Wednesday, 2021-09-08

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tavastiis there some way to see with cli how much some project has used from quota?10:38
tavasti'openstack usage show' shows hours, but I would need how many cores, how much ram, etc project is using right now10:40
tavastiuser req 'we need 5 more servers with flavor X', but for accurate values would need also info how much from their existing quota is still unused10:41
Zer0Bytehey question17:11
Zer0Byteim trying to deploy ipv6 via neutron17:11
Zer0Byteto my vms17:11
Zer0Bytein the subnet i set a /64 address but the VM is always taking the IP with /12817:12
fricklerZer0Byte: if you use dhcp, this is expected17:30
fricklerthe route for the /64 will be configured via RAs17:30
Zer0Bytewhy is this happening on dhcp?17:31
fricklerbecause that's the way dhcpv6 is designed. it only carries the host address, no associated network17:32
fricklernothing to do with openstack/neutron, either, will happen for anything using dhcpv617:33
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