Thursday, 2021-09-09

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Zer0Byteim a little confused using ipv6 on openstack16:12
Zer0Bytei setup the ra_mode in stateful and address mode in stateful16:13
Zer0Bytedeploying a VM on the same network 16:13
Zer0Byteonly get the address from dhcp16:13
Zer0Bytebut not the RA16:13
Zer0Bytei can make it work performing the RA from the router itself and dhcp from openstack16:14
Zer0Bytemy question is is openstack setup as RA stateful and address stateful get the router information16:18
Zer0Bytefrom the dhcp?16:18
anticwis there an irc channel for temptest devs?18:35
anticwnm, found it, for the record if anyone else sees this query here it's #openstack-qa (qa suffix not tempest)18:51
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Zer0ByteRadvd should be spawned by neutron19:29
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