Friday, 2021-06-04

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prometheanfireozzzo: that didn't work either (can't alter rbac policies when they are in use by anything, so only way to go is to recreate everything, not really possible in prod :P06:15
prometheanfirefor our use, removing allocation pools works well enough, though users can still manually create ports, if they do so they may get hands slapped hard06:16
* prometheanfire might write a monitor for that...06:16
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TahoeI can't see any chat history.06:41
fricklerprometheanfire: that sounds like a bug to me, let me know if you will create one. slaweq_ ^^06:43
fricklerTahoe: you can find logs for all openstack-related channels at in case you missed something06:43
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prometheanfirefrickler: the error I get back is explicit about not supporting changing in use rbac policies06:44
prometheanfireRBAC policy on object FOO_UUID cannot be removed because other objects depend on it.06:44
prometheanfire`openstack network rbac set --target-project PROJ_UUID RBAC_UUID`  was the command06:45
prometheanfireif you still think it's a bug I'll report it06:46
slaweq_prometheanfire: frickler: IIRC if there are any objects which are using rbac policy, You can't remove it06:46
fricklerprometheanfire: so that means if I share a network with two projects that use it, I couldn't add a third one. maybe it would be a new feature instead of a bug, but I'm going to need that myself soonish06:46
prometheanfireit's a set operation, not removal, maybe it's not using the right code path?06:46
slaweq_so You should first "unshare" resources06:46
prometheanfireI can't do that either06:46
prometheanfire`os network set --no-share network_uuid` Unable to reconfigure sharing settings for network 'NAME'. Multiple tenants are using it.06:47
prometheanfireI don't see ports06:47
fricklerprometheanfire: which version are you using? I'll do some testing myself, too06:48
prometheanfirehmm, maybe there's another network06:48
prometheanfireor of the client?06:48
fricklerprometheanfire: no, neutron version, not sure if it also might be an issue with the client. need some time to set up a test myself06:49
fricklerso ussuri answers my question06:49
prometheanfireussuri client too :D06:50
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prometheanfireyou know an easy way to figure out what's using that network, I don't see ports though 'Multiple tenants are using it.'06:50
prometheanfiremaybe it gives the error when any project is using it06:51
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fricklerprometheanfire: I'd need to check the code paths for that06:54
fricklerprometheanfire: do you have a full traceback? that might help06:54
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prometheanfireit looks like neutron is throwing it06:55
prometheanfireright now I've traced it back to either ensure_no_tenant_ports_on_network or _validate_projects_have_access_to_network06:56
prometheanfirein neutron06:56
prometheanfirewhich is called by _validate_shared_update, which mentions going from true to false, which I'm doing06:56
prometheanfireok, so the network was originally created via openstack-ansible as a provider network, then used by another project07:00
prometheanfireso the network is owned by project A, and used by project B, because of this the network cannot set unshared because then it will conflict with project b (since now it's only allowed to be used by project a)07:00
prometheanfirecan't update the network owner to be project b or set unshared :|07:01
prometheanfirefrickler: what process / service runs the neutron db code?  neutron/db/
prometheanfireso I can check for traceback07:02
prometheanfireeh, server container did show anything07:04
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prometheanfirehmm target project has to be singular or everyone, and has to include the source project when shared07:24
prometheanfireor seems to07:24
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prometheanfirefrickler: would you agree that I seem to have drawn myself into a corner?07:33
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prometheanfirechanging shared or the rbac for shared seems to call 'update_network' which calls '_validate_shared_update', which fails when network created by project a tries to grant access to only project b07:35
prometheanfirein that scenario you'd think both project a and project b would have access07:36
prometheanfireI think maybe should be '> 2', not '> 1'07:37
prometheanfireif (len(tenant_ids) > 1 or len(tenant_ids) == 1 and original.tenant_id not in tenant_ids)07:38
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prometheanfireohh, I did it07:46
prometheanfirefrickler: workaround was setting a new rbac for each of the projects that have access to network/subents/ports (so bootstrap project and user project, or a and b)07:47
prometheanfirethen you can set --no-share07:47
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fricklerprometheanfire: oh, it seems I misunderstood your initial issue. when you said "remove shared policy" I read "remove projects from the rbac list", not "remove the --shared property from the network"08:18
prometheanfireI find reading comprehension is something I struggle with too :P08:21
fricklerbut then, things might actually be working as designed, I'd think08:27
prometheanfirenah, can still have logic errors and other types08:31
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heilerichHi everyone! I am trying to connect a machines on a tenant network to services on a shared (internal) network using neutron-ovn, but I am having difficulties :(14:50
heilerichI created a port on the shared network. Then, I added that port to the default router on the tenant network. Lastly, I created a static route on the tenant router to the shared network subnet with the shared network router as the gateway. Sadly it's not working. Meaning I can't seem to connect from a machine on the tenant network to a service on the shared network.14:50
heilerichDoes anyone have any pointers on how to debug this issue? Or should I go about this using an entirely different approach?14:50
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