Wednesday, 2021-09-01

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mlozafrickler: hi, did you get a chance to reproduce the bug?15:53
fricklermloza: I tried, but it does seem to work just fine for me. what versions are you using for osc and openstack? I tested with a fresh devstack on master16:22
mlozafrickler: stable/ussuri17:16
mlozadid you add reader role to the user at system or domain level ?17:17
fricklermloza: system. nova doesn't support domain scope, see
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marlincHey, I'm running into a strange issue where sometimes when creating a trust Keystone returns an error saying the role doesn't exist even though it does. It's extra strange because when specifying the rule in the trust I actually use the name of the role not the id, but in the error message it says (with the correct id) that that id cannot be found18:36
marlincas a role:
mlozafrickler: I see. Does it matter if the user that I assign reader role at system level is from LDAP ?19:36
mlozaI haven't tested local acount 19:36
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