Saturday, 2020-03-21

CeeMac_but you're wanting to attach an instance directly to a public network?00:00
CeeMac_seems odd :D00:00
CeeMac_if you're adding a subnet with dhcp, its going to use L3 and create a dhcp agent etc right?00:00
phileus777CeeMac_: Sorry...I may have misunderstood you.  There is no external facing IP addresses.  This just mirrors a basic network setup in a corporate data center.00:00
CeeMac_i've not done anything with pure L3 networks as of yet00:00
phileus777CeeMac_: Yes from that perspective ....00:01
CeeMac_and you had this all working in lxb already?00:01
phileus777CeeMac_: Yes all working..and other hypservisors working with Linux bridging.00:01
CeeMac_so you're planning  a single tenant/project with a single provider network to attach the instance to a physical router or something?00:01
phileus777CeeMac_: That's right if I'm understanding you correctly.  The router is physical.00:02
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phileus777CeeMac_: This is phase I of the project.00:02
CeeMac_so, you have this as an external/shared network00:04
CeeMac_which is designed for router with external interface performing nat00:05
CeeMac_as far as i understand things00:05
CeeMac_where i've implemented similar to what you're trying to for access to physical kit, i've created the network as admin and used rbac to set access_as_shared then created the subnet under the project user to attach instances to00:06
CeeMac_brb a minute then will check some of my config00:06
phileus777CeeMac_: But the issue is the port binding...00:07
CeeMac_can you manually create a port on the subnet?00:12
phileus777CeeMac_: how do I do that?00:13
CeeMac_in horizon, browse to the network, click into the subnet then on the ports tab add a new one00:13
CeeMac_then if that works, when you launch a new instance try attaching that port instead of specifying the network00:16
phileus777CeeMac_: Interesting..what do I puet for Devid ID/Device Owner, etc.00:17
CeeMac_you can leave them blank00:19
CeeMac_if you had an instance already you could add the instance id in the device id to bind the port to that instance, which is what I was going to get you try, except for the lack of instances :D00:19
phileus777CeeMac_:'s saying port is not useable for instance XXXX00:20
phileus777CeeMac_: So error...00:20
CeeMac_just to clarify, this 'provider' network was already there and set up and working exactly as is before you transitioned to ovs? or did you strip all of the network config out from lxb and re-provision the 'provider' network again00:21
CeeMac_phileus777: so the port got created ok but it errored out when you tried to launch an instance with it?00:21
phileus777CeeMac_: Provider network is intact.  I launch the same VM on a different hypervisor and it comes up fine.00:22
phileus777CeeMac_: One thing I noticied is if I do a brctl show, there is no Linux bridge.  Shouldn't there be a Linux bridge?00:22
CeeMac_so this is a new compute node with ovs, where your other compute nodes are lxb correct?00:23
phileus777CeeMac_: That's correct.00:24
CeeMac_well, my ovs environment is using the ovs firewall driver, so i dont have bridges00:24
phileus777CeeMac_: Darn..I see...I wanted to use that but my kernel is 3.10.0-162.00:25
CeeMac_but as i understand it, when using iptables_hybrid then yes a bridge should be created for port security00:25
phileus777CeeMac_: Isn't the minimum 3.3 for the kernel version?00:25
CeeMac_but if the vif-binding is failing maybe its not getting that far00:25
phileus777CeeMac_: I'm just asking hoping to switch...00:25
CeeMac_something like that00:25
CeeMac_would need to check the docs00:25
phileus777CeeMac_: Crap..documentation is so bad for this.00:25
phileus777CeeMac_: I can't find anyhwere that explains this whole process...need to read the source code...00:26
CeeMac_did you read through this one?
CeeMac_there are so many combinations it can get tricky wading through it all00:27
CeeMac_what openstack version are you running?00:28
phileus777CeeMac_: how do I tell :)00:29
CeeMac_cat /etc/openstack-release00:30
CeeMac_that do i shared is old but still relevant up to I think Stein, but don't quote me on that :)00:30
CeeMac_you're looking for DISTRIB_CODENAME00:31
phileus777I'm running CentOS..i don't see that file00:32
CeeMac_sorry no clue for centos then00:32
CeeMac_i ubuntu00:32
phileus777CeeMac_: Thank you so much for your help.  I'm kind of at wits end here. ...need to have a strong drink or something.00:33
phileus777CeeMac_: I'll be signing off...I'll probably post again here at some point to see if anyone has any experience doing this.  I don't want to upgrade the kernel for this.00:33
CeeMac_have a read through that link i posted00:33
phileus777CeeMac_: I've seen it before.....I haven't actually made updates on my controller nodes...that could be an issue..not sure.00:34
CeeMac_there was  forum post where someone had similar issues, and they needed to swap out br-ex for br-provider, and linked provider:br-provider in bridge mappings00:34
CeeMac_and somewhere you'll see flat linked to provider also00:34
CeeMac_let me find one more link real quick00:34
phileus777CeeMac_: Thanks I can try that..00:34
phileus777CeeMac_: You are awesome thanks.00:34
CeeMac_if you ever find what release you're on, you can swap out /latest/ with queens, rocky, stein, etc to find something more specific00:36
CeeMac_but the principles should be sound00:36
CeeMac_take a step back and work through each configuration file to ensure all of the references match up00:36
CeeMac_you'll get there :)00:36
CeeMac_and if that fails, maybe try creating a new project with tenant networks and a router, try attach the router to the provider netowrk, then you can exec into the ip netns and do ping testing, arp lookups etc to validate your underlay00:37
CeeMac_and then attach an instance to a tenant network and try connecting out via the router.00:37
CeeMac_once you're happy the underlay works, you can revisit your original project and see what needs to be done00:37
phileus777CeeMac_: Thanks.00:38
CeeMac_no worries good luck.  imma go sleep now :D00:38
phileus777CeeMac_: Good night :)00:38
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Andreas681I'm trying to do such a simple thing as to make a logging output from my horizon panel, but no no avail15:49
Andreas681LOG.warning("!HERE panel!")15:49
Andreas681`/var/log$ grep -R "HERE"`15:49
Andreas681But there is no findings, so my question is: Where does it end up?15:49
Andreas681In my `/api/` I'm trying this:15:51
Andreas681`LOG.debug("!HERE client!")`15:52
Andreas681But still no findings with grep15:52
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Andreas681And I got `import logging`16:03
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