Friday, 2020-03-20

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phileus777Hello.  I am recently from Linux Bridge to OVS.  I am having port binding issues when launching an instance.  Can someone please advise?
phileus777Anyone, anyone...Bueller.19:38
phileus777Is this the place to ask for Openstack Neutron issues?19:43
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DHEphileus777: this is fine for generic and simpler issues. if your issue likely requires a code dive, there is a neutron-specifi channel21:01
DHEalso your paste must have expired because I'm getting 40421:01
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phileus777DHE: Thanks.  I don't thinks I need a code dive.  Let me re-paste the item.21:28
phileus777DHE: Here it is.21:29
phileus777DHE: No code least I hope not.21:30
CeeMacphileus777: anything in the neutron-server or agent logs?21:31
phileus777CeeMac: Let me check.21:31
CeeMacDid you check all agent status are showing good?21:32
phileus777CeeMac: Agent status is good.  This is a first time set up for migrating from Linux bridge to OVS.21:32
CeeMacOk, hopefully neutron logs will have something more specific21:33
CeeMacCheck the agent logs on the compute node where the instance was trying to spin up21:34
phileus777CeeMac: The logs I posted are from the Nova logs.  I will try and get the logs again.  I think the issue is that the Linux bridge for iptables is not set up.  I don't know how to create that bridge.  I thought it was created automatically.21:37
phileus777CeeMac: If I do a brctl show, I got nothing.21:37
phileus777CeeMac: That's the output of ovs-vsctl show21:40
phileus777CeeMac: Any ideas?21:40
CeeMacIf you check the neutron-server logs on your network node or controller depending where you have it21:40
phileus777okay.I'll look at that...21:40
CeeMacAnd the l3 and l2 agent logs on the compute node you should get a more useful error. If not you can enable debug.21:40
CeeMacThere should be a neutron-openvswitch-agent log and neutron-K3-agent log iirc21:42
CeeMacOn the compute node21:42
phileus777CeeMac: Thanks trying a few things and will poste.21:43
phileus777CeeMac: Here's some additional some OpenVswitch logs with debug turned on.
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phileus777CeeMac: Logs from Neutron on the controller/network node.22:06
phileus777CeeMac: Any ideas?22:06
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phileus777CeeMac: I'm setting up a provider network..FYI...22:07
phileus777CeeMac: So no L3.22:07
CeeMacGimme 10 ill take a look22:07
phileus777CeeMac: Thanks a lot.22:16
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CeeMacphileus777: you're trying to create a 'flat' provider network right? Is this for public/Internet access?22:39
CeeMacAlso I think you might be missing your physnet1 definition to bind to a physical adapter, presumably this should be bond.200?22:42
phileus777CeeMac: I'm not sure. I'm still new to understanding of a flat provider network is that it is to allow for an access port interface (not trunked).  We have a simple network with a trunked interface called bond0.200. Perhaps that is the issue?22:42
CeeMacYeah, the flat network would need binding to a non trunk port ideally22:44
phileus777CeeMac: Where do I fix that?  How do I bind them?22:44
CeeMacLet me see if I can dig you out a link, I'm on my phone so no access to my docs22:45
phileus777CeeMac: That's what kind of confused me.  We had Linux bridging working successfully prior to this, but we were using a trunk interface.22:46
phileus777CeeMac: I did not set this up....22:46
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phileus777CeeMac: How do I tell the physical name of my network?22:55
phileus777CeeMac: And what is phys1 anyway?22:56
CeeMacphysnet1 is a 'name' for a network binding, looking again at your first paste, you have physnet1 bound to br-ex by the look of it23:00
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phileus777CeeMac: But does physnet1 map to anything else?  Is it the name of the network or the network binding?23:01
CeeMacwhen you created the provider network to would have specified '--provider-physical-network physnet1' i would guess?23:02
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CeeMacgetting a 404 from your ovs-vsctl paste now, but I seem to recall you had bon0.200 as a member of br-ex23:03
phileus777CeeMac: Thatt's correct..I'll repaste.23:03
CeeMacin your openvswitch_agent.ini you have bridge_mappings=physnet1:br-ex23:05
CeeMacquick question, is this a new provider network you're setting up, or one that was already there?23:06
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phileus777CeeMac: This is an existing setup that someone else did.23:09
CeeMacis the provider network set up as a public shared network for 'external/internet' access23:10
phileus777CeeMac: This is a provider network for internal systems use and to get out to the internet.  It just mirrors a normal physical infrastructure setup where you have a trunked port and a router in a traditional network setup.23:11
CeeMacor is it set up with rbac for access_as_shared or access_as_external23:12
phileus777CeeMac: no rbac access.23:12
CeeMacso basic shared public network23:12
phileus777CeeMac: That's right.23:12
CeeMacand is there a subnet already set up with a dhcp pool etc?23:13
CeeMacwhich you're trying to attach an instance to?23:14
phileus777CeeMac: Yes.  Also..please see here:
phileus777CeeMac: Do you understand this configuration?  Seems odd since it's a flat network.23:18
CeeMacso you have physnet1 set with a vlan range, but you're setting it as a flat network....23:18
phileus777CeeMac: Yes...oddd...23:18
phileus777CeeMac: But perhaps the name of the network is not maybe it's ignored.23:19
CeeMaci *think* you can bind  a flat network to the native port on an interface, then create seperate vlan based provider networks for the tagged aspect, but i wouldn't try to make that work!23:19
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CeeMacwell, we'd need to know which interface the flat provider network is bound to23:19
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phileus777CeeMac: I think it's something else...that's why I was trying to figure out how to get the network name.23:20
phileus777CeeMac: How would I find tha tout?23:20
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CeeMac_sorry if i missed a comment there phileus777 my network bombed out23:26
CeeMac_phileus777: you're looking for provider:physical_network in the network info23:27
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phileus777CeeMac_: Okay I definetly got the name now thanks.23:32
CeeMac_can you paste up the openstack network show output?23:33
phileus777CeeMac_: Okay sure but it will be sanitized a bit.23:33
CeeMac_shouldnt be anything sensitive in there but do what you got to do :)23:33
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phileus777CeeMac_: Let me know what you think.23:40
CeeMac_also, what version openstack are you running?23:41
CeeMac_got 40423:41
phileus777hang on...23:41
CeeMac_can you try with
CeeMac_404 still :(23:42
phileus777CeeMac_: Does the link you send me have an option to delete it?23:43
CeeMac_um, never tried tbh23:43
phileus777Can you try one more time :) .23:43
CeeMac_oh, kay23:46
CeeMac_got it23:46
CeeMac_so you have a network 'provider' which is simple but confusing23:46
phileus777CeeMac_: is that my physnet1 ?23:46
CeeMac_so you need to find where that is defined and which interface its bound to23:46
CeeMac_nop, don't think so23:47
phileus777CeeMac_: So..what is my physnet1?23:47
CeeMac_thats bound to br-ex, which is on your ovs23:48
CeeMac_do you have many networks?23:49
CeeMac_you could run through show network for each to see if any have provider:physical-network physnet123:49
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phileus777CeeMac_: Sorry..think I'm confused..I thought you said it was the provider:physical network value which is provider.23:49
phileus777CeeMac_: That's the only network I hae.23:50
CeeMac_yeah, its confusing right23:50
CeeMac_so, in the 'show network' output, there is a field provider:physical-network23:50
phileus777CeeMac_: Yeah I see that and the only network that is for is for "provider"23:51
phileus777CeeMac_: There is no physnet1.23:52
CeeMac_the value of that field should be a name thats defined in a pair for bridge_mappings23:52
CeeMac_e.g. in openvswitch_agent.ini you have physnet1 mapped to br-ex23:53
phileus777CeeMac_: So..recently I changed that to provider:be-ex. still having the same issue.23:53
CeeMac_so, lets tackle this from a different angle23:54
phileus777CeeMac_: Thank you so much for your help by the way..been going nuts on this for days.23:55
CeeMac_presumably you have a subnet configured on this provider network and you're trying to launch an instance with an interface attached to this right?23:55
phileus777That's correct.23:55
CeeMac_eh, I've been there.  Still relatively new to openstack myself but i've been on quite a journey with it in the last year :)23:55
CeeMac_do you have a test instance already launched we can play with?23:55
phileus777CeeMac_: Been pretty painful :)...yeah been launching test instances left and right.23:56
phileus777Recreating the issue.23:56
CeeMac_because I had a similar issue a short while back and i'm wondering if this is the same23:56
CeeMac_ok. so, get the ID of an instance that already exists23:56
phileus777CeeMac_: Keep in mind we're switching from Linux bridging to OVS.23:56
CeeMac_which can be fun23:56
CeeMac_and maybe might not work23:57
phileus777CeeMac_: There's no existing instance....I'm launching new instances.23:57
CeeMac_but you'll find out i guess :D23:57
CeeMac_right can you launch an instance on a tenant network then?23:57
phileus777CeeMac_: We don't have tenant networks yet..just this one provider network.23:57
CeeMac_do you have a router set up yet in your project?23:58
CeeMac_connected to the provider network?23:58
phileus777CeeMac_: Sorry L3 setup right now.23:58
phileus777It's our first OpenStack install and it mirrors a physical setup.23:58

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