Tuesday, 2012-11-06

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silehtHi, all07:16
silehtI setup a swift cluster, and I run out of ports on the storage nodes (I have already tune conntrack, disable TIME_WAIT and syncookie), someone have a idea of why ?07:18
silehtthe number of open port is related to the number of hard disk I guest ?07:19
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silehtAre they something else I can tune to reduce the number of open port ?07:21
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prometheanfireCardoe: oh, you are in here too07:23
CardoeSo I am07:24
prometheanfireand Cardoe_ is too07:24
CardoeSo he is… arch-nemesis...07:24
prometheanfireevil twin07:24
prometheanfireor maybe the good one07:24
CardoeWe'll never know07:24
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xiaohi, I'm a newbie openstack developer.07:26
xiaoI wonder why I can't poweron/poweroff instance from horizon.07:26
xiaoIs there any technology limits to poweron/poweroff?07:26
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xiaoI've seen some api related to poweron/poweroff instance but they are not consistent cross horizon/nova/python-novaclient project07:27
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xiaoI also found this: http://wiki.openstack.org/VMPowerOnOff07:27
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prometheanfireI would think horizon would only be for handling the images, not for instance management (poweron/off), that should be nova07:28
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xiaobut horizon does provide functions like reboot/pause/terminate07:30
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* prometheanfire is just not familiar enough with it then07:30
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xiaohaha, maybe07:30
xiaoI've create some patch related to poweron/poweroff in horizon/python-novaclient07:31
CardoeBasically you found the feature request page07:31
Cardoeand the rough design07:31
CardoeSo I would work on making sure your patch matches the design07:31
Cardoeand submit it via gerrit07:31
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xiaothx a  lot for your suggestion07:35
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kieppie1hi everyone08:37
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kieppie1I'm starting to get bak up again08:38
kieppie1I keep getting tripped up with this error: 2012-11-06 21:35:56 DEBUG nova.utils [req-6f48383c-d340-49d0-860e-cb92290f3f33 None None] backend <module 'nova.db.sqlalchemy.api' from '/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova/db/sqlalchemy/api.pyc'> from (pid=10312) __get_backend /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova/utils.py:49408:38
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kieppie1Not sure if it's an auth issue, or something else08:38
kieppie1how can I debug? I'l looking at the nova logs, but just seeing the same issue crop up in it08:39
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silehtAny idea for my issue with swift08:40
kieppie1sileht - sorry. no idea myself. I'm new here08:40
uvirtbot`New bug: #1075463 in ceilometer "ceilometer-acompute, ceilometer-acentral and ceilometer-collector fail to start with no attribute  found" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107546308:41
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kieppie1ok - think I may have something. a bit of googling showed me this: `nova --debug list` (provided new keyring) & then I get a "ConnectionRefused: ConnectionRefused: '[Errno 111] Connection refused'"08:49
kieppie1looks like auth08:49
kieppie1what is failing to authenticate & how can I address it, please?08:49
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kieppie1I think during my installation or troubleshooting process I could've borked some auth. the `nova —debug list` is not telling me *which* auth is failing where08:58
kieppie1how can I troubleshoot?08:58
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AyderIs there a option for deploying devstack into a virtualenv?09:12
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xiaowhat's the difference between two instance states: SHUTOFF and SHUTDOWN?09:24
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balboahhow can I change the domain or add a domain to search that is returned by nova dhcp server?09:30
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daddyhi gus09:45
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daddysomeone use nova with XCP?09:46
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rushiagri deployed openstack using devstack, but for some reason it is not allowing me to authenticate, and gave a 401 error when i was trying to create a volume10:25
rushiagrthe error i found in the log was: WARNING keystone.middleware.auth_token [-] Authorization failed for token10:26
rushiagris this because of something i did incorrectly, or can there be any problem in the openstack/devstack?10:26
rushiagrbecause i've unstacked and stacked it twice, but noticed the same error10:27
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balboahcan you have volume snapshots visibile across all Tenantes/projects in horizon?10:53
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uvirtbot`New bug: #1075499 in cinder "Unable to Create volume  (Iscsi create target failed)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107549910:56
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uvirtbot`New bug: #1075505 in nova "noVNC service fails to start" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107550511:16
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koolhead17ttx: around11:35
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uvirtbot`New bug: #1075515 in openstack-manuals "Missing note about mysql setting for glance-api.conf" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107551511:41
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kskhey guys12:44
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kskwhat components of openstack do i need for a somehow working virtualisation setup? compute, networking and storage?12:44
kskshould it work just installing one component on a VPS and use them together instead of buying one big dedicated server to host some VMs?12:45
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Slid3r_Di don't really anderstand your problem !! you can install all component on only one server !12:49
Slid3r_Dnova for compute12:49
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Slid3r_Dswift for storage12:49
Slid3r_Dquantum for nertworking12:50
kskbut that does not make too much sense to me12:50
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uvirtbot`New bug: #1075536 in oslo "Add backwards compat support for rabbit_notifier configuration" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107553612:50
ksksince its some kind of "cloud" it should be distributed12:50
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Slid3r_Dhave other component to make other stuff !12:51
kskIm using openvz atm to host about ten containers, just thinking about switching to openstack12:51
kskguess it will be cooler if i can play with different nodes just wondering if a "VPS" would allow running all needed services12:51
Slid3r_Dall component help you to make scalable you virtualization hyp12:51
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Slid3r_Don vps you just need compute services !12:52
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NuxRoksk: it can be done, and you can use qemu instead of kvm, performance will suck, but for testing is enough12:53
Slid3r_Dwhy you don't use kvm ?12:53
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ksksince i could not afford lets say 4 machines on real hardware12:55
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NuxRoksk: you need to do smth like:   openstack-config --set /etc/nova/nova.conf DEFAULT libvirt_type qemu12:56
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NuxRoksk: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Getting_started_with_OpenStack_EPEL this should allow you to deploy on a VM12:58
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foexleheyho guys .... i've a stange issue in nova folsom .... i'm testing and i'm terminating instances .... buw now i've reached the quota limit without running one insance °°13:04
foexleI've looked in the nova db .... no instances are on deleted=0 state buw quotas has reached the cap13:05
uvirtbot`New bug: #1075541 in quantum "quantum command fails with Unauthorized 401 when keystone token_format is PKI" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107554113:06
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kskNuxRo taihen13:16
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kskNuxRo thanks13:16
ksksry for hl tai-hen13:16
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silehtthere are a limitation for the number of disk on a storage node in swift ?13:34
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melmothsileht, i think there are a maximum limit of disk for the whole cluster13:35
melmothwhen you build your ring, the factor of 2 thingy is related to this max number of disk.13:35
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silehtmelmoth, for the whole cluster I agree I need to choose a good value for the part_power13:39
*** dims has joined #openstack13:39
silehtbut I tries to know how many disk I can put in a storage node13:39
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uvirtbot`New bug: #1075556 in nova "Snapshot instance failure on libvirt" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107555613:41
silehtmelmoth, I have remark that each time I add a device to  the ring, I increase the number of TIME_WAIT connection on the storage node13:42
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aboudreaultHi ppl!13:45
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aboudreaultMy dedicated servers are currently in ubuntu 8.04 and I need to upgrade them soon. Currently it's only 4 servers on ubuntu server with OpenVZ. Is OpenStack a good option to replace this? or it's kind of different13:47
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melmothaboudreault, if you do not need to install , uninstall, and redeploy machine regularly, you will probably not benefit from openstack13:49
melmothi mean if all you need is 4 machines that are always up, a simple hypervisor (or 4 bare metal boxes) will do the trick13:49
aboudreaultI have around 25 virtual machines in those 4 physicals. I do need to create new ones some time and sometime I migrate them13:50
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melmothi havent played yet with live migration. I have heard it works (if you have a stare storage to host your vm / on that all compute nodes can access)13:51
melmothbut i dont know more :13:51
aboudreaultIs OpenStack complicated to setup/try ?13:52
aboudreaultdoes it need special knowledge (for a normal linux sysadmin)13:52
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melmothit s not trivial, because it keeps moving. most important skills to have are networking and a bit of virtualisation.13:53
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melmothaboudreault, people who just wanna try tend to give devstack a look13:53
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aboudreaultmelmoth, thanks a lot for your answer. I'm going to take a look at this13:54
uvirtbot`New bug: #1075560 in openstack-manuals "grizzly: Support for associate/dissociate host and project from network" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107556013:56
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aboudreaultDoes OpenStack support LXC ?14:38
balboahI read somewhere that it should, never tried14:39
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balboahI think it's mainly for dev environemnt?14:39
ThiagoCMChttp://wiki.openstack.org/LXC <- yes...  :-P14:40
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aboudreaultbalboah, wouldn't say that. it's a replacement for openvz.14:42
balboahI mean in the aspect of what the support goal for it in openstack is. But I have no idea really14:43
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aboudreaultbalboah, ha. maybe yea.14:43
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*** drfreeman`Googli is now known as snowboarder04`Br14:49
*** snowboarder04`Br is now known as snowboarder0414:50
UICTamaleAnyone here willing to help me repair my totally botched upgrade from essex to folsom? Sounds like fun, right!? :D14:53
*** Mops_ has joined #openstack14:54
*** alunduil has joined #openstack14:55
*** jcru has joined #openstack14:56
*** mohits has joined #openstack14:56
uvirtbot`New bug: #1075575 in nova "nova host-list cann't return result in xml form" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107557514:56
*** Cardoe has quit IRC14:57
*** dwcramer has quit IRC14:57
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*** dneary has joined #openstack14:58
*** jmlowe has joined #openstack14:58
*** alunduil has joined #openstack14:59
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*** foexle_ has joined #openstack14:59
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*** mohits has joined #openstack15:01
*** primeministerp has joined #openstack15:02
*** swygue has joined #openstack15:04
*** sam_one has joined #openstack15:04
*** Gordonz has joined #openstack15:04
uvirtbot`New bug: #1075580 in glance "Glance image-delete HTTPInternalServerError HTTP 500" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107558015:06
*** melmoth has joined #openstack15:06
*** john5223 has joined #openstack15:06
*** Gordonz has quit IRC15:09
*** Hikhvar has quit IRC15:10
*** Gordonz has joined #openstack15:10
jmloweI'm having trouble creating images, I get "Error communicating with /v1/images: [Errno 32] Broken pipe" any hints?15:10
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack15:11
*** Uzix has quit IRC15:12
*** childsb has joined #openstack15:12
*** Mops_ has quit IRC15:14
*** avtar has joined #openstack15:14
EmilienMjmlowe: glance api & registry logs ?15:14
*** dolphm has joined #openstack15:16
*** crandquist has quit IRC15:16
*** kobier has joined #openstack15:16
jmloweEmilienM: http://pastebin.com/FUxR1MSH15:16
*** swygue has quit IRC15:16
*** dolphm has quit IRC15:16
*** swygue has joined #openstack15:17
*** Uzix has joined #openstack15:17
*** dolphm has joined #openstack15:20
*** cp16net is now known as cp16net|away15:20
*** cp16net|away is now known as cp16net15:20
EmilienMjmlowe : nothing's wrong ?!15:20
*** Chown67 has quit IRC15:21
EmilienMcan you provide both, separated, and during creating image ?15:22
EmilienMjmlowe: ^15:22
*** CuraHack has quit IRC15:23
*** CuraHack1 has joined #openstack15:24
jmloweEmilienM: registry only has Successfully created image None15:26
jmlowethe rest is api during image creation15:26
*** osier has quit IRC15:27
jmlowe'glance -d -v image-create  --name=gw69 --is-public=true --container-format=ovf --disk-format=raw --file <path/to/block/dev>'15:28
*** Tross has quit IRC15:29
*** cp16net is now known as cp16net|away15:30
*** cp16net|away is now known as cp16net15:30
*** Chown67 has joined #openstack15:30
*** netzmonster has quit IRC15:31
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*** vinsh_ has joined #openstack15:31
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*** desai has joined #openstack15:34
*** kbringard has joined #openstack15:34
*** Chown67 has joined #openstack15:34
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*** eu has joined #openstack15:41
*** rustam has joined #openstack15:41
*** ppradhan has joined #openstack15:41
*** dneary has quit IRC15:41
*** scalability-junk has joined #openstack15:44
*** pnavarro has quit IRC15:44
*** atrius_away is now known as atrius15:45
zynzel_mysql> select sum(vcpus),count(id) from instances where deleted=0;15:46
zynzel_| sum(vcpus) | count(id) |15:46
zynzel_|       1328 |       507 |15:46
*** rustam has quit IRC15:46
jmloweEmilienM: see anything?15:46
uvirtbot`New bug: #1075595 in moniker "moniker cli, when upgrading via sqlalchemy migrate, does not raise an error upon config file not existing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107559515:46
EmilienMjmlowe: no.15:46
*** zynzel_ is now known as zynzel15:49
*** todin has joined #openstack15:49
*** atrius has quit IRC15:51
*** sudorandom has joined #openstack15:52
*** Chown67 has quit IRC15:53
*** colinmcnamara has joined #openstack15:53
*** sayan has quit IRC15:54
*** arata has joined #openstack15:56
*** rafiu1 has joined #openstack15:56
*** rafiu has quit IRC15:56
*** colinmcnamara has quit IRC15:57
*** atrius has joined #openstack15:58
bgmccollumis there something similar to nova-manage config list for quantum? I'm trying to see what the default for allow_overlapping_ips is.15:58
*** cwelle has quit IRC15:59
*** datsun180b has joined #openstack15:59
*** markwash has joined #openstack16:00
uvirtbot`New bug: #1075602 in openstack-manuals "OpenStack Compute Administration Manual: missing qemu configuration for migration " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107560216:01
*** Glace_ has quit IRC16:03
*** verdurin has joined #openstack16:03
bgmccollumok, appears to be false.16:04
*** sacharya has joined #openstack16:04
*** joern_ has joined #openstack16:04
*** luis_ has joined #openstack16:05
*** maurosr has quit IRC16:05
*** number80 has quit IRC16:05
*** number80 has joined #openstack16:05
joern_hi all. I'm currently writing a project paper about OpenStack and have a question about terminology. Do you say "OpenStack is IaaS" or "OpenStack provides IaaS"?16:06
*** jodok has joined #openstack16:06
joern_or both?16:06
*** jodok has quit IRC16:06
*** jodok has joined #openstack16:06
EmilienMOpenStack provides IaaS with differents projects :16:07
EmilienMCompute -> Nova16:07
EmilienMNetwork -> Quantum16:07
EmilienMStorage -> Cinder, Swift, Glance16:07
*** johngarbutt has quit IRC16:08
*** Staples84 has joined #openstack16:09
joern_thanks. that would have been my notion as well. all the technical stuff sounds a little strange when doing it in german :)16:09
*** maurosr has joined #openstack16:10
uvirtbot`New bug: #1075606 in swift "EADDRNOTAVAIL error on storage node" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107560616:10
*** Glace_ has joined #openstack16:11
*** coasterz has quit IRC16:11
*** EDevil has joined #openstack16:14
*** jcmartin has joined #openstack16:14
*** ondergetekende has joined #openstack16:15
EDevilMy application uses swift and does a lot of file deletion. It seems that swift keeps the directory where the file was, with a control file from swift. Is there a maintenance script to delete these "empty" directories?16:15
*** swinchen has joined #openstack16:15
*** ondergetekende has quit IRC16:15
*** mohits has quit IRC16:15
*** markwash has quit IRC16:16
swinchenHi all.  Is it normal for virtual machines to "shutoff" when creating a snapshot?16:16
*** pvankouteren has quit IRC16:16
swinchenThey seem to come back up after the snapshot is complete, but snapshotting might be a viable solution for backing up instances if it takes them offline for a rather long amount of time.16:18
*** rafiu1 has quit IRC16:18
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates16:18
*** glauaguiar has joined #openstack16:20
gmiswinchen: check this email thread http://openstack.markmail.org/search/?q=snapshot#query:snapshot%20order%3Adate-backward+page:1+mid:jvzgcxvnpvpumqiy+state:results16:21
*** mnewby has joined #openstack16:23
*** gus_m has quit IRC16:23
swinchenthanks gwi...  when we first started we created a VM with a 500GB!  disk image.   That was a BIG mistake.16:23
verdurinI'm using Condor-G to start VMs on Openstack and it's failing at the point when it creates an SSH keypair16:24
verdurinThe error is "Keypair data is invalid"16:24
*** lumos has joined #openstack16:24
*** Staples84 has quit IRC16:24
verdurinDoes that mean the credentials used to connect to the API are broken, or is it an error in creating the new keypair?16:24
*** coasterz has joined #openstack16:25
*** guigui1 has quit IRC16:25
*** cryptk|offline is now known as cryptk16:25
verdurinThe full logs are here: http://paste.openstack.org/show/24620/16:26
*** dolphm has quit IRC16:28
*** rafiu has joined #openstack16:29
*** hemna has joined #openstack16:29
notmynameEDevil: yes. replication will remove the tombstone objects and empty directories16:30
EDevilnotmyname: Thanks for the help! So I just have to wait for replication to do its work?16:32
*** rafiu1 has joined #openstack16:32
notmynameEDevil: yes16:32
*** blamar has joined #openstack16:33
*** zeus has joined #openstack16:33
*** rafiu has quit IRC16:33
swinchenSo deploying openstack on multiple machines (4 in my case), is it best to do each machine manually or use something like Juju/MAAS ?   I am trying to create my first highly available cloud.16:33
swinchenthese 4 machines are just test machines for a much larger (512 core) cloud.16:33
*** krow has joined #openstack16:34
*** reidrac has quit IRC16:35
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack16:36
*** dwcramer has quit IRC16:37
*** rafiu1 has quit IRC16:38
*** Trixboxer has quit IRC16:40
*** heckj has joined #openstack16:40
*** lborda has joined #openstack16:41
*** kieppie has joined #openstack16:41
*** sacharya has quit IRC16:41
*** rustam has joined #openstack16:42
*** dolphm has joined #openstack16:43
EDevilnotmyname: I just checked and I have some pretty old TS files: -rw------- 1 swift swift  0 Oct 30 07:26 1351581991.06355.ts .. Shouldn't this be deleted by now? Is this a sign that something is not working correctly?16:43
*** garyk has quit IRC16:43
notmynameEDevil: the default reclaim age is 1 week16:43
*** jplewi has joined #openstack16:44
EDevilnotmyname: Oh… Thanks!16:44
*** desai has quit IRC16:44
*** desai has joined #openstack16:45
*** samkottler is now known as samkottler|bbl16:45
Cardoe_Having an issue where no VMs ever get an IP address when using FlatDHCP.16:45
Cardoe_I've used tcpdump to check the vnet device to see that DHCP responses are flowing back16:46
Cardoe_I've got 1 machine with everything on it16:46
*** atrius has quit IRC16:46
*** rustam has quit IRC16:46
*** tuxninja has joined #openstack16:49
prometheanfireCardoe_: you do the tcpdump inside the vm?16:50
prometheanfireCardoe_: also, did you test packet flow via a static within the vm?16:50
Cardoe_I'm using CirrOS16:50
Cardoe_Which doesn't have tcpdump inside16:50
Cardoe_And afaik there's no way to configure static with CirrOS16:51
prometheanfiretest with another OS?16:51
*** atrius has joined #openstack16:51
*** sudorandom has quit IRC16:51
Cardoe_This is suppose to be the image you're suppose to test with ;)16:51
Cardoe_Last time I asked for help I was told that only CirrOS was supported for debugging16:52
*** sudorandom has joined #openstack16:52
prometheanfirewithout tcpdump and stuff? :(16:52
*** dev_sa has quit IRC16:55
*** mtreinish has quit IRC16:56
*** dev_sa has joined #openstack16:58
*** scotm has joined #openstack16:58
*** rushiagr has joined #openstack16:59
*** acb__ has quit IRC16:59
*** Maledictus has joined #openstack17:00
*** Maledictus has joined #openstack17:00
*** Triade has quit IRC17:01
*** garyk has joined #openstack17:01
*** dev_sa has quit IRC17:02
*** jodok has quit IRC17:02
*** dev_sa has joined #openstack17:02
coasterzis it "ok" to have a node be both compute and storage17:05
Cardoe_coasterz: yes17:05
*** scotm has quit IRC17:05
coasterzI figured, this is small scale setup. thanks man17:05
*** scotm has joined #openstack17:06
*** Samuel has joined #openstack17:06
*** lloydde has joined #openstack17:06
uvirtbot`New bug: #1075630 in devstack "Keystone 'invalid user token' on default devstack installation" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107563017:06
*** foexle_ has quit IRC17:07
Cardoe_Apsu`: any chance you're around?17:07
Apsu`Cardoe_: There's a chance.17:07
Cardoe_Apsu`: Any chance I can prod you about nova-network?17:08
*** krow has quit IRC17:08
Apsu`Cardoe_: Pooootentially.17:08
Cardoe_I've confirmed dnsmasq is responding and its going to the vnet0 interfaace17:08
Cardoe_But the VM never gets the IP address17:08
Apsu`Cardoe_: Have you confirmed the VM is sending out DHCP requests?17:08
*** EmilienM has left #openstack17:08
Cardoe_Yes I see them on br10017:08
*** Samuel has quit IRC17:09
Apsu`Cardoe_: Pastebin it. Want to see what all the messages are.17:09
Cardoe_sure thing17:09
*** lborda has quit IRC17:10
*** scotm has quit IRC17:10
*** szaydel has quit IRC17:10
*** Samuel has joined #openstack17:10
*** szaydel has joined #openstack17:11
*** Blackavar has joined #openstack17:11
Cardoe_That's from br10017:11
Apsu`Cardoe_: Paste up "ip a; ip r; brctl show" It's not getting ARP responses.17:11
*** gyee has joined #openstack17:11
Apsu`Looks like it's getting the IP., in particular.17:12
Apsu`Just no ARP replies apparently17:12
Samueltestinf. please disregard.17:12
*** balboah has quit IRC17:12
Cardoe_So since last night I tried to put it in a VLAN just to make sure my switch wasn't squashing DHCP and such17:13
*** tuxninja has quit IRC17:13
Apsu`Doesn't matter, the DHCP happens on the box.17:13
Apsu`Doesn't leave the box17:13
*** tuxninja has joined #openstack17:13
Apsu`When you're tcpdumping, what flags are you passing?17:13
Cardoe_Please tell me I'm dumb and did something wrong because that would make me happy.17:14
Cardoe_tcpdump -i br100 is what I sent17:14
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack17:14
Cardoe_I can change the flags17:14
Apsu`Do me a favor, try tcpdump -i br100 -npv17:14
*** tuxninja has quit IRC17:14
Apsu`And try rebooting the VM. Or maybe it'll keep trying to DHCP17:14
*** tuxninja has joined #openstack17:15
*** fff has joined #openstack17:15
*** leetrout has joined #openstack17:15
prometheanfireCardoe_: you build that ubuntu instance?17:16
Cardoe_I started a new VM Apsu`17:16
Cardoe_which is why instead17:16
Cardoe_prometheanfire: yes I did17:16
Cardoe_prometheanfire: except I can't login since it only takes keys17:17
*** markwash has joined #openstack17:17
prometheanfireboot in single user?17:17
*** acb__ has joined #openstack17:17
Cardoe_That would require me to reroll the entire image17:17
*** rushiagr has quit IRC17:17
Cardoe_Apsu`: let me know if you need more paste17:18
Apsu`Cardoe_: Fascinating. So... It's going back and forth between discover and offer, and then the bridge ARPs for the VM's new IP, and can't get it17:18
Apsu`Cardoe_: This is the CirrOS image?17:18
Cardoe_10.5.5.4 is CirrOS17:18
Cardoe_10.5.5.3 was Ubuntu17:18
*** fff has left #openstack17:18
Apsu`Ah. So neither works. good to know17:18
*** tuxninja has quit IRC17:19
Apsu`So... you're routing Through your bridge.17:19
Apsu`Not bridging through it.17:20
*** acb___ has joined #openstack17:20
Cardoe_Not sure how I did that17:20
Apsu`Since your VMs in FlatDHCP will get a IP and for their default gateway17:20
Apsu`No no, I'm saying that's the setup. It's not wrong.17:20
Apsu`However, given that you're not bridging (out eth1)17:20
Apsu`You don't need eth1 or the tagged subif to be promiscuous17:20
Apsu`So, on the off-chance it's fuxing something up, disable it.17:20
*** satyag has joined #openstack17:21
*** atrius has quit IRC17:21
Apsu`ip link set eth1 promisc off; ip link set eth1.235 promisc off17:21
Apsu`And make sure you *alway* tcpdump with -p in the flags somewhere, unless you know that the interface in question Should be promiscuous17:21
*** krow has joined #openstack17:21
Apsu`No -p flag turns promiscuous on, which can give you the wrong behavior and therefore wrong results.17:21
Apsu`It's very very likely to, in fact, if you just want to observe and not potentially modify :P17:22
*** shardy_afk is now known as shardy17:22
Cardoe_So -nv17:22
*** pbacterio has quit IRC17:22
Cardoe_instead of -npv?17:22
*** acb__ has quit IRC17:22
Apsu`Read again :)17:22
Apsu`Use -p *always* unless you *know* you specifically don't need it.17:22
prometheanfirehuh, didn't know that17:23
Apsu`Not using -p 99% of the time will change the behavior of the system you're trying to inspect.17:23
Cardoe_http://paste.openstack.org/show/24636/ since switching to promisc off17:23
Apsu`Especially on a bridge17:24
Apsu`Because bridges in promiscuous mode pick up all kinds of host traffic17:24
*** ev0ldave has joined #openstack17:24
*** dolphm has quit IRC17:24
Apsu`Blegh. Same thing. Discover, Offer, Discover, Offer, ARP ARP ARP, repeat17:25
Apsu`They're not talking somehow. Let's look at your iptables/ebtables.17:25
*** dolphm has joined #openstack17:25
Apsu`paste "iptables-save" and... I guess... "ebtables -L; ebtables -t nat -L"17:26
*** pvankouteren has joined #openstack17:26
*** desai has quit IRC17:26
*** desai has joined #openstack17:27
*** ev0ldave has quit IRC17:27
Cardoe_Apsu`: http://paste.openstack.org/show/24639/17:27
*** ev0ldave has joined #openstack17:27
phschwartzWhat is the port of the compute api? I am trying to setup the jclouds plugin to jenkins.17:27
*** nacx has quit IRC17:28
*** jcmartin has quit IRC17:29
*** krow has quit IRC17:30
ev0ldavehaving to add option in jclouds currently to turn off floating IPs since we dont use them17:30
*** Glace_ has quit IRC17:30
*** Free_maN has quit IRC17:31
*** pvankouteren has quit IRC17:31
*** bbcmicrocomputer has quit IRC17:31
*** luis_ has quit IRC17:33
Apsu`Cardoe_: While that showed me most of what I wanted, you missed a command (the second and most important ebtables listing).17:34
Apsu`Cardoe_: Probably best to just type exactly what I say for further troubleshooting ;P17:34
Apsu`Cardoe_: ebtables -t nat -L, is up next17:34
*** Blackavar has quit IRC17:37
Apsu`Cardoe_: S'all good. have you spun up/down any new VMs since you gave me the "ip a"? Do you have just vnet0 currently, with MAC: fe:16:3e:17:2f:04?17:38
Cardoe_I have because you wanted me to reboot them17:38
*** dev_sa has quit IRC17:39
Apsu`That's fine. But just tell me what you currently have. From ebtables, looks like you have vnet0 and vnet1 right now17:39
Cardoe_You see what I've done wrong? :-D17:40
Apsu`The ebtables rules actually look fine... But a few questions.17:41
Apsu`Have you restarted nova-network or rebooted the host during your troubleshooting?17:41
uvirtbot`New bug: #1068316 in oslo "lockutils.synchronized unit test contains a sleep" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106831617:41
*** Blackavar has joined #openstack17:42
*** warik has joined #openstack17:42
*** rustam has joined #openstack17:42
*** mk1s has joined #openstack17:44
*** sayan has joined #openstack17:44
*** sayan has joined #openstack17:44
*** rocambole has quit IRC17:44
*** jcmartin has joined #openstack17:44
*** krow has joined #openstack17:45
*** comptona has joined #openstack17:45
uvirtbot`New bug: #1068318 in oslo "policy.py cannot be updated in subordinate projects" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106831817:46
* Apsu` pings Cardoe_17:46
*** rustam has quit IRC17:47
*** rafiu has joined #openstack17:47
*** s0mik has joined #openstack17:47
*** krow has quit IRC17:47
*** bpiatt has joined #openstack17:48
*** lloydde has quit IRC17:48
*** KyleMacDonald has joined #openstack17:49
*** sniperd has joined #openstack17:50
*** Glace_ has joined #openstack17:52
Samueljoin #openstack-dev17:52
*** Samuel has left #openstack17:53
*** rafiu1 has joined #openstack17:53
*** rafiu has quit IRC17:54
*** corXi has quit IRC17:54
Cardoe_Apsu`: sorry my boss pulled me away17:55
*** mtreinish has joined #openstack17:55
Apsu`No worries17:55
Cardoe_Apsu`: I haven't rebooted during our conversations. I have rebooted earlier.17:55
Cardoe_I have not restarted nova-network during all this either17:55
Apsu`Cardoe_: Try restarting nova-network, and nova reboot one of your VMs.17:56
uvirtbot`New bug: #1075669 in openstack-manuals "grizzly: Support for cells in Compute (nova)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107566917:56
Apsu`For reference, you can just check "ip n" to see if the 10.5.5.x IP pops up as reachable17:56
*** rmartinelli has quit IRC17:57
Apsu`n is short for neigh(bor table), which is the ARP table in IPv4 and neighbor table in IPv6, combined in the same command17:57
Cardoe_ah interesting good to know17:57
Cardoe_so reboot says the VM is in the rebooted state17:58
*** markwash has quit IRC17:58
Cardoe_but I'm watching the VNC and its not rebooting17:58
*** davidha has quit IRC17:59
Apsu`Kill it and spawn another 'un18:00
Apsu`(you did restart nova-network successfully, yes? made sure it came back up and all that?)18:00
Cardoe_it actually took its sweet time and just rebooted18:00
Apsu`Alrighty then18:00
Cardoe_nova-network.log appears to show it coming back18:00
Cardoe_alright its back and asking for DHCP18:01
Cardoe_10.5.5.4 dev br100 lladdr fa:16:3e:75:2b:75 DELAY18:01
Cardoe_is what ip n gives me18:01
*** KyleMacDonald has quit IRC18:02
Apsu`Check it a few more times. If it doesn't go to REACHABLE, then we're still a no-go.18:02
*** samkottler|bbl is now known as samkottler18:02
*** jog0 has joined #openstack18:02
Apsu`in which case... I have some more ideas :)18:03
*** danger_fo_away is now known as danger_fo18:03
Cardoe_it just went FAILED18:03
*** jpich has quit IRC18:03
*** markwash has joined #openstack18:04
*** Mops__ has joined #openstack18:05
*** primozf has quit IRC18:05
Apsu`Cardoe_: Yeah. Ok. So let's try disabling checksum offloading on the bridge!18:05
Apsu`ethtool -K br100 rx off tx off18:05
Cardoe_Cannot set device rx csum settings: Operation not supported18:07
Apsu`That's fine.18:07
Apsu`It still disabled for tx.18:07
comptonaboo. I accidentally let a folsom machine run nova-manage db sync on my essex database :'(18:07
Apsu`Give it a try18:07
Apsu`comptona: ... ruh roh18:07
*** eglynn_ has quit IRC18:07
Cardoe_Apsu`: rebooting the VM again18:07
Apsu`Cardoe_: Yarp18:07
comptonathat'll learn me for just copying the nova.conf to a new machine without thinking about it18:07
*** kieppie has quit IRC18:08
*** arata has quit IRC18:08
Apsu`comptona: Will it really? ;P18:09
comptonaprobably not :'(18:09
*** rmartinelli has joined #openstack18:09
*** derekh has quit IRC18:10
*** shardy is now known as shardy_afk18:11
*** EDevil has left #openstack18:11
uvirtbot`New bug: #1075675 in cinder "Buffer IO Error in kernel logs on volume_delete" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107567518:11
uvirtbot`New bug: #1075676 in glance "glance.registry.db.api does not support + as a special character for database password" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107567618:11
*** garyk has quit IRC18:11
*** garyk has joined #openstack18:12
jmloweis it expected that glance can't upload from a iscsi block device but can upload from a file created by dd'ing that device?18:13
*** vipul has joined #openstack18:15
*** kieppie has joined #openstack18:15
*** rafiu1 has quit IRC18:16
*** dpippenger has joined #openstack18:16
ev0ldavejmlowe: no18:17
*** secbitchris has joined #openstack18:19
*** KyleMacDonald has joined #openstack18:19
*** jog0 has left #openstack18:20
*** jcru is now known as jcru|away18:21
*** erlarese has joined #openstack18:23
*** sarob has joined #openstack18:23
*** TheZeke has joined #openstack18:24
*** eglynn_ has joined #openstack18:24
Cardoe_Apsu`: Still saying DELAY18:25
TheZekeIs there a good installation guide to help me get started in the right direction?  Ultimately I want to do multinode with Xen.  I tried https://github.com/mseknibilel/OpenStack-Folsom-Install-guide/blob/master/OpenStack_Folsom_Install_Guide_WebVersion.rst but things started to fall appart halfway through step 3.  Errors about "unrecognized arguments: --tenant-id b664a4cc25b64098be895a3aeeb75a6e" etc...18:25
*** cp16net is now known as cp16net|away18:26
*** jcru|away is now known as jcru18:26
*** sayan has quit IRC18:27
Apsu`Cardoe_: Care to paste your nova.conf, and: mysql -e "select * from networks\G" nova18:27
Apsu`Cardoe_: With your credentials of course.18:27
*** krow has joined #openstack18:28
*** vipul has quit IRC18:28
*** secbitchris has quit IRC18:28
*** kieppie1 has joined #openstack18:30
*** sayan has joined #openstack18:31
*** sayan has joined #openstack18:31
*** jodok has joined #openstack18:31
*** jodok has quit IRC18:31
*** jodok has joined #openstack18:31
*** mnewby_ has joined #openstack18:32
Apsu`Looks correct. Assuming you don't want multi_host behavior. Do you just have an all-in-one box?18:33
*** desai has quit IRC18:33
*** kieppie has quit IRC18:33
*** desai has joined #openstack18:33
Cardoe_I have it all in one box18:33
Cardoe_I want to go to multi host18:34
Cardoe_But I wanted to figure this out first18:34
*** jodok has quit IRC18:35
*** mnewby has quit IRC18:35
*** mnewby_ is now known as mnewby18:35
*** vipul has joined #openstack18:36
*** CuraHack1 has quit IRC18:37
*** eglynn_ has quit IRC18:37
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack18:38
*** scotm has joined #openstack18:40
Apsu`Cardoe_: Try adding "use_single_default_gateway=true" and "allow_same_net_traffic=true" to nova.conf, and restart nova-network18:40
*** satyag has quit IRC18:40
uvirtbot`New bug: #1075689 in moniker "Support API extensions" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107568918:41
*** Mops has quit IRC18:42
*** rustam has joined #openstack18:43
*** radez_g0n3 is now known as radez18:43
uvirtbot`New bug: #1075682 in swift "functional test of swift/stable/folsom failed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107568218:43
uvirtbot`New bug: #1075691 in keystone "Keystone does not support + sign in database password" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107569118:46
*** rafiu has joined #openstack18:46
*** markmcclain has quit IRC18:47
Cardoe_Apsu`: no happiness... should I reboot the whole thing?18:48
*** rustam has quit IRC18:48
Cardoe_I can get rid of the VLAN as well for eth118:48
Apsu`Cardoe_: Sure.18:48
*** Glace_ has quit IRC18:48
Apsu`Cardoe_: VLAN shouldn't matter. But if you want. You'd need to modify the nova network and nova.conf18:48
Cardoe_I can just edit the DB with it stopped right?18:48
*** adjohn has joined #openstack18:51
*** KyleMacDonald has quit IRC18:52
*** cwelle has joined #openstack18:52
*** cp16net|away is now known as cp16net18:53
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack18:54
*** darraghb has quit IRC18:59
*** otherwiseguy has joined #openstack18:59
Cardoe_Apsu`: I guess this is kind of a "uh totally no idea"19:00
TheZekewtf?!  Seriously why can't an install guide just work slightly?  "keystone: error: argument <subcommand>: invalid choice: '012345SECRET99TOKEN012345'"19:00
*** scotm has quit IRC19:00
*** eglynn_ has joined #openstack19:01
*** scotm has joined #openstack19:01
Cardoe_TheZeke: What's the exact command you tried to run?19:01
*** rnorwood2 has joined #openstack19:02
TheZekeIn the example manual setup for keystone services it says to run the following:19:02
TheZekekeystone --os-token 012345SECRET99TOKEN012345 --os-endpoint user-role-add --user-id a4c2d43f80a549a19864c89d759bb3fe --tenant-id b5815b046cfe47bb891a7b64119e7f80 --role-id e3d9d157cc95410ea45d23bbbc2e5c1019:02
TheZekeTurns out that it's --token and --endpoint19:02
*** bsdgeek has joined #openstack19:02
TheZekenot --os-token and --os-endpoint19:02
*** rnorwood2 has quit IRC19:03
*** rnorwood3 has joined #openstack19:03
*** rnorwood1 has quit IRC19:03
*** KarinLevenstein1 has joined #openstack19:03
*** szaydel has quit IRC19:03
*** smarvin has joined #openstack19:04
*** KarinLevenstein1 has quit IRC19:04
*** KarinLevenstein2 has joined #openstack19:04
TheZekeand --tenant-id is actually --os_tenant_id19:04
TheZekemakes me wonder if I have the wrong version of keystone19:05
*** scotm has quit IRC19:05
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack19:05
*** ayoung is now known as ayoung-afk19:05
*** KarinLevenstein1 has joined #openstack19:06
*** KarinLevenstein2 has quit IRC19:06
*** dolphm has quit IRC19:06
*** KarinLevenstein1 has quit IRC19:06
ogelbukhTheZeke: more likely, the wrong version of  python-keystoneclient19:07
*** KarinLevenstein1 has joined #openstack19:07
*** rnorwood3 has quit IRC19:07
*** KarinLevenstein has quit IRC19:07
TheZekeon ubuntu how do I see what version of keystoneclient I have?  there's no -V or version switch19:07
TheZekeI wouldn't know what version I should have anyway though19:07
TheZekethis guide is a gong show19:07
*** rnorwood2 has joined #openstack19:08
ogelbukhversioning of the clients is tricky19:08
*** rnorwood2 has joined #openstack19:09
*** gyee has quit IRC19:09
*** rnorwood1 has quit IRC19:10
TheZekeii  keystone                       2012.1+stable~20120824-a16a0ab OpenStack identity service - Daemons19:10
TheZekeii  python-keystone                2012.1+stable~20120824-a16a0ab OpenStack identity service - Python library19:10
TheZekeii  python-keystoneclient          2012.1-0ubuntu1                Client libary for Openstack Keystone API19:10
phschwartzOther then 35357 and 8773, what ports are used by nova?19:10
*** uncleofthestick has quit IRC19:10
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack19:10
*** rnorwood2 has quit IRC19:10
*** milner has quit IRC19:10
ogelbukhTheZeke: basically, you should be good with these versions19:10
uvirtbot`New bug: #1075701 in nova "Rescue not using base images" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107570119:11
ogelbukhwhat manual are you using?19:11
*** paola_29 has joined #openstack19:11
TheZekeI really don't know what I'm doing - I've been told to test out OpenStack19:12
TheZekewell I know what I'm doing but not with OpenStack19:12
*** ayoung-afk is now known as ayoung19:12
TheZekethere's like 5-10 installation guides and all of them are either outdated or don't achieve multinode or whathaveyou19:13
uvirtbot`New bug: #1075698 in nova "Nova does not support + (plus sign) in database password" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107569819:13
*** mnewby_ has joined #openstack19:13
TheZekemore specifically I setup a service tenant and it returned id fd826c56bcef48b494f0da27f3d4d2c619:14
TheZekeso I used that ID as the os_tenant_id and it gives me an error19:14
*** szaydel has joined #openstack19:14
TheZekeroot@osc:~# keystone --token 012345SECRET99TOKEN012345 --endpoint user-create --os_tenant_id fd826c56bcef48b494f0da27f3d4d2c6 --name glance --pass glance19:15
TheZekekeystone: error: unrecognized arguments: --os_tenant_id fd826c56bcef48b494f0da27f3d4d2c619:15
*** littleidea has joined #openstack19:16
*** mnewby has quit IRC19:16
*** mnewby_ is now known as mnewby19:16
*** paola_29 has left #openstack19:16
*** cwelle has quit IRC19:21
*** szaydel has quit IRC19:21
*** melwitt has joined #openstack19:23
Apsu`Cardoe_: Yes, with everything stopped you could.19:23
*** markm has joined #openstack19:24
*** pvankouteren has joined #openstack19:25
uvirtbot`New bug: #1075710 in keystone "Keystone REMOTE_USER with no metadata causes 404 on auth" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107571019:26
markmAre there any best practice guides in regards to storage for new vm/instances?  Are most people placing the storage on disks within the compute nodes?19:26
*** samkottler is now known as samkottler|call19:28
*** cowmix has quit IRC19:30
*** anniec has joined #openstack19:30
gmimarkm: there are no best practices established, it depends on your specific requirements; knowing the pros and cons of local storage vs. shared storage helps you decide which one to choose19:30
*** lyonss has joined #openstack19:31
*** Slid3r_D has quit IRC19:31
markmWhen you say shared storage, you're referring to a SAN (EMC, NetAPP, etc)?19:31
*** darjeeli_ has joined #openstack19:31
*** clopez has quit IRC19:31
*** anniec has quit IRC19:31
gmimarkm: no, more like distributed storage (e.g. gluster, ceph)19:31
*** anniec has joined #openstack19:31
*** smarvin has quit IRC19:32
*** torandu has quit IRC19:32
*** cowmix has joined #openstack19:32
*** torandu has joined #openstack19:32
gmimarkm: of course for a small deployment you can use shared NFS but you will hit a IO bottleneck pretty soon and you'll have a big SPOF19:32
*** scotm has joined #openstack19:32
markmWhat we're trying to get away from are large systems that have single points of failures.  We'd much rather have 30-40 instances go down than the entire cluster when the SAN/distributed storage decides to not function properly.19:33
warikis there a tool to migrate the essex Keystone DB to the new folsom Keystone DB schema?19:33
*** darjeeling has quit IRC19:33
*** scotm has quit IRC19:34
*** scotm has joined #openstack19:34
Mops__notmyname: here by any chance?19:34
notmynameMops__: always :-)19:34
Mops__is there some sort of "health" check for containers?19:35
Mops__to see if it's fully replicated19:35
Mops__for example?19:35
*** glauaguiar has quit IRC19:35
markmWe're using NFS and EMC Block level storage now and have exhausted the IO bottleneck - currently we're using HP Blade Servers with zero local storage and we're considering a transition to traditional standalone rack servers.  What are the cons of local storage?  I was under the impression Ceph storage is not stable yet for production environments?19:35
*** kmanpdx has quit IRC19:35
*** joern_ has quit IRC19:36
*** dolphm has joined #openstack19:37
*** KarinLevenstein has joined #openstack19:37
notmynameMops__: there has been some work around that in the current release (the release should be finalized this week or next). the dispersion report can report on that and swift-get-nodes can check on specific partitions or devices. also, the replicators can be run to explicitly replicate certain partitions or devices19:38
*** KarinLevenstein1 has quit IRC19:38
Cardoe_TheZeke: If you're using the trunk docs, those match the Ubuntu Cloud Archive or 12.10. if you're using 12.04 without the Cloud archive, you need to use Essex19:38
Mops__but the dispersion report only reports on the "populate-dispersion" containers19:39
notmynameMops__: that's correct. it's essentially a monte-carlo simulation19:39
*** eu has quit IRC19:39
*** atrius has joined #openstack19:40
notmynameMops__: one way to check is to use swift-get-nodes to find where a container should be and then check it yourself19:40
*** jodok has joined #openstack19:41
*** jodok has joined #openstack19:41
gmimarkm: the cons of using local storage are not being able to scale and the fact that you will loose instances (and data) when there is a hardware or node failure, but this should be expected in a volatile cloud environment19:41
*** avtar has quit IRC19:41
*** samkottler|call is now known as samkottler19:42
gmimarkm: but other than that, you probably get better performance than any othert type of storage19:42
Cardoe_Apsu`: Nothing still. Annoyingly if I plug eth1 into my network, the VM gets an IP address on my network19:42
*** milner has joined #openstack19:42
*** Breaking_Pitt has joined #openstack19:43
*** rustam has joined #openstack19:43
*** jodok has quit IRC19:44
*** secbitchris has joined #openstack19:44
*** rkukura has quit IRC19:44
TheZekeOK seriously what guide did y'all use to get started with OpenStack?19:44
Cardoe_I used the trunk docs with Ubuntu 12.04 + Cloud Archive19:44
TheZekeI've attempted to use https://github.com/mseknibilel/OpenStack-Folsom-Install-guide/blob/master/OpenStack_Folsom_Install_Guide_WebVersion.rst and http://docs.openstack.org/trunk/openstack-compute/install/apt/content/ so far19:45
markmgmi: what are most of the cloud vendors doing for storage?  Local or some sort of distributed file system?19:45
TheZekehitting roadblocks because the commands are not the same yet someone earlier said I am using the right version of keystone client.19:45
*** dolphm has quit IRC19:45
Apsu`Cardoe_: Oh? That's pretty interesting actually.19:45
Apsu`Cardoe_: ... are you sure you aren't running dnsmasq Yourself? Aside from nova's?19:45
*** sayan has quit IRC19:46
Cardoe_Trying to run it right now myself to test19:47
Cardoe_but I don't have anything to start up dnsmasq19:47
*** guimaluf has joined #openstack19:47
*** dolphm has joined #openstack19:48
*** rustam has quit IRC19:49
*** shardy_afk is now known as shardy19:50
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack19:51
gmimarkm: I think every big cloud provider is using local storage, but it's hard to say for sure19:51
guimalufwhen I start my glance server it looks for glance-api.conf in the local directory instead of /etc/glance/. I've tried to use devstack but now I'm using ubuntu cloud archives. Anyone knows what've change in the confs?19:51
*** lyonss has quit IRC19:51
ev0ldaveTheZeke:  http://uksysadmin.wordpress.com/category/cloud-and-virtualization/openstack/19:51
*** ahasenack has quit IRC19:51
markmgmi: just in a raid array?  That's kind of what we're looking at (8x900GB SAS disks in RAID-5 arrays)19:52
ev0ldavethezeke:  this will get you going in a easy to setup way, then go through and pick apart the scripts to see the actual steps taken19:52
ev0ldavethezeke:  with that guide you can have a compute controller/node in about 10 minutes19:52
gmimarkm: RAID5 would provide pretty bad write performance when you have 30 instances writing to it; better to go with a RAID1019:53
*** rnorwood1 has quit IRC19:54
*** avtar has joined #openstack19:54
*** vmlinuz has quit IRC19:54
*** mnewby_ has joined #openstack19:54
Cardoe_Apsu`: if I was running one myself it would fail to start due to addr already in use no?19:55
markmand then for the storage nodes something like 16x2TB SATA (without RAID)19:55
Apsu`Cardoe_: Maybe, maybe not. Depends on the configs. So... just make sure to disable the dnsmasq service19:55
gmimarkm: what do you mean when you "storage nodes"? are you talking about Swift storage nodes, or maybe nova-volume storage nodes?19:57
Cardoe_Apsu`: Don't have it running confirmed it19:57
*** epim has joined #openstack19:57
*** mnewby has quit IRC19:57
*** mnewby_ is now known as mnewby19:57
Apsu`Cardoe_: Alrighty then.19:57
markmswift for object-based storage19:58
*** Breaking_Pitt has quit IRC19:58
Cardoe_What if anything should /var/lib/nova/networks/nova-br100.opts have in it?19:58
*** krow has quit IRC19:59
gmimarkm: yes, for Swift it's recommended to use large (usually slow) disks as performance is not a requirement20:01
markmand for nova-volume something like ceph?  Are people using this in production?20:01
*** warik has quit IRC20:01
uvirtbot`New bug: #1075716 in nova "Soft delete does update quotas correctly" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107571620:01
*** scotm has quit IRC20:02
*** scotm has joined #openstack20:02
*** krow has joined #openstack20:02
gmimarkm: Dreamhost is using Ceph in production http://wiki.dreamhost.com/DreamCompute_Overview#Storage20:03
*** CuraHack has joined #openstack20:04
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack20:06
*** scotm has quit IRC20:07
*** scotm has joined #openstack20:07
*** maurosr has quit IRC20:08
*** ahs3 has quit IRC20:10
*** ahs3 has joined #openstack20:10
*** Saddam has joined #openstack20:10
*** rnorwood1 has quit IRC20:10
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack20:11
Cardoe_I seriously want to take this machine and FLING it out the window20:12
bsdgeekhi, i have openstack installed succesfull and running some instances for testing…i can ping and ssh the instances but from inside the instances i can not ping or http  in the "internet"…the other instances and the controller /  compute nodes can i ping…anybody a hint for me ?20:12
*** Blaatmeister has joined #openstack20:13
*** elilasol has joined #openstack20:14
*** Glace_ has joined #openstack20:14
*** Blackavar has quit IRC20:14
*** mrmartin has joined #openstack20:15
*** Blackavar has joined #openstack20:16
koolhead17zykes-, you free today?20:17
*** jcmartin has quit IRC20:17
bsdgeekthe nodes have only 1 nic (just a testing enviroment) and i use flatdhcpmanager20:17
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack20:18
*** anniec has quit IRC20:21
*** scotm has quit IRC20:21
*** szaydel has joined #openstack20:21
*** shanlar has quit IRC20:21
*** scotm has joined #openstack20:22
*** anniec has joined #openstack20:22
*** shanlar has joined #openstack20:24
*** scotm has quit IRC20:24
*** scotm has joined #openstack20:24
*** gyee has joined #openstack20:24
swinchenOk, what tools do you all use when setting up a cloud?   Do you start from a fresh distro install and setup everything manually or do you use a tool like juju?20:24
*** sudorandom_ has joined #openstack20:25
*** nachi_ has joined #openstack20:26
*** nachi has joined #openstack20:26
*** nachi_ has quit IRC20:26
*** cwelle has joined #openstack20:27
kieppie1hello everyone20:27
*** davidha has joined #openstack20:27
kieppie1how's it going?20:27
XenithWho manages the wiki install? Apparently my email address is associated with an old account, and I'm subscribed things that I can't unsubscribe from.20:27
kieppie1all out US compadre's all done with voting & such?20:28
*** sudorandom has quit IRC20:28
*** sudorandom_ is now known as sudorandom20:28
davidhaHi, I am doing my first steps trying to get keystone to work - from current git, trying to make it work with swift20:28
*** markwash has quit IRC20:28
*** mutex has quit IRC20:28
davidhaWhen i ask for a token I get a very long one - which is impossible to work with manually (copy to curl commands that I play with)20:29
davidhahow can I configure keystone to use the short token ids  - as shown on many of the examples20:29
*** cowmix has quit IRC20:30
davidhaTheZeke: which param?20:30
kieppie1davidha - I've resorted to a series of (digital) stikies & keepass to keep track of strong auth20:30
TheZekeuhmm server_token I think?20:30
TheZekesorry admin_token20:30
kieppie1davidha - it's impossible to keep track of that info & much easier to make sense of it all when noted down. also allows for scripted automation of many tasks20:31
TheZekedavidha instead you might want to simply add it to your environment variables so it'll be used from there20:31
*** Maledictus has quit IRC20:31
TheZekeset the SERVICE_TOKEN= variable20:31
*** rnorwood1 has quit IRC20:32
TheZekewhy it's called admin_token in the config and SERVICE_TOKEN in the environment I have no idea - OpenStack is kinda mental IMO20:32
*** cowmix has joined #openstack20:32
davidhawell, I do have an admin token in conf, which I am used to succsfully create a tenant, a user, a role and a service20:32
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack20:33
kieppie1TheZeke - I think it's these "little" idiosyncrasies that's tripping me up.20:33
davidhaBut when I than authenticate as a user (with curl) - I get back a JSON repsonse that icnludes a very long token id20:33
TheZekesame with me - I'm trying to start with OpenStack and I'm finding a lot of crazy stuff instead of a decent way to try things out20:33
kieppie1can't be sure that my auth is right any longer, either in SQL or in config/application-layer20:33
davidhaSo my prob is not with the admin_token20:33
*** mutex has joined #openstack20:34
zykes-koolhead17: yeh20:34
TheZekeoh davidha is that token ID the one you are supposed to use as a reference to create other things?20:34
TheZekelike when creating an admin user you use the ID of the default service for example20:34
koolhead17zykes-, thats why your handling Simon :P20:34
davidhacurl  -s -d '{"auth": {"tenantName": "mytenant", "passwordCredentials": {"username": "myuser2", "password": "mypass"}}}' -H 'Content-type: application/json' http://localhost:5000/v2.0/tokens20:34
zykes-handling what koolhead17  ?`;p20:35
zynzeldavidha: simple insert short token into db ;)20:35
zynzelwith long ttl.20:35
*** mnewby_ has joined #openstack20:35
zynzeland after auth keystone wil return short token ;)20:36
*** GiBa has joined #openstack20:36
koolhead17zykes-, go reply him :)20:36
zynzelalso keystone have command to gen token, but dont know if you can simply give token from command line20:36
davidhazynzel: ok, which table?20:36
davidhait apperenly uses mysql20:36
zynzeldavidha: token?20:37
*** scotm has quit IRC20:37
zykes-how goes your quantum adventures koolhead17 ?20:37
*** scotm has joined #openstack20:37
koolhead17zykes-, lets have a call again. :)20:38
*** rnorwood1 has quit IRC20:38
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack20:38
davidhazynzel: do you mean to use he mysql client directly  - or is ther ean easier way?20:38
*** mnewby has quit IRC20:38
*** mnewby_ is now known as mnewby20:38
davidhazynzel: I need to figrue out the database being used, than the table20:39
*** mnewby has quit IRC20:39
zynzeldavidha: read keystone help and search smth for create token.20:39
zynzelif not update db directly.20:39
davidhaok, tnx20:40
*** scotm has quit IRC20:42
*** GiBa has left #openstack20:42
*** rustam has joined #openstack20:44
*** CuraHack has quit IRC20:47
*** gmi has quit IRC20:47
*** redbo has quit IRC20:48
*** redbo has joined #openstack20:48
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v redbo20:48
*** rustam has quit IRC20:48
*** rafiu has quit IRC20:49
*** nil1511 has joined #openstack20:50
*** pixelbeat has quit IRC20:52
*** rafiu has joined #openstack20:52
*** thovden has joined #openstack20:53
koolhead17gosh zykes-20:56
*** msinhore has quit IRC20:56
koolhead17annegentle___, hola20:56
*** rnorwood1 has quit IRC20:57
*** davidha has quit IRC21:00
*** otherwiseguy has quit IRC21:00
*** davidha has joined #openstack21:01
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack21:01
*** nachi has quit IRC21:05
*** japage has quit IRC21:05
Cardoe_Apsu`: Is my flat_interface set wrong?21:06
Cardoe_Apsu`: I'm looking at the devstack bits21:06
*** annegentle___ has quit IRC21:07
*** Valdez has joined #openstack21:10
*** milner has quit IRC21:15
*** nil1511 has quit IRC21:16
*** boden has quit IRC21:16
*** otherwiseguy has joined #openstack21:16
*** danblack has joined #openstack21:17
*** tryggvil has quit IRC21:18
*** Valdez has quit IRC21:24
*** desai has quit IRC21:25
*** rnorwood1 has quit IRC21:25
*** bsdgeek has quit IRC21:25
*** sarob has quit IRC21:26
*** TheZeke has quit IRC21:26
*** sarob has joined #openstack21:26
mrmartinhi guys, I'm trying to install devstack + quantum, and I'm getting a 401 when quantum try to create net. Has anybody experienced the same? Details here: http://pastebin.com/TVjQfEhi21:29
mrmartinubuntu 12.04LTS + master devstack branch21:29
*** bsdgeek has joined #openstack21:30
dolphmdavidha: zynzel: tokens are generated by keystone, and you can use $ keystone token-get to produce one21:30
*** annegentle__ has joined #openstack21:31
Mops__notmyname: another tricky one, how can i make a "linked object" (manifest file) public readable?21:32
Mops__.r:* doesn't seem to do the trick21:32
notmynameMops__: "publicness" is set per-container. set the container's X-Contaner-Read to .r:*21:32
*** warik has joined #openstack21:32
davidhadolphm: keystone --token ADMIN --endpoint  token-get21:32
davidha'Client' object has no attribute 'service_catalog'21:32
notmynameMops__: I think the linked object(s) need to be in a public container too21:32
dolphmdavidha: tokens are produced by authenticating with keystone, --token and --endpoint are explicitly bypassing authentication21:33
*** leetrout has quit IRC21:33
Mops__notmyname: they are21:34
dolphmdavidha: the trunk version of keystoneclient would have given you a more useful error message in that case: "Configuration error: Client configured to run without a service catalog. Run the client using --os-auth-url or OS_AUTH_URL, instead of --os-endpoint or OS_SERVICE_ENDPOINT, for example."21:34
Mops__i can read the linked container21:34
Mops__i can read a plain file in the container that has a link21:35
*** gatuus has joined #openstack21:35
Mops__but i can't read the link21:35
Mops__(401 Unauthorized)21:35
*** KarinLevenstein has quit IRC21:35
*** CuraHack has joined #openstack21:35
*** negronjl has quit IRC21:35
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack21:36
gatuusplease help: What are the dissadvantages or recommendations if I install gluster-Fs without any Raid??21:36
zynzeldolphm: i know what generate token ;) but in e3 you have keystone-manage create_token, in essex dunno21:37
zynzelso davidha should read help for keystone command.21:37
*** negronjl has joined #openstack21:37
renierhey, anyone can tell me what "(used_max)" means here: http://paste2.org/p/2438265 <-- from GET v2/{tenant_id}/os-hosts/{host_name}21:38
davidhazynzel: dolphm: thanks, will cont working on that tomorrow, do some reading as well.21:39
*** udac has quit IRC21:39
dolphmzynzel: create_token is sort of an admin command that has been replaced by keystone.conf admin_token, as there's not really a use-case for more than one such manually created token21:40
*** markwash has joined #openstack21:40
dolphmdavidha: ^21:40
davidhadolphm: I was able to get a json response that look as if I am getting a new token21:41
davidhawith curl21:41
zynzeldolphm: create_token is admin command, and dont have anything to do with admin_token21:41
dolphmzynzel: those two features have never existed in the same codebase together21:41
zynzeland in real case use, tokens are used by software so 8 length token or 128 chars dont have any diff :)21:41
davidhadolphm: but the response included a token with an extremely long id21:41
zynzelso i thing davidha want to only test OS21:42
davidhaI would like toi be able at the end of the day to call swift with a token that will be approaved by keystone :)21:42
davidha(with curl for example)21:42
dimsrenier, looks like it was introduced here - https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/92409321:43
davidha(Till now was tempauthing, trying to keystone for a while)21:43
*** gabriel has joined #openstack21:43
dolphmdavidha: do you have a user/tenant/role setup in keystone?21:43
davidhadolphm: succedded in creating mytenant, my user and my role21:44
davidhamyuser and myrole21:44
*** rustam has joined #openstack21:44
dolphmdavidha: and granted that role to your user on your tenant?21:45
*** rkukura has joined #openstack21:45
*** bsdgeek has quit IRC21:46
davidhadolphm: yep21:46
dolphmdavidha: if so, $ keystone --os-username=myuser --os-password=... --os-tenant-name=mytenant --os-auth-url= token-get21:46
davidhathan I do: curl  -s -d '{"auth": {"tenantName": "mytenant", "passwordCredenr2", "password": "mypass"}}}' -H 'Content-type: application/json' http://localhost:5000/v2.0/tokens21:46
davidhadolphm: which responds ok - with a token21:46
*** Valdez has joined #openstack21:47
renierdims: thanks for the link. reading the patch now21:47
kieppie1anyone online familiar with brctl? I'm having issues getting my interfaces up consistently, without errors.21:47
zynzeldolphm: how do you deploy sytems in rackspace? ;)21:48
dolphmdavidha: i imagine you'd get a 400/500 back for that particular request21:48
zynzelnow openstack, but clean system ;)21:48
kieppie1if I restart the networking daemon, it reports "Failed to bring up br100", but ifconfig & `brctl show` does show it's up OK.21:48
dolphmzynzel: very, very carefully21:48
zynzeldolphm: :)21:48
davidhacurl  -s -d '{"auth": {"tenantName": "mytenant", "passwordCredentials": {"username": "myuser2", "password": "mypass"}}}' -H 'Content-type: application/json' http://localhost:5000/v2.0/tokens21:49
dolphmdavidha: that looks like it should work21:49
*** ahs3 has quit IRC21:49
davidhadolphm: something went wrong in my prev paste21:49
*** ahs3 has joined #openstack21:49
davidhadolphm: I get a json response with a token21:49
dolphmdavidha: the token->id you get back should work against swift, until it expires21:49
*** bsdgeek has joined #openstack21:50
dolphmdavidha: assuming auth_token, etc, is deployed on top of swift and working correctly :)21:50
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC21:50
davidhadolphm: this token id is 3533 bytes long!21:50
davidhadolphm: maybe pki?21:50
dolphmdavidha: yep, that's PKI21:50
*** rustam has quit IRC21:50
davidhadolphm: how do I turn it off?21:50
uvirtbot`New bug: #1075750 in cinder "keystone authorization fails with PKI token_format" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107575021:51
dolphmdavidha: keystone.conf token_format = UUID21:51
*** ev0ldave has quit IRC21:51
*** ryanpetr_ has joined #openstack21:51
*** UICTamale has quit IRC21:52
davidhadolphm: much better :)21:52
renierdims, so the answer is: (total) means the total available in the host, (used_now) of (total) what is currently being used, and (used_max) is the summed totals of the instances running on the host.21:52
renierwhich is interesting. thanks21:52
*** Valdez has quit IRC21:54
*** ryanpetrello has quit IRC21:55
*** gabriel has quit IRC21:55
*** krow has quit IRC21:56
*** dwcramer has quit IRC21:57
*** antenagora has joined #openstack21:57
davidhadolphm: once I get a token, shouldn't the following work? curl -v -H 'X-Auth-Token: e31f3cdd69684880b07abd633117b3b9' http://localhost:8080/v1/AUTH_mytenant21:58
*** dneary has joined #openstack21:59
*** antenagora has quit IRC21:59
davidhadolphm: I am following an old reference by Chmouel (http://blog.chmouel.com/2011/11/24/swift-and-keystone-middleware-part1/)21:59
*** scotm has joined #openstack21:59
*** childsb has quit IRC21:59
dolphmdavidha: what kind of response do you get back?21:59
*** kieppie1 is now known as kieppie22:01
*** rnorwood1 has quit IRC22:01
*** childsb has joined #openstack22:01
*** kieppie has quit IRC22:02
davidhadolphm: the call had reached keystone as I see debug messages on the console22:03
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC22:03
*** atrius has quit IRC22:03
dolphmdavidha: and keystone responded 401 for GET /tokens/e31f3cdd69684880b07abd633117b3b9 ?22:03
*** rafiu has quit IRC22:03
*** FlaPer87 has joined #openstack22:03
*** FlaPer87 has joined #openstack22:03
*** krow has joined #openstack22:04
*** mrmartin has quit IRC22:05
*** timello has quit IRC22:06
davidhadolphm: get to keystone works if I give the ADMIN credentials22:06
*** jkyle has quit IRC22:07
davidhaSo  this means I ahve an issue with authtoken of swift being ill configured22:07
davidhaunder [filter:authtoken]  probably22:07
*** jkyle has joined #openstack22:07
dolphmdavidha: that's the first place i'd look22:08
dolphmdavidha: ensure you can authenticate with keystone using the credentials defined there22:08
dolphmdavidha: auth_token should be using it's own 'swift' user w/ the 'admin' role on (generally) a 'service' tenant22:08
*** msinhore has joined #openstack22:09
dolphmdavidha: might be useful-- http://docs.openstack.org/trunk/openstack-compute/install/apt/content/verifying-identity-install.html22:10
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack22:10
dolphmdavidha: that doc refers to your own credentials, but you can apply it to swift's22:10
*** scotm has quit IRC22:10
*** markvoelker has quit IRC22:10
davidhadolphm: tnx22:11
dolphmdavidha: (except for the environment config stuff)22:11
*** scotm has joined #openstack22:11
*** kieppie has joined #openstack22:11
*** mohits has joined #openstack22:11
*** thovden has quit IRC22:12
kieppiehowdy again22:12
*** anniec has quit IRC22:12
kieppieis anyone able to please shed some light for me on this error? "2012-11-07 11:12:13 DEBUG nova.utils [req-21d282e7-6181-48f8-90c0-87802c5d33a8 None None] backend <module 'nova.db.sqlalchemy.api' from '/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova/db/sqlalchemy/api.pyc'> from (pid=28053) __get_backend /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova/utils.py:494"22:12
*** anniec has joined #openstack22:13
Cardoe_kieppie: more context22:13
kieppiehi Cardoe_22:13
*** ryanpetr_ has quit IRC22:14
*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack22:14
kieppieOK - when I run `nova-manage service list` I get that error, but it shows my 6 services up. I'm systematically working though the Folsom install guide on 12.0422:14
*** bapa has quit IRC22:14
*** thovden has joined #openstack22:15
*** jodok has joined #openstack22:15
*** jodok has quit IRC22:15
*** jodok has joined #openstack22:15
kieppieI has an issue earlier, so I'm starting to wonder if a config or some auth is not busted somethere22:15
*** dolphm has quit IRC22:15
*** FlaPer87 has quit IRC22:16
*** lloydde has joined #openstack22:17
Mops__anyone has any idea why i can't make a public read to Manifest object in swift?22:18
Cardoe_kieppie: get more context from the log22:18
Cardoe_kieppie: you just have debugging on22:18
Cardoe_so it's not really an issue22:18
*** gatuus has quit IRC22:18
*** shardy is now known as shardy_afk22:18
*** bapa has joined #openstack22:18
kieppieCardoe_ - which of the logs do you need info on & what sort of info would you like?22:18
*** sudorandom has quit IRC22:18
*** rustam has joined #openstack22:19
kieppieCardoe_ - information in the logs are very verbose, and information does not make a whole lot of sense - ie. cryptic messages22:20
Cardoe_yeah you just have debugging on22:20
Cardoe_its not an error22:20
elilasolsometimes debug messages are real errors, and sometime they are not22:20
elilasolWhich can be annoying22:20
*** sudorandom has joined #openstack22:20
kieppieCardoe_ - really? I get this message pretty consistently in nova-related commands22:20
Cardoe_You have full debug on22:20
*** bsdgeek has quit IRC22:21
kieppiealso, while doing a bit of hunting into the issue, I found the tool `nova --debug list`. I've run it, generated (& saved) a keyring password/token, but I get "RESP:{'status': '400', 'content-length': 30, 'content-type': 'text/plain'} [Errno 111] Connection refused" <- concerning22:22
*** Blaatmeister has quit IRC22:22
kieppie(Cardoe_ - btw. thanks for the preceeding info)22:22
*** Aaton is now known as entropyworks22:23
*** heckj has quit IRC22:23
Cardoe_kieppie: I could always be wrong22:24
Cardoe_Since after all my 12.04 + Cloud Archive install is acting up22:24
*** tgall_foo has quit IRC22:24
kieppieI've set verbose=False in nova.conf & seems to silence the message22:24
kieppienot sure if that's entirely a good thing, or the cause, but it's a start22:25
*** thovden has quit IRC22:25
kieppieCardoe_ - any idea why I would get a "Connection refused" as in the message above?22:25
Cardoe_something isn't running22:25
Cardoe_nova-manage service list22:26
kieppiesmiles across the board - will pastebin stdout22:26
*** ayoung has quit IRC22:26
*** metral has joined #openstack22:28
kieppieI'm slightly concerned that auth/tokens are broken somewhere - willing to re-creat/reload them, but I'm figuring that if auth in configs were incorrect, then those services would not come up22:28
*** jcmartin has joined #openstack22:28
*** tryggvil has joined #openstack22:28
*** thovden has joined #openstack22:31
kieppie& the output from `nova --debug list` http://pastebin.com/XjcesZG622:31
*** zeus has quit IRC22:32
*** vipul has quit IRC22:34
*** rmartinelli has quit IRC22:38
*** miclorb has joined #openstack22:38
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*** kieppie has quit IRC22:40
*** ayoung has joined #openstack22:40
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*** mtreinish has quit IRC22:42
*** erlarese has quit IRC22:50
kieppie1`nova-manage service list` http://pastebin.com/SDscN22g & `nova --debug list` http://pastebin.com/XjcesZG622:50
*** desai has joined #openstack22:50
kieppie1I'm slightly concerned that auth/tokens are broken somewhere - willing to re-creat/reload them, but I'm figuring that if auth in configs were incorrect, then those services would not come up22:50
*** lloydde has quit IRC22:50
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