Thursday, 2021-06-03

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prometheanfiretrying to unshare a network via cli, getting an error that it's in use by multiple tenants but I don't see multiple tenants actually using it14:41
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prometheanfirewhen I do port lists for other projects with that network nothing shows up14:41
ozzzoprometheanfire: can you pastebin the command and output?15:14
ozzzoalso it might be useful to search your logs for the network ID15:14
prometheanfireozzzo: looking at some bugs, it looks like the network needs to be unused by ALL projects first15:20
prometheanfirelooking at resetting rbac to target only the projects we want (delete the policy if allowed, otherwise use the existing shared policy and set the target to the single project we want to target)15:23
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lowercaseI'm trying to add Trove to Openstack, howevor whenever I spin up a database, the trove api logs are turning "no server group found" from the scheduler, but I am able to spin up servers on the hypervisors and I have plenty of capacity. I've confirmed everything I can think of outside of Trove is indeed working.19:00
lowercase9 hypervisors, 3 infra nodes, ceph cluster is hyperconvered.19:01
lowercaseAll victora19:01
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