Thursday, 2021-09-02

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renichHello. I need to ask questions about undercloud/overcloud deployment. TripleO indeed. Is here the right place?02:38
renichOK, let's see if I can not make it boring!02:56
renichSo, I'm deploying OpenStack using TripleO. I'm following the RHEL guide. Undercloud seems to work and stuff. But, trying to deploy a control and compute nodes (for testing) while using satellite for docker images and stuff, I get a certificate error. 02:56
renichNow, I am sure I've provided my CA like it asks me to here:, but, when I export the plan and look for the file at environments/ssl/inject-trust-anchor-hiera.yaml, I see it doesn't have my  provided config. I do see it in plan-en02:56
renichvironment.yaml though, but it has a new line after each line. 02:56
renichIt looks something like:02:56
renichalskdjflkasjdflkj 02:56
renicherr... didn't work... but, I hope you get it. 02:56
renichIt looks something like this:
hyperbabaHi there, can someone help me remedy the following problem: I have ceph and iscsi storage configured in a openstack. Tried to retype the volume from ceph to iscsi storage, but hit the token expiry because volume was quite large. Now im stuck in a state where original volume is in retyping and new one is in attaching state. the hypervisor iscsi already connected to the new volume, but the instance is using the old one. How can i 10:26
hyperbabaclean this mess without killing the instance. Thanks in advance10:26
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mlozahello, i'm playing stateless security group and i understand you cannot mix stateless and stateful on the same port but what if I have two ports, one is stateful and other one is stateless, will this break things or should work?15:16
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