mtukoaps: I've tried to install multiple time on my cluster at home and always hang at "running preseed..."20:24
kzoohas anyone run into problems with openstack and really slow vm's?20:25
kzoothere is no load on this system and its crawling20:25
zach_mtukoaps: Do you know of any key combo to get a verbose mode or printout of where it's hanging?20:25
uvirtbotNew bug: #1047029 in nova "Unit tests leave a folder behind:   nova/tests/nova.compute.manager/" [Undecided,In progress]
koapsI usually turn verbose on in the nova log and check nova-api and nova-compute20:26
*** s0mik has joined #openstack20:26
koapserr nova.conf that is20:26
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1047036 in nova "Document does not describe operators for compute capability filter and aggregate filter" [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1047039 in devstack "Quantum exercise script invokes novaclient with incorrect option" [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1047047 in quantum "Use webob 1.0.8 for compliance with other openstack projects" [High,Fix committed]
*** senilegenius has joined #openstack21:08
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zodiakwhy (perhaps stupid question) was Quantum require bumped to needing webob 1.2 ?21:10
*** senilegenius_ has joined #openstack21:10
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clarkbzodiak: quantum commit 9895ac62c is when the change was made (looks like it was reverted today)21:16
clarkbzodiak: and is the bug references21:17
*** senilegenius has quit IRC21:18
zodiakyes.. I was wondering though, why was it even bumped 'up'21:18
*** clopez has joined #openstack21:18
zodiaknothing bad.. jst.. wondering :D21:18
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WormManahh, openstack, where if it doesn't work you can always fix it yourself21:34
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WormMan(convinced Cold Migration to work in essex... with a network that went 'ping')21:44
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pjhhi all,23:39
pjhI have a question you guys, Do you know about Gigaspace's PaaS on OpenStack?23:39
*** desai has quit IRC23:40
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kzoohow do I get a VM booted that is sitting in the "Shutoff" power state?23:46
*** epim has quit IRC23:46
*** s0mik has quit IRC23:47
*** belliott has quit IRC23:47
rmkkzoo: Let me guess -- You were taking a snapshot and it went into that state and now you cannot reboot it?23:48
rmkkzoo: Otherwise just issuing a reboot should work.23:49
*** magg has joined #openstack23:49
kzoothat worked ;)23:49
*** clopez has quit IRC23:50
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contextinstalling rackspace private cloud right now23:54
contextpretty nifty installer23:54
*** k0rupted has joined #openstack23:54
*** stewart_ has quit IRC23:55
contextim just hoping however it handles nova-volume is simple enough to take up all the disks i have23:55
contextor... smart enough23:56
contextand hoping it does the S3 stuff23:57
*** BLZbubba has quit IRC23:57
kzoohmm, my instances keep booting up with the qemu flag, -no-kvm, but the logs have no indication why its using qemu emulation only. my /etc/nova/nova.conf specifies libvirt_type = kvm, and the /dev/kvm char-device is readable/writable23:58

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